John GILL & Sarah FIELDER married 1792, Beckley, Sussex
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married 1792, Beckley, Sussex

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John Gill (c1770 Beckley) & Sarah Fielder (1770 Beckley) married 1792 Beckley, children: John Gill (1793 Beckley) & Susannah Rooks (1782 Udimore), Mary Gill (1795 Beckley) & William Clapson married 1820 Beckley William Gill (1796 Beckley) & Susannah Creed, George Gill (1800 Beckley) & Mary Tree, George Gill (1800 Beckley) & Mary Goodsell married 1834 Beckley Sarah Gill (1802 Beckley), Daniel Gill (1805 Beckley) & Harriet Catt (1806 Beckley) married 1825 Beckley Silas Gill (1806 Beckley ) & Mercy Catt (1808 Beckley) married 1826 Beckley Dinah Gill (1812 Beckley) & John King (1790 Beckley) married 1836 Beckley Harriet Gill (1816 Beckley)


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    "Beckley Names & Places"
    Dennis Ward

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    John Gill

    only baptism yet found

    baptised 21 Jul 1771
    Udimore, Sussex
    parents: 'Richard Gill & Sarah'

    Sarah Fielder
    baptised 14 Oct 1770
    Beckley, Sussex
    parents: John Fielder & Elizabeth Sinden

    John Gill & Sarah Fielder
    married 12 Dec 1792
    Beckley, Sussex
    John Gill
    died 16 Sep 1850
    Rye Union, Sussex
    "age 80"

    Sarah Gill
    died 1 May 1848
    Rye Union, Sussex
    "age 78"

    John & Sarah Gill 1841
    Village, Beckley, Sussex

    The children of John Gill & Sarah Fielder

    John Gill
    (1793 Beckley - 1863 Icklesham)

    John Gill
    baptised 23 Jun 1793
    Sussex Beckley All Saints
    parents: John Gill & Sarah

    SFHG database
    Susannah Wenham
    baptised 30 Mar 1783
    Brede, Sussex
    parents: John Wenham & Mary

    John Gill & Susannah Rook
    married 9 Apr 1821
    Sussex Beckley
    Susannah Gill
    died 27 May 1854
    Icklesham, Sussex
    of "Rye Union"
    "born 1782"
    John Gill
    buried 5 Jun 1863
    Icklesham, Sussex
    of "Rye Union"
    "born 1791"
    First marriage of Susannah Wenham

    Susannah Wenham & John Rootes
    married 14 Jan 1803
    Ewhurst, Sussex
    John Rootes
    ?baptised 14 Mar 1774
    Ewhurst, Sussex
    parents: ? Rootes & Mary Dawson

    John Rootes
    buried 15 Dec 1816
    Brede, Sussex
    "age 43" (b.1773)

    UK census addresses

    John Gill (1793-1863)
    1841IckleshamIcklesham Street55 agricultural lab
    Susanna Gill nee Wenham/Rootes (1783-1854)
    1841UdimoreUdimore Street56 with Martin family (John, Jesse, Alfred)

    John Gill (1793-1863)
    1851Icklesham 60headmagricultural lab with wife Susannah
    1861Rye Union 71pauperwlab

    Children of John Rootes & Susannah Wenham
    Harriet Rootes1805 Brede
    Sophia Rootes1807 Ewhurst
    John Rootes1810 Brede
    James Rootes1814 Rye (Wesleyan)
    Children of John Gill & Susannah Wenham/Rootes
    Caroline Gill1822 - ?d.NSWm 1838 Beckley to George Edward Foster children: unknown
    Mary Gill1824 Icklesham-

    Mary Gill
    (1795 Beckley - 1844 Rye)

    Mary Gill
    baptised 12 Apr 1795
    Sussex Beckley All Saints
    parents: John Gill & Sarah

    SFHG database
    William Clapson
    baptism unknown
    c1790 Rye

    Mary Gill & William Clapson
    married 5 Jun 1820
    Sussex Beckley
    Mary Clapson
    buried 6 May 1844
    Sussex, Beckley All Saints
    "age 49"

    Second marriage of William Clapson

    William Clapson & Judith Sinden
    married 1858
    Sussex, Rye
    Judith Sinden
    bapt 26 Apr 1795
    Sussex, Catsfield
    parents: James Sinden & Elizabeth (Mantle)

