Pioneers of Eastern Montana and Their Descendants


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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


These short biographical sketches summarize the lives of many of the early developers and founders of the Eastern Montana area, many of who are virtually unknown, but stalwart citizens before the 1900’s. This is a “work-in-progress” and will take years to complete, if ever. As bios are made available, the underlined links to their locations will be added. Since there are so many inter-relationships between the early pioneers, hopefully this listing will assist in your research.

Surname, First

Birth Date & Place

Arrival Date & Place


Where Employed

Spouse & Marriage Date-Place

Major Achievements

Death Date & Place

Allen, Harry Mortimer

26 Apr 1856, Roxbury, Boston MA

May 1883, Billings

Lumber merchant

Montana Lumber Co; then HM Allen & Co. 3oth & Minnesota Ave. Branches at Columbus, Forsythe & Rosebud.

Previously at Kansas Lumber Co (1881-1883

Libbie Lord Adams, 1881

Lumber merchant, BPOE, Ashlar, AF&AM, RAM, Aldemar, & Warren Council (Boston). Tenor in male quartette.

26 Sep 1934 (place not listed, but buried in Mountview)









Allen, William Alonzo

2 September 1848, Summerfield, Noble Co, OH

1877 Coulson, stage route, Blacksmith.

Sep 1877 picked up dentist tools at Ed Forests Stage Stop after Nez Perce raid.

1879 Fort Custer blacksmith, 1882 continued blacksmithing in Coulson, then Billings.

Invented a toothpaste.

1874 Josephine Huston, married in Wigfield, Ohio, died after birth of son: on 24 November 1887 William Allen  then married Marie Francesco from Finkelnburg (Germany) in Fountain City, Wisconsin.

Land owner & dentist, hunter, writer, Indian fighter

27 Jan 1944, Billings

Annin, JB

26 October 1865, York State

1888, Livingston (Was in WY 1886)

Merchant & State Senator.

Clerk at Blythe-Fargo, then Thompson Bros. Started own merchantile store in Cokedale. Elected to the MT Senate.

Janet L. Haldane (SLC)

World Lodge, Senator

22 June 1918.

Armitage, Thomas Cole

20 July 1859 Monroe, MI

1881 NPR engineering staff at miles City.  1882 to Billings

1883 assisted in building NPR National Park in Livingston, 1884 NPR agent in Superior.

Founded TC Armitage & Son Insurance, representative of 5th Yellowstone Co State Legislature. Trustee of Parmly billings Library

7 May 1887 Julia Catherine Whiteside of Bearmouth in Drummand. (died: Sep 3, 1954)

Homestead & tree claim near Billings, 1913 postmaster. Past president of Eastern Montana Pioneers, Rotary Club

Jul 25, 1945, Bilings

Armstrong, Henry Edwards

19 Oct 1867, Orono, Ontario, Canada

May 1898, Billings


Shared offices with Dr. Chapple


Major surgeon and doctor.

10 Jan 1934, Billings

Ash, George W.

1836, Milton, Monroe Co, MO

1881, Coulson

Sheep Farmer



Stockman to 1890, then sheep

22 November 1897, Billings

Ash, James L.

29, November, 1861, Missouri

1881, Coulson

Sheep Farmer (Son of George W.)



Dairy Farmer in Coulson, Sheepman later


Babcock, Albert L.

22 December 1851, Albany, NY

Spring 1882, Billings

Businessman, Politician

President of: Babcock Hardware, Yellowstone Nat’l Bank (was Billings & Bailey), Billings Tel Co, etal.

Antoinette Packer, 1877, Pontiac, MI (son Lewis C, Took over Bank Management 1918)

Senator, Businessman, Mason, Elks, Knights of Pythias, Templar, Co Commissioner,

May 1918, Mountview.

Babcock, L. F.

23 February, 1831, Washington Co, NY

1882, Fort Keogh

MN Infantry, Enlisted 1862; Capt.

1865 rancher @ Billings; Postmaster of Billings-appointed by McKinley.




Bair, Charles M.

June 18, 1857, Stark Co, Ohio

1883, NPR Conductor Helena to Billings

Rancher, sheepman

Self, Martinsdale, Alaska, Billings

Mary Jacobs (Jackson City, MI), c1891

Mining, ranching

8 March 1943, Billings

Banks, L. B.

26 January 1872, Oswego Co, NY

1891, Livingston

Clerk Wayne & Burdick

Bought into Annin & DeHart Mercantile - President in 1899.


