William BRITTON & Mary MOONEY married c1827 Pettigo, Donegal
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William BRITTON & Mary MOONEY married c1827 Pettigo, Donegal

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  • Drumkeeran Parish, Fermanagh
  • Britton - Murrurundi, Greville's PO Directory 1872
  • Australia, New South Wales, Index to Bounty Immigrants, 1828-1842

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    William Britton
    parents: Thomas Britton & Norah McCartey
    Mary Mooney
    baptism unknown
    parents: Bernard Thomas Mooney & Sarah Adams
    William Britton & Mary Mooney
    marriage unknown
    Pettigo, Ireland

    Mary Britton
    died 7 Apr 1876,
    Willow Tree, NSW


    Mary, wife of William Britton of Willow Tree
    died 7 Apr 1876

    William Britton
    died 15 May, 1881
    Willow Tree, NSW

    William Britton, husband of Mary
    died 15 May 1881 age 83

    buried with:
    George Shouldize, died 1 December, 1889, age 88 yrs
    also Mary Shouldize, died 30 October, 1901, age 85 yrs

    Murrurundi RC cemetery, 1965
    Will of William Britton, died 1881 Willow Tree

    Executors: sons Thomas & William Britton
    Witnesses: Thomas Guest of Willow Tree & Thomas Eccles Nash of Murrurundi
    Property: Charles & Ellen £100 each & the rest to be divided between Thomas, Bernard William & Patrick
    Value: estate under £650

    Ship: "Susan"
    Arrived: NSW Sydney, 10 March 1839
    Assisted Bounty Immigrants

  • Account of "Susan" leaving Ireland
  • William Breton

    occupation : farm labourer
    religion: Roman Catholic
    age: 41 years
    native place: Fermanagh, Drumkerraint
    father: Thomas Breton, farmer in Donegal
    mother: Norah McCartey
    Mary Breton

    occupation : launderess
    religion: Roman Catholic
    age: 35 years
    native place: Fermanagh, Drumkerraint
    father: Barnet Mahoney, sailor
    mother: Sarah Adams

    Thomas 12 years on 13 Aug
    William 8 years on 26 Mar
    Barnet 8 years on 26 Mar
    Ellen 7 years on 31 Jul
    Patrick 2 years on 9 Mar
    William Britton

    labourer, native place: ?Dunscarn?
    Catholic, making bricks, Wollongong, piece work.
    Return of disposal of immigrants on ship "Susan" 1839
  • NSW State records
  • William Britton

    gave subscription for Irish Relief Fund, 1846

  • Jenny Willetts pages
  • Publicans Licences
    William Britton 1830-1860

    1853, The Post Law Inn, Tamworth, Lic No 1, reel 5063
    1854, The Red Cow, Tamworth, Lic No 7, reel 5065
    1856, The Red Cow Inn, Tamworth, Lic No 5, reel 1237
    1856, The Red Cow Inn, Tamworth, Lic No Tr/Gr, reel 1239
    1857, The Red Cow Inn, Murrurundi, Lic No 3, reel 1239
    1858, Sign of Willow Tree, Murrurundi, Lic No 3, reel 1240
    1860, The Willow Tree Inn, Murrurundi, Lic No 3, reel 1241

  • Richmond Tweed Regional Library 1997

  • The children of William Britton & Mary Mooney

    Thomas Britton
    (c1827 ?Fermanagh - 1906 Murrurundi)

    Thomas Britton
    born 13 Aug
    ?baptised c1827
    ?Fermanagh, Ireland
    Elizabeth Shouldize

    arrived Sydney 1866 age 22
    ship "Racehorse"
    Thomas Britton & Elizabeth Shouldize
    married 1872
    Sydney, NSW
    Elizabeth Britton
    ?died 1943
    Five Dock, NSW
    Thomas Britton
    died 1906
    Murrurundi, NSW
    Dissolution of Britton Brothers partnership

  • The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser, Saturday 31 May 1884

  • from NLA Australian Newspapers Beta
    Children of Thomas Britton & Elizabeth Shouldize
    Thomas George Britton 1873 Murrurundi - m 1914 Mosman to Mary Elizabeth Britton

    William Britton
    (c1831 ?Fermanagh - 1909 Quirindi)

    William Britton
    born 26 Mar
    ?baptised c1831
    ?Fermanagh, Ireland
    Maria Barry
    born 1840
    father: John Barry
    William Britton & Maria Barry
    married 1869
    Sydney, NSW
    William Britton
    died 7 Sep 1909
    Quirindi cemetery

