Death Notices T U V
Obituaries from Ripley's
and other sources
1836 through 1936


TAPP, ALVIS (092116) died June 24/ was age 3 last May 27/ buried at New Hope/ only child of Pink and Ora Tapp.

TAPP, MRS. ANNIE (050830) died May 2, age 65/ wife of Willis Tapp/ mother of Mrs. Jeff Ford, Mrs. Francis Weatherly, Sudie Tapp, Edward Tapp (Forest Hill, Tn.), Lee Tapp (Forest Hill), Julian Tapp (Saulsbury, Tn.), Vardaman Tapp (Saulsbury), Thomas Tapp, and Earl Tapp/ sister to Mrs. J.S. Nance of Florence, Ala., Mrs. C.A. McGraw of Ingomar, Mrs. Lee Childers of Ashland.

TAPP, MRS. CYNTHIA MOORE (103135) died Wed. at Boston, Mass., age 50/ buried at Harmony cem./ wife of O.E. Tapp of Memphis/ daughter of T.J. Moore of Ripley/ sister to Mrs. Lillie M. Merritt, Mrs. Frank Jones of Grenada, Mrs. M.F. Luther, Mrs. R.L. Storey, M.A. Moore, W.R. Moore of New Albany/ children are Miss Troy, Mrs. C.B. Benjamin, Virginia, all of Boston, and Ruth of Norwalk, Conn., and Charles and Neal of Memphis.

TAPP, J.P. (022322) died Feb. 12/ buried at Shiloh/ b. May 31, 1919, son of Oliver Tapp.

TAPP, JAMES PINK (051530) died Nov. 3/ buried at New Hope/ b. July 24, 1885/ leaves wife and 5 children.

TAPP, LIZZIE (030630) died Sun./ buried at Shiloh/ daughter of Oliver Tapp, who lives in Arkansas.

TAPP, MRS. ONIE ELIZABETH KIDD (080730) died recently, age 43/ buried at Hamilton in Benton Co./ married James Willis Tapp, Jan. 23, 1884/ leaves 9 children.

TAPP, PINK (101922) died Friday, age 91/ buried at Providence/ wife dead 17 years/ two children are dead/ leaves 9 children.

TAPP, MRS. RACHEL ANN (091036) died Sat., age 70/ buried at Pleasant Hill/ children are Florence Skinner, Minnie Skinner, Elias Tapp, Jewell Tapp, Mrs. Ethel Yancey, Mrs. Irene Carroll, Mrs. Nettle Lancaster, Mrs. Gladys Box, Vince Tapp, Hall Tapp.

TAPP, VINCENT C. (121416) died Sat. at Theo, age 83/ buried at Pleasant Hill Cem./ leaves 3 children, including Mrs. Charlie Rainey of Theo.

TAPP, Mrs. WALTER (122221) died Friday/ buried at Tiplersville.

TATE, ELBERT C. (122133) died Thursday, age 58/ Sheriff of Tippah Co. since first of the year/ born at Keownville/ brother to late Sheriff Tate of Union Co./ married Rose Randolph 27 years ago/ son is Dr. John Tate/ buried at Mt. Olivet.

TATE, JAMES P. (060221) died Sunday at Birmingham, Ala./ buried in a family cemetery east of Ashland.

TATE, JOHN (060822) died Wed. in Benton Co./ buried at New Hope there/ born Dec. 26, 1845/ children are Walter Tate of Ripley and Mrs. Joe Moran.

TATE, MISS MAGGIE (051017) died at Molino, April 28, age 66/ buried at Mt. Olivet/ former teacher at BMC.

TATE, MRS. SALLIE (082328) died Nov. 7/ widow of CSA vet. F.M. Tate who enlisted in Grundy County, Tennessee.

TATUM, FRANK (022730) died Sat., age 73/ buried at Shiloh/ children are Sam, Ausie, Mrs. Commodore Stewart.

TATUM, R.T. (061919) died Feb. 27, age 81-5-20/ buried at Lowry Cem./ born in Georgia/ moved to Miss. with parents/ CSA vet./ married Susan Humphreys, who died 20 years ago/ had 7 children, two dead.

