Francis ANDREWS & Ann COVENTON of Shoreditch & Bethnal Green, c1805
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"Best guess" chart showing the parents, children & grandchildren of

of Shoreditch & Bethnal Green, c1805

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Thomas Andrews & Eleanor Farrell married 1767 Shoreditch Francis Andrews & Rachel Coggin married 1791 Bethnal Green Francis Andrews & Ann Coventon lived Bethnal Green & Shoreditch 1807-1807 children: Thomas James Andrews (1791 Bethnal Green) & ?Rebecca Wright married 1830 Shoreditch Francis John Andrews (1805 Bethnal Green) & Mary Harris married 1823 Stepney William Andrews (1807 Shoreditch) & Sarah Wellard (1816 Folkestone) married 1837 Windsor

Marriage of Francis Andrews:

Francis ANDREWS & Rachel COGGAN
married 1791 Bethnal Green, London

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  • Francis Andrews' will - UK PRO

  • William Andrews' trial 1826 Old Bailey

  • Claim a convict - William Andrews

  • Covington/Coventon name pages

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    Francis Andrews
    baptism unknown
    Rachel Coggan
    baptism unknown
    Francis Andrews & Rachel Coggan
    married 10 Jan 1791,
    Bethnal Green St Matthew, 1791

    witnesses: William Shepard, Sarah Coggan
    Rachel Andrews
    ?buried 9 Aug 1816
    Spa Fields Burial Ground, Middlesex
    "age 48, of St Pancras"

    Relationship of Francis Andrews & Ann Coventon

    c1804, Bethnal Green
    no marriage
    Ann Coventon
    baptism unknown
    ?parents: William Coventon & Ann Beare
    Francis Andrews
    buried 4 Dec 1808
    Bethnal Green St Matthew, Middlesex

    Marriage of Ann Coventon

    Banns - Ann Coventon & John Joules
    Southwark St Olave, 1813

    Ann Coventon & John Joules
    married 19 Sep 1813
    Southwark St Olave

    witnesses: John Free, Elizabeth Free, John Adams
    John Joules
    baptism unknown

    ?brother George Joules
    John Joules
    poulterer, 1807

  • The Gazette

  • Insolvent debtor -
    Richard Bishop, 1812, late of Fleet Market, poulterer
    prisoner in the Poultry Comter, first to third notice
    The Gazette, 1812
    John Joules
    ?buried 22 Jan 1819
    Bunhill Fields Mdx
    "of Warwick Sq, age 48" (born 1771)
    Ann Joules
    burial unknown
    ?16 Jan 1831
    Commercial Road, Philpot Street, Wycliffe Chapel, formerly in Cannon Street Road (Independent)

    First marriage of John Joules

    John Joules & Sarah Tomkins
    married 19 Aug 1798
    Holborn St Andrew

    witness: John Boughton & Ann Whitefoot
    Sarah Tomkins
    baptism unknown
    Sarah Joules
    buried 23 Mar 1813
    Bunfield Fields, Mdx
    "of Fleet Market, age 36" (born 1777)
    ?Children of John Joules & Sarah Tomkins

    John Joules d.1802 age 3, of Fleet Market

    Transcript of Francis Andrews' will
    made 19 Nov 1808 , proved 31 Dec 1808

    from UK PRO Online Document Service

    IN THE NAME OF GOD (-) ffrancis Andrews of Bacon Street Bethnal Green in the county of Middlesex (-) being of sound mind memory and understanding but considering that uncertainty of life do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say ffirst I give and bequeath to my wife Rachell the sum of one shilling also I give unto my son Thomas Andrews a suit of mourning and our loom also I give unto Ann Coventon of Club Row Spital fields the dau of William Coventon servant after the two above Gifts I give her all the rest residue and remainder Of my household ffurniture both linen and woollon wearing apparel looms and every thing else whatsoever and whatsoever and I being a member of a ffriendly Society held at Mr James?foursor at the Sign of the Crown Spital fields and all the benefit and interest I may be entitled to at my decease after payment of my just Debts and ffuneral expenses I request my Exors Mr John ffree of Cold aarbour Street ?Soakway Road in this parish of St Matthew Bethnal Green waiter and Mr Joseph ffoster of Luke St in the parish of Shoreditch gentleman the said Ann Coventon is to (-) (-) (-) and benefit to arise therefrom in every respect paid her by the said John ffree and the said Joseph ffoster whom I hereby nominate constitute and appoint my trusty and lawful Executors in whom I trust to see the full exon of (-) witness to (-)of I have hereto set my hand and seal this nineteenth day of November one thousand eight hundred and eight # Francis Andrews

    signed sealed published and (-) by the above named ffrancis Aandrews the testator as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us who have hereto subcribed our names as witness at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other #Wm Brice clerk to / William Coventon Old Cock Row Bethnal Green tripeman

