Trails To The Past Mississippi Ghost Towns

  Ghost Towns


'A Ghost Town is a town or community that at one time had a commercial or population center,
and is either wholly abandoned or faded greatly from its peak, and now is just a shadow of its former self.'

 AntiochAugusta  Bankston
 Bay Springs Blackwater  Boler's Inn
 Brewton Camargo  Cotton Gin Port
 Daleville Dallas  Eaton
 EdsvilleFlat Top  Fort Bayou
 GainesvilleGarden City Gomez
 Grand Gulf
 HopewellLiberty Hill Logtown
 MarylandMcNutt Middleton
 MindenMonroe Mount Locust Inn
 NapoleonPalo Alto Panola
 Orwood Piave Piera
 Prairie Mount Rocky Springs Rodney
 RussumSanta Rosa Springdale
 TempleTocowa  Walton
 WestoniaWhite Horse Tavern Williamsville
 Winborn Wontierioniasiopolis Woolworth
 Wyatt  Yale