Death Notices WXYZ
Obituaries from Ripley's
and other sources
1836 through 1936


WADE, JOHN (110828) died Monday/ buried at Antioch.

WAGES, JIM (070435) died Fri., age 72/ buried Mt. Olivet/ wife died 3 years ago/ children are Major, Mrs. Sam McDonald (New Albany), Mrs. Walter Hill (New Albany), Mrs. John Hill.

WALDON, MRS. LAURA (112024) died 0ct. 27/ buried in Waldon Cem./ born Aug. 12, 1840/ husband died 18 years ago/ had 8 children, 4 boys.

WALDON, ROY (031319) died Feb. 21, age 12/ buried in Waldon Cem./leaves parents, 2 brothers, 1 sister/ 1 sister is dead/ son of Charlie.

WALDON, VERA (020724) died Dec. 9, age 1 yr., 1 day/ child of Joe/ aunt is Mary Rencher.

WALDON, WILLIAM C. (122436) died Dec. 21, age 72/ buried in Hopper Cem./ leaves wife and children.

WALKER, B.F. (091218-091918) died June 28, 1918/ buried at Walnut Creek/ born Nashville, Tn., Dec. 4, 1842/ to Tippah as a child/ leaves wife and 2 children.

WALKER, MRS. CHARLIE (080631) died July 30, age 72/ widow of John L. Walker/ buried at Ripley/ daughter Of Capt. J.E. Rogers/ married in 1879/ children are Henry Walker and Miss Noverta Walker/ sister to J.E. Rogers of Bessemer, Ala., Mrs. Nellie Hearn of New Albany, Mrs. T.M. Aycock of Tuscumbia, Alabama.

WALKER, DAVIE LEE (011630) died Dec. 26, age 16/ son of Minnie.

WALKER, HARDY (111027) died Monday at McAlister, Okla., age 24/ son of Charlie Walker, formerly of Blue Mt./ mother nee Alma Van Hoozer. WALKER, HUGH dec (PR 166) 1. Bill, June 27, 1871. Hugh Walker died 185-, leaving heirs John C. Calhoun Walker and Amanda J. Walker now the Wife of R.M. Stephens). Andrew R. Johnson was guardian of the minors, but died in Tippah, 186-.

WALKER, J.M. (110321) died recently at the home in Ashland of his son, R.A. Walker/ buried at Curtis Creek/ other son is Charles H. Walker.

WALKER, JOHN HOWARD (081022) died July 24, age 79/ buried at Walnut Creek/ leaves wife and 2 children - William Walker and Mrs. Etter Robbins.

WALKER, JOHN L. dec (PR 284) 1. Petition for dower by Mary Walker, widow of John Walker, Nov. 11, 1859. Children are John L. Walker, Carrick Walker, Mary C. Walker, Nancy Walker. 2. Citation to John L. Walker and Mrs. Nannie Plummer (wife of J.A.) of Union Co., Miss., Oct. 7, 1878. 3. Citation to Mrs. M.H. Moore, Miss Callie Walker, Carrack Walker, John L. Walker of Tippah, Oct. 7, 1878. 4. Deposition of John D. Palmer, Oct. 8, 1875. John L. Walker died on a visit to Alabama in 1859.

WALKER, MRS. MARTHA WASHINGTON (021925) died Jan. 3/ age 73-4-3/ nee Hopkins/ married John Howard Walker/ had 7 children, all dead but Mrs. Etter Robbins.

WALKER, MRS. N.E. (052516) died March 30 at Nacoma, Texas, age over 80/ buried beside husband in Collinsworth Co., Texas/ was a daughter of Henry Wiggington who moved from Georgia to Dumas in 1840/ she married Tom Walker there in 1854/ moved to Rains Co., Tx., in 1873/ from there to Cook County to Aberdeen in Collinsworth Co., where Walker died 15 years ago/ leaves 5 sons/ parents, 3 sisters, and a brother are dead/ one sister was the first wife of W.W. Robinson.

WALKER, OTTIS (041135) died by suicide Mon./ son of Mack of Chalybeate/ wife is 0ssie, daughter of Knox Byars.

WALKER, T. JEFF (080129) died Sunday, age 83/ buried at Providence/ CSA/ children are A.A., J.H., M.T., all of Chalybeate.

WALKER, W.H. (082124) died Booneville, March 20/ was 51 last Oct. 25/ buried at Walnut Creek/ married first to Claudis Josephine Walker/ married second to Mary Alice Walker/ married thrd to Sarah Jane Walker/ 1 child by first, 5 by second, 3 by third/ leaves 6 daus. and 3 sons.

WALKER, WILLIE (050824) see above.

WALLACE, FRED L. (121334) died Monday at Memphis, with burial there in Memorial Park/ brother to John, Hugh, Merrill, Lee, Nina, and Mrs. Laura Ivy/ son of late Sheriff John Wallace.

WALLACE, JOHN CHESTERFIELD (042419) died Sun./ buried Ripley Cem./ born Lafayette Co., Miss., Feb. 15, 1856/ married Kittie Hovis, dau. of Col. Lawson Hovis/ children are Fred, John, Lee, Hugh, Merill, Laura, Nina, Mary/ brother to Dick Wallace of Oxford.

WALLACE, J.P. (051315) died April 18 at Rucker,Texas/ buried in City Cem. in Crawell, Texas/ born Lafayette Co., Miss., Dec. 14, 1844/ was married to Annie Burrows in 1866/ had 10 children, 3 living/ married second to Mrs. W.E. Kelly/ had 6 children/ moved to Texas in 1879/ CSA vet./ brother to J.C. Wallace of Ripley.

WALLACE, MRS. KATHERINE (051822) died May 14/ buried at Ripley/ dau. of L.B. Hovis, who fought in the Mexican and Civil War/ married J.C. Wallace in 1882/ he died 3 years ago/ children are Fred, John, Lee, Hugh, Merill, Laura, Nina, Mary.

WALLACE, MRS. LILLIAN (030735) died Monday at Modesto, Calif./ daughter of late Will Hines and of Mrs. Mattie Hines.