    This will was proved at London on the thirty first day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eight before the Worshipful Charles Coote Doctor of Laws and Surrogate of the Right Honourable Sir William Wynne Knight Doctor of Laws Master Keeper or commissary of the prerogative court of Canterbury lawfully constituted by the oaths of John ffree and Joseph ffoster the executors named in the said will to whom Admin was granted of all and singular the goods Chattels and (-) of the deceased having been first duly sworn to administer

    Francis Andrews' will

    Trial of Ann Covington
    1812 Middlesex

    Name: Ann Covington
    Degree of Instruction: N
    Age: 27
    Estimated Birth Year: abt 1785
    Date of Trial: 12 Dec 1812
    Location of Trial: Central Criminal Court, Middlesex, England
    Sentence: Acquittal
    Crime: Larceny

    source: Ancestry - All England & Wales, Criminal Registers, 1791-1892, HO26; Piece 48; page 48

    from Kim

    The children of Francis Andrews & Rachel Coggan

    Thomas James Andrews
    (1791 Bethnal Green -

    Thomas James Andrews
    born 26 Dec 1791,
    baptised 1792,
    Bethnal Green, St Matthew
    son Francis & Rachel Andrews, weaver

    Marriage of Thomas James Andrews - several possibilities:

    Possibility 1 - 1821 to Ann Cripps - witness was John Free, his father's friend.

    Possibility 2 - 1814 to Sarah Edwards, then 1828 to Ann Maddick/Battershill - born Spitalfields 1793 & a weaver in 1814.
    Thomas James Andrews
    death unknown

    ?1856, Lambeth

    Thomas Andrews' marriage - Possibility 1

    Thomas Andrews & Ann Cripps
    married 11 Apr 1821
    Christ Chruch, Stepney
    TA bachelor ?? & AC spinster
    witnesses: John Free & Samuel Ashton
    Ann Cripps
    baptism unknown
    Ann Andrews
    death unknown

    Thomas Andrews'marriage - Possibility 2

    Thomas Andrews & Sarah Edwards
    married 9 Jan 1814
    Bethnal Green St Matthew

    witnesses: John Vandorne/Vandome & John McPherson

    This entry could link witness Vandome to TJA's mother's Coggan family:

    Insured: James COGGAN , the East India House, Leadenhall Street, esq Other property or occupiers: 117, 118 Leadenhall Street (VANDOME scale maker, Noble breeches maker); 64, 65 (Taylor hardwareman and fruiterer), 66 (Davis fruiterer), 67 (Campion hair dresser),

    Date: 1808 Source: Access to Archives (A2A)
    Document ref. no. MS 11936/442/816670
    Sarah Edwards
    birth unknown

    Sarah Andrews
    ?buried 25 Aug 1822
    Bethnal Green

    Non-Conformist Record Indexes (RG4-8)
    Baptism - daughter Sarah Ann Andrews

    born 1816
    baptised 13 Jun 1819, Spitalfields Christchurch

    from Kim

    Marriage - daughter Sarah Ann Andrews

    Sarah Ann Andrews & David Trinder Peers
    married 17 Jul 1853
    Shoreditch St Leonard,

    witnesses: BA Girling & ?C Girling
    Baptism - son Thomas F Andrews

    born c1822
    no baptism found
    some notes:

    Several possibilities but probably the TFA who died 1842 London.

    - not the TFA married Caroline Barnes 1853, son of Thomas & Eliz Andrews of Islington

    - not the Thomas Andrews b.1822. St Sepulchre. His father, Thomas Andrews, coffee shop prop, was born in Charlton, Herts.

