Death Index S
Obituaries from Ripley's
and other sources
1836 through 1936


SADDLER, BLUFORD W. (013030) died recently at Booneville/ wife is nee Florence, daughter of Billy Hill of Dumas and a sister to Dr. Jeff Hill of Memphis.

SAMPLES, I.P. (082615) a CSA vet. who died within the past year.

SANDERS, HARRIS (041217) died Feb. 21, born Montgomery Co., N.C., March 27, 1824, the 12th of 15 children/ moved at age 10 with parents to Cherokee Co., Georgia/ then moved to the Tall poosa River in Alabama/ then to Tippah/ married Emeline Crump, daughter of William Crump, in 1853/ had 12 children (7 daughters) - living are Mrs. N.J. Owen, Mrs. M.L. Crump (Annona, Texas), Mrs. B.L. Welch (Thackerville Okla.), Mrs. Gunter, Mrs. S.E. Jernigan, Mrs. H.E. Patterson, J.L. Sanders (Tishomingo, Okla.), T.J. Sanders, A.H. Sanders/ CSA vet./ grandson is Herman Jernigan.

SANDERS, MRS. HARRIS (021220) died last week, age 83/ buried at Academy/ dau. is Mrs. Ola Jernigan.

SANDERS, W.H. dec (unnumbered PR) 1. Petition for dower by M.M. Sanders Nov. 18, 1867. William H. Sanders died July 29, 1867. Children are Michael H., Thomas J., Mary E., James M., William F., Martha C., Fredonia A., Jettie E., Jane A., Irene C.

SANDERSON, INFANT OF WILLIE (052715) died May 10.

SANDERSON, EDWARD (030817) died Feb. 26/ buried at Union Cem./ born Sept. 4, 1916, son of Jesse.

SANDERSON, MRS. EFFIE (091031) died Aug. 26/ buried at Antioch/ married Leland Sanderson l8 years ago/ leaves husband and 3 children, Evelyn (age 16), Turrell (age 14), Marie (age 12)/ sister to Mrs. Till Lindsey, Mrs. John Graves, Mrs. Chess Nix (Parkin, Ark.), Jim Childers of Memphis, John Childers, Jess Childers, Hubert Childers.

SANFORD, MRS. MARTHA ANN (041228) died Dec. 18, age 50/ buried at Mt. Pleasant/ wife of Luther/ leaves husband and 3 sisters/ daughter of late Elijah Bullock.

SARTAIN, MRS. CLASSIE (051133) died Aug. 12/ wife of Henry Sartain, whom she marrried in 1892/ born Oct. 2, 1869/ leaves 6 children (4 boys).

SASSER, DR. J.S. (082119-082819) died at Middleton Sunday/ wife is a first cousin to Mrs. J.C. Fant of Ripley/ born Sept. 1846 in Hardeman Co., Tenn/ wife - Effie/ daughter is Mrs. Maggie Nolen/ adopted son - Jim Nichols/ brother to Mrs. Ripley Jones and Henry Sasser.

SATTERFIELD, REV. R.F.L. (123125-061726) died Dec. 29 at Jumpertown/ burial there/ born Aug. 13, 1848.

SATTERFIELD, MRS. BOB (070616) died Thurs. age 75/ buried at Jumpertown/ married 50 years to Rev. Robert Satterfteld.

SAYLORS, IDA MAYO (011134) died Sept 9/ buried at Lebanon/ born Dec. 5, 1903/  married J.L. Saylors, Dec. 22, 1922/ daughter - Bernice.

SCALLY, DR. G.W. (080829) died on Tues. at Kossuth/ married first to a daughter of Judge Humphrey of Alcorn County and had daughters Ruby (Tampa,Fla) and Mrs. Jesse Meeks (Meridian)/ married second to Alice Saddler/ children were Maurice of Memphis, Mrs. Tom Frederick of Birmingham, Mrs. Hazel Gunn of Walnut.

SCALLY, WILLIAM H. (032818) died in December, 1917/ born November, 1828/ CSA vet./ buried at Harmony.

SCOTT, FRED (071322) died Monday, age 21/ buried at Friendship/ leaves parents.

SCOTT, MRS. MARIANNA (080333) died Mon., age 90/ born Tippah of English parents/ husband, W.W. Scott, died 25 years ago/ children are Mrs. Lina Crum (Kossuth), Mrs. John Brock, W.L. Scott, Mrs. Tishie Waldon.

SEXTON, MACK (022835) died Mon., age 75/ buried at Providence/ married Mary Pitner, sister to J.D. Pitner/ children are Frank, Newton, Tommie, Mrs. Lillian Renfrow, Mrs. Eva Johnson, Mrs. Ethel Graham.

SHACKELFORD, MRS. SALLIE (080322) died recently/ widow of S.G. Shackelford, who died in 1906/ born Oct. 25, 1863, daughter of T.Y. Morton/ married Dec. 29, 1886/ sons are Joe and Terry Shackelford.

SHANNON, MRS. JULIA (041129) died April 6, age 76/ buried at Tiplersville/ wife of R.J. Shannon/ children are Marcus L. of Pontotoc, Robert L. of Mathiston, Laron of Forrest, Va., Walter of Helena, Ark., Mrs. Charles Rowland of Memphis, Mrs. J.D. Pitner of Ripley, J.B. of New Albany, Lester, Mrs. Tip Thornton, Mrs. Will Wright/ deceased children are John, Billie, and Mrs. O.T. Horton/ was daughter of late John W. Street/ was a sister to J.W. Street, Sarah Patterson, and Asa J. Street of Fort Worth, Texas.

SHANNON, R.J. SR. (081733) died Sat., age 85/ wife died 1929/ deceased children are Billie, Mrs. O.T. Horton, and a small son/ living children are M.L. of Pontotoc, J.B. of New Albany, R.L. of New Albany, Walter of Helena, Ark., Laron of Norfolk,Va., Lester, Mrs. Will Wright, Mrs. J.D. Pitner, Mrs. Maude Rowland, Mrs. Virgie Thornton.

SHANNON, ROBERT L. (120132) died at Memphis Friday, age 19/ grandson of R.J. Shannon Sr./ son of R.H. Shannon of New Albany/ brother to John Shannon of Memphis, Ophelia, William, and Paul, all of New Albany, Mrs. Bob Lucas of St. Louis, Mrs. Wade Pierce of Memphis.

SHANNON, WILLIAM A. (081915) died Tues. age 40/ buried at Ripley/ was one of the 13 children of R.J. Shannon/ married Maude Smith 18 years ago/ children are Robert, Maybelle, Margaret, Julia, William, Ruth.

SHAPPLEY, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (040936) died at Hamilton in Benton Co. recently, age 81/ born Hardeman Co., Tenn. Dec. 10, 1854/ to Benton Co. at age 12/ widow - Mary Etta/ children are R.L. of Verona, T.K. of Memphis, L.E. of Falkner, W.T. of Saulsbury, Mrs. W.F. Harrison and Mrs. J.G. Nunnally of Tiplersville, Mrs. H.J. Childers of Ashland, Mrs. R.L. Estes of Ripley, Mrs. H.C. Collins of Cairo, Ga./ brother to E.T. of Ashland, E.E. of Brownfield, Mrs. Mary Wicker of Ripley, Mrs. S.A. Montgomery of Ashland, Mrs. W.E. Montgomery of West Memphis, Ark.

SHAPPLEY, MRS. GATSEY (050328) died April 30, age 84 (on April 13)/ nee Stinson/ married G.S. Shappley/ had 5 sons and 5 daughters/ 7 are living/ 5 live near Shappley cemetery/ was a native of the Hamilton-Saulsbury area in Benton Co.

SHAW, CHILD OF BEDFORD (051221) died Fri., age a few months,

SHEA, MRS. MIKE (052423) died April 15 at the home of her parents at Pocahontas, Tenn., age 17/ married Mike Shea of Sheffield, Ala., a year ago/ infant son is Mike Jr./ daughter of W.A. Ragan/ sister to Gladys, Rubel, D.M., and Grady Ragan and Mrs. Lester Tomlinson.

SHELTON, ADOLPHUS PINKNEY (100836-061136) died June 9/ buried at Antioch/ born Sept. 7, 1889, son of the late Murry Franklin Shelton and Josephine Shelton/ wife - Alma/ children - Hermie, Mary, Eula, Wilma, Lottie, Hassell, Lester, Kenneth/ brother to W.F., J.T., J.V., D.W., B.L., J.M., Mrs. Lizzie Bowling.

