Obituaries from Ripley's
and other sources
1836 through 1936


HALEY, MRS. SALLY (081016) died Sunday/ buried in Ripley Cem./ sister to H.P. Martin. /wife of Hence D. Haley.

HALL, ALVIE (031429) died Sat., age 32/ buried in New York Cem./son of John Wash Hall/ brother to Clyde Hall, Dorie Hall, Mrs. Dan Gai]lard, Mrs. Rob Clark.

HALL, MRS. ANNA ELIZA (021435) died Feb. 12, age 62/buried in New York Cem./wife of John Wash Ha]]/ children are D.E., J.C., Mrs. Robert Clark, Mrs. Dan Gaillard.

HALL, BERNICE LAMAR (070418) died May 29/ born Aug. 2, 1910, son of C.A. Hall.

HALL, MRS. CORRIE (031721) died at New Albany Saturday/ wife of Dick Hall/ sister to Jeff and Luther Marmon.

HALL, DANIEL (022730) died Sunday/buried at Shiloh Cem./ children are Walter, Charley, Sid, Mrs. Jess Childs, Mrs. Dan Meeks, Mrs. Jeff Potts, Mrs. Tishie Childs, Ella Hall.

HALL, DUBB (040225) died Sun., age 65/ buried at Dumas/children are Lewis, Robert, Roy, Mrs. John Hatcher, Mrs. Will Anderson, Mrs. Lowrey Nabors, Mrs. Raymond Nabors, Mrs. Mansel Hodges.

HALL, ELLA WILHITE (061026) died Feb. 23, 1925/ married Walter E. Hall Oct. 19, 1919/ girl, Eula, is 4, and a boy is 33 days old.

HALL, ERNEST (091736) died at Memphis Sat./ son of late Will Hall/ grandson of Billie Hall of Tippah/nephew of Joe Abb Hall.

HALL, ETOYLE (102931) died Sunday/buried at Dumas/ daughter of Louis Hall/niece of Robert and Roy Hall/ granddaughter of R.E. Wingo and Mrs. Lizzie Hall.

HALL, MRS. ETTA HINES (062018) died Sunday at Molino/buried at Pleasant Ridge.

HALL, FATE (022620) died today, age 9/ buried in Hall Cemetery/ third child of Ben Hall to die in a year.

HALL, MRS. HENRY (051519) died Tues./ buried at Dumas/ daughter of Billie Clark/ husband is a son of Andrew Hall/ married last year.

HALL, JAMES L. (091218) died with in the last year/ a CSA veteran.

HALL, MRS. JIM (072920) died recently at Dumas/ nee Maggie Newman/ children are Frankey, Icie, Verna, Luther, the last two being deceased.

HALL, MRS. JIM (100428) died Sept. 16/ buried in County Line Cem./married first to Robert Bartlett, children being Mrs. Lloyd Marshall, Mrs. Ray Bullock, and a son/ married second to a Hall and had one son/ was a daughter of Bob Parks.

HALL, JOE CARROLL (100522) died at Molino Wed.

HALL, JOEL C. (091218) CSA veteran who died Oct. 1, 1917/ buried in Hall Cem.

HALL, MADALINE (022322) died Feb, 6/ buried in Hall Cem./born Jan. 12, 1916.

HALL, MRS. PARALEE (020718) died Sat./ "old"/buried in Brock Grove Cem. near Shiloh/ mother of Dan and Zack Hall.

HALL, RESPUS (071316) died Monday; age 30/ buried at Dumas/ leaves wife and one child.

HALL, RUSSELL (011525) died Wed./ son of Davy Hall.

HALL, MRS. WALTER (022526) died Tues./ buried in Union Cem./leaves husband and 2 children.

HALL, W.C. dec (PR 394) 1. Will made Sept. 24, 1861. Admitted Nov. 1861. Children: W.S. Hall, Pleasant D. Hall, Christopher H. Hall, James Beauregard Hall, Robert Hall, Josephine Eleanor Hall. 2. Petition for dower by Penelope Hall, widow of William C. Hall, Jan. 24, 1862. Children are Joel C. Hall, William S. Hall, Cynthia S. Webb (wife of John Webb), Pleasant D. Hall, Christopher Hall, Eleanor Hall, Robert Hall, James B. Hall. All except Joel C. Hall, who is in the CSA, are minors. 3. Citation to W.S. Hall, Josephine West, and G.W. Hall, guardian of P.D. Hall, C.P. Hall, R.N. Hall, J.B. Hall, and Ellen Hall, minors, all of Tippah, May 26, 1866.

HALL, WELL (122221) died Nov. 3/ buried at Dumas/born April 16, 1896/ married Renee McCollum on March 2, 1915/ had two girls and a boy/ lived at Ingomar.

HALL, WILLIAM N. (120424) died Dec. 3 at the home of his son, Andrew Hall, age 81.

HALL, ZACK (010230) died Dec. 2, age 63 years, 4 mos, 7 days/ husband of Katy Hall.

HAUL, MRS. LEATHA (121235) died Oct. 29/ buried at New Salem/ born Sept. 1, 1859/ married Sam Long of Tennessee at age 19/ Long died, leaving children G.W. Long, Mrs. J.B. Sides, J.B. Long/ other children died young/ married second to Jim Hall, who died at age 84.

HAMER, ARTHUR (082119) died Aug. 5 in Benton County/ was a relative to the late Governor Joseph W. Matthews, whose remains lie on the Hamer plantation just west of Ashland.

HAMILTON, MRS. JEFF (071129) died Sunday, age 72/ buried at Pine Grove/ wife of John.

HAMILTON, WILEY DEC (PR 254) 1. Petition for letters of administration by O. Davis, Nov. 16, 1857. Hamilton left Tippah and went to Texas in 1848. He is believed dead.

HANEY, MRS. JEFF (071333) died Wednesday at Blue Mountain, age 71/ buried in the Monroe Church Cemetery in Pontotoc Co. beside her husband/ children are J.E. Haney, Mrs. Annie Lee Hardin, and Marshall Haney of Houlka.

HANEY, HELEN FLORENCE (030922) died Feb. 11/ born March 31, 1921, daughter of John D. Haney.

HANKINS, MRS. SARAH (040732) died at Saltillo Monday, age 74/ buried at Fellowship/ nee Weatherly/ sister to Tom Weatherly of Benton Co., Mrs. Tom Shelton, Mrs. J.A. Huddleston, Mrs. G.F. Shelton/ also leaves husband/ grandchildren: Josie and Nora Osborn.

HANKS, MISS LUCILLE (080322) died today, age 20/ buried at Ebenezer near Cotton Plant/ daughter of Ira C. Hanks.

HANNAH, MILDRED (042518) died April 16/ buried at Blue Mountain/ daughter of W.S. Hannah/ leaves parents and a sister.

HANSFORD, CLABE (102324) died June 21, age 74/ buried at Jacobs Chapel/ married three times/ by first wife, his children were Mrs. Docia White, Mrs. Mollie Carlyle, Mrs. Willie Holmes/ by second wife (Louisa Childers), he had Mrs. Ethel Medlin, Mrs. Myrtle Burks, Mrs. Limmie Bishop, Mrs. Carrie Etta Wingo.

HARDIN, JAMES A. dec (PR 369) 1. Agreement among heirs, Oct. 20, 1871. Heirs are the heirs of J.G. Hardin, P.G. Hardin, and Bluford Saddler. Former administrators of the estate were J.N. Hardin dec and H.D. Hardin dec.

HARDIN, MRS. M. GIBBS (060932) died at Longview Texas, recently, age 47/ buried at Blue Mountain beside her only child/ born in Kilgore, Texas/ to Blue Mountain 27 years ago/ back to Texas 8 years ago/ leaves brothers and sisters in Kilgore, Texas.

