Alexander GOODSON & Parnell SIMON married 1617, Woodnesborough, Kent
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"Best guess" chart showing the parents, children & grandchildren of

Alexander GOODSON & Parnell SIMON/CROFT
married 1617, Woodnesborough, Kent

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    Alexander Goodson
    birth unknown
    ?c1570, Kent

    Will of Alexander Goodson, St Peter in Thanet, 1597 1597, PRC17/50/362
  • Canterbury Probate Office Records
  • Parnell Simon

    best guess:
    baptised 2 Nov 1578
    Sibbertswold, Kent

    Alexander Goodson & Parnell Croft
    married 7 Nov 1617
    Woodnesborough, Kent

    Augustine Wyneats, Sandwich, bondsman
    Alexander Goodson
    buried 7 May 1622
    Thanet St Peter, Kent
    Parnell Goodson
    buried 15 Sep 1653
    Thanet St Peter, Kent
    from Google Books "The History and Antiquities of the Church and Parish of St. Laurence, Thanet, in the County of Kent"

    "In 1620, Widow Norwood was rated at Northwood for 63 acres, John Skinner for 40 acres, and Alexander Goodson for 38 acres."

    First mariage of Parnell Simon

    Parnell Simon & Robert Croft
    married Feb 1601/2
    Thanet St Peter, Kent

    Robert Croft
    birth unknown
    ?c1570, Kent
    Robert Croft
    buried 1608
    Thanet St Peter, Kent

    Will of Robert Craft, St Peter in Thanet, 1608 1608 PRC/17/59/149 PRC/16/132 C/5
  • Canterbury Probate Office Records
  • Children of Parnell Simon & Robert Croft
    Robert Croft1604 Thanet St Peter - m 1626 Canterbury St Margaret to Alice Sampson children:Ann, Robert, Simon, Richard
    Richard Croft1606 Thanet St Peter -

    The children of Parnell Simon & Robert Croft

    Robert Croft
    (1604 Thanet St Peter - )

    Robert Croft
    baptised 1604
    Thanet St Peter, Kent
    parents: Robert Croft & Parnell Simon
    Alice Sampson
    baptism c1601
    parents: Thomas Sampson & Alice (?Philpot)

    Thomas Sampson, householder, buried 1621, Thanet St Peter
    Alice Sampson, wife of Thomas, d.1612, Thanet St Peter
    Robert Croft & Alice Sampson
    married 1626
    1626 Canterbury St Margaret, Kent

    Robert Croft
    death unknown
    Alice Croft
    death unknown
    Children of Robert Croft & Alice Sampson
    Ann Croft1628 Thanet St Peter - m 1650 Thanet St Peter to Michael Paulenchildren:Martha, Mary, Ann, Elizabeth
    Robert Croft1630 Thanet St Peter - m1 1655 Thanet St Peter to Elizabeth Piercechildren:Ann, Robert, Richard, John
    m2 1668 Thanet St Laurence to Mrs Elizabeth Samson
    Simon Croft1633 Thanet St Peter - 1633 Thanet St Peter
    Richard Croft1636 Thanet St Peter - ?1703 Thanet St Peter ?m 1668 Sandwich to Ann Pamflettchildren:Mary, Elizabeth, Patience, John, Ann, Sarah

    Will of Robert Croft b.1630

    Vol 80/18 Archdeaconry registered copy of will of Robert CROFTS the Elder St Peter, Thanet, yeoman. son Robert CROFT, [late] father Robert CROFT, my daughter Ann wife of John SQUIRES of St Peter, servant Mary STOAKES. son Richard to be exec. witnesses John RICHARD, William CURLING & Silas JOHNSON.