    Judith Clapson
    buried 5 Oct 1859
    Sussex, Rye, St Mary
    William Clapson
    buried 15 Feb 1871
    Sussex Beckley
    of "Rye Union", age 81

    UK census addresses

    Mary Clapson nee Gill (1795-1844)
    1841RyeRye Foreign45 fishmonger wifewith husband Wm & Judith Sinden 45

    William Clapson (c1790-1844)
    1851RyeRye Foreign61w fishmongerwith housekeeper & lodger
    1861RyeLondon Rd71w fishmonger

    William Gill
    (1796 Beckley - NSW)

    William Gill
    baptised 18 Jun 1797
    Sussex Beckley All Saints
    parents: John Gill & Sarah

    SFHG database
    Susannah Creed
    baptised 25 Oct 1802
    Kent, Chatham
    parents: Peter Creed & Susannah (Sadds)

    William Gill & Susannah Creed
    married 7 Apr 1818
    Sussex Battle
    Banns - bachelor & spinster of this parish (Battle)
    Witnesses: Mary Lindfield & Samuel Gutsell
    William Gill
    died 21 Jan 1869
    NSW Dunmore
    buried Oakhampton

  • William Gill's grave
  • Susannah Gill
    died 8 Jan 1887
    NSW Largs
    age 86

  • Susannah Gill's grave
  • Emigration to NSW

    Bounty immigrants
    Gravesend 24 Jun 1838 - Sydney 6 Nov 1838

    Gill William
    Gill Susannah
    7 children

    Disposal in NSW - "Maitland"

    William Gill, 41
    Beckley, farm labourer, Wesleyan

    1 boy over 14
    4 children 7-14
    1 girl under 7

    with William Lord, Paterson River
    wages - piecework

  • State Records of NSW
  • Children of William Gill & Susannah Creed
    Harriet Gill1819 Beckley - 1890 Morpethm 1835 Beckley to Edward King children: Harriet, Jane, Ellen, female, John, Sarah, William, Albert, Abraham, Naomi, Edward. Andrew, Arthur, Editha, Louisa
    Jane Gill1820 Beckley - 1904 Port Macquariem 1841 NSW to William Lee children: Ellen, Thomas, James, William, Samuel, Helen, Sarah, Elizabeth, Daniel, Susanna, Mary, Andrew, Eliza
    William Gill1822 Beckley - 1897 Jones Islandm 1843 Morpethto Margaret Lee children: Johannah, Jane, Harriet, Margaret, Naomi, Susannah
    m 1853 Maitland to Rosena Shoesmith children:Emily, William, Harriet, Eliza, Frederick, Godfrey, Louisa, Jessie, Isabella, Alexander
    m 1876 Largs to Susannah Osborne children: Susannah, Martha, Andrew, Sarah
    Mary Ann Gill1824 Beckley - 1907 Monkeraim 1841 Raymond Terrace to Edward Hicks children: Edward, Susannah, Mary A, Maria, Thomas, Caroline, William, Martha, Louisa, John
    Andrew Gill1826 Beckley - 1896m 1851 NSW to Jane Lee children: unknown
    Louisa Gill1829 Beckley - 1887m 1843 NSW to James McIntyre children: unknown
    Naomi Gill1830 Beckley - 1898m 1847 NSW to George Lambert children: unknown
    Miriam Gill1833 Beckley - 1908m 1851 NSW to George Whatson children: unknown
    Margaret Gill1835 Beckley - 1838 at sea
    Peter Gill1837 Beckley - 1838 Beckley
    Sarah Penitant Gill1839 NSW - 1908m 1856 Maitland to Alfred Baker children: unknown
    Susannah Gill1842 NSW - 1926m 1859 Maitland to William Randell Foster children: unknown
    James Gill1844 NSW - 1924m 1865 Manning River to Sarah Jane Eggins children: unknown
    Martha Gill1847 NSW - 1927m 1870 Morpeth to William McNamara Fell children: unknown
    Eliza Gill1848 NSW - 1922m 1868 Maitland to Charles Alexander White children: unknown

    George Gill
    (1800 Beckley - 1875 Beckley )

    George Gill
    baptised 23 Feb 1800
    Sussex Beckley All Saints
    parents: John Gill & Sarah