WALLACE, WILLIAM dec (PR441), Will, made Dec. 25, 1860. Wife Sarah F. Children are T.H. Wallace of Lafayette Co., Miss., E.S. Wallace, J.B. Wallace, Mary Ann Jackson, R.E. Holliday. Petition filed Dec. 1867. Wallace died February, 1861. Petition filed by (1) E.S., J.L., J.F., W.E., and Sarah Wallace, minor children of J.B. Wallace dec (2)W.A.D. Holliday, son of Rachel E. Holliday (died 1861) and son of John W.P. Holliday. Sarah F. Wallace died in 1863. J.B. Wallace died 1864. Mary Ann Jackson is the wife of Stith S. Jackson.

WALLACE, TILLMAN (020729) died Mon., age 80/ buried County Line Cem./ brother to E.W. and Tobe Wallace of Dry Creek/ children are C.L., F.L., J.D., Mrs. E.W. Murley.

WALLACE, WILLIAM E. (100522) died Oct. 2/ buried at Dumas/ born July 22, 1859/ married first to Sallie Nabors/ had eight children, living are Johnnie and Bonnie of Soda Springs, Idaho, Lee, Mrs. Frank Anderson, Ruth/ married second to Ethel Anderson, daughter of  W.W.

WALLER, JAMES F. (050328) died March 24, age 54 - 29 days/ buried the Shiloh Cem./ leaves wife and 5 children.

WALLIS, ARTHUR (042220) killed by tornado, April 22, age 39/ dau., Gladys, age 16, also killed.

WALLIS, ELIJAH WALKER (051833) died Tues., age 83/ buried in County Line Cem./ brother to Tobe Wallis of Rienzi/ sister is Mrs. Rachel Kemp/ sons - Willie, Elzey, John Moore Wallis (Okla.)

WALLIS, GRANDPA (060122) died March 9/ leaves wife, 2 sons, 3 daus.

WALLIS, HAZEL (082317) died July 5, age 2 yr. 4 mo./ dau. of Jesse/ leaves parents, 3 brothers, a sister.

WALLIS, T.R. (030729) died Feb. 4/ married Amanda Bartlett.

WAMMACK, MRS. NANCY (030922) died this week, age 77/ buried at Jacobs Chapel/ widow of W. Cal Wammack/ was the third wife (he married 3 sisters).

WAMMACK, W.C. (Cal)  (030117) died Fri., age 80/ buried at Jacobs Chapel/ married 3 sisters.

WARD, TURNER (PR 648) 1. Petition Aug. 19, 1867, by N.W. Ward, who is the only son of Turner Ward who died Aug. 10, 1867. 2. Petition Oct. 20,1868. Heirs are Nathan W. Ward, Louisa S. Bowden, and the children of Mrs. Mary McKinzie (she was a daughter of Turner Ward and was the wife of Samuel McKinzie. Her children, Turner and Mary, live at Crocketts Bluff, Ark. 3. Petition of Needham W. Ward to have his father, Turner Ward, age about 58, declared incompetnet, Nov. 10, 1866. 4. Citation to L.S. Bowden and her husband P.M. Bowden, Oct. 26, 1867.

WARMATH, REV. ALBERT SIDNEY (020935) died recently/ buried in Hollywood Cem., Jackson, Tn./ b. Gibson Co., Tenn, March 24, 1870/ married Laura Ludora Avery of Gibson Co., 1892/ to Tippah, 1915/ leaves brothers J.G. and J. Clint Warmath of Hmmboldt, Tennessee.

WATTS,GIDEON (082830) died Mon./ buried at Little Hope/ children are John, Dewey, Trammell, Mrs. Hardy Renfro Jr.

WATTS, JEFFREY (060431) died Sat., age 20/ buried Little Hope/ son of Green Watts/ cousin to Wesley Watts.

WEATHERLY, W.T. (092034) died May 5, age 78/ buried at Hamilton in Benton Co./ leaves wife, 4 sisters, 8 children.

WEBB, JAMES dec (PR317)  1. Petition, Webb died June, 1873. Heirs are Julia Hill and husband J.J. Hill (2) John Webb and Milton Webb of Cartersville, Parker Co., Tx. (3)Matthew M. Webb of Alvarado, Johnson Co., Tx. (4)Westly Webb, Mary Ann Morris (wife of Andrew) and Emily Calloway (wife of John ) of Quitman, Wood Co., Texas (5)Willie Hays and husband Silas Hays of p.o. unknown (6)Elizabeth Mask and husband W.G. Mask of Tippah (7)minors Jack Webb and S.G. Webb of Millersville, Clay Co., Ala., and John Webb, Annie Webb, C.J. Webb, and Andrew J. Webb, minors address unknown.

WEBB, MRS. WILLIE BRENTS (041631) died Tues., age 68/ buried at Blue Mt./ children are Bernie (Okla.), David and Marvin (Memphis), Mrs. Oscar Jones (Memphis), Otis, Mrs. Jane Hudspeth (New Albany), Lura (Arkansas).

WEBBER, JANE dec (PR607) 1. Bill filed Sept. 30, 1882. Webber d. 1882. Heirs are William Gowdy, Robert N. Gowdy, Mary Jane Cunningham (now wife of Benjamin McAlister), Lizzie Cunningham Sanders, Eliza McGriffin (of Richmond, Va.).

WELCH, ALONZO (070236) died Sun. age 86/ buried Little Hope/ father of Virgil, L.T., Mrs. Jeff Reed, Mrs. Alice Hill, Mrs. Will Childers, John (Memphis), Jim (Mt. Pleasant, Tx.), Walter (Mt. Pleasant, Tx.)/ grandfather of Mrs. Tom Braddock of Ripley.

WELCH, MRS. BLANCH (030332) died Thurs./ buried at Mt. Zion/ wife of Thomas/ nee Puryear of Birmingham, Ala.

WELCH, HUBERT L. (061533) died recently, age 59/ buried at old Mt. Zion/ children are Ellis, Herman, Jamie, Thomas, Guyton, Carl, Natalie, Sarah, Charlotte.

WELCH, LEROY (072915) died recently at Birmingham, Ala./ buried at Ecru, Ms./ brother to Henry Welch.

WELCH, LILES DEC (PR 257) 1. Petition by Susan P. Welch, 1875. Welch died Feb 3, 1873. 2. Citation to heirs Leroy Street and wife P.J. Street of Benton, March 11, 1875. 3. Citation to Sarah Reed and husband William T. Reed, William Street and wife M.J. Street, S.O. Welch, N.M. Welch, John Welch, and Benjamin Welch, all of Tippah, March 11, 1875.

