William WELLARD & Elizabeth TOMSON married 1778, Thanet St Laurence, Kent and John SANDWELL & Elizabeth THOMSON married 1769, Thanet St Laurence, Kent
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Chart showing the parents, children & grandchildren of

William WELLARD & Elizabeth TOMSON/SANDWELL married 1778, Thanet St Laurence, Kent

Chart revised 16 Sep 2008
William Wellard (1747 Thanet St Lawrence) & Elizabeth Sandwell married 1778 Thanet St Laurence, children: William Wellard 1779-1857 Minster in Thanet married to Elizabeth Peters 1804 Cheriton, Mary Wellard 1782- Minster in Thanet, Lewis Tomson Wellard 1784-1859 Minster in Thanet married to Sarah Goulder 1806 Minster in Thanet & to Catherine Dowty 1827 Minster in Thanet

Previous marriage of Elizabeth Tomson:

John SANDWELL & Elizabeth TOMSON married 1769, Thanet St Laurence, Kent

Chart revised 16 Sep 2008
John Sandwell (1747 Ramsgate) & Elizabeth Tomson (1747 Thanet St Lawrence) married 1769 Thanet St Laurence, children: Elizabeth Sandwell 1771-1790 Thanet St Laurence


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    Elizabeth Tomson
    baptised 20 May 1746
    Kent, Thanet St Laurence
    parents: Lewis Tomson & Mary (Spencer)

    John Sandwell
    baptised 23 Aug 1747
    Kent, Ramsgate Ebenezer
    parents: Stephen Sandwell & Dorothy (Miller)

    Elizabeth Tomson & John Sandwell
    married (lic) 28 Dec 1769
    Kent, Thanet St Laurence

    witnesses: Tyro Grigson, Dan Hooper
    John Sandwell
    buried 30 Oct 1774
    Kent, Thanet St Laurence NG
    "age 27, decay"

    Second marriage of Elizabeth Tomson

    Elizabeth Sandwell & William Wellard
    married (lic) 1 Mar 1778
    Kent, Thanet St Laurence

    witnesses: Daniel Hooper & Ann Clark
    William Wellard
    baptised 20 Apr 1747
    Kent, Thanet St Laurence
    parents: John Wellard & Mary Fox
    Elizabeth Wellard
    buried 24 Jan 1778
    Kent, Thanet St Laurence
    "age 41, decay,
    wife of William from Minster"
    William Wellard
    buried 3 Nov 1811
    Kent, Minster in Thanet, St Mary the Virgin
    "age 61"
    Sun Fire Office - William Wellard

    Insured: William Wellard, Minster, Kent, yeoman
    Other property or occupiers: Effingham Place Ramsgate Kent (Mary Thompson widow)
    Date: 3 March 1790

    London Metropolitan Archives: City of London
    Reference: MS 11936/367/566700

    The children of Elizabeth Tomson & John Sandwell

    Elizabeth Sandwell
    (1771 Ramsgate - 1790 Ramsgate)

    Elizabeth Sandwell
    baptised 19 Mar 1771
    Kent, Thanet St Laurence
    parents: John Sandwell & Elizabeth Tomson
    Elizabeth Sandwell
    buried 17 Mar 1790
    Kent, Thanet St Laurence
    "age 19, decay "

    The children of William Wellard & Elizabeth Tomson

    William Wellard
    (1779 Thanet Minster - 1857 Mulbring)

    William Wellard
    born 19 Jan 1779
    baptised 21 Feb 1779
    Minster on Thanet. Kent
    parents: William Wellard & Elizabeth Tomson
    Elizabeth Peters
    baptised 26 Feb 1786
    Folkestone, Kent
    parents: Henry Peters & Mary Scott
    William Wellard & Elizabeth Peters
    married 18 Feb 1804
    Cheriton, Kent

    witnesses: Lewis Wellard (brother) & John Marsh
    William Wellard
    died 22 Mar 1857
    buried Mt Vincent CofE
    age 78

