Henry PETERS & Mary SCOTT married 1777, Smeeth, Kent
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married 1777, Smeeth, Kent

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    Henry Peters
    baptism unknown

    ?28 Sep 1755
    ?Ore, Sussex
    ?parents: Charles Peters & Ann Peters
    Mary Scott
    baptism unknown

    27 Nov 1757
    Elham, Kent
    ?parents: Thomas Scott & Mary/?Ann ?T/Fanton
    Henry Peters & Mary Scott
    marriage banns

    November 1777, Cheriton

    1777 Smeeth

    Henry Peters & Mary Scott (x)
    married 6 Dec 1777
    Kent, Smeeth

    witnesses: Thomas Hart & Richard ?Jell
    Henry Peters
    died 8 Sep 1829, age 70
    Kent, Cheriton, St Martin

    Gen.Soc. London
    Mon. Ins. Cheriton Parish Register

    Henry Peters
    buried 11 Sep 1827
    Cheriton, Kent
    "age 71"

    East Kent Burial Index
    Mary Peters
    died 19 Jan 1842, age 86
    Kent, Folkestone
    Witness: Ann Fordred

    courtesy of Kim & Frances

    Mary Peters
    died 19 Jan 1842, age 87
    Kent, Cheriton, St Martin

    Gen.Soc. London
    Mon. Ins. Cheriton Parish Register
    Mary Scott - census address
    1841 census - Sandgate, Folkestone
    Mary Peters, 86
    with 2 daus, 2 gdaus, lodger

    The children of Henry Peters & Mary Scott

    Ann Peters
    (1778 Smeeth - 1864 Folkestone

    Ann Peters
    born Sellinge
    baptised 20 Feb 1778
    Smeeth Kent
    parents: Henry & Mary
    Richard Bowles
    born 1772
    Whitfield, Kent
    Ann Peters & Richard Bowles
    married (banns) 9 Jul 1796
    Dover, St Mary the Virgin, Kent
    Richard Bowles
    died 28 Nov 1851
    Folkestone, Kent
    age 75
    Ann Bowles
    died 10 Dec 1864
    Folkestone, Kent
    age 88
    Children of Ann Peters & Richard Bowles

    Henry Bowles1797 Folkestone - ?1819 Cheriton
    ?Mary Ann Bowles?1799 Cheriton -?m 1830 Folkestone to John Saunders children:?William 1831
    Richard Bowles1800 Folkestone -
    Harriet Bowles1802 Folkestone - children:Mary Ann 1824
    Thomas Bowles1809 Folkestone -
    James Bowles1813 Folkestone -
    Henry Bowles1822 Folkestone - ?m 1843 Folkestone to Sarah Ann Down

    Henry Peters
    (1780 Lyminge - 1867 Canada NB Richibucto)

    Henry Peters
    baptised 9 Apr 1780
    Lyminge, Kent
    parents: Henry & Mary

    Mary Standing
    baptised 23 Dec 1781
    Folkestone, Kent
    parents: William Standan & Mary Cooper
    Henry Peters (x) & Mary Standing (x)
    married 28 May 1803
    Folkestone, Kent

    witnesses: Henry ?Petts (x) & Edward Watson ('professional')
    Henry Peters
    died 1867
    Richibucto, NB, Canada
    Mary Peters
    died c1880
    ?Richibucto, NB, Canada
    Children of Henry Peters & Mary Standing

