Tippah County Marriages 1858-1925  
Tippah County

    This is a listing of Marriages that took place in Tippah County between 1858-1925. Records prior to July 28, 1858 were destroyed when the Yankees burned the Tippah county courthouse in 1864. There is a chance you can find an unofficial record dating from the formation of the county in 1837 to 1858 on the Reconstructed Marriage Page. This is an on-going project to replace these lost records. If you have a marriage record for this time frame and some sort of proof of it, please go to this page and use the form there to submit it. Examples of proof are Bible records, obituaries, publications etc. Please submit only marriages that took place between 1837 and July 28, 1858. Please do not submit "about" dates. A partial date is fine as long as there is some sort proof.

    Please click on the letter that corresponds with the first letter of the surname you are researching. The information is listed in alphabetical order with the spouse and date following it. The next column is the book and page number where it may be found. Since this is both a Bride and Groom index and some marriages give only initials, the last column will have a "B" or a "G" to show which way this record is indexed. If you discover an error with any information please email me, and I will correct it.

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