Tippah County Death Notices P R
Obituaries from Ripley's
and other sources
1836 through 1936


PACE, J.D. (041322) died March 28/ buried at Pleasant Hill/ born Sept. 27, 1855.

PAGE, JACOB dec (PR 241) 1. Bill, Oct. 17, 1872. Jacob Page died 1843. His brothers are Benjamin F. Page and James L. Page. Widow is Emily Page of Mifflin, Henderson County, Tenn. Daughter is Louisa Jane Adams, wife of James B. Adams. Cite Mary F., Lousena L., Martha F., Lemuel G., Emily R., Elizabeth S. and Eliza Jane McAdams of Henderson Co., Tennessee. John Moffitt is also an interested party as vendee of B.F. Page.

PALMER, CHARLES F. (101619) died Oct. 15, age 55/ buried at Blue Mt./ wife is Mrs. Allie Cossitt Palmer/ only child is Mrs. Lottie Donnell, wife of Prof. O.M. Donnell.

PALMER, MRS. DOLLIE (010936)died Friday, age 69, at Blue Mt./ widow of Dr. Oliver P. Palmer/ sister to late Hugh McCord/ married in 1882/ husband died at New Albany in 1920/ only son, Robert, died many years ago/ daughter is Mrs. Wardie Graham of Blue Mt./ adopted daughter is Mrs. Agnes Palmer Allen of Blue Mt.

PALMER, DR. JOHN R. (110222-110922) died Tuesday at Boonville, age 74/ buried at Blackland/ brother to O.W. Palmer, Dr. Oliver P. Palmer, D.M. Palmer of Charleston, Miss., and M.W. Palmer of Memphis.

PALMER, JOHN THORNTON (041030) died at Blue Mt., age 22/ buried there/ son of O.W. Palmer/ brother to Edith, Ophelia, O.W. Jr. /obit of 4-17-1930 states that he was born at Blue Mr. Nov. 19, 1905/ died April 3, 1930/ great grandson of Col. Frederick Brougher/grandson of Capt. John Palmer and Capt. James Thornton of the CSA/ son of Orlando William Palmer and Madge Thornton/ nephew of Charles Palmer, Dr. John Palmer, Dr. Oliver Palmer, David M. Palmer of Memphis, McCarley Wyatt Palmer of Memphis/ sister, Ophelia, is married to Elward Medford.

PALMER, DR. OLIVER (012920) died Tues. at New Albany, age 65.

PALMER, ORLANDO W. SR. (091725) died Sept., 14/ buried at Blue Mt./ wife nee Madge Thornton/ children are Edith, Ophelia, O.W. of New Jersey, Fannie Brougher Palmer Medford of Davenport, Iowa, Thornton Palmer.

PALMER, JEFFERSON et al, minors (PR 811-127) 1.Letters of Guardianship Sept. 14, 1867, for Jefferson Palmer, Mattie Palmer, Pinkney Palmer. John D. Palmer, guardian. 2. Undated note. John D. Palmer's father died Aug. 4, 1869. Mrs. Harris is the mother of the children of P.C. Palmer dec.

PALMER, RANDOLPH dec (PR 764) 1. Will, filed Aug. 16, 1869. Bequests to wife Catherine, sons R.E. Palmer and John D. Palmer, daughter Sallie E. Griffin and to the children of deceased son, Pinkney Palmer. Grandson is Pinkney McCarley, son of deceased daughter, Marinda McCarley. 2. Petition, filed Aug. 16, 1869. Palmer died Aug. 4, 1869.

PALMER, RANDOLPH dec (PR 156) 1. Bill, filed March 31, 1871. Palmer died Aug. 1869. John D. Palmer was named admin. Catherine Palmer is widow of Randolph Palmer. Her son is Randolph E. Palmer. 2. Deposition of R.E. Palmer, Dec. 23, 1871. He is the stepson of Mrs. Catherine Palmer and is a brother to John D. Palmer. Catherine is 68 to 70 years old. 3. Deposition of Sarah E. Stansell, April 8, 1872. She is the wife of W.R. Stansell and is the stepdaughter of Catherine Palmer. 4. Deposition of W.R. Stansell, April 5, 1872. He married Mrs. Sallie Palmer Griffin who is the stepdaughter of Catherine Palmer and is also her niece.

PANNELL, CLIFTON (040324) died March 24, age 9.

PANNELL, MRS. MARY (042132) died recently/ born in South Carolina, April 24, 1844/ to Miss, at age 5/ daughters are Mrs. W.J. Quinn and Mrs. Harrison Elder/ granddaughter is Mrs. John Garrett of Pine Grove.

PANNELL, WILLIAM ROBERT (013129) died Jan. 14/ buried at Paynes Chapel/born Aug. 21, 1928/ leaves parents, 1 sister, 2 brothers.

PARK, MRS. SARILLA (040523) died Feb. 25, age 30/buried at Bethany/ leaves husband and two children.

PARKS, JAMES F. (070418) died Fri./born May 25, 1869/ married Nov. 27, 1879, to Mary Frances McCarley/ children are Clinton of St. Louis, Wash, Dug, Frank, Raymond, Mrs. Wilson Fryar, Mrs. Leland Finger, Mrs. Charley Nelms.

PARKS, WALTER S. (082025) died at New Albany, age 71/ married Mrs. Nannie Duncan 51 years ago/ to New Albany nearly 50 years ago/ brother to Hugh Parks of Rome, Ga, Mrs. Nannie Knox of Denver, Colo., Mrs. C.R. Dickson and Mrs. Addie Williams of New Albany/children are Scott, Rogers, Mrs. C.Lee Crum, Mrs. Guy Houston, Mrs. Cassie Kidd.

PASTEUR, W.G. (020426) died Tues. at Blue Mt./ formerly of Potts Camp/ wife nee Hancock/leaves a boy and a girl.

PASEUR FAMILY (071129) mention is made of the Paseur family reunion at the home of L.S. Clemmer near Dallas, North Carolina. A visitor is Rufus Paseur of Little Rock, Arkansas, who is a son of Eli Franklin Paseur, who was born at Dallas, N.C., Jan. 1843, served in the CSA, and moved to Ashland, Miss., in 1867, where Rufus was born. Eli F. Paseur was a brother to Simon Peter, David R., Caleb, George I., John, Miles, and Ephraim. John died young. Ephraim was killed in the Civil War. Caleb and Miles moved to Mississippi. Simon, David, and George remained in North Carolina. Their sisters were Annie who married William Garrison and Malinda who married Louis Linebarger.

PASEUR, CHARLES LEONARD (032835) suicide at Memphis recently, age 37/ buried at Harmony/ son of late George Paseur/ wife nee Zora Reed/ children are Eloise, age 16, and Herbert, age 9.

PASEUR, DONELLE (040324) died in Memphis Friday, age 3/ buried at Harmony/daughter of C.L. Paseur.

PASEUR, LARK (121935) died Wed., age 22/ buried at Antioch/ son of Walter/ leaves wife and children.

PASEUR, MRS. OLLIE CATHERINE (042336) died April 18, age 74/ buried at Pine Hill/ married J.L. Paseur 52 years ago/ nee Stewart/ sister is Mrs. Edd Norton/ children are Mrs. Mary Merritt of Huffman, Ark., Mrs. Elihu Reed of Falkner, L.A. Paseur of Falkner.

PASEUR, RUFUS EDWARD (081033) died at Little Rock, Arkansas, July 25, age 62/ buried at Pilgrims Rest cemetery/son is Lloyd Paseur.

PASEUR, TERRY WADE (030834) died Feb. 9, age 2 yrs. 4 mos./ son of Lark Paseur.

PATE, BOOKER dec (PR 599) 1. Petition Aug. 4, 1882. Pate died June 14, 1882. M.A. Pate is widow. 2. Citation Oct. 28, 1884 to Mrs. A.L. Alexander, Mrs. Bettie Nance, W.B. Pate.

PATE, MRS. MARY ANN (041217) died Jan. 23, age 80/ buried at Blue Mt./ was a daughter of Harvey Nance/ to Tippah in 1838/ was married to Booker Pate in 1854/ he died in 1884/ daughters are Mrs. Alexander of Walnut and the late Mrs. J.M. Nance of Blue Mt.

PATE, RUSSELL (050433) died Wed., age 26/ buried at Pittsboro/ son of E.L. Pate of Ripley.

PATRICK, R.O. (012016) died Sat. at Falkner, age 36/ buried at Little Hope/ leaves wife and children.

PATTON, MRS. DUNK (121317) died at Silver Springs on Sunday.

PAUL, TOM (020718) died Jan. 11, age 75/ lived near Saulsbury/ husband of Margaret/ leaves a brother and a sister/ parents died 25 years ago/ leaves wife and 5 children.

PEARCE, MRS. E.F. (020415) died last Sunday at the home of her son, age 87/ widow of Dr. W.M. Pearce of Ripley and later Saulsbury, Tenn, who died about 1859/ mother of Dr. L.S. Pearce/ grandmother of Dr. J.H. Pearce and Dr. L.P. Pearce/ mother-in-law of Dr. J.K.P. Rucker/ great grandmother of Dr. Robert S. Pearce.