WELCH, MRS. LUCY (122524) died April 8/ buried Little Hope/ wife of Lonza Welch/ born Nov. 3, 1850/ married Jan. 12, 1871.

WELLS, B.F. (022036) died Feb. 12, age 49/ buried Ebenezer/ children are B.F. and Elois/ sister - Mrs. Hughes of Memphis.

WELLS, J.W. (022526) mentioned/ born Tippah, Aug. 27, 1844, son of Col. Joe Wells/ he and 3 brothers served in the Civil War - the brothers were killed/ married a daughter of Blake Mauldin/ she was born in Tishomingo Co., Miss., March 5, 1847/ were married in Tishomingo Co., Jan. 17, 1866/ had 8 children/ to Indian Territory, 1880/ to Hall Co., Texas, 1885/ wife had 4 brothers and 4 sisters - two of her brothers were killed in the Civil War.

WELLS, DAUGHTER OF WALTER (041515) died Wed. at Bluff.

WELLS, MRS. JESSIE LOYCE (051436) died Thurs., age 33/ buried at Academy/ husband, Leland, is dead/ dau. of Joe Medlin.

WELLS, LELAND (021336) died Tues., age 37/ buried at Ebenezer/ wife nee Jessie Medlin/ was son of J.H. Wells/ bro. to Aubrey Wells.

WELLS, REV. WILSON (031925) died March 6 at home of his son, Dr. Sam Wells, at Alligator, Miss./ buried at Pleasant Ridge/ son of late Rev. Joe Wells/ married Kate Owen 50 years ago/ she dead 2-3 years/ leaves 2 sons, 4 daughters.

WELLS, MRS. REV. WILSON (042016) died at old "Mosely Place" south of Dumas last week.

WESSON, MRS. BLANCA (121416) died Dec. 7 at New Albany/ buried in Pythias Cem. there/ wife of Rev. E.L. Wesson/ moved from Memphis 9 years ago/ son - Dr. Hayes Wesson/ sister to Richard Cox of Ripley, J.J. Cox of Ashland, Mrs. M.W. Bouton of New Albany, Mrs. W.P. Smith and Mrs. J.J. Wesson of New Albany.

WESSON, REV. E.A. (071223)(021826) died Gainesville, Texas, Tues. (1926)/ buried in Fairview Cem./ born Pontotoc Co., Miss., 1868/ to Texas, 1891/ youngest brother of J.J. Wesson of Tippah and E.L. Wesson of Date City, Florida/ father of Virginia D., Richard (Gainesville), John (Boise, Idaho)/ first name was Eugene.

WESSON, REV. E.L. (122133) died recently in Florida, age 75/ buried at New Albany/ married first to Blanch Cox/ married second to Lula Darden/ son is Dr. E.H. Wesson of New Albany.

WESSON, JOSEPH J. (091031) died Thurs., age 66/ buried at Blue Mt./ married Mattie Cox 41 years ago.

WESSON, JOSEPH M. dec (PR 354) 1. Petition of widow, E.J. Wesson, Sept. 30, 1875. Wesson died 1873. He was a brother to Sarah Melvina Cox (2) Turner Wesson (dead children are Willie, Egbert, Edward, Joseph, Eugene Wesson), (3) Bettie Parks, wife of William Parks (4) Lettie Scott (wife of Frank Scott of Pontotoc Co. (5) Henry J. Wesson of Pike Co., Arkansas.

WESSON, WILLIAM v. TENA WESSON (divorce) 1. Bill, July 25, 1874. Was married to Tena Rucker in 1869. She deserted and moved to Noxubee Co., Miss., 1872.

WEST, WILLIAM DEC (PR128) 1. Petition, Dec. 2, 1870, West died 1862. 2. Citation April, 1871 to (1)Isabella Wilbanks and husband, Danus Wilbanks, of Alcorn Co. (2)Frances Wilbanks and husband W.M. Wilbanks of Benton Co. (3)minors Pitser, Susan, and William Wilbanks, and Rebecca West of Benton Co. (4) Jane West of Alcorn Co. (5)Margaret, Sunie, and Andrew J. West of Tippah. 3. Citation to Margaret Dukes and husband W.C. Dukes of Marshall County, Aug. 15, 1874.

WHALEY, MISS ELLA (041928) died April 11/ buried at Harmony/ member of New Bethel Baptist Church in Tenn./ brother-in-law is Clarence Eubanks of Chalybeate.

WHITE, FAMILY OF HENRY (012523) within the past 4 months a married dau., Mrs. Sanders, and her baby, along with Mrs. Lucy Green (Mrs. White's mother), and one of White's twins have died.

WHITE, MRS. ALLIE MAE (061230) died by suicide Mon./ age 30/ buried at Fellowship/ wife of Albert White, whom she married 9 years ago/ mother of Hortense, Emily/ son by a former marriage is J.T. Thurmond, age 11.

WHITE, B.A. (PR218) 1. Bill, filed April 9, 1872. James Fort of Marshall Co., Miss., admin. B.A. White died 1866 in Baldwin Co., Georgia, leaving a widow, Jane E. White, and children Thomas W., Samuel G., Oliver, E.J., B.A.R.J. (wife of J.A. Clendenen), Susan (wife of Miller B. Grant). Sold land to Josiah Crawford who died leaving a widow, Matilda M., and children Thomas B., Mary A., Joseph E., Sarah Anna and William L. Crawford, all of Tippah.

WHITE, EDD (061428) died last week at Pocahontas, Tenn.

WHITE, EFFIE (051728) died Wed./ buried Wiers Chapel/ dau. of Jim/ born at Hickory Flat.

WHITE, ISAAC dec (PR 584) 1. Bill, filed Dec. 20, 1881. Isaac White died Dec. 29, 1875, leaving his second wife, Polly Ann White, and their children I.N., Dolly, and Dora White. His children by the first wife were Matilda A. Ayers (wife of Harold Ayers of Hunt Co., Texas), James W. White of Fayette Co., Ala. (also called "??" White), W.J. White (dec), D.W. White, Thomas O. White, Joseph White, Elizabeth Outlaw (wife of Worley Outlaw), Sindy Lee Mills (wife of Henry Mills).

WHITE, ISAAC (050918) died Wednesday at Dumas.