Postmaster Nov 1895, Columbus, Woodman of World


Barstow, Charles H.

1850, Mattapoisett, MA (See Crow Agency Files)

1878, Crow Agency

(Called Major by Indians)

Advancment of Crow Tribal members until 1897. Head clerk for BIA

Moved to Billings, 1898, continued Indian work. Established 66 Freight Hauling teams.


Bought & sold ranches in Kansas, advisor to Indians

14 February 1908, Billings

Belknap, Henry

Resides in New York and Boston


Financial interest in Billings growth in 1880’s

Belknap Block, June 1883 & cattle baron in WY


Billings Waterworks & Electric Light Co, chief stockholder.


Billings, Frederick

September 27, 1823, Woodstock, Windsor Co, VT

March 2, 1882 George B. Hulme transferred to Frederick Billings all of Lot #1, Section 4, Township 1 South, Range 26 East

Acquired major interest in the Northern Pacific in 1869 by purchasing 1/12th interest from Hiram Walbridge

Director of the lines from 1870 onward. In 1873 the line collapsed, and he became its president in 1879. In 1881 he resigned and Henry Villard became president.

1883 he married Julia Parmly of New York City

Investment banker, RR President. Major benefactor to Billings, MT ~ via wife Julia & son.

September 30, 1890. Woodstock, Windsor Co, VT [Note: administration of his will ensued for over 2 decades.]

Billings, Frederick Jr.

23 December 1866, Woodstock, VT





Partner in Wm Barbour & Co Bankers, NY; Union League & Lawyer’s Club NY


Billings, Parmly

1853, San Francisco

1884  opened Billings & Bailey Bank in Billings,

Rancher and banker

Died before he could conclude his business efforts.


School Board (Mother donated funds for Parmly Billings Library)

1888, after trip to a mine.

Boardman, E. L.

1857, Hissborough, Highland Co, OH

1884 Helena, 1894 in Billings

Journalist US Pension Office

1894 on Editor for Gazette.

1891 Julia Beaudette (Chippewa Falls, WI), Helena

Editor for Billings Gazette


Brayton, Henry Miller (Prof)

20 June 1859, Barboursville, Deleware Co, NY

C1898, Billings

Principal Pacific Jctn, IA, Pawnee City, NE.

Nat’l Edu Society NE State Teachers, Teacher

Alice Brayton

Director Billings School Board, established nature, music, dawing boards and books for schools.

22 May 1922, Billings

Brown, Edwin L.


C1890 Livingston, 1897 Billings


Self, First Nat’l Bank Basement


Had elegant services.


Budas, Albert

24 May 1865, Finland (Note: Sweden reported in error)

1887 Butte, 1890 Red Lodge

General merchant & undertaker

1892 became undertaker in Red Lodge

Kathryn E. Rowan (1873, Archibald, PA) died 1955 Red Lodge

Grocery store in Red Lodge-sold to Yegen & Talmadge. Odd Fellows & WOW

1946, Red Lodge

Burla, Gwen F.

4 October 1868, Ohio

C1893 Billings, c1912 Hardin (County Commissioner)

County Superintendent of Schools

1898 re-elected with largest vote ever.


Teacher, many lodges, County Treasurer 1905


Calhoun, W. B.

25 January 1870, Sparta, WI

1892 Billings

Joined HT Ramsey Druggist. Volunteered for Grigsby’s Rough Riders in 1898.

Clerk for Armstrong, Red Lodge c1894, Billings with Holmes & Calhoun Druggists


Maverick Hose Co.


Cardwell, Edward

18 Feb 1850 Westwood, Ontario, Canada

1878 Montana gold fields, Stopping in Virginia City

Farmer, Stockman in Columbus

Winters in Billings

Sarah Connolly, m: 19 Mar 1884, Harrison, Canada

County Commissioner.

16 Sep 1933, Billings

Carstens, Chris F.

1858, Holstein, Germany

1888 Billings

Sheepman with Hanson and Heide.

Ran sheep on Grove Creek, Lavelle Hotel in Columbus 1898.

1896 Nellie Talopson, died 11 mos later; 1897 Sofie Octjerdes, Omaha, NE

Friend to all.

Killed at sea 1898 on way to father’s funeral.

Carwile, Nat G.

(See: Carvile)

7 January 1855, Edgefield, SC

1892, Butte, then WY, and then Great Falls (Northwestern Bank), After 1911 moved to Missoula.

Accountant Yegen Bros. In Billings

Sr Manager for Carwile & Bouton, real estate, live stock & insurance.

