History of Falkner, MS

Falkner City Hall

The creation of the village of Falkner is directly linked to the railroad in Tippah County.   Col. W. C. Falkner was president of Ripley Railroad Company.   The railroad ran it's first train on August 29, 1872, from Middleton, TN to Ripley, MS.  The first and only depot was located where the town of Falkner is today, and was called Falkner Station.  Gradually, a community was formed in this area as a result of the railroad station.  The town originally incorporated in 1892, however, the alderman of the town later had the incorporation abolished to avoid paying for their share of the construction cost of Highway 15.  The community didn't incorporate again until 1962.    Today, it remains a small community with a school and a few business.  Falkner is located 8 miles North of Ripley on Highway 15, on one of the highest areas in the state at 460 feet above sea level.

Jamison's Store

 Downtown Falkner


On the left is M. L. Jamieson General Merchandise Store, on the right is the cotton gin to the left of that was J. T. Gay's Store.  The post office was located in the side of the J.T. Gay building. 
None of the buildings pictured here are still standing they were all torn down and burned in 1977, shortly after this picture was taken.

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Facts recorded in the above article came from Tippah County Heritage, Vol. 1 and personal knowlege.  If you have additional information, personal memories or pictures to contribute concerning the history of Falkner, please send them in.

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