TATUM, REBECCA dec (PR 179) 1. petition, Oct. 10, 1871. Heirs are Z.D. Tatum, Rial Tatum, Adeline Rogers, Elizabeth Kerlock, James A.J. Vance and wife Winnifred, all of Tippah, and William Tatum of Marianville, Missouri, and N.E. Tatum, supposed dead.

TATUM, MRS. RACHEL LEE (032322-040622) died Feb. 18, age 66/ buried at Shiloh/ b. Jan. 1, 1866, dau. of A.Y. and Martha Mathis/ married Z.D. Tatum, Aug. 26, 1886/ leaves husband and children J.Z., Martha, Mrs. Lessie Speck of Baldwyn, Mrs. Etter Arnold of Baldwyn, Walter Tatum, Houston Tatum.

TAYLOR, MRS. DAMEY (020426) died last night at Memphis, age 84/ buried at Ripley/ a native of Alabama/ sister to Wiley Wooley/ dau. is Mrs. Jennie Halman.

TAYLOR, MRS. EVA (062426) died Feb. 4, age, 32/ buried at Walnut Creek/ leaves husband, 3 children, parents, 5 sisters, 1 brother. cousin is Mrs. Elmer Holly Windham.

TEDFORD, MRS. JEMIMA (082119) died recently/ "old"/ mother of J.S. Wilson of Chalybeate.

TERRY, JACK (102826) died Oct. 18/ buried at Zion Hill, Union Co./ born Oct. 14, 1819/ wife died 16 years ago at age 80/ had 2 girls and a boy.

THOMAS, MRS. ADELINE BROWN (032432-051932) died March 16/ buried at  Shady Grove beside husband/ born Sept. 8, 1842/ married W.A. Thomas in 1861/ he died 37 years ago/ children are John Wiley (dec), Willie Add (dec), Mrs. A.J. Wagely of Checotah, Oklahoma/ sister is Mrs. Frank Brown of Ashland.

THOMAS, EFFIE (032019) killed Sunday, age 10/ daughter of Monroe.

THOMAS, ETTER (043031) died April 22/ buried at Blue Mt./ wife of C.M. Thomas/ born Nov. 6, 1876.

THOMAS, J.C. (021924) died May 17, age 10 mo. 2 days/ buried at Shady Grove/ son of H.H. Thomas.

THOMAS, JAMES EARL (062834) died Monday, age 18 mo./ son of Archie.

THOMAS, JIM (011933) died Wed., age 68/ buried at Blue Mt./ native of Alabama/ children are Sib, Mrs. Minnie Nail (Hickory Flat), Mary, Jess, Will, Arch Thomas.

THOMAS, JOHN WILEY (051524) died May 10/ buried at New Hope/ born Tippah, Jan. 16, 1862/ married Lizzie McAlister, March, 1890/ dau. is Bessie/ his mother is 82.

THOMAS, LEATHA (081022) died July 22/ born Jan. 5/ daughter of Hubert/ cousin to Victoria Thomas.

THOMAS, LILA EMBREY (072722) died July 8/ born Jan. 29/ buried at Sand Springs/ daughter of G.O. Thomas.

THOMAS, MRS. MARY (030624) died recently/ wife of Dick Thomas/ leaves 3 sons, a daughter,

THOMAS, MRS. MARY E. (052825) died May 19/ buried at Sand Springs/ born Itawamba Co., April 21, 1851/ married W.M. Thomas, Jan. 30, 1879/ to Tippah in 1898/ children are G.O., Dee, Ben, Luther, Mrs. Willie Witt, Mrs. Jim Coltharp.

THOMAS, MRS. MINNIE (032432) died recently/ buried at Camp Ground/ wife of Charlie/ leaves husband, 3 sons, and a daughter.

THOMPSON, ALBERT N. (161231) died Mon., age 71/ buried at Ripley/ wife is dead/ Children are Mrs. J.H. Mauldin (dec), Mrs. L.M. Whitten, Mrs. H.D. Mauldin, Pearl (Jonesboro, Ark.), Mrs. T.A. Lancaster, Mrs. Eugene Reed (Hickory Flat), C.A. (Atlanta), E.B.

