John HARRISON & Agnes HOGGART married 1706 Bampton Westmorland
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"Best guess" chart showing the parents, children & grandchildren of

John HARRISON & Agnes HOGGART married 1706 Bampton, Westmorland

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    John Harrison
    born 1681
    Bampton, Wes
    parents: Rober Harrison & Elizabeth (Gibson)
    Agnes Hoggart
    baptism unknown
    ?Bampton, Wes
    parents: Lancelot Hoggart & Agnes Naddaile

    John Harrison & Agnes Hoggart
    married 1706
    Bampton, Wes

    Agnes Harrison
    died 1723
    Bampton, Wes
    John Harrison
    died 1744
    Bampton, Wes

    The children of John Harrison & Agnes Hoggart

    Elizabeth Harrison
    (1709 Bampton - 1791 Askham))

    Elizabeth Harrison
    baptised 1709
    Bampton, Wes
    parents: John Harrison & Agnes (Hoggart)
    John Holme
    baptised 1704
    Shap, Wes
    parents: John Holme & Martha (Noble)
    Elizabeth Harrison & John Holme
    married 1728
    Bampton, Wes

    John Holme
    buried 1776
    Askham, Wes
    Elizabeth Holme
    buried 1791
    Askham, Wes

    Ancestry of Thomas Holme, born 1781 Askham,

    Research courtesy of Maak