1884 Lizzie Green (MO),

Mason, Kof P, WOW (First Consul); 1898 county clerk on Dem Ticket. Police Judge 1905.


Chapple, Charles John

1892 Billings, established Chapple Drugs with brothers.

City Council, alderman

Assisted in development of city water plant.

Drug store was place to take injured before St. Vincent’s was built.

12 June 1901 Winifred Rixon in Billings

Ashlar, had over 3,000 photos of Billings, Mason

27 Nov 1945, in Billings

Chapple, Henry (Dr.)

10-21-1861, Ontario

1888 Billings

Physician, Mayor 1897, 1890 Co Coronor, 93 & 96 elected sec state board.

Partner with Charles Chapple (Druggist)

1888 Martha Murphy, Canada (b: 9-17-1870, Brautford, Ontario: d: 6-26-1933 LA


16 January 1900, Billings (MtView)

Clark, Andrew (Dr.)

07 Oct 1864, Orangeville Ontario, Canada

June 1898 Billings.

Offices in First Nat’l Bank

Partner with wife.

Dec 1893,Harriet Foxton MD, b:17 Feb 1862, Brockville, Ontario, Canada


9 March 1943, Billings

Clark, William D. (Rev.)

25 April 1866, Indiana

April 1897, Billings

Pastor for Billings Congregational Church 1897-1904

Very active in church matters

25 May 1890 Blanche Gettard (Dayton, OH)

Moved to Freeport, MI 1904

No Record

Clement, H. F.

22 November 1854, Penobscot Co, ME

August 1881 met brother Olin and in 1882 raised sheep in Flat Willow  area

Sheepman & Lawyer

Alderman 2nd Ward 1898

Feb 1886 Belle F. Jordon in Scranton, PA

Mason, BPOE Charter Member, representative of Stockmen Assn


Connelly, Frank B.

05 Sep 1862, Middletown, IA

1885, Billings as bookkeeper for AL Babcock.

Secy of AL Babcock Hardware 1886

1892 was major partner in AL Babcock

1 Dec 1885 Flora Ella Hart (Baptist Ch, Toulon, IL)


06 Dec 1940, Saettle

Craig, James (Dr.)

28 April 1850, ME

1891 White Sulphur Springs, 1898 Columbus

Own practice

Offices in Columbus

24 May 1885 Lizzie Ghoue in China, ME

AMA, Mason, IOOF in Castle Lodge


Edwards, John E. (Maj.)

17 July 1866, Warsaw, IL

1888 Powder River, 4 Sep 1899 Appt Indian Agent Crow Res

1890 took over Thomas Cruse’s cattle interests in Fergus Co.

1898 bought interest in Donovan & Spear @ Junction.

1892 Julia Anderson (Fergus Co)

Nominee for state senator 1898


Fenske, L. H.

1854, Germany

1882 Billings, Established wholesale liquor business after employment with Asa Fisher.

July 1884 business acq from Asa Fisher burned down, Representative for his Ward.

1884 built 25x80 ft brick structure on corner Montana & 27th. (2623)

Nancy Milinex (Louisville, KY)

Stockholder in Yellowstone Nat’l Bank, Mason,


Foster, Fred Haskel

February 2, 1856, Minneapolis, MN

(Genealogy lineage available)

1881, Billings (was with NPR as surveyor)

Mayor five times, Secy of state senate twice; lawyer

Real estate (Father created Foster’s Addition)

19 April 1882, Georgia McLaughlin, Coulson (Billings) (Cert of Marriage Available)

Mayor, lawyer, Real Estate Investor,

26 Oct 1926, Billings

Fratt, David

1844, NY

1863, Alder Gulch searching for gold

1879, rancher Yellowstone Co, lived at 205 N 29th  (building moved to: 142 Clark Ave, 1921)

Stockman 1905, Funds from estate created in 1918 by spouse; three story commercial building Fratt Memorial Building 1922-23 (2nd Avenue North and N 29th)

 c 28 Dec 1888, Ogden, UT: Kateie Atwood, d 1 Jan 1918 (Billings, death certificate records)

Note: transcribed in error as 12 Dec 1917 in MtView record.

VP Yellowstone Nat’l Bank 1899

22 March 1912, Billings

Frith, Henry Albert

13 Apr 1847, Edinburgh, Scotland

1876 ordered to Montana with Gen’l Miles. 1877 discharged and established store in Huntley

National Judge Advocate, 1879 Judith River deputy recorder.

