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CONTENTS, Vol. 27, No. 1 (Fall 2019)


1890s Deaths of Adam Bell and His Widow, Eliza Carothers Bell (Nevels)

Belzoni School Faculty, 1916 (Leese)

Gibson Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 4th Quarterly Conference,  1936 (Edwards)

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Your Quarterly

When the Yankees Robbed the Port Gibson Bank (Moore)

Contacting Your Editor

1920 Building Costs (Loviza)

Arrivals at Cooper’s Well, 1904 (Dardeau)

Vicksburg Anti-Dueling Society, 1844 (Dardeau)

Our Printer

Mr. and Mrs. James Wilkins Open a School for Young Ladies, 1806 (Boone)

Death of James M. Gordon, Amite County, 1838 (Dardeau)

The 1788 and 1794 Surveys of William Kirkwood’s Land Near Natchez (Riffel)

An 1807 Duel Between Cowles Mead and Captain Robert Sample (Dardeau)

Vicksburg City Council Approves Expenses and Seeks Legislative Permission, 1843 (Price)

Dues Notice

Memorial Gifts

Redwood Train Wrecks Investigation, 1891-1893 (Boone)

Mrs. Sallie Powell:  Reports of Her Death Greatly Exaggerated, 1910 (Dardeau)

Private James Frank Leist Awarded the Purple Heart, 1945 (Boone)

Laurel Elks Elects Officers, 1910 (Dardeau)

Emmanuel Amilcar Gremillion, 1931 Obituary (Bowen)

Marriages Reported in a Natchez Newspaper, 1832 (Dardeau)

W.H. McKee and an 1885 Georgia Legal Matter (Dardeau)

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Ernestine’s Letter to Fred Morley on Board a Vicksburg Survey Boat, 1882 (Dardeau)

Snow in Vicksburg and Memphis During Spring 1876 (Dardeau)

Letters at the Pinckneyville Post Office at the End of 1808 (Dardeau)

William Halley Murdered in the Biloxi Marshes, 1911 (Dardeau)

William Wallace Coutch, Sr., Family Bible Record (Coutch)

Mississippi Land Sale, 1852 (Dardeau)

Vicksburg and Meridian Rail Road Manifests, June 2, 1867 (Price)

Fultz-Newell Newellton Wedding, 1898 (Dardeau)

Gastonia High’s 1949 Junior-Senior Prom (Dardeau)

Anthony Hutchins’1797 Discourse on Insult vs. Assault and Battery (Miller)

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Index (Edwards)

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