1907 Sentinel Issue  
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Published at the County Seat.
VOL XXVIII - No. 51.  Subscription $1.00 PER YEAR.
Thursday, August 8, 1907
Official Vote of Tippah County.

U. S. Senator:
Jno. S. Williams 587
Jas. K. Vardaman 1324

 For Governor:
E. N. Thomas 11
Jeff Truly 40
Earl Brewer 897
T.U. Sisson 242
Chas. Scott 500
E. F. Noel 249

For Sheriff:
R. D. Hopper 464
J.C. Fant 774
J.M. Stephens 526
J.D. Mathis 232

Chancery Clerk:
J. W. Street 1205
T. M. Bennett 778

((NOTE:  The returns for many, many offices are in a chart filling the entire
front page of the paper.  These include state and local offices down to cotton
weighers & district bailiffs))

The race between Vardaman and Williams in the state is so close that it has
been impossible so far to tell which one is nominated.  The State Committee is
in session today (Thursday) and will settle the matter.
Noel and Brewer are in the second primary for governor with Noel leading.
Scott was third man, with Sisson fourth.  Truly and Thomas bringing up the
If afflicted with sore eyes, use THOMPSON'S EYE WATER.
A profound sensation was sprung at Meridian when Mrs. Artemisia Wynn was
escorted to the city by deputy sheriffs from Barnett, in Clarke County, where
she claims to have been held for months in the custody of Mrs. Elvira Smith,
against her will.  She was brought to Meridian as the result of a warrant
issued by Judge Robert F. Cochran for her release from illegal bondage.  The
aged and infirm lady tells one of the most sensational stories of cruelty
known in the history of the State.  She says she was horsewhipped, locked in a
room with the windows barred, and deprived of the necessaries of life in her
confinement, and otherwise ill treated.  The friends and relatives of the aged
lady are worked up to a pitch of madness as a result of the fearful story told
by Mrs. Wynn.
YOUNG MAN:  Success calls you to Birmingham, Alabama!  There's no need for you
to drudge years away tinkering when the business world calls on you and offers
you every inducement in the way of good salary and constant promotion.  LET US
TEACH YOU BOOKKEEPING AND STENOGRAPHY.  We will guarantee to start you right
on the road to success by placing you in good paying position.  Write to us
for free catalog.  WHEELER BUSINESS COLLEGE Birmingham Alabama.
In the circuit court at Purvis Judge W. H. Cook pronounced the death sentence
on John Brock, a white lad, who was convicted of the murder of Louis Kohler, a
young man clerking in the store of the Baxterville Mercantile Company.  Young
Brock was in the store using bad language.  He was requested to desist by
Kohler.  He left in a huff, went to his home and returned in ten minutes with
a shotgun over his shoulder. He entered the store by the back door, approached
close to Kohler....[last line indecipherable].
A farmers' institute was held at Holly Springs, at which an interesting and
instructive talk on agriculture was made by Mr. Mehang, of Washington. From
the Agricultural and Mechanical college, of Starkville, came Prof. A. B.
Smith, who spoke on animal industry, and C.L. Mooring, whose theme was
horticulture.  C. T. Adams, head of the experiment station, also made a
practical talk.
A bottle of pop exploded while Alvin Kemp of Meridian was drinking from it,
and as a result the young man received a serious wound inflicted on his throat
by flying glass.
DIED:--As we go to press we learn of the death of Mrs. J. Mitch Nance of Blue
Mountain.  The event occurred at 4 o'clock this morning (Thursday).  Her
remains will be interred in the Blue Mountain cemetery at 4 o'clock this
afternoon.  She had been sick for several weeks.
Varicocele, Stricture, Loss of Manly Vigor,
Contagious Blood Poison, Chronic Disorders of Women, Catarrhal Conditions
Cured.  Daily Office Hours 8 to12:30, 1:30 to 5:30 p.m.  Evenings 6:30 to 8.
Sundays 9 to 1.  Free Consultation, Examination and Advice.  Masonic  Temple
cor. 2nd and Madison, Memphis, Tenn.
McAlister & Palmer, Grocers and Confectioners. Handle Hoadleys Pure Ice Cream,
Cold Drinks of All Kinds, etc.  Served in the most fantastic style.  WE LEAD,
OTHERS FOLLOW - in - best brands of canned meats, canned fruits, canned
vegetables.  Also, fast Foods, Crackers, Cakes, Candies, all kinds of Fruits,
etc.  Call and see us or phone us your order, prompt service. Phone 26.
Program of Farmers Union Rally to be held at Flat Rock church August 15th,