1896 Billings lawyer, city council, local park board.

1905 Helen G. Miller in Billings. (Moved to Long Beach 1927)

Soldier, Indian trader, miner rancher & lawyer. One of the founders for the Eastern Pioneers.

19 Mar 1943, Long Beach, CA (Mtview)

Gallagher, Philip M.

12 February 1852, Jersey Shore, Lycoming Co, PA

1881 Helena as mining engineer. Previously assisted in Milweaukee & St Paul RR construction.

1884 Billings, surveyed RR toCooke City

Part Owner in Bear Creek Mine.

Feb 1891 Helen Dodsworth of LA

Mason, Created west boundary of Crow Reservation June 1891


Gardner, J. William

08 November 1859, PA (Note: Death certificate info)

1881 to Mandan, joined NPR engineer into MT

Farmed ¼ Section near Park City 1883. 1892 wholesale cigar business in Billings.

Assisted survey of Cooke City RR line. 1893 joined LM Rose, Laurel merchandising, and year later bought it.


AOU- Laurel, Elks-Billings.

24 Jul 1947, Billings

George, William Braxton

1 June 1865, Platte Co, MO

1885, MT, State Board of Education-secretary

Postal clerk Helena-Billings route. Agent US Fidelity & Guarantee Co & Mutual Ins Co Rep.

Asst Postmaster-Billings (1886), Jewelry, real estate & insurance. Co Treasurer’s office, applied 1899 for street railway line.

1892 Virginia Florence Sleeper, (born: Phil, PA}

Platted West-Side Addition (for Billings Realty Co-1898): Masons, Elks, WOW, AOUW, Maverick Hose Co charter member.

1 May 1954 LA (bur: Mtview 7 May)

Gilsdorf, Andrew John

2 May 1860 (calc)

1882, NPR workman, settled in Coulson

Worked in butcher shop in Coulson, then Billings 1882.

1894 Minnesota Ave built butcher shop; slaughtering pens 1-1/2 mile west of town.

25 Nov 1885, Billings:Olavea Oleson (b11-5-1860 Osterander, MN, d: 3 Jan 1946 Billings)


22 Nov 1911, Billings

Goddard, O. Fletcher

20 January 1853, Troy, IA

March 1883 Billings lawyer.

Co attorney 1888; 1889 constitutional convention

1890 state senator. State board of education, 1938 Chief Justice for MT Supreme Court.

1881 Alwilda Hutchinson Stevenson (b: 8-13-1858 Noble Co, OH, d: 3-7-1927(burns) Billings)

Lawyer and spokesman, jurist, Trustee of Montana Historical Society appointed by the governor.

25 September 1943 Billings

Goss, James R.

17 April 1848 NY

1882 Miles City then Billings, lawyer,

Chairman of Central committee 1899, probate judge 1884.

Judge, county attorney, president school board, mayor of Billings 1887

17 February 1878, Florence E. Lord in MI

Mason, board member Parmly Billings Library, Pioneer of Eastern Montana

20 July 1931 (Saturday)

Grant, H. I.

31 August 1865, Le Mars, IA

1884 Melville sheep ranch

Bookkeeper for HO Wilcox, Big Timber sheep ranch to 1898

Partner in Columbus Merchantile Co.

23 Oct 1897 Cecilia Lavelle (Columbus)



Griggs, George A.

1859 NH

1883 Billings Banker Stebbins Post & Mund,

Assisted in creating Mexican International Railway.

Cashier & stockholder Yellowstone Nat’l Bank, Mayor Billings one term.

Wife is musician.

Left Billings 1904 for Butte. Kof P, Elks, Maverick Hose Co.


Gruwell, Colombus Oscar

18 December 1837 Lee Co, IA (Death certificate, others state 1838)

7 July 1865, Helena gold rush. (1867 Idaho gold fields), 1868 Fort Benton, 1869 Deer Lodge Co.

1883 to Custer Co, stockman at Junction until 1894 then Billings.

1899 building 3-story brick building Montana & 29th St NE. (Gruwell Building) Co commissioner 1892, 1898 State Senator

1867 Sarah Bohanan in Leesburgh, ID

Sheep and cattle rancher

20 Apr 1923, Twin Falls, ID

Hall, W. R.

4 April 1858, Saginaw, MI

NPR 1880’s to MT, freighting, then Red Lodge in 1890.

Partner with Weaver & Hughes mining interests and livery

Owned Morning & Evening Star mines, 1895 bought Yegen-Talmadge Merchantile

18 Oct 1892 Renneberg, Red Lodge

IOOF, WOW in Red Lodge


Hansford, Wesland

5 April 1839 (calc) Lincolnshire, ENG

1845 to America, 1870 Gallatin Valley, 1877 Big Timber area.

