Photographs: Lost and Found
Photographs:  Lost and Found

These Photographs were found in the belongings of various different Tippah County ancestors. We are seeking the names of the people in the pictures.  If you can help, send an email to the owner.  If you have a picture you would like to add to this page please send me an email and attach the picture in jpeg file format.

Unknown Dumas

Unknown Ladies
Appears to be circa 1890's and was in the possession of Dale Williams Great-great-grandmother,
Mary Elizabeth Grisham Beaty, who lived in Tippah County, Dumas area.

This picture was among the possessions of my aunt, Connie Estelle Hill Aldridge.  She was born 1905 and died 1973. Her parents were David Daniel Hill and Sallie Eliza Gunter Hill.  Her husband was Willie A. Aldridge. Other surnames in her ancestry were Kinney and Goolsby.  These families all arrived in Tippah before 1850 and died there.  Her daughter, age approx. 75, gave the picture to me.  She has no idea who it might be.  The daughter married a Nance.  Mr. Nance tells me that he does not recognize the photo as part of his family.  Who is he?  
Linda Ladd

Response: I believe the man in the photo is James William Callicut married to Cornelia.    John  Harrington

Around 1840 John and Susan Murry/Murray and children moved to DeSoto Co.,MS.  Eventually different family members also lived in Tippah, Pontotoc, and Benton Counties.  These pictures, and others, are in a box that my mother had labeled "Murry's".  However, there is only one of the pictures that we have been able to identify and that is a Willis Johnson Murry.  His parents were Hardy P. Murry/Murray and Sarah Margaret Tucker.
Other children of John and Susan Murry were William W., Hayden T., Marshall Howell and Martha(?).

I would love to learn the names of these 2 people, and eventually identify the other photos as well.
Carolyn Oldfather

Found this photo in an album but we can't firgure out who she is on the back of the photo it says Wesley Carter Studio Of Art Ripley Mississippi


This could be  John J. Howard and spouse,  but not sure.  We are hoping that someone can confirm this if not tell us who these people are.

If you recognize any of these people contact Cindy.

We found this picture in my father's pictures. They are from the Tippah Co., Benton Co. area. I have been told by a close relative that they may be of some Duncans and Jones of Tippah Co. I'm guessing they are late 1800's or very early 1900's.
If anyone knows anything about this picture please contact me at
Karen Duncan Cummings

This photo belongs to descendents of James S. Carter, 1837-1903, of Tippah
County and noone has been able to identify who the gentleman is.  This photo was sent in by Jackie L. Carter.

This picture was found among the possessions of my mother-in-law Hilda Harrington Luna.  There is no name  to identify the gentleman nor the date of the photograph.  Is this gentleman a Harrington, Callicutt, or Luna? No one in the family can
give me a name. I would appreciate anyone's help in identifying my husband's relative.
Contact:  Kay Luna

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