HARDY, ALF (072336) died recently at Bethany, Missouri, age 72, with burial there/ formerly of Tippah/ was married first to Martha Lou Bartlett/ children are. Mrs. A. Young Griffin of Memphis, Walter Hardy of Bethany, and Lloyd Hardy (dec).

HARDY, MRS. MARTHA E. (072132) died Monday, age 91 years 9 months/ buried at Pleasant Ridge/ born in South Carolina/ husband died 40 years ago/ her children are Mrs. Frances Akins, Mrs. J.Z. Smith, and J.A. Hardy (Bethany, Missouri).

HARGROVE, W.C. (041118-050218) died recently/ buried in Ebenezer Cemetery north of Broomfield/ born in Edgefield District, S.C., May 15, 1842/ joined the CSA in 1861, serving in Company L, 1st Mississippi infantry/fought in 14 battles/ married Mary C. Brown of Shannon, Miss., on Feb. 11, 1868/ had 9 children/ living are wife and Mrs. W.V. Shepherd of New Albany, Charles Hargrove, John Hargrove, Jim Hargrove, and Earnest Hargrove.

HARRELL, CHARLES P. (010423) died Nov. 14/ buried at Little Hope/ born Mar. 1, 1876/ father died when he was young/ married on Dec. 29, 1898, to Mahalah Carter/ leaves wife, 6 children, 3 brothers, 5 sisters.

HARRINGTON, MRS. SAM (050328) died last week at Blue Mountain, age 76/ buried there/ was the oldest daughter of Joe Martin, who is now 104 and lives at Myrtle/ he was a native of Tippah/ her children are James Harrington, Hardy Harrington, J. Frank Harrington, Mrs. Oscar Baker, Mrs. Gus Doyle, Mrs. Louis Besinger.

HARRIS, MRS. ADA SUE (111032) died Tues., age 80/ buried at Springville in Pontotoc County/ wife of J.W. Harris and mother of Mrs. Cynthia Smith of Ripley.

HARRIS, CAPTAIN C. LEE (101216) died in Memphis Monday/ buried in Elmwood Cemetery beside his wife, who died 10 years ago/ born in Marshall Co., Miss., March 3, 1841, son of John O. and Onie (Allen) Harris/ served in the CSA and was a railroad man/ married Frances Lee Craig of Old Salem in 1859/ moved to Memphis 15 years ago/ his children, all of Memphis, are James C. Harris, Mrs. J.W. McCarley, Mrs. R.J. Thurmond, Mrs. Charles P. Belote.

HARRIS, J.T (080818) died Monday/ buried in Mitchell Cemetery/ leaves wife and 8 children.

HARRIS, J.W. (121334) died Saturday, age 77/ buried at Springville in Pontotoc Co./ moved from Memphis l0 years ago/ son-in-law is Palmer Smith.

HARRIS, Q.L. (120430) died in Memphis on Nov. 26/ son of J.W. Harris/ brother to Mrs. Palmer Smith/ brother to Mrs. James Moore of Duncan, Oklahoma, J. Clay Harris of Norfolk, Virginia and L.W. Harris of Memphis/ age 45.

HARRISON, MRS. BETTIE J. (060221) died at Ashland Monday/ buried there/ was born in Giles County, Tennessee, Oct. 11, 1846, daughter of Alexander and Lucy (Morris) Brown/ married first to Solon Spencer, and had children Goldman Spencer, Solon A. Spencer, and a daughter who died in infancy/ married second on Jan. 25, 1875, to Granville P. Harrison/ children are William H. Harrison, Jesse M. Harrison, Elizabeth Harrison, Granville P. Harrison Jr., Mrs. Bert L. Craft/ Goldman Spencer and William H. Harrison are dead/ brother is William W. Brown/ stepson is Walter K. Harrison.

HARRISON, CHARLES T. (072628) died July 24, age 75/ buried at Providence/ was one of 16 children, living, are James J. Harrison, Benjamin R. Harrison, Robert L. Harrison (Ferris, Texas) and Mrs. G. Wash Hughey/ married Jennie Smith in Dec., 1878/ wife died 14 years ago/ children are O.P. Harrison, J.F. Harrison, Mrs. M.J. Meeks, Mrs. W.C. Horton.

HARRISON, CLYDE (112818) died at Jackson, Tenn., Sunday, with burial at Potts Camp/ wife was Zelia Anderson, daughter of J.J. Anderson of New Albany.

HARRISON, JESSE (042920) died March 10/ buried at Providence/ born July 23, 1901/ leaves parents, a brother, 2 sisters/ son of H.N. Harrison.

HARRISON, JOHN F. (013135) died Wednesday, age 48/ son of late Charlie Harrison/ brother to Mrs. W.C. Horton, Mrs. M.J. Meeks, O.P. Harrison/ unmarried.

HARRISON, JOHN FRED (102435) suicide recently at Memphis, age 41, with burial there/ wife nee Velma Thurmond/ children are Joseph, Robert, Elmo, John, Ruth, Christine, Marchee/ son of James Harrison of Tiplersvi]]e/ brother to Ada, Trammel, Burdett, and Lacy Harrison.

HARRISON, ROBERT (092932-012633) died Sept. 24/ buried at Providence/ born on Oct. 21, 1914, son of Ernest Harrison/ leaves parents, 2 brothers, 1 sister.

HATCHER, BILLIE (082824) died Sunday, age 59/ buried at Pine Grove/ wife died 12-15 years ago/ leaves 2 sons, 2 daughters.

HATCHER, CHILD OF ALTON (082725) died Tues./ buried at Dumas.

HATCHER, MRS. ELIZABETH COOK (121736) died at Pine Grove Saturday, age 73, with burial there/ married in 1881 to J.M.S. Hatcher/ daughter of John W. Cook/ sister to Mrs. Pink Norton, A.E. Cook, W.T. Cook, J.W. Cook Jr./ her children are Jolin M. Hatcher (Memphis), Mrs. Willie Montgomery (Memphis), J.F. Hatcher of Holly Springs, L.M. Hatcher of Holly Springs, P.L. Hatcher of Holly Springs, W.D. Hatcher of Holly Springs, T.O. Hatcher of Holly Springs, and Clifford Hatcher/ deceased children are Lee Hatcher and Mrs. Lee Jones.

HATCHER, LEE (011321) died Friday/buried at Pine Grove/ age 32/ son of Jim Hatcher/ married a daughter of the late Boone Bartlett/ leaves wife, children (five of them), parents, 7 brothers and sisters.

HAWKINS, EDWARD DEC (PR 205 ) l. Bill filed Feb, 15, 1872. Edward Hawkins died in 1861 leaving a widow who died in 1870, and the following heirs: (a) William S. Hawkins (b)D.W. Hawkins (c)Amanda, wife of Abel Hill (d) Mary Hawkins (e)Elizabeth Hawkins (f)Susan Hawkins (g) Nancy Crouch, wife of Cornelius Crouch (h) Susan Jane Hawkins, widow of Ralph Hawkins and mother of Clara Smith Hawkins, now of Woodruff County, Arkansas/ Mary, Susan, Amanda, and William Hawkins are heirs of James Hawkins dec.

HAWKINS, JAMES DEC (PR 257) 1. Bill filed March 18, 1873. James Hawkins' heirs are Clarissa, Elizabeth, Susan, Amanda, and William Hawkins/ L.S. McCown, guardian. 2. Citation to Clarissa Hawkins of Augusta, Woodruff, County, Arkansas, April 22, 1873.

HAYNES, C.G. DEC (PR 290) 1. Will written May 8, 1873. Wife: Eliza H. Haynes.

HAYNES, TAYLOR (111931) died Saturday, age 65/ buried at wiers Chapel/ leaves wife and 8 children.

HAYNIE, GEORGE M. (030828) died at Gulfport, age 70/ buried at Blue Mt./ son of E.F. Haynie/ married Drucilla Lowrey/ wife is a daughter of Dr. Green Lowrey/ children are Dr. James F. Haynie (Gulfport), Rev. W.B. Haynie (Birmingham), Rev. W.R. Haynie (Brookhaven), Henry Haynie.

