Thobie LEMAISTRE & Judith LEVESQUE married 1661 Montivilliers, Normandy
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"Best guess" chart showing the parents, children & grandchildren of

Thobie LEMAISTRE & Judith LEVESQUE, 1661 Montivilliers, Normandy

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Thobie LEMAITRE & Judith Levesque 1661 Montivilliers, Normandy Children: Judith Lemaitre & Paul Gente married 1692 London Threadneedle St Thobie Lemaitre (1661 Montivilliers) & Marie Minuel (c1660 ?Normandy) married c1690 ?London


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    Judith Levesque
    baptised c1630
    ?Mesnil ?Lintot, Normandy
    parents: Jean Levesque & Marie (Mallet)
    First marriage of Judith Levesque
    married ?1646

    to Isaac Lestudois
    Isaac Lestudois
    death not known
    Children of Isaac Lestudois & Judith Levesque
    not known

    Epoux : LESTUDOIS Isaac
    Né le à
    Décédé le à
    Nom du père : Philémon
    Nom de la mère :

    Epouse : LEVESQUE Judith
    Née le à Mesnil
    Decedée le à
    Père de l'épouse : Jean
    Mère de l'épouse :
    Veuve de

    Date du Contrat de Mariage Sous Seing Privé :
    Date de reconnaissance chez le notaire du contrat ssp :
    Cote du contrat de mariage :
    Marié le 1646,0624 à LT
    Cote du mariage : 4E 3381
    Notes :
    Profession :


  • Thobie Lemaitre
    baptised c1630
    ?Montivilliers,Caen, Normandy
    parents: Jean Lemaistre & Ester (Bazin)
    Thobie Lemaitre & Judith Levesque
    married 1661
    Montivilliers,Caen, Normandy

    Thobie LEMAISTRE, bourgeois de Montivilliers, fils aîné et principal héritier de + Jean LEMAISTRE et Ester BAZIN
    Judic LEVESQUE, veuve de + Isaac LESTUDOIS de Montivilliers, fille de + Jean LEVESQUE et Marie MALLET

  • Relevé des contrats de mariage du registre 2E81/77 (ADSM) - Notariat de Harfleur/Montivilliers (76)
  • Thobie Lemaitre
    burial unknown
    ?France ?London
    Godmother to granddaughter

    Judith Lemaistre
    bapt 31 Jul 1692, London
    daughter of Thobie Lemaitre & Mary (Minuel)
    godmother: Judith Levesque
    Judith Lemaitre
    buried 22 Dec 1737
    Paddington St James

    from Alyce

    The children of Thobie Lemaistre & Judith Levesque

    Thobie Lemaistre
    (c1663 London-)

    Thobie Lemaitre
    baptised c1662
    Montivilliers,Caen, Normandy
    parents: Thobie Lemai(s)tre & Judith Leve(s)que
    Mary Minuel
    baptism unknown

    ?sister Marthe m Jaques Fulgout
    Thobie Lemaitre & Mary Minuel
    marriage unknown
    <1691 ?France ?London
    Thobie Lemaitre
    buried 5 May 1729
    Paddington St James, Mdx
    "from St Giles in the fields"

    from Alyce
    Mary Lemaitre
    buried Paddington St James

    ?was this the Mary above?

    Mary Lemaitre
    buried 24 Mar 1741
    Paddington St James
    "from St Ann's. Westminster"

    from Alyce

    Two other deaths for a Mary Lemaitre:

    St Ann, 24 Apr 1765, from St Giles, W (?widow/?Westminster)
    St Ann, 20 ?May 1768, from Compton St, W

    ?First marriage of Tobie Lemaistre - probably another man?

