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Will of Joseph Emory Davis, 1869-1877 (Sanders)

Dues Notice

Searching for James Kimbrel, 1856 (Riffel)

Your Quarterly

Concord Post is Transferred from Spain to France to the United States, 1804 (Dardeau)

Joseph Vidal Sells a Vidalia Mill, 1821 (Miller and Riffel)

S.E. Mackey Remembers a 1914 Coon Hunt with Dave Ward (Boone)

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Our Printer

Obituary of John Strong, Copiah County, 1838 (Coutch)

J. Cyril O’Neill Provides Information on the Antomarchi Family (Loviza)

Corban Family 1931 Thanksgiving Visit (Leese)

Death of Lewis Cable in “Old Greenville,” 1826 (Nevels)

Contacting Your Editor

Outrageous Hack Charges in Vicksburg, 1870 (Price)

Memorial Gifts

Unclaimed Letters at “Old Greenville” Post Office, 1823 (Miller)

Width of the Mississippi River, 1806 (Dardeau)

Death of Thomas B. Reed at Port Gibson, 1833 (Dardeau)

Sweetwater United Methodist Church and Cemeteries, Copiah County (Boone)

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Charles Gordon of Marion:  Railroad Debt and Yellow Fever, 1858 (Dardeau)

In Memoriam:  James Earl (Sam) Price

The 1918 Influenza Epidemic in Vicksburg and New Orleans (Boone)

Opening of St. Mary’s School, Vicksburg, 1906 (Dardeau)

An Invitation to “Drink” Refused, 1823 (Miller)

The Vicksburg Evening Post, a New Newspaper, 1883 (Price)

Marriages Reported in a Natchez Newspaper, 1837 (Dardeau)

Ezekiel Newman Emancipates Limerick, a Slave 1823 (Miller)

Walter T. Bobb’s Body Recovered, 1904 (Dardeau)

Natchez Celebrated the 43rd Anniversary of American Independence, 1819 (Dardeau)

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Index (Edwards)


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