THOMPSON, MRS. BARBRA (101536) died recently, age 69/ buried at Flat Rock/ children are Leon, Merritt, Mrs. Tom Thompson of California.

THOMPSON, DR. C.Y. (031721-033121) died recently/ would have been 90 in April/ buried at Macon, Miss./ owned land in Beaumont, Texas/ son is Frank B. Thompson of Blue Mountain.

THOMPSON, CHARLES W. (081827) died recently at Memphis/ born at Middleton, Tenn., March 6, 1865/ formerly lived at Ripley/ wife is nee Celia O'Grady/ children are Blythe, May, Charles Jr.

THOMPSON, GEORGE R. (030415-032515) died Feb. 25/ buried at Blue Mt./ born May 14, 1851/ wife and 4 children are dead/ leaves 5 sons, two brothers, 1 daughter, 3 sisters.

THOMPSON, JOHN W. (090832) died recently at Corinth/ born Aug. 15, 1858, son of W.W. and Clara (Emmons) Thompson of Kossuth/ brother-in-law of Mrs. John Alvis of Tippah.

THOMPSON, THAD et al, minors (PR 63) 1. Petition, Jan., 1872 James R. Thompson, guardian of Thaddeus M. Thompson, Benjamin F. Thompson, Richard Thompson, Joseph W. Thompson.

THORNTON, ERNESTINE (120336) died June 21/ buried at Harmony/ b. May 16, 1917, daughter of C.C. Thornton/ sister to Bilbo, Eugene, Mrs. N.J. Garrett, Mrs. W.T. Quinn, Mrs. D.L. Bowling, Effie, Muriel, Mrs. E.L. Kennedy of Chicago.

THORNTON, HUGH (050615) died Sat., age 32/ buried in a cemetery near Dr. A.H. McAlisters home, where his parents, Robert and Emma Thornton, are buried.

THORNTON, MISS ORA (121620) died recently at Jackson, Ms., age 42/ buried in Thornton Cem., Union Co./ daughter of late Crawford Thornton/ sister to Mrs. F.B. Thompson of Blue Mountain.

THORNTON, MRS. OSSIE (040330) died March 22/ buried at Pleasant Ridge/ wife of Webb Thornton/ children are daughters Bernice, Bill, Hazel, Loverta, Mattie Jewell/ sister to Mrs. E.W. Martin/ halfsister to Noverta, Clarence, Jewell, Coy, Johnnie, and Troy Witt. age 41.

THORNTON, W.H. (010831) died Sept. 7/ buried at New Salem/ born Oct. 17, 1851/ married first to Mary Hobson in 1874/ had eight children, surviving are Jim, Christopher, Mrs. Buck Frazier, Mrs. Anderson Higgins, Mrs. Frank Linebarger, Mrs. Charlie Higgins of Memphis/ married second on Nov. 11, 1906 to Dessie Jamieson.

THRASHER, EMMA (060315) died May 7/ buried at Shiloh/ b. 1877/ leaves husband, 4 children, a sister, 4 brothers.

THRASHER, ENON (010831) died Dec. 15, age 7/ daughter of J.D.

THRASHER, EVAN (012331) died Dec., age 7/ dau. of Berry/ buried at Ebenezer.

THRASHER, VASHTIE (070936) died Friday, age 3 (on July 3)/ buried at Ebenezer near Chalybeate/ daughter of Mark Thrasher.

THURMOND, CACY MARTEN (072722) died June 13/ buried at New Hope/ age 9-11-19/ daughter of W.T. Thurmond. (SHOULD READ SON of W.T.)

THURMOND, MRS. JESSIE LEATHERW00D (032234) died ?March 16/ widow of Charles M. Thurmond/ born April 27, 1861/ had 6 children, living are Jesse L. of Omaha, Nebr., Burton of Monroe, La., Mrs. Jennie D. Goff of Memphis.