    Children of Thomas James Andrews & Sarah Edwards

    Sarah Ann Andrews1816 Spitalfields - 1864 Camberwell m 1853 Shoreditchto David Trinder Peers
    ?Thomas F Andrews1822 - ?1842 London

    Thomas Andrews' second marriage, 1828

    Thomas Andrews & Ann Battershill
    married 21 Dec 1828
    London, St. Sepulchre
    TA ?bachelor & AB widow
    Ann Maddick
    baptism unknown
    Devon, Ashburton
    Ann Maddick's first marriage

    Ann Maddick & George Battershill
    married 1 Sep 1807
    Whitechapel, London
    George Battershill
    buried 15 Jan 1827
    St Pancras, London
    age 57, (ie born 1770)
    Ann Maddick/Battershill/Andrews
    death unknown

    Children of Ann Maddick & George Battershill

    John George Battershill1817 London - 1819 Holborn
    Esther Battershill1820 London - 1899 Shoreditch m 1846 St Gilesto Charles Kentish children: Charles J, Esther B, Sarah A, Selina K, Alice E

    Date: 1829
    Insured: Thomas Andrews, 60 Old Bailey, gent, his wife a book stitcher
    [Guildhall Library, Records of Sun Fire...]
    National Archives UK document ref. no. MS 11936/519/1096614
    Date: 1832
    Insured: Thomas Andrews, 5 Crown Court, Warwick Lane, his wife a book stitcher.
    [Guildhall Library, Records of Sun Fire...]
    Source: Access to Archives (A2A)
    National Archives UK document ref. no. MS 11936/536/1145463
    Date: 1834
    Insured: Thomas Andrews, 5 Crown Court Warwick Lane, gent
    [Guildhall Library, Records of Sun Fire...]
    National Archives UK document ref. no. MS 11936/519/1096614

    UK Census

    1841London, Christchurch, Warwick Lane, Crown Court
    Thomas Andrews age 50porter born Middlesex
    Ann Andrews age 59bookfoldernot born Middlesex
    Sarah Ann Andrews age 23bookfolderborn Middlesex
    Thomas ?F Andrews age 19schoolboy publicborn Middlesex

    1851St Martin Ludgate, 60 Old Bailey
    Thomas Andrews age 59 head married porter stationers companyborn Middlesex, Spitalfields
    Ann Andrews age 69 wife married bookfolderborn Devon, Ashburton
    Sarah Ann Andrews age 35daughter unmarried bookfolderborn Middlesex, Spitalfields

    1861Lambeth, 4 Woodland Terrace
    Sarah Ann Peers age 36 sister in law married porter stationers companyborn City of London
    David Peers age 59 brother married bookbinderborn Middlesex Hoxton
    Harriet Peers age 60 head unmarried bookfolderborn Middlesex Hoxton

    Francis Andrews
    (1797 Mile End New Town - ?1797 Mile End New Town)

    Francis Andrews
    born 29 Mar 1797
    baptised 4 Jun 1797
    Stepney St Dunstan, Middlesex
    parents: Francis Andrews & Rachel
    "Mile End New Town, weaver"

    courtesy of Kim
    Francis Andrews
    Spa Fields Burial Ground, Middlesex
    Countess Huntingdon Connection
    age 9 months

    The children of Francis Andrews & Ann Coventon

    Francis John Andrews
    (1804 Bethnal Green-1845 Bermondsey)

    Francis John Andrews
    baptised 4 Aug 1805
    Bethnal Green St Matthew,
    parents: Francis Andrews & Ann
    born 20 Dec 1804
    Mary Harris
    baptism unknown
    ?c1803, Witney, Oxfordshire
    father: Joshua Harris
    Francis John Andrews & Mary Harris
    married 27 Jul 1823
    Stepney St Dunstan, Middlesex

    witnesses: James Middleton, Mary Ann Coventon
    Francis John Andrews
    buried 22 Jun 1845
    Bermondsey, Surrey

    from Kim
    William Reynolds
    baptism unknown
    ?c1801 London Wall/St Luke
    Mrs Mary Andrews & William Reynolds
    married , 24 Jan 1847
    St Pancras, Middlesex

    witnesses: William Fletcher, Susannah Harris

    from Kim
    Mary Reynolds
    death unknown
    William Reynolds
    death unknown

    Andrews-Harris family UK census addresses

    Francis John Andrews (1805-?1845)
    1841Westminster, Strand14 Bear Yard 38 tripe dealerwith wife Mary & 5 ch

    Mary Reynolds, formerly Andrews, nee Harris
    1851St Pancras46 Middlesex St47wifemarriedlaundresswith husband William & 4 ch
    1861St Pancras27 Brewer St58wifemarriedlaundresswith husband William & 2 ch
    1871St Pancras61 Union St67with 1 lodger

