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This is a genealogy and history site only. Please don't email me about your vacation plans, touristy things, your tax assessment notice, buying land in Montana or the weather. I'm sorry but I can't help you with that type of information.
This is not directory assistance. Believe it or not - some people actually think that I am a telephone operator who will look up phone numbers and email addresses for them. Sorry but I can't help. Go to www.switchboard.com to find a telephone number.

This is not a missing persons site. We look for dead people here and leave the living alone.

I'm sorry but I can't do any research. I work full-time and just don't have the time.

I have listed all resources that I know of at this site. If you know of something else, please let me know. But please don't email me asking me if I know where to obtain such-and-such records. Some people email me without even looking through the site to see what is on it first!

If you want to help, or volunteer in anyway, I sure need the help! If there are any locals out there, this is a great place to help and it won't even take alot of your time.

  If you have read and understand the above, you can email me. Please go ahead and push the icon below. <Big Grin>


E-mail Vikki Gray , Yellowstone County Co-Coordinator
Cleve Kimmel, Yellowstone County Co-Coordinator

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