John MOUNSEY & Mary HARRISON married 1778, Patterdale, Westmorland
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married 1778, Patterdale, Westmorland

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John Mounsey (1758 Patterdale) & Mary Harrison (c1758 ?Patterdale) married 1778 Patterdale Children: John Mounsey (1778 Patterdale) & ?A Jackson Elizabeth Mounsey (1780 Patterdale) Mary Mounsey (1782 Patterdale) Dorothy Mounsey (1784 Patterdale) & John Thompson (1777 Patterdale) married 1818 Patterdale George Mounsey (1785 Patterdale) Ann Mounsey (1787 Patterdale) & Thomas Holme (1775 Bampton) married 1810 Patterdale Ann Mounsey (1787 Patterdale) & John Earl (1790 ?Patterdale) married 1822 Bampton William Mounsey (1789 Patterdale) & Jane Dobson (c1793 Patterdale) married 1816 Patterdale Jane Mounsey (1790 Patterdale) Henry Mounsey (1791 Patterdale) Thomas Mounsey (1792 Patterdale) Raisley Mounsey (1793 Patterdale) Mary Mounsey (1794 Patterdale) & John Hobson married 1820 Patterdale Agnes Mounsey (1795 Patterdale) & Thomas Robinson (1806) married 1832 Patterdale Daniel Mounsey (1801 Patterdale)


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    John Mounsey
    baptised 1758
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    parents: John Mounsey & Elizabeth Nicholson
    Mary Harrison
    baptism unknown
    ?Patterdale, Westmorland
    ?parents: Thomas Harrison & Ann Wilson
    John Mounsey & Mary Harrison
    married 5 Apr 1778
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    John Mounsey
    buried 1 Feb 1821
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    Mary Mounsey
    buried 12 Apr 1847
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    1787 Constables Census

    MOUNSEY Mr Jno Head M
    MOUNSEY Eliz Wife F
    [unnamed] Ann Servant F

    MOUNSEY Mr John Head M
    MOUNSEY Mary Wife F
    MOUNSEY John Son M
    MOUNSEY George Son M
    MOUNSEY Eliz Daughter F
    MOUNSEY Dorothy Daughter F
    MOUNSEY Ann Daughter M
    HIRD Mary Servant F
    [unnamed] Hannah Servant F
    Mary Mounsey 1841
    Goldrill Cottage, Barton, Hartsop & Patterdale
    age 83

    from Index to Death Duty Register 1847

    Testator Mary Mounsey, Goldrill Cottage, Patterdale, Wes
    Executors - Eliz Mounsey, dau
    Court - Con Carlisle
    Reg 1, Folio 497
    Mounsey grave, Patterdale

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  • Patterdale headstone transcription

    Sacred to the memory of John Mounsey of Patterdale Hall who departed this life Feb’ 1st 1821 aged 63 years
    Also Mary Mounsey his widow who parted this live on 12th day of April 1847 aged 89yrs
    Also of George his son died April 11, 1817 aged 31yrs
    Also John his son, attorney at law, died Jan 13 1830 aged 51yrs
    Also Jane his daughter who departed this life 27th November 1832 aged 42yrs
    Also Williams son who died on 1st of august 1838 aged 49 yrs
    Also of Jane his wife who departed this life on 16th October 1839 aged 46 yrs

    courtesy of Gwen

    Will of John Mounsey, d.1821
    page 1

    courtesy of Maak
    page 2

    courtesy of Maak
    page 3

    courtesy of Maak

    The children of John Mounsey & Mary Harrison

    John Mounsey
    (1778 Patterdale - 1830 Patterdale)

    John Mounsey
    baptised 25 Oct 1778
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    parents: John Mounsey & Mary Harrison
    John Mounsey

    Archive centre Kendal
    Reference WPR 15/7/4/2/22
    Alternative ref. WPR 15/4/10/1
    Title Ann Jackson mother of male Bastard Child
    Description born 17 Dec 1822, father John Mounsey of Patterdale
    Date 1822
    John Mounsey
    buried 13 Jan 1830
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    age 51