WHITE, JERRY J. (080526) died at Hickory Flat Sun., age 73/ buried at Flat Rock/ legislator from Tippah 2 terms/ children are Mary, E.G. (Hoxie, Ark), F.F. (Aberdeen), W.P. (Smithville)/ brother to L.L. White of Blue Mt. and Belle White of Blue Mt.

WHITE, JOHNNY (040126) died March 30/ b. Oct. 16, 1866/ leaves wife and 3 sons, one at Ingomar.

WHITE, MRS. JOSIE (050229) died Jan. 1, age 57/ buried at New Salem/ leaves 5 daughters and a son/ 1 daughter is Mrs. Fred B. Campbell.

WHITE, LUTHER dec (unnumbered PR) 1. Petition for letters, Jan. 21, 1867. White died 1863. 2. Petition for guardianship by W.J. Moran, Jan. 21, 1867. Moran is husband of White's widow. Minors are William White (age 6), Mary White (age 8).

WHITE, MRS. N.C. (020619) died Jan. 26/ buried at Antioch/ wife of S.C. White, who died 10 years ago/ age 64/ children are Rev. J.D. White (Jackson, Tn.), Mrs. Alice Street, Mrs. Laura Hopper, George White, Mattie White, Wilburn White, all of Falkner/ born April 19, 1854/ married Jan. 19, 1872.

WHITE, DR. RALEIGH R. (030817) died at Temple, Texas, March 2, age 47/ born at Cotton Plant/ son of Rev. R.R. White, who survives and lives at Dallas, Texas/ mother was Ann Davidson, daughter of Col. Davidson who was killed in the Civil War/ moved to Texas as a boy/ was a brother to Mrs. M.M. Cox of Dallas and Dan White of Clifton/ children are Annie and Mary Alice of Temple.

WHITE, RICHARD dec (PR 292, 306) 1. Petition, Jan. 13, 1874. Richard White Sr. died 1857. 2. Bill, Oct. 31, 1873. Armiza Lowrey (wife of J.T. Lowrey) and Richard L. White are the only heirs of Richard White dec, except Mary, wife of Thomas Callicutt of Alcorn Co. Armiza is 18, Richard 16. Armiza has been married 3 years. 5. Petition of Richard White, Jan. 8, 1874. States that Thomas White and Samuel White (brother to Thomas) are not his choices as guardians. Both are sons-in-law of J.H. Pickens. His mother is now Mrs. F.G. Hardon and is also a daughter of Pickens. Asks that Robert C. Hill be named guardian.

WHITE, ROBERT dec (PR616, 188, 206) 1. Petition, Jan. 21, 1867. Robert White died 1864. His administrator, Hardy W. Stricklin, died March 23, 1872. 2. Petition for guardianship by Elizabeth A. White, Dec, 12, 1871, for Robert White's children Mattie (age 10), Luther White (age 7), John White (age 4). She is their mother.

WHITEHEAD, SALLIE (041835) died in Memphis recently, age 30/ buried at Shady Grove/ daughter of late Berner Whitehead/ mother, Sallie, is age 65/ brother, Thomas, is age 35/ sisters are Mrs. B. Barber and Mrs. Hines Smith of Ripley.

WHITEHEAD, THOMAS (091824) died Aug. 29, age 79/ buried at Blackjack/ CSA vet.

WHITEHEAD, VERNOR (060816) died May 25/ buried at Shady Grove/ leaves wife and four children.

WHITEHORN, JOHN (011718) died at Saulsbury, Tenn., last night.

WHITEHORN, MRS. SARAH H. (091929) died Thurs./ buried Mt. Pleasant cem. in Benton Co./ born Marshall Co., 1854/ husband, John Whitehorn, is dead/ had 6 Children, one dead/ living are Albert, Mrs. Kyle Hopper, Buell and Dewey of Memphis, Ira of Ashland/ stepson is Edd Whitehorn of Benton Co./ sister to Rev. Bob Evans of New Albany, Jim Evans of Potts Camp, and a sister in Texas.

WHITENER, J.T. (031622) died Sat. in Tishomingo Co./ buried at Corinth/ formerly of Brownfield.

WHITENER, W.L. (052428) died May 18, age 13/ son of W.L. Whitener of Tishomingo/ buried Henry Cem., Corinth/ grandson of R.B. Nance, Ripley.

WHITLOCK, MRS. J.P. (082929) died July 9, age 72/ buried Wells Chapel/ leaves 8 children, 2 brothers, 2 sisters.

WHITMAN, WILLIAM OTIS (071934) died Sat., age 68/ buried at Little Hope/ leaves wife and children.

WHITTEN, ALFRED LAWRENCE (050218) died March 9/ buried at Shady Grove/ son of Rev. H.L. and S.F. Whitten/ married Lillian Childers in 1916.

WHITTEN, JOHN GRAVES (041934) died Sat. at Bartow, Fla., age 77, with burial there/ son of Dr. A.W. Whitten/ moved to Florida 20 years ago/ married first to Sallie Griffin Worsham, daughter of B.F. Worsham/ children were B.F., Mrs. W.F. Cooper, Alfred W./ married second to Anne, daughter of John and Ella Evans/ children were Leonard, Mrs. Della K. Williams, Edward E., Mrs. Pearl G. Crews, Hubert F., John G., Bertha Roberts Whitten/ was a brother to Mrs. Mollie Whitten of Blue Springs, Mrs. Sallie Whitten, Mrs. Mattie Flinn and Prof. H.R. Whitten of Olive Branch, Rev. B.F. Whitten of Coldwater, S.R. Whitten of Jackson, Miss., J.J. Whitten of Iuka/ sister, Mrs. Maude Braley, is dead.

WHITTEN, LESTER CALHOUN (072733) died at Memphis Thurs., age 45/ born at Poplar Springs, Ms./ to Memphis in 1901/ wife - Richie/ son of Rev. B.F. Whitten of Coldwater/ brother to Leon and Lacy of Memphis, L. S. Whitten of Coldwater, Loren of New York, Mrs. Wyatt Lipscomb of Albany, Texas, Mrs. Ticer Young of Clarksdale/ nephew of Mrs. T.E. Pegram of Ripley.

WHITTEN, DR. WILLIAM A. (061924)died Sat., age 69/ buried at Mt. Olivet/ married a sister to Edd Tate 40 Years ago/ had 2 sons, two daughters/ brother to Mrs. M.K. Lowrey and Mrs. Anie Cox.