HAYNIE, WILLENA (100831) died Oct. 2 at Quitman, Miss./ daughter of M.L. Haynie of Blue Mountain/ born Nov. 3, 1907/ mother was a Mitchell/ siblings are M.L. Jr., Mary Frances, Martha Louisa.

HEAD, JACOB H. (042215) died Saturday at the home of his son-in-law, Bud Jordan. Age 80/ buried at New Hope/ born in Tennessee/ CSA vet./ wife died three years ago/ moved to Tippah after the Civil War/ leaves 3 daus and 1 son.

HEARN, MRS. ELMER (030133) died Saturday at Walnut, age 28/ nee Vema, daughter of Mary Proctor.

HEFLIN, J.D. (112928) died Nov. 22 at the home of his daughter, Mrs. B.O. South/ buried in Friendship Cemetery in Benton County/ other children are Mrs. Tom Stanford, Edd Heflin, Mrs. Roy Hill of Kirkville.

HENDERSON, MRS. FANNIE (013124) died Sat., age 75/ buried at New Hope/ widow of R.B. Henderson/ had first married a Johnston/ children are Miss Helen Hurt, Albert S. Johnston, John D. Johnston (Memphis).

HENDERSON, R.B. (070126) died Tues./son of the late R.B. Henderson/ married Hattie Kendrick/ son is R.B. Henderson Jr.

HENDERSON, MRS. RUBY (122232) died yesterday at Memphis, with burial there in Memorial Park/ born in Ripley/ moved to Memphis 25 years ago/ wife of T.F. Henderson of Memphis/ children are Mrs. Ossie McAlister of Denver, R.E. Palmer of Detroit, O.H. Palmer of Newark, New Jersey, and P.W. Palmer of Debeque, Colorado/ Deputy Sheriff M.W. Palmer of Memphis is a cousin.

HENDRICKS, EMMA (100924) died May 11, age 2 yrs 9 mos 3 days/ buried at Lebanon/ daughter of J.E. Hendricks.

HENSLEY, MRS. MANDY (020321) died Jan. 24, age 70/ buried at Walnut Creek/ wife of S.S. Hensley/ leaves husband and 7 children.

HENSON, ELMER (120430) died Tuesday, age 44/ buried at Dumas/ brother: W.F. Henson/ children are Hugh and Linder Henson.

HENSON, MRS. ELMER (111826) died Saturday, age 40/ buried at Dumas/ nee Hodges/ was married 19 yrs/ ]eaves husband and two children.

HENSON, J. PAUL (033022-042022) died at Dumas Saturday, age 31/ son of late Fate Henson/ married Lizzie, daughter of Frank Street 14 years ago/ children are Neola (age 12), Jewell (age 8), Colene (age 6)/ born Oct. 7, 1889/ brother to W.F. and Elmer Henson.

HENSON, WES (021826) died Saturday at the county poorhouse, age 70/ buried at Rucker.

HERRELL, W.W. (060227) died Friday, age 25/ buried at Shady Grove/ leaves wife and one child.

HERRELL, W.H. (051927) died Monday, age 47/ buried at Little Hope/ mother is Mrs. Rebecca Herrell/ leaves wife and 4 sons.

HESTER, FRANK (102418) buried at Blue Mountain last week/ son of Mrs. B. Hester.

HICKS, WILLIAM ROBERT (071835) died Thurs., age 74/ buried at Jumpertown/ brother to Jim of Booneville, John of Arkansas, Sam of Tennessee, Mrs. Mollie Cornelius of Ripley.

HIGGINS, DELL (020233) died July 11/ daughter of William Thornton/ age 47/ married Anderson Higgins/ dau. is Mrs. Clyde Ferrell/ sister to Mrs. R. Frazier, Mrs. Charles Higins, Mrs. F. Linebarger, Jim Thornton, Christopher Thornton.

HIGGINS, MRS. RUSHIE (012920) died Dec. 25/ buried at New Salem/ daughter of Harrison Rowland and sister to W.P. and T. Rowland/ married James Higgins in 1875/ leaves 7 children.

HILL, BOB (011718) died recently at Falkner, age 40/ buried at Mt. Zion/ leaves wife and 2 children.

HILL, DR. J.F. (031231) died at Memphis on March 8/ born in Tippah, Oct. 25, 1859, son of William Leroy Hill and Lila Jane Hill/ brother to Mrs. P.H. Fagin of Memphis, Alma Hill of Memphis, Mrs. B.W. Saddler of Booneville, Mrs. Ludge Brown of Fort Worth, and E.N. Hill of Memphis.

HILL, JAP (082323) buried in New Hope Cemetery today.

HILL, L.H. (031616) died Tuesday at Clarysville, age 65/ wife dead several years/ leaves children.

HILL, LOIS (011425) died Thurs, age 80/ buried at Lebanon/ CSA vet/ father of Mrs. Dan Arrans of Geeville, Mrs. Esper Harper, Mrs. Will Savington, Will Hill, Wes Hill.

HILL, MRS. (012426) died in Tennessee recently/ mother of Prof. Hill of Hickory Flat.

HILL, NAT (062327) died Tuesday at the home of his sister, Mrs. J.C. Fant, age 73/ buried in Ripley Cem./ born at Orizaba, son of Capt. R.B. Hill/ moved to Texas 35 years ago/ never married/ half brother to Vic Hill of Waco, Tex.

HILL, MRS. R.Q. (090121) died Aug. 18 at the home of her son, Victor Hill, at Waco, Texas/ born in Franklin Co., Georgia, Aug. 14, 1837, daughter of Mike Cox, married R.Q. Hill, 1857/ children are Mrs. Nannie McBryde of Tippah and Victor Hill of Waco/ stepchildren are Mrs. Nat Hill of Galveston, Texas, and Mrs. J.C. Fant of Ripley.

HILL, SAMUEL (102115--11316) died Oct. 15 at Blue Mountain, age 87, with burial there/CSA vet./ wife was nee Godwin/ wife is dead/ children are Mark, Tom, Dave, Will, Mrs. Corrie Wilder (Hickory Flat), Mrs. Emma Fuller (dec).

HILL, MRS. S.E. (021523) died Dec. 2/ buried at New Salem/ born June 27, 1836/ married first to Abel Mauldin and had 2 sons and three daughters/ married next to R.K. Hill/ daughter is Mrs. J.M. Perkins.

HILL, VIC (060723) mentioned as being the son of Captain Robert I. Hill/ went to Texas at age 12.

HILL, W.R. (013036) died Sunday, age 82/ buried at New Hope/ son oflate Franklin Hill/ wife Ida/ children are Carl of Montgomery, Ala., Giles of San Antonio, Texas, William of San Antonio, Texas, Roy of Ripley, Mrs. Eugene Patterson of Oxford, Pina of Crossmore, N.C., W.T. of Blue Mountain, and Mrs. Anna Laura Hall of Ripley.

HINDMAN FAMILY (060232) mentfoned. Colonel Thomas C. Hindman Sr. was born in Knoxville, Tenn., 1792/ was a veteran of the Battle of New Orleans and the Mexican War/ died July l8, 1856/ sons were Robert Holt Hindman and Thomas Carmichiel Hindman/ Robert was killed by Col. W.C. Falkner/ Thomas C. Hindman Jr. was born at Knoxville, Jan. 28, 1828, and married Mary Watkins Biscoe, daughter of Col. Henry L. Biscoe of Arkansas/ son was Biscoe Hindman, now of Chicago/ his sister was Mildred Hindman Doxey, grandmother of Wall Doxey and Hindman Doxey/ she died a few years ago in Arkansas.

HINDS, JOE (072424) died at Walnut Monday.