    Archive centre Carlisle
    Reference PROB/1830/W228
    Title Will of John Mounsey, esquire, of Patterdale, Barton, Westmorland
    Description Diocese of Carlisle probate records.
    Date 1830
    from Patterdale headstone transcription

    "Also John his son, attorney at law, died Jan 13 1830 aged 51yrs"

    courtesy of Gwen

    Elizabeth Mounsey
    (1780 Patterdale - 1853 Patterdale)

    Elizabeth Mounsey
    baptised 29 Oct 1780
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    parents: John Mounsey & Mary Harrison
    Elizabeth Mounsey
    buried 10 Dec 1853
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    age 73
    Elizabeth Mounsey UK census addresses

    Elizabeth Mounsey (1780-1853)
    1841PatterdaleGoldrill Cottage60independentwith mother & bro Daniel
    1851PatterdaleGoldrill Cottage70sisterufund holderwith bro Daniel, niece Jane & serv

    Dorothy Mounsey
    (1784 Patterdale - 1846 Patterdale)

    Dorothy Mounsey
    baptised 19 Jun 1784
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    parents: John Mounsey & Mary Harrison
    John Thompson
    baptised 12 Feb 1777
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    parents: John Thompson & Ann
    Dorothy Mounsey & John Thompson
    married 3 Sep 1818
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    Dorothy Thompson
    buried 21 Jun 1846
    Patterdale, Westmorland

    1846. — June 21: —
    " Dorothy Thompson aged 62 years, buried." (She was the wife of the Rev. John Thompson)".

  • Records of Patterdale, historical and descriptive"
  • John Thompson
    buried 11 Jun 1861
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    Georgian Sampler circa 1800 Dorothy Mounsey

    Description An exceptionally fine and complex sampler with Bargello embroidery worked by Dorothy Mounsey, daughter of John Mounsey, “ King of Patterdale”, (more information on the family below), measuring ~16 ˝ ” x 12” sight size with a total framed size of ~18 ˝ ” x 14”. In almost pristine condition, the sampler was reportedly stored unframed for over 200 years and retains its remarkably vivid and varied colors. Dorothy stitched her sampler in silks and fine wool with a great variety of stitches and motifs, multiple alphabets in varying fonts, number series, complex horizontal borders and motifs, and most exceptionally, a bottom section of very difficult Bargello embroidery to create geometric designs including diamonds and a variation of the flame stitch pattern. The sampler is in excellent antique condition with only scattered minor losses to the stitches. It has been sewn to acid-free linen over an acid-free backing and housed in a contemporary narrow burl frame. I am dating the sampler circa 1800. When I purchased this sampler several years ago it was one of a group of samplers completed by Dorothy Mounsey. Although I was only able to purchase this one I did save photos of the other samplers (see last photo). They are NOT for sale and shown only to “date” the sampler on offer. The photo shows an unfinished & undated Family Register sampler (showing Dorothy’s rather large family) and3 additional samplers completed by Dorothy in 1798 and 1799, one of which names Patterdale Hall. These were obviously completed by Dorothy prior to the current piece which is much more accomplished. Dorothy would have been about 16 when she completed this needlework. Dorothy was born at Patterdale in 1784 to parents Mary (Harrison) and John Mounsey. In 1818 she married John Thompson, a clergyman, and they were parents to 2 sons and 2 daughters. I will include a file of information on the Mousey family and Patterdale with the sampler. Patterdale Hall was the ancestral home of the Mounsey family. According to The Cumbrian Directory, “In 1648 they received the name ‘Kings of Patterdale’ after their brave foray at Stybarrow Crag against a group of Scottish raiders.” A fascinating history to go with a fine and unusual sampler.