    Mt Vincent cemetery 2008
    courtesy of Kim
    Elizabeth Wellard
    died 21 Jan 1880
    from "decay of nature"
    buried Mt Vincent CofE
    age 94

    Mt Vincent cemetery 2008
    courtesy of Kim

    Mary Wellard
    (1782 Minster 1846 Ramsgate)

    Mary Wellard
    baptised 2 Jun 1782
    Kent, Minster St Mary
    parents: William Wellard & Elizabeth (Tomson)

    Mary Wellard
    died 1846
    Kent, Thanet St Laurence
    Mary Wellard census address

    1841 - Princes St, Ramsgate, Kent
    Mary Wellard, 59, independent
    with lodgers Underdown, Bartholomew & Forwood

    Will of Mary Wellard
    made 18 November 1842, proved 7 November 1846

    Courtesy of Pat & Sheila

    THIS IS THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT of me Mary Wellard of Ramsgate in the Isle of Thanet in the County of Kent Spinster First I give and bequeath my wearing apparel of all sorts unto and equally between my two Nieces Mary wife of Thomas William Milledge and Elizabeth wife of James Bailey Gough And I give and bequeath my plate and linen unto my said niece Mary Milledge Also I give and bequeath my household goods and furniture unto my niece Mary Tomson wife of Henry Revell And I give and bequeath unto Sarah White Bartholomew the sum of Five pounds sterling And as to all my Messuages Lands Tenements Hereditaments parts or shares of Hereditaments Money Securities for money Chattels and effects and all other my Estate whatsoever and wheresoever as well real as personal not by me hereinbefore disposed of and which I have any right or power whatsoever at law or in equity to dispose of I give devise and bequeath the same and every part thereof with the Appurtenances after and subject to the payment out of my personal Estate of my just debts funeral and testamentary charges and the aforesaid Legacy of Five pounds unto and to the use of my brother Lewis Tomson Wellard his daughter the said Mary Tomson Revell the said Mary Milledge and Elizabeth Gough equally to be divided between them as Tenants in common and not as Joint Tenants their several and respective heirs executors administrators and assigns for ever AND I nominate and appoint the said Lewis Tomson Wellard and Thomas William Milledge Executors of this my last Will and Testament and hereby revoking all former Wills by me made I publish and declare this only to be my last Will and Testament IN WITNESS whereof I have hereunto set my hand this eighteenth day of November in the year of our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and Forty-two

    MARY WELLARD Signed published and declared by the said Testatrix Mary Wellard as and for her last Will and Testament in the presence of us who at her request and in her presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as Witnesses Martin L Daniel Ramsgate Solicitor H S E Parker his Clerk

    The before registered Will of Mary Wellard Spinster deceased was proved the Seventh day of November 1846 before the Reverend Edwin Biron Clerk Surrogate to the Worshipful Sherrard Beaumont Burnaby Doctor of Laws Official General to the Reverend the Archdeacon of Canterbury lawfully constituted by the Oath of Thomas William Milledge one of the Executors named in the said Will He first being sworn duly to perform the same Power reserved of making the like Grant to Lewis Tomson Wellard Brother of the deceased the other Executor when he shall apply for the same.

    Lewis Tomson Wellard
    (1784 Minster 1859 Minster in Thanet)

    Lewis Wellard
    baptised 29 Feb 1784
    Kent, Minster St Mary
    parents: William Wellard & Elizabeth (Tomson)

    Sarah Goulder
    baptised 19 Aug 1787
    Kent, Minster St Mary
    parents: Thomas Goulder & Sarah
    Lewis Tomson Wellard & Sarah Goulder
    married 15 Oct 1806
    Kent, Minster St Mary

    witnesses: William Buddel & Thomas Goulder
    Sarah Wellard
    died 26 Jul 1824
    Kent, Minster St Mary
    "age 37"

    Second marriage of Lewis Wellard

    Lewis Tomson Wellard & Catherine Doughty
    married 26 Jul 1827
    Kent, Minster St Mary

    witnesses: Francis Bushell & Henry White
    Catherine Doughty
    baptism 31 Jan 1802
    Kent, Lynsted, SS Peter & Paul
    parents: John Doughty & Sarah
    Lewis Tomson Wellard
    died 24 May 1859
    Kent, Minster St Mary