HINES, CARL (120832) died in Union County recently.

HINES, CHESLEY DEC (PR 543) 1. Bill filed Jan. 28, 1881. Chesley Hines died 187-, leaving children L.D. Hines, William Hines, O.A. Hines, S.A. Hines, Ida. C. Hines, Chesley Hines, Thomas C. Hines, Ada V. Hines, T.W. Hines. Mrs. C.E. Hines is the mother.

HINES, HIRAM DEC (PR 12 & 17). THIS PRORATE RECORD IS IN BENTON COUNTY, WHERE IT WAS TRANSFERRED FROM TIFPAH. 1. Petition of J.W. Hines, Dec. 20, 1858. James Hines died October, 1849, leaving children Clarissa Dunlap, who died Aug., 1857 leaving no heirs, and Sherrod Hines, who died in Texas leaving children Sarah Hines, James Hines, Robert Hines, Jesse Hines, Andrew Hines, and Mary Hines. 2. Citation to J.W. Hines of Lafayette Co., Miss., April 2, 1885.  3. Citation to Serena Hines, executor of Hiram Hines, dec., March 3, 1859. 4. Receipt for marker for Hiram Hines, born October 2, 1809, died August 27, 1858. 5. Receipt for marker for Sarah Hines, born August 12, 1845, died April 17, 1859. 6. List of Heirs (undated): J.W. Hines of Abbeville, Miss., C.J. Hines of Henrietta, Texas, Mrs. Sue Simmons of Blue Mountain, L. Caroline Simmons dec-child is Willie Simmons of Blue Mountain, Mrs. Theodosia Pegram of Benton Co., Miss Harriett Hines of Benton Co., Henry Hines dec-Child is Etna Hines, Frank Hines of Farmersville, Texas, H. (Bud) Hines of Benton County, Mrs. M.A. Daniel (wife of D.A. Daniel) of Benton County, born Nov. ll, 1857, Married January, 1877,  Clarissa Blanchard.

HINES, LEE DOUGLAS (062426) died at Memphis recently, age 66/ buried in Elmwood Cemetery there/ wife: Ella/ children are Mary, Douglas (Sheffield, Ala.)/ brother to Mrs. W.E. McClamroch of Jackson, Tenn., Mrs. Frank Bostwick, Mrs. Onie McCarley, Mrs. J.J. Robertson, T.C. Hines.

HINES, MRS. MATTIE (060436) died Tues., age 69/buried at Ripley/ sister to late Mamie Spight/ daughter of Capt. Thomas Spight/ married Feb. 14, 1894/ husband died 10 years ago/ two children died in infancy, and a daughter, Mrs. Lillian Wallace, died in 1935/ other children are William Hines of Blytheville, Arkansas, Mrs. Rubel McKinney of Amory, Chesley Hines of Gulfport, and Tom Spight Hines of Oxford.

HINES, ROBERT M. AND THOMAS C. HINES (071730) brothers, killed in an airplane crash Sunday/ Robert, age 27, left a widow, Mrs. Zelia Stricklin Hines/ Thomas, 31, left a widow, Mamie Mauer Hines of Aberdeen/ were sons of T.C. Hines and brothers to Lee Hines, Sarah Hines, and Ada Hines.

HINES, WILLIAM (050626) died recently/ buried at Ripley/ born March 7, 1863/ married Mattie Spight, daughter of Thomas Spight, Feb. 14, 1894/ a boy and a girl are dead/ Surviving chi]dren are Wil]iam Hines Jr. of New Albany, Chesley Hines, Thomas Spight Hines, Mrs. Lillian Wallace of Mounds, La., Virginia Hines.

HOBSON, JOHN (091334) died at Ashland on Sept. 6, age 36/ son of Tom Hobson/ brother to Earl, Henry, Elmer, Emmett, Willie Orman, Mrs. Addie Murley.

HOBSON, JOHN ALLEN CALHOUN (051232) died Sunday, age 87/ buried at Shady Grove/served in 7th Miss. Regt. CSA/ leaves second wife and children: Jim Hobson, Tom Hobson, Mrs. Jim Graves, Mrs. Jim Rutherford, Mrs. John H. Graves, Mrs. Louis Graves, Mrs. Jack Cantrell (Collierville), Oliver Hobson, Luther Hobson, William Hobson, Alvie Hobson, Robert Hobson, Sue Hobson/ brother to Doob Hobson.

HOBSON, JOHN P. DEC (PR 498) 1. Petition for sale of land, Oct. 12, 1880, Hobson died July 16, 1875.  2. Petition for letters, Oct. 25, 1879.  J.A.C. Hobson, admin. Widow: Rebecca Hobson. Children are William Hobson, Sarah Harris, J.C. Hobson, Thomas K. Hobson, Martha Thomas, J.D. Hobson, Frank HobsmU, Mary Frances Pool, Robert Hobson, N.J. Hobson, 3. Notice of Mailing of Citation, August 25, 1885, to T.K. Hobson of Star City, Arkansas, R.H. Hobson of Texarkana, Arkansas, Frank Hobson of Clear Springs, Arkansas, Jeff D. Hobson of Aubrey, Texas. 4. Citation to Sarah Harris, Mattie Thomas, and Ellen Godsey of Benton Co., July 31, 1885.

5. Citation to Rebecca Hobson, William B. Hobson, M.E. Poole, and N.J. James of Tippah, July 31, 1885.

HOBSON, N.B. DEC (PR 592, 619) 1. Bill filed April 17, 1882. N.B. Hobson Sr. died Jan. 9, 1882, leaving widow, Winnie A. Hobson, and children W.A. Hobson, M.J. Thornton, M.E. Rowland, J.N. Hobson, T.H. Hobson, Leticia Hobson, N.B. Hobson Jr., Winnie Ada Hobson, and L.E. Hobson. 2. Petition for letters of administration, Feb. l, 1883, by L.A. Wolfe. Children are Mary wife of W.H. Thornton), Martha (wife of C.A. Rowland), W.A. Hobson, Jasper N. Hobson, Lou F. Wolf (wife of L.A. Wolfe), Thomas H. Hobson, Winnie A. Hobson, Luther B. Hobson. Mary, Martha, W.A., and Jasper are his children by a former marriage. 3. Receipt for marker for Winnie A. Hobson, daughter of N.B. and W.A. Hobson, born May 25, 1876, died January 17, 1890, for delivery at Walnut.

HOBSON, MRS. NANNIE JANE (082235) died Thurs., age 68/ buried at Shady Grove/ wife of Jim/ children of Charlie, Fant, Lytle, Mrs. Mary Etta Davis.

HOBSON, SAM (053134) died at New Albany Wed., age 31/ son of Tom of Benton Co./ married Ivy Briscoe/ two of their three children survive/ buried at Friendship.

HOBSON, T.H. (101735) died Monday at Walnut, age 70/ buried at Harmony/son of late Briggs Hobson/ married Mollie Frederick/ children are Mrs. L.A. Gunn, Mrs. Will Byrd, Mrs. Lillian Jackson, Mrs. Ed Miller of St. Louis, Roy Hobson of Ripley.

HOBSON, MRS. W.B. (060320) died March 10/ born April 13, 1848/ married W.B. Hobson Dec. 29, 1865/had 12 children, 8 living/ a daughter is Mrs. E.B. Houston of Lonoke, Arkansas.

HOBSON, WILLIAM (122320) died Sunday at Shady Grove home of his son-in-law, John Simpson, age 78/CSA veteran.

HODGES, MRS. BOB (041223-053123) died last week, age 83/ buried at Fellowship/ husband died a year ago/ born Jan. 2, 1840/ married Robert Hodges, Aug. 10, 1856/ had 5 sons and 5 daughters/ son is Willie Hodges.

HODGES, MRS. ELIZA (062922) died June 23/ married George Allen Hodges 25 years ago/ buried at Lebanon.