THURMOND, MRS. LILLIAN M. (082433) died recently, age 37/ buried at Providence/ wife of Bunyan Thurmond/ nee Andrae, daughter of Charles J. Andrae of Danville, Ill./ mother is from Tippah/ was a half sister to Edward George of Tippah/uncle is Jim George of Tippah/children are Edward, Charles J. Louis Warren, Virginia, Lillie Mae.

THURMOND, MRS. MARTHA (1012931) died Jan. 12/ buried at Mt. Pleasant/ born April 11, 1868, third child of late Smallwood Witt/ widow of Walter Thurmond/ had 3 children-living is Rucker Thurmond of Cotton Plant/ sister to late John Witt, late Jim Witt, R.L. Witt, Mrs. Lou Clarke.

THURMOND, MRS. MOLLIE JANE (060921) died Aug. 22, 1920, age 46 yrs., 19 days/ buried at New Hope/ dau. of W.T. Thurmond/ sister to W.T., Bryant, Walter, John, and Edd Thurmond.

THURMOND, RICHARD (053018) died recently at Houston, Texas/ son of Jesse Thurmond of Ripley.

THURMOND, RUBY CATHERINE (031319) died July 23, age 1-6-15/ daughter of C.R. Thurmond.

THURMOND, VERNOR (072121) died July 4/ infant son of W.T./ buried at New Hope.

THURMOND, W. TROUPE (030536) died Thurs., age 72/ buried at New Hope/ children are Merideth, Frank, Walter, Clarence, W.T., William Earl, Mrs. J. Tatum, Mrs. Claude Reaves, Miss Irene.

TIGNER, W.H. (102732) died Oct. 1/ born Oct. 22, 1855/ married first to Mandy Carter/ children were Oscar, Will, Mrs. Joel Murry, Mrs. J.E. Clark/ children by second wife were Frank, Lee, Velman Ruth, Mrs. Harry Sweatman, Mrs. Marvin Reaves, Mrs. Russell Sweatman, Mrs. Henry Clark.

TIGRET FAMILY (082036) Samuel Tigret (McTigert) moved to U.S. from North Ireland in 1770/ to Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, and to Tenn. after the Revolution/ left a sister, Peggie, in Ireland/ two brothers also moved, one named John James Tigret/ Samuel married a sister to Sen. John Bell of Tennessee/ children were Chesterfield Tigret, Thomas Bell Tigret, Rev. John Baker Tigret, Sarah Robinson, Susan Neely, Mary Burrows, Parmelia Wallace, Annie McCord, and Jane Tubbs. CHESTERFIELD TIGRET was the father of the late Burton Tigrett of Newbern, Tenn., and of Rev. King Tigrett, who died 30 years ago.. TH0MAS BELL TIGRET was the father of Susan Matilda Tigret (died 1845), Samuel Azel Tigret (d.1863), Hugh Porter Tigret, Frances Jane Tigret (married Isaac Fryar), David Allen Tigret, Annie Bell Tigret (married Thomas B. Strange), Margaret Melissa Tigret (d.1879), George Jefferson Tigret (dec), William Thomas Tigret, John Franklin Tigret (d.1917), Sarah Louisa Tigret (d.1882). REV. JOHN BAKER TIGRET was the father of Samuel C. Tigret of Fayetteville, Tenn., and Mrs. Anne Taylor of Memphis.  Of the Tippah Tigrets - the children of Thomas Bell Tigret - Hugh Porter Tigret married Irene Hovis (daughter of L.B. Hovis and Laura Phyfer, a native of Lincoln Co., NC and was the father of Laura (Mrs. John Wright), Della (Mrs. F.M. Stanford), Carrie, Lawson, Horace, Lavinia (Mrs. Wiley W. Hartsfield), Isaac Lagronne and Lelia (Mrs. Phillip Bruton). David Allen Tigret married Martha L. Walker and was the father of W. Dudley (d.1926), Leroy, Terry, W.D., Elizabeth, William, Wade Bell, Jennie May, Russell (of Soda Springs, Idaho - he married Pearl Humphrey), Elsie (Mrs. John Humphrey). William Thomas Tigret married Annie Shackelford and was the father of Leonard, Hugh, Bessie, Patsy Clara, Charlie, William, Ruth. John Franklin Tigret married Susan McCluskey and was the father of Bernice and Wade Tigret. John James Tigret, brother to Samuel Tigret, was the grandfather of John J. Tigret dec, whose children included John J. Tigret (Pres. of the University of Florida) and an actress. (SEE ORIGINAL ARTICLE IN SENTINEL FOR MORE).

