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Note: If you have manuscript, photographic, newspaper, oral tradition, or other unpublished information regarding the 43rd MS Infantry or any of its soldiers, please contact Jim Huffman via email, or at 1230 Stemwood Drive, Picayune, MS 39466. (601) 798-8208. This material is needed for a true regimental history of the 43rd. Please visit our 43rd MS Infantry website at www.43rdmississippi.homestead.com/index.html. Please visit the Sons of Confederate Veterans homepage at www.scv.org and the MS Division SCV webpage at www.mississippiscv.org.

The 43rd Regiment, Mississippi Infantry Volunteers, CSA, was also known as "Moore's Regiment," "Harrison's Regiment," "the Camel Regiment," and "the Bloody Forty-third."

Organized 15 May 1862. The 43rd Mississippi Infantry saw service at Iuka, fought at 2nd Corinth, resisted Grant's Central Mississippi Railroad Campaign, repulsed Sherman at 2nd Chickasaw Bayou, served in Deer Creek Expedition (Pound's detachment), nobly endured the Siege of Vicksburg, fought at the Siege of Jackson (Pound's detachment), campaigned at Chickamauga (Pound's detachment), helped turn back Sooy Smith's Meridian Expedition, fought in the 100 Day's Battles all the way from Resaca to Atlanta, endured the Siege of Atlanta, skirmished at Decatur, made a famous charge on Franklin's bloody fields of glory, was shattered at Nashville, but, undaunted, rose from the ashes to fight again at Kinston and, finally, took part in the last great Confederate charge at Bentonville.

The pages you now hold bear the hallowed names of the noble, courageous Sons of the South who did these mighty deeds of valor. Cherish their memory. Laud their bravery. Celebrate their Heritage of Honor.

"Though men deserve, they may not win success; the brave will honor the brave, vanquished nonetheless."

Deo Vindice 
("God Vindicates")

Company E
"Captain Smith's Company"
Fredonia, Pontotoc (now Union) County
26 April 1862

Captain Nicholas Blackwell 
Captain William P. Smith 
1st Lieutenant J.R. Black 
1st Lieutenant William P. Hooker 
1st Lieutenant Edward Y. Reeves 
2nd Lieutenant James B. Harper 
2nd Lieutenant James S. Jones 
2nd Lieutenant Benjamin C. Sneed 
1st Sergeant James E. Browning 
2nd Sergeant John G. Russell 
2nd Sergeant Samuel S. Windham 
3rd Sergeant Wilson A. Duff 
4th Sergeant Warren M. Swindoll 
4th Sergeant Nimrod A. Wilkins 
5th Sergeant Robert J. Duff 
5th Sergeant Alfred S. Wiley 
1st Corporal Levi N. Hill 
2nd Corporal Samuel K. Wilkins 
3rd Corporal William H.H. Russell 
4th Corporal Benjamin R. Sneed 
4th Corporal Joseph Stoates 
4th Corporal George P. Williamson 
Corporal William H. Baxter 
Irwin Biford 
William Biford 
Francis M. Brown 
John R. Browning 
Johnathan D. Browning 
Martin B. Browning 
Drury H. Calder 
James Carver 
William Cooper, Jr. 
Richard N. Cullins 
Walter R. Duff 
James K. Edwards 
E.T. Garrett 
James J. Garrett 
John G. Garrett 
William F. Garrett 
S.R. Green 
P.A. Hardin 
J.M. Hays 
James M. Head 
Wesley N. Head 
George F. Head 
James K. Hill 
John R. Hill 
Green B. Hopkins 
James Hubbard 
William Huskison 
Alexander C. Jones 
W.F. Jones 
Alfred Petty 
John H. McDaniel 
Robert A. McDaniel 
James W. Miller 
Charles B. Mitchell 
John M. Morrison 
Samuel Nelson 
Elias Overstreet 
Gabriel Owens 
William M. Pare 
Maston H. Pinson 
A.B. Potter 
James F. Potter 
Stephen B. Ratliff 
Hugh H. Russell 
James A. Russell 
Jesse Russell 
Moses H. Rye 
Hezekiah C. Saunders 
Charles J. Shaw 
Robert W. Shaw 
David L. Smith 
Isiah W. Smith 
James L. Smith 
John W. Smith 
Abner D. Sneed 
J. LaFayette Sneed 
Murphy D. Sneed 
W.V. Sneed 
Marion Sparks 
Solomon Sparks 
Joseph E. Sullivan 
Augustus W. Swindoll 
William C. Swindoll 
William C. Vaughan 
Frederick Warren 
Richard Warren 
Zack Warren 
James B. Wells 
James B. Wilkins 
William J. Wilkins 
Isaac H. Williams 
James A. Williams 
Stephen C. Williams 
Thomas J. Williams 
Thomas S. Williams 
Stephen W. Windham 

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