HODGES, MRS. EMILY JANE (092927) died last week at Blue Mountain/ wife of F.E. Hodges, a CSA vet./ married first to a Snyder.

HODGES, FINUS E. (052131) died recently, age 91/ buried in Hardin Cemetery/ born in Lowndes County, son of Dr. James Hodges/ brother to George Allen Hodges and Julius Hodges/ daughter is Mrs. Louis F. Caesar.

HODGES, GEORGE ALLEN (090529) died Aug. 23, age 77/ buried at Lebanon near Geeville/ brother to J.B. Hodges and F.E. Hodges/ son-in-law of Henry Tigret/ was the youngest of 10 children, 8 of whom are dead/ children are Mrs. Will Davis of Baldwyn and Mrs. Jack Hatfield of Wheeler.

HODGES, HENRY (101018) died at Camp Pike, Arkansas, recently, age 23/ buried in Hardin Cem./ son of James Hodges/ married Pearl Forshea, Feb. 6, 1916/ wife and child died May 2, 1917/ married Addie Pickens, Feb. 23, 1918/ died Oct. 3, 1918/ was born Oct. 1, 1895.

HODGES, MRS. J.F. (061131) died Wed., age 64/ given name: Cornelia Elizabeth/ children are Mrs. Fant Nabors, Mrs. Troy Gober, Walter Hodges, Lee Hodges.

HODGES, JAMES ROBERT (040120) died recently/ son of Lee Hodges.

HODGES, JOE (091318) died Wednesday, age 71/ buried at Fellowship/ brother to Jim, Brink, Bob Hodges.

HODGES, JULIUS (111120) died Tuesday, age 81/ sister to Mrs. Lawson Stanford, Jim Marshall, Dock Marshall, Bill Marshall, and Mrs. Weatherall.

HODGES, LLOYD (031126) died recently, age 30/ 3rd son of G.B. Hodges/ leaves wife, 3 children, parents, 3 brothers, 1 sister/ wife is a daughter of Alfred Childers.

HODGES, MRS. MOLLIE (040225) died Oct. 2, 1924/ born Nov. 14, 1868, dau. of Joel and Cherry Hall/ wife of James Hodges/ buried in Hardin Cem./ had 4 children.

HODGES, MRS. PEARL (060717) died May 2/ married Henry E. Hodges, Feb. 6, 1916/ leaves husband, parents, 3 sisters, 2 brothers.

HODGES, ROBERT W. (122221) died Friday, age 90/ CSA vet./ born June 14, 1832/ married Mary E. Mitchell, Aug. 10, 1856/ she is 83/ leaves 5 sons and 5 daughters/ 2 daughters are dead.

HODGES, MRS. SARAH MALINDA (011933) died Jan. 14, age 74/ buried at Friendship/ widow of Joseph W. Hodges/ born Aug. 3, 1858/ married Oct. 16, 1878.

HODGES, SIDNEY E. (031820) died Tues. at Booneville, age 52/leaves widow (nee Lela Hill of Dumas), 2 daughters 3 sons, 1 sister (Mrs. Cora Whitley of Booneville)/ brothers are R.R. and Prentiss Hodges of York, Alabama.

HOGUE, MRS. PATSY (082235) died Sun., age 52/buried at Pleasant Ridge/ wife of Gus Hogue/ siblings are Whit Hall of Booneville, Oliver Hall of Guntown, Mark Hall, Mrs. Etta Self of Blytheville, Arkansas, Mrs. Virgie Self of Pontotoc, Mrs. Maudie Hill of New Albany.

HOLLY, JACK (031330) died March l, age 83/ buried at Providence/ children are Mrs. Bob Woods of Texas, Mrs. Hubert Blankenship of Covington, Tenn., Mrs. John Wicker of New Albany, Frank Holly of Memphis, Charlie Holly, Alvie Holly.

Holliday, Fausteen (062332) died Wed., age 4/ buried at Paynes Chapel/ daughter of Rev. J.W. Holliday.

HOLLIDAY, WILLIAM DEC (PR 367) 1. Petition for letters of administration by W.D. Carter, Dec. 17, 1860.

HOLLIS, JESSE R. (080818) died yesterday, age 67/ buried at Campground/ father-in-law of W.E. Eubanks.

HOLLIS, MRS. ORA MACMAKIN (012132) died Nov. 30, 1931, at Chalybeate/ wife of W.J. Hollis/ children are Howard D. Hollis,  W. Perry Hollis of Electric Mills, Diaz T. Hollis of Blue Mountain, Kathleen Hollis, Mrs. Lela Bradley.

HOLT, MRS. SALLIE THURMOND (120430) died at Batesville Monday, age 76/ buried at Ripley/ children are Bob Holt of Shreveport, Louisiana, Neal Holt of Tallulah, Louisiana, Mrs. Cliff Perkins of Batesville, Mrs. Lester Mathis of Blythville, Arkansas/ was a native of Grand Junction, Tennessee.

HOLT, MRS. T.F. (021336) died at Corinth Thursday, age 80/ from Blue Mountain/ born in Alcorn County, nee Nulls/ married Thomas F. Holt, Nov. 5, 1874/ cousin of Richard P. Hobson of Alabama, a Spanish-American War hero/ husband is a CSA vet./ had eleven children/ living are Mrs. Mary Lee Bridges of Whiteboro, Texas, Mrs. Laura Morton of Starkville, Mrs. Annie Gammill of Hattiesburg, Mrs. Kate McCord of Corinth, Charles H. Holt of Hominy, Oklahoma, Felix T. Holt of Nowata, Okla., J.R. Holt of Tupelo, and Mrs. Vashti Davidson of Middleton, Ohio/ buried in Old Hinkle Cemetery in Alcorn County.

HONEYCUTT, KATHERINE (020426) died Oct. 25, 1925, age 3/ daughter of Hubert.

HONNELL, MRS. JENNIE MAI (110415) died Oct. 31 in Benton Co./ buried at Little Hope/ wife of Dr. Honnell/ youngest child of J.B. Blackwell.

HOPKINS, MRS. A.D. (122221) died Dec. 11/ born March 1, 1871/ leaves husband and two daughters.

HOPKINS, FRANK (030828) died Tuesday at Brownfield/ buried at Ebenezer/ was a brother to Claude Hopkins of Ripley.

HOPKINS, JACK (051816) died Thursday at Meridian/ buried there/ CSA vet from Tippah.

HOPKINS, MRS. KATIE LEE (010236) died Saturday, age 26/ buried at Harmony/ wife of Lloyd C. Hopkins/ nee Sasser, daughter of D.L. Sasser of Middleton/ born at Iuka/ married on March 8, 1929/ leaves husband, 1 son, parents/ was sister to Mrs. E.H. Cox of Memphis, W.S. Sasser of Memphis, John Sasser, Vernon Sasser.

HOPKINS, MRS. MARTHA LOU (080719) died at Nashville, Tenn., last week/ wife of Leonard Hopkins/ daughter of Lawson Stanford of Dumas/ age 35.

HOPKINS, S.T. (062134) died at Ackerman Tuesday, age 48/ buried at West Point/ son of Sam T. Hopkins of Walnut/ leaves wife and three children/ was brother to Ira Hopkins, Rona Hopkins, Mrs. John McDonald of Parkin, Arkansas, Mrs. Lizzie Carter of Parkin, Mrs. Zilpah Burns of Memphis.

HOPKINS, SAM O. (070523) died at Meridian recently, age 63/ buried at Dumas/ leaves a wife and six children, all of whom live at Nashville, Tenn., except Cleveland Hopkins, who lives at Memphis/ brother to J.N. Hopkins of Booneville, Lloyd Hopkins and Willie Hopkins of Texas, and Mrs. J.S. Carmichael of Ripley.

