James GRIEVE & Helen CRANSTONE married 1816, Wilton, Roxburghshire
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married 1816, Wilton, Roxburghshire

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  • James Grieve
    c1792, baptism not found
    ?Hawick ?Selkirk
    parents: ?John Grieve & Isabella
    ?Scottish naming pattern
    Helen Cranstone
    baptised 17 Mar 1795
    Wilton, Roxburghshire
    parents: Thomas Cranstone & Agnes (?Smail)

    James Grieve & Helen Cranstone
    married 26 Dec 1816
    Wilton Manse, Roxburghshire

    James Grieve of Craick
    & Helen dau of Thomas Cranstone of Stirehes Mains
    Helen Grieve

    "Erected by James Greive, late Shepherd Ousdale, in Memory of his beloved Spouse, Helen Cranston, who departed this life, Oct 5th 1835 Aged 44 years, Much and highly regarded"

    Berriedale New Burial Ground, Caithness

    courtesy of Peter
    James Grieve
    death unknown
    Berriedale and Ousdale, Caithness

  • Ordnance Survey of Caithness Publication date: ca. 1878-1883
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  • Langwell Estate, Berriedale

  • Evictions in Langwell, Berriedale & Ausdale

  • Thomas Pennant, A Tour in Scotland 1769
  • "Berriedale New burial ground intended for strangers - first buried was wife of James Greive sometime in Ousdale year 1835.
    ed proprietor. shepherds, tradesmen, servants on estate 1840"
    Northern Ensign 23.6.1891

    "Old Berriedale on its windswept site at Berriedale brae has the grave of John Sutherland (John Badbea), another of the respected Men of the North. New Berriedale burial ground was "intended for strangers" (N. Ensign 23.6.1891). Doubtless these strangers were the Border shepherds brought in to manage the sheep farms associated with the Clearances. Alexander Oliver sheep manager at Old Hall born 1814 died 1879 was the son of James Oliver, Roxburgh, and served Donald Horne for 39 years. Another stranger was William Anderson, a West Indian who served the Hornes at Langwell and later became the landlord at Berriedale Inn (1850)."
  • Burial Grounds of Caithness & Sutherland, A.S. Cowper - April 1983
  • Emigration to Australia
    “HERO” sailed from Leith on 7 May 1839
    Arrived Sydney, 26 Sep 1839, Vol 19
    145 day passage, arrived in perfect state of health

    GRIEVE James, Shepherd, Protestant, Age 47 years, Birthplace: Hawick, Roxburghshire

    children: (boys under 18, girls under 16)
    James 14, William 13, Donald 11, Walter 6, Christine 14, Janet 7

    Shipping Registers Assisted Immigrants
    also on ship "HERO"

    GRIEVE Nancy, Dairymaid, Protestant, Age 19 years, Birthplace: Caithness

    GRIEVE Isobel, Dairymaid, Protestant, Age 18 years, Read & write - yes, Birthplace: Caithness
    arrived 1839

    GRIEVE John, Shepherd, Single man, Church of Scotland, age 21, date of birth: 5 October, Read and write - yes, Berrie Dale Caithness'
    James Greive, Ellen Cranstone Greive, Brother to Thomas, also on board.

    GRIEVE Thomas, Shepherd, Church of Scotland, age 19, date of birth: 25 March, Read and write - yes, Berrie Dale Caithness,
    James Greive, Ellen Cranstone Grieve, Brother to John, also on board

    Shipping Registers Assisted Immigrants, Vol 20
    Disposal of immigrants on the ship "Hero"

    James Grieve, Roxburghshire, shepherd, 47,

    with Mr John Earle, Patricks Plains.