Stock then sheep. 1893 sold ranch interest to WL Shanks, retained livestock.

Poor health until 1895, settled in Billings, becoming areas major flock master.

Isabelle McCabe (from Chicago) b: Scotland c1853, d: 5 Oct 1941 Minneapolis, bur Mtview.


29 Oct 1916 Billings, bur: O’Donnell.

Hathorn, Frederick H.

12 August 1873 Townsend area

Moved to Gallatin Valley at Livingston.

1894 joined law office of Allen R. Roy, Livingston; fall 1894 Secy of Park Co Republican central committee.

1895 Billings joined OF Goddard law office. 1897 city treasurer appointed to fill WL Ramsey vacancy.

28 June 1899 Lillian (Lillie) Reynolds in Billings. (b: 28 May 1873 Quincy, MI; d: 13 Dec 1920 Billings, bur: Mtview)

K of P, Elks, Maverick Hose Co.

11 Nov 1913 Billings (bur: Mtview)

Hawkins, Pliney H.

28 October 1869 Bloomfield, OH

1893 Park City teacher,

1895 in charge of Columbus Schools.

1905 Cashier & Bank Director, Columbus State Bank




Hays, George M.

12 March 1862, Punxsutawney, PA

Before 1907

County Clerk of Court


Jennie Jones (Born Wales - 1868, Died Warm Springs, MT 3-19-1946)


18 October 1938, Billings

Hereford, John Brooke

29 Dec 1855, England (London)

C1882 as manager for New York Cattle Co, in Musselshell.

Cattleman, soldier, empire builder. Lawyer, Secretary Bear Creek Coal,

1885 bought the cattle firm. County attorney 1894,

1886, Susan Whitney in Billings

Troop A, Montana Guard, 1898 Spanish American War, 1901 Boer War,

21 Jun 1923, Billings

Holmes, Eugene S.

9 October 1845 Machias, Cattaragus Co, NY

1882 NPR Express Agent

Civil war vet. Republican county administrator

1895 joined Lieberg & Warner Drugs, buying out Warner. 1899 retired & Calhoun bought out his interests.

Sarah E. ____


13 October 1927 Billings (bur: St. Paul, MN)

Humphrey, Thomas W.

12 august 1869 Brockville, Ontario

1893 Billings, joining HF Bodine Jewelry

1897 bought Jewelry store.

Repairs watches, Inspector for NPR watches,

29 April 1895 Hannah Morrison (from Akron, OH)

Mason, Scottish Rites, AOUW & WOW.


Kreidler, Frederick W.

25 December 1861 Steuben Co, NY

1889 Billings, County court stenographer

Stenographer for the district

Resides in Miles City (1905)

June 1890, Etta Mellinger



LaMott, Allen E.

8 January 1847, Tompkins Co, NY

1883 to Dakotas, then 1885 Billings, stock raiser

Moved to Roundup 1900’s,


Loretta Fulkerson in NY then Elizabeth Fulkerson Dudley (sister of Loretta) 1 June 1904 in St. Louis


July 1922 (Mtview)

LaVelle, Patrick

1886 NPR employee, routes in area

1889 quit NPR settled in Stillwater (Columbeu)

1889 platted LaVelle’s Addition to Stillwater. Built hotel.

Feb 1899 sold hotel & built stone building in town. 1896 county commissioner.

1867 (Titusville, PA)



Line, Lemuel W. (Dr.)

Feb 1895 Columbus, bought More Drug Store.

1899 appointed NPR local physician.

“Columbus Pharmacy”

Drug & physician services in Columbus.

Sep 1890 Mary A. Campbell (from DeWitt, IA)

AOUW (NE), KOTM (Grand Mound, IA) & WOW (Columbus)


Linton, W. L.

1878 Montana cowboy for 6 years with brother Thomas.

1884 American Fork stockman

1892 in Billings and started Linton Clothing Co.

Clothing store owner & farmer in Yellowstone Co.

1885 Julia A. Vining (from Ubet), b: 5 Jan 1859 Watham, MA; d: 19 Dec 1937 billings)

WOW, Elks


Losekamp, John D.

1850 OH, Moved to Kansas 1852

1884 Billings & joined brother William in clothing business (est 1882)

JD Losekamp & Brother, clothing, 1898 state legislature.