TIGRET, MRS. BETTIE DANIEL (061131) died Sunday at Winston-Salem,  N.C./ buried at Dumas/ wife of Wade Tigret/ husband is a son of Dave Tigret.

TIGRET, MRS. DONIA SHACKELFORD (082124) is visiting Tippah for the first time in 33 yrs./ now of Wilmer, Texas/ widow of Dave Tigret/ dau. of late J.J. Shackelford/ sister to Mrs. W.W. Anderson and Mrs. Dick Martin of Tiplersville/ only living son is Carl Tigret of Wilmer/ youngest son, David, was killed in the war/ brothers are Jim Shackelford of Myrtle and Joe and Hugh Shackelford of Tippah.

TIGRET, MRS. HUGH (021517) died last Friday/ buried at Wiers Chapel/ youngest daughter of Charlie Gaillard by his first wife/ leaves husband and four children/ husband is a son of Tommie Tigret.

TIGRET, HUGH PORTER (062128) died Sunday/ buried at Dumas/ born Jan. 19, 1849/ married Addie Hovis in 1871/ she died 1915/ married Mrs. Viola Staten in 1918/ by first wife leaves Lawson, Horace (Memphis) Lagronne (Greer, SC), Mrs. J.C. Wright (Hornsby, Tn.), Mrs. F.M. Stanford, Mrs. Wiley Hartsfield (Senatobia), Mrs. Phil Bruton (Tupelo)/ by second wife leaves a son, Hugh, age 8/ was a brother to D.A. and Tommie Tigret of Dumas.

TIGRET, MRS. IRENE (090916) died Sept. 7/ buried at Ripley/ was born Nay 7, 1852, daughter of Col. Lawson B. Hovis, who was killed in CSA/ graduated from Stonewall College, 1870/ married H.P. Tigret, Oct. 19, 187l/ had 9 children - 2 dead/ was a sister to C.L. Hovis, Mrs. Kittie Wallace (wife of J.C.).

TIGRET, MRS. J.F. (080217) died this week/ buried at Mt. Olivet/ daughter of Tandy Gassaway and widow of J.F. Tigret.

TIGRET, JOHN F. (041917-042619) died April 15/ buried at Prospect beside first wife, Susan McCluskey/ was born Oct. 4, 1868/ children by first wife were Bernice (age 12), Wade (age 7)/ was a brother to Mrs. Jennie Fryar of Soda Springs, Idaho, Porter Tigret, D.A. Tigret, W.T. Tigret/ second wife is a daughter of Tandy Gassaway of Molino.

TIGRET, DAVID (051519) killed last September in Lorraine, France/ son of Dave and Donia Shackelford Tigret of Ferris, Texas/ nephew of Mrs. C.L. Hovis.

TIGRET, JAMIE (110415) died Tues. at Dumas, age 3/ daughter of Dudley.

TIGRET, LEONARD (031027) died Fri., age 41/ buried at Dumas/ leaves wife and 7 children/ son of Tommie Tigret.

TIGRET, MRS. SALLIE (072915) died Tues./ nee Daniel, born at Clear Creek July 16, 1856/ married Hugh B. McCord, 1873/ he died Jan. 5, 1888/ married John B. Tigret in 1891, who died Jan. 8, 1901/ leaves children Willie Reed McCord of Ferris, Texas, Robert McCord, Mrs. Ira Clayton, Miss Lula Hugh McCord, Dan Tigret of Ferris, Texas.