  • NSW State Records

  • The children of James Grieve & Helen Cranstone

    John Grieve
    (1818 Roxburghshire - 1886 Kyneton)

    John Grieve
    born 5 Oct 1818
    Roxburghshire, Scotland
    parents: James Grieve & Helen Cranstone
    Jane Davidson
    birth unknown
    John Grieve & Jane Davidson
    married 1840
    NSW Sydney Presbyterian
    John Grieve a member of the Presbyterian Church
    both now of Sydney, both signed
    witnesses: Thomas Grieve & Betty Murray
    Vol 73 No 562
    Jane Grieve
    death unknown
    John Grieve
    died 1886
    Barr Creek, Kyneton, Vic
    Disposal of immigrants on the ship "Lady McNaughton" 28 Jan 1839

    John Grieve, Berridale, shepherd, 21,

    with Mr Lawson, Prospect, 28 pounds per year
  • NSW State Records
  • John Grieve

  • Bendigo Advertiser, 3 Aug 1886
  • John Grieve
    Magisterial enquiry

  • Kerang Times & Swan Hill Gazette, 3 Aug 1886
  • Children of John Grieve & Jane Davidson

    James Grieve 1841 NSW - >1910 Reefton, NZ
    Elizabeth Jane Grieve 1842 NSW -<1910 Vic m 1864 Victoria to John Barrow children:Henry, Jane, Ada, Ethel, Charles, James
    John Grieve 1851 ?Vic - 1910 Leongatha
    Ellen Grieve 1853 Vic - 1860 Kyneton
    Isabel Grieve 1857 Kyneton - 1923 Kew

    Elizabeth Jane Grieve

    courtesy of Peter

    Elizabeth Jane Barrow
    died 6 Apr 1907, Kyneton

  • The Age, 8 Apr 1907
  • John Barrow
    died 1918, Kyneton

  • Kyneton Guardian, 4 Jun 1918
  • John Grieve
    died 1910, Leongatha

  • The Argus, 23 Sep 1910

  • Thomas Grieve
    (1820 Roxburghshire - 1859 Casino)

    Thomas Grieve
    born 25 Mar 1820
    Roxburghshire, Scotland
    parents: James Grieve & Helen Cranstone
    Disposal of immigrants on the ship "Lady McNaughton" 28 Jan 1839

    Thomas Grieve, Berridale, shepherd, 19,

    with Mr Lawson, Prospect, 28 pounds per year

  • NSW State Records
  • Thomas Grieve
    Run tender 21 Jan 1854

  • The Moreton Bay Courier
  • Thomas Grieve
    Death 22 Jun 1859

    Thomas Grieve
    Death 4 Jul 1859

  • Sydney Morning Herald
  • Thomas Grieve
    Death 11 Jul 1859

  • Sydney Morning Herald
  • Thomas Grieve
    Estate 23 Aug 1859

  • Sydney Morning Herald
  • Thomas Grieve
    Estate 13 Dec 1859

  • Sydney Morning Herald

  • Agnes (Nancy) Grieve
    (1820 Latheron - 1901 Glen Innes)

    Agnes/Nancy/Anne Grieve
    bapt 3 Dec 1820
    Caithness, Latheron
    parents: James Grieve & Helen Cranstone
    Abode: Ousdale, shepherd
    John Barker
    ?born 1801
    parents: ?John Barker & Mary Ann
    Nancy Grieve & John Barker
    married 6 Mar 1843
    NSW Singleton
    Nancy Grieve spinster of Holkham Invermein
    John Barker bachelor of Holkham Invermein
    signed John Barker, Nancy Grieve her mark
    witnesses: Charles Wardell Mary Ann Seivl

    Vol 123 No.665
    John Barker
    died 20 Nov 1874
    Mount Mitchell, NSW

  • Australia Cemeteries Index

  • "Barker John 20 Nov 1874 b. Eng; son/John & Mary A; h/Agnes; father"
    Agnes Barker
    died 2 Sep 1901
    Mount Mitchell, NSW
    ?age 77/81

  • Australia Cemeteries Index

  • "Barker Agnes (Nancy) 2 Sep 1901 77y née Grieve; w/John; mother"
    John Barker
    Property 22 Aug 1849

