Thomas BRITTON & Norah McCARTEY married c1795, Pettigo, Donegal
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Thomas BRITTON & Norah McCARTEY married c1795, Pettigo, Donegal

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Thomas Britton/Brereton (c1770 Donegal) & Norah McCartey (c1770 Donegal) married c1795 ?Donegal, children: William Britton/Brereton (c1798 ?Drumkerraint) & Mary Mooney (c1805 ?Drumkerrain) married c1827 Pettigo, Andrew Britton/Brereton (c1800 ?Drumkerraint) & Ellen Corrigan married c1830 ?Donegal


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  • 1805/1806 Leslie Estate
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    John Thomas Britton
    baptism c1752
    Norah McCartey
    baptism unknown
    John Thomas Britton & Norah McCartey
    marriage unknown

    John Thomas Britton
    died 1807
    Norah Britton
    death unknown

    Some children of John Thomas Britton & Norah McCartey

    William Britton
    (c1798 ?Fermanagh - 1881 Willow Tree)

    William Britton
    parents: Thomas Britton & Norah McCartey
    Mary Mooney
    baptism unknown
    parents: Bernard Thomas Mooney & Sarah Adams
    William Britton & Mary Mooney
    marriage unknown
    Pettigo, Ireland

    Mary Britton
    died 7 Apr 1876,
    Willow Tree, NSW


    Mary, wife of William Britton of Willow Tree
    died 7 Apr 1876

    William Britton
    died 15 May, 1881
    Willow Tree, NSW

    William Britton, husband of Mary
    died 15 May 1881 age 83

    buried with:
    George Shouldize, died 1 December, 1889, age 88 yrs
    also Mary Shouldize, died 30 October, 1901, age 85 yrs

    Murrurundi RC cemetery, 1965
    Will of William Britton, died 1881 Willow Tree

    Executors: sons Thomas & William Britton
    Witnesses: Thomas Guest of Willow Tree & Thomas Eccles Nash of Murrurundi
    Property: Charles & Ellen £100 each & the rest to be divided between Thomas, Bernard William & Patrick
    Value: estate under £650

    Ship: "Susan"
    Arrived: NSW Sydney, 10 March 1839
    Assisted Bounty Immigrants

  • Account of "Susan" leaving Ireland
  • William Breton

    occupation : farm labourer
    religion: Roman Catholic
    age: 41 years
    native place: Fermanagh, Drumkerraint
    father: Thomas Breton, farmer in Donegal
    mother: Norah McCartey
    Mary Breton

    occupation : launderess
    religion: Roman Catholic
    age: 35 years
    native place: Fermanagh, Drumkerraint
    father: Barnet Mahoney, sailor
    mother: Sarah Adams

    Thomas 12 years on 13 Aug
    William 8 years on 26 Mar
    Barnet 8 years on 26 Mar
    Ellen 7 years on 31 Jul
    Patrick 2 years on 9 Mar
    William Britton

    labourer, native place: ?Dunscarn?
    Catholic, making bricks, Wollongong, piece work.
    Return of disposal of immigrants on ship "Susan" 1839
  • NSW State records
  • William Britton

    gave subscription for Irish Relief Fund, 1846

  • Jenny Willetts pages
  • Publicans Licences
    William Britton 1830-1860

    1853, The Post Law Inn, Tamworth, Lic No 1, reel 5063
    1854, The Red Cow, Tamworth, Lic No 7, reel 5065
    1856, The Red Cow Inn, Tamworth, Lic No 5, reel 1237
    1856, The Red Cow Inn, Tamworth, Lic No Tr/Gr, reel 1239
    1857, The Red Cow Inn, Murrurundi, Lic No 3, reel 1239
    1858, Sign of Willow Tree, Murrurundi, Lic No 3, reel 1240
    1860, The Willow Tree Inn, Murrurundi, Lic No 3, reel 1241

  • Richmond Tweed Regional Library 1997

  • Patrick Britton
    (c1800 ?Pettigo - ?d.Scotland)

    Patrick Britton
    baptism unknown
    Patrick Britton
    death unknown

    Andrew Britton
    (c1800 ?Pettigoe - )

    Andrew Britton
    baptism c1800
    ?Pettigoe, Donegal
    Ellen Corrigan
    baptised c1805
    ?Pettigoe, Donegal
    Andrew Britton & Ellen Corrigan
    married c1830
    ?Pettigoe, Donegal

    Andrew Britton
    death date unknown
    Finchashel, Donegal
    Ellen Britton
    death unknown
    ?Pettigoe, Donegal
    Children of Andrew Britton & Ellen Corrigan

    James Britton c 1832 Donegal -
    Thomas Brittonc1835 Donegal - 1917 Stroudm 1864 Port Stephens to Mary Ann Young
    Rosanna Brittonc1839 Donegal - 1870 Walgett m 1861 Scone to Patrick Mahoney children: Patrick W 1862

    Children of Andrew Britton & Ellen Corrigan:

    Large family of which three emigrated to Australia
    sponsered by :
    21 Jun 1856, uncle William Britton lodged £15 as deposit towards the passages to Australia of his brother Andrew’s three children, James, Thomas & Rosanna Britton.
    Family of Thomas Britton

    baptised c1835, ?Pettigoe,
    married 1864 NSW Port Stephens
    to: Mary Ann Young
    died 1917 NSW Stroud