HOPKINS, WILLIAM DEC (PR 272) 1. Bill July, 1873. Eveline Hopkins is the daughter of John Hunt dec and is the widow of William Hopkins who died in 1863. She received a slave from her father in Pickens County, Alabama, in 1840. A few months later she and her husband moved to Tippah.

HOPPER, MRS. DICK (091527) died Tues., age 65/ had 9 children; living are John Hopper, Luther Hopper, George Hopper, Sam Hopper, Mrs. Luther Rutherford, Mrs. Pink Rutherford, Mrs. Lester Shannon, Mrs. Sam Moore.

HOPPER, GRANDPA (021622) mentioned/ born in Tippah, Jan. 29, 1836/ moved to Fort Worth, Texas, in 1884/ to Rocky, Oklahoma, in 1900/ father of Harden Hopper of Falkner,  Sam Hopper of Elk City, Oklahoma, Preston Hopper, Mrs. Tilda Jackson, Mrs. Cox, and Mrs. Work, all of Rocky, Oklahoma.

HOPPER, H.H. DEC (PR 583) 1. Bill March 30, 1881. H.H. Hopper died Sept. 28, 1881. Widow: Nancy. Children are Louisa Keith (wife of Frank Keith), T.W. Hopper, Harden Hopper.

HOPPER, IRA IONE (032427) died March 18/ buried at Ebenezer/ youngest dau. of Lizzie.

HOPPER, JEFF D. (103129) died Wed./ buried at Providence/ children are Burkitt Hopper, Clyde Hopper, Mrs. Ellen Rich, Mrs. Jeffie Bobo, Mrs. Pink Rich, Mrs. Jap Nelson, Mrs. Yancey Keith (Raymond, Ms.).

HOPPER, NACE M. (022322) died recently/ buried at Tiplersville/ leaves wife and eight children.

HOPPER, PRICE (042827) died April, 1927/ buried at Ebenezer/ son of John/ leaves parents, 2 brothers, 2 sisters/ born May, 1907.

HOPPER, R. DALTON (120132) died Thurs., age 64/ buried at Tiplersville/ wife nee Tishie Street/ children are Mrs. William Pitner, Lamar Hopper (Corinth), Clarence Hopper, Jim Hopper, Clifton Hopper, Cliford Hopper.

HOPPER, RAYFORD (110735) died Sat./ buried at Ebenezer/ leaves wife (Flora) and one child.

HOPPER, THOMAS DEC (PR 114) 1. Petition for sale, Jan. 16, 1869, by Susan Ann Hopper, admin. Hopper's heirs are N.T. Hopper, L.F. Hooper, M.J. Hopper, N.C. Hopper (minor), Thomas A. Blackwood, N.S. Blackwood, and minors E.W., W.N., and J.P. Blackwood. 2. Petition for sale of land, Dec. 7, 1870, by Martin J. Hopper, admin. Cite heirs N.T., S.F., and Nancy C. Hopper of Tippah, and Thomas A. Blackwood, Nancy A. Blackwood, William N. Blackwood, Elizabeth W. Blackwood, Judy F. Blackwood, all of Springfield, Limestone Co., Texas. 3. Receipt for markers for Thomas Hopper, born January 7, 1801, died January 15, 1867, and Nancy Hopper, born July 8, 1815, died June 18, 1841. Attached note says that Mrs. Susanhah Hopper lives 6 miles west of Jonesborough, Miss.

HOPPER, THOMAS JEFFERSON (010936) died at Tiplersville Jan. 4, age 77, with burial there/ children are Kyle Hopper, Mrs. Bart Drewery, Mrs. Maudie Renfrow.

HOPPER, W.L. (062332) died June 17, age 10, buried at Ebenezer/ son of Lindsey Hopper/ leaves parents, 1 sister, 2 brothers, and grandmother, Mrs. Little Hopper.

HOPPER, WILLIAM (061026) died Tuesday at Falkner, age 22/ son of W.H. Hopper/ leaves wife and 1 child.

HORTON, C.H. (020735) died Feb. 1, age 65/buried at Providence/ married Nettie McMillin, a sister to Nat McMillin/ his mother is now 88/ was a brother to O.T. Horton, J.S. Horton, W.D. Horton, Mrs. John Ray, Mrs. J.B. Mathis, Rev. J.P. Horton of Collierville, W.R. Horton of Louisiana, and Mrs. R.C. Smallwood of Wilburton, Oklahoma/ father of William, Roy, Guyton, J.N., and Jennette Horton.

HORTON, D.C. (010417) died Dec. 6/ born April 27, 1839.

HORTON, REV. JOHN PRICE (043036) died at Collierville, Tenn., age 68/ buried at Holly Springs/ born Tippah, son of W.M. and Sarah (Skinner) Horton/ brother to O.T., J.S., W.D., W.R. (Winfield, La.), Mrs. Modena Mathis, Mrs. John Ray, Mrs. R.C. Smallwood (Wilburton, Ok. )/ father of Mrs. C.E. Alexander of Holly Springs, Mrs. J.B. Mosely of Memphis, Mrs. G.C. Myers of Hallwood, Miss., Mrs. H.L. Jones of Mt. Sterling, Mrs. M.P. Gross of Louisville, Ky., and W.T. Horton of Jackson.

HORTON, LEE ETTA (121433) died Tuesday, age 30/ daughter of C.H. Horton/ sister to William, Roy, J.N., Guyton, and Jennette/ niece of O.T. Horton.

HORTON, MRS. MARY JAMIESON (012716) died Jan. 26/ buried in Chalybeate Presbyterian Cem./ daughter of Minter Jamieson/ wife of Lloyd Horton whom she married about a year ago.

HORTON, MRS. O.T. (102324) died Sat./ wife of Thurmond Horton/ daughter of R.J. Shannon.

HORTON, RALIEGH (112928) mentioned as coming to Tippah with his wife, Rachel Caldwell Horton, from Newberry Dist., S.C., in 1849/ their grandson is Uncle Bud Drewery, who is 80/ Raliegh Horton was born in South Carolina in 1790, and is buried at Providence.

HORTON, MRS. SARAH (041835) died Thurs., age 88/ buried at Providence/ wife of late W.M. Horton/ nee Sarah Skinner/ husband died 39 years ago/ daughter, Mrs. Cora Harrison died in 1918/ 1 son, Charlie Horton, is dead/ oldest brother is Rev. Willis Skinner/ oldest son is Rev. J.P. Horton/ oldest grandson is Rev. Lloyd Horton/ leaves siblings J.W. Skinner of Forest Hill, Tn., Mrs. Nannie Mathis, Mrs. J.D. Smith, and Mrs. Mattie Ray of Brownwood, Tenn., children are J.P. Horton of Collierville, W.D. Horton, J.S. Horton, O.T. Horton (Winnifred La), Mrs. John Mathis, Mrs. John Ray, Mrs. Roy Smallwood of Wilburton, Okla.

HOUSTON, MRS. MARY (020718) died at New Albany a few days ago/ wife of James Houston.

HOVIS, CHARLES L. (053123) died Tues./ married on Jan. 20, 1886, to Kate, daughter of Capt. D.P. Tigret/ had 11 children-living are Henry, Morgan, Charles T., Sallie, Mrs. Gracie Shepherd, Mrs. Emma Raggett, Mrs. Carolyn Stinson, Mrs. Sudie Pennebaker/ was a son of Col. L.B. Hovis, who was killed in the Civil War.