SHELTON, MRS. EULA BETTY (052428) died Sat., age 48/ buried at Antioch/ wife of D.R. Shelton/ children are Edwin, Charlene, Helen, Mrs. Marvin Johnson.

SHELTON, MRS. BILLIE (012435) died Mon./ buried at Antioch/ children are Albert, Murry, Clyde, Mrs. Charlie Graves, Mrs. Roxie Graves, Mrs. 0la Graves, Horace.

SHELTON, D. RICHARD (011636) died Mon./ wife is dead/ mother is Mrs. Anne Shelton, widow of Billie Shelton/ was a brother to Frank, Willie, P.M., T.E., Mrs. E.P. Barber, Mrs. Emma Linville/ children are Rev. Edwin Shelton of Athens, Ga., Mrs. Marvin Johnson, Charlene of Booneville, Helen of Booneville.

SHELTON, FRANK (112818) died Oct. 16, age 20 yrs 6 mos./ buried at Antioch/ son of J.V. Shelton/ leaves parents, 4 sisters, 4 brothers.

SHELTON, MRS. FRED V. (070633) died Tues., age 30/ buried at Antioch/ daughter of John Jobe/ niece of Prof. L.H. Jobe.

SHELTON, GLADYS NELIENE (021115) died Jan. 22/ buried at Antioch/ daughter of Dolphus Shelton/ leaves parents and a sister.

SHELTON, HARVEY M. (010236) died at Guantanamo Naval Base, Cuba, recently, age 26/ buried at Antioch/ son of Frank/ brother to H.W., John, B.T. Jr., Scott, Mrs. Ernest Collier, Mrs. C.F. Griffin of Utica, Miss.

SHELTON, HOWARD (102418) died Sat., age 4/ son of Billie.

SHELTON, MRS. JIM (081132) died Sat., age 56/ buried at Antioch/ children are Mrs. Pearl Linville (Memphis), Fred (Memphis), Mrs. Boone Fare, Mrs. Audrey Davis, Cecil, Charlie, Bettie/ 2 children are dead.

SHELTON, MARY MURIEL (071928) died July 7/ buried at New Salem/ born March 27, 1927, daughter of Earl.

SHELTON, V.E. "Lonnie" (011029) died on Dec. 24/ buried at Antioch/ son of late Billie Shelton/ leaves mother, wife, children, siblings.

SHEPHERD, MRS. GRACE (060133) died May 28, age 46/ buried in Memphis Memorial Park/ wife of V.H. Shepherd/ daughter of late C.L. Hovis/ children are Randall, Joe, and Stanley Shepherd, all of Memphis/ sister to Mrs. E.S. Raggett, Mrs. M.R. Pennebaker, Mrs. J.J. Stinson, Sarah M. Hovis, F.M. Hovis, H.M. Hovis, all of Memphis and C.T. Hovis of Atlanta, Georgia.

SHEPHERD, THOMAS C. (102418) died Fri./ buried at Antioch/ son of late Tom Shepherd/ grandson of late J.V. Shepherd/ leaves mother, wife, 5 childred.

SHEPHERD, WILLIAM V. (032424) killed Sunday/ married Maude Hargrove in 1897/ daughter - Mary/ sister - Mrs. Mary Gurney.

SHEPHERD, MRS. WILL (042926) died Tuesday at Jackson, Tn., age 47/ buried at Ripley/ widow of Will who died 2 years ago/ nee Maude Hargrove, daughter of W.C. Hargrove of Tippah/ daughter, Mary, is 22/ sister to J.H. Hargrove of Medina, Tn., Charlie and Ernest of Pine Bluff, Ark., and Jim of Amory.

SHINNALL, BERRY (101321-082422) died Oct. 10, 1921, age about 80/ buried at Clear Creek/CSA vet.

SHINNALL, GEORGE B. (050736) died April 30, age 87/ buried at Pine Grove/ wife - Margaret/ stepson is Palmer Bullock/ came with parents from Georgia to Tippah.

SHOFFNER, MR. (040324) died Tues./ buried in Liberty Cem./ father of Tom and 01lie Shoffner.

SHORT, IRA (120518) murdered between Nov. 25 and Dec. 2 near Walnut.

SHORT, VIRGIL (042915) suicide recently, age 20/ son of O.M. Short of near Brownfield.

SHUGART, A.B. (052627) died May 21 at Blue Mt./ burial there/ born in Pennsylvania 73 years ago/ married Dela Fay of Pa./ mined in Colorado/ moved to Blue Mt. 20 Years ago/ one child died in infancy/ an adopted married daughter lives in Missouri.

SIDDALL, JAMES (030117) died at Gainesville, Texas, Jan. 22, age 69/ raised at Dumas.

SIMMONS, BRITT L. (121736) died at Memphis Sat., age 56/ buried at Flat Rock/ son of late W.B. Simmons/ married Ida, daughter of Judge S.W. Pegram/ children are S.W. of Iowa City, Iowa, and Britt L., Herbert, Natha Lewis, Katie Belle and Jamie of Memphis.

SIMMONS, MRS. SWANNIE WINBORN (021336) died at Moscow Tenn recently, age 68/ daughter of late Moses Winborn of Blue Mt./ sister to Mrs. James Gurney of Blue Mt., Mrs. Robbie Baker, Mrs. Annie Simmons, Will Winborn (New Albany).

SIMMONS, WILLIE A. (032421) died Saturday, age 73/ buried at Blue Mt./ children are L.B. of Los Angeles, Calif., Mrs. L.A. Hill of Cleveland, Miss., Mrs. George T. Callicutt, Mrs. H.A. Moore of Hot Springs, Arkansas.

SIMPSON, SON OF J.T. (061522) died at Ashland on June 2/ buried in Simpson Cem.

SIMPSON, BILLIE REE (012931) died on Jan. 22/ buried in Simpson Cem./ born April ll, 1928, daughter of Bill Simpson, cousin to Claiborne Rutherford.

SIMPSON, CLAUDE (090325) died at Kansas City Friday/ brother to Mrs. Terry Morton.

SIMPSON, HARRY L. (122932) died on Dec. 4, age 28/ buried at New Salem/ leaves wife, 4 children, 3 sisters, father/ only son of Dave Simpson.

SIMPSON, JAMES DEC (PW 244) 1. Will, made March 23, 1868; Probated in Memphis, Tenn., 1873. James Simpson, executor. 2. Admin. Bond to James G. Simpson, Dec. 20, 1872. Sureties - A. Brown Sr., A.J. Suggs, T.A. Hunt, A.B. Simpson, J.W. Thompson.

SKINNER FAMILY (090430) Skinner reunion at Henderson, Tennesse, of the descendants of John, Abner, William and Henry Skinner and their sister, Elizabeth Hollis, at Montezuma Cemetery/ included Mrs. Sarah Skinner Horton, 83, child of John W. Skinner.

SKINNER, LIZZIE (031120) died Feb. 22/ buried at providence/ born Nov. 15, 1889, daughter of Z.P. Skinner.

SKINNER, MRS. MARY ANN (011035) died on Dec. 6/ buried at Pleasant Hill/ daughter of John and Sally (Crook) Conner/ born Feb. 28, 1853/ married Z.P. Skinner on Nov. 14, 1869/ children are Bob (dec), Lizzie (dec), infant (dec), Hardy, Berry, William, Luther, Edwin, Mrs. Essie Duncan, Mrs. Nettie Duncan, Mrs. Lettie Hopper, Mrs. Verdie Hughey, Mrs. Gertrude Jones/ was a sister to Johnathan Crook, Jim Crook, Hubert Crook, Mrs. Bitha Duncan.

SKINNER, R.I. (082433) died Tues., age 64/ buried at Smyrna/ married Linnie Hopper/ Children are Hubert, Everett, Mrs. Laverne Hughey, Mrs. Burdette Harrison/ brother to Mrs. John Duncan of Texas, Mrs. Virdie Hughey, Mrs. Lettie Hopper, Mrs. Gertrude Jones, B.M., Luther of Corinth, Hardy, Willie of Ripley, Tenn., Edwin Skinner.

SKINNER, THOMAS MITCHELL (092122) died Sept. 10/ buried at Ebenezer/ born Sept. 10, 1919/ son of J.H. Skinner.

SKINNER, TOM EVERETT (112818) died Nov. 9 at Dallas, Texas/ buried in Greenleaf Cemetery/ born July 18, 1889 at Hutto, Texas, son of John A. Skinner of Brownwood, Texas.