TIGRET, WASHINGTON DUDLEY (082626) died April 25/ born April 19, 1878, son of David Allen and Martha Walker Tigret/ uncle, Hugh P. Walker, was founder of Chalybeate Springs Institute/ married Ethel Aldridge, Dec. 25, 1902/ had 6 children/ brother to Mrs. John Humphrey, Wade Tigret (N.C.), Russell Tigret (Idaho).

TIGRET, W.L. (021115) died Dec. 31, 1914, at Ferris, Texas/ buried there/ born Oct. 9, 1848/ married Amanda Park, Nov. 3, 1889.

TILGHMAN, MISS LILLIE (010630) died Wed., age 69/ grandfather was Mr. Thorn who lost 5 of his 6 sons and sons-in-laws in the Battle of Franklin during the Civil War.

TIMMONS, INFANT OF O.H. (030630) died Mon./ buried at Wiers Chapel.

TIMMONS, WALTER (070826) died at Winona, Miss., Thurs., age 22/ mother and a brother live in Ripley.

TINDLE, T.M. (041917) died yesterday at Blue Mountain.

TIPLER, CARL (092436) died in Benton Co., Wed., age 13/ son of Frank/ brother Raymond is 15.

TIPPER, JANE v. W.G. TIPPER (divorce) Bill, Nov. 14, 1873. Were married in Lafayette Co., Ala., 1866. Husband deserted 7 months later and moved to Texas.

TODD, THOMAS K. v. CYNTHIA ANN TODD (divorce) l. Were married in Tippah in January, 1863. She nee Morgan. Moved to Hardeman Co., Tn. She has married Pleasant Fortune.

TOLLISON, R.L. (031319-092017) died Sept. 4, 1917/ buried at Paynes Chapel/ age 48 or 49/ leaves wife, 2 children, 3 brothers, 3 sisters/ son-in-law is Silvanous Stroup.

TOLLISON, JOSH (092227) died at Dry Creek recently, age 35/ buried at Jumpertown/ leaves wife and 3 sons.

TOMLINSON, MRS. EXIE RAGAN (051227) died April 6, age 22/ buried in State Line Cem./ wife of Lester Tomlinson/married in 1919/ had four children, two living/ also leaves husband, parents, 3 brothers, one sister, 2 grandmothers.

TOMLINSON, IMOGENE (070528) died June 30, age 3/ buried at Providence/ daughter of J.A. of Falkner.

TOMLINSON, MRS. OLGA M. (082521) died May 18/ born Nov. 16, 1884, youngest dau. of James F. Tomlinson/ married Verden Hopper in Jan., 1908/ he died in July, 1908/ in Dec., 1911, married John F. Tomlinson of Alabama/ children are Gladys, Beulah, Ruth, Mildred.

TOMLINSON, WILLIAM BAZIL (030834) died Oct. 17/ born Sept. 9, 1859, son of James F. and Edith Tomlinson/ mother is dead/ after the Civil War, his father married again/ brother is John Tomlinson/ was first married to Sallie Malone/ had 3 sons and a daughter/ she died in Rome, Ga./ married second to Susie Duncan/ had 3 daughters, 6 sons.

TOWNSEND, O. dec (PR301) 1. Bill, Dec. 17, 1873.Townsend died in the Civil War leaving a widow and no children. 2. Deposition of Rebecca Townsend, widow, Jan. 12, 1874. 3. Deposition of Elizabeth Addington, 1874. William Kincade of Alcorn County has had the land 27 years. Nancy Kincade was his mother.

TRANTHAM, MRS. (072821) died yesterday/ buried at Mitchell/ mother-in-law of Walter Adair.

TRAYNOM, JAMES CURTIS (062536) died Sat./ buried at Pine Hill/ 2 year old son of Dewitt and Lillie/ grandson of Henderson Rowland.

TRUSSELL, MARTHA LOU (032030) died Fri., age 6/ dau. of J.C./ buried at Chalybeate.

TUCKER, D.J. (060524) died Monday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Luther Spain.

TURNER, CLEO (050819) died March 26 at Houlka, age 5/ buried at Hunters Chapel/ daughter of Hugh.

TURNER, DOROTHY Lee (030531) died Thurs./ buried at Criswell Cem./ dau. of Jim.