  • Sydney Morning Herald
  • Agnes Grieve
    Will 17 Oct 1902

  • Sydney Morning Herald
  • Agnes Grieve
    Will p.1

    Agnes Grieve
    Will p.2

    Children of Nancy Grieve & John Barker

    Ellen/Helena Barker 1843 Houghton - 1912 Glen Innes m 1867 Armidaleto Andrew Coventry children: John, Agnes, Emma, Ann, Hunter, ?Percy
    Robert Barker 1844 NSW – 1871 Wellingrove
    Mary Ann Barker1847 NSW – 1926 Glen Innes m 1880 Armidaleto David D Crockett children:Francis
    Jane Barker 1854 NSW – 1916 Glen Innes m 1873 Wellingrove to William C Sergeantchildren:Edward, William, Albert, John, Agnes, Herbert, Jessie, Mary, Ivy, Archibald, Victor, Effie
    Christina B Barker1859 Armidale – 1909 Hillgrove m1 1880 Armidaleto Edward George Allingham children:Ruby, Edward, George, Jane, John
    m2 1898 Murrurundito James Thomas Sales children:James, Sybil
    John James Barker 1863 Armidale – 1863 Armidale
    Victoria Amy Barker 1864 Armidale – 1865 Armidale
    Isabella Vesta Barker1866 Armidale – 1952 Chatswoodm 1891 Armidaleto William Pearce Hegarty


    Inscription List for Mount Mitchell Cemetery
  • Australia Cemeteries Index
  • Barker John James 14 Feb 1863 20 Feb 1863 son/John & Agnes
    Barker Robert 25 Dec 1844 21 Sep 1871 26y9m b. Oban; son/John & Agnes
    Barker Victoria Amy 7 Aug 1864 11 Aug 1865 12m4d dau/John & Agnes

    Crockett David D 17 Sep 1842 18 Jul 1922 b. Scot; son/William & Elizabeth; h/Mary (née Barker)

    Sales Christina 17 Dec 1909 50y née Barker; prev. Allingham; w/James Thomas; mother
    Sales James Kenneth 5 Mar 1950 50y NX190052 Sgt; son/James Thomas & Christina; brother
    Sales James Thomas 21 Apr 1921 69y son/George & Mary; h/Christina; father
    Sales Sybil Mary Agnes 29 Jul 1963 62y dau/James Thomas & Christina; sister

    Sargeant Albert E 1 Sep 1877 14 May 1904 son/William & Jane
    Sargeant Jane 4 Apr 1916 60y née Barker; w/William; mother
    Sargeant William 15 Nov 1933 87y son/Edward & Eliza; h/Jane; father
    Christina Barker- Edward Allingham
    Marriage 25 Feb 1880

  • Sydney Morning Herald
  • Edward Allingham
    Death 31 Jan 1884

  • Sydney Morning Herald

  • Isabella Grieve
    (1822 Latheron - 1873 Mooki)

    Isabella Grieve
    bapt 2 Aug 1822
    Caithness, Latheron
    parents: James Grieve & Helen Cranstone
    Abode: Ousdale
    James Holme
    bapt 1814
    Whitehaven, Cumberland
    parents: Thomas Holme & Ann Mounsey
    Isabella Grieve & James Holmes
    married 30 Aug 1842
    NSW Whittingham Northumberland Singleton CofScot
    Isabella Grieve spinster of Patricks Plains and
    James Holmes a member of the Presbyterian Church a bachelor of Liverpool Plains
    signed James Holmes and Isabella Grieve
    witnesses: Edward Murton & Nancy Grieve her mark

    Vol 123 655
    James Holmes
    death unknown
    17 Mar 1847
    NSW ?Liverpool PLains
    ?age 33
    Second marriage of Isabella Grieve

    Isabella Holmes & Joseph Elford
    married 16 Jul 1851
    NSW Mooki by Presbyterian minister, Alexander Black
    witnesses: James Sevil & W J Davies
    Joseph Elford
    born 1809
    bapt 18 Aug 1815
    Cornwall St Cleer
    parents: Jonathan Elford, cattle dealer, & Catherine Harden
    Isabella Elford
    buried 8 Jul 1873
    NSW Mooki Springs
    reinterred Murrurundi

  • Maitland Mercury, 24 Jul 1873
  • Joseph Elford
    buried 9 Jul 1873
    NSW Mooki Springs
    reinterred Murrurundi
    Joseph Elford
    Auction 26 May 1849