SKINNER, REV. W.L. (070826) died at Clarendon, Texas, Friday, age 85/ in Texas since 1891/ grandfather of Hillman and Spurgeon Mathis and Miss Charlotte Mathis of Corinth/ brother to Mrs. Mary Montgomery, Zack Skinner, Mrs. J.D. Smith, Mrs. Sarah Horton of Tippah.

SLAUGHT, GEORGE M. (062922) died in New York, age 55/ unmarried/was manager for Paul J. Rainey in Miss.

SMALLWOOD, MRS. DORA (050130) died Tues./ buried at New Salem/ wife of Clarence/ daughter of Irvin Martindale/ children are Odell, Evelyn, Virginia, Carl.

SMALLWOOD, FINLEY L. (050317) died April 24 at Walnut/ buried at New Salem.

SMALLWOOD, J.Y. (100434) is visiting Tippah for the first time in 52 years/ age 82/ uncle of W.F. Harrison of Tiplersville.

SMALLWOOD, JOHN A. (121532) died Mon./ buried at Ebenezer near Cotton Plant.

SMART, LEANDER (061026) died Tues., age 70/ buried at Jumpertown/ father of Mrs. John Jumper.

SMITH FAMILY (080636) J.D. Smith of Tiplersville was born Fairfield Co., South Carolina, Nov. 9, 1856, son of James and Jemima (Henderson) Smith, who came to Tippah in I873. His great grandfather was John Smith, born in 1767. Other great grandfather was Daniel Nabry who came from Virginia to Fairfield Co. before the Revolution. J.D. married first a daughter of John Ferdinand Harrison of Virginia (relative of President Benjamin Harrison)/ was second married to a daughter of John W. and Peggy (Dodds) Skinner.

SMITH, ALFRED (080135) died Sunday, age 81/ buried at Old Mt. Zion/ children are Walter of Memphis, Tom of Falkner, Mrs. Rube Cross.

SMITH, MRS. ALICE (081535) died Aug. 12, age 78/ buried at Pleasant Hill/ nee Bennet/ married J.B. Smith Nov. 29, 1882/ son is I.P. Smith of Counce, Tenn.

SMITH, BEJAMIN Dec. (PR 590)  1. Petition, March 29, 1881. T.J. Medlin is guardian of B.C., A.T. and John D. Smith and Jane Callicutt, heirs of Benjamin Smith dec. 2. Citation to John D. Smith and Thomas Smith of Bryant Station, Saline Co., Arkansas, March 29, 1881.

SMITH, BENJAMIN N. (071818) died on July 16/ buried at Prospect/ born in Tippah, Nov. 1857, one of the 9 children by his father's last wife/ also had half brothers and sisters/ leaves wife, 3 sons, 4 daughters.

SMITH, MRS. BETTIE (100715) died today/ buried at Wiers Chapel/ wife of Billie Smith/ son, Joe, died last year/ daughter, Lillian, died a few weeks ago.

SMITH, BILLIE (052131) died Wed., age 81/ buried at Wiers Chapel/ brother to R. Bruce Smith, Mrs. Mellie McCarley, Mrs. Lou Fryar (Blossom, Texas)/ father of William, Sarah, Gladys.

SMITH, BILLY (082929) died July 22, age 74/ buried at Rucker/ leaves wife, 1 son, 3 stepchildren.

SMITH, MRS. CERENA AVELINE CROOK (071421) died recently/ sister is Mrs. Willa Ann Embrey of San Marcos, Texas.

SMITH, BERRY (020718) died April 12, 1917/ buried at Antioch/ age 77/ brother to J.M. Smith/ leaves a son and a daughter.

SMITH, CHILD OF CHARLES (072424) died last week at Blue Mt., age 6 months.

SMITH, CHILD OF WILSON (082416) died Sat. at Ripley, age 3 days.

SMITH, MRS. CALLIE (021330) died Thurs. at Walnut/ buried at Harmony/ wife of M.D. Smith/ son - Claude/ sister to Mrs. T.H. Hobson, J.B. Frederick, Lark Frederick of Covington, Tenn.

SMITH, ELIAS B. (082527) died Sunday/ buried at Dumas beside wife who died 8 years ago/ son of J.J. Smith/ born Nov. 18, 1876/ married Sallie Mae Anderson 1902/ children are Lawrence and Gara/ brother to Will, Howard, Jim, Mrs. Lee Long, Miss Lou Smith/ father is living.

SMITH, ERNEST (111225) died Nov. 6 at the home of his brother, Billy/ buried at New Hope/ never married/ brother to Mrs. Mellie McCarley of Winona and R.B. Smith.

SMITH, MRS. EMILY (091819) died July 28, age 38-6-2/ buried at Shady Grove/ leaves husband, 5 children, father, sister.

SMITH, EDNA (032333) died March 5, age 17/ buried at Harmony/ daughter of E.A. Smith/ leaves 5 brothers and 4 sisters.

SMITH, MRS. FRANCES (062525) died June 17, age 79/ buried at Pleasant Ridge/ children are Mrs. Alice Wildman, Mrs. Vonie Bartlett, Mrs. Huldia Watson, Mrs. Margaret White, J.L. Smith, A.W. Smith of Bethany.

SMITH, MRS. FRANCES (020636) died Jan. 31, age 71/ buried at Rucker/ widow of Lafayette Smith/ children are John Smith, Walter Smith, Mrs. Pink Yancey.

SMITH, FRANK (040826) died Wed./ buried in a new cemetery a few miles east of Ripley/ son-in-law: Lee Adams.

SMITH, GEORGE W. (060221) died Thurs., age over 60/ buried at Wiers Chapel/ leaves wife and 4 sons, 3 daughters all who live at Ripley except a son, George Jr., who lives in the far northwest.

SMITH, HARVEY W. (122017) died Sat./ born in Georgia, Sept. 1838, the oldest of 8 children/ deceased siblings are Mrs. Hill and Jack Smith/ living are Bruce Smith, Billie Smith, Emmett Smith, Mrs. Lou Fryar of Texas, Mrs. Mellie McCarley/ wife, Susan Stricklin, whom he married in 1867, died Sept. 9, 1900/ daughter, Sue Ella Adams, died March 22, 1913/ children are Mrs. Jake Godwin, Mrs. Dolph McAlister of Ripley/ CSA vet./ born Sept 21, 1838.

SMITH, HENRY J. (071030)(082433) died July 7, 1933/ buried at Academy/ born York District, S.C., July 7, 1835/ CSA vet./ married Mary Foote who died 8 years ago at age 86/ had 9 children, living are 7, including Eggleton, Jule, John, Will, and Mrs. Will Smith.

SMITH, MRS. J.B. (071129) died recently at Baldwyn, with burial there/ age 19/ daughter of Edgar Marshall/ granddaughter of Walter Covington.

SMITH, J.G. (082218-091218) died Aug. 18/ buried at Providence/ born Nov. 4, 1873, youngest of the 6 children of Jim Smith/ brother to Jap Smith/ married Mary Tomlinson/ had 7 children all living except a daughter/ father of Murry Smith of Ripley/ name is John G. Smith.

SMITH, MRS. J.L. (030729) died Jan. 13/ buried at Little Hope/ born 1841, daughter is Mrs. Annie Brock.

SMITH, MRS. J.M. (050935) died Fri., age 81/ buried at Rucker/ married on Jan. 5, 1876/ children are John, Lee, Jess, Mrs. W.M. Laughlin, Mrs. C.W. Jones, Mrs. J.L. Robins, Mrs. Keith Anderson.

SMITH, J.W. (Bill) (060921) died Tues., age over 60, on Hatchie.

SMITH, JAMES et al, minors (PR 210) Petition, Nov. 13, 1871. William Helms, guardian. Minors are James Smith (age 10), Catherine Smith (age 8), Richard Smith (age 6), O. Smith (age 5), George Smith (age 3). 2. Citation to Richard Smith of Elias County, Texas, who is 21, 4-19-1886.

SMITH, JAMES B. (082615) died Dec. 3, 1914/ born Fairfield Dist., S.C., March 6, 1839/ to Tippah in 1845/ married Martha Belle Cotton, Dec. 17, 1868/ leaves 4 children.

SMITH, JAMES M. (090518) died Sept. 3/ buried in Ripley Cem./ born York Dist., S.C., Jan. 21, 1833/ went to Saulsbury Tenn. before Civil War/ later moved to Ripley/ by first wife leaves children Mrs. J.W. Bennett of Blue Mountain and J.G. Smith of Pontotoc/ by second wife, a Ticer of Keownville, leaves L. Pink Smith of Greenville and Walter Smith of Walnut Ridge, Ark., and Mrs. A.M. Young, Mrs. Joseph Brown, Mrs. W.A. Shannon.