    Henry Peters1803 Folkestone 1879 Richibuctom 1838 Richibucto to Rowena Noble Carlotta Atkinsonchildren:Henry, Eliza, John, Mary, John, William, Frederick, Jane, Thomas, Annie, Richmond, Rowena
    John Peters1806 Folkestone - 1840 Rexton
    Mary Peters1808 Folkestone -
    Stephen Peters1809 Folkestone -
    Benedicta Peters1810 Folkestone 1888 Bleanm 1829 Reculverto Henry Readchildren:Mary, Jane, Henry, Richard
    Sarah Ann Peters1812 Folkestone 1885 Molus Riverm to Henry Warmanchildren:Henry, Mary, Charles, Sarah, William, Eleanor, Rachel, Elizabeth, William, Harriet, Isabel
    Charles Peters1816 Elham -
    Ann Peters1817 Elham - 1895 New Brunswickm 1838 Richibucto to John Kinreadchildren:Mary, Amelia, Isabelle, George, Sarah, Hannah, John, Margaret, Stephen, Edith, Fred, Ella
    William Peters1820 Elham -
    Stephen Peters1822 Elham - 1900 Moncton, NBm 1847 Monctonto Martha Kinreadchildren:Emma, Mary, Joshua, Alfred, George, Seymour, Franklin, Oswald, Donald, Edgar, Anna, Ephriam, Eva, Mabel
    Rachel Peters1825 Elmstone - m 1847 New Brunswick to Horatio Atkinsonchildren:George, Thomas, Charles, William, Mary, Horatio, Susan, Nettie, Arthur

    Paul's pages include details of the Henry Peters-Mary Standing family in Canada

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  • Henry Peters - Mary Standing family

    Sarah Peters
    (1782 Smeeth - 1861 Elham)

    Sarah Peters
    baptised 14 Apr 1782
    Folkestone Kent
    parents: Henry Peters & Mary
    James Tutt
    baptised 31 Oct 1779
    Mersham, Kent
    parents: Stephen Tutt & Elizabeth Hubbard
    Sarah Peters & James Tutt
    married (banns) 3 Oct 1801
    Folkestone, Kent

    witnesses: William Wellard (x) & Edward Watson ('professional')
    James Tutt
    died 1856
    Bromley, Kent
    Sarah Tutt
    died 1861
    Elham, Kent
    "age 79"
    Sarah Peters - census addresses

    1841 - Cheriton Street, Cheriton, Kent
    Sarah Tutt, 55, labourer's wife
    with husband James & lodger

    1851 - Shortlands Farm, Beckenham
    Sarah Tutt, 69, farm bailiff's wife
    with husband James, 2 visitors & lodger

    1861 - Horn St, Cheriton, Kent
    Sarah Tutt, 79, widow, nurse
    with dau Maria Rolfe family

    Children of Sarah Peters & James Tutt

    James Tutt1804 Cheriton - 1804 Cheriton
    William Tutt1810 Elham -
    James Tutt1812 Elham - 1840 at seam 1839 Dover to Mary Ann Joneschildren:James 1840
    Edmund Thomas Tutt1819 Cheriton 1860 Doverm 1847Elham to Caroline Bromley Pagechildren:Eliza. Jane. James, Sarah, Caroiline, Edmund
    Elizabeth Tutt1821 Cheriton -
    Maria Tutt1825 Cheriton -m 1844 Elham to William Rolfechildren:John, Sarah, Henry, Elizabeth, James, Richard, Maria, William, Edmund, Susannah

    UK census addresses

    Edmund Tutt (1819-1860)
    1841Folkestone Coolinge Farm 19 serv male servantwith Jeffery family & 5 serv
    1851 BucklandGeorge St32head m sawyerwith wife Caroline, 3 chn

    Maria Tutt (1825-1897)
    1841Brookland serv servant
    Maria Rolfe nee Tutt
    1851 Cheriton27 Cheriton St26wife m farm lab wifewith husb William & 3 chn
    1861 CheritonHorn St37wife m ag lab wifewith husb William, 5 chn & mother
    1881 CheritonHorn St56wife m ag lab wifewith husb William & 2 chn

    Mary Peters
    (1784 Folkestone - 1854 Folkestone)

    Mary Peters
    Baptism 14 Mar 1784
    Folkestone Kent
    parents: Henry & Mary
    Stephen Tutt
    Baptism 25 Mar 1781
    Aldington, Kent
    parents: Stephen & Elizabeth
    Mary Peters (x) & Stephen Tutt (x)
    married (banns) 19 Jun 1802
    Folkestone, Kent

    witnesses: Henry Peters (x) & Edward Watson ('professional')
    Stephen Tutt
    buried 28 Sep 1827
    Cheriton, Kent
    "age 47, abode Seabrook"