    Source n° 369 1709.02.04 Acte de mariage Extrait de l'acte de mariage à Binas (41)

    "L'an 1709, le 4 février après les fiançailles et publications de bans faittes en cette église de Charles FLEURI homme veuf d'une part et de Marie LE MAISTRE fille de Tobie LE MAISTRE et de Françoise VENOT d'autre part tous deux de cette paroisse sans qu'il ait apparu aucun empeschement au dit mariage j'ay prestre vicaire soussigné fait la célébration du dit mariage et ay ? leur consentement mutuel et promesses de présent selon la forme présente par la Sainte Eglise en présence de Tobie LE MAISTRE père de la fille, Sébastien BO? et Emeri JULIN ses beaux frères de la ditte épouse, Jacques FLEURI et Guillaume FLEURI ses frères du dit époux" Signature : I FLEURI


  • Judith Lemaistre
    (c1663 Montivilliers - )

    Judith Lemaistre
    bapt c1663
    ?Montivilliers, Normandy
    daughter of Thobie Lemaitre & Judith (Levesque)

    Paul Gente
    born c1660
    ?Amiens, France
    parents: Isaac Gente & Marie (Muydeble)

  • Paul Gente - Geneanet
  • first marriage of Paul Gente

    Paul Gente & Marguerite Priou
    married 1686
    Children of Paul Gente & Marguerite Priou

    Marie Marguerite Gente, 1689 Threadneedle St, London
    Paul Gente, 1691 Threadneedle St, London
    Judith Lemaistre & Paul Gente
    married 17 Feb 1692
    Threadneedle St, London

    LEMAITRE, Tobie Religion : Protestant
    LEVÊQUE, Judith Religion : Protestante
    L'enfant du couple LEMAITRE - LEVÊQUE
    LEMAITRE, Judith× 1692 GENTE, Paul ° Montivilliers, 76, , FRA -
    GENTE, Paul Naissance : Amiens, 80, , FRASource : Source n° 10320Religion : ProtestantNote A eu une première femme. Emigre en Angleterre avant février 1692.
    Famille GENTE - LEMAITRE Mariage : 1692 à London, LND, ENG, GBRSource : Source n° 25381Annonce de mariage protestant à la Threadneedlestreet church à Londres le 17 février 1692.
    |-----LEMAITRE, TobieLEMAITRE, Judith |-----LEVÊQUE, Judith Naissance : Montivilliers, 76, , FRASource : Source n° 14392Religion : ProtestanteNote Emigre en Angleterre avant février 1692.

  • Paul Gente
    death not known
    Judith Gente
    death not known
    Children of Judith Lemaistre & Paul Gente
    Judith Gente9 Apr 1693 London -
    Tobie Gente29 May 1695 London -
    Anne Gente26 Dec 1697 London -

    Transcript of Catherine Gondouin's will

    made 15 Dec 1736, proved 4 Apr 1739, London
    Thanks to Alyce for finding it and to Robert for the deciphering