Exercises to begin at 10 a.m. Music led by Rev. J. A. Autry. Prayer J. A.
Autry. Music.
Welcome Address - T. R. Stroup. Response - W. A. Crum.  Music - Led by J. A.
Autry.  Recitation - Lillie Hunter.  Music - Led by J. A. Autry.
Address - Hon. A. C. Anderson, Ripley, Miss.  Adjourned for dinner.
Benediction - W. A. Crum.
1:30 p.m.
Music - led by J. M. Megginson.  Address - Hon. H. E. Blakeslee, Jackson,
Miss.  Music - led by J. M. Megginson.  Address - Prof. J. E. Brown of
Mississippi Heights Academy, Closing Song.  Prayer - W. E. Crum.
We anticipate a good time.  Dinner will be in abundance for all; come, you are
invited.  W. A. BUTLER, T. R. STROUP, J. M. MEGGINSON, Com.
Miss Susie Mitchell, who is serving as a trained nurse in Birmingham, has
returned home and will remain in the village for some weeks.
Misses Leona and Felicha May Nance were recalled home, last week, from
Chickasaw County on account of the serious illness of their mother.  Mrs.
Nance has been in a dangerous condition for some days, but is hoped that she
will soon begin to improve.
Dr. W. T. Loworey of Clinton has recently gladdened the village with a visit.
He preached here twice Sunday, and in both services presented to the
congregations such sermons as only the ablest can preach.
Mrs. Elizabeth Bedford has opened a summer boarding house in the Herne
Memorial Cottage on the campus.  She has a number of visitors from
Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky. There is no reason why Blue Mountain
should not make a reputation as a summer resort; and if some of our citizens
would push the matter there is no telling what great things may yet be
The Jamestown party has returned home, having been absent for more than two
weeks. It visited many places of interest on its outing, spent several days in
the national capital, passed through some of the most beautiful sections of
the country, and learned more keenly to appreciate the greatness and the
grandeur of our common country.  Travel is a splendid source of education; and
the annual trips provided by Blue Mountain College are worth a great deal to
the people of the section.
- the guaranteed WORM REMEDY.  The children's favorite
tonic.  Beware of imitations. The genuine prepared only by BALLARD-SNOW
LINIMENT CO. St. Louis Mo.  For sale by Ripley Drug Co.
Standard of the South - SNOWDRIFT HOGLESS LARD.  U. S. Government Inspection.
The Southern Cotton Oil Co.
Luke Winborn spent a part of last week in Benton County.*****Mrs. W. A.
McIntosh has been on the sick list the past few days.*****Mrs. W. W. Hartfield
is visiting her sister at Dumas this week.****Jim Conner spent a part of
Wednesday in the county capital on business.*****Prof. Doggett and family are
visiting relatives in Tennessee for a few days.*****Jim Hargrove is visiting
his father's family north of town at the present time. ***** Clothing at
sacrifice prices in order to reduce our stock - S.S. Finger Mercantile Co.
*****A few mid-summer payments on subscription would be the proper thing about
now. *****Johnnie Humphrey of Dumas has a position with the McDonough Stave
Mill at this place.
*****We are glad to note that, after several days of severe illness, Riddle
Palmer is rapidly improving.***Miss Lelia Tigret and Master John Tigret Wright
spent Wednesday at Blue Mountain with friends. **** Earnest and Allen Smith,
sons of L. Pink Smith, are spending a few days with their grandparents.
*****Mr. W. E. Hoover, a prominent young man of Benton County, spent the first
of the week with his sister, Mrs. Luke Winborn. ***** Why not have a colt show
in Ripley about November? The Sentinel believes that Tippah County has enough
good stock to make a fair showing.  What about it MISTER? *****Capt. W. H.
Brown of Brownfield was in Ripley Tuesday looking after business matters. Mr.
Brown is one of the county's best citizens and his many Ripley friends are
always glad to see him. *****We call special attention to the advertisement in
this issue of the Sentinel of the Ripley Graded School. If you have a boy or
girl to send to school investigate this place before making a final
decision.*****Dr. and Mrs. W. M. Murry and their daughter, Mrs. T. L. Randolph
all of Dumas returned Wednesday from a visit of several weeks to Mont Eagle,
Tenn., where they have been for rest and recuperation. *****After several days
with relatives in our city, Mrs. Anna McKenzie departed this morning for
