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Blaine County MT - Military

Welcome to the Military Page.

This page is for any military information you may wish to share.
All branches of the military as well as Confederate and Union will be represented here.

World War II Casualties - Blaine County Army & Army Air Corps

This information was transcribed from the Montana records at

     Name           Serial Number  Rank      Comment

Bakker, Alex          37294599      PFC    Killed in Action  
Ball, Charles         19019171      CPL    Killed in Action
Blatter, Leland S.    19019349      PVT    Death Not Battle Related
Burton, Merrill O.    O-690042     1 LT    Killed in Action  
Carrywater, Daley     39606238      PVT    Killed in Action
Christenson, Albert   39931526      PFC    Killed in Action
Countryman, Frank M.  20930967      PVT    Death Not Battle Related 
Crews, David M.       39931549      PFC    Killed in Action
Culbertson, Harry E.  O-811175     2 LT    Killed in Action 
Cummins, Claire C.    19054602      PFC    Cause of Death Not Stated
Engman, Olaf W.       39607776      SGT    Killed in Action
First Raised Bryan    30930870      PVT    Killed in Action
Hein, Glenn L.        O-744893     2 LT    Death Not Battle Related
Howard, Elton D.      39928708      PVT    Killed in Action
Huntley, Joe          19019927      PVT    Killed in Action
King, Richard N.      39617075      PVT    Killed in Action
Knutson, George M.    39616565      PFC    Death Not Battle Related
Longknife, Joseph     19019965      PFC    Killed in Action
McMeel, John          20930911      PVT    Killed in Action
Miller, Louis W. Jr   39615411      PVT    Death Not Battle Related
Mummey, Wallace W.    O-757908     2 LT    Killed in Action
Ohlerking, Wilbur C.  39618879      PVT    Death Not Battle Related
O'Leary, Charles J.   39614748      PFC    Killed in Action
Pacheco, Henry        30580064      PVT    Finding of Death
Sessions, Lloyd A.    39604158      PFC    Killed in Action
Soldier, David        20930935      CPL    Death Not Battle Related
Thompson, George J.   39606231     SSGT    Finding of Death
Van Voast, Warner C.  O-764962     1 LT    Killed in Action
Vogt, James S.        19018012     SSGT    Killed in Action
Warren, Ken V.        T-001664     FL O    Cause of Death Not Stated
Yampen, Emerson J.    39935593      PVT    Death Not Battle Related       

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