Ripley - Old Photos
Old Photographs of Ripley

Pictures provided by Tommy Covington.
Sources:  History of Tippah County, Mississippi by Andrew Brown
and Heritage of Tippah County, Mississippi by the Tippah County Historical Society.

Finger's Store


Martin Luther Finger opened his first store in 1893, on the square in Ripley.  He sold clothing, shoes, hardware, farm supplies, and staple groceries.  The Finger family had various different businesses over the years in Ripley which at one time included the first water works, and ice plant.  The Finger family stores were still in business in Ripley until just recently when they closed their last location on the square in Ripley.

Brown Store- 1920
The Brown family owned the largest store in Tippah County. 
The first store was owned by A. Brown, and opened in 1845. In the 1880's they became very successful with their department store layout that included a  women's department located on the second floor.  This area included coats, beauty items, fabrics and notions to make that dress for a special occasion.  Ready to wear dresses were not available in Tippah County until WWI. 

Robertson Hotel

A. G. Barnett Store
Built in 1900, to replace a older wooden structure, this building is one of the few that survived the great fire of 1903.

Dixie Theater
The first movie theater in Ripley

Henson McBribe Store

Dr. Tate - Ripley Medical Clinic

Originally an apartment house and later Dr. Tate's Clinic this building was built on the site of Colonel William Falkners house after it had been moved to make room for the new post office. This building along with the post office has recently been bought and  restored by Dixie-net to use as their offices. Some of the architectural details from Falkner's home can still be seen in this picture, they include the iron balcony, windows and columns. 


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