Partner with JR Yates 1900, Built Losekamp Building (L-Shaped 2817-2819 Montana Ave) Housed Rio Theater


1893 Mayor Billings, planted trout and Chinese Pheasants for sport hunting & fishing.

Bur: 13 August 1913, Mtview. Business assets went to partner Yates.

Loud, Charles H.

20 November 1858 Weymouth, MA

1880 with Engineering Corps, surveyor for NPR route. 1891 admitted to MT Bar Assn.

Est Hereford Cattle Co 1883 in Boston (operated business in Eastern MT). Organized State Nat’l Bank of Miles City & VP.

1893 county attorney, 1896 Judge of 7th Judicial District. Sentenced Spotted Hawk to death by hanging (Miles City)




Matheson, John D.

7 March 1846, Simcoe, Ontario

1882 Spring and bought Billings Post.

Published Post until May 1885. 1891 established Billings Times-sold 1899. Realestate & Insurance.

1885 merged Post into Billings Gazette, editor until 1887; sold interests and obtained law degree.

1872 Rebecca Panton, (b: Watertown, Ontario)

JP-Billings, journalist.

7 April 1916 Billings.

McCormick, Paul

Born 14 June 1845, Rexville, NY (Death Cert Info)

1866 Gallatin Valley, rancher & stockman

1870 with Col Baker, 1875 with Maj Pease

Paul relocated from Junction City to Billings in 1893. Montana Society of Pioneers elected him president in 1906

Mary Catherine Spear on 23 February 1879 in Helena. Moved to Junction during honeymoon.

Member of the territorial legislature, member of the Knight’s of Columbus, member of Lodge 394 of the BPOE.

21 June 1921 in Billings

McGirl, Thomas J.

8 November 1845, County Leitrim, Ireland

1848 to America, 1876 Butte working in the mines. 1879 brought cattle into MT.

May 1877 established stage at Baker’s Battleground with Omar Hoskins, renamed Huntley. May 20th arrived on Josephine with supplies.

Ferry they operated was called Go-Devil. 1884 improved ranchland and devoted more to farming. Established butchershop in Billings in early years.

Single. Ranch bought by Charles O’Donnell

GAR, Pioneers of Eastern Montana, Ashlar, AF&AH, Templar, Al Bedoo. Moved to Long Beach

29 Sep 1930, Long Beach (bur: Mtview)

Metier, Samuel D.

28 December 1863 Decatur Co, IA

1884 in Billings then to Red Lodge with Rocky Fork Coal Co.

March 1895 bought out A. Budas furniture business.

Merchant at 215 N Billings Ave.


May 1898 Red Lodge City Treasurer

Bur: 2 Jan 1906, Red Lodge Cemetery

Meyer, William F.

3 March 1857 Ripon WI

1882 summer to Billings, then Park City to ranch

1884 admitted to MT bar, 1889 Red Lodge & assisted to found Meyer, Chapman & Breteche.

1897 formed Red Lodge Lumber Co, and 1898 branch in Bridger.

1884 Alice C. Adams (b: 3 Aug 1857, bur: 27 Nov 1938 Red Lodge Cem)

Elks, Macabees, Park Co. representative

25 Oct 1912, Red Lodge Cem)

Millis, Orville E.

23 May 1853, NY

Spring 1882 Coulson, then few months later to Park City general merchandising

1887 sold ½ to HP Arnold moved to Red Lodge & established wholesale & retail store.

1 April 1899 to Billings, rented warehouse on NPR right of way for wholesale groceries.


Built Millis Building 1899 (Comp. 1 Sep) NW corner  28th & 1st Ave (by City Hall)


Mills, Jacob

18 November 1842 Topsham, Orange Co, VT

23 March 1882 Dillon, then Butte, and Fort Benton organizing a church and parsonage.

Built church Sun River Crossing, held services in Great Falls.

1885 White Sulphur Springs church operations. Bozeman First Methodist Episcopal Church,


1896 pastor Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church Butte. Sent to Billings 1899 as pastor Billings Methodist Episcopal.


Moffit, Lester L.


1860 De Kalb Co, IN

1895 Musselshell land owner

Moved to Billings 1898, general mgh in Billings & Musselshell Telephone Co.

Owns many rental units in Billings

4 June 1898 Susie Stocks.


Moved to Grant’s Pass, OR in 1904

Moss, Preston Boyd

28 September 1863 Paris, MO

Dec 1892 Billings, elected VP of First Nat’l Bank

1896 President of bank.

Banker, financier, Constructed “Moss Mansion”

5 June 1889 Mattie Woodson, Paris MO

School Board trustee, Mason

01 Feb 1947, Billings

Newman, Edwin Martin

31 March 1858, Newaygo Co, MI

1863 by Ox Team to Bannock, Alder Gulch, and farmed at Elkhorn Ranch.