  • Sampler of Dorothy Mounsey

    Dorothy Mounsey UK census addresses

    Dorothy Thompson nee Mounsey (1784-1846)
    1841Patterdale1 Parsonage House57wifem(clerk's wife)with husb, son, 2 dau, 2 serv

    John Thompson (1777-1861)
    1851Patterdale Parsonage74headwidperpetual curatewith son, dau, serv
    1861Patterdale2 Parsonage 84headwidperpetual curatewith son, 2 dau, niece, serv

    Children of Dorothy Mounsey & John Thompson

    John Mounsey Thompson1819 Patterdale - 1887 Patterdale
    Elizabeth Mary Ann Thompson1822 Patterdale - 1898 Patterdalem 1848 Patterdale to William Mounsey Hobson
    Thomas Mounsey Thompson1824 Patterdale - 1842 Patterdale
    Dorothy Thompson1828 Patterdale - 1893 Patterdale
    John Mounsey Thompson(1819-1887))
    1841Patterdale1 Parsonage House21sonwith parents, 2 sis, 2 serv
    1851PatterdaleParsonage31sonuwith father,sis, serv
    1861Patterdale2 Parsonage41sonulanded proprietorwith father,2 sis, niece, serv
    1871Patterdale1 Croft House57headuland ownerwith 2 sis
    1881Patterdale1 Croft House61headuhouses & landwith 2 sis

    Elizabeth Mary Ann Hobson nee Thompson(1822-1898)
    1841Patterdale1 Parsonage House19dauwith parents, bro, sis, 2 serv
    1851PatterdaleBridge End29wifem(annuitant's wife)with husband William
    1861Patterdale2 Parsonage38dauwlanded proprietorwith father,bro, sis, niece, serv
    1871Patterdale1 Croft House47sisterwland owner & annuitantwith bro, sis
    1881Patterdale2 Croft House57sisterwhouses & landwith bro, sis
    1891PatterdaleCroft House67headwliving on own meanswith sis, serv

    Thomas Mounsey Thompson(1824-1842))
    184118not with parents

    Dorothy Thompson(1828-1893)
    1841Patterdale1 Parsonage House13dauwith parents, bro, sis, 2 serv
    1851PatterdaleParsonage22dauuwith father, bro, serv
    1861Patterdale2 Parsonage32dauwwith father,bro, sis, niece, serv
    1871Patterdale1 Croft House41sisterwhouse & land ownerwith bro, sis
    1881Patterdale2 Croft House52sisterwhouses & landwith bro, sis
    1891PatterdaleCroft House67headwliving on own meanswith sis, serv

    George Mounsey
    (1785 Patterdale - 1817 Patterdale)

    George Mounsey
    baptised 12 Oct 1785
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    parents: John Mounsey & Mary Harrison
    George Mounsey
    buried 14 Apr 1817
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    age 31
    "Also of George his son died April 11, 1817 aged 31yrs"

    from Gwen's Patterdale headstone transcription
    "At Patterdale Hall, George, second son of John Mounsey, esq"
    from The New monthly magazine, Volume 7, p460

    "Lately, at Patterdale Hall, in this county, Mr Geo Mounsey, second son of John Mounsey, Esq, in the prime of life, greatly respected by all who knew him"
    from FMP British newspapers
    from John Mounsey’s 1821 will:

    “I give and devise to my second son George Mounsey and his heirsall my tenements and lands at ?Overstavely and Nether Stavely which were formerly the estate of my gandfather George Mounsey and are now in the possession of William Todd as my farmer also the land at Hugell and all the other land holden as parcel of an ? with tenements farmed by the said Todd and two pieces or parcels of woodland at Troutbeck Town in the county of Westmorland late Christopher Woodburns to hold subject as hereafter mentioned to my said second son George Mounsey his heirs and assigns”

    Ann Mounsey
    (1787 Patterdale - 1875 Murrurundi)

    Ann Mounsey
    baptised 27 Dec 1787
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    parents: John Mounsey & Mary Harrison
    Thomas Holme
    baptised 22 Aug 1781
    Askham, Westmorland
    parents: John Holme & Mary Dawson
    Ann Mounsey & Thomas Holme
    married 27 Jan 1810
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    Thomas Holme
    buried Oct 1816
    Whitehaven St Nicholas, Cumberland
    John Earl
    born c1790
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    parents: Thomas Earl & Margaret
    Anne Holme & John Earl
    married 29 Apr 1822
    Barton, Westmorland

    witnesses: John Pattinson & Thomas Boniman (?Bowman)
    Ann Earl
    died 14 Jul 1875
    McDonalds Creek, NSW
    buried: NSW Murrurundi CofE
    Mary Pattinson
    ?baptised 1794
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    ?parents: Joseph Pattinson & Mary
    John Earl
    buried 22 Oct 1876
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    Mary Pattinson
    buried 1891
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    Ann Mounsey (1789-1875)