WHITTLE, DR. WALTER A. (032322) died at Stuttgart, Ark. recently/ buried at Blue Mountain.

WIER, MRS. JOSEPHINE CHILDERS (092034) died Sept. 2 at Blanco County Texas/ buried there/ born Ripley, March 30, 1855/ married Robert A. Wier, Feb. 26, 1874/ to Blanco, Oct. 2, 1894/ husband died Jan.2,1903/ children are Mrs. J.F. Yancey, Mrs. Melvin G. Ross, H.E., all of Blanco, Mrs. Tom Diggs and B.L. Wier of Austin, L.A. Wier of Johnson City, Mrs. G.T. Trainer of Blanco.

WIER, WILLIAM dec (PR 624, see also 261, 624 for E.T. Wier dec). 1. Bill, filed March 30, 1883. On July 18, 1837, Peter Wier bought land with money borrowed from his brother, William Wier. William Wier sold the land to his son, E.T. Wier, in 1856. William Wier died in 1857. His wife, Mary, died Sept., 1873. E.T. Wier died July 4, 1862, leaving a wife, I.C. Wier (who died Nov. 12, 1881) and children J.W. Wier E.E. Hill (wife of J.M. Hill), and M.C. Deen (wife of W.D. Deen). 2. Deposition of Diana Lawson, Dec. 22, 1883. She is a daughter of William Wier. Peter Wier was her uncle. Her father once lived in Middle Tennessee. Peter Wier died in Alabama. She is a sister to E.T. Wier, who died in the Army, and to T.B. Wier. T.B. was 9 or 10 when their father moved to Miss., and was 23 or 24 when their father died. T.B. ran away from home. 3. Deposition of T.B. Wier, May 12, 1884. He is age 62. He was 35 when his father died, was 14 when they moved to Tippah, Peter Wier died in 1867 at the age of 60-70, leaving three children. WIGGINGTON, HENRY dec (PR246) l. Will, made May 17, 1872. Filed Nov. 17, 1872. Deceased wife - Arrina. Children - Narcissa W. Walker, Arrina R. Stokes, Armissa L. Robinson, William H. Wiggington. Witnesses - Thomas E. Walker, W.H. Wiggington, W.W Robinson.

WIGGS, MRS. LOU (081121) died Sunday, age about 50/ wife of M.M. Wiggs of Chalybeate/ buried at Campground/ had 11 children, youngest is 10.

WIGGS, MARCUS M. (083028) died Aug. 23, age 65/ buried at Campground/ brother to Payulus Wiggs of Seattle, Wash., Mrs. W.R. McBride, Mrs. Allen Talbot (Williford, Ark.), Mrs. J.P. Horton (Buntyn, Tenn.), Mrs. Bob Cotton (Ft. Smith, Ark.)/ father of Martin, Earl, Keith (Memphis), Clark (Crawfordsville, Ark.), Mrs. Myrtle Boggs (Belden), Mrs. Bessie Ward (Belmont), Mrs. Pauline Bude (Cookville, Tn.)/ wife, dead, was a Keith.

WIGGS, PAYULUS (101729) died Sun. at Spokeane, Washington, age 57, with burial there/ brother to late Marcus M. Wiggs/ leaves wife and 3 children.

WILBANKS, MRS. ALICE (080835) died recently, age 84.

WILBANKS, MRS. ANGELINA (091025) died Aug. 4, age 82/ b. Nov. 9, 1843/ children are R.L., Mrs. W.E. Wilbanks, Mrs. Dee Mathis, Bill of Meridian.

WILBANKS, MRS. AMMIE (051425) died May 6, age 36-2-5/ buried at Chalybeate/ had 12 children/ leaves husband, 5 daus., 3 sons, father, 3 brothers, 2 sisters/ nephew is John Eubanks.

WILBANKS, AUTHENOR (082130) died recently, age 48/ buried at Chalybeate/ brother to Ella Armstrong/ leaves wife, 3 daus., 4 sons.

WILBANKS, BILLY (010417) died Nov. 22, age 84.

WILBANKS, CHESTER LEE (030619) died Oct. 4, oldest son of Joe Dan and Mary Joe Wilbanks/ born June 30, 1899.

WILBANKS, CLIFF (042132) died March 25/ buried at Harmony/ born July 10, 1907, son of Bazzell Wilbanks/ married in June, 1924/ wife, Dollie, was born July 6, 1909, died March 29, 1932/ leave one daughter, Mildred.

WILBANKS, MISS DORA (100335) died Tues., age 85/ buried at Providence.

WILBANKS, HOMER (111517) died yesterday at Camp Pike/ son of Bud Wilbanks/ was first Tippah countian to die in W.W.I.

WILBANKS, J. GORDON (040126) died Nov. 28/ buried at Chalybeate/ born Dec. 11,1850/ married Pauline Powell, May 25, 1880/ had 7 children, 6 living, including Asa Wilbanks.

WILBANKS, J.T. (062229) died Feb. 8/ born Oct. 15, 1860/ son, Lloyd/ Lloyd's daughter, Marie, born Sept. 19, 1927, died Jan. 29.

WILBANKS, JOHN SANDFORD (110916) died March 19/ born Nov. 16, 1839/ married Angelina Wilbanks, May, 1859/ CSA vet./ to Alcorn Co., 18 to 20 years ago/ 2 sons and 5 daughters survive.

WILBANKS, JOYCE MAY (061136) died June 7, age 20 mo./ daughter of M.L./ buried at Friendship.

WILBANKS, KYLE (011018) suicide last week/ son of Will/ his mother committed suicide afterward/ she was a sister to Rev. E.J. Eubanks/ buried at Chalybeate.

WILBANKS, MRS. LEOLA (052428) died April 5/ buried at Providence/ leaves parents, 5 brothers, 2 sisters, husband, 2 sons, a daughter/ nieces are Beulah McDonnell and Mrs. A. M. Killough.

WILBANKS, MRS. LLOYD (040518) died March 29/ buried at Providence/ nee Leola, dau. of W.G. Hughey/ leaves 3 children.

WILBANKS, LOTTIE (060320) died May 3/ buried at Mt. Pleasant/ leaves husband and 6 children.