PEARCE, DR. LAWRENCE SIMS (092635) died Wednesday, age 88/ buried at Little Hope/ born Ripley, April l, 1847, son of Dr. William Henry Patrick Pearce, a native of England and a graduate of the University of Penn. in 1845/ sister, Virginia (dec) was the wife of the late Dr. J. Polk Rucker/ married first to Lou Derrick/ had one child, Dr. J.H. Pearce/ Lou was a native of Arkansas/ they were narried March 22, 1871/ she died 1873/ he was second married to Sallie E. McCaskill on Dec. 5, 1877/ their children were W.M. Pearce of Bowling Green, Ky., Mrs. Erin Wright, John E. Pearce of Sardis, Dr. L.P. Pearce of Collierville, L.S. Pearce Jr., Mrs. Sarah E. Durbin/ grandsons are Dr. B.M. Pearce of New Albany, Dr. James F. Pearce of Waurika, Okla., Dr. J.C. Pearce, Leroy Pearce, Lee Pearce, Frank Hill Pearce, Dr. Robert S. Pearce.

PEARCE, MISS LIZZIE (082626) died Thurs./ buried at Shady Grove/ daughter of late Rev. Joseph Pearce.

FEARCE, VERA B. (040435) died March 28/ buried at New Albany/ daughter of Dr. J.H. Pearce of Falkner/ sister to Dr. Robert S. Pearce (Memphis), Dr. Bruce Pearce (New Albany), Dr. James F. Pearce (Waturika, Okla.), Dr. John C. Pearce (Mercer, Tn.), Faye, Mrs. Rex Waller (New York City), Dessie Lou of Nashville.

PEEBLES, T. MARVIN (022118) died recently at Camp Beauregard/ brother to I.E. Peebles of Dumas.

PEELER, MRS. FRANKIE (012336) died Jan. 15, age 61/ buried at Little. Hope/ born Oct. 25, 1874, daughter of Thomas M. and Julia (Norton) Cox/ married Jesse A. Peeler/ had eight children (4 boys)/ one son died in infancy/ leaves husband and children Reuben, Thomas, Troy, Mrs. Mabel Clemmer, Mrs. Irene Alberson, Mrs. Sallie Etter Crawford, Mrs. Joyce Renfrow/ also leaves father, sisters (Mrs. Ada E. King, Mrs. Mims Clayton, Mrs. Moman McCarley), brothers (Lee Cox, Hines B. Cox).

PEELER, MRS. SARAH JONES (082433) died Friday, age 76/ wife of William M. Peeler/ married 50 years ago/ buried at Blue Mt./ youngest daughter is dead/ leaves children- Jesse Peeler (Calhoun City), Mrs. Drucilla Lockhart (Jackson), John Peeler, George Peeler (Birmingham), Wisenan Peeler, Mrs. Lonnie Thompson, Joseph Peeler (Los Angeles)/ born at Pocahontas, Tennessee.

PEELER, WILLIAM M. (061335) died June 4, age 83/ buried at Blue Mt./ wife died 2 years ago/ she was nee Sallie Keith/ children are Mrs. Drucilla Lockhart of Tampa, Florida, Mrs. Marion Thompson of New Albany, Jesse A. of Calhoun City, George of Birmingham, John of Ripley, Wiseman of Clearwater, Florida, Joe of Los Angeles, California.

PEGRAM, ALFRED (021931) died Feb. 14, 59/ buried at Chalybeate/ children are William and Gilbert/ sister - Olivia and Mrs. W.T. Crump.

PEGRAM, MRS. ALFRED (041515) died Tues. at Chalybeate/ leaves husband and two children, William and Gilbert.

PEGRAM, MRS. EARL (091124) died at Jackson, Tenn., last week/ buried at New Albany/ nee Velma Floyd of Dumas, married 16-18 years/ leaves husband and 4 children.

PEGRAM, JOHN WESLEY (070418) died May 11/ born Oct. 24, 1845/ married Elizabeth McCown, March 18, 1869/ children are Ed, Alfred, Olivia, Mrs. Bunie Crumb.

PEGRAM, MARTHA (110922) died Sat., age 18 mos./ buried at Wiers Chapel/ daughter of Walter.

PEGRAM, MRS. PEARL (062327) died Tupelo, Tues./ buried in Glenwood Cem./ wife of Dr. R.H. Pegram/ children are Robert Hugh, Dorothy, Janette, Max/ formerly of Holly Springs.

PEGRAM, SAM W. (072033) died Sunday/ would be 86 in November/ buried at Wiers Chapel/ moved to Mississippi from North Carolina with parents/ last member of his family/ brother to J. Wesley Pegram/ cousin to the father of Judge Thomas Pegram/ children are William of Lexington, Ky., Homer E. Of Memphis, Mrs. Dora Alvis of St. Louis, Mrs. Britt Simmons/ married three times/ his second wife was the mother of his children/ her name was Martha Taylor/ married third to Mrs. Ella Woods of Pontotoc Co.

PEGRAM, VIVIAN (082615) died July 24, age 15 mos./ buried at New Hope/ son of R.V. Pegram.

PEGRAM, W.E. (120121) died Sunday at Chalybeate, age 52/ buried there/ son of J.W. Pegram, who died 3 years ago/ leaves mother, 2 sisters (Mrs. Will Crump and Miss Olivia) and a brother, Alfred Pegram.

PEGRAM, WALTER W. (052428) died Thurs. age 45/ buried at Wiers Chapel/ wife nee Viola, daughter of Alfred Childers/ children are Carl, Walter R., James, Ruth/ son of Sam W. Pegram of Ripley/ brother to Homer of Memphis, William of Lexington, Ky., Mrs. Britt Simmons and Mrs. Dora Alvis.

PENNEBAKER, MISS ALICE (110922) died Friday, age 50/ sister: Mrs. Sally McBryde/ brothers: W.P. Pennebaker and T.J. Pennebaker.

PENNEBAKER, MRS. ANNIE (March, 1924) died Tues [March 11] age 58/ buried at Ripley/ daughter of John A. Smith/ wife of W.P. Pennebaker/ leaves 4 brothers in Texas (3 other brothers are dead)/ children are Mrs., Cliff Giles, Wilmer, Marvin R. of Tupelo, Fred of Coldwater/ her grandson, Charles, 8, son of Marvin, died last Saturday.

PENNEBAKER, ROBERT (012330) died at Birmingham recently/ buried at Ebenezer/ wife is daughter of Dr. Jim Pernell of Myrtle/ leaves parents, 5 brothers (John, Bill, Thomas, Charlie and David Pernell) and three sisters (Mary, Ruth, Mattie).

PENNEBAKER, W.P. (022729) died Jan. 30, age 75/ buried at Ripley beside his daughter, Mrs. C.E. Giles/ married first to a Marmon/ son was J.J. Pennebaker of Marianna, Ark./ married second to Annie Smith/ children are Marvin (Memphis), Fred (Henning, Tn.) Wilmer (Memphis)/ married third to Mrs. Kent/ brother of Dr. T.J. Pennebaker.

PHILLIPS, CLARA (041316) died March 13, age 5-11-13/ daughter of W.H.

PEGRAM, DR. J.E. (010423) died Dec. 24, age 73/ buried at Ripley/ leaves second wife, 6 sons, 2 daughters/ son is Thomas E. Pegram.

PEGRAM, MRS. S.W. (042033) died Mon., age 66/ to Ripley 14 years ago/ was second wife of Pegram/ children by first marriage were Rev. Edd Brown of Parrish, Ala., Lafrenia Brown, Will Brown and Jess Brown, all of Pontotoc County.

PEGRAM, MRS. S.W. (052919) died Tues., age 70/ buried at Wiers Chapel/ children are Homer of Pontotoc, Walter of Ripley, William in the Army, Mrs. W.R. Alvis, Mrs. B.L. Simmons.

PERKINS, J.C. (042628) died recently/ born July 20, 1840/ served in 10th, Miss. Regt., CSA/ married Rachel Nelms who died/ married second to Effie Whitten.

PEKINS, JAMES MONROE (103129) died Sat., age 80/ buried at New Salem.

PERRY, WILLIAM dec (PR 404) 1. Petition for letters, Feb. 7, 1877. J.B. Perry is widow of William Perry, who died April 12, 1871, 2. Citation to W.F. Perry of Paducah, Kentucky, April 15, 1878. 3. Citation to Charley Burgess of Alcorn Co., April 4, 1878. 4. Citation to Martha McAlister of Tippah, Dec. 5, 1877.

PETTIGREW, MRS. W.A. (011729) died at Tiplersville on Dec. 27, age 89/ husband is dead/ children are Mrs. John Appleton of Tiplersville, Mrs. George Bell of Corinth, Mrs. Tom Stanley of Humboldt, Tenn., R.E. Pettigrew of Brazil/ leaves 3 brothers.

PHILLIPS, BEDFORD (122431) died Fri., age 48/ buried in Polk Cem./ brother to John of Laurel, Parker of Pocahontas, Tenn, Mrs. John Brumley of Benton Co./ son of Lem Phillips/ children are Lee Allen Phillips.

PHILLIPS, JOE (010318) suicide Dec. 21, age 26/ buried in Childs Cem./ son-in-law of Bill Taylor/ brother-in-law of B.E. Taylor/ no children/ son of Bill Phillips who lives near Baldwyn.

PHILLIPS, MRS. LEM M. (102616) died Tues. at Falkner.

