Brabazon BRUNKER & Dorothy GAULT married ?1736 Rockcorry, Monaghan
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Brabazon BRUNKER & Dorothy GAULT married c1736, ?Rockcorry, Monaghan

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Brabazon Brunker (c1710 ?Rockcorry) & Dorothy Gault (c1710 ?Rockcorry) married 1736 ?Rockcorry, children: Thomas Brunker (c1736 ?Rockcorry) & Isabella Leslie married 1766 Dublin, William Brunker (c1740 ?Rockcorry), Sarah Brunker (c1740 ?Rockcorry) & John Jackson, ?m Belgreen Ralph Brunker (c1740 ?Rockcorry) & Margaret Mayne married 1765 ?Clogher, Ralph Brunker (c1740 ?Rockcorry) & Margaret Adams married c1776, Elizabeth Brunker (c1740 ?Rockcorry) & John Johnstone married 1762, Elizabeth Brunker (c1740 ?Rockcorry) & ?Kirk Brabazon Brunker (c1740 ?Rockcorry) John Brabazon Brunker (c1740 ?Rockcorry) & Catherine Foster married 1768 ?Rockcorry, Anne Brunker (c1740 ?Rockcorry) & Henry Young married c1769


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  • 'Brunker' from Oxford Journals Notes and Queries

    Notes and Queries (1923) s13-I(5): 86-88 doi:10.1093/nq/s13-I.5.86
    ...Battersby, Gent., Ensign ditto. Brabazon Brunker,f Gent., First Lieut. Capt. Corry's.J...Robinson, of Lylo, Co. Armagh. t Brabazon Brunker, of Rockcorry, Co. Monaghan, was third son of George Brunker, by Abigail his wife (Exchequer Bill, Brunker v. Anderson, July 3, 1779). He married, Clogher marr. lie. bond 1736, Dorothy Gault, and died 1775, will dated Nov. 1, 1773, having had five sons and three daughters, viz:--(1) Thomas, of Bellgreen, Co. Cavan, J.P. Co. Cavan, will proved June...

    Notes and Queries (1923) s13-I(5): 86-88 doi:10.1093/nq/s13-I.5.86
    ...Richard Robinson, of Lylo, Co. Armagh. t Brabazon Brunker, of Rockcorry, Co. Monaghan, was third son of George Brunker, by His v/ill was proved Prerog. Dec. 6, 1799. (i) John, of Rockcorry, married. Clogher marr. lie. bond 1768, Catherine Foster and died before 1812, having had issue by her, whose will, undated, was proved in the diocese of Clogher, Aug. 3, 1812...
    Other mentions of 'Brunker' from Oxford Journals Notes and Queries

    Provincial Words: “Pishty,” “Cess-here.”
    Notes and Queries (1859) s2-VIII(183): 9-d-9 doi:10.1093/nq/s2-VIII.183.9-d
    ...of Ralph, Bishop of Heath); 3. Anne, wife of Mathew Geering; 4. a daughter, wife of John Brunker. Wanted, Mr. Lambert's pedigree. Was he of the York- shire family ? What was his daughter, Mrs. Brunker's name ? and who was Mathew Geering ? Y. S. M.

    Notes and Queries (1879) s5-XI(279): 344-a-344 doi:10.1093/nq/s5-XI.279.344-a
    ...acquaintance and correspondent. They were descended from Henry Brouncker, who in 1644 bought land at Melksham (then called Melksham-Brunker), in Wilts; and, in the adjoining church of Earlstoke ore their' arms, thus engraved in Aubrey's Wilts: Ar., six pellets in...

    Notes and Queries (1881) s6-IV(91): 255-i-256 doi:10.1093/nq/s6-IV.91.255-i
    ...retribu-tion," kc. To this he adds in a foot-note:--"Bunker's Hill is supposed to be a corruption of Brunkcr'a Hill. Captain Brunker was an officer with Lord Essex in 1572, and received a grant of land in Antrim." C. BRADLEY. Belfast. In the Devonport Dockyard...

    Notes and Queries (1886) s7-I(18): 342-344 doi:10.1093/nq/s7-I.18.342
    ...Preservative against Schism.' He also published 'Discourses,' 8vo., 1660. P. 462 b, for " Cain" read Cam. P. 470 b. One Mr. Henry Brunker, a worthy man, an ancient soldier of poor fortune, married a dau. of Sir Charles [qy. Thomas] Grantham, of Meaux Abbey; he...