Jackson, Tenn., where she will spend some time with relatives, after which she
wil return to her home at Bartlett, Texas.*****Albery Carmichiel a former
Tippah boy who has been in Texas for the past seven years came back last week
for a visit of several days.  He was accompanied by his brother, Foster, who
will also visit here for a few days.***** Earnest Smith, of the Greenville
Times, is spending a few days with his grand parents in this city. ***** Hon.
and Mrs. Thos. Spight and daughter, Miss Allie, are at Iuka for a few days
recuperation at the springs. *****Jno. Nelms of Alberta, La., is spending a
few weeks with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Nelms, of this city. *****Dr. R.
M. Adams and family returned last week from Mont Eagle, Tenn., where they had
been for several days. *****Prof. W. M. Pearce spent Sunday night in Ripley,
guest of his friend A. C. Anderson.  He left Monday morning for Holly Springs
where he will teach this year, beginning in September.  Prof. Pearce has
recently graduated from Yale and expects to give his life work to teaching.
***** Mrs. Lizzie Hunt Murry and her daughter, Miss Sallie Falkner Burns,
after giving relatives and friends a pleasant visit of three weeks, left for
their home at Oxford, Miss., on the 6th inst.  Mrs. Hunt will resume her
duties as librarian of the State University, and Miss Sallie Burns goes to
Meridian where she is engaged to teach Latin in the High School the ensuing
Dr. J. D. Burns, Dentist, will be in Blue Mountain Tuesday, Wednesday
and Thursday, Ag. 13, 14 and 15, three days only, prepared to attend to any
work in his line.  Call and see him.
For Sale!
Fine Poland China pigs.  A. M. GUILLARD
I am glad to thank all who have been so kind to me during the illness of my
wife, and great sorrow, and especially do we thank the kind physician for the
kindness shown her.  We trust the day of sorrow is far off from all of you.
NOTICE -- All parties interested are requested to meet at Hopkins graveyard on
Aug. 15, for the purpose of cleaning off and proper attending to the graves.
W. A. Lindsey and others.
STEPHENS & PEGRAM - Attorneys-at-Law - will practice in all the courts.
Ripley, Miss.
NOTICE -- Having purchased the Meat Market and Restaurant formerly owned by
Meek Rowell, we are now prepared to furnish the best of meats, etc., the
market affords.  Give us a trial order.  Meals and Hot Lunches at all hours
during the day.  Your business will be greatly appreciated.  Phone 55. HOUSTON
DIED --Last Saturday the 3rd inst., Mrs. Moffitt the faithful and devoted wife
of Mr. Albert Moffitt of near Gossitt died after a lingering illness of many
months.  Her remains were laid to rest on Sunday at the Rucker graveyard. Rev.
L. F. Carmichiel conducting the funeral service.  The Sentinel deeply
sympathizes with those who are called upon to mourn her demise.
Our friend Mr. N. G. Morgan brought some corn tassels to the Sentinel office
Monday that beat anything we have seen recently.  They are large bunches of
small shoots and green fodder and one of them weighed 4-1/2 pounds. Mr. Morgan
says they are scattered over a five acre field of corn and are very numerous.
It is a strange freak and can not be accounted for upon any other ground than
old Tippah just showing off to let the Guntown Hot Times know what all she can
do in the way of corn growing.  Two of these "tassels" are on exhibition at
the Sentinel office.
MARRIED --You may boost John Sharp Williams and E. F. Noel; but after all, Mr.
Lee Cox is the lucky and HAPPY man.  J.Y.M.

On Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock Mr. C. Lee Cox and Miss Clara Finger were
quietly married at the home of the bride's father, Mr. M. L. Finger, Rev. W.
G. Burks performing the ceremony. Mr. Cox is the son of Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Cox
of this place and is one of the best and most promising young men that has
ever gone out from Ripley.  Miss Clara is the daughter of Mr. M. L. Finger and
is one of Ripley's most highly cultured and most popular young ladies.  Mr.
Cox has been in Texas for several months and the Sentinel is informed that
they will leave in a few days for that state where they will make their future
home.  The Sentinel joins their many friends in wishin them much prosperity
and happiness as they journey down the stream of life.

This paper was discovered by Nelda Hamer and donated to use for our entertainment.