  • Sydney Morning Herald
  • Joseph Elford
    Poundkeeper 20 Mar 1850

  • Sydney Morning Herald
  • Children of Isabella Grieve & Joseph Elford

    Maria Louisa Elford 1854 Mooki - 1937 Auburn m 1874 Muswellbrook to Frederick Joseph Wren children: Jane, Violet, Sidney, Isabella, James, Thomas
    male Elford 1857 Mooki - 1857 Mooki
    Isabella Louisa Elford 1858 Mooki - 1906 St Leonards m 1891 Sydney to Frederick William Walker children: unnamed, William, Frederick, Geoffrey, Claude, Gwendoline, Milner, Dorothy, Dorothea
    male Elford 1860 Mooki - 1860 Mooki
    Catherine Ellen Elford 1865 Mooki - 1942 Chatswood m 1890 Burwood to Alfred James McKay children:Dorothy, Nora, Kathleen
    ?male Elford unknown date
    ?male Elford unknown date

    James Grieve
    (1824 Latheron - 1865 Casino)

    James Grieve
    bapt Apr 1824
    Caithness, Latheron
    parents: James Grieve & Helen Cranstone
    Abode: Ousdale, shepherd
    James Grieve
    drowned 30 Dec 1865

    Estate notice - James Grieve
    December 1866

    History of the Richmond.

    .....Then came the settlers, and by '42 and '43 the most of the fine areas comprised in the upper watercourses of the Richmood were applied for and occupied under grazing licenses ....
    Among the others who had stations were Dr. Dobreat (Stratheden), Sir Jno. Jamieson (Fairymount), Capt. Marsh (Camira), Fred Bundock (Dyraaba), Jas. Grieve, (Langwell) and Clark Irvine (Bungawalbin).

    The Richmond River Express and Casino Kyogle Advertiser, Tue 16 Jan 1912, page 2

    William Grieve
    (1826 Latheron - 1890 Warwick)

    William Grieve
    bapt 20 Apr 1826
    Caithness, Latheron
    parents: James Grieve & Helen Cranstone
    Abode: Ousdale, shepherd
    Jane Dunbar
    birth unknown
    father: Charles Dunbar
    William Grieve & Jane Dunbar/Moore
    married 1859
    Armidale, NSW
    William Grieve
    died April 1890
    Warwick, Qld age 64

    "Amongst the probates granted by the Supreme Court on Monday last is the following:— William Grieve, of Glencoe, near Warwick, grazier, £577 5s; executrix, Jane Grieve, of Glencoe, widow."

    Warwick Examiner and Times, Wednesday 25 June 1890
    Jane Grieve
    died Sept 1912
    Sydney, NSW
    buried Warwick, Qld

    First marriage of Jane Dunbar

    Jane Dunbar & John Moore
    married 1856
    Scone, NSW
    John Stanton Moore
    bapt 26 Jan 1827
    Manchester, Lancs
    parents: Henry Moore & Elizabeth
    John Moore
    died 1858
    Wellingrove, NSW
    age 31
    Child of John Moore & Jane Dunbar

    Elizabeth Mary Moore 1857 Armidale - 1896 Qld m 1880 Qld to Alexander Patterson children:James, Percy, William, Florence, Beatrice

    Children of William Grieve & Jane Dunbar/Moore

    Christina Catherine Grieve 1859 Wellingrove - 1928 Toowoomba m 1888 Qld to Samuel Charles West Robinson children: William, Ella, Ida
    John Collingwood Grieve 1861 Wellingrove - 1931 Qld m 1894 Qld to Mary Jane Huttonchildren:John
    Fanny Jane Grieve 1863 Wellingrove - 1949 Qldm 1898 Qld to Hamlet Graychildren: William, West
    Charles James Grieve 1865 Wellingrove - 1866 Wellingrove
    Helena Agnes "Nellie"Grieve 1867 Wellingrove - 1948 Qldm 1897 Warwick to Alexander Mayes children: Alexander, Bruce, Hector, Malcolm
    William Walter Grieve 1869 Wellingrove - 1900 Silverwood m 1897 Warwickto Eva F Cox children:Thora
    Robert James Grieve 1871 Warwick - 1949 Qld
    Charles James Grieve 1874 Warwick - 1918 Qld
    Margaret Sinclair Stewart Grieve 1876 Warwick - 1956 Qld m 1911 Qld to George Ross Debney
    Edith Louisa Grieve 1878 Warwick - 1958 Qld

    William & Jane Grieve are said to have adopted a relative, Agnes Grieve, b.c1858 Langwell, NSW.