    Children of Francis John Andrews & Mary Harris

    Francis John Andrews1824 Stepney - 1901 Etonm 1844St Pancrasto Hannah Hedges children:Francis J 1845, Hannah 1845, Francis J 1847,Sarah 1851, Thomas Js 1851, Henry 1856, Elizabeth 1859, Ellen 1860
    Mary Andrews1830 Westminster -
    Sarah Elizabeth Andrews1834 Westminster - 1909 Toxteth Parkm 1861St Pancrasto George Vick children:George 1863, Elizabeth 1865, William 1867, Henry 1871, Amy 1875
    William Andrews1837 Westminster - m1 1857 St Pancrasto Sophia Sarah Collinschildren:Mary A 1858, Francis John 1860, Phoebe 1862, Sophia S 1865, Harriet 1868, William 1874
    m2 1876 Shoreditchto Mary Ann Hooke/Amblerchildren:Alice 1881
    Jane Andrews1840 Westminster - m 1863St Pancrasto Frederick Hallchildren:Frederick 1863, Edwin 1866, Henrietta 1870, Rosina 1885

    Francis John Andrews & Hannah Hedges
    married 2 Jun 1844
    St Pancras

    witnesses: F J Andrews, Hannah Hedges

    from Kim
    Sarah Andrews & George Vick
    married 7 Jul 1861
    St Pancras

    witnesses: Francis John Andrews & Jane Andrews

    from Kim
    William Andrews & Sophia Sarah Collins
    married 20 Sep 1857
    St Pancras

    witnesses: Amos ?Eq & Mary Ann Andrews

    from Kim
    William Andrews & Mary Ann Hooke/Ambler
    married 15 Oct 1876
    Shoreditch St Leonard

    witnesses: Henry Ambler & Hariett Ambler

    from Kim
    Jane Andrews & Frederick Hall
    married 11 Jan 1863
    St Pancras

    witnesses: William Andrews & Sarah Long

    from Kim

    Andrews-Harris children UK census addresses

    Francis John Andrews (1824-1901)
    1841Westminster, Strand14 Bear Yard 18 with parents & 4 sibs
    1851Lambeth14 New St27headmarriedtripe dresserwith wife Hannah & 2 ch
    1861Newington41 Brandon St36headmarriedtripe dresserwith wife Hannah & 6 ch
    1871Newington66 Brandon St48headmarriedtripe dresserwith wife Hannah & 4 ch
    1881Newington66 Brandon St57headwidowertripe dresserwith 3 dau
    1891BucksBurnham67headwidowerjourneyman butcherwith 2 dau
    1901BucksBurnham77headwidowerretired butcherwith dau & s-in-l

    Mary Andrews (1830-)
    1841Westminster, Strand14 Bear Yard 11 with parents & 4 sibs
    1851St Pancras46 Middlesex St20dauulaundresswith mother, step-f, 2 sibs, step-bro

    Sarah Andrews (1834-1909)
    1841Westminster, Strand14 Bear Yard 7 with parents & 4 sibs
    1851?St Peter Paul Wharf?16 Thames St?19?servu?servant?with Kettle family
    1861St Pancras27 Brewer St26dauuironerwith mother, step-f, 1 sis
    Sarah Elizabeth Vick, nee Andrews
    1881Garston, Lancs4 Dock Rd46wifemsignalman's wifewith husband George & 5 children

    William Andrews (1837-)
    1841Westminster, Strand14 Bear Yard4 with parents & 4 sibs
    1851St Pancras46 Middlesex St14sonuerrand boywith mother, step-f, 2 sibs, step-bro
    1861St Pancras157 Church Row St23headmtripe dresserwith wife Sophia, & 2 chn
    1871St Pancras16 Brill Row St34headmtripe dresserwith wife Sophia, 5 chn & 1 visitor
    1881Deptford40 Hamilton St43headmtripe dresserwith wife Mary A, 4 ch, 3 step-ch

    Jane Andrews (1840-)
    1841Westminster, Strand14 Bear Yard1 with parents & 4 sibs
    1851St Pancras46 Middlesex St10dauuscholarwith mother, step-f, 2 sibs, step-bro
    1861St Pancras27 Brewer St21dauuflower makerwith mother, step-f, 1 sis
    Jane Hall, nee Andrews
    1881London5 Deans Place40wifemprinter's wifewith husband Frederick & 3 children

    William Andrews
    (1807 Shoreditch-1860 Mulbring)

    Baptism - William Andrews
    Shoreditch, 3 May 1807
    born 31 March 1807
    son Francis & Ann Andrews of Reeves Place
    Reeves Place, 1862