    Mary Tree
    ?baptised 10 Nov 1799
    Sussex, Northiam
    ?parents: William Tree & Elizabeth

    George Gill & Mary Tree
    married 8 Jun 1820
    Sussex Northiam

    Stephen Baker & Philadelphia Tree
    Mary Gill
    buried 6 Feb 1828
    Sussex Beckley
    "age 29"

    Mention of Mary Tree

    13 March 1820, 12, folio 17 The information and complaint of Richard Hicks of the parish of Northiam, carpenter, who on his oath saith that on Saturday the twenty-seventh day of February last at Northiam, Henry Ransom and John Ratten of Northiam, labourers, did riotously assemble with two other persons unknown and beset his house, broke the door and other evils, threatened other great disturbance of the peace of our Lord the King and terror of his people and against the form of the statute in that case made and provided and he therefore prays that justice may be done in the [illegible]. [signature of] Richard Hicks

    27 March 1820, 13, folio 18 The examination of Mary Tree of the parish of Northiam who on her oath saith that on the 27th day of March last in Northiam [here the normal form of evidence ends and beneath is written] 10 recognisance of good behaviour towards Richard Hicks of Northiam. [signature of] Richard Stileman. [It would seem that Mary Tree was one of the persons unknown referred to in 12 above.]

  • Richard Stileman's Magistrate's Case Book (1819-1836)
  • Second marriage of George Gill

    George Gill & Mary Goodsell
    married 19 Oct 1734
    Sussex Northiam
    Mary Goodsell
    baptised c1809
    Sussex ?Ewhurst
    George Gill
    buried 6 Dec 1875
    Sussex Beckley
    "age 75"
    Mary Gill
    buried after 1881
    Sussex ?Beckley
    UK census addresses

    George Gill (1800-1875)
    1841BeckleyHorseshoe Lane41 ag labwith wife Mary & 6 chn
    1851BeckleyHorseshoe Lane51headmag labwith wife Mary & 7 chn
    1861Beckley2 ?Vermalls Cott61headmag labwith wife Mary & 5 chn
    1871Beckley?Vennels Cottage71headwpauperwith wife Mary

    Children of George Gill & Mary Tree
    Sirene Gill1826 Beckley - 1864 Rye1848 Rye& William Godden children: George
    1852 Rye & Thomas Deeprose children: Ellen, James, Ann, Elizabeth
    Children of George Gill & Mary Goodsell
    Mary Ann Gill1835 Beckley - 1901 ?Beckleym 1855 Beckleyto William Luck children: Julie, William, Eliza, John, Alfred, Richard, Clara, Lydia, Frederick
    George Gill1836 Beckley -
    Hiram Gill1838 Beckley - 1905 Ryem 1864 Beckleyto Elizabeth Booth children: William, Mary, Harriet, Hiram, Annie, Ellen, Charlotte, Caroline, Thomas
    William Gill1839 Beckley - 1924 Beckleym 1864 Beckleyto Mary Gilbert children: Sarah, William, Elizabeth, Richard, George
    Jane Gill1840 Beckley -
    Irma Gill1841 Beckley -
    Harriet Elizabeth Gill1844 Beckley - 1922 Rye m 1863 Ryeto James/Gaius Sinden children: Samuel, Martha, Gaius, Sarah, William, Harriet, Albert
    James Gill1845 Beckley - m 1867 Tenterdento Mary Jane Glover children: George, Mary Ann, Fanny, James, Albert, Elias, Sarah

    Sarah Gill
    (1802 Beckley - )

    Sarah Gill
    baptised 11 Jul 1802
    Sussex Beckley All Saints
    parents: John Gill & Sarah

    SFHG database
    Sarah Gill
    death unknown

    Daniel Gill
    (1805 Beckley - 1887 Rye )

    Daniel Gill
    baptised 13 Jan 1805
    Sussex Beckley All Saints
    parents: John Gill & Sarah

    SFHG database
    Harriet Catt
    baptised 1806
    Sussex Beckley All Saints
    parents: Thomas Catt & Eleanor Brown

    SFHG database
    Daniel Gill & Harriet Catt
    married 30 Oct 1825
    Sussex Beckley
    Harriet Gill
    died 1869
    Sussex, Rye
    "age 63"
    Daniel Gill
    died 1887
    Sussex, Rye
    "age 82"