Moved to CA and OR & WA. 1874 returned to Virginia City then Bozeman until 1878. March 18, 1878 at Canyon Creek (south of Coulson)

County Commissioner, but didn’t complete term.

1 August 1883 Flora A. Alling, Yellowstone Co.


17 May 1926, Croton, MI

Newman, Orson Nickerson (Death Cert Records)

15 Feb 1830, Oneida Co, NY (Orleans Co)

1863 Grasshopper Diggings (Bannock), 1864 Madison Valley with family

1875 Virginia City, Canyon Creek area 1878 to farm.

Farmed and drove cattle

Elizabeth Metalda Tripp, from: Quebec, Canada

County commissioner 1896.

12 Dec 1921, Billings

North Austin

20 May 1869, IA

1889 Billings via NPR, Post office

Real estate 1892, worked with Rowley to gain good land developments in Billings.

Created North Subdivision, owned virtually all land north of Billings.

Hattie Swartz on November 19, 1884

Patron of the city. Acquired eastern state prison 1904, and attempted to convert to home.

Moved to San Antonio, 1929 fell from tree.

O’Donnell, Ignatius Daniel

19 September 1860 in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada 

1881 Miles City, then Coulson, then on to Maiden to look for gold.

Farmhand at I J Horse Ranch near Fort Maginnis, Relocated to their ranch near Billings,

Together with Bailey he bought a Hesper farm owned by Rev. Stuart; and in 1900 he bought Bailey’s interest in the farm. He continued his agricultural career by raising the first sugar beets in the valley. He was instrumental in the 1906 construction of the sugar factory in Billings.


31 October 1887 Louise Roeser in Freeland, MI (died: 12 April 1925 at family home)

He was a director for the Merchant’s National Bank, a leader in the affairs of the Billings Polytechnic Institute, Chamber of Commerce, Montana Farm Bureau, State and County Fairs, Horticulture Board, WWI Council of Defense, Montana Stock Commission, Montana Water Conservation Board, School Board

28 Jan 1948, Billings

Parker, W. O.

15 January 1844, Franklin Co, VT

1885 to MT, worked at GW Showmaker’s dairy farm four years.

1889 Billings, 1891 owned Parkdale Dairy 6 mi west of city.

1893 acquired sheep (Parker & Morgan). Farmer in the valley.


1896 nominated assessor, but defeated. GAR


Parque, Joseph A.

23 January 1859, France

1869 to America, July 1883 Billings established French Café. Bought by JW Vaughan 1885.

1885 bought Riverside Dairy (2-1/2 mi south of city on river)

1889 established Delmonico Restaurant opposite NPR Station.




Peckham, Samuel H.


Son of Charles Peckham and Hazel Hall. Family lineages intermarried with Walk, Cooper and Newman families


Owned the Rocking Horse Stables on Sunny View Lane, off Poly Drive.



Lineages under construction. Created an extensive photo library of Billings, Red Lodge  and local areas.

Peters, Archibald. M.

27 September 1849 Glasgow, Scotland

1887 to America, 1889 Billings, operated tailor business in Belknap Building

1905 Merchant Tailor at under First Nat’l Bank.



AOUW (Populist)

4 Feb 1914 (bur: O-Donnell Cem)

Prickett, Orson B.

16 August 1866 Marion, IN

15 May 1882

RTD County Commissioner


Mary Emma Townsend

Joined Eastern Pioneers 15 May 1907

12 January 1937, Billings

Ramsey, W. L.

15 April 1866 Willow Springs, KS

1889 Billings, farm hand then clerk in town.

Under sheriff of county

1898 elected county treasurer

15 May 1895 Corville L. Strom

Interested in public affairs, became ill 1899.


Reynolds, Samuel Guilford

31 October 1867, Quincy, MI

1895, Billings when solicited by CM Bair to work in Yellowstone bank.

First Nat’l Bank assistant cashier & teller.


Carrie Brown, 21 May 1896, Big Rapids, MI

Knights Templar, Elks

29 May 1937, Billings

Rowley, Henry Ward


01 Oct 1858, Newport, Oneida Co. NY

1879 NPR Engineer, committed to the plat of Billings before 1881.

1882 Minnesota & Montana Land & Improvement Co,

Created irrigation in area.