SMITH, JAMIE VICTORIA (021921) died Feb. 6/ buried Wiers Chapel/ born April 27, 1918, daughter of Howard/ leaves parents and 2 sisters.

SMITH, JEFF D. (083133) died at Huntsville, Ala., Friday/ buried at Booneville/ son of late Hamp Smith of Tippah/ children are Orma R. Smith (Corinth), Dudley, J.D. Jr., Charles, Louise, Eugenia, and Elizabeth, all of Huntsville.

SMITH, MRS. JENNIE MAY (060629) died Wed./ buried at Mt. Zion/ wife of Horace/ dau. of Sam Barkley/ children are Gene (age 2) and Marjorie (age 9 days).

SMITH, MRS. JIM (043031) died March 26, age 85/ buried Hopkins Cem./ children are M.C., Will, George, Jim.

SMITH, JOHN (122530) died recently, age 21/ son of George,

SMITH, JOHN A. (120518) died Nov. 29 at Blossom, Texas, age 81/ brother to late J.M. Smith of Ripley and J.R. Smith of New Albany/ children are O.A., Homer, Jesse, Edd, Dr. Sy Smith, all of Texas, and Mrs. W.P. Pennebaker of Ripley.

SMITH, JOHN D. (101630) died at Carlisle, Union County, S.C., recently/ buried in Rogers Cemetery near Carlisle in Goshen Hill Township/ born Fairfield Co., S.C., Aug. 5, 1857, son of John William Hampton Smith and Jane Emaline Smith/ leaves relatives in Tippah.

SMITH, JOHN J. (072733) died Tues., age 83/ buried at Wiers Chapel/ children are Will T., Jim, Howard, Mrs. Mary Long/ dead children are Jesse and Elias (the father of Lawrence Smith and Mrs. A. Duncan)/ brother to Will T. Smith of New Albany and Mrs. Lizzie Elder of New Albany.

SMITH, JOHN THOMAS (111826) died July 14, age 1-3-18/ buried at Academy/ son of Arthur.

SMITH, JOSEPH DEC (unnumbered PR) 1. Petition, Jan. 21,1869, for dower by Elizabeth Smith, widow. Smith died 1868, leaving one son, Burrell C. Smith, age 7.

SMITH, JOSEPH R. (111319) died Tuesday age 70/ was a brother to late James Smith of Ripley and late John A. Smith of Blossom, Texas/ married first to Mary Clark, second to Elizabeth Pennebaker/ leaves second wife and children - Arthur I. Smith of Memphis, Mrs. J.I. Anderson, Mrs. Henry Cook, Mrs. Etter Smith of Memphis.

SMITH, KELLY (062536) died at Chattanooga, Tenn, age 7/ son of Lowrey Smith of Ripley/ grandson of Mrs. Lee Kelly/ grandparents are Joe Smith of Ripley and Lee Kelly of Scottsboro, Alabama.

SMITH, L. PINK (091626) died at Greenville, Miss., today/ buried there/ born Ripley, Nov. 15, 1862/ member of the legislature, 1890/ to Greenville in 1890 and took over THE GREENVILLE DEMOCRAT-TIMES/ clerk of the House, 1892-1910/ secretary to Senator Percy 1911-1912/ married Anna Dudley, 1898/ children are Mrs. Hubert Armstrong, Lewis, Ernest, Allen (Tulsa, 0kla)/ sisters are Mrs. A.M. Young, Mrs. Joseph Brown, Mrs. Roy McDonald of Ripley.

SMITH, LEONARD (121334) died Dec. 11 at Mt. Pleasant, Texas/ son of Walter Smith, formerly of Ripley and now of Oklahoma City/ nephew of Mrs. Joseph Brown, Mrs. A.M. Young, and Mrs. Roy McDonald of Ripley/ brother to Mamie (Oklahoma City), Mrs. Sarah Laughlin (Tulsa), Mrs. Ellie Traugh (Oklahoma City), Mrs. Pauline Norvell (Wewoka) father of Leonard (Tupelo, Ms.), Jack (Mt. Pleasant), Allen (Little Rock, Ark), Mrs. George A. Hill (Washington) Mrs. Roman Johnson (Tupelo).

SMITH, LEWIS (112236) died at Greeneville, Ms., Nov. 8, age 53/ buried there/ born July 21, 1883, son of the late L. Pink Smith and Sarah Robinson/ brother to Ernest and Mrs. Hubert Armstrong of Greeneville and Allen of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

SMITH, MISS LILLIAN (071515) died recently, age 35/ daughter of Billie Smith.

SMITH, LINA (121620) died Sept. 24/ born in 1850/ married H.B. Smith/ leaves husband, 3 sisters, 2 brothers, children - Jennie, Hugh Nezzie McMillen, Willie Mohundro.

SMITH, MRS. LOVETTA (073036) died Tues. with burial at New Hope/ granddaugher of late William W. Thompson, Mayor of Ripley in the l880s/ daughter of Robert and Mittie (Wren) Thompson of Kossuth/ wife of Lonnie J. Smith.

SMITH, MRS. LULA (011233) died Sunday, age 58/ buried at Mt. Olive/ daughter of Billie Mitchell/ wife of late John Smith who died 30 years ago/ children are M.A., Lester, Ernest, all of Tippah, Ray of New Albany, and Mrs. D.W. Wammack.

SMITH, MRS. LYTLE (112228) died Fri./ buried at Wiers Chapel/ daughter of G.A. Childers/ leaves husband, 2 sons, 2 daughters.

SMITH, M. LAFAYETTE (040815-041515) died April 3/ buried at Rucker/ born Sept. 19, 1852.

SMITH, MARTHA F. et al, minors (PR 211) 1. Petition for letters of guardianship, Nov. 13, 1871, R.L. Smith, petitioner. Minors are Martha Frances Smith (age 17), Reuben O. Smith (16), Lucinda M. Smith (14), William L. Smith (11), Mary E. Smith (6), James L. Smith (5).

SMITH, MARVIN (091615) died Fri., age about 35/ leaves wife and 5 children.

SMITH, MRS. MARY (091422) died at Cotton Plant, age 84/ wife of Henry Smith.

SMITH, MAY (071421) died last night/ daughter of Hugh Smith of Tiplersville.

SMITH, MRS. MARY MURRY (011928) died at Tulsa, Oklahoma, recently/ eldest child of attorney John Y. Murry of Tulsa/ leaves husband and a child.

SMITH, MILTON GILBERT (032217) died March 5, age 10 mo./ son of Walter Smith.

SMITH, MRS. MOLLIE (111815) died Wed. at Abeline, Texas, age 46/ born Tiplersville/ married J.S. Smith of Providence at age 18/ from Tippah to Hopewell in Benton Co. to Texas/ mother of Russell, Dura, Future, Preston, Lavada, Jamie, May Louise/ 2 twin boys died a year or so ago/ sister to Mrs. Wash Hughey, Charlie Harrison, Jim and Ben Harrison of Benton Co., and Bob Harrison of Ferri, Texas.

SMITH, OLIVER (070528) died at Cleburne, Texas on June 7, age 78/ raised in Tippah/ had lived in Blum, Texas, 53 years/ children are Mrs. Delia McLain of Blum, Ernest of Cleberne, Edd of Oklahoma City.

SMITH, RACHEL DEC (PR 457) 1. Petition Aug. 31, 1878. Rachel died March, 1878. Heirs are Frances Coltharp (wife of M.N. Coltharp), Benjamin Smith, John D. Smith, Thomas Smith, Sallie Medlin (wife of T. Jackson Medlin), Elizabeth Hill (wife of Andrew Hill of Purdy, Tn.), Winnie Case (wife of William H. Case of Purdy, Tn.), Jennie Callicutt (wife of Bird Callicutt), the children of Nancy Henry. dec (who was a dau. of Rachel), the children of Elijah Smith dec., the children of Joseph Smith dec. 2. Citation same date to John, Thomas Smith and T.J. Henry of Bryant Sation, Saline Co., Arkansas; to S.B. Henry of Crockett, Texas; to Elizabeth Henry and her mother, Nancy E. Henry, of Saulsbury, Tn.; William Smith and his mother, S.A. Irvin of Palmyra, Lincoln Co.,Ark.

SMITH, RALPH LAMAR (061224) died at New Albany March 28/ born May 18, 1921/ son of Lamar.

