John MOUNSEY & Elizabeth NICHOLSON married 1755, Patterdale, Westmorland
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"Best guess" chart showing the parents, children & grandchildren of

married 1755, Patterdale, Westmorland

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John Mounsey (1705 Patterdale) & Elizabeth Nicholson (1733 ?Patterdale, daughter of Ephraim Nicholson) married 1755 Patterdale Children: Agnes Mounsey (1756 Patterdale) John Mounsey (1758 Patterdale) married 1778 Patterdale to Mary Harrison (1758 ?Patterdale)


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    John Mounsey
    baptised 1705
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    parents: George Mounsey & Agnes Brougham

    Elizabeth Nicholson
    ?baptised 1733
    ?Patterdale, Westmorland
    parents: Ephraim Nicholson & Elizabeth
    John Mounsey & Elizabeth Nicholson
    married 1755
    Patterdale, Westmorland

    John Mounsey
    buried 1793
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    Elizabeth Mounsey
    buried 1800
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    The Pocket Magazine, vol 3 1819, p153

  • Full account of John Mounsey as a hard worker and miser, and of his brother, sister & father.

  • 1787 Constables Census

    MOUNSEY Mr Jno Head M
    MOUNSEY Eliz Wife F
    [unnamed] Ann Servant F

    MOUNSEY Mr John Head M
    MOUNSEY Mary Wife F
    MOUNSEY John Son M
    MOUNSEY George Son M
    MOUNSEY Eliz Daughter F
    MOUNSEY Dorothy Daughter F
    MOUNSEY Ann Daughter M
    HIRD Mary Servant F
    [unnamed] Hannah Servant F
    Will of John Mounsey, d.1793
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    Mounsey family chart

    courtesy of Fred & Linda Hill

    Patterdale Hall, 1969

    Date on stone over door

    M (Mounsey)
    J:D (John & Dorothy) 1677

    Patterdale Hall

    Patterdale Hall

    Patterdale Hall



    Garden to Ullswater

    Garden from house

    Mounsey family will details

    from Records found Wills proved in the Consistory Court of Carlisle, 1661-1750 - BRS vol. 110 (Origins)

    John Mounsey
    Will -
    gent, Barton (Patterdale Hall) We
    1694 w
    Mr John Mounsey
    Will -
    gent, Barton (Patterdale Hall) We
    1725 WI
    George Mounsey
    Will -
    gent, Barton (Patterdale Hall) We
    1747 W 239 (176v)