    Will of Catherine Gondouin 15 December 1736
    IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. AMEN. Knowing that there is nothing so certain as Death and nothing so uncertain as the Hour thereof, being at present by the Grace of my God of sound body and mind. I was willing to write my last Will upon this paper desiring that it may be executed in manner following. First I commend my Soul to God my Creator, to Jesus Christ my Redeemer, and to the Holy Ghost my Sanctifier beseeching that most Holy and Adorable Trinity to have pity on me and at the time of my death to forgive me all my sins and to receive me in his Holy Paradise with all the Blessed. Amen
    As to my body when it shall please God to take me out of this World I leave to the Care of my Daughter Susanna Le Maitre to get buried honourably but without superficiality and as to what I shall leave after my Death I devise that the money that shall be found in Government shall be for the children of my Daughter as also what shall be received from France for I hope that my Cousin ?Goyor will be as good as his word, that if God should make him resolve to redeem the said rent that money should be put to interest with that which shall then be found that all the children may divide it equally and the interests which shall accrue there from every year shall be given to their Mother for their maintenance without or being obliged to give any account thereof. When they shall be of age which shall be put at five and twenty, except their Father or Mother should be willing to give it them sooner. That if my Cousin should redeem the said rent and that my Son in Law or my Daughter should be in want either through losses or ?sickness. They might have out of that money two hundred pounds in the Government the income of which they may enjoy as long as they live and after their death that money shall revert to their children. But if he should send but the rent that cannot be done there being but so little for so many Children and if any of the said Children should not govern himself as he ought he shall not have his share as to the Capital without the consent of his Father and Mother but only their share of the Income. If my Son in Law or my Daughter should think fit to take some of the money which is in Government to put the Boys out Apprentices that shall be deducted out of their shares when they shall come of age for I desire that the Girls and Boys shall be all equal. Except that I give to Catherine Le Maitre my God daughter a dozen of Damask Napkins with the Tablecloth of the same weave. I also give her my Diamond and two large Spoons and two Forks marked with her name with my six Teaspoons and case and the Sugar tongs. But if God should take her out of this World before she is of age or married I desire that this small present be for Mary Le Maitre her sister in order that she may remember me.
    As for the house which I have renamed with the Duke of Portland. I give it to my Daughter and to her husband after her if she die first upon condition however that neither of them shall be able to sell or mortgage the same except it should not be in a condition of being inhabited and that it should not be in their power to rebuild it then they may sell it and that money shall be put out to interest and they shall have the income as long as they shall live and after their death it shall revert to the Children.
    I also give to my Daughter all my Goods, Cloths and Linen which shall be found in the house at the time of my decease upon condition that she shall give to John Le ?Fevre my Godson ten pounds sterling and to Andrew Le ?Fevre two Guineas and to each of their sisters Anne and Elizabeth Le Le ?Fevre As a token of the friendship I had for their dear Mother. I desire also that my Daughter may give to my Cousin Margaret Auvray Ten Pounds Sterling for the great affection she has had for me and my family. I also give to Mrs. Judith Le Maitre Five Pounds Sterling she is a worthy person whom I value much. I desire that the whole may be given one year after my demise at farthest but as I don’t know in what situation I shall be when it should please God to take me out of this World. If there should not be money found as well to bury me as to give to those who are here above mentioned. I desire that the first money which shall come from France shall be paid out for that.
    I desire that Mr. Paul Des Bross To be executor of this my Will together with Mr. James Le Maitre my Son in Law. I hope he will be so good as to attempt of it. Otherwise I have my Son in Law and my Daughter executor and executrix of their Children. I believe them to be good Father and Mother not to wrong them. After having read this my Testament over I have not found therein anything contrary to my Will.
    Done in London the 15 December One Thousand Seven Hundred and Thirty Six.
    Written with my hand and Sealed with my Seal.
    Catherine Gondouin .
    God having taken out of this World Mrs. Le Maitre , and my Cousin Elizabeth Le ?Fevre being home again to live with us. I desire that if she does her duty to me and that she remains with me to my death that the five pounds which I had given to Mrs. Le Maitre be given to her instead of the Two Guineas which I had given her by this my Will.
    Done by me the tenth October 1738.
    Catherine Gondouin .

    I add to this my Will that I will not have Mr. Paul Des Bross be at any expense in case any ?uneasiness should happen in the family by me-
    Catherine Gondouin -
    Witnesses----- Henry Sandal , S. Besse.

    Faithfully translated out of French : at Doctors Commons-London the 2nd April 1739. by me L.H. Crespighy Not. Pub.

    This Will Was proved at London before the Worshipfull John Andrew Doctor of Law Surrogate of the Rightworshipfull John Bettesworth Doctor of Laws Master keeper or Commissary of the Prorogative Court of Canterbury lawfully constituted the fourth day of April in the Year of Our Lord One thousand Seven hundred and thirty nine by the Oath of James Le Maitre one of the executors named and Susanna executrix (wife of the said James Le Maitre the executor substituted in the said Will to whom admin was granted for all and singular the Goods , Chattels and Credits of the said deceased being first sworn only to administer. ( Paul Des Bross the other executor named in the said Will first renouncing) Ex?