Ladies of the Michigan Settlement
Ladies of the Michigan Settlement

These names were listed in Henry Clay Cossitt's Diary and listed as the Ladies of the Michigan Settlement. If you know what the Michigan Settlement was or who any of these ladies are, please contact me.  They were listed on  approximately page 76 of his diary.  Some of the spelling could be wrong  because of the translating of the handwriting. Henry Clay Cossitt was born November 23rd, 1843. He was brother to Louis Pearl Cossitt, Frederic Gray Cossitt, and Edward William Cossitt.  I think the entry is from some time in the 1850's.

This was donated by Leo Griffin, please contact him with any questions or information you might have.

Miss Adeline F. Crisp
Miss Ellen Crisp
Miss Lori Finch
Miss Josephine Finch
Miss Ann Finch
Miss Nancy Finch
Miss Martha Ann Baker
Miss Sarah ___P. Glover
Miss Ellen Van Hook, Marshall County
Miss Mary Hensley
Mrs. W. Baker
Mrs. Charlott? Pruitt, North Carolina
Mrs. Mary Curtis
Mrs. Fannie Cossitt
Mrs. Lucinda Portis
Mrs. Vernon Long

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