    Gill-Catt family UK census addresses

    Daniel Gill (1782-1858)
    1841BeckleyCity35 ag labwith wife Harriet & 7 chn
    1851Beckley47headmag labwith wife Harriet & 3 chn
    1861BeckleyWrens Nest58headmag labwith wife Harriet & 1 gson
    1871Beckley?Whatcomb69headwpauperwith dau Mary Penfold & 1 gson
    1881RyeUnion workhouse77inmatewfarm lab

    Children of Daniel Gill & Harriet Catt
    Walter Gill1826 Northiam 1906 Ryem 1850 Brede to Mary Ann Larkin children: James, Levi, Walter, Charlotte, Lewis, William, John, Alfred
    Margaret Gill1828 Beckley 1894 Ryem 1848 Brede to William Apps children: William, Edwin, Daniel, Alfred, John, Frederick, James, Emily. Henry, Elizabeth, Alice
    Daniel Gill1830 Beckley 1910 Ryem1 1854 Rye to Frances Offen children: William
    m2 1861 Maidstone to Ruth Offen children: Ruth, Frances, Mary
    David Gill1832 Beckley 1911 Maidstonem 1854 Tenterden to Mary Ann ?Mayborn children: ?Topsy , Jabez, Emily, Alfred, Ernest, Harold
    Charlotte Gill1835 Beckley 1885 Ryem 1854 Rye to Alfred Miller children: Charles, Harriet, Frances, Ernest
    Stephen Gill1837 Beckley 1918 Favershamm 1871 Beckley to Maria Davis children: Thomas, Stephen, Emily, Kate, Edith, Nellie, Harriet, William
    Silas Gill1839 Beckley 1918 Ryem 1861 Ryeto Jane Holdstock children: Frederick, William, James, Edward, Bertram
    Mary Ann Gill1844 Beckley 1899 Tenterdenm 1866 Ryeto Thomas Fielder Penfold children: Frederick, Mary, James, John, Harriet
    UK census addresses

    Walter Gill (1826-
    1841BeckleyCity15 with family
    1851 Peasmarsh25 headm farm labwith wife ?Elizabeth
    1871 PeasmarshMain St44 headmag labwith wife Mary & 7 chn
    1881 PeasmarshMain St55 headmfarm labwith wife Mary & 4 chn, 1 lodger
    1891 PeasmarshMain St65 headmfarm labwith wife Mary & 4 chn, 1 gson

    Margaret Gill (1831-1894)
    1841BeckleyCity10 with family
    Margaret Apps nee Gill
    1871Icklesham?Parnel House45wifemag lab's wifewith husband Wm & 8 chn
    1881Icklesham2 Cherry Almshouses54wifemag lab's wifewith husband Wm, 4 chn & 1 gson
    1891 Icklesham Street 63 wifemag lab's wifewith husband Wm, 2 sons & 1 gson

    Daniel Gill (1830-1910)
    1841BeckleyCity10 with family
    1851 Icklesham?Purtches Farm21 carteruag labwith Hicks family & 3 serv
    1861 PeasmarshWittersham Rd Newhouse27servwcarterwith Manser family & 1 lodger
    1871 PeasmarshWittersham Rd 41headmag labwith wife Ruth, 3 chn, 1 stepch
    1881 PeasmarshWittersham Rd 51headmcarterwith wife Ruth, 3 chn
    1891 PeasmarshNewhouse Cottage 69headmwaggoner horsewith wife Ruth, 2 chn

    David Gill (1832-
    1841BeckleyCity9 with family
    1851 Peasmarshsouth side street19 lodgeruag labwith Almon family
    1861 Brenzetthouse29headmag labwith wife Mary A & 1 son
    1871 Brenzett 39headmag labwith wife Mary A & 4 chn
    1881 YaldingePike Fish49headmfarm bailiffwith wife Mary A & 3 sons
    1891 NettlesteadDixon Cottage 57headmag labwith wife Mary A & 2 sons
    1901 NettlesteadDixon Cottage 67headmag labwith wife Mary A

    Silas Gill
    (1806 Beckley - NSW)

    Silas Gill
    baptised 10 Dec 1806
    Beckley, Sussex
    parents: John Gill & Sarah Fielder