PHYFER, CHARLES M. et al (122116) C.M. Phyfer killed his wife and sisterin-law, Miss Callie Nelms, Monday, then committed suicide/ Phyfer was age 37, youngest child of M.S. Phyfer/ was a brother to Wade Phyfer and Lizzie Phyfer/ Mrs. Phyfer, age about 28, and Miss Nelms, age about 30, were daughters of Sam Nelms who was elected Sheriff in 1899/ Phyfers leave children Allen, age 8, and George, age 6/ buried Ripley Cemetery.

PHILLIPS, MRS. HARRIETT (060927) died Sunday, age 81/ son-in-law is Lee Mauney/ husband is dead.

PICKENS, A.B. (020933) died Feb. 1, age 66/ buried at Pleasant Ridge beside wife who died 5 years ago/ she was nee Lenora Bryant/ had seven children, one died in infancy/ living are Euclid of Memphis, Arthur of St. Charles, Ky., Mrs. A.N. Adair, Mrs. W.C. Hardy (New Albany), Ethel (Tupelo), Mrs. E.M. Williams.

PICKENS, AMOS (103030) died Dumas on Sunday, age 68/ buried in Pickens cem./ children are Bob, Edd, Mrs. J.W. Craighton, Corrie, Mrs. Jessie Kent, Mrs. Dil Hill.

PICKENS, AMOS dec (PR 314) 1. Petition April 17, 1874. Pickens died 1862, leaving a widow, Nancy Ann Pickens, and children Sarah Ann Pickens and Amos Pickens Jr.

PICKENS, MRS. ART (081127) died at Dumas Mon., age 51/ leaves husband and children-Mrs. Hardy Clayton, Mrs. Mabel Adair, Mrs. Ellis Williams, Arthur, Euclid, Ethel.

PICKENS, MRS. J.A. (061428) died recently, age 64-3-20/ buried at New Hope/ wife of J.A. Pickens/ leaves a sister in Dumas and a brother in Texas/ children are Willie, Wiley, Lon, C???ton, Dealy, Pearl Adie, Susie, Selvie, Lulie, Mary, Marthy.

PICKENS, J.H. dec (PR 394) 1. Petition, Nov. 6, 1876. Pickens died Oct. 16, 1876. C.H. Pickens, widow. 2. Citations, October, 1880 to Liddy McKenzie (wife of James McKenzie) of Benton Co.; Marietta, Devolka, Rufus, Lucien, Walter, Nannie, and Mollie Pickens of Union Co., Carolina Kinney (wife of James A. Kinney) Margaret White (wife of Samuel White), and Lillie White of Tippah; Milly and Ben McKenzie of Cr????ts Bluff, Arkansas. 1 3. Citation to Hannah H?????? of AlCorn Co., April 3, 1882.

PICKENS, JOHN W. (042529) died Jan. 9/ buried at Concord/ born Sept. 7, 1849/ unmarried.

PICKENS, MRS. LIZZIE (112427) died Thursday, age 64/ buried at New Hope/ wife of Jim Pickens/ children are Willie, Wylie, Lon, Clifton, Mrs. Claude Bell, Mrs. Thad Bell, Mrs. T.B. Wammack, Mrs. Sam Yancey, Mrs. Richard Murry, Mrs. Eli Eubanks, Mrs. Ludie Isbell (Booneville), Mrs. Susie Box (Baldwyn).

PICKENS, MRS. MABEL DRUMMOND (040126) died March 27, age 33-4-10/ buried at New Hope/ wife of Wilie, whom she married 13 years ago/ children are Leland (age 8) and Allene (age 10)/ leaves mother, 2 brothers, 2 sisters

PICKENS, MARIE (033121) died March 25, age 1 yr. 11 mo./ daughter of Edd/ niece of Maybelle McCollum.

PICKENS, MISS SARAH ANN (091935) died Saturday, age 76/ buried at Concord/ all brothers ,and sisters are dead/ niece is Mrs. Lagrone Harmon.

PIGG, MAHALIA (041829) died Feb. 17, age 83/ daughters are Mollie, Flora.

PITMAN, J.S. (012633) died Dec. 2/ buried at Lowry/ born Tishomingo Co., 1856/ to Tippah from Corinth 45 years ago/ married Angle Wetzel, 1879/ had 10 children-living are Walter and Mrs. Effie Hopper.

PITNER, EDWIN (080234) died Thursday, are 9 mo./ buried at Ripley/ son of Jim.

PITNER, J.D. (031231) died Saturday, age 62/ son of late Captain William Pitner/ married Lizzie, daughter of R.J. Shannon/ children are C.O., George, Mrs. O.F. Street, Mrs. W.D. Linville, Mrs. Fred Merritt, Shannon Pitner, Bill pitner, Hugh Pitner (the last three live at New Albany), Mrs. Robert Jeffries of Jackson, Tenn./ brother to Mrs. Mary Sexton, Mrs. Willie Hopper, Mrs. M.L. Shannon of Pontotoc.

PLAXICO, MRS. PARALEE (021925) died last week at Moore's Mill in eastern part of the county.

POE, CURTIS BUREL (013019) died Jan. 14/ buried in McNeal Cem./ son of Lee.

POLLARD, JOHNNIE (121323) died this week.

POOL, MRS. BETSY (obit., SOUTHERN ADVOCATE, Ashland, Ms., Jan. 22, 1880) died Dec. 17, 1879/ born Lunenburg Co., Va. Jan. 14, 1804, daughter of John and Sarah Morgan/ to Madison Co., Ala., 1818/ married April 10, 1823 to S.P. Pool/ to Miss., 1848/ dau. - Mrs. M.M. Vaughn, Ashland. BYRD, MRS. CAR0LINE (SOUTHERN ADVOCATE, June 17, 1880) died June 10 of old age/ age 62/ relict of Robert Byrd/ sons are J.W., J.P., and Andrew Byrd/ also leaves 3 daughters.

POOL, DAVE (073030) died at Corinth on July 25, age 45/ buried at Antioch/ brother to Bud, Mrs. Peoples/ also leaves half brothers and sisters.

PORTER, MRS. FREDONIA (070225-090325) died June 29/ buried at New Salem/ age 76/ born Nov. 27, 1848, daughter of James Colyer/ sister of Mrs. Arthur Butler, Mrs. Zeal Milstead, Mrs. Mat Rowland/ wife of O.A. Porter of Walnut/ daughter is Mrs. Lizzie Jones, wife of James Jones.

PORTER, CAPT. OLIVER ALISTON (100136) died Sat. at Walnut/ born Aug. 4, 1843, son of Rev. Anthony Reece Porter/ served in Co. C, 22nd Tenn Inf., CSA/ married Caroline Hood 70 years ago who is dead/ born at Canaan, Miss./ daughter is Mrs. Lizzie Jones/ grandchildren are Porter Jones of Walnut, Paul Jones of Levlande, Texas, Martha Lou Jones, Mrs. Evelyn Farthings of Vernon, Texas, Mrs. Alice Pearl Alsup.

PORTER, MRS. ROBERT GILDEROY (112829) died at Starkville, Miss., Nov. 20, age 90 (next March)/ buried in Odd Fellows Cem. there/ widow of late Rev. Porter/ formerly of Ripley/ children are Mrs. Helen Woodward of Starkville, Mrs. Alice Hawkins of Memphis, Barnett Porter of Tuscaloosa, Ala., B.A. Porter of Memphis, Kendale Porter of New Orleans/ mother-in-law of Mrs. Callie Porter of Ripley/ grandmother of Gilderoy Porter and Hermie Porter of Ripley.

PORTERFIELD, WILLIAM (060618) died on March 18, 1917/ son of John and Lizzie Porterfield/ buried in family cemetery near Essary Springs, Tenn.

POWELL, C.D. (032316) died Tues. at Chalybeate.

POWELL, HILDRED (012336) died recently, age 20/ buried at Chalybeate/ daughter of X.G. Powell/ granddaughter of C.D. and Bettie Powell/ niece of Mrs. Mynelle Powell Williams/ sister to C.D., Roy, Helen, Peggy.

POWELL, MRS. J.H. (042331) died Mon., age 80/ buried at Derma/ born Calhoun County, mother of Mrs. J.C. Trussell of Tippah.

POYNER, MRS. PAUL (051425-052125) died at New Albany Tues., with burial there/ daughter of late Pink Griffin of Tippah/ children are Natalie, Paul Jr., Mabel/ leaves mother, sister, brother.

PRATHER, ELIZABETH dec (PR 324) 1. Petition Sept. 2, 1874. Prather died 1869. Heirs are Martha E. Prather and Isabella Duncan, who died leaving one child, M.E. Stewart, who died October, 1872, leaving heirs Paulina Webb (wife of John Webb, John D. Stewart, George P. Stewart.

PRATHER, WILEY J. (091521) died Aug. 31, age 39/ daughter-Carrie L.

PRENTICE, JOHN W. (071528) died May 23.

PRESLEY, MRS. M.E. (082731) died July 27/ buried at Little Hope/ born Dec. 17, 1862/ son-J.M. Presley.

PRICE, MICHAEL (062426-033127) died June 18, 1926/ buried in Smith graveyard/ born in N. Alabama, Feb. 8, 1840/ married his school teacher, Nancy A. Guevin, at age 24/ CSA vet./ wife died 1920/ daughter: Mrs. Dr. J.W. McIntyre.

PRICE, MRS. NANCY A. (022421) died Nov. 22/ buried in Smith Cem. beside her mother/ born East Tenn., May 3, 1844/ married Michael Price in Ala. at age 20/ had two sons who died in infancy and a daughter in Tippah.