    Who were her parents?
    What relation were they?
    Who brought up her brother, James?
    Agnes Grieve
    born c.1858'
    Langwell, NSW

    no obvious NSW birth record

    but: Agnes GREEN, b 1856 Armidale
    parents: William & Jane
    Agnes Grieve
    died 7 Aug 1939
    Warwick, Qld

    but Qld registration
    mother: Nancy Kennedy & father: William
    Obituary - Agnes Grieve

    Brother James Grieve of The Risk,
    as mentioned in Agnes's Obituary 1939

    James Grieve
    c.1865 not found NSW reg.
    James Grieve & Isabella Wilson
    married 1889
    Casino, NSW


    Mary Maud Grieve, b.1890 Casino, m 1914 Kyogle to David Kemp, d.1959 Kyogle (father: James Lindsay Grieve) `
    James Wilson Grieve, b.1892 Casino, d.1972 Kyogle
    Ella Jean Kennedy Grieve, b.1898 Casino, m 1921 Casino to Bernard A Daly, d.1974
    Colin Hector Grieve, b.1901 Casino, d.1967 St.Leonard
    James Leach Grieve
    died 1951
    Kyogle, Qld
    age 86 (ie born 1865)
    father: William Grieve & mother Janet

    buried The Risk, Wilson private cemetery

  • Wilson cemetery, The Risk, NSW
  • There was another William Grieve & Jane (Flett) living in the area. They emigrated from Orkney on "John Bunyan" 1857, had a large family and settled in the Walcha area, It is not obvious that Agnes & James Leach (above) belonged to this family. James Grieve reg 1861 d.1927 Woolbrook was their child

    Donald McLachlan Grieve
    (1828 Latheron - )

    Donald Grieve
    born 1 Jan 1828
    Caithness, Latheron
    parents: James Grieve & Helen Cranstone
    Abode: Ousdale, shepherd
    Donald Grieve
    death unknown

    Christina Grieve
    (?1832 Scotland-1906 Murrurundi)

    Christina Grieve
    c.1832 baptism unknown
    ?Caithness ?Roxburghshire ?Sutherlandshire
    parents: James Grieve & Helen Cranstone
    William Josiah Davies
    baptised 19 Mar 1820
    Duncan St East Bethesda Chapel, Liverpool
    parents: Joseph Davies & Catherine Edwards
    William Josiah Davies & Christina Grieve
    married (lic) 12 Apr 1852
    Singleton St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, NSW
    William of Forwich, Christina of Liverpool Plains

    witnesses: Thomas and Elizabeth Patterson both of Singleton
    both had travelled on the "Hero" in 1839 with the Grieve family
    William Josiah Davies
    died 4 Aug 1866
    Doughboy Hollow, NSW

    from Overdose of laudenum "accidently taken" (coronor’s inquest)

    Christina Davies
    died 18 May 1906
    Murrurundi, NSW

    Christina Grieve (c1832-1906)

    unknown photographer
    Framed & wall mounted
    from Clarence Seivl from Emma Davies
    Christina Grieve (c1832-1906)

    31 Dec 1878

    NSW State Records
    Bible of Christina Grieve (c1832-1906)

    Title page

    from Clarence Seivl from Emma Davies
    William Davies - Emigration

    Arrived: Australia 16 May 1840
    Ship: "Thomas Lowry".
    Status: assisted immigrant brought by A.B. Smith & Co.