    Photographer unknown
    style unknown
    date unknown
    possibly from Campbell family
    Ann Mounsey (1789-1875)

    Photographer unknown
    style unknown
    date unknown
    possibly from Campbell family
    John Earl (c1790-1876)

    Photographer unknown
    style unknown
    date unknown

    possibly from Campbell family
    Land application by John Earl

    10 Aug 1822
    from Irene & Barbara
    Land allocation - Glenridding
    south west of Singleton

    from Irene & Barbara
    Children of Ann Mounsey & Thomas Holme

    Mary Ann Holme 1811 Whitehaven - 1881 Murrurundi & William Nowland children:Thomas, Edward
    m 1834 Newcastle to James Seville children:William, James, John, Mary Ann
    James Holme1814 Whitehaven - 1847 NSWm 1842 Singleton to Isabella Grieve
    Agnes Holme1816 Whitehaven - 1880 Murrurundi m 1831 E Maitland to John Dodds children:James, Dorothea, John
    m 1857 Maitland to John Young
    Elizabeth Holme1817 Patterdale - 1906 Cowra m 1834 Portland Head to Bruce Millar children:Ann, male
    Children of Ann Mounsey & John Earl

    Dorothea Earl1823 at sea - 1901 Camden m1 1840 W Maitlandto Henry Augustus Lyal Richards children:Henry, John, Annie, William
    m2 c1853 NSW to James Campbell children:James, Joseph, Thomas, Elizabeth, Robert, Edwin, Norman

    William Mounsey
    (1789 Patterdale - 1838 Patterdale)

    William Mounsey
    baptised 1789
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    parents: John Mounsey & Mary Harrison
    Jane Dobson
    baptism unknown
    ?Patterdale, Westmorland
    parents: John Dobson & Jane
    William Mounsey & Jane Dobson
    married 7 Oct 1816
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    William Mounsey
    buried 18 Aug 1838
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    age 49
    Jane Mounsey
    died 16 Oct 1839
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    age 46
    from John Mounsey’s 1821 will:

    “I give and bequeath to my third son William Mounsey all the stock of sheep upon or attached to my estates at ?Mowbank and Greenbank in Deepdale in the parish of Barton aforesaid”
    from Index to Death Duty Register 1847

    Testator William Mounsey, Barton, Wes
    Executors - D. Mounsey
    Court - Con Carlisle
    Register 4, Folio 812
    from Gwen's Patterdale headstone transcription

    "Also William son who died on 1st of august 1838 aged 49 yrs

    Also of Jane his wife who departed this life on 16th October 1839 aged 46 yrs"
    from Parish Register

    1839 - Oct 19th (?)
    "Jane Mounsey accidentally drowned in Goldrill Dubb"
    Children of William Mounsey & Jane Dobson

    Mary Mounsey1817 Patterdale - 1859 Patterdalem 1839 Patterdale to Joseph Nicholsonchildren: Jane, Lucy, Elizabeth, William, mary, Thomas, Hannah, Annie
    John Mounsey1818 Patterdale - 185? ?Patterdalem 1844 Penrith to Hannah Rebanks children:John, Mary, William, Hannah, Rebecca
    George Mounsey1820 Patterdale - 1851 Patterdalem 1848 ?Patterdale to Agnes Martin children:Mary, Elizabeth
    William Mounsey1825 Patterdale - 1851 Patterdale
    Daniel Mounsey1828 Patterdale - 1861 Patterdalem 1852 ?Patterdale to Ann Richardson children:William, George, Sarah
    Thomas Mounsey1833 Patterdale - 1867 Penrithm 1860 St Geo Hanover Sq to Sarah Shepherd children:John, Thomas, Joseph
    Elizabeth Mounsey1836 Patterdale - ?d.Irelandm 1856 ?Patterdale to Joseph Martin children:William, Marion, Jane, George, Joseph, Thomas, Emily, Alice
    Mary Nicholson nee Mounsey (1817-1859)
    184125wifem(farmer's wife)with husband Joseph
    1851PatterdaleNoran Bank33wifem(farmer's wife)with husband, 3 chn, bro, lodger, serv