    East Kent Burial Index 1813-1841
    Mary Tutt
    ?died 1854
    Ken Elham (2a 391) age 70
    Mary Peters - census addresses

    1841 census - Sandgate, Folkestone
    Mary Tutt, age 61
    with mother, sister, 2 nieces & lodger

    Children of Mary Peters & Stephen Tutt

    Stephen Tutt1802 Cheriton - 1870 Cheritonm 1831 Lympne to Sophia Smeethchildren:Daniel 1832
    William Tutt1804 Cheriton - ?m 1837 Cheriton ?to Mary Ann Symondschildren:
    Henry Tutt1806 Cheriton 1879 Elhamm to Ann ?Smeedchildren:Sarah Ann 1837, William 1841
    Harriet Tutt1808 Cheriton - 1808 Cheriton
    John Tutt1810 Cheriton -

    UK census addresses
    Stephen Tutt (1802-1870)
    1841Newington Bargrove 35 head mag labwith wife Sophia & son
    1851 Folkestone107 Casement49head m ag labwith wife Sophia & son
    1861 Cheriton59head m with wife Sophia, son, dau-i-l

    Henry Tutt (1806-1879)
    1841Newington Sea Way 35 head mag labwith wife Ann & dau & other
    1851 HytheEast St46head m ag labwith wife Ann & 2 chn
    1861 HytheEast St54head m ag labwith wife Ann, dau, gdau
    1871 LymingeElham Union64inmatem

    Elizabeth Peters
    (1786 Folkestone - 1880 NSW Mulbring)

    Elizabeth Peters
    baptised 26 Feb 1786
    Folkestone, Kent
    parents: Henry Peters & Mary Scott
    William Wellard
    born 19 Jan 1779
    baptised 21 Feb 1779
    Minster on Thanet. Kent
    parents: William Wellard & Elizabeth Tomson
    Elizabeth Peters (x) & William Wellard
    married (banns)18 Feb 1804
    Cheriton, Kent

    witnesses: Lewis Wellard (brother) & John Marsh
    Elizabeth Wellard
    died 21 Jan 1880
    from "decay of nature"
    buried Mt Vincent CofE
    age 94

    Mt Vincent cemetery 2008
    courtesy of Kim
    William Wellard
    died 22 Mar 1857
    buried Mt Vincent CofE
    age 78

    Mt Vincent cemetery 2008
    courtesy of Kim

    Charles Peters
    (1788 Folkestone - 1804 Cheriton)

    Charles Peters
    Baptism 13 Apr 1788
    Kent, Folkestone
    Parents: Henry Peters & Mary

    IGI batch no. P020721
    Charles Peters
    Died 24 May 1804, age 16
    Kent, Cheriton, St Martin

    Gen.Soc. London
    Mon. Ins. Cheriton Parish Register

    Jane Peters
    (1790 Folkestone - 1864 Folkestone)

    Jane Peters
    baptised 24 Sep 1790
    Folkestone Kent
    parents: Henry Peters & Mary Scott
    Richard Prior
    baptism unknown
    ?Folkestone Kent
    Jane Peters (x) & Richard Prier (x)
    married (banns) 12 Oct 1809
    Folkestone, Kent

    witnesses: Henry Peters, Edward Watson ('prof witness')
    Richard Pryor
    died 14 Feb 1841
    Cheriton, Kent
    "age 69"
    Jane Pryor
    died 1864
    Folkestone, Kent
    Jane Peters - census addresses

    1841 - Sandgate, Folkestone, Kent
    Jane Prior, 51
    washer woman
    with 3 daughters, 1 nephew

    1851 - 92 Williams Cottages, Folkestone, Kent
    Jane Prior, 60, head, widow,
    with husband 2 daughters, 1 gchild, 1 son & 1 dau in law

    1861 - 2 Mt Pleasant, Folkestone Kent
    Jane Prior, 73, head, widow
    with 2 daughters, 4 grandchildren