WILBANKS, MRS. NOAH (040622) died March 21/ buried at Chalybeate/ b. June 23, 1900, dau. of A.J. Armstrong/ married March 5, 1920/ child died 4 months ago/ leaves parents, a sister, 7 brothers.

WILBANKS, O.M. (032234) died March 9/ buried at Chalybeate/ b. May 26, 1930, son of Larvie.

WILBANKS, SON OF FOLGER (120127) died Sunday at Chalybeate, age 4 or 5.

WILBANKS, PURVIS (121025-011426) died Nov. 14/ buried at Providence/ b. Nov. 25, 1908, eldest son of O.F./ leaves parents, 3 sisters, 2 brothers.

WILBANKS, RUBY (020134) died Nov. 21/ b. Aug. 6, 1908, dau. of J.N.

WILBANKS, RUBY (012132) died Nov. 24/ buried at Providence/ born Sept. 16, 1910, dau. of Tom Renfro/ married Autry L. Wilbanks on Feb. 8, 1931/ aunt - Ellen Wilbanks.

WILBANKS, MRS. SARAH E. (032421-042121) died March 22/ buried at Providence beside husband, who died 12 years ago/ age 82 on March 9/ children are J.H., W.E., J.T., J.W., Albert L., Mrs. Hubert Jones, Mrs. Will Nelson.

WILBANKS, SMITH (062426) died March 30, age 80/ buried at Chalybeate/ uncle of J.D. Wilbanks.

WILBANKS, W.A. (021622-082422) died Feb. 9, age 79/ CSA vet.

WILBANKS, W.A. (Dock) (022030) died Thurs./ buried at Mt. Pleasant near Chalybeate/ wife nee Eliza Crum/ son of Abner/ brother to Henry/ half-brother to Rufus, Mrs. Will Dees.

WILBANKS, W. PHARES (011531) died Jan. 7, age 81/ buried at Chalybeate/ to Miss. from South Carolina as a child/ married Mary Powell on March 19, 1894/ brother to Whit and Minerva/ father of C.V., Mrs. Bob Ray/ stepdaughter - Deila Canady.

WILDMAN, FRED Q. (091235) died at Guntown Mon., age 59/ buried at Dumas/ formerly in Legislature/ brother to Rufe of Pine Grove/ father of Mansel, Leo, Island, Terry, Mrs. Bernie Bartlett, Mrs. Carlton Ford, all of Guntown, and daughters in Memphis and Henderson, Tenn.

WILDMAN, JOHN (072832) died Fri., age 61/ buried Box Chapel/ children are Willie Reed, Hubert, Raymond, Baxter, Ellis, Preston, Clyde, Mrs. Leroy Norton, Matthew, Mrs. Dock Byrd.

WILDMAN, OLLIE MAY (011018) died recently, age 22/ buried at Dumas/ dau. of Fred Q. Wildman/ granddaughter of Jim Hall.

WILHITE, GEORGE (PR282) 1. Bill, 0ct. 8, 1873. Wilhite died 1861. Heirs are (1)widow, Nancy Wilhite, who died Feb. 18, 1871 (2)K.W. Wilhite of Union Co. (3) John C. Wilhite of Montgomery Co., Ark (4) J.L. Wilhite 5. Jane Barnett of Crawford Co., Ark (6) D.L. Wilhite, dec (7) Annie Haley, dec (8) Martha Phillips (9) Elizabeth Goodner, wife of David M., of Montgomery Co., Ark. (10) Miriam Goodner, wife of H.S., of Montgomery Co., Ark. (11) H.L.D. Wilhite of Benton Co (12) Margaret Siddall of Tippah (13) D. Wilhite dec (14) William H. Wilhite dec - heirs are M.C., J.A., Burdin, Charles, and wife Mary, all of Marshall Co., Miss.). 2. Affidavit, Oct. 8, 1873. Heirs of J.L. Wilhite live in Mt. Ida. Heirs of Jane Barnett are Eliza Edgar (wife of William), and Minerva Barnett of Jonesborough, Ark. D.L. Wilhite lives at Dewalls Bluff, Ark. Heirs of Annie Haley live at Jonesborough, Ark. 3. Letter from James Haley of Mareville, Viap Co., Indiana, April 20, 1876.

WILHOIT, N.J. (082328) died within the past year, age 82/ served in 5th Alabama Cavalry, CSA.

WILKERSON, MARION (010318) died this week at Camp Beauregard.

WILKERSON, R.M. (102727) died Mon. at Helena, Ark., age 45/ buried at Shady Grove/mother lives at Shady Grove/ wife nee Hobson/ to Ark. 3 years ago/ son - R.L./ leaves wife, 4 children.

WILKINSON, JIM (122320) died Sunday at Shady Grove/ leaves wife.

WILLIAMS, G.E. (080934) died Wed. in Union Co., age 68.

WILLIAMS, HOMER (101916) died at Keownville Mon./ buried Pleas. Ridge.

WILLIAMS, MRS. J.J. (100533) died at Belmont/ buried at Pleasant Ridge/ b. Oct. 31, 1861, dau. of Hamp and Jemima Smith/ sister to Jim, Edd, John Isaac Smith, Mrs. John Lockhart, Mrs. Bill Lockhart, Mrs. Lee Kelly/ brother, Jeff D. Smith, died Aug. 25/ married James Jasper Williams, March 25, 1901/ had no children/ he had 6 by prior marriage.

WILLIAMS, MATCHEL (PR235) 1. Petition, Sept. 24, 1872. died March 8, 1872. Heirs are J.L. Criswell and wife Nancy P., Elizabeth (widow of Matchell Williams), and minors Andrew, Franklin, Hamitt Williams.

WILLIAMS, MRS. ROSALIE (021534) died Fri., age 33/ buried Blue Mt./ mother - Mrs. W.F. Rogers/ sister to Frank Rogers (Corinth), Mills Rogers (Cleveland), Allen Rogers, Ellis Rogers, Mrs. Mary R. Fortenberry (Jackson), Mrs. Roy Hobson, Mrs. T.J. Ratliff/ son - Jerry Williams.

WILLIAMS, SAM (030525) died Monday at Pleasant Ridge/ grandfather of Mrs. Roy Dixon of Ripley.

WILLIAMS, W.A. (042424) died Tues./ buried at Mitchell/ b. March 23, 1858/ married Aug. 15, 1875/ children are Mrs. Claude Bryant of Texas, Mrs. Foster Carmichiel.