    The children of Alexander Goodson & Parnell Simon

    Samuel Goodson
    (1618 Thanet St Peter - 1679 Margate )

    Samuel Goodson
    baptised 1618
    Thanet St Peter, Kent
    Joan Whiting
    baptism unknown

    Samuel Goodson & Joan Whiting
    married 1642
    Chislet, Kent
    Samuel Goodson
    buried 1679
    Margate, Kent
    Joan Goodson
    burial unknown
    ?Margate, Kent
    Children of Samuel Goodson & Joan Whiting
    Samuel Goodson1644 Thanet St Peter - 1693 Thanet St Laurence m 1671 Canterbury St Mary Bredin to Elizabeth Curling children:Ann, William, Richard, Mary
    Mary Goodson1647 Thanet St Peter -
    Alexander Goodson1649 Thanet St Peter - m (lic) 1680 Canterbury, St Mary Northgate to Hannah Read children:Samuel, Sarah, William, Alexander, Ann, Hannah, Alexander
    Sarah Goodson1652 Thanet St Peter - m (lic) 1674 Margate to Stephen Parkerchildren:Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary, Jane
    William Goodson1654 Thanet St Peter - m1 1685 Canterbury, St Andrew to Alice Joadchildren:William, Mary, Samuel
    m2 1693 Canterbury, St Andrew to Sarah Overychildren:Samuel, Sarah, Elizabeth, Thomas
    Elizabeth Goodson1656 Thanet St Peter -
    Thomas Goodson1659 Thanet St Peter -

    Will of Samuel Goodson, Goudson, St Lawrence in Thanet 1693 1693 PRC17/78/254a
  • Canterbury Probate Office Records

  • Mary Goodson
    (1620 Thanet St Peter - 1701 Thanet St Laurence )

    Mary Goodson
    baptised 28 Jan 1620
    Thanet St Peter, Kent
    parents: Alexander Goodson & Parnell Simon
    William Spencer
    baptised 25 Jul 1613
    Thanet St Laurence, Kent
    parents: Nicholas Spencer & Joan Coppin
    Mary Goodson & William Spencer
    married 12 Jan 1641
    Thanet St Peter, Kent
    Mary Spencer
    buried 28 Mar 1701
    Thanet St Laurence, Kent

    Will of Mary Spencer, Ramsgate, 1700 1701, PRC17/79/462a PRC16/338 S/11
  • Canterbury Probate Office Records
  • William Spencer
    death unknown
    ?Thanet St Laurence, Kent

    1641 Marriage arrangements between Nicholas Spencer & William Spencer my sonne and Mary Goodson

    Courtesy of Michael Child, Ramsgate, transcribed by Gerald Tripp, Oct 2008.

  • 1641

    To all christian people to whome this present writing shall come Nicholas Spencer of Ramsgate in the parish of St. Lawrence, in the Isle of Thanet in th County of Kent yeoman sends greeting in our Lord god everlasting Know yee that I the said Nicholas Spencer for and in consideration of a marriage by the grace of god shortly to bee had and Solemized between William Spencer of Ramsgate aforesaid mariner my naturall Sonne and Mary Goodson daughter of Alexander Goodson late of the parish of St. Peter in the said Isle and County yeoman deceased and of Parnell Goodson widdow of the said Alexander and for diverse other good causes and considerations mee thereunto moveing Have given granted and confirmed and by these presents doth give grant and confirme unto the said William Spencer my sonne and Mary Goodson all that my house or Tennement with one barne two herringhouses and other outhouses thereunto belonging with the appurtennces also one orchard one garden and one acre of land by estimation more or lesse hereunto belonging and adjoyning situate lying and being at Ramsgate aforesaid in the said parrish of St. Lawrence to the kings high way there towards the Southeast to the lands of William Sacket towards the Southwest and Northwest and to the lands of the Heirs of Azarias Spencer towards the Northeast, and also one other pcell of arrable land containing by estimation three acres more or lesse lying and being in the said parrish of St Lawrence to a place there called the liberty way towards the Southwest to the lands of William Sacket towards the northwest and northeast towards the lands of Thomas Coppin & James Coppin towards the Southeast with all and Singular their appurtencs To have and to hold the said house or tennement barne herringhouses outhouses orchard garden lands and premises with their and every of their appurtanances unto the said William Spencer and Mary Goodson to the onely uses intents and purposes following in these presents That is to say to the onely use and behoofe of mee the said Nicholas Spencer for and during the time and tenure of my naturall life and from and after my decease to the use and behoofe of the said William Spencer and Mary Goodson for and during the time and terme of their naturall lives and the longest lives of them and after their decease to the heires males of the said William Spencer on the body of the said Mary Goodson lawfully to be begotten and for want of such heires to the right heires of the said William Spencer for ever And I the said Nicholas Spencer and my heires the said house or tennte barnes herringhouses outhouses orchard garden lands and premises with appurtencs unto the said William and Mary to the uses and intents aforesaid shall and will warrent and for ever defend by these presents In Witness whereof I the said Nicholas Spencer have hereunto set my hand and seale Dated the seaven and twentieth day of December the seaventeenth yeare of the raigne of our Soveraigne Lord Charles by the grace of God King of England Scotland France and Ireland defender of the faith anno qt dom 1641
    Nicholas [attached seal] Spencer