    Notes and Queries (1887) s7-III(75): 458 doi:10.1093/nq/s7-III.75.458
    ...Registrar of the Court of Exchequer in Ireland. Their only sur-viving children are Charlotte, widow of the late Ralph Brabazon Brunker, Esq., solicitor, and Emma, wife of the Very Rev. James Carmichael, Dean of Montreal. " JAPBET. The descendants of the second...

    Notes and Queries (1889) s7-VII(175): 355-g-356 doi:10.1093/nq/s7-VII.175.355-g
    ...examples, including Gay's 'Trivia' (1716), Dafoe'a ?Storm'(1704), to the year 1693, or perhaps to 1664. A petition of Sir J. Brunker for the erection of a lighthouse on Eddystone is referred to as existing in the Trinity House Records under data M&rch 1 1661...

    Notes and Queries (1906) s10-VI(147): 306 doi:10.1093/nq/s10-VI.147.306
    ...W., married, 1861, Enrica, daughter of George A. Hala- han, M.D. ; Jane, d. 1866 ; Charlotte, married, 1862, Ralph Brabazon Brunker, solicitor, Dublin; Isabella, married, 1856, Henry S. Halahan, M.D., Dublin; Anna, married Orbey Langer Carey, M.D.; Emma...

    Notes and Queries (1908) s10-X(247): 223-224 doi:10.1093/nq/s10-X.247.223
    ...John Loona and Emma ?Campbell, b. 26 May, 1864; ob. 31 Jan.. 1S6(5). 338. George Bomford, 06. 17 Dec, 1859, a. 52. 339. Thos. Brunker, Esq., barrister, ob. 30 Dec, 1865, a. 42. 340. Mary Margaret, w. of John H. Peirce, Esq., ?06. 20 Nov., 1869. Erected by her...

    Notes and Queries (1922) s12-X(204): 181-182 doi:10.1093/nq/s12-X.204.181
    ...four children:--I. James Lambert. II. George, of whom immediately. I. Anne Lambert, m. Matthew Geering. II. Lambert, m. John Brunker.. The younger son:--GEORGE LAMBERT of Dundalk, Co. Louth, m. Alice, sister of the Right Rev. William Smyth, Bishop of Kilmore...

    Notes and Queries (1923) s12-XII(264): 348-350 doi:10.1093/nq/s12-XII.264.348
    ...Corkeeran, Co. Monaghan, must have been of middle age when appointed Cornet. He died May 9, 1747 (Exchequer Bill, Henry v. Brunker, March 15, 1785). His property went to the descendants of his sister Mary, who married James John-ston, and had a son, James...

    Notes and Queries (1956) 3(3): 95-97 doi:10.1093/nq/3.3.95
    ...battlements of St. Sepulchre's steeple upon the sight of certain depositions touching a cause in controversy between him and one Brunker in Chancery ", after having walked about and looking down to see where his body would land. The same letter has another notation...

  • Brunker from THE MEMOIRS OF Thomas C. BREAKEY

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  • "Brunker, Brabaty 43
    The residence of Brabsty Brunker, Bellgreen Castle, Parish of Drumgoon, County Cavan, was being repaired the day prior to the windy night of 1839. A mason left his white jacket on the roof of said house through neglect. Next day it was found hanging on the belfry of Ballybay Church with letters and some small change in the pocket. Things were thought to have traveled before the wind that unfortunate night at a rate of 40 miles an hour, The roof was blown off Bellgreen Castle and the house shook to the foundation and never renovated.

    SOURCE: At the Ford of the Birches p275 in 1736 Brabazon BRUNKER m. Dorothy GAULT & had at least 3 sons and 1 daughter.
    NOTE: The one referred to in the Memoirs is probably a descendant."

    Brunkerd, Brabsty 12
    “In my grandfathers day but two houses of any note were in said village [ROCKCORRY]. A man called Brabsty BRUNKER lived in one of them that stood in the garden of the late GRAYHAM.”
    “Brabsty BRUNKER was a man who had a good standing in this county. He was over the Yeomen & took a responsible position in BALLYBAY the day of Jack LAWLESSes walk Father was speaking to him going that day. He was in military costume & mounted on a Government horse from the Garison at CHARLEYMOUNT.

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