SMITH, ROGER (083034) died in Okla. Thurs., age 40/ son of Walter, who was formerly of Ripley/ leaves wife.

SMITH, MRS. SALLIE MAE (011619) died Sunday at Dumas/ daughter of W.W. Anderson/ sister to Dr. W.H. Anderson/ wife of Elias B. Smith/ sons are Lawrence (age 15), Gary (age 11).

SMITH, MRS. SUSANN (100627) died Sun. age 77/ buried at Liberty/ sons are Edd of Benton Co., Marlin (dead), Will of Tiplersville (is Supervisor of First District).

SMITH, THOMAS (120226) died near Wheeler, Miss., recently, age 70/ buried at Oak Hill Cem./ formerly of Mitchell/ brother to Joe and Asbury/ uncle of Lytle and Hugh Smith.

SMITH, W.B. dec (PR 236)1. Petition, Oct. 1, 1872. Heirs are H.B. Smith; J.W. Smith; J.G. Smith; William Cross and wife A.C. Cross; A.P. and J.D. Smith (minors); Thomas O. Gill Jr. and wife, S.J. Gill of Fayetteville, Tenn; Mrs. L. C. Rowell of Blanche, Tenn (she is a daughter of Smith); William Labbareare and wife M.A. of Madison Station, Alabama; Wesley Bland and Otey Bland, minor heirs of James N. Bland and wife Permelia (daughter of Smith) of Madison Cross Roads, Ala.; E.P. Leatherwood and wife M.E. of Arkansas.

SMITH, MRS. W.T. (081226) died last week at New Albany/ buried there.

SMITH, WALTER KYLE (030729) died Thurs. at Memphis, age 32/ burial in Memphis Memorial Park/ son of G.W. and Nannie Tapp Smith/ cousin to W.G. Tapp/ brother to Mrs. W.E. Jordan, Mrs. W.R. Dixon, Mrs. W.B. Ely, Mrs. J.F.
Dixon, Lillie, L.P., J.A.

SMITH, MRS. WILL T. (060927) died Sat. age 49/ buried at New Prospect/ leaves husband and an adopted daughter.

SMITH, WILLIAM (021636) died Sun., age 45/ buried Wiers Chapel/ born July 26, 1890, son of late Billie and Betty (Storey) Smith/ a brother and sister are dead/ sisters are Sarah, Gladys.

SMITH, WILLIE T. (081716) died July 1, buried Providence/ married Virgie Drewery, Nov. 9, 1906/ children are Bernice, Lamont, Donald, Vaughn.

SMITH, ZACK ("Buck") (042424) died last week/ CSA vet./ wife and children left.

SMITH, ZACHARIAH dec (unnumbered PR) 1. Petition and Citation, March 3; 1868. Cite heirs John, William, James, Paul, Frances, Wilie, Lester, Leticia, J.V., and Eliza Smith.

SOUTH, F.A. (100533) died recently at Jackson, Ms./ son of W.E. South of West Point, Ms./ nephew of Miss Mary Roach of Ripley.

SOUTH, B.O. (052434) died Friday, age 66/ married first to Dora Day/ child was the late Mrs. Mary Lee Lollar of Kirkville/ married second to Kate Heflin/ children were George (Detroit), Mrs. 0.C. Virden (Detroit), Howard, Grace, Murry South.

SOUTH, GROVER N. (010533) died Friday at Johnson City, Tenn., age 40/ buried in National Cemetery, Memphis/ native of Tippah.

SOUTH, MRS. J.H. (011919) died Dec. 8/ born Feb. 20,1851/ children are M.E. of Starkville, V.H. of Rogers Springs, Charlie of Ripley, Mrs. Etta Barnett of Brownfield.

SOUTH, JOE H. (021727) died Wed. at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Barnett, in Walnut/ buried Union Cem. west of Ripley/ born April 5, 1848/ CSA vet.

SPARKS, MRS. PARALEE (072716) died Tues. at the home of her son, W.F. Henson/ buried Uhion Cem./ sons are Will, Elmer, and Paul Henson.

SPARKS, MRS. PRISCILLA (121119-012920-050620) died Dec. 5, 1919/ buried in Dumas Cem./ born Priscilla Green, June 22, 1838/ widow of Carroll Sparks, a CSA vet./ had three children - W.H. Sparks, R.G. Sparks, Mrs. E.H. Walker.

SPIGHT FAMILY (100836) Thomas Spight of North Carolina first married Rebecca, who died in North Carolina. He later married Catherine Evans. His son by Rebecca was James Munford Spight, father of Capt. Thomas Spight. Captain Spight married Mary Virginia Barnett, daughter of Albert G. Barnett and Frances Rucker, who was the daughter of Henry Tate Rucker of Virginia and Anne Kavenaugh of Kentucky.

SPIGHT, J.M. (091824) died Wed./ born Nov. 27, 1859, son of Coleman Spight.

SPIGHT, JAMES M. dec (PR 381) l.Petitton for letters, Jan. 20, 1868, by Simon R. Spight, brother to J.M. Spight dec. Widow of J.M. Spight is M.E.D. Spight. 2. Citation May 3, 1868, to Mary E.D. Spight, Fannie Pearce and husband Joseph Pearce, Thomas Spight, Simon Spight Jr., Lindsey Spight.

SPIGHT, LINDSEY DONELSON SR. (011228-031528) died Jan. 7 at Trenton, Tenn., age 80/ born Nov. 11, 1847, son of J.M. Spight and Mary Rucker Spight/ his mother died Nov. 1, 1893/ was the grandson of Thomas Spight/ was the great grandson of Simon Spight, a Quartermaster in the Revolution/ great great grandson of Thomas Spight of Albemarle Co., N.C., 1737./ was a brother to Capt. Thomas Spight of Ripley/ cousin to Capt. Tom Counseille/ married first to Virginia Littleton in 18??/ married second to Emma Harwood Hill, widow of Rev. A.J. Hill on Aug. 28, 1889/ children were Rev. James Burrell Spight (who died in Hood River, Oregon), Rev. Thomas Spight (dead - was a missionary to Argentina), Rollens Spight (died in infancy), Nannie Spight (died in infancy), Mrs. F.E. Chumber of Truman, Ark., Mrs. J.R. Johnson of Maryville, Tenn., Lindsey Cottrell of Oklahoma City.

SPIGHT, MAMIE (043036) died Sunday, age 67/ buried at Ripley/ daughter of late Capt. Thomas Spight and Mary Viriginia Barnett Spight/ sister to Mrs. Lillian Ray of Seminary Hill, Texas, L.D. Spight, Allie Spight, and Mrs. Mattie Hines of Ripley, and Henry Spight of Booneville.

SPIGHT, SHAPPLEY (031820) died Thursday at Memphis/ buried at Ripley/ son of the late Simon R. Spight of Ripley.

SPIGHT, MRS. THEDA DUNCAN (102936) died in Nashville, Tenn., Thurs., with burial there/ widow of late Capt. Thomas Spight/ sister to Samford Duncan/ married first to W.S. Moore in Kentucky/ he died in California/ children were H.D. Moore of New Orleans and W.S. Moore of Louisville, Ky./ married Spight in 1903.

SPIGHT, REV. THOMAS (042220) died April 20 at Tampa Florida/ buried in Ripley, was a missionary to Argentina.

SPIGHT, CAPT. THOMAS C. (011933) died at Decatur, Ala., recently, with burial there/ born in Haywood Co., Tenn. Dec. 7, 1838/ lived in Decatur the last 40 years/ leaves wife, son (W.R.), and daughter, Mrs. Seneca Burr/ CSA.

SPIGHT, W.R. (091836) died Decatur, Ala., last Wed., age 75/ born at Salem in Tippah Co., Oct. 13, 1861, son of T.C. Spight/ grandson of Simon R. Spight of Ripley/ first cousin to Mrs. M.L. Finger of Ripley.

STAGG, Mrs. EFFIE (061924) died June 13, age 45/ buried at flat Rock/ leaves husband, one child, father, stepmother, 2 brothers, 1 sister, 2 Stepbrothers, four stepsisters.

STAGG, LEONARD (051431) died recently, with burial at Flat Rock/ infant son of Lewis.

STANDF0RD, MRS. DUDGE (061919) died yesterday at Booneville/ buried at Dumas/ mother of Mkary Stanford.

STANFORD, HILDA (022319-031319) died last night, age 11/ buried at Jacobs Chapel/ born 11-11-1907 daughter of Tommie Stanford.

STANFORD, J. L. (Loss) (062922) died Sat., age 76/ buried at Mt. Pleasant/ leaves 6 children.