PRINCE, JOHN SR dec (050433) died at Gold Beach, Oregon, in April, with burial there/ born at Ripley, July 24, 1849/ to Oregon in 1890/ a brother lived at Rienzi in 1930/ son, John, lives at Wedderburn, Oregon/ also leaves 2 other sons and 6 daughters.

PRINCE, MARY DEC (PR 408) 1. Petition for letters by A.C. Rucker, Feb. 12, 1877.

PRINCE, RICHARD DEC (PR 398) 1. Bill, Dec. 22, 1876. Prince died in 1857. Mary Prince, dec was widow of Richard Prince. Heirs are M.A.P. Grogan (wife of W.P. Grogan of Bolivar, Tn.), E.A. Leverett, Emiline M. Rucker, J.M. Simpson, F.M. Gandy (minor), all of Tippah, except Simpson, who lives in South Carolina.

PRINCE, WILLIAM S. DEC (PR 746) 1. Petition-William S. Prince died in the summer of 1869 leaving sisters-Emeline M. Rucker, E.A. Leverett, J. Simpson, Mrs. Lipford, M.J. Gandy (dead-wife of F.M. Gandy Sr. and mother of F.M. Gandy Jr.). 2. Citation to Mary, widow of Richard Prince, and the heirs of T.A. Prince dec.

PROCTOR, HART (090430) died recently/ buried at New Salem/ born in 1847/ wife: Mary/ leaves 7 children.

PROCTOR, MRS. NANNIE (022719) died Jan. 9/ buried at New Salem/ wife of John/ daughter of John Martindale/ leaves husband and two daughters/ b. March 16, 1893.

PROCTOR, OZELL (010528) died Dec. 8/ buried at New Salem/ born Oct. 8, 1909.

PUGH, G.F. v. JOHN HENRY PUGH (divorce) 1. Bill, filed Sept. 23, 1893. Were married in Tennessee in January, 1889. He left her 4 Years later. He has been convicted of a felony in Arkansas and sentenced to the state pen for 5 years. She has one son. Decree, Nov. 7, 1893.

PULLIAM, CHARLES W. (081733) died Sun., age 75/ buried at Harmony/ wife died in 1916/ children are W.V., Robert, O.T., Holmes, Mrs. Henry Proctor, Mrs. Egbert Wilbanks.

PULLIAM, DAUGHTER OF EULAS (031126) died last week/ buried at Harmony/ granddaughter of W.T. Milstead.

PULLIAM, MRS. CHARLES W. (061516) died June 11, age 60/ buried at Harmony/ leaves 8 children.

QUEEN, WILLIAM (093026) died Saturday, age 97/ buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, four miles east of Chalybeate/ were died a few years ago/ no one knows where he came from/ supposed to have a son who is on the ocean somewhere/ lived with Mr. Crum of Chalybeate.

QUINN, J.W. (120430) died Tuesday, age 74/ buried at Pine Grove/ children are Wesley, H.H., Edd, Roy, Mrs. Marion Pannell, Mrs. Dock Hickman, Mrs. William Grammaer.

RAGAN, MRS. ANNIE ETHEL (051232) died Friday, age 83/ buried at Camp Ground/ husband, Billy Ragan, died 13 yrs. ago/ children are Will of Corinth, Albert K., Mrs. Marie Metts.

RAGAN, JOHNNY (010434) died Nov. 29/ buried at Campground/ born May 17, 1907.

RAGAN, S.B. (022427) died Dec. 31/ buried at Campground/ born Oct. 1, 1848/ leaves wife and eleven children.

RAGAN, WILLIAM Y. (031120) died Nov. 29/ born Dec. 27, 1846/ married Ann E. Keith Dec. 5, 1865/ had eight children, six living.

RAINEY, EDD (091527) killed by Walter Walker Friday, age 20.

RAINEY, MRS. M.V. (082819) died Aug. 19 at Lula, Miss./ buried at Blue Mt./ son, Tom Rainey, is dead and buried at Blue Mt./ children are Prewet C. Rainey, Mrs. Elizabeth McGee, Mrs. Virgnia McAlister of Lula, Mrs. J. Frank Merritt.

RAINEY, PAUL J. (092023) died Tuesday aboard ship off the southern end of Africa with burial at sea, age 46/ unmarried/ big game hunter and owned 30,000 acres of land in Tippah/ was a brother to Roy A. Rainey of New York.

RAINEY, THOMAS M. (050218) died Feb. 17/ born Tippah, July 22,1868/ married Mollie Curlee, May 17, 1896/ had 8 children, including 4 sons/ one girl is dead.

RAINEY, BETSY v. SAM RAINEY (divorce) Bill, filed Oct. 24, 1883. Were married in 1869.

RAINS, MRS. M.A. (101916) died Wed., age 77/ buried at Providence/ mother of Mrs. Kent Jones of Ripley and Mrs. Flake/ grandson is Howard Jones.

RAKESTRAW, MRS. (081424) killed near New Albany recently, age 19/ buried at Academy/ daughter of John Smith and niece of Nathan Chism.

RALPH, ROY (012920) died Jan. 15/ buried at Bethel/ born Sept. 17,1919/ son of Roscoe Ralph.

RANDLE, ISAAC S. (112129) died Monday, age 55/ buried at Mt. Zion in Union Co./ leaves children.

RANDLE, J.W. (050918) died Blue Mt. yesterday, age 57/ buried at Blue Springs/ leaves wife and 5 children.

RANDLE, MRS. J.W. (100522) died at Blue Mt. Tues., age 60/ buried at Zion Hill.

RANDOLPH, REV. JOHN A. (062128) died at Nashville, Tenn., June 14, age 69 buried in National Cemetery there/ brother to Dr. T.L. Randolph of Dumas, late Rev. J.B. Randolph of Columbus, Mrs. J.H. Clayton of Booneville, Mrs. B.H. Gragg of Lawrence, Kansas/ half brother to William Marcus Randolph of New Jersey, Albert Randolph of Kansas City, Mrs. M.P. Minor of Bakersfield, Calif./ wife is a daughter of late Dr. Laird of Tippah/ children are Mrs. V.E. McDonald of Nashville, Mrs. Gertrude Wright of Memphis, Dr. Vivlen Randolph of San Antonio, Texas.

RANDOLPH, LOIS (042634) died Sat./ daughter of Frank Randolph and Mrs. E.C. Tate/ buried at Pleasant Ridge/ sister to Mrs. Dock Kitchens of New Albany, Mozelle, Mrs. Bob Owens, Mrs. Standford, Dr. John Tate of Ripley.

RANDOLPH, OPAL (102120) died Oct. 17, age 17/ buried at Pleasant Ridge/ dau. of Jack Randolph of Chalybeate/ leaves parents, 4 sisters, 3 brothers.

RANDOLPH, THOMAS L. (110729) died Fri. age 63/ buried at Ripley/ born at Geeville, March 7, 1867, son of Joseph

Bryce Randolph and Mary Jane Randolph/ married a daughter of Dr. Will M. Murry/ brother to late Col. John A. Randolph and late Rev. Joe B. Randolph/ brother to Mrs. J.H. Clayton of Booneville, Mrs. B.H. Gragg of Lawrence, Kansas/ half brother to Mrs. M.P. Minor of Bakersfield, Calif., William Marcus Randolph of New Jersey, and Albert Randolph of Kansas City/ daughter is Mrs. Roy Carnal/ son, Lee Murat Randolph, died in infancy.

RANEY, MRS. SEAF (020928) died Aug. 14/ nee Rosalie Auney/ aunt of Mrs. Opal Lancaster/ leaves mother, 5 sisters, 3 brothers, 6 sons, 4 daughters.

RANKIN, MARY dec (PR 373) 1. 0riginal Petition for letters, Feb. 25, 1876. Mary, Rankin died in Benton Co., Dec. 12, 1875. Daughter - Elizabeth Hale. 2. Petition to sell land, Oct. 12,1876. Heirs are James R. Lester, L.J. Lester, L.A. McDonald, Frank Reynolds and wife Margaret, Isham Lester, Charles McDonald, Alexander McDonald, William Rankin and wife Parthenia, Mary A. Phillips, George Payne and wife Mary, Susannah McDonald, Sallie McDonald, Mrs. E. Hale, Frank Kidd and wife Matilda, Ransom George and wife Elizabeth. 3. Citation to Isham Lester of Itawamba County, Oct. 30, 1876. 4. Citation to William Rankin and wife Parthenia of Alcorn County, along with Mary O. Phillips, Oct, 27, 1876. 5. Citation to Mrs. E. Hale of Prentiss Co., Oct. 12, 1876. 6. Citation to Ransom George and Wife of Union Co., Oct. 12, 1876.

RATLIFF, DAUGHTER OF CHARLEY (041625) died yesterday, age 6 months.

RATLIFF, HENRY MARSHALL (053128) died Monday, age 65/ buried at Academy/ was the last child of the late Henry Ratliff/ uncle of Charles T. Ratliff/ was first married to Maude Hayes of Durant/ married second to Mrs. Ocie Johnson of Ripley/ children are Hayes, George, Mrs. Earl Gillentine of Sumner, Mrs. Mack Guyton of Cotton Plant.