    Sealed and delivered in the presence of
    Thomas Teofts?
    Thomas [T] Derricke his marke
    Robert Crofts? [pattern]

    From Kim:

    Because Mary's father (Alexander Goodson) was dead I'd bet that the witnesses of this document Teofts & Crofts are the brothers of Parnell Croft - ie Mary Goodson's uncles

    Christening: 26 MAY 1611 Saint Peters Thanet, , Kent, England
    Father: THOS CRAFTE
    source - IGI - C047721 1582 - 1777 0213055 Film 6906455

    Christening: 24 JUL 1614 Saint Peters Thanet, , Kent, England
    Father: THOS CRAFTE
    source - IGI - C047721 1582 - 1777 0213055 Film 6906455

    Transcript of Mary Spencer's will, 1701

    Courtesy of Pat & Sheila

    IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN upon the three and twentieth day of March in the thirteenth year of the now Majestior Reigne Anne in 1700 I MARY SPENCER of Ramsgate in the parish of St Laurence in the Isle of Thannett in the County of Kent Widow being sick in body but of good and perfect sense and memory God be praised do make and ordain this my last will and Testament in manner and form following that is to say
    First I bequeath my soul into the merciful hands of Almighty God who made it and my body to the earth from whence it came to be buried at the discretion of my Executrixes hereinafter named brAlso I give to my loving son William Spencer twenty shillings to buy him a ring to keep in remembrance of me
    Also I give to my grandson William Spencer son of my late son Silvester Spencer one guinea to keep in remembrance of me
    Also I give to my loving son Adam Spencer twenty shillings to buy him a ring to keep ion remembrance of me
    Also I give to my grandson Thomas Smith son of Thomas smith ten shilling s
    Also all the rest and residue of my goods and chattels whatsoever after my debts be paid and funeral expenses discharged and these my Legacies satisfied I give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Moses and to my daughter Ann Green wife of William Green equally to be divided between them
    Also I make and ordain my said daughter Elizabeth Moses and my said daughter Ann Green Executrixes of this my last Will and Testament

    In Witness whereof I the said Mary Spencer have hereunto put my hand and seal Dated the day and year first above written MARY SPENCER her mark Sealed signed and acknowledged for the last will and Testament of the said Mary Spencer in the presence of Ann Read her mark Elizabeth Fowler John Evens PROBATE granted 1701 to Elizabeth Moses

    Mary Spencer's will, 1701

    Spencer Mary, Ramsgate, 1700, 1701, PRC17/79/462a PRC16/338 S/11

  • from Kent County Archives, Maidstone
    Children of Mary Goodson & William Spencer
    Nicholas Spencer1643 Thanet St Laurence - <1701
    Mary Spencer1645 Thanet St Laurence - <1701 m to Thomas Smithchildren:Thomas, Mary
    William Spencer1647 Thanet St Laurence - ?1704 Thanet St Laurence m 1672 ?Thanet St Laurence to Sarah Tickner children:Edward, Mary, Sarah, Sarah, William, Elizabeth, William, Adam
    Elizabeth Spencer1650 Thanet St Laurence - m 1672 Thanet St Laurence to George Moseschildren:John, George, John, Michael, Elizabeth
    Silvester Spencer1652 Thanet St Laurence - 1687-91 m 1674 Thanet St Laurence to Margaret Rigdenchildren:James, Nicholas, Silvester, Margaret, William, James, Adam
    Ann Spencer 1659 Thanet St Laurence - 1725 Thanet St Laurence m 1689 Thanet St Laurence to William Green children:Mary, William, Ann, George
    Adam Spencer1661 Thanet St Laurence - ?m 1685 Deal to Mary Hewett children:Mary

    Thanet St Peter, Kent

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