HOVIS, ELIAS DEC (PR 253) 1. Bill, filed Feb. 22, 1873. Elias Hovis' children are Annie E. Campbell, L.B. Hovis (dead)-his children are Irene, wife of Porter Tigret, Carrie, Charles, Katherine Hovis), Harriett (wife of Newton Miskelly), J.W.B. Hovis, ____ Shepherd (dead-heir is Thomas Shepherd), S.G. Hovis, Taylor Hovis, J.E. Hovis, Fannie Hovis, Nancy (wife of Henry Saunders), and Fanny and James Neal, minors. 2. Citation to J.E. Hovis and Fannie Hovis of Benton Co., March 3, 1873. 3. Affidavit of non-residence, Feb. 22, 1876: Annie E. CampbelI of Carroll Co., Miss. J.E. and Fannie Hovis of Ashland, Miss. Mary A. and Henry Sanders of McNairy Co., Tenn. Fannie and James Neal of Carroll Co., Ms. 4. Citation to Freeman Hovis of Tippah, May 13, 1873. 5. Citation to Annie Campbell of Choctaw County, Miss., April 22, 1873.

HOVIS, MRS. L.T. (010831) died Dec. 27 at Falkner, age 55/buried at Walnut Creek/children are Tom, Fannie, and Mrs. A.D. O'Kelly of North Carrollton, Miss.

HOVIS, MRS. M.E. (080625-052831)died in May, 1931/ buried in Ripley Cem./ born at Ripley, 1845, daughter of Pinkney King/ married in 1866 to Joseph Hovis/ moved in 1870 to Ashland/ husband died 25 years ago/ had 9 children, one being the first white child born in Ashland/ children living are Walter, Joe, Ollie, and Mrs. Will Stansell, and Rufus Hovis.

HOVIS, NAT C. (010831-012331) died Jan. 1, at Ripley, age 54/ buried at Ripley/son of the late Joseph E. and Mary (King) Hovis/ mother ]ives/brother to Walter, Ollie, Mrs. Mary Stansell (Memphis), Joe, and Rufus of Memphis.

HOWARD, MRS. BETTIE (022416) died Jan. 12/ buried at Flat Rock/ wife of Aaron Howard/ had eight children, living are Jim, John, Erziest, Carrie Covington, Mandy Covington, Sa]]y/ son-in-law is Wiley Covington.

HOWARD, J.J. (042529) died March 29, age 71/ buried at Flat Rock/ children are Mrs. Clint Covington of New Albany, Tom, Mrs. Lon Jumper, Willie, Mrs. Tom Matlock/ stepchildren are Mrs. C.C. Green of Jackson, Tn., Mrs. Jim Howard, Mrs. L.S. Castleberry of Jacksonville, Florida.

HOWARD, TOM (061930) died by suicide on Monday after his son, J.T. Howard, age 14, drowned on Friday/ buried at Flat Rock/ wife is Nannie Kent Howard/ son is T.J. Howard/ brother-in-law is A.J. Kent.

HUBBARD, JAMES, minor (PR 212) 1. Petition of Virgil A. Grace to have Hubbard, age 10, apprenticed to him. Hubbard has no parents living and has no relatives capable of caring for him. Petition filed April 6, 1872. 2. Apprentice Bond of Virgil A. and Thomas A. Grace filed August 5, 1873.

HUDDLESTON, JOHN (011933) died Wed., age 73/ buried at Antioch/ born April 18, 1860/ Children are J.T. Huddleston, J.O. Huddleston, Mrs. J.T. Ford, R.E. Huddleston, A.E. Huddleston, D.N. Huddleston, R.B. Huddleston, Jennie Huddleston, L.E. Huddleston, A.L. Huddleston.

HUDDLESTON, MRS. NORA (040435) died Monday, age 50/ buried at Antioch/ father was Bill Brown/ brother is Morgan Brown/ children are John Huddleston and Mrs. John Williams.

HUDSON, ANNIEL C. DEC (PR 214 )THOUGH THIS CASE IS ENTITLED "ANNIEL C. HUDSON DEC ON THE PROBATE PACKET, IT REFERS PRIMARILY TO THOMAS DODDS DEC).  1. Petition of William Nelms, admin. of the estate of Thomas Dodds, dec., Sept. 22, 1871. Dodds left a widow, Patsy Dodds, and children Mrs. Tabitha Clifton (Adamsville, Tenn.), James Dodds, Mrs. Abagail Gatlin, Mrs. Martha Ann Caviness (Ubet, Tenn), and Mrs. Tabitha Miller (Ubet, Tenn.).  Heirs of Abagail Gatlin are Mrs. M.M. Barton, F.H. Gatlin, A.B. Gatlin, N.T. Gatlin, W.G. Gatlin, and A.M. Gatlin of Mountain City, Texas.  2. Citation Sept. 17, 1872, to Patsy Dodds, Mrs. M.E. Henson, Mrs. A.M. West, Mrs. Adeline Kennedy, J.T. Meeks, Frances P. Tatum. G.B. Dodds, adults, and minors Thomas, Lavinia, L.D., N.T., A.A., J., and Thomas Dodds, minors, all of Tippah. 3. List of Thomas Dodds' heirs: K.M.D. Dodds, Adamsville, Tn., Mrs. Martha Cavenaugh, Mrs. Tabitha Miller, James S. Dodds, J.M. Dodd's heirs: Mrs. Henson, Mrs. West, Thomas Dodds, Levinia A. Dodds.  Marinda Meeks' heirs: Mrs. Kennedy, J.T. Meeks, Mrs. Tatum.  Grove Dodds' heirs: G.R. Dodds, L.D. Dodds, N.T. Dodds, J. Dodds, Thomas Dodds, A.A. Dodds.  Abagail Gatlin's heirs.

HUDSON, CAREY (052219) died at Vicksburgh Wed., age 26/ son of Tom Hudson and grandson of Capt. W.H. Brown of Brownfield/ worked for uncles, BROWN BROTHERS, of Durant, Miss./ nephew of Ed Brown of Vicksburgh/ buried at Ebenezer near Brownfield.

HUDSON, MRS. IOLA (062018) died Sun/ wife of Grover Hudson/ daughter of George McCown of Falkner/ leaves husband and two children.

HUDSON, J.T. (050824) died April 16/ buried at Ebenezer/ born Dec. 10, 1872/ married Sarah Elizabeth Brown of Brownfield 25 yrs ago/ leaves a son, Dr. James Hudson/ another son is dead.

HUDSON, JOE (041316) died Sat./ buried at Chalybeate/ born June 18, 1890, son of Z.H. and Mattie Hudson.

HUDSON, DR. MANNING (072430) died Sat., age 48/born at Chalybeate.

HUDSON, DR. S.A. (042733) died at New Albany on April 19, age 63/ married Rosa Hutchinson of Centerville/ moved to New Albany 25 years ago/ adopted daughter is Margaret/ brother to N.B. Hudson of Chalybeate, Charlie Hudson of McAlester, Oklahoma, Miss Elizabeth Hudson, Mrs. John Rundle of Grenada, Mrs. John Finger of Ripley, Mrs. Bob Smith of Ripley, Mrs. F.F. White of Aberdeen.

HUDSON, ZEDRIC (061020) died Nov. 24, 1919/ born August 12, 1850/ buried at Chalybeate/ married Martha Graham 45 years ago/ had 7 children (4 sons)/ 3 children are dead

HUGHEY, MRS. ALICE (051635) died May 8, age 79/ married on Dec. 13, 1874, to Wash Hughey/ husband died 42 years ago/ children are Mrs. J.T. Mathis and Mrs. MeCoy.

HUGHEY, MRS. CORA (042634) died Wed./ buried at Box Chapel.

HUGHEY, ERNEST (021130) died yesterday, age 28/ son of Berry and Lou Hughey/ nephew of Grover Hudson.

HUGHEY, G. WASH (113022) died recently.

HUGHEY, MRS. J.H. (062415-072215) died at Falkner, June 22/ buried at Providence/ born in Georgia, Nov. 13, 1845, nee Nannie, daughter of Thomas Jones/ to Tippah with father in 1853/ was a sister to T. Kenton Jones, J.L. Jones, Mrs. Ketchum, Mrs. Walker (Paradise, Texas), Bettie Brace (Houston, Texas).

HUGHEY, WILLIAM ELTIS (122816) died Sept. 1, age 2/ son of W.B. Hughey.