    Australian Cemeteries Index, 2008
    Maria Britton
    died 3 Jun 1925
    Quirindi, NSW
    age 83
    Children of William Britton & Maria Barry
    William John 1870 Walgett – 1941 Ryde m 1898 Quirindi to Mary Josephine O'Halloran children: William, Myrtle, Annie, John, Richard, Marguerite, Edith, Thomas, Patrick
    Julia Helena Britton 1872 Walgett - 1951 Northy Sydney
    Ellenor Maria Britton1873 Murrurundi – 1923 Ashfield m 1899 Sydney to William J Cheesman
    Marion Kathleen Britton1876 Walgett – 1959 North Sydney m 1912 St Leonards to John Francis McCormackchildren:John
    John Thomas Britton 1878 Walgett – m 1904 Armidale to Lilian Jessie Munro children:John, Robert, Joan, Colin
    Charles James/Barry Britton1879 Walgett – 1943 North Sydney m 1906 Quirindi to May Mullinschildren:Aileen
    Thomas Patrick Britton1880 Walgett – 1947 Manly m 1928 Sydney to Elva Myrtle Felicity Vincent
    Alice Mary Britton 1881 Walgett -

    Bernard Britton
    (c1831 ?Fermanagh - 1895 Walgett)

    Bernard Britton
    born 26 Mar
    ?baptised c1831
    ?Fermanagh, Ireland
    Bernard Britton
    died 9 Nov 1895
    Walgett, NSW

    Australian Cemeteries Index, 2008
    Will of Bernard Britton, selector at "Bogewong" near Walgett NSW

    Executor: George Pritchett of Murrurundi
    Property: To be sold and divided equally between his brothers
    Value: Estate sworn at £2,344

    Ellen Britton
    (c1832 ?Fermanagh - 1921 Murrurundi )

    Ellen Britton
    born c1837
    Drumkerraint, Fermanagh
    parents: William Britton & Mary Mooney
    James Holmes Sevil
    born 21 Apr 1837
    Singleton, NSW
    parents: James Seville & Mary Ann Holmes
    Ellen Britton & James Holmes Sevil
    married 10 May, 1857
    Murrurundi, NSW

    The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser

    see Trove
    James Holmes Sevil
    died 12 Dec 1910
    Murrurundi, NSW

    Murrurundi CofE Cemetery

    courtesy of Col & Lyn
    Ellen Sevil
    died 16 Feb 1921
    Murrurundi, NSW

    Australian Cemeteries Index
    Murrurundi RC cemetery
    Ellen Sevil

    Ellen Britton (c1832-1921)

    hand painted portrait
    (? copied from photograph)
    date unknown

    from Nellie Fletcher
    Unnamed photo from album of Charlotte Guest nee Eather
    Was this Ellen Britton (c1832-1921)?

    carte de visite
    Freeman, 360 George St, Sydney

    courtesy of Terri
    Ellen Britton (c1832-1921)

    Cameron Elite Studio, West Maitland
    date unknown

    from Nellie Fletcher
    James Holmes Sevil (1837-1910)

    David Scott, 140 Pitt St, Sydney
    from album of Charlotte Guest (1836-1888)

    courtesy of Terri
    James Holmes Sevil (1837-1910)

    hand painted portrait
    based on photograph
    date unknown

    from Nellie Fletcher
    Children of Ellen Britton & James Sevil

    James Holmes Seivl1858 Mooki - 1916 Murrurundim 1878 Murrurundi to Emma Davieschildren: James, Arthur, Cecil, Clarence
    William Charles Seivl1861 Murruruundi – 1926 Manlym 1887 Scone to Louisa Charlotte Hoddlechildren: Claude, Victoria, Vera, Ruby, Peri, Emma, Horace, Melba
    John Seivl1863 Murrurundi - 1939 Toowoomba
    Mary Eleanor Seivl1866 Murrurundi - 1953 Murrurundi m 1908 Waterloo to John Earling Fletcher
    Peri Lizzie Seivl1873 Murrurundi - 1921 Murrurundi

    Patrick Britton
    (c1837 ?Fermanagh - 1895 Murrurundi )

    Patrick Britton
    born 9 Mar
    ?baptised c1831
    ?Fermanagh, Ireland
    Delia Mary Shouldize
    birth unknown
    parents: George Shouldize & Mary
    Patrick Britton & Delia Shouldize
    married 1880
    Gunnedah NSW
    Patrtick Britton
    died 28 Aug 1895
    Murrurundi, NSW

    Australian Cemeteries Index, 2008
    Delia Mary Britton
    died 1908
    Walgett NSW
    Delia Shouldize

  • 1877 Melbourne to Sydney

  • courtesy of Daphne
    Will of Patrick & Delia Britton

  • Sydney Morning Herald, 6 Mar 1915

  • from NLA Australian Newspapers Beta
    Children of Patrick Britton & Delia Shouldize

    George William Britton1881 Murrurundi -
    Thomas Patrick Britton1882 Gunnedah – 1955 Pilligam 1909 Brewarrina to Eleanor Mary Priscilla Catonchildren: Eleanor, Thomas
    Charles Shouldize Britton1885 Walgett – 1968 Penrith
    Mary Elizabeth Britton1886 Walgett – 1945 Five Dockm 1914 Mosman to Thomas George Britton
    Delia Ellen Britton1888 Walgett – 1962 Sydneym 1913 Redfern to Claude Rolleston Steerchildren: Norma, Delia
    Andrew Bernard Britton1890 Walgett – 1918 France, Abbevillem 1916 Marrickville to Dorothy Elizabeth Lewischildren: Mary Lilian