    Age: 20
    Occupation: clerk
    Educaton: read and write
    Religion: protestant
    William J Davis - forgery
    17 Mar 1852
    The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser

    see Trove
    William J Davies - advertisement
    28 Dec 1853
    The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser

    see Trove
    William J Davies - death
    7 Aug 1866
    The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser

    see Trove
    Children of Christina Grieve & William Josiah Davies

    Emma Davies 1853 Singleton – 1926 Murrurundi m 1878 Murrurundi to James Holmes Seivl children: James, Arthur, Cecil, Clarence
    William Davies1854 Kickerbel – 1925 Granville m 1884 Tamworthto Hannah Baker children:William, Claude, Horace
    John Davies 1856 Murrurundi – 1906 Cobar m 1902 Cobar to Caroline Smith
    James Davies 1859 Murrurundi - 1925 Murrurundi

    Jane (Janet) Grieve
    (c1834 Scotland - 1902 Armidale)

    Jane Grieve
    born c1834
    parents: James Grieve & Helen Cranstone
    William Coventry
    born c1822
    Scotland, Dumfermline
    parents: Andrew Coventry & Margaret Ferguson
    Jane Coventry & William Coventry
    married 1856
    NSW Mt Mitchell
    Jane Coventry
    buried 29 Oct 1902 age 68 from senile decay, cerebral haemorrhage
    witnesses: Robert J Holland & John G Martyn

  • Sydney Morning Herald

  • Australia Cemeteries Index

  • Coventry Jane 29 Oct 1902 68y née Grieve; w/William; mother: 'Lyndhurst' Aberfoyle
    William Coventry
    died 1909
    NSW Glen Innes

  • Australia Cemeteries Index

  • "Coventry William 25 Jun 1909 79y son/Andrew & Margaret; h/Jane; father: 'Lyndhurst' Aberfoyle"
    W Coventry
    Property 14 Jun 1882

  • Sydney Morning Herald

  • Rampsbeck 2011
  • William Coventry
    Estate 6 Oct 1909

  • Sydney Morning Herald
  • Children of Jane Grieve & William Coventry

    Andrew William Gardiner Coventry 1857 Armidale – 1923 Armidale m 1898 Sydney to Edith Helen Sayers children: Beryl, Minnie, Edith, William, Frederick, George
    Jane Anne Coventry 1859 Armidale - 1920 Armidale m 1889 Armidale to Andrew Fletcher children: Colin, Christina, Jessie
    Louisa Margaret Coventry 1861 Armidale – 1933 Moss Vale m 1884 Armidale to Herbert Tristram delaPoer Beresfordchildren: George, William, Marcus
    Maria Agnes Coventry 1864 Armidale – 1944 Chatswood m 1885 Armidale to Benjamin Pearce Radfordchildren: Ethel, Laurie, Kenneth
    Margaret Harvey Coventry 1865 Armidale - 1931 Armidale
    Thomas James Coventry 1866 Armidale – 1918 Glen Innes m 1915 Glen Innsto Marion S Kemmischildren:Thomas, Arthur
    Clara Bede Coventry 1869 Armidale – 1960 Chatswood m1 1910 Sydneyto Frederick W Walker
    m2 1925 Armidaleto William Henry Allingham
    Arthur Harry Coventry 1870 Armidale – 1916 Armidale m 1911 Sydneyto Lillian Lorne McDougallchildren:Reginald, Marjorie
    Edith Elizabeth Coventry 1873 Armidale – 1952 Inverell m 1900 Armidaleto John Swanchildren:Isabel, Jean, William
    Robert Naulder Clark Coventry 1875 Armidale – 1931 Waverley

    Clara Coventry & Frederick Walker
    married 1910
    Sydney, NSW

  • Sydney Morning Herald, 16 Feb 1910

  • Walter Grieve
    (1835 Latheron - 1911 Glen Innes)

    Walter Grieve
    bapt 28 May 1835
    Caithness, Latheron
    parents: James Grieve & Helen Cranstone
    Abode: Ousdale
    Walter Grieve
    died 3 Sep 1911
    Glen Innes, NSW
    age 74

  • Australia Cemeteries Index

  • "Grieve Walter 3 Sep 1911 74y son/James & Ellen"
    Will of Walter Grieve