RAY, AMBROSE P. (070231) died Tues., age 72/ born at Chalybeate/ married to Corrie Jamiseson/ to Blue Mt. 35 years ago, where he is buried/ children are Burdette Ray of Pontotoc, Mrs. Neva Ray Taylor, Mrs. Ruthy Henderson of Pontotoc/ brother to R.L. Ray of Pontotoc.

RAY, BUTLER (012716-072716) died Tues., age 70/ buried at Chalybeate/ born in Laurens Dist., S.C., Oct. 12, 1847, second son of Ruben and Martha Washington Ray/ to Tippah at age 3/ married to Mary Elizabeth Hopper, July 4, 1867/ leaves wife and 8 children - Will Ray, Bob Ray, J. Frank Ray (a missionary in Japan), Berry Ray (Memphis), Oscar Ray, Malcolm Ray, Mrs. L.H. Jobe, Mrs. Marlin Marsh.

RAY, MRS. BUTLER (041520) died Sunday/ buried at Chalybeate/ children are Mrs. W.M. Marsh of Ripley, Mrs. L.H. Jobe of Kilmichael, Rev. J. Frank Ray, Berry Ray, Willie Ray, Oscar Ray, Malcolm Ray.

RAY, J.F. dec (PR 706). Case of Bettie Ray v. E.R. Ray et al. 1. Petition, Nov. 23, 1886. Are heirs of J.F. Ray dec.

RAY, JOHN H. dec and EMMA RAY dec (PR 433). 1. petition Jan. 11, 1878, of Turner Mathis, father and guardian of J.D. Mathis (age i6), Lee Mathis (age 12), M.A. Mathis (age 11). John and Emma Ray are the brother and sister to the children's mother. 2. Declaration of M.A. Housh, age 18, May 4, 1886.

RAY, MARY FRANCES (011327) died Fri. at Blue Mt., age 15/ buried at Wallerville, from where the family moved several years ago/ daughter of John Ray/ sister to Mrs. J.J. McKinstry, Louise, Mattie Lee Ray.

RAY, JAMES HALL (121929) died Tuesday at Brownwood, Texas/ buried in Greenhead cemetery there/ was born at Jonesboro in Tippah, May 19, 1854, son of Robert Ray/ married in Nov. 1882 to Mattie Skinner/ to Texas in 1891/ brother to Ambrose and Bob Ray of Pontotoc/ wife is sister to Mrs. Sallie Horton, Mrs. Nannie Mathis, Z.B. Skinner, Mrs. J.D. Smith, all of Tippah./ children are Firman (died at age 2), Vaughn (died 3 years ago), Mrs. Frank Highsmith (Menard, Tx.), Mrs. W.E. Young (Wichita Falls, Tx), Mrs. Clyde McIntosh (Brownwood),

Mrs. H.W. Olds (Longbeach, Calif.), H.B. (Crowell, Tx.), J.B. (Alilene, Tex.).

RAY, MRS. MALCOLM (111826) died at Chalybeate Wed., with burial there/ nee Annie V. Hopkins/ husband is a brother to Mrs. W.M. Marsh of Ripley/ leaves husband and two children.

RAY, MRS. MARTHA (071421) died Tues. age 74/ buried at Chalybeate/ widow of J. Finch Ray/ native of South Carolina/ mother of Mrs. R.L. Nance of Ripley, Mrs. Will Clemmer, Jim Ray.

RAY, MIRTIE (081121) died July 24/ daughter of Frank/ uncle is Oscar L. Wammack/ leaves parents, 2 brothers.

RAY, REV. OLIN (062332) died June 19 age 46/ buried at Campground/ son of Frank E. Ray/ brother to Rev. Guy Ray, Mrs. Wilson of Corinth, Mrs. Braddock, Lena Ray, John Ray, Clarence Ray, Chester Ray of Starkville/ leaves wife, 3 daughters.

RAY, ROBERT L. DEC (unnumbered PR). 1. Petition for dower by widow, M.E. Ray, Dec. 21, 1868. Children are Oliver F. Ray, James H. Ray, Eugenia Ray, Ambrose Ray, Lula L. Ray, Robert Ray, all under 21.

RAY, MRS. SALLIE (012330) died Sunday at Blue Mt., age 73/ buried there/ widow of E.R. Ray/ daughter of Thomas Northcross and Sallie Ragan/ married Feb. 18, 1877/ children are Clarence (Belzoni) Bearl, Mrs. Eva Ray Borders (Belzoni), Mrs. Linnie Walker (Wewoka, Ok.).

REAVES, ARTIE LOU (050422) died recently/ buried at New Hope/ daughter of Claude.

REAVES, CLAUDE (071934) died in Memphis on July 12, age 48/ buried at New Hope/ born at Blue Mt./ brother to Oscar Reaves of Ripley/ married Jennie May Thurmond, daughter of T. Thurmond/ children are Lexa, Thurza, James, Mattie, Pauline, Claude.

REAVES, FELIE FERRY VICTORIA (010417) died July 29/ born May 3, 1890, youngest child of Felix Goodman/ married Gus Reaves 9 years ago/ leaves husband, 2 sons (Paul, age 8, and Felix, age 4), mother, a brother, 3 sisters (including Mannie Thurmond).

REAVES, FORNIE (011619-012319) died recently, age 22/ buried in Hardin Cem./ son of Jeff Reaves of Dumas/ leaves parents, 4 brothers, 3 sisters.

REAVES, FRANKLIN AUGUSTUS (062035) suicide Monday, age 51/ buried at Sand Springs/ wife dead 18 years/ son of M.A. Reaves/ brother to Mrs. Anne Hutchinson, Oscar Reaves, Homer Reaves of Tupelo, Will Reaves, Earnest Reaves/ children are Paul? and Felix.

REAVES, MRS. GUS (093116) died July 28, age 25/ leaves husband and 2 children.

REAVES, J.A. Sr. (102616) died Saturday at Orizaba, age 96/ buried at New Hope.

REAVES, MRS. LINNIE (012721) died Oct. 8, age 72/ leaves 8 children.

REAVES, MRS. JESS (040727) died Thurs./ buried at Chalybeate/ nee Inez Powell/ married 6 years/ leaves husband and a child.

REAVES, R.C. ("Bud") (050328) died today at Dumas, age over 80/ children are Jeff, Marvin, Oscar, Mack, Lon, Allen, Mrs. Clem Jones, Mrs. Andy Jones.

REECE, WALTER (102418) died at Blue Mt. last week/ brother-in-law of J.R. Robertson.

REEVES, MRS. MINNIE (041135) suicide Sat., with burial at Rucker/ children are Henry, Addie, Velma, Walker/ wife of Witt Reaves.

REAVES, WILBERN (033033) died Sat., age 32/ buried at Rucker/ son of W.H./ leaves wife and 2 children.

REDFERREN, J.M. et al (PR 398) 1. Bond Nov. 18, 1861, S.B. Redferren guardian of James M. Redferren and Elizabeth Redferren, minors. Isaac Smith and W.H. Redfereen, bondsmen. 2. Annual Report, Sept. 20, 1869. Elizabeth Redferren is now the wife of John Cupp.

REED, MRS. BLUFORD (020718) died Sunday near New Albany/ daughter of Sam Lesley of Concord.

REED, BUD (101123) died yesterday, age 60/ brother of Flynn Reed.

REED, DAVID (040820) died Sunday,age 80/ buried at Shady Grove/ son: Jim.

REED, ELIJAH dec (PR 537) 1. Will, made Sept. 21, 1888. Filed Oct. 15, 1888. J.M. Rutherford, executor. Wife: Martha M. Children: Charles and J.D. Reed.

REED, JACOB DEC (PR 602) 1. Bill, filed Aug. 29,1882. Jacob Reed died 1879 leaving heirs Green Reed (Ft. Worth, Texas), John Reed, Mary Frances Reed, Napoleon Reed, James Reed (now deceased), Harlin Reed (Benton Co.), Wilson Reed (Benton Co.), Nancy Jane Reed, Jacob Reed.

REED, LILLIE MAY (062624) died Aug. 8/ born July 18, 1902, so,n of W.(T.?) Reed.

REED, PEARL (121620) died Oct. 23/ born June 8, 1916, daughter of Mike/ leaves parents 4 brothers, 2 sisters.

REED, W.M. (120226) died Sat., age 58/ buried at Little Hope/ leaves wife, two sons, two daughters.

REES, CALEB (080724) died July 21 at Memphis, age 80/ buried in Elmwood Cem./ brother to J.V. Rees of Ashland and B.P. Rees of Ripley/ father of C.C. Jr, B.F. (Calif.), G.E., Mrs. E.L. Brown, Mrs. J.W. Rees (Memphis H.H. (Tampa, Fla.) Mrs. J.L. Gibson (Cotton Plant), Mrs. R.L. Jamieson (Wills Point, Texas), Mrs. W.M. Vaughn (Houston, Texas).

REES, MRS. IRENE (022526) died Sat./ buried in Ripley Cem./ wife of Pink Rees/ nee McMullin of Lagrange,Tenn/ a boy and 2 girls are dead/ children are William, John, Mrs. T.Y. Stubbs, Mrs. John Pennington (Memphis), Mrs. Terry Linville.

REES, J.V. (092034) died this week at Ashland, age 90/ buried there /CSA vet./ brother to Frank of Jackson, Pink of Ripley, Tom of Water Valley, Elliot of Sheffield, Ala., Sam of Memphis/ children are W.F. of Ashland and Mrs. Dora O'Nell of Collierville.