STANFORD, MRS. JAMES A. (071421) died Tues. at Dumas/ buried at Jacobs Chapel/ widow.

STANFORD, JAMES LAMAR (031534) March 13/ buried at Fellowship/ son of Irvin.

STANFORD, JIMMIE (060717) died Tues., age 70/ buried at Jacobs Chapel/ children include Frank Stanford.

STANF0RD, JOEL (082025) died Sat./ buried in Hall Cem./ son of J.C./ leaves wife, 2 children.

STANFORD, MRS. LAWSON (110420) died last Sat., age 82/ buried at Mt. Pleasant Cem./ was a sister to Lawson Stanford's first wife.

STANFORD, MADISON (022729) died  Sunday, age 88/ buried at Fellowship/ married first to Leticia Ann Evans/ children are George O., John C., Mrs. J.T. Gullett (Booneville)/ married second to Jane Eaton/ children are Fornie L. of Hickory Flat, Clovis, Mrs. Wesley Latham, Mrs. Albert White, Willard, Leo/ bro. to Mrs. George Mabry.

STANFORD, MARY MARGARET (010329) died Dec. 20, age 21 mo./ daughter of J.E./ b. March 8, 1927/ died at Tipton, Oklahoma.

STANFORD, MRS. MISSOURI JERNIGAN (040931) mentioned as being 83/ living at Graham/ aunt of J.A. Jernigan of Blue Mt./ only surviving child of late John Jernigan by his first wife.

STANFORD, WILLIAM WOODROW (032719) died March 1, age 14 mo. 13 days/ buried at Dumas/ aunt is Kittie Eaton/leaves parents, 2 bros., 1 sister.

STANFORD, SON OF J.H. (030619)  died Sat., age 1 year.

STANLEY, MRS. A.L. (071333) died recently/ buried at Harmony/ eldest dau. of Rev. E.J. Eubanks/ sister to Eli Eubanks/ children are Mrs. Flake, Calvin, David.

STANLEY, DAVID (071316-072016) died Sat. at Walnut, age 94-5-6/ buried at Harmony/ son is John Stanley/ born and raised in Virginia.

STANSELL, JEPTHA BOYD (013135) died Feb. 1, at Greewood, age 60/ son of late Capt. William Stansell of Tippah/ married Minnie, a dau. of Mrs. Rachel Rowell, in 1898/ to Greenwood in 1918/ children are Graham, Mrs. T.V. Frazier (Greenwood), Mildred (Jackson)/ brother to J.E. Stansell of Memphis and S.C. Stansell of St. Louis.

STANSELL, MRS. MARY HOVIS (091031) died Wed., age 51/ bu ried at Ripley/ wife of Will Stansell/ daughter of Joseph E. and Mary E. Hovis.

STANSELL, MRS. W.R. (090915-012016) died Sept. 7/ buried at New Hope/ daughter of late Randolph Palmer/ married J.M. Griffin, May 26, 1852/ he was killed in CSA/ had 4 daughters and a son/ married W.R. Stansell, Nov. 17, 1867/ had 5 childten/ living are Pink Griffin of New Albany, Mrs. D. Griffin of Gould, Ark., William R. Stansell, John P. Stansell, Mrs. Robert (Edna) Morton, Myrtle Stansell.

STARK, CORDIE (012716) died Dec. 15/ buried in Nance Cem./ born on March 28, 1835, 8th child of T.H. and Polly Nance/ moved to Tippah from Wayne Co., Tenn., in 1837/ married Ross Stark, March 30, 1853/ children are W.W. Stark and Mrs. M. R. Stark/ nephew is T.H. Nance/ sister to Mrs.  Martha Stark.

STARK, ECK (022036) died Tuesday in Memphis/ buried in Elmwood Cem./ son of late Bill Stark/ was brother to late Dolly Stark, the baseball player/ Supt. of Elmwood Cemetery.

STARK, MRS. HENRY (021021) died Monday at Falkner/ widow.

STARK, JOYCE (081331) died Thur. age 20 mo./ buried Nance Cem./ dau. of John Stark.

STARK, MALICHI (dec) (PR 485) 1. Petition, Sept. 30, 1879. Died March 1862. Wife - L.A. Stark Children are Susan B. Bills, wife of Daniel B. Bills, Eliza Bills (dead - children are J.M. and M.J. Bills, who live at Livingston, Hill Co., Texas), W.C. Garrett and her husband R.H. Garrett of McNairy Co., Tenn., and M.R. Stark.

STARK, M.R. (111032) died Fri., age 83/ buried Nance Cem./ oldest child in his family/ was married first to Della Victoria Stark/ married second to Emily McCarley, who died 15 years ago/ children are J.M. Stark, Ray Stark, Walter Stark of Whitehaven Tenn., Lee Stark of Jackson, Tenn., Mrs. Tom Pollard who died at Syllacauga, Ala.

STARK, MRS. MATILDA (030718) (032118) died March 3/ buried in Nance Cem./ born July 25, 1839, daughter of W.H. and Polly Nance/ was the 10th of 12 children and the last to die/ married in 1865 to J.F. Stark who died about l0 yrs ago/ had no children except adopted daughter, Mrs. R.P. Hogrue of Pocahontas, Tn./ sister to Cordie Nance/ aunt of W.H. Nance, Mrs. Annie Stark, and Mrs. George Childers.

STARK, MRS. MARY (082235) died Thursday, age 87/ buried at Rucker/ widow of A.N. Stark/ nee Gurney, daughter of Samuel/ sister to Mrs. A.G. Barnett.

STARK, MONROE RANDOLPH (120424) died Sunday at Memphis, age 39/ born at Ripley, 1885, son of Bill Stark/ married 3 times/ was known as "Dolly" Stark and was a pro baseball player since 1903/ was former manager of the Memphis baseball club leaves father, William M. Stark and a brother Alexander N. Stark.

STARK, RACHEL DEC (PR566) 1. Citation May 14, 1883, to Thomas Cross and wife Gertrude.

STARK, ROSS S. dec (PR379-215) 1. James H. Nance and Malichi Stark, bondsmen for W.W. Nance, guardian of Whitfield W. Stark and Odella Stark, minors, March 18,1861. 2. Citation to W.W. Stark and Odella Stark (wife of M.R. Stark), March 11, 1876.

STARK, WILLIAM MALICHI (050929) died in Memphis, April 17, with burial there in Elmwood Cem./ CSA vet./ age 86/ married first to Lizzie Chapman and had 5 boys and 4 girls, living is A.N. Stark/ was married next to Mary Gurney/ was a brother to M.R. Stark/ father of baseball player Dolly Stark.

STARK, WILLIAM MARCUS (111115) died recently, age 7 mo./ buried at Walnut Creek/ son of Walter Stark.

STATEN, MRS. (102828) died Oct. 23, age 80/ mother of R.M. Staten and Mrs. John Young.

STATEN, RICHARD MADISON (011134) died Jan. 7, age 60/ buried at Shady Grove/ wife nee Fannie Graves/ brother to Mrs. Lou Young, Mrs. Susie Fockhorn (Dallas, Tx.), Mrs. Isabell Stone (Parkin, Ark.), Walter Staten (Dallas)/ father of Willie, Marietta, Elizabeth, all of Ripley, and of C.L., Lulabell, Epting, and Alma of Memphis/ stepfather of Luther Pugh of Halls, Tenn.

STATEN, SAMUEL BYRON (040330) died March 27, age 25/ buried at Shady Grove/ son of R.M. Staten/ brother to Willie, Charles L., Epting, Lula Belle, Mary Etta, Alma, Elizabeth/ half-brother to Luther Pugh/ wife - Ozella Staten.

STEPHENS, HOMER B. (111931) killed in Memphis Monday, age 40/ buried at New Hope/ son of late J.M. Stephens/ married Lucille Covington, dau. of Waymon, 12 years ago/ moved to Ark./leaves his mother - Mrs. Nannie Stephens/ brother to Grady, Bryan, Murry, Harrison, Lee (Washington, D.C.), Mrs. Edward Aston (Norman, Ark.), Mrs. Murry Gross (Memphis), Mrs. J.B. Herring (Jackson,Ms.), Willie, Lola Wayne (Memphis)/ also killed Were Mrs. Stephens, age 37, who leaves her mother, Mrs. Lillie Nabors Covington, and siblings Roy, Hubert, Jamie, and Allyne Covington/sister, Marie, died 2 years ago/their son, H.B.  Stephens Jr., was also killed.