    Mercy Catt
    baptised 8 Oct 1808
    Beckley, Sussex
    parents: Thomas Catt & Eleanor Brown

    Silas Gill & Mercy Catt
    married 20 Jun 1826
    Beckley, Sussex
    Silas Gill
    died 10 Sep 1875
    Kempsey, NSW
    age 68

    Mercy Gill
    died 6 Nov 1885
    Kempsey, NSW
    age 77

    Emigration to NSW

    Ship: Augusta Jesse
    Left: UK Portsmouth 13 Jun 1837
    Arrived: NSW Sydney 11 Oct 1837
    Status: Assisted immigrants brought by Lieut..Alex.Martin

    GILL Silas 31
    GILL Mercy 29
    GILL George 8
    GILL Mary Ann 5
    GILL James 3
    GILL Dinah 2
    Mercy Catt (1808-1885)

    from Eric Clancy also centenary leaflet 1975
    Silas Gill (1806-1875)

    from centenary leaflet 1975

    Dinah Gill
    (1812 Beckley - 1893 East Maitland)

    Dinah Gill
    baptised 27 Dec 1812
    Sussex Beckley All Saints
    parents: John Gill & Sarah

    SFHG database
    John King
    baptised 6 Mar 1790
    Sussex, Beckley
    parents: Edward King & Frances Morgan
    Dinah Gill & John King
    married 29 Feb 1836
    Sussex Beckley
    John King
    buried 1880
    NSW Morpeth

  • John King's grave
  • Dinah King
    died 1893
    NSW East Maitland
    age 81
    first marriage of John King

    John King & Frances Jewhurst
    married 1 Dec 1815
    Sussex Northiam
    Frances Jewhurst
    ?baptised 23 Oct 1796
    Sussex, Northiam
    parents: William Jewhurst & Sarah ?Sivyer
    Frances King
    buried 9 Jun 1834
    Sussex Beckley
    "age 37"
    UK census addresses

    Dinah King nee Gill (1800-1875)
    1841BeckleyVillage30 chernmaker wifewith parents, husb John & dau Mary
    1851BeckleyMain St, Roundabout House 40wifemag lab wifewith husb John, dau Mary

    Emigration to NSW

    Assisted immigrants


    King John
    King Dinah
    King Bertha
    King Earl James
    King Miriam

    Emigration to NSW

    Assisted immigrants
    "Northern Light"
    Liverpool 9 Feb 1858 - NSW 9 May 1858

    Blanch Thomas, age 27, farm lab, Sussex, CofE, read & write
    Blanch Mary, age 21, wife, Sussex, CofE, read & write
    Blanch Alma, age 1, daughter, Sussex, CofE

  • State Records of NSW
  • Children of John King & Frances Jewhurst
    Edward King 1815 Sussex - 1908 NSW m 1835 Beckley to Harriet Gill children: Harriet, Jane, Ellen, female, John, Sarah, William, Albert, Abraham, Naomi, Edward. Andrew, Arthur, Editha, Louisa
    Sarah King1817 Sussex m 1845 Hastings to John Enefer
    Harriet King1820 Sussex - 1820 Sussex
    Charlotte King1821 Sussex - 1823 Sussex
    Children of Dinah Gill & John King
    Mary King1838 Beckley - 1901 Sydneym 1856 Rye to Thomas Frederick Blanch children:Alma, Albert, Angelina
    Bertha King1852 Beckley - 1895 Wickhamm 1869 Morpeth to Henry J Blundell children: Sarah, Jane, Margaret, Harold, James, Herbert, John, Albert, William, Miriam, Alma
    Earl James King1854 Beckley - 1906 Morpethm 1878 Morpeth to Isabella Jemima Card children:Leona, Cecil, Talbert, Laura, Silas, Helena, Mary, Victor, Arundel
    Mira Miriam Morgan King aka Miriam Ellen King1857 Beckley - 1937 Newcastlem 1876 Morpeth to Alexander Johnson children:Evelyn, John, Horatio, Fred, Leonard, Alexander

    Harriet Gill
    (1816 Beckley - 1830 Beckley)

    Harriet Gill
    baptised 28 Apr 1816
    Sussex, Beckley
    parents: John Gill & Sarah

    Harriet Gill
    buried 6 Feb 1830
    Sussex, Beckley

    Beckley, East Sussex

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