REES, MRS. O.S. and MARTHA (060927) died June 3 at Jackson, Miss. (murdered)/ Mrs. Rees was married to a nephew of B.P. Rees of Ripley/ Martha was age 19.

REES, WARNER (012920) died Tues., age 25/ buried in Ripley Cem./ son of B.F.

REAVES, HUGH BURT (020636) died reccntly at Memphis, age 43/ buried in Oakville Cem./ born Ripley, son of late J.A. Reeves/ brother to Mrs. Grace Akins, Mrs. Wiley Pickens, Mrs. Willard Sawyer (Memphis), Lee A. (Oakville), Charles M. (New York), Ellis (Memphis)/ wife is Ella/ children are Hazel, Burt, Marjorie, Ella/ mother is Mrs. Zora Ashley Reeves (SEE ALSO REEVES)

REID, GUY (120121) died Sept. 30/ son of W.T. Reid.

RENFRO, MRS. (100316) died in Benton Co. on Saturday/ father of Hugh Renfro.

RENFRO, HUGH (101018) died Saturday at Tiplersville, age 29/ Tippah Tax Assessor/ unmarried/ mother is Mrs. J.D. Smith/ leaves a brother (Will) and a sister/ half-brothers are Clyde and Ernest Harrison.

RENFRO, JEFF (022234) died Fri., age 39/ buried at Tiplersville/ son of J.H. Renfro/ brother to Tom, Hardy, Josie, Mrs. Kelsy Lancaster.

RENFROW, L.M. (041724) died March 20/ buried in Page Cem./ born March 27, 1877/ wife nee Minie Bell/ children are Mrs. Henry Work, Ella, Virdie Lee, Claudy, Robby, Clyde, Minnie, Myrtle, Velma, E.C.

REYNOLDS, CAPT. D.F. (081515) murdered by Elmer Byrd on Friday, age 82/ CSA vet./ lived in east Tippah/ wife is age 25 and Byrd is her re]ative.

REYNOLDS, STEPHEN dec (PR 461) l. Petition Oct. 30, 1878. He died 1878. Widow is Catherine Hayes Reynolds.

RHODES, MRS. JOHN (082422) died June 25, age 63/ buried at Pine Grove/ leaves husband, 3 sons, 4 stepdaughters.

RICH, PINK (030933) died Sept 29, 1932/ buried at Providence/ wife Mattie/ children are Olen, Burkett, Erin, Marshall, Alton, Ruth.

RICHARDSON, A.J. (Jeff) (051034) died Sunday, age 78/ buried in Richardson graveyard/ wife died 4 years ago/ children are Mrs. Lizzie Moore, Mrs. Amie Hurt, John L., O.J., Oliver, Wilburn, Mrs. Sadie Ford.

RICHARDSON, ALMA (022421) died recently at Chalybeate, age 35/ daughter of Mark.

RICHARDSON, ANGUS MARK (110817) died Sept. 8/ born May 26, 1880, eldest son of J.D. and S.W. Richardson/ leaves two brothers and 3 sisters.

RICARDSON, JOHN ADAMS (021435) died Feb. 7, age 85/ buried in Richardson graveyard/ children are Elizabeth Montgomery, Caroline, Childs, Martha, Adam Richardson.

RICHARDSON, JUANITA CLOYCE (052015) died May 3, age 14 mo./ buried at Mt. Moriah/ daughter of D.O. Richardson.

RICHARDSON, MARION (021622) died at Blue Mt., age 68/ buried there/ leaves wife and 2 daughters - Mrs. D. Thomas and Ruth.

RICHARDSON, ORMAN GILBERT (092921) died recently/ son of Jerry.

RICHARDSON, O.R. (082615) a CSA vet. who died within the past year.

RICHARDSON, OSCAR N. (091036) died Dec. 10, 1935, age 40/ buricd at New Salem/ niece is Mrs. Douglas Melton.

RICHARDSON, RICHARD (030216) died Wed., age 22/ recently returned from Arkansas due to health.

RICHARDSON, MRS. SUSAN WINDOM (052230) died Monday/ daughter - Mrs. H.S. Ford of Brownfield, wife of Dr. H.S. Ford.

RICHARDSON, SON OF JERRY (072821) died recently, age 5 mo./ buried at Peoples.

RICHARDSON, VERNON (021931) died Nov. 9/ buried at Hebron/ son of J.M./ born Oct. 19, 1929.

RICHEY, LUTHER MURRY (091527) died Sept. 13/ born Jan. 18, 1896, son of E.R. Richey/ grandson of Dr. John Y. Murry/ leaves parents, 1 brother, 2 sisters.

RICKLES, MRS. ANNIE LEWELLEN (020525) died Jan. 22/ buried at Lebanon/ born Dec. 26, 1875, daughter of W.S. Lewellen/ married in Dec. 1905 to John Rickles/ leaves husband, two children, 5 stepchildren, 2 brothers.

RIDDLESPURGER, JAMES K.P. (040517-051017) died last Thursday near Walnut Creek, age 75 (born August, l8??/ died March 29/ CSA vet./ unmarried/ lives with sister.

RILEY, S.C. (102721) died Aug. 13/ buried at Providence/ born July 23 1856/ daughter is Lois.

RINEHART, LEONARD CARL (072331) died June 21/ buried at Rienzi/ born Feb. 20, 1907/ son of Elner/ brother to Mrs. Edgar Davis and Mrs. Willie Killcrease of Rienzi.

ROACH, MRS. FRANCES (030327) died Monday at Ripley, age 73/ buried in Union Cem./ husband died 1915/ children are Mrs. Luke Graves, Mrs. W.E. South of Starkville, Pearl of Ashland, Sam and Bedford of Mt. Pleasant, Texas, Mrs. Tom Lence, Mrs. Jim Street, Mary, Blanche, Letha.

ROACH, MRS. L.S. (032631) died recently at Mt. Pleasant, Texas/ buried at Ashland/ husband is a brother to Letha, Blanche, Mary, Mrs. Jim Street, Mrs. Tom Lence.

ROACH, MACK (082124) died in Texas recently, age 76/ brother to late Jeff Roach of Tippah/ brother-in-law of J.W. Lowrey of Ripley/ to Texas from Tippah 30 years ago/ wife dead/ leaves six children.

ROACH, N.W. (091416) died recently at Pleasant Hill in Benton Co./ buried there/ son-in-law is M.S. Jordan.

ROACH, T.J. (101415) died last Saturday at Mt. Pleasant, Texas, age over 70/ CSA vet./ buried in Union Cem. near Ripley/ had l0 children, including Mrs. Jim Street of Ripley.

ROACH, MRS. WILL (022036) died Saturday at Jackson, Miss., age 47/ buried at Jacobs Chapel/ nee Minnie, daughter of Mrs. Etta Wammack/ married W.B. Roach, 1910/ children are Mrs. Jesse Peeler of Calhoun City, Russell, Ralph, Vivian/ sister to Mrs. Ike Carter, Mrs. Walter Smith, Mrs. Dan Carter, Mrs. Ernest Sparks.

ROBBINS, MRS. JOHN (021517-030117) died Feb. 9/ buried at Pleasant Hill/ born in 1877/ leaves husband and 4 children.

ROBERSON, DELILA ANN minor (PR 200) 1. Petition, Jan. 5, 1872. Delila Ann Roberson is the daughter of T.J. Roberson who lives in Tippah, but she has been raised since infancy by Thomas Hays. Her mother died in 1857. She is age 15 and has an interest in the estate of her late grandfather, Isaih Caviness, who died in Tennessee. She also has an interest in the estate of Benjamin Cavaness, father of Isaih, who died in North Carolina. John Moffitt is her uncle.

ROBERTSON, MRS. ZORA (012429) died July 14/ buried at Pleasant Hill/ born Aug. 7, 1886/ sister to Zula, Jim, Charlie, Etta Mae, and Rose Drewery/ wife of Willie Robertson/ had 7 children, one dead/ died at Jackson Miss.

ROBERSON, FRANK (050119) died in Benton County Monday/ buried in Hopkins Cem./ would be 103 in November/ leaves a son aged 80.

ROBERSON, RUFUS (092519) killed Tuesday by Sidney Brock 10 miles northeast of Ripley, age 45/ buried at Blackland/ married in Arkansas/ divorced/ married second to Miss Hurt/ son of late Ben Roberson of Blackland.

ROBERTS, JOHN (031027-042127) died Fri./ age 55/ buried at Pleasant Ridge/ leaves wife and 6 children/ brother to Tom Roberts and Mrs. Lee Hardy.

ROBERTS, JOHN (082615) a CSA vet. who died within the past year.

ROBERTSON, MRS. AMIE ELIZABETH (080135) died Sat., age 94/ buried in Nance Cem./ came from North Carolina with father, Ben Rowell, as a child/ married first to John Cox, who was killed in the Civil war/ married second to James Robertson who died 48 years ago/ son by first marriage is John Cox of Tioga, Texas/ children by second marriage are Jim, Lee, Mrs. Mary Ann Sexton, Mrs. Matt Sexton/ children Will Robertson and Emma Robertson are dead as well as others.

ROBERTSON, CARL (080835) died Wed., age 22/ buried in Nance Cem./ son of Lee/ leaves wife and a child.

