Miscellaneous Private Cemeteries, Petroleum County, Montana
Miscellaneous Private Cemeteries

These cemeteries are in various locations, on private property and possibly BLM. If you are interested in the locations contact me by E-mail, I will try to get the landowners name and telephone number so you may contact them for permission to visit the cemetery.

Browning, Telford Theodore  August  27, 1931 March 19, 1995
Off Tin Can Hill Road on the Browning Ranch
Gilfeather, Kevin 1986  January 9, 1987
Gilfeather, Charles H.  1901 1962
Gilfeather, Chuck May 26 1963 December 16, 2004
Gilfeather, Jack  1942 1954
Gilfeather, Thom July 17, 1941 March 26, 2009
Stockton, Jacqueline  1912  1971
Buried a couple miles off Tin Can Hill Road at Gilfeather Cemetery on the Gilfeather homestead.
Van Heemst, Leonard  
Van Heemst, John October 6, 1864 September 1925
Just off Tin Can Hill Road on the old Van Heemst homestead
Nordahl, Inger Anna and children
On top a hill overlooking the Musselshell River
Thomson, Philip D. March 13, 1943 June 23, 2007
Buried near Flatwillow
Tripp, Marion December 14, 1923 June 20, 2007
Buried Tripp Family Cemetery near Flatwillow.
Quesnelle, Constant  Massachusetts PVT 13 US Inf. May 24, 1868
Buried on the Two Crow Ranch North of Winnett
3 children of Charles Everet and Callie Myrtle Haynes Brady
Buried at the Brady Homestead 17 miles north of Winnett
Ed Fox
Buried on a pinnacle overlooking Dovetail Creek near mouth of Dovetail Creek
Lugo, Emma May 5, 1877 November 17, 1908
Bertha Schleuter circa 1870 January 17, 1908
Martha Schleuter 1894 January 17, 1908
Ida Schleuter 1899 January 17, 1908
Elizabeth Schleuter 1901 January 17, 1908
Fred Schleuter 1903 January 17, 1908
Buried on top of a small hill near the Musselshell River

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