WILLIAMS, WILLIAM L. (091521) died July 20, 1918, in W.W.I/ son of Sam L. Williams.

WILLIAMSON, CHARLIE (030536) died Feb. 27, age 59 at Dyersburg, Tn./ buried New York Cem./ formerly of Tippah/ children included Mrs. Ellis Patrick of Tippah.

WILLIS, MRS. L.E. (111027) died recently, age 80/ buried Amory, Miss./ widow of Capt. T.O. Willis/ moved 35 years ago/ daughter is Mrs. R.B. McKinney of Lakeland, Florida.

WILLIS, T.O. v. MARTHA A. WILLIS (divorce) 1. Petition, Aug. 12, 1867. he married Martha Ann Elizabeth Willis in Franklin Co. ,Ga., in the fall or winter, 1855. Lived in Georgia, Alabama, and Miss. Served in CSA. Separated 1867. Children are Elijah Neal Willis (age 11), Sarah (age 7), Lucy (age 3), unnamed infant (age 5 mo.).

WILSON, CARL (050929) died March 10, age 16-3-5/ buried at Wheeler/ son of Fannie/ leaves 7 brothers, 2 sisters.

WILSON, MRS. E.C. dec (unnumbered PR) 1. Petition, April 8, 1879. She died Aug. 21, 1875. Heirs are S.J. Norris (wife of J.A.), K.E. Fryar (wife of R.E.), S.J. Wilson (Prairie, Lamar Co., Texas).

WILSON, HUBERT B. (010125) died Gunnison, Ms., Dec. 18, age 52/ born at Chalybeate, son of W.T. and Mary A. Wilson/ brother to Rev. E F. Wilson, J.H. Wilson, N.H. Wilson, C.P. Wilson of Pine Bluff, Ark., Rev. L.C. Wilson of Lake Arthur, La., Mrs. H.B. Wiseman of New Albany, and Mrs. J.T. Briley and Mrs. H.B. Patterson of Pine Bluff.

WILSON, HURBERT (122524) died last week at Greenville, Ms./ buried at Campground/ son of late Tommy/ mother is 78/ leaves a wife.

WILSON, J.S. (092431) died Sept. 21, age 69 at New Albany/ father of J.L. Wilson (Supt. of Ed. in Union Co.), Dewitt (Chalybeate), Carl (Gulfport), Wardie (New Albany), Mrs. Ruth Paseur (Walnut), Mrs. Harris Cook (Tanyan, Texas).

WILSON, LEE (021815) died at Rosedale, Ms., recently/ buried Campground/ son of W.T. Wilson/ brother to late Marvin Wilson.

WILSON, MARVIN (020415) died Sat. at Jonesboro/ son of late Tommie/ married Miss Montgomery a few months ago.

WILSON, MRS. MATTIE Ray (051530) died at New Albany Sat., with burial there/ wife of J.S. Wilson.

WINBORN, MRS. AMELIA HILL (052836) died May 25 at Blue Mt./ born Dec. 9, 1837/ had 4 children/ only one living is Mrs. Will Ezell, Blue Mt.

WINBORN, MOSES (040319) died Sun. at New Albany, age 82/ children are Mrs. Annie Simmons (Memphis), Mrs. Sawanee Simmons (Moscow Tn.), Mrs. Tilden Bartlett (Tex.), Mrs. Jim Gurney, W.M. Winborn of New Albany/ stepdaughter is Mrs. Laura Ezell.

WINDHAM, SIMEON M. v. MARY JANE WINDHAM (divorce) 1. Bill, Jan. 29, 1867/ Married Mary Jane Gullett in Tishomingo Co., July 23, 1861. Served in CSA. She married James A. Wallis, Oct. 1866.

WINGO, E.S. (102919) died Tues., age 92/ CSA/ buried in cemetery near Prentiss County line.

WINSTON, MRS. PINA (031517) died Mon. at home of brother, Wash Hill, at Booneville, age 75/ buried at New Hope/ widow of Buck.

WISEMAN, REV. DAVID WILLIAMS (ment. 042617) died in Union Co., Dec. 22, 1881/ born April 6, 1853, eldest son of John M. and Mary Catherine (McBryde) Wiseman/ married Ella, dau. of Rev. H.H. Robison/ was pastor of Ebenezer near Cotton Plant.

WISEMAN, GORD (051436) died Fri., age 65/ buried Ebenezer/ brother to Green and R.Y. Wiseman and Mrs. Nichols.

WISENAN, HUGH (011233) died Wed., age 73/ buried Ebenezer/ brother to Bob, Gord, Green, all of Union Co./ children are Mrs. Edgar Stephens, Mrs. D.W. McBride, Martha Ida, Hunter Wiseman.

WISEMAN, MRS. LAURA (120430) died Tues., age 61/ buried at Ebenezer/ wife of Hugh B./ dau. of W.T. Wilson/ mother died Oct. 22 at age 90/ sister to Rev. E.F. Wilson (Arkadelphia, Ark.), Rev. L.C. (Boyee, La.), J.H., N.H., C.P. of Pine Bluff, Ark., Mrs. H.B. Patterson and Mrs. J.T. Baley of Pine Bluff/ niece of Mrs. Sam Nelms.

WISEMAN, MRS. W.P. (070423) died during Christmas at New Albany.

WITT, J.L. (020619) died Sat./ buried Mt. Pleasant/ b. July 23, 1854/ married Mary Medlin, who died/ married Martha Jones/ had two children by first wife, six by second/ son - Noverta Witt/ dau. - Ruth (dec).

WITT, JAMES W. (040225-042325) died March 27/ buried Mt. Pleasant/ b. Oct. 27, 1851/ married Mary Kent.

WITT, MRS. MARTHA (033022) died Mon.,age 48/ wife of late John Witt who died 4 years ago/ dau. of H.T. Jones/ leaves 6 children.

WITT, MRS. MARY (062630) died Thurs., burial at Mt. Pleasant/ born Nov. 1849/ leaves 3 sons, 2 daughters/ son - E.L. Witt.

WITT, RUTH (012319) died Mon., age 14-11-4/ buried Mt. Pleasant/ daughter of J.L. Witt.

WOOD, MRS. LOLA C. (091130) died Fri., age 60/ buried at Duck Hill/ children are Mrs. Lucy Shelton (Chalybeate), Mrs. Charla Rosa Wood, Mrs. Virginia Peeler, Lola, Cromwell (Birmingham).

