Liberty School Children 1908

Liberty School Children
(around 1908)

The first row second from the left is Rebecca Alsup the seventh from the left is Clyde Alsup and the eight one is Leland Alsup. The top row second from the left is Mary Alsup and the fourth one is John Alsup. The town of Liberty was located northwest of Falkner, and is now extinct.  This school continued to operate from the mid 1890's  until 1939 when it closed and the children were sent to Falkner to school.  The school building burned in the mid 1940's.  Teachers that taught in the school during it's operation were; Lewis Harmon Jobe, Mr. Harrison, Edd Shappley, Richard Powell, Willie Belle Simmons, Joe Byrd, Dovie James, Ethel Harrell, Mable Peeler, Maude Richardson, Katie and Casey Coston, Lizzie Wright, Bonnie Hayden, Lydie Covey, Pearl Welch, Lexie Caviness, and Ima Patrick who was the school's last teacher. 

This picture was sent in by Gail Alsup Biggs
Sources:  The Tippah County Heritage Vol. I, Liberty School written by Ida Hensley Richardson.
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