John MOUNSEY & Elizabeth NICHOLSON married 1755, Patterdale, Westmorland
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"Best guess" chart showing the parents, children & grandchildren of

married 1755, Patterdale, Westmorland

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John Mounsey (1705 Patterdale) & Elizabeth Nicholson (1733 ?Patterdale, daughter of Ephraim Nicholson) married 1755 Patterdale Children: Agnes Mounsey (1756 Patterdale) John Mounsey (1758 Patterdale) married 1778 Patterdale to Mary Harrison (1758 ?Patterdale)


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    John Mounsey
    baptised 1705
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    parents: George Mounsey & Agnes Brougham

    Elizabeth Nicholson
    ?baptised 1733
    ?Patterdale, Westmorland
    parents: Ephraim Nicholson & Elizabeth
    John Mounsey & Elizabeth Nicholson
    married 1755
    Patterdale, Westmorland

    John Mounsey
    buried 1793
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    Elizabeth Mounsey
    buried 1800
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    1787 Constables Census

    MOUNSEY Mr Jno Head M
    MOUNSEY Eliz Wife F
    [unnamed] Ann Servant F

    MOUNSEY Mr John Head M
    MOUNSEY Mary Wife F
    MOUNSEY John Son M
    MOUNSEY George Son M
    MOUNSEY Eliz Daughter F
    MOUNSEY Dorothy Daughter F
    MOUNSEY Ann Daughter M
    HIRD Mary Servant F
    [unnamed] Hannah Servant F
    The Pocket Magazine, vol 3 1819, p153

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    mentioned in Dorothy Wordsworth's Grasmere Jounrals, 21 December 1801 -
    ‘When we were at Thomas Ashburner's on Sunday Peggy talked about the Queen of Patterdale. She had been brought to drinking by her husband's unkindness and avarice. She was formerly a very nice tidy woman. She had taken to drinking but that was better than if she had taken to something worse (by this I suppose she meant killing herself). She said that her husband used to be out all night with other women and she used to hear him come in the morning, for they never slept together...’.


  • Joseph Budworth's A Fortnight's Ramble to the Lakes

  • Jstor - On the Autobiographical Present: Dorothy Wordsworth's "Grasmere Journals", Alan Liu, Criticism, Vol. 26, No. 2 (spring, 1984), pp. 115-137

  • The English Review, Or, An Abstract of English and Foreign Literature, Volume 21, p52, 1793

  • Elizabeth Mounsey - "Queen of Patterdale"

    courtesy of Lesley

    portraits by John White Abbott (1764-1851), taken from life in Patterdale in 1791

    "Queen of Patterdale"

    Victoria & Albert Museum, London

  • "Queen of Patterdale"

    "Queen of Patterdale," depicting a seated old woman with pipe, bottle and mug, initialed lower left: "P.D," inscribed on reverse: "Queen of Patterdale from sketch 1791 P.D," and partial label, oil on canvas. Image: 12" H x 8" W x 1.5" D.

  • "Queen of Patterdale"

    "Queen of Patterdale"

    British Museum.

  • British Museum
  • Will of John Mounsey, d.1793

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    Mounsey family chart

    courtesy of Fred & Linda Hill

    Patterdale Hall, 1969

    Date on stone over door

    M (Mounsey)
    J:D (John & Dorothy) 1677

    Patterdale Hall

    Patterdale Hall

    Patterdale Hall



    Garden to Ullswater

    Garden from house

    Mounsey family will details

    from Records found Wills proved in the Consistory Court of Carlisle, 1661-1750 - BRS vol. 110 (Origins)

    John Mounsey
    Will -
    gent, Barton (Patterdale Hall) We
    1694 w
    Mr John Mounsey
    Will -
    gent, Barton (Patterdale Hall) We
    1725 WI
    George Mounsey
    Will -
    gent, Barton (Patterdale Hall) We
    1747 W 239 (176v)