    Children of Jane Peters & Richard Prior

    William Prior1809 Folkestone - m 1837 Folkestone to Mary Ann Blacherchildren:Mary A, William, Emma, Amelia
    Benedicta Prior1812 Folkestone 1876 Elham m 1834 Folkestoneto William Amoschildren:William, George, John, Henry,Susannah, Edward, Charles
    Harriet Prior1815 Cheriton - m 1842 Elham, to William Walker children:Sarah A, Jane, William, Henry, Harriet
    Sarah Prior1817 Folkestone - 1856 Sandgate
    Charles Prior1820 Folkestone - m 1848 Elham to Jane Batten/ Colvill children:Charles, Richard, Elizabeth, Sarah
    Mary Ann Prior1823 Folkestone -
    Elizabeth Prior1826 Folkestone - m 1850 Folkestone to George Screeder
    Hannah Prior1828 Folkestone -

    UK census addresses
    Benedicta Amos nee Prior(1812-1876)
    1841Newington Arpinge 25 wifem ag lab wifewith husband William & 3 chn
    1851Newington Peau 42wifem ag lab wifewith husband William, 7 chn, 3 serv
    1861Newington Peene Farm 49wifem ag lab wifewith husband William, 2 chn, 2 boarders
    1871Newington Peane 60wifem ag lab wifewith husband William, 3 chn

    Harriet Walker nee Prior(1815-)
    1851Cheriton Chapel St 44wifem lab wifewith husband William, 5 chn
    1861Cheriton Chapel St 54wifem gardener's wifewith husband William, 4 chn
    1881Cheriton Kent Yard Cottage 68wifem gardener's wifewith husband ?Thomas
    1891Cheriton Chapel St 78headw with son Henry

    William Peters
    (1792 Folkestone - 1843 NSW)

    William Peters
    Baptism 8 Dec 1792
    Folkestone Kent
    parents: Henry & Mary
    Ann Andrews
    Baptism unknown
    ?Folkestone Kent
    parents: ?William Andrews & Mary
    William Peters (x) & Ann Andrews (x)
    married (banns) 12 Oct 1809
    Folkestone, Kent

    witnesses: William Andrews (x) & Edward Watson ('professional')
    William Peters
    died 16 Nov 1843
    Sugarloaf, NSW

    courtesy of Patricia & Paul
    Ann Peters
    died 14 Mar 1865
    Union Workhouse, Lyminge, Kent
    "age 76"

    thanks to Kim & "Nommander"
    William Peters conviction & transportation 1828



    Transportation "Mellish"

    Ticket of leave 1829

    courtesy of Kim
    Ann Andrews - census addresses
    Ann Peters nee Andrews(1792-1865)
    1841Folkestone Radnor St 40-- -with 2 ch, 2 lodgers
    1851Cheriton, SandgateCommercial Acadamy56 staffwidowcookThomas Coleman, staff & pupils
    1861Stanford Westenhanger69 lodgerwidow-with son, d-i-l, 4 gch

    Children of William Peters & Ann Andrews

    Elizabeth Peters1813 Folkestone -
    Harriet Peters1815 Folkestone - 1876 Sydney m to Joseph Hartchildren:Sarah 1837, Henry 1839, William 1839, Jane 1843, Charles 1846, Elizabeth 1848, Martha 1853
    Sarah Peters1816 Folkestone -
    Henry Peters1819 Cheriton - 1835 Cheriton
    Ann Peters1821 Folkestone
    William Peters1823 Folkestone
    Jane Peters1825 Folkestone -
    James Peters1827 Cheriton -
    Charles Peters1828 Cheriton - 1897 Elham m 1853 Elhamto Caroline Stockwellchildren:Catherine 1855, Elizabeth 1856, William 1858, Alice 1860, Henry 1865, John 1867, George 1869

    Harriet (Peters) Hart
    NSW Immigration 1839
    daughter of William Peters

    courtesy of Kim
    Joseph Hart
    NSW Immigration 1839
    son in law of William Peters

    courtesy of Kim
    Charles Peters death
    Folkestone 1897
    son of William Peters

    thanks to Kim & "Nommander"

    Benedicta Peters
    (1795 Folkestone - 1850 Folkestone)