STEPHENS, MRS. ISABELL SPARKS (122017) died at New Albany last week, age 88/ mother of Judge Z.M. Stephens.

STEPHENS, JOE M. (041019) died Tues., age 59/ buried Nance Cem./ born in Tippah/ married Nannie Catherine Norton 30 yrs ago/ 11 of 14 children are living.

STEPHENS, WALLACE MATTHEW (022036) suicide Sat. age 25/ oldest child of H.G. Stephens of Ripley/ son-in-law of Tilden Wammack/ brother to Elwood, Christine, Bernice, Louise, H.G. Jr./ leaves wife and 5 month old daughter/ buried at New Hope.

STEVENS, MRS. DAVE (?)buried at Tiplersville on Sunday.

STEVENSON, MARY (022217) died Jan. 28, age 56/ buried at Antioch/ wife of D.J. Stevenson/ leaves husband and four daughters.

STEWARD, MRS. FANNIE (011426) died Jan. 11, age 52/ buried at Little Hope/ daughter of M.L. Childers/ sister to Tom, Simon, Willis, Jim Childers, Mrs. W.M. Dodson, Mrs. J.S. Roberts, Mrs. Kirt Michaels, Mrs. W.O. Whitman, Mrs. J.D. Clemmer.

STEWART, ABRAHAM DEC (unumbered PR) 1. Petition for dower by Emiline B. Stewart, April 16, 1866, who is the widow of Abraham Stewart who died Nov. 18, 1863, Children are Harriett B. (age 7), George Emaline (age 2), both daughters.

STEWART, DAVID ENOS (050334) died at New Albany May 1/ buried at Ebenezer near Cotton Plant/ wife nee Nettle Kelly/ children are Robert and Sara Catherine/ brother to Mrs. H.H. Works of Memphis, Corrine, Lee, Roy, and Hugh Stewart.

STEWART, MRS. EVA (010318) died recently at New Albany/ buried at Ebenezer/ wife of David Stewart/ sister to Dr. R.M. Adam, Lee Adams, Jesse Adams, Tom Adams of Guntown/ leaves mother and husband.

STEWART, HARVEY (022328) died Monday at Memphis, age 52/ buried at Ebenezer/ last surviving child of Sam Stewart/ nephew of late Harp Stewart and Mrs. A.N. Clayton/ leaves wife (nee Jennings) and an adopted son.

STEWART, R.B. dec (PR291) l. Petition, Nov. 1, 1873. Heirs are Paulina Webb (wife of John Webb), George Stewart, John Stewart, Fred Stewart, and Isabella Stewart.

STEWART, ROBERT A. (081419) died Aug. 9 at New Albany/ buried at Ebenezer near Cotton Plant.

STEWART, MRS. SALLIE BELLE (111115-112515) died Nov. 9 at New Albany/ buried at Ebenezer/ wife of Robert A. Stewart/ b. Feb. 28, 1862, dau. of John M. and Mary Katherine (McBride) Wiseman/ married Dec. 29, 1880/ 6 of her 8 children survive.

STEWART, SELDON R. (011619) died at Cotton Plant yesterday/ buried at Ebenezer.

STEWART, THOMAS A. (093015) died yesterday at Cotton Plant, age 56/ buried at Ebenezer/ born in Alabama/ to Miss. at age 21/ leaves wife and 8 children.

STOKES, J.B. (052015) died Sunday at New Albany/ buried at Dumas, STOKES, WILEY (040324) died Thurs., age 78/ married first to Nannie Nabors, second to Secily Simmons/ children are Lloyd, Jack, Mrs. Willie Stanford/ sister is Mrs. Corneil Saddler of Temple, Texas, STOKES, MRS. J.B. (022421) died at New Albany this week, with burial there/ married first to late Blake Floyd/ then married John B. Stokes. STOKES, LAFAYETTE (061627) died recently near Molino/ moved from Ala. 50 years ago/ leaves wife and a son.

STOREY, MRS. CORRIE ETTA (040324) died March 18/ b. Feb. ll, 1876/ married R.E. Storey on Dec. 25, 1901/ children are Clarence, Robert Lee, Fred, Tom B., Inona, Velma, Mary Sophia/ sister to Will Nabors of Dumas and Sam B. Nabors of Corinth and Mrs. 0nie Rowell of Birmingham.

STOREY, MRS. SARAH (091819) died Fri./ buried at Wiers Chapel/ b. Tenn. Dec. 15, 1828/ to Tippah as a child/ married Robert Storey in 1858/ widow about 50 yrs./ children are Willie Storey, Mrs. Jackson.

STOREY, MRS. SOPHIA (020426-031126) died yesterday, age about 85/ buried at Dumas/ widow of Capt. Thomas Storey/ nee Henson/ was born June 13, 1834/ children are Howard, Bob, George, Mrs. Billie Aldridge, Mrs. Reader Davis, Mrs. 0nie Daniel, Mrs. Sallie Lyon (Ft. Worth, Tx.)/ daughter, Mrs. Joe Shackelford, is dead.

STOREY, CAPTAIN TH0MAS (091218) died Oct. 15, 1917/ buried at Dumas/ born July, 1837/ married Sophia Henson, July, 1860/ CSA vet.

STRANGE, MRS. SALLIE (050830) died at Wheeler Sunday/ buried in Oak Hill Cem./ wife of Tom L. Strange/ nee Miller/ was first married to Jim Wallace and is the mother of T.L. Wallace of Dumas.

STRANGE, TOM (060932) died Sat. in Prentiss Co./ formerly of Tippah/ father of Willie Strange, Mrs. Oscar Keaton, Mrs. Lizzie Rutherford/ stepfather of T.L. Wallace of Dumas.

STREET, MISS BERTHA (082626) died Sunday, age 30/ buried at Little Hope/ brother - George Street.

STREET, DANIEL M. (111418) died Nov. 8/ buried at Antioch/ born Tippah, Sept. 19, 1859/ married Mary Linville/ had 5 sons, 4 daughters/ wife and six children survive.

STREET, ELLIOTT E. (090430) died Aug. 12/ born Oct. 4, 1870/ married Charity Weatherly, 1889/ she died March ll, 1900/ married Alice White, Feb. 26, 1902/ children are J.T., F.Z., W.E./ was brother to F.A., J.N., J.V., Calvin, and Lizzie Street.

STREET, ELLIOTT (021126) died Tues., age 41/ buried at Ripley/ son of J.W. Street, former Sheriff/ brother to 0rbrey, Vibrait, Mrs. Mary Humphries of Tenn., Mrs. Manuel Carmichiel, Lottie, Emma Murry, Jennette, and late Major John A. Street.

STREET, COL. HUGH M. (060320) died Monday at Meridian, age 88/ served 8 terms in the State Legislature/ buried at Booneville.

STREET, HOWELL (020933) died Tues. at Walnut, age 18/ buried at Little Hope/ son of John Street/ mother was killed 2 years ago/ leaves father, brother, a sister at home, and sisters Mrs. Theo Huggins and Mrs. L.D. Morris (Tuscon, Ariz).

STREET, HUGH dec (PR 436) 1. Petition, April 6, 1878. Petitioners are (1) H.L. Street (son of Hugh Street dec) (2)Charity Street, widow of William Street dec, who was a son of Hugh) (3)Emily Wallis, wife of Robert Wallis, and a daughter of William Street (4)Julia Bridges, wife of F.M. Bridges, and daughter of William Street (5) Mary McCommons, wife of M. McCommons, and daughter of Hugh Street, all of Tippah County. Cite (1) Elizabeth Street, widow of Hugh Street, of Saulsbury, Tenn. (2)S.E. Street and Sarah Street, daus. of Hugh Street, also of Sulsbury, Tenn. (3)Haywood H. Street and Lucy C. Street, children of William Street, of Lamar Co., Texas, p.o, Paris (4) Hugh A. Street, H.F. Street, J.W. Street, children of William Street, all of Cleburne, Johnson Co., Texas (5)Hiram H. Street, son of Hugh Street, of Lebanon, Lacleod Co., Missouri (6)Cynthia A. Street, widow of T.J. Street (son of Hugh) of Tippah and her children J.H., J.L., Erastus, Tishie B., George E. Street (7) Josie Street, daughter of Hugh Street.

STREET, J.J. (091416) died Sept. 7, age 80/ buried at Antioch/ born Tennessee/ to Miss. in 1856 with father, Anderson Street/ married Polly A. Morgan, March 2, 1843/ had 2 girls and 9 sons/ 2 children and wife are dead/ son - Frank Street.