ROBERTSON, CHARLEY (040330) died Sat., age 80/ brother to J.J. Robertson, Dr. John F. Robertson of Toledo, Ohio, Dr. P.F. Robertson of Sanderson, Tx., Mrs. C.M. Armistead of Hughes, Ark.

ROBERTSON, CHESLEY HINES (100832) died at New Albany Saturday, age 36/ buried there/ only son of J.J. Robertson of Ripley/ brother of Mrs. Ramsey Nelms, Mrs. G.D. Humphrey (Jackson Ms.)/ married Frances McClatchey of New Albany 13 years ago/ children are Katherine, Mary Frances, Chesley H. Robertson Jr.

ROBERTSON, MRS. LIZZIE KEENIN (071730) died at Myrtle Sunday/ buried at Rucker/ wife of C.A. Robertson/ half sister to late H.T. Counseille/ aunt of Tom Counseille.

ROBERTSON, NANCEY (032030) died Tues. age 9/ buried in Nance Cem./sister-inlaw is Mrs. Polk Robertson/ sister: Mrs. Woodson Scott.

ROBERTSON, WILLIE (043031) died Mon., age 54/ buried at Pleasant Hill/ leaves mother, 2 brothers (Lee and Jim, the former of Texas), 3 sisters (Mrs. Sam Sexton, Mrs. George Sexton, Emma/ children are Mrs. Mark Thrasher, Mrs. Reyford Hopper, Mrs. Lee Duncan, Lizzie, Walter, Era May.

ROBERTSON, MRS. ZORA (071928) died July 14/ wife of Willie/ daughter of Mrs. Lucy Drewery dec/ leaves three brothers, 2 sisters.

ROBBINS, J.C. (032520) died at New Albany Monday, age 75/ CSA vet./ father of Jesse H. of Dyersburg, Tn., J. Luther of New Albany, Mrs. Virginia Morris of Kenefe, Okla., Mrs. Alice Hamric of Memphis, Mrs. Lorene Coker and Lula of New Albany/ foster son is Ralph Robbins Young/ wife: Sally Robbins.

ROBIN, WILL (050819) died Jan. 1/ buried in Richardson graveyard/ husband of Mrs. Mandy Robin/ uncle of Lillie Belle Kurkendall.

ROBBINS, MRS. SARAH RICHARDSON (021925-041625) died last Sunday/ widow of Bill Robbins who died 8 years ago/ were married when she was 19/ born June 26, 1842/ had 8 children - living are Mrs. Jack Usury, Mrs. Marion Mask, James T., John L. Robbins.

ROBBINS, SARAH GENEVA (010825) died Dec. 25/ buried at Peoples/ born Aug. 30, 1924.

ROBBINS, WILLIAM D. (110117) died Aug. 18/ buried in Adams Cem./ born May 8, 1840/ CSA vet./ leaves wife, 2 daughters, four sons/granddaughter - Elsie Robbins.

ROBISON, REV. HUGH HARRIS (mentioned, 042617) died May 19, 1881/ born in Mecklenburg Co., N.C., March l, 1824, son of Ezekiel and Eleanor (Harris) Robison/ uncle was Rev. Dr. Isaac Grier/ was pastor of Ebenezer Church near Cotton Plant in 1852/ married Adelaide Ellis of Due West, S.C., 1851/ his mother died in 1854.

ROBINSON, MRS. LYLIE (012331) died at Collierville, Tenn., recently, age 68/ wife of W.W. Robinson/ daughter of Capt. J.E. Rogers/ to Collierville l0 years ago/ sister to Mrs. Charlie Walker, Mrs. T.N. Aycock of Tuscumbia, Ala., Mrs. Nellie Hunt of New Albany, J.E. Rogers of Bessemer, Ala./ children are Mrs. H.L. Sigrest of Collierville, Phelps Martin of Ensley, Ala. (he is a son by a previous marriage).

ROBINSON, LUCY DEC (unnumbered PR) 1. Petition, June 21, 1869. Lucy Robinson died 1858. Her daughter is Lucy Hannah Pearce, wife of Thomas Pearce.

ROBINSON, MRS. MAHALA ADELINE (041520) died March 18.

ROBINSON, MISS MARY ANN TABITHA (012319) died Sept. 21/ buried in Nance Cem./ sister-in-law of Mrs. Amy Robinson.

ROBINSON, JOHN R. (102225) died at Brody in Benton Co. yesterday/ stepfather of Mrs. G.M. Rowland of Ashland.

ROBINSON, MACK (101823) killed by his son a few days ago in Texas/ brother to Mrs. C.C. Blythe of Tippah.

ROGERS, MRS. ADDIE (071934) died in Memphis Tues., age 76/ buried at Wiers Chapel/ wife of late Joe Rogers/ to Memphis 10 years ago/ children are Mrs. Peyton Kelly, Jennie Rogers of Memphis, Mrs. Etta Pasley of Parchman, Walter Rogers of Memphis.

ROGERS, CHILD OF JIM (061527) died Sun./ age 1/ buried at Bluff Springs.

ROGERS, CLARK (011636) killed in Benton County Saturday by Anderson Ford (age 48)/ was age 52.

ROGERS, MRS. DONNIE WHITE (020636) died Jan. 31, age 24/ buried at Rucker/ daughter of J.F. White/ married Howard, son of Allen Rogers of R{pley/ leaves children/ sister to Mrs. Nora Wingo, Mrs. Ralph Wilson, Ernest, Earl, Howard (Memphis), Roy (Jackson), Mrs. Cleveland Childers (Hickory Flat), Aston (Anniston, Ala).

ROGERS, HELEN (100726) died May 15, age 3 mo. 2 days/ buried in City Cem., Corinth/ child of Orlando Rogers.

ROGERS, J.E. (091317) died Thurs. age 64/ buried at Wiers Chapel/ was married to Miss Decall, 1887/ had six children (3 sons)/ all survive, only one married is Mrs. Lucy Kelly, wife of Peyton Kelly.

ROGERS, L.E.(040324)died Wed./ buried at New Hope in Benton County.

ROGERS, LEE (110828) died at St. Louis Sunday, age 41/ buried in Memphis/ brother to Mrs. Peyton Kelly of Ripley.

ROGERS, LOLA MAY (100621) died Sept. 8, age 6 mo./ buried at Shiloh/ born March 11, 1921, daughter of Walter.

ROGERS, MRS. MARTHA O'Neal (111534) died Wed. at New Albany/ buried in family cem. 5 miles from New Albany/ born Ripley, Nov. 1, 1850, daughter of William L. Graham/ married Leander S. Rogers, Sept. 12, 1872/ he died Feb. 12, 1906/ children are William L. (dec), Mrs. Mary Martin (dec), J.L.S. (New Albany), Walter T. (New Albany), Arthur L., Lee, and Herbert G. all of New Albany, and Mrs. David E. Guyton/ another daughter died in infancy/ sister to Capt. Walter C. Graham of Myrtle.

ROGERS, MATTIE LEE (011724) died recently, age 8.

ROGERS, MRS. M.O. (110327) mentioned as being 77 on Nov. 1/ mother of Mrs. David E. Guyton/ daughter of late William L. Graham/ descendant of a Mecklenburg signer and of explorer, Meriwether Lewis.

ROGERS, W.F. (122932) died Sunday, age 70/ buried at Blue Mt./ brother of J.R. Rogers of Lubbock, Texas/ father of Allen, Ellis, Frank (Corinth), Mills (Cleveland), Mrs. Roy Hobson, Mrs. H.G. Fortenberry (Jackson), Mrs. Tom Ratliff, Mrs. Rosalie Williams (Memphis).

ROWAN, MRS. MOLLIE (012920) died at Baldwyn recently/ buried at Blue Mt./ wife of Sam L. Rowan of Baldwyn/ daughter of late Dr. J.F. Merritt of Blue Mt./ children are Leon and Merritt Rowan/ sister to Dr. J. Frank Merritt, Mrs. Nannie Bryson, Mrs. Beulah Howard, Dick Merritt of Clarendon, Ark.

ROWELL, ELIZABETH DEC (PR 726) 1. Petition, Nov. 16, 1868. Heirs are Benjamin Rowell, Dock Rowell, Malinda (wife of W.K. Derrick), Amy (wife of J.H. Robinson), Penny Rowell, George W. Rowell (a minor and idiot living at Ben Rowell's), Andrew Rowell (minor at the home of James Rowell), James Rowell, the children of Mary J. Hines dec (to wit - Joe Hines, Mary Ann Hines, John Monroe Hines), all of Tippah County; as well as the children of Wesley Rowell dec (to wit - James Rowell and John Rowell of Tennessee). Other heirs are Thomas Rowell of Georgia, James Rowell of Tippah, W.J. Rowell of Alabama, Serena Lockhart and her husband, James Lockhart, of Tenn., John Rowell of Arkansas, and the children of Mouring Tinsley dec (to wit - Malinda of Tennessee of Arkansas, John of Arkansas, Mary Adeline of Moscow, Tenn., and 2 others in Missouri).

ROWELL, J.C. (041917) died April 14/ was 80 in March/ buried at Walnut Creek/ CSA vet./ leaves widow and children - Walter, Whit, Luke, Meek, Reese, Mrs. Jep Stansell/ stepdaughter is Mrs. Mattie Jones.

ROWELL, JAMES W. (120634) died Nov. 28, age 76/ buried at Pleasant Hill/ children are Lynan, Jessie, Mrs. Olin Cook.