    Benedicta Peters
    baptised 11 Oct 1795
    Kent, Folkestone
    parents: Henry Peters & Mary (Scott)

    IGI batch no. P020721
    John Isaac Pope
    baptised 8 Dec 1791
    Kent, Folkestone Zion Chapel
    parents: Thomas Pope & Sarah (Gillins)

    IGI batch no. P020721
    Benedicta Peters (x) & John Pope
    married 19 Jul 1814
    Kent, Folkestone

    Witnesses: William Swain & Sarah Anne Gittins (x)

    John Isaac Pope
    buried 12 Oct 1850
    Kent, Folkestone
    "age 56"

    Benedicta Pope
    buried 2 Nov 1850
    Kent, Folkestone
    "age 55"

    thanks to Kim & "Nommander"
    Will of John Isaac Pope of Folkestone, Kent

    Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury Prob11/2122, submitted by Ros Dunning

    This is the last Will and Testament of me John Isaac Pope of the Town of Folkestone in the County of Kent Bricklayer in manner following (that is to say) I appoint my beloved wife Benedicta Pope together with my Friend John Fagg of Folkestone aforesaid Cordwainer Executrix and Executor of this my Will by whom I desire to be decently interred at their discretion

    And I direct all my just debts funeral and testamentary expences to be paid and satisfied and after payment thereof I give and devise unto my said wife Benedicta Pope her heirs and assigns All and every my messuages lands tenements and hereditaments whatsoever and wheresoever as well freehold as copyhold with their and every of their appurtenances To hold the same unto and to the use of my said wife Benedicta Pope her heirs and assigns for ever

    Also I give and bequeath unto my said Wife her executors administrators and assigns to and for her and their own absolute use and benefit all and every my household furniture and implements of household plate linen and china stock and implements in trade money and securities for money book debts And all other my personal estate of what nature or kindsoever

    And I do hereby revoke and make void all former and other Wills and Testamentary papers by me at any time or times heretofore made and do declare this only to be and contain my last Will and Testament

    In witness whereof I the said John Isaac Pope the testator have to this my last Will and Testament contained in one sheet of paper set my hand this twenty fourth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty six _ John Isaac Pope (Attestation Clause)

    Elizabeth Stone _ Geo: Stone

    Proved at London 1 November 1850 to John Fagg the surviving Executor
    Benedicta Peters - census address
    1841 census - Fancy Street, Folkestone
    Benedicta Pope, 45
    bricklayer's wife
    with hsb John, 6 ch, f&m-in-l

    Children of Benedicta Peters & John Pope

    James Pope1814 Folkestone -
    Sarah Pope1817 Folkestone -
    Elizabeth Pope1818 Folkestone - 1833 Folkestone
    Frances Pope1821 Folkestone - 1822 Folkestone
    John Pope1824 Folkestone - ?1903 Elham m to Fanny children:John 1852, William 1855, Harry 1858, Alfred 1861
    William Pope1827 Folkestone - ?1915 Elhamm 1852 Folkestoneto Elizabeth Robinson children:Elizabeth 1854, William 1856, Charles 1857, John 1859, Annie 1860
    Frances Pope1828 Folkestone - ?1867 Islington m 1856 Greenwichto John James Waitechildren:John 1856, Fanny 1857, Ada 1865
    Susannah Pope1830 Folkestone - >1841
    Adelaide Pope1831 Folkestone - 1833 Folkestone
    Eliza Pope1833 Folkestone - ?1903 Elham
    Elizabeth Pope1836 Folkestone - ?1903 Elham
    Henry Pope1838 Folkestone - ?1843 Folkestone

    UK census addresses
    Sarah Pope (1816-)
    1841 Mill Lane 25female servant

    John Pope (1824-)
    1841Folkestone Fancy St 16son with parents, 5 sibs, 1 other
    1861Folkestone Mill Lane North38headmbricklayer with wife Fanny, 3 chn, 1 serv
    1881Folkestone 1 Dover Rd56head builder with 2 sons, 1 serv