    Catherine Wellard
    died 1882
    Kent, Thanet
    age 80

    UK census addresses
    Lewis Wellard (1784-1859)
    1841Minster55headmgrazierwith serv Ann Castle
    1851MinsterHuntymans Home65headmgrazierwith wife Catherine

    Catherine Wellard nee Doughty (1802-1882)
    1861Minster StreetMarsh Farm59headmProprietor Of Houses
    1871Minster Main StFlax Cottage69headwidowannuitant
    1881MinsterHigh Street78headwidowannuitant

    Lewis Wellard, prizewinner

    Will of Lewis Tomson Wellard
    made 7 Feb 1857, notes from Probate Registry, seen and read on 25.1.1996

    Courtesy of Pat & Sheila

    1859 LEWIS TOMSON WELLARD died 24.5.1859 of Minster, Thanet.
    Small bequests to wife and daughter for 'mourning', plus 100 outright to daughter. Residue, half to his wife Catherine outright; other half, rents and proceeds to wife, but on her death or remarriage, the capital to go to his daughter, Mary Thompson Revell.
    Will made on 7.2.1857.

    Child of Lewis Wellard & Sarah Goulder

    Mary Tomson Wellard 1807 Minster - 1861 Thanet m 1831 Kent to Henry Revel

    UK census addresses
    1841Ken Ash near Wingham George & Dragon 30wifempublican's wifewith husb & serv
    1851London St Giles Cripplegate 75 Fore St 40housekeeperwwith Cousins family
    1861Ken Minster Eden Rd 53widowboarderwith Bubb family

    Mary Tomson Wellard & Henry Revell
    married (banns) 4 Dec 1831
    Minster St Mary, Kent

    witnesses: Lewis Tomson Wellard & Ann Goulder
    Death notice - Mary Tomson Revell 1861

    Pat initiated the search for details of Lewis Wellard's property in Minster, but sadly, did not live to see the results. Many thanks to her family for helping to see her work through. She will be very much missed.
    This one is for you, Pat!

    Location of land owned or rented by Lewis Wellard, 1842

    from Minster-in-Thanet Tithe Map and Minster in Thanet Tithe award schedule - 30th June 1842
  • Kent Archaeological Society
  • from Minster-In-Thanet Tithe Map and Google Maps

    Minster, Kent, 1948

    Ordnance survey sheet Kent 37-NW-1948
    Owner - Lewis Wellard
    Occupier - Lewis Wellard
    No. 382, premises etc, 0-2-16, acres, roods and perches
    No. 383, premises, 0-0-38

    Tithe map & aerial photo

    Owner - Lewis Wellard
    Occupier - Lewis Wellard
    No. 467, marsh, (pasture) 1-0-5 acres, roods and perches
    No. 468, orchard, 0-3-12

    Tithe to Rector 0.13.6

    Tithe map & aerial photo

    Owner - John Swinford
    Occupier - Lewis Wellard
    No. 364, premises etc, 0-06, acres, roods and perches
    No. 365, premises etc, 0-03

    Tithe map & aerial photo

    Owner - Marquis of Conyngham
    Occupier - Lewis Wellard
    No. 575, marsh (pasture), 10-3-13, acres, roods and perches
    No. 577, marsh (pasture), 6-3-0
    No. 579, marsh (pasture), 14-2-13

    Tithe to rector 7.5.0

    Tithe map & aerial photo


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    From Pat - notes made after visiting Minster Church

    From Pat - old broken Font on display in Minster Church that was in use when our transported William would have been christened.

    Minster Square 1955 - the houses in view are located very near to the plot owned by Lewis Wellard in 1842. Possibly his house?

    A print of Minster as it was in 1813, further south down High St, from Lewis Wellard's.

    Minster in Thanet, Kent

    Minster in Thanet, Kent

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    St Mary the Virgin, Minster, Kent