WOOLEY, MRS. MARY (022829) died Feb. 5, age 38/ buried at Shiloh/ wife of Dowell Wooley/ leaves husband and 5 children, one brother.

WOOLEY, WILEY (071030) died June 12/ buried at Lebanon/ born Lafayett Co., Ala., Nov. 1, 1824/ married Bettie Appleton in 1861/ served in Union Army in Civil War/ to Tippah after war/ leaves 5 dau., 3 sons.

WORSHAM, DR. L.W. (102936-122436) died Nov. 7 at Corinth/ buried in Henry Cem./ born Richmond, Va., Jan. 31, 1847 (or Jan. 30, 1846)/ moved to Ripley where he lived with an uncle, Dr. B.F. Worsham/ CSA vet./ married first to a Flippin/ children were Frank, Leroy, and an infant son/ married next to a McWilliams.

WRENCHER, MRS. LOUANNA (080934) died recently, age 58/ buried Union Cem.

WRIGHT, DEWITT (050830) died Sun. age 25/ buried Essary Springs, Tn./ grandson of Mrs. Sam Nelms/ brother to Leland of Sterlington, La./ uncle is John Nelms of Montgomery, La.

WRIGHT, HOWARD (052434) died Thurs., age 28/ buried New Salem/ to Ripley with his father, Abner, 11 years ago.

WRIGHT, MARY ELIZABETH (061516-062916) died June 12/ buried at New Salem/ b. Sept. 20, 1914, dau. of Nat Wright.

WRIGHT, REBECCA (122723) died recently at Hornsby, Tenn., age 17/ dau. of John C. Wright, formerly of Tippah/ buried at Ripley.

WRIGHT, SARAH CAROLINA JACKSON (110426) died Sept. 10/ buried at Harmony/ b. June 28, 1849/ married G.W. Wright, June 28, 1872/ had 6 children, (2 dead)/ stepmother to his 5 children - one is M.E. Street, daughter of Nat Childers/ sister to Mrs. W.A. Barkley.

YANCEY, MRS. BOB (091328) died recently/ bur. Walnut Creek/ daughter of M.P. Gandy.

YANCEY, MRS. EMILY (010621) died Dec. ll, age 51/ buried Old Shelby Cem./ married first to Robert Duncan/ married J. Sam Yancey 11 yrs. ago.

YANCEY, FRED MILLER (110415) died today, age 2/ only son of Edd.

YANCEY, GREEN (061522) died last week, age over 70/ CSA/ buried at Rucker/ leaves wife and children.

YANCEY, IKE (071421-080421) died July 13, age over 60/ buried Rucker/ born April 23, 1857, son of L.B. Yancey/ married Josephine Hines, March 29, 1877/ children are Mrs. Will Braddock, Mrs. Worth Braddock, Pink, Will, John, Lewis Yancey.

YANCEY, J. SAM (121323-051524-082725-080228) died Monday prior to Aug. 2, 1928 (July 30)/ buried at Rucker/ was son of late Green Yancey by his first wife (was the only child)/ age 82/ in 1925 was trying to get $175,000 as part of the estate of his great grandfather, Josia Jeanes, who died in England, leaving a $6 million estate/ by first wife left children Ben, Jim (Tx.), Mrs. Brack Tapscott (Nettleton), Mrs. Blake Gandy (Como), Mrs. E.M. Bartlett, Mrs. Norma Bartlett/ by second wife leaves son, Mike Young Yancey, age 4/ his third wife, according to Dec. 13, 1923, article was age 29. /CSA (7th Miss. Cav.)

YANCEY, LLOYD WILSON (061825) died Fri., age 16 mo./ son of Edd.

YANCEY, MRS. MOLLIE (070931) died Thurs., age 80/ buried at Rucker/ wife of Bob Yancey/ children are Ross, Walter (Rienzi), Mrs. Ellis Gandy.

YANCEY, R.L. (020525) died Thurs., age 82/ CSA/ buried at Rucker.

YANCEY, MRS. SALLIE (030735) died Memphis Mon./ buried at Rucker/ nee Hall/ to Memphis 4 years ago/ children are A.T., J.L., R.L., Mrs. Nannie Flake, all of Memphis, Mrs. Corrie Stark, Mrs. Mary Gandy/ sister to Mrs. Julia Murdock of Sherman, Miss.

YANCEY, MRS. SAM (121620) died Sunday night.

YATES, CLYDE (091527) died Aug. 29, age 12/ buried in Trenton Cem./ son of Almus.

YATES, WILLIAM (022829) died Sat./ b. Nov. 29, 1867/ married 3 times/ had 22 children, 10 living/ buried at Lebanon.

YOPP, MRS. AMANDA GODWIN (070523-071923-082521) died June 25, 1923, age 75/ buried Enon Cem./ husband, Asa J. Yopp, died 3 years ago/ had 13 children, leaves 9/ sister to the older Godwins of Blue Mt.

YOUNG, BERRY dec (PR213) 1. Petition of Amanda Barr, formerly widow of Berry Young, who died in the service of the U.S. as a soldier. Filed March 27, 1872. 2. Letters of guardianship same day for minors Frankie Young, Vilet Young, Allen Young.

YOUNG, MRS. JOICY MAE (071730) died Sat., age 95/ buried at New Hope/ daughter of Michael Cox/ married twice, last to late William Tandy Young/ nephew is Judge Will M. Cox of Baldwyn/ children are Whit Young (Memphis), James M. (Los Angeles), A.M., Mrs. Mary McCown.

YOUNG, MILTON (PR 380) 1. Bill, April 20, 1876. Milton Young died 1873. Children are E.E. Pearce, W.T. Young, N.W.T. Moorman, wife of R.A. Moorman of Hickory Flat.

YOUNGBLOOD, MR. (030828) died at Baldwyn recently/ buried in family cem./ husband of Cora Buchanan.

YOUNGBLOOD, MRS. CORA (021336) died Blue Mt. Friday, age 70/ buried at Baldwyn/married J.B. Youngblood dec/ had one child who died young/ sister to Dr. J.E. Buchanan, Charles Buchanan (Penny Farm, Fla.)/ Mrs. W.R. Gurney, Margaret, Nannie Buchanan.

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