    William Pope (1827-)
    1841Folkestone Fancy St 14son with parents, 5 sibs, 1 other
    1861Folkestone Mill Lane, Glennie House 34headmbuilderwith wife Elizabeth, 5 chn, 1 lodger, 1 serv

    Susannah Pope (1830-)
    1841Folkestone Fancy St 11dau with parents, 5 sibs, 1 other

    Eliza Pope (1833-)
    1841Folkestone Fancy St 7dau with parents, 5 sibs, 1 other
    1881Folkestone 11 Marine Cres45sisterugovernesswith sis Elizabeth, 3 neieces, 1 visitor, 1 serv
    1891 Tunbridge Wells 48, Culverden Park Road, Tunbridge, Cres45sisterugovernesswith sis Elizabeth, 3 neieces, 1 visitor, 1 serv

    Elizabeth Pope (1836-)
    1841Folkestone Fancy St 5dau with parents, 5 sibs, 1 other
    1881Folkestone 11 Marine Cres43headulodging house keeperwith sis Eliza, 3 neieces, 1 visitor, 1 serv

    Henry Pope (1838-)
    1841Folkestone Fancy St 3son with parents, 5 sibs, 1 other

    Harriet Peters
    (1797 Folkestone - 1869 Folkestone)

    Harriet Peters
    baptised 17 Sep 1797
    Kent, Folkestone
    parents: Henry Peters & Mary Scott
    Robert Minnis
    baptised 16 Jul 1794
    Kent, Folkestone
    parents: John Minnis & Elizabeth Parker

    IGI batch no. P020721
    Harriet Peters & Robert Minnis
    married 29 Jun 1816
    Kent, Folkestone

    Witnesses: Henry Bowles & Mary Moore
    Robert Minnis
    burial unknown
    William Bennett
    born c1800
    Harriet Peters & William Bennett
    Marriage 1842
    Kent, Folkestone

    Witnesses: John Richards & Elizabeth Minnis

    thanks to Kim & "Nommander"
    William Bennett
    died 1882
    Kent, Elham
    Harriet Bennett
    died 1869
    Kent, Elham
    Harriet Peters - census addresses

    1841 - Sandgate, Folkestone, Kent
    Harriet Minnis, 45
    with 2 dau, mother, sister, & lodger

    1851 - Sandgate, Folkestone, Kent
    Harriet Bennett, 53, wife
    with hsb William, dau, & niece

    1861 - 2 Fancy St, Folkestone, Kent
    Harriet Bennett, 63, wife
    with hsb William

    Children of Harriet Peters

    Hannah Minnis1828 Folkestone - 1906 Folkestone m 1849 Folkestoneto William Henry Willischildren:Sarah 1850, William 1853, Hannah 1855, Elizabeth 1857, Edward/Edwin 1860, Richard 1864
    Elizabeth Minnis1830 Folkestone - m 1852 Folkestoneto Henry Richardschildren:Elizabeth 1855, Henry 1858, Hannah 1862, George 1864, William 1866, Sarah 1868, Arthur 1870, Harriet 1872, Charles 1875, Frank 1878

    UK census addresses

    Hannah Minnis (1828-1906)
    1841Folkestone Sandgate/Seagate 13 with
    Harriet/Hannah Willis nee Minnis
    1851Folkestone Beach St 23wifem grocer'swifewith m-i-l, husband William, 1 chd, 1 lodger
    1861Folkestone 3 Beach St 33wifem grocer'swifewith m-i-l, husband William, 5 chdn, 2 serv
    1881Folkestone Beach St 54wifem grocer'swifewith husband William, 3 chn

    Elizabeth Minnis (1830-)
    1841Folkestone Sandgate/Seagate 11 with
    Elizabeth Richards nee Minnis
    1861Southampton 18 Lansdown Hill 31wifem custom officer's wifewith husband John, 2 chn
    1871Maidstone 27 Waterside 41wifem custom officer's wifewith husband John, 7 chn
    1881Rochester 10 Victoria St51wifem custom officer's wifewith husband John, 8 chn

    Folkestone, Kent

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    St Martin, Cheriton, Kent