TURNER, MRS. GEORGIA M. (050433) died at College Mount, Texas, April 10/ born Tippah Nov. 21, 1854, nee McBride/ married W.T. Turner/ to Kaufman Texas in 1892.

TURNER, JAMES dec (PR 550) 1. Bill, April 25,1881. Widow-Una (dec). Children and heirs: (1) a son of H.H. Turner who has died and left children M.H. and L.D.H. Turner (2) Susan Turner (3)C.J. Hall (4)Matilda Holliday dec leaving husb. John Holliday and children John, Jennie, Ella, and Willie Holliday. (5)M.A.E. McElroy (6)M.E. Holliday (7)J.W. Turner (8) S.J. Turner.

TURNER, JOHN (033132) died Feb. 1/ buried in Criswell Cem./ brother to Milas Turner/ children are Billie (Middleton, Tn.), Frank, Mrs. Will Patterson, Ellis, Sam, Hugh, Henry, Jarman.

TURNER, MRS. MARGARET (061131) died Sat./ buried at Criswell/ wife of Milas Turner/ leaves husband and children.

TURNER, MILAS (021931) died Tues., age 33/ son of Bill/ grandson of Milas/ wife nee Durham/ one child.

TURNER, MILAS (031032) died Feb. 10, age 79/ married Margaret, dau. of David Colson/ she died 7 months ago/ had 5 children, one dead/ brother to Mrs. Martha Ann Culver of Oklahoma, Mrs. J.M. Crawford of Tippah, Frank Turner of Roby, Texas.

TURNER, ROY MITCHELL (121620) died Oct. 15, age 11 mo./ buried in Robs Cem./ son of Hugh of Houlka/ brother to late Cleo Turner.

TURNER, MRS. SUSIE (011316) died recently at Bluff/ mother-in-law of Joel Carter.

TURNER, TIMOTHY (021115) died Dec. 2, 1914, at Dalhart, Texas/ born in Tippah, April 22, 1847/ CSA vet./ married Georgia McBryde, Dec. 28, 1874/ had ll children/ living are Will (Dallas, Tx.), ____ (Abeline), Marvin (Dalhart), Mrs. Daisy Duke (Stanford, Tx.), John (Gerrell, Tx.) Dave, Ralph, Herman, and Mary of Kaufman, Tx./ brother to Tom Turner of Dalhart.

TURNER, W.E. (111120) died Covington Tenn Nov. 5, age 78/ CSA vet./ left TiPpah 30 years ago/ wife died 11 years ago/ leaves 3 sons and a daughter.

TYER, MRS. JULIA (032520) died recently at Blue Mt./ dau. of J.M. Gordon of Union Co./ sister to Mrs. Nannie Heaton, who died a month ago/husband died a year ago/ leaves 5 daughters, oldest age 10-12.

USSERY, JACK D. (061836) died June 14, age 73/ buried in Richardson graveyard/ wife died months ago/ had one child, who is dead.

USSERY, MRS. MARY JANE (121235) died Dec. 5, age 70/ buried in Richardson cem./ wife of J.D. Ussery/ sister to J.L. Robbins, J.F. Robbins, Mrs. Lizzie Mask.

VANDERGRIST, NATHAN (082615) a CSA vet. who died within the last year.

VANDIVER, REV. A.C. (093015-101415-110415) died at Mitchell on Sept. 27/ buried at Mt. Olive/ born Wayne Co., Tenn., June 10, 1831/ was a Baptist minister 44 years/ CSA vet./ leaves a daughter, Mrs. L.W. Mullikin.

VAUGHN, IRENE (042022) died Jan. 23, age 1 month/ buried at Antioch/ daughter of Ben Vaughn.

VOYLES, ELIZABETH (021330) died Jan. 20, age 7/ buried at Harmony/ daughter of Andrew Voyles.

VOYLES, MRS. MYRA (Nov. 1928) died Oct. 26/ buried at Harmony/ born June 17, 1864/ daughter is Mrs. Oscar Bartlett of Walnut.

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