May 8, 1883 Harriet Maria Meeker, in Billings

Mason, active businessman

25 Jun 1931 Billings

Smith, Peter H.

28 December 1843 Denmark

1879 buffalo hunter near Miles City for three years, then to Billings.

1885 bought Wheatley Bros Livery, two termsins Billings City Council

Managed Chapple Furniture Co, 1905 & livery (large barn 35x100). Mayor 1896-1898

17 Jan 1899 Lillian V. Soule’, m: Billings (b: 11 Nov 1857 Ullen, IL)


20 Aug 1921 Billings

Talmadge, William Avery

13 Jan 1867, Louisville, KY

1886 Billings, employed by Babcock & Miles two years, then Red Lodge

Opened brach office for Babcock & Miles in Red Lodge. 1897 built stone Talmadge Building (50x150) on Billings Ave.

1891 established Yegen-Talmadge Merchantile in Red Lodge (John Chapman partner) Sold in 1894.

20 June 1889, Anna W. Brown in La Porte, IN.

1896 Carbon Co treasurer, Elks, IOOF, WOW Macabees.

07 Sep 1926, Billings

Toole, Benjamin W.

1840, MO

1863 placer mining near Helena, 1887 Billings clerk of district court three years.

County commissioner, started hay operation.

1897 formed partnership with JW Vaughan.

1878 Emma R. Woodworth

Brother is JK Toole, ex-Governor of MT.

2 Dec 1917

Vaughan, Jabez Warren

07 Apr 1859 Clarksville, MO

1879 Fort Benton, joining Al Olden and established mail route Billings to Martindale.

1883 returned to MO and brought 26 emigrants to MT, plus bride. 1897 sold bakery to Joseph Parque.

1883 grocer for PW McAdow, deputy sheriff, Then worked for Babcock & Miles. 1897 he and brother George started bakery.

1883 Mrs. Vaughan (1st wife) died 1889. 1891 Lucy Alice Metcalfe in Boone, IA.

Mason, Elks; helped organize the Yellowstone Building & Loan Assn (treasurer)

30 Mar 1933, Billings

Walk, John J.

(pdf file, ver 5.0)

18 Oct 1847, New Albany, IN

1880 with AA Ellis brought 1,600 head of cattle onto Yellowstone (Lake Basin)

1883 brought 2,000 more cattle and started cattle business in Billings after Foster’s Addition created.

1880 resided in Canyon Creek, which became part of their ranch. Built Grand Hotel 1886, later sold to David Fratt.

16 February 1871 Emaline Davis near St. Louis.


04 Oct 1935, Billings

Webb, William B.


Moved from LaCrosse, WI to MT

Member of the MMLIC-Real Estate



Yellowstone County Commissioner-1883


Wells, R. C.

20 March 1862, Pike Co, MO

1883 Billings started ranching.

1889-1894 with AJ Wilkerson & Co, butchers. Sold business in 1894 to Chapman & Co.

1898 county treasurer; disposed of all stock interests before accepting position.




Williams, Thomas. A.

16 October 1859 Milwaukee, WI

(File: Vol 11,Section 22)

1886 with NPR various assignments. (In Duluth area previously)

1896 elected clerk of District Court

Lease agent of public lands in Yellowstone Co, accepting various forms of script.



Moved to Detroit c1904.

Yegen, Christian

19 Jan 1857 Closters, Switzerland (listed as Nov in some records)

1882 Glendive, ran boarding house nearby with siblings.

1 April 1882 Coulson & built bakery building and sold groceries. Alderman in Billings.

1894 elected to city council. Merchant & Banker.  In 1924 the banks closed, and Chris went to Musselshell and ran the Handel Bros. Store. He also was in charge of a Cut Bank mercantile firm. In

Laura Bell Clarke, 1893

Mayor of Billings in 1896; was member of the House and two-term state senator in 1902 and 1904. He served on the library and school boards

29 Jul 1935, St. Louis Park, MN, (bur: Mtview)

Yegen, Peter

07 Aug 1860 Klosters, Graubeenden,Switzerland

1879 to America, 1880 Bismarck to work with brother John, then with Christian.


Vast business enterprise in Yellowstone Co.

1890 Margaret Trepp (from Lewiston, b: Switzerland))


09 Apr 1937, Billings

Youmans, W. J.

1871 MN

1897 spring, Billings and joined OC Kinkolnburg’s lumber yard.

1 Feb 1897 Youmans was sole proprietor of lumber yard. Grew to 400,000 sq ft.


25 september 1898 Nettie Methven





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