STREET, J.N. (110332) died Sunday, age 78/ buried at Ripley/ was a son of late James Street/ grandfather was a native of Tippah/ was a brother to Mrs. Lizzie Street, J.D. Street Sr., Frank Street, C.C. Street of Tipon, Oklahoma/ married to Frances Linville, March 8, 1882/ she died 18 yrs. ago/ children are Oscar, John B. (Jackson), Lucy (Yazoo City), Mrs. Forest Carmichiel, Mrs. J.D. Burns/ married Mrs. Annie Powell/ had one child, Naomi.

STREET, JENNETTE (072132) died Mon., age 28/ daughter of John W. Street/ sister to Mrs. Manuel Carmichiel, Mrs. Dan Humphries (Tellico Plains, Tenn.), Lottie, Emma Murry, 0rbrey, Vibrait Street.

STREET, MAJOR JOHN A. (050619) killed in action in W.W. I, Oct. 4, 1918/ born Tippah, July 3, 1892, son of John W. Street/ married Olive Gray, dau. of Alonzo Gray, July 22, 1917.

STREET, MRS. MARY ALEXANDER (121235) died Tues., age 71/ buried at Ripley/ married Feb. 2, 1882, to John W. Street of Walnut/ children are Major John A. Street (dec), Emmett Street (dec), Jennette Street (dec), 0rbrey Street, Vibrait Street, Mrs. Manuel Carmichiel, Mrs. Emma Murry King (Ft. Worth, Tx.), Lottie Street (Ft. Worth), Mrs. Dan Humphries (Tenn.).

STREET, OLIVER, minor unnumbered PR)l. Selection of Russell Street as guardian, Jan. 19, 1858.

STREET, WALTER (111622) died Nov. 15/ brother to Mrs. J.L. James of Ripley.

STREET, WILLIAM CALVIN (071818) suicide July 15, age 20/ son of Jim. STRICKLIN, MRS. BENNIE (020520)died Thurs./ buried at Wiers Chapel/ Wife of Jim Stricklin/ youngest daughter of Joe Booker/ leaves husband, mother, 2 daughters.

STRICKLIN, H.W. dec (PR 219) 1. Letters of administration to Mary C. Stricklin, April 16, 1872. 2. Citation to James A. Green and wife Mary of Alcorn Co., Nov. 14, 1872. 3. Citation to James T. Stricklin, W.T. Stricklin, C.H. Stricklin, and P.S. Stricklin of Tippah, Nov. 14, 1872. 5. Citation to Walter and Annie Stricklin and their mother, Bettie Stricklin, of Coahoma Co., Nov. 14, 1872.

STRICKLIN, JIM P. (072430) died Mon., age 53/ buried at Wiers Chapel/ brother to Mrs. J.D. Childers, Mrs. J.J. Collins (Memphis), Mrs. Willis Wren (Memphis), Will Stricklin, Edd Stricklin (Memphis)/ father of Mrs. Zelia Hines, Mrs. Nat Lowrey (Memphis).

STRICKLIN, WILLIAM CLARK (040633) died Fri., age 57/ buried at Wiers Chapel/ son of late Edd Stricklin/ father of J.W., Ethel, Sarah, Jim, William/ brother to Edd Stricklin of Memphis, Mrs. Jim Childers. STRINGFELLOW, M. dec (PR 417) 1. Petition, May 26, 1877. Stringfollow died April 8, 1877. Heirs are (1) J.C. Stringfellow (2)Mrs. M.A. Stewart, wife of S.E. Stewart (3)Mrs. N.H. Julian, wife of J.C. Julian of Holly Springs (4)Mrs. Martha A. Stringfellow (former wife of P.H. Stringfellow) and Robert Stringfellow (son of P.H.) of Hardeman Co., Tenn. (5)John StringfollOw (Son of P.H.)and Thomas Stringfellow, both of Cherry Creek, Pontotoc Co. (6)Mrs. George Ann Hodges (wife of George Hodges and dau. of P.H.) of Molino (7)Mrs. J.E. Hardy (dau. of M.) of Paris, Texas (8)A.H. Stringfellow (son of M.) of Lovelady, Houston Co., Tex. (9)J.T. Stringfellow (son of M.) of Conway, Ark. (10)W.M. Stringfellow,(son of M.) of Riceville Co., Ark. (11)George W. Stringfellow (son of F.M., who was a son of M.) and his brother, J.M. Stringfellow of Star City, Lincoln Co., Ark.

STRONG, MISS ANNA (030525) died at Fayetteville, Tenn., recently/ missionary/ niece of late W.B. McKinstry/ native of Tipton Co.,Tenn/ buried at Atoka, Tn./ sister-in-law of Mrs. Lee Cousar/ sisters are Mrs. Thomas Wright and Miss Lula Strong, both of Kirbeyville,Texas.

STROUP, MRS. ANNE (012021) died recently, age 62/ leaves husband and six children.

STROUP, MRS. LUCILLE (010820-042920) died last week/ buried at Ripley/ wife of Pink Stroup/ dau. of B.P. Rees/ b. April 20, 1897/ married 3 yrs. ago/ daughters are age 2 and 4 days.

STROUP, MOTHER OF MRS. FANNIE (022631) named Mary___/ died Feb. 16, age 69/ buried at Shelby Creek.

STUBBS, THOMAS B. (122723-022824)died Dec. 24 at Birmingham, Ala./ buried Embrey Cem./ b. Tippah, July 27, 1852/ married Henrietta Stubbs Feb. ll, 1877/ had 2 sons, 5 daus. (2 girls died in infancy)/ living are Mrs. Vernor Whitehead, Mrs. John Walker, Jesse Stubbs (in West).

STUBBS, MRS. TOM (122524) died last week at Birmingham/ buried at Marvin/ husband died a year ago/ son - Tom Stubbs.

STUTTS, ELZIE (103019) died Aug. 19/ buried in Gaston Cem., Prentiss Co./ b. June 23, 1889/ married Allie Street of Ripley, April 4, 1915.

SUGGS FAMILY (051436) Letter of Mrs. Lina McCarley Nance, 105 years ago, her uncles Isaac Suggs, Jack Suggs, Andrew Suggs, and Joseph Kendrick (married to their sister) moved to Tippah from N.C. Emma Bostwick of Ripley is a great granddaughter of Andrew Suggs, and is a great great granddaughter of Lavinia Suggs and Joseph Kendrick. Lina's uncle is George Ragan who married a Suggs descendant and later moved to Booneville. Her father was M.G.L. McCarley, who moved from North Carolina. He was married twice. Lina is age 80. SUGGS, A.J. dec (PR 442) 1. Petition, Feb. 12, 1878. He died Jan. 24, 1878. 2. Citation to M.E. Suggs and Emma Bostwick, Oct. 27, 1884. SUMMERALL, FRANCIS E. (041030) died Sat., age 54/ buried at Maben/ children are Mrs. E.L. Cobb (Maben), Lamar, Grace, Kermit, James, Margaret/ son of J.F. Summerall of Mabank, Texas/ 3 brothers and 4 sisters live in the west.

SURRATT, ELLA (031021) died Dec. 30, age 17-8-26/ buried Jumpertown/ married Dewey Surratt, March 9, 1918/ had one son, Robert Fagin Surratt, dec./ daughter of Joe Yates.

SURRATT, MRS. M.A. (122017) died Dec. 4/ born Nov. 25, 1837/ married William Surratt, Feb. 7, 1856.

SURRATT, W.H. (123125) died Dec. 25, age 92/ buried at Jumpertown.

SWAIN, LUTHER L. (082830) died Friday at New Orleans, age 50/ with burial at New Albany/ son of Mrs. Margaret Swain/ brother to Jess, Mrs. King (New Albany), Mrs. W.F. Marshall (Jackson), Mrs. W.L.. Callicutt.

SWAIN, W.W. (102732) died Sept. 19/ buried at Mt. Pleasant/ born Oct. 27, 1866.

SWINFORD, MRS. CORRIE (022129) died Nov. 30/ leaves husband, 3 children, mother, 2 sisters, 5 brothers/ niece - Ora Mae Nabors.

SWINFORD, MRS. ETTA (042325) died March 29/ buried at Walnut Creek/ born 1880/ married Bud Swinford 10 years ago/ leaves 2 sisters and a brother, Squire Smith.

SWINFORD, LUTHER DAVID (031120) died Jan. 9/ born Oct. 4, 1899/ leaves wife, mother, 5 brothers, 5 sisters/ married Evie E. Mills, April 20 1918/ had 3 children, one dead.

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