    George Britton,
    son of Patrick & Delia Britton
    death from sun stroke, 5 Feb 1935,
    Longreach, Qld
  • Morning Bulletin, Rockhampton, Qld. Tuesday 5 February 1935

  • from NLA Australian Newspapers Beta
    Thomas Patrick Britton
    grave - Pilliga NSW

    courtesy of Daphne
    Eleanor Mary Priscilla Caton

    courtesy of Daphne
    Caton family, c1897

    Back row L/R Jack, Sarah, Bennett, Alice & Louis.
    Middle row L/R Eleanor, Daniel, (Mother Alice, Father Daniel), baby Rosamond , Martha & Archie.
    Front row L/R Norah & St’Clair.
    courtesy of Daphne
    Eleanor Mary Priscilla Caton

    courtesy of Daphne

    Charles Britton
    (1840 Wollongong - ?1906 Bundarra )

    Charles Britton
    born 14 Mar, 1840
    Wollongong, NSW
    Mary Kennedy
    born c1848
    parents: Patrick Kennedy & Mary
    Charles Britton & Mary Kennedy
    married 1867
    Charles Britton
    died ?1906
    ?Bundarra, NSW
    Mary Britton
    died 17 Jul 1881
    buried Murrurundi
    age 33
    Charles Britton
    Pine Ridge Hotel
    Certificate for Publicans' Licence 1876, 1877, 1878
    Children of Charles Britton & Mary Kennedy
    Mary Ann Britton b.1868 Murrurundi
    Charles Kennedy Britton b.1869 Murrurundi - 1951 Gosford
    Anne Britton b.1871 Murrurundi - 1871 Murrurundi
    Eleanor Britton b.1872 Murrurundi - 1923 Sydney m 1907 Sydney to William R Englishchildren:Margaret
    William Britton b.1873 Murrurundi - 1873 Murrurundi
    Philip Patrick Britton b.1875 Murrurundi - 1924 Bundarra m 1913 Bundarra to Elizabeth Mary Murraychildren:Phyllis
    William Britton b.1876 Murrurundi - 1900 Inverell
    Andrew Britton b.1878 Murrurundi
    Thomas Henry Britton b.1879 Murrurundi - 1919 Tamworth m 1913 Tamworth to Zillah Gertrude Deekschildren:John, Cyril, Edward, Betty
    George Britton b.1881 Gunnedah - 1952 Bundarra m 1920 Bundarra to Mary Geraldine Watts

    Unknown male Britton
    (dates & places unknown)

    unknown birth
    ?Ireland or NSW
    unknown death
    ?Ireland or NSW
    ?age ?infant

    Shouldize family

    From Daphne

    George Shouldize
    born c.1801
    born c.1816
    parents: Michael & Mary
    George Shouldize & Mary
    married c.
    George Shouldize
    died 1 Dec 1889
    age 88
    Mary Shouldize
    died 30 Oct 1901
    Murrurundi, NSW
    age 85

    Australian Cemeteries Index, 2008
    Children of George Shouldize & Mary
    Elizabeth Shouldize 1844 Ireland - ?1943 Five Dock m 1872 Sydney to Thomas Brittonchildren:Thomas
    Mary (Minnie) Shouldize 1846 Ireland - 1928 Armidale m 1868 Wee Waa to George Henry Turnerchildren:Theophilus, Catherine, Henry, Ernest, Mary, Thomas
    Delia Mary Shouldize 1856 -.Ireland - 1908 Walgett m 1880 Gunnedah to Patrick Brittonchildren:George, Thomas, Charles, Mary, Delia, Andrew
    Anna M Shouldize b.Ireland - 1923 Redfern m 1883 Murrurundi to George G Eldchildren:Ethel, Anna, Zita, George, Enid
    Teresa Christina Shouldize 1861 Ireland - 1952 Morpeth m 1886 Murrurundi to Michael O'Mearachildren:William, Mary, Francis
    Ellen Shouldize - 1916 Sydney m 1893 Sydney to Charles Harrischildren:Thomas, John, Ernest, Bridget

    Elizabeth & Mary Shouldize
    emigrated 1866
    ship "Racehorse"
    Origin: Mount Shennon, Limerick, Ireland

  • depositor - Maurice Welsh
  • Christina & Delia Shouldize
    emigrated 1876/1877
    Plymouth to Adelaide
  • "Robert Lees" 1876/7

  • Melbourne to Sydney
    ship "You Yangs"
  • 11 Jun 1877
  • George & Mary Shouldize
    emigrated 1879
    London to Sydney

  • "Dunbar Castle" 1879