ROWELL, MEEK (072623) killed at Carbon Hill, Alabama, Thurs./ buried at Walnut Creek.

ROWELL, MRS. OMIE NABORS (121235) died Monday at St. Petersburg, Florida/ daughter of the late Rev. W.M. and Mollie Elizabeth Nabors of Dumas/ son is Phillip Rowell/ sister to W.L. Nabors and S.M. Nabors (Corinth).

ROWELL, MRS. RACHEL (012832) died recently at Wynne, Arkansas, age 90-95/ buried at Walnut Creek/ formerly of Tippah/ husband, Jim Rowell, died in 1917/ children are Reece Rowell of Greenwood, Miss., Whit Rowell of Lexfield, Ky., Luke Rowell of Wichita Falls, Tx., Walter Rowell of Greenville, Tx., Mrs. Jep Stansell to Greenwood, Mrs. Mattie Smith/ came to Tippah at age 6/ age 99.

ROWELL, WHITT (011035) died Jan. 1 at Leitchfield, Ky./ buried at Walnut Hill/ native of Tippah/ moved from Texas/ in 1906 married Loula Duncan in Leitchfield, Ky./ stepson is Robert A. Duncan.

ROWLAND, A.J. (041923) died Saturday at the home of his son, Dr. T.D. Rowland, in Shawnee, Okla./ born near Ripley but spent his early manhood in Illinois/ served in an Illinois regiment during the Civil War/ moved to Shawnee from Mobile, Ala., about a year ago.

ROWLAND, MRS. AMANDA A. (050830-052230) died April 30/ buried at New Salem/ married first to Watson Webb in 1863/ had 4 children (2 dead/ he died in 1874)/ married J.M. Rowland, 1877/ had two children/ born April 3, 1848/ sister to Mrs. Nellie Butler/ brother in law is O.A. Porter/ children are Mrs. George Carter, Mrs. John Carter, Mrs. Ham, Mrs. Donie Curl.

ROWLAND, MRS. CARL (062619) died this morning/ daughter of Boss Mercer and sister to Steve Mercer/ leaves husband and two children.

ROWLAND, CHARLES E. (121626) murdered in Tipton Co., Tenn., Dec. 15 (by Roy Ray, who was later sentenced to life in prison), age 21/ buried at Tiplersville/ son of C.B. Rowland of Memphis, formerly of Tippah/ grandson of R.J. Shannon/ nephew of Mrs. J.D. Pitner of Ripley.

ROWLAND, MRS. FANNIE (062134) died May 9/ born Dec. 17, 1859/ wife of J. Tom Rowland who died 6 years ago/ 3 children are dead/ living are Mrs. E.V. Cardwell (Middleton, Tn.), T.D., B.T., H.P. Rowland, all of Walnut/ grandchild is Vera Jean Paseur.

ROWLAND, J.V. (021534) died Sun., age 72/ buried at Pine Hill/ children are Edgar, Carl, Bryan, Mrs. Walter Mayes, Mrs. Wade Rich, Mrs. Velma Mayes, Lena.

ROWLAND, MRS. MARTHA ANN (011823) died Jan. 9 at Shawnee, Okla., where she had moved a year ago/ born in Miss., 1846/ later lived in Alabama/ sons are Dr. T.D. Rowland and C.H. Rowland of Shawnee, Dr. Edd Rowland of Norman, Okla., and Richard Rowland of Miss.

ROWLAND, MRS. DELLA ELLEN (042121) died March 23/ born Jan. 6, 1851, daughter of E.D. and Nancy Norton/ married H.P. Rowland, Jan. 6, 1871/ had 10 children, 6 died in infancy.

ROWLAND, MRS. H.T. (020426) died Dec. 29, age 55-3-25/ only child of Sam Miskelly/ leaves husband and five children (a daughter died 15 years ago).

ROWLAND, HARRISON PARISH (061522) died Feb. 8/ born in Tippah, son of Harrison and Margaret Rowland, who are, buried at New Salem/ brother to Tom Rowland and J.D. Rowland/ wife, Dillie Norton Rowland, whom he married in 1871, died l0 months ago/ children are Charlie and Hardy Rowland of 0klahoma and Cavinoe and Mrs. Bama Estes of Tippah.

ROWLAND, MRS. HUGHEY (052726) died at Walnut Friday/ buried at Harmony/ nee Jewell Garrett, daughter of J.A. Garrett/ married 13 years/ had six children, including one two weeks old.

ROWLAND, JAMIE (061026) died Tues., age 2/ daughter of Albert.

ROWLAND, JEFFERSON D. (081535) died Saturday, age 87/ buried at Pine Hill, children are H.T. Rowland and Mrs. Lizzie Hefley.

ROWLAND, RILEY (010936) died Jan. 2, age 86/ buried at New Salem/ daughter is Mrs. Thompson of Chalybeate.

ROWLAND, T.A. (111330) died Wed., age 70/ buried in Enon Cem./ children are Mrs. Willie Cox (Harrisburg, Ark), Mrs. W.L. Newsom, Mrs. Lee Alvis, Mrs. J.F. Mohundro (Memphis), Mrs. A.A. Curle (Memphis), Mrs. John Williams (Memphis).

ROWLAND, WILEY B. (080835) died Aug. 2, age 64/ buried at New Salem/ son of late Joe Rowland/ wife - Tishie/ children are Frank, Leland, Joe, Mrs. Bama Keith.

ROWLAND, WILL (032118) died recently, age 50/ buried at Pine Hill/ son of Jeff/ unmarried.

RUCKER, BILLY HUGH (112526) died at Mobile, Ala, Fri., age 2/ son of V.H. Rucker/ buried at Ripley.

RUCKER, CARROLL (011729) died Sun., age 8 mo./ son of Clyde Rucker.

RUCKER, MRS. NELLIE (052533) died Sat., age 66/ buried at Ripley/ wife of T.C. Rucker/ nee Nellie Whitten, sister to Dr. J.E. Whitten of Gadsden, Ala., and Mrs. C.E. Tate of Memphis/ children are Clyde, Joe Rogers, Ernest, Evelyn, Mrs. Dora Walls (Jackson Tn.).

RUCKER, THOMAS COUNSEILLE (082935) died Friday, age 73/ buried at Ripley/ son of late Capt. A.C. Rucker/ children are Mrs. Dora Walls of Jackson, Tn., Evelyn, of Birmingham, Clyde, Ernest, and Joe Rogers Rucker.

RUCKER, V.H. ("Dock") (100930) died Sun. at Mobile, Ala., age 51/ buried at Ripley/ son of C.C. Rucker/ married 25 years ago to Lelia Cross, sister to Mrs. Charlie Elliott/ children are Vance of Laurel, Mrs. J.C. Richardson of Louisville, Cecil (age 13)/ brother to Lucian Rucker of Jackson Tn., Bob Rucker of Vicksburg, Mrs. Lee Coley of Memphis, Mrs. L.T. Braddock, Mrs. Charlie Waldon, Mrs. A.F. Cross.

RUCKER, MRS. WILLIE (091935) died Tues., age 41/ buried at Rucker/ wife of Clyde Rucker/ daughter of Jim Spencer/ children are Troy, Fay, Lloyd, Jessie, Rufus, Harold, Roy.

RUFF, BENJAMIN F. dec (PR 380) 1. Citation Aug. 24, 1869 for John Ruff and B.R. Long, executors of the estate of B.F. Ruff dec, adults, and William Ruff and Martha Ruff, minors, all of Marshall Co., Miss. 2. Citation to Lemon Ruff of Tippah, Aug. 24, 1869. 3. Citation to B.R. Long, Alex Cook (assignee of Newton Ruff, Thomas Ruff, John Ruff, James R. Ruff), Julia Roger and husband John Rogers, Lemuel Ruff (minor), William Ruff (minor), Benella Ruff (minor), and Martha Kirk (widow of B.F. Ruff and now wife of Henry Kirk), all of Marshall Co., May 3, 1868.

RUSSELL, H.M. ("Mart") died Nov. 18/ buried at Campground/ leaves wife, father, stepmother, brothers, sisters, daughter-in-law.

RUSSELL, OMER (031815) died Jan. 28, age 17/ buried at Campground/ youngest son of H.M. and Dora Russell/ leaves a brother and sister.

RUSSELL, RUTH (040418) died Feb. 23/ buried in State Line Cem./ wife of Claude Russell/ leaves a daughter.

RUTHERFORD, FLIM (082824) died Aug. 4/ buried at Little Hope/ served in CSA, 34th Miss. Regt.

RUTHERFORD, MRS. JOHN (101128) died Aug. 6/ buried at Little Hope/ born Sept. 3, 1876, nee Lizzie Ketchum/ leaves father, 3 sisters, 2 brothers, husband, 2 children.

RUTHERFORD, M.M. ("Fate") died Feb. 9 at Lawton, Okla./ buried in Hall Cem. there/ born Tippah, May 20, 1874, son of J.R. Rutherford of Blue Mt./ to Texas in 1890/ formerly lived at How?? Texas/ leaves wife, 4 brothers, 3 sisters.

RUTHERFORD, WILLIS (012727) died Sun. age 23/ buried at Flat Rock/ only son of Wilson Rutherford of Blue Mt.

RUTLEDGE, JOHN (082615) a CSA vet. who died within the past year.

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