    John Mounsey (1818-185?)
    1841PatterdaleGreenbank20headufarmer4 bro, sis
    1851PatterdaleGreenbank32headmyeomanwith wife Hannah, 5 chn, bro, 2 serv

    George Mounsey (1820-185?)
    1841PatterdaleGreenbank20brotherufarmer4 bro, sis
    1851PatterdaleSide Farm30headmyeomanwith wife Agnes, 2 chn

    William Mounsey (1825-185?)
    1841PatterdaleGreenbank15brotheru4 bro, sis
    1851PatterdaleWhite Lion Inn25lodgeruprop landwith Machel family (innkeeper)

    Daniel Mounsey (1828-)
    1841PatterdaleGreenbank13brotheru4 bro, sis
    1851PatterdaleNoran Bank23lodgeruyeomanwith sis,b-i-l, 3 chn, lodger, serv

    Thomas Mounsey (1833-1867)
    1841PatterdaleGreenbank8brotheru4 bro, sis
    1851PenrithGreat Dockray18lodgerudraper's appwith draper Bousfall family & serv
    1861Penrith27headmdraperwith wife Sarah & visitor

    Elizabeth Mounsey (1836-)
    1841PatterdaleGreenbank5sisteru5 bro
    1851?Kendall15?lodgeru?milliner's app

    Jane Mounsey
    (1790 Patterdale - 1832 Patterdale)

    Jane Mounsey
    baptised 26 Aug 1790
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    parents: John Mounsey & Mary Harrison
    Jane Mounsey
    died 27 Dec 1832
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    age 42
    from Gwen's Patterdale headstone transcription

    "Also Jane his daughter who departed this life 27th November 1832 aged 42yrs"
    from John Mounsey’s 1821 will:

    “I give and devise to my daughter Jane Mounsey all my messuages tenements lands and estate at ?Nether and Over Hartsop in the said parish of Barton now in the possession of George Harrison and John Winder as my ? to hold to my said daughter Jane Mounsey her heirs and assigns”
    from Index to Death Duty Register 1833

    Testator Jane Mounsey
    Executors - Eliz Mounsey of Patterdale Wes
    Court - Con Carlisle
    Reg 1, Folio 148, Ledger 7

    Thomas Mounsey
    (1792 Patterdale - )

    Thomas Mounsey
    baptised 12 Jul 1792
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    parents: John Mounsey & Mary Harrison
    Thomas Mounsey
    death unknown
    ?Patterdale, Westmorland
    Thomas Mounsey

    Not mentioned in John Mounsey’s 1821 will

    Mary Mounsey
    (1794 Patterdale - 1857 Whitehaven)

    Mary Mounsey
    baptised 26 Dec 1794
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    parents: John Mounsey & Mary Harrison
    John Hobson
    baptism unknown
    Mary Mounsey & John Hobson
    married 27 Aug 1820
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    John Hobson
    died 1843
    Whitehaven, Cumberland
    Mary Hobson
    died 1857
    Whitehaven, Cumberland
    from 1829 Cumberland & Westmorland Directory

    John Hobson, yeoman, Market Brough

    Mary Mounsey UK census addresses

    Mary Hobson nee Mounsey (1794-1857)
    1841WhitehavenMoresby, Lonsdale Place 48wifemhusband independentwith husband John, 4 chn, niece
    1851WhitehavenGranby Row56headwlanded proprietorwith 4 dau, 2 serv

