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Who were the parents of

William WELLARD born c1680, ?Thanet ?Kent

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William Welleard (c1680-1738) & Ann Elsington (c1680-1735) married 1706 St Laurence in Thanet children: John Wellard (1707-) St Laurence in Thanet & Mary Fox ?married 1745 St Laurence in Thanet William Wellard (1709-) St Laurence in Thanet & Ann Elizabeth Wellard (1711-1713) St Laurence in Thanet, Thomas Wellard (1713-1714) St Laurence in Thanet, Mary Wellard (1714-1715) St Laurence in Thanet, Elizabeth Wellard (1716-) St Laurence in Thanet & Richard Blaxland ?married 1741 St Laurence in Thanet


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  • Present best guess: Welward family of Monkton

    Looking for the birth and parents of William Welleard, born c 1680, and married 1706 at Thanet St. Lawrence to Ann Eltenton

    From the fractured records available, the most likely man, by birth date, (c.1680), and by proximity to Thanet St. Lawrence and the Eltenton family, appears to be:
    William Welward, baptised 5 Dec 1680, at Monkton, son of John and Mary Welward.

    From Pat:

    MONKTON B.T.s - 1600-1700.

    Parish Registers for Monkton, Thanet, commence in 1700.
    Pre-1700, some B.T.s are available -- but there are quite a number of gaps of individual years, plus two larger missing gaps: 1596-1610 and 1640 to 1662. The latter one is the period of the Civil War and the Puritan Commonwealth that followed it, so it is very unlikely that records were ever made or kept. The result is that is impossible to follow any family down through generations with any confidence of accuracy.

    The following are possible Wellard/Welward items (and any variations) taken from the years that are available.
    Latin/English equivalents :
    Bapt. Fuit - was baptised
    Sept. Fuit - was baptised
    Uxorem duxit - was married
    Fils duxit uxorem- my wife
    Juvenis - youth; young man;

    1663 Jul 5buried Martha wife of Gulielmus Welward
    1663 Dec 3marriage Gulielmus Welward married Mariam Knight
    1664 Dec 18baptised Maria daughter of Gilielmus and Maria Welward
    1667 Nov 17baptised Patienta daughter of Guiliemus Welward and Marie his wife
    1669 Jun 28buried Maria Welward
    1674/5 baptised Jana child of Guiliemus and Maria Welward
    1678 Nov 14marriage John Wilward married Margaret Austin
    1678/79 Feb 22buried Margaret wife of John Welward
    1678/79 Feb 27buried John son of John and Margaret Welward
    1680 Jun 8buried Wmus Welward “juvenil”
    1680Dec 5baptised Wmus son of John and Mar. Welward
    1682 Octburied Mary Wellard
    1682/83 Feb 20marriage John Wellard and Anne Baker
    1683 Jul 20buried Mar. wife of John Welward ?William
    1683/84Mar 16baptised John son of John and An Welward
    1685Jul 9baptised Thomasson of John and An Welward
    1685 Jul 12buried Thomas Wolward an infant
    1686 Sep 18buried Thomas a child of John and An Welward
    1687 Nov 8marriage John Holland married Patienta Welward
    1688Apr 8baptised Edward son of John and An Welward
    1689/90Jan 3baptised An dau. of John and An Welward
    1690 Dec 2buried An Welward an infant
    1691Nov 19baptised Elizabeth dau.of John and An Welward
    1692 Apr 9buried Wm. Welward
    1694 Jul 29buried Thomas and An Welward
    1695 Aug 13buried John Welward
    1695Nov 8baptised Robert son of John and An Welward
    1697 Jun 27marriage Richard Willard married Susannah Hansel

    Who was John Welward of Monkton?

    The Monkton register shows three marriages for John Welward:
    First marriage

    John Welward & Margaret Austen
    married 14 Nov 1678, Monkton,

    Margaret died 23 Feb 1678/9, Monkton, 'wife of John'

    John (Johis) buried 27 Feb 1678, Monkton, son of John (Johis) Welward & Margaret
    Second marriage

    John Welward & Mary
    marriage unknown

    A Mary Welward died 1 Oct 1682, Monkton
    Third marriage

    John Welward & Ann Baker
    married 20 Feb 1682/3, Monkton

    More about John Wellard & Ann Baker

    John Wellard
    baptism unknown
    c1655 ?Kent

    ?son of William Welward & Martha

    Ann Baker
    ?baptised unknown
    parents: unknown

    John Wellard & Ann Baker
    married 20 Feb 1682
    Monkton, Kent

    John Wellard
    ?died 13 Aug 1695
    Monkton, Kent
    Ann Wellard
    remarried 1697
    Inventory of John Wellard of Monkton, 1698

    courtesy of Pat
    Inventory of John Wellard of Monkton, 1698 - 1

    Inventory of John Wellard of Monkton, 1698 - 2

    Children of John Welward & Ann Baker
    John Welward1683 Monkton -?m 1712 Monktonto Mary Bing children Elizabeth, John, Elizabeth, William, Elizabeth
    Thomas Welward1685 Monkton - 1685 Monkton
    Thomas Welward1686 Monkton - 1686 Monkton
    Edward Welward1688 Monkton -
    Ann Welward1689 Monkton - 1690 Monkton
    Elizabeth Welward 1691 Monkton -
    Robert Welward1695 Monkton - ?m 1722 Thanet St Peter to Judith SandwellchildrenAnn, Tyhurst, Tyhurst, Judith, Elizabeth, Mary, Ann, Robert

    Second marriage of Ann Welward, widow, to Henry Jennings

    Henry Jennings
    baptism unknown
    parents: unknown

    Ann Wellard & Henry Jennings
    married (licence) 9 Sep 1697
    Canterbury St Mary Northgate, Kent

    Henry Jennings
    ?died c1714
    Monkton, Kent
    Yeoman, inventory PRC/27/39/181
    Ann Wellard
    ? d. 25 Aug 1714
    ?Monkton, Kent
    Children of Ann Baker/Welward & Henry Jennings
    Susannah Jennings 1698 Monkton -
    Henry Jennings1700 Monkton -

    Possible Monkton connections with Ann Eltenton .

    from Monkton register

    Two marriages

    John Eltenton & Ann Kirby, married 5 Jan 1681/2 Monkton.
    This couple had a daughter Ann born 1684 Thanet St Laurence, possibly 'our' Ann.

    William Eltenton & Elizabeth Loy, married 17 Nov 1696, Monkton

    For interest only - where were the early Wellards living in Kent?

    Kent parishes mentioned in Find My Past entries, Wellard spelling only, the number of people in each parish were not counted

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