HUGHEY, WORTH (040721) suicide Monday, age 20/ buried at Lebanon/ son of John Hughey/ married Mary, daughter of John Rickles, about two years ago.

HUMPHREY, MRS. J.W. (080719) died Aug. 3 at Dumas/ buried at Pauls Chapel Cem./ her husband, who died 18 years ago, is also buried there/ born Belle Cheeves at Rienzi, Oct. 2, 1863/ married John W. Humphrey, December, 1880/ he died 1901/ had six children: Duke Humphrey, Frank Humphrey, John Humphrey, Mrs. A.C. Anderson, Mrs. W.F. Henson, Mrs. Russell Tigret (Soda Springs, Idaho).

HUNT, THOMAS A. (091218) died Sept. 8 at Tulsa, Oklahoma/ was 77 last February/ was a son of Daniel Hunt of Ripley/ children are Dan Hunt, Tom Hunt, Mrs. John Y. Murry, Miss Myrtle Hunt of Tulsa, and Thurmond Hunt of Van Buren, Arkansas.

HUNT, WILMER SPERRY (091433-100533) died Tuesday prior to Sept. 14, 1933, age 63/ born at Ripley, son of Dr. E.N. Hunt and Katherine Sperry (a native of Winchester, Virginia)/ married Lucy Sherman Brady in 1902/ children are Wilmer B. Hunt, Lennie Estelle Hunt, Mrs. A.S. Barada Jr. (Kansas City)/ was a brother to Lenoir Hunt of Houston, Russell Hunt of Birmingham, Daniel Hunt of San Diego, California, Mrs. T.J. Cole of Ripley, Mrs. W.H. Gibbons of Houston, and Mrs. W.H. Lee of Dallas.

HUNTER, MRS. CAROLINE (051932) died recently at Hickory Flat, age 76/ buried at Flat Rock/ children are J.W. of Rickey, Bob of Arkansas, Belle and Lon of Hickory Flat.

HUNTER, RAYFORD B. (060717) died at Cherry Valley, Ark., April 23/ born in Tippah, Sept. 11, 1911, son of E.M. Hunter.

HURT, J.M. (062117-082317) died at Silver Springs June 18/ buried in Old Tatum graveyard/ born Oct, 9, 1856/ leaves wife, 9 children, 2 brothers, 1 sister, 16 grandchildren.

HURT, JOE (041223) died today at the home of his son, Oscar, near Finger's Store.

HURT, MRS. JOE (100522) died Sept. 7/ born May 8, 1862/ had 4 girls and two boys (a girl and a boy are dead)/ buried at Rucker/ daughter is Sallie Monroe.

HURT, MRS. ROE (Kate) (032019-032719) died March 12/ buried at Box Chapel/ age 50 yrs and 11 days/sister-in-law of Sarah Cox/leaves husband, 5 dau., 4 sons.

HURT, ROE (040633) died March 24, age 73/ buried at Box Chapel/ children are Mrs. Abb Abernathy, Richard Hurt, Mrs. Zack Massey, Mike Hurt, Bill Hurt, Mrs. James Colson, Mrs. Katie Pannell, Mrs. Odell Abernathy, Hugh Hurt.

HURT, THOMAS (032818) died Thursday/ son of the late Jim Hurt of Silver Springs/ leaves wife and children.

HUTCHINS, MRS. LUCY B. (021021) died Sunday, age 85/ born in South Miss./ to Blue Mt. 30 yrs ago/ buried at Blue Mountain/ leaves a son and two daughters, Mabel and Kate.

HUTCHINS, MRS. MARY ELIZABETH GRAVES (022631) died Feb. 18, age 75/ buried at Blue Mt./ moved to Blue Mountain 35 years ago from Terry, Miss./ was born in Texas, Jan. 3, 1856/ married Thomas J. Hutchins, Aug. 7, 1878/ husband is dead/ children are Lucy, Mrs. Floyd Estes, Mrs. J.L. Jones, Mrs. Arthur F. Outlaw, Bess/ daughter, Mrs. Jones, lives at Monroe, Louisiana/ was a sister to Mrs. George Miller and Florence Graves (Wilburton, Okla.).

HUTCHINS, T.J. (051524) died at Blue Mt. on Tues., age 65, with burial there/ was born in South Mississippi/ married a woman from that area/ son, Claude, is dead/ other children survive.

HUTCHINSON, MRS. BUDDIE (060524) died recently.

ISBELL, MRS. ELIZABETH (040236) died Tues. at Collierville, Tn./ daughter of S.S. Finger/married B.B. Isbell, 1920/ children are Jane (age 15), B.B. (age 10)/ brother is John Finger.

IVORY, JIMMIE (071024) died April 19/ wife of Will Ivory/ age 27/ leaves parents, husband, 3 children, 3 brothers.

JACKSON, A.C. DEC. (PR 224) 1. Petition filed May 25, 1872. Jackson died 1862 leaving children Julia F. Jackson, Sarah C. Jackson, Rhody Jane Shannon (wife of John Shannon), Jacob Jackson, Joseph Jackson, Leo Jackson. Widow is Emeline Jackson/ W.C. Wright, guardian.

JACKSON, ALBERT (061715) died Thurs., age 4/ buried at Mt. Zion/ son of Jesse Jackson.

JACKSON, MRS. AMANDA ELIZABETH (100831) died Sept. 23/ nee Plummer, born at Dumas, April 27, 1856/married William Jehiel Jackson/ son, Moody, is dead/ living are 4 children/ Sister to Mrs. Mize of Pleasant Ridge and Mrs. Melissa Bartlett of Baldwyn.

JACKSON, CORNELIUS (070936) died at Gunter, Texas, on July 4/ son of Jesse Jackson, formerly of Falkner.

JACKSON, ELLIS (081623) died recently, age 12/ son of Emily and J.R. Jackson/ brother to Pearce Jackson, age 3.

JACKSON, DR. J.H. (071333) died May 13 at Center Ridge, Arkansas, age 48/ born in Tippah, son of Morgan Jackson/ grandfather was Peter Jackson/ nephews are Bob and Joe Jackson of Falkner, and Jesse F. Jackson of Texas/ married a Miss Deen.

JACKSON, JAMES DEC (PR 364) 1. Petition to selI land, Sept. 23, 1867. James Jackson dec. is a brother to Colby Jackson. James Jackson's children are Josephine (age 20), William R. (age 16), and Martha A. (age 13). 2. Citation to Amanda Hill, David Hawkins, and Martha Jackson of Tippah, Sept, 23, 1867. 3. Petition, Oct. 21, 1867. Amanda Hill is the mother of the minor children of James Jackson dec. Joseph Jackson was first appointed guardian but died, and Colby Jackson is now guardian. 4. Citation to Josephine Reed and her husband D.J. Reed of Tippah, Oct. 6, 1876.

JACKSON, HUGH (013030) died Saturday at Blue Mt., age 76/ buried at Flat Rock/  son is Walter S. Jackson/ daughter is Mrs. Gadd/ wife died 11  years ago and six children are dead.

JACKSON, JIM HERBERT (030536) died Sunday, age 18/ buried at Flat Rock/ son of Jim and nephew of O.J. Jackson.

JACKSON, JOE M. (013135) died Wed., age 57/ buried at New Salem/ son of late Frank Jackson/ married first to Mary Hawkins/married second to, Jennie Clark/ deceased son, William, was a child by the first wife/ children by the second are Mrs. Marlin Boyett, Mrs. Heston Carter, Mrs. Herman Wright, Jimmie Jackson/ brother to Bob Jackson, Jesse Jackson (Texas), and Mrs. S.P. Balch of Chickasha, Oklahoma.

JACKSON, JOHN C. DEC (PR 167 and 232) 1. Petition for letters by H.W. Stricklin, Aug. 29, 1871. 2