    Children of Mary Mounsey & John Hobson

    William Mounsey Hobson 1822 Moresby - 1853 Patterdalem 1848 Patterdale to Elizabeth M A Thompson
    Isabella Colton Hobson 1823 Moresby – 1855 Whitehaven m 1849 Whitehaven to Robert Henry Gibson children:Robert
    Mary Mounsey Hobson 1825 Moresby – 1874 Whitehaven m 1873 West Derby to Charles William Lammin
    Elizabeth Jane Hobson 1827 Moresby – 1877 Whitehaven
    Sarah Ann Hobson 1828 Moresby – 1867 Penrith m 1855 Whitehaven to John Lawson Anderson
    Elizabeth Jane Hobson 1827 Moresby – 1877 Whitehaven
    Dorothy Mounsey Hobson 1832 Moresby – 1852 Moresby
    John Mounsey Hobson 1835 Moresby – 1835 Moresby
    George Mounsey Hobson 1838 Moresby – 1866 Whitehaven
    William Mounsey Hobson (1822-1853)
    1841Whitehaven15sonumedical studentwith parents, bro, 2 sis
    1851PatterdaleBridge End29headmannuitantwith wife Eliz MA

    Isabella Colton Gibson nee Hobson (1823-1855)
    1851Whitehaven26 King St25wifem(bookseller's wife)with hus Rbt & son Robt

    Mary Mounsey Lammin nee Hobson (1825-1874)
    1851WhitehavenGranby Row26dauuwith mother, 3 sis, 2 serv
    1861MoresbyLonsdale Pl36headuwith bro, 2 serv
    1871MoresbyLonsdale Pl46headuwith sis, 1 serv

    Elizabeth Jane Hobson (1827-1877)
    1841Whitehaven14with parents,2 bro, sis
    1851WhitehavenGranby Row24dauuwith mother, 3 sis, 2 serv
    1861Patterdale2 Parsonage34nieceuwith uncle, 3 cousins & serv
    1871MoresbyLonsdale Pl44sisteruwith sis, 1 serv

    Sarah Ann Anderson nee Hobson (1828-1867)
    1841PatterdaleGoldrill Cottage12with gmother, uncle, aunt & 2 serv
    1851WhitehavenGranby Row22dauuwith mother, 3 sis, 2 serv
    1861PenrithBares House34wifem(landowner's wife)with husb John, 2 serv

    Dorothy Mounsey Hobson (1832-1852)
    1841Whitehaven9with parents,2 bro, sis
    1851WhitehavenGranby Row18dauuwith mother, 3 sis, 2 serv

    George Mounsey Hobson (1838-1866)
    1841Whitehaven3with parents, bro, 2 sis
    1851WhitehavenSt Bees Grammar School13boarderu
    1861MoresbyLonsdale Pl23brotherusolicitors articled clerkwith sis, 2 serv

  • Moresby directory 1864

  • Hobson, the Misses. Mary and Elizabeth, Lonsdale Place.
    Hobson, George, M., solicitor, Lonsdale Place.

    Agnes Mounsey
    (1795 Patterdale - 1860 Patterdale)

    Agnes Mounsey
    baptised 1 Sep 1795
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    parents: John Mounsey & Mary Harrison
    Thomas Robinson
    born 9 Jan 1806
    Troutbeck, Westmorland
    parents: Solomon Robinson & Jane Harrison
    Agnes Mounsey & Thomas Robinson
    married 2 Jun 1832
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    Agnes Robinson
    died 8 Nov 1860
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    age 65
    Thomas Robinson
    died 18 Apr 1866
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    age 60
    Thomas Robinson

    ...the first master of this, the then new school, was Thomas Robinson, [Thomas Robinson was one of the finest Cumberland & Westmorland wrestlers of his day] whose wife was a Mounsey, daughter of John Mounsey, of Patterdale Hall. His daughter is Miss Robinson, of Bank Foot

    From "RECORDS OF PATTERDALE" by Rev William Prosser Morris, Rector of Patterdale, published March 1903

    Agnes Mounsey UK census addresses

    Agnes Robinson nee Mounsey (1795-1860)
    1841PatterdaleGlenridding40wifemwith husband Thomas, dau Jane
    1851PatterdaleGlenridding53wifem(annuitants's wife)with husband Thomas, dau Jane

    Thomas Robinson (1806-1866)
    1861PatterdaleBank House 54headwidlanded propwith dau

    Children of Agnes Mounsey & Thomas Robinson

    Jane Robinson 1834 Patterdale - 1904 Patterdale
    Jane Robinson (1834-1904)
    1841PatterdaleGlenridding6with parents
    1851PatterdaleGoldrill Cottage16nieceuvisitorwith aunt, uncle & serv
    1861PatterdaleBank House26dauuwith father
    1871PatterdaleBank Cottage36headuannuitant
    1881PatterdaleBank Cottage46headuannuitant
    1891PatterdaleBank Cottage56headuliving on own means
    1901PatterdaleBank Cottage66headuliving on own means

    Daniel Mounsey
    (1801 Patterdale - 1861 Patterdale)

    Daniel Mounsey
    baptised 14 May 1801
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    parents: John Mounsey & Mary Harrison
    Daniel Mounsey
    died 15 Apr 1861
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    age 60
    Daniel Mounsey - Will

    from John Mounsey’s 1821 will:

    “I give and devise to my youngest son Daniel Mounsey and his heirs all my messuage tenements and lands called ?Nellhouse at Deepdale aforesaid which I lately purchased from Thomas Dobson also the cottages at Township in the manor of Patterdale which I also purchased from the said Thomas Dobson all which said messuages tenamentslands and cottages are now holden by the said Thomas Dobsonas my ? or by his ?undertanants also the liberty of angling and fishing with diving nets and the use of boats in my fishery in Ulswater as ? appointment to the said Tenament of Nellhouse to hold subject as hereafter mentioned to my said youngest son Daniel Mounsey, his heirs and assigns”
    1826 Poll: Westmoreland West Ward

    Name: Daniel Mounsey
    Residence: Patterdale
    Situation of freehold: Patterdale
    1829 Directory: Hartsop & Patterdale

    Daniel Mounsey, gentleman, Goldrill Cottage
    John Mounsey Esq, slate quarry owner, Goldrill Cottage
    Mrs Mary Mounsey, Goldrill Cottage
    from Kendal Mercury 20 Oct 1860

    And may entered upon in May, 1861, ALL that Commodious and Old-established INN, situate at Patterdale, together with acres of Daniel Mounsey, Esq., of Goldrill Cottage, Patterdale, the Owner, up to the Ist of November, shortly after which the Tenant will be declared. To enterprising Person, the above Hotel offers an opportunity which rarely occurs. VALUABLE TIMBER & COPPICE, situate at Patterdale, together with acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, now in the occupation of Oeldert. The above Hotel situated at the head of Lake Ullswater. It ia surrounded by Scenery of the moatvaried and picturesque character, and stands at..
    from Carlisle Journal 19 Apr 1861

    Cottage, Patterdale, recently, Daniel Mounsey, Esq., aged 60 years.
    Deceased is of the family of Mounsey, formerly lords of the manor of Patterdale and owners of Patterdale Hall There i - a tradition of unknown antiquity in the county that in the days of, Church to Patterdale, and that the then lord of the manor—arr ancestor of the gentleman deceased — raised his retainers and. proceeded to Stybarrow Crag, a huge rock on the margin of the lake, round the base of which there is just sufficient space for the, King of Patterdale. The title has been handed down to the next heir ever since.
    Daniel Mounsey UK census addresses

    Daniel Mounsey (1780-1853)
    1841PatterdaleGoldrill Cottage40independentwith mother & sis Eliz
    1851PatterdaleGoldrill Cottage49headulanded propertywith sis Eliz, niece Jane & serv
    1861PatterdaleDawes59headulanded proprieterwith serv

    The children of John Mounsey & Mary Harrison who died very young

    Mary Mounsey
    baptised 13 Jul 1782
    Patterdale, Westmorland

    death unknown
    ?Patterdale, Westmorland
    ?an infant
    Henry Mounsey
    baptised 17 Jul 1791
    Patterdale, Westmorland

    died 17 Jan 1792
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    age 5 months
    Raisley Mounsey
    baptised 30 Jun 1793
    Patterdale, Westmorland

    died 20 Jul 1793
    Patterdale, Westmorland
    age 20 days

    not an obvious family name, maybe named for Raisley Calvert who married a Dorothy Mounsey 1768 in Greystoke

    Patterdale Hall, 1969

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    Date on stone over door

    M (Mounsey)
    J:D (John & Dorothy) 1677

    Patterdale Hall

    Patterdale Hall

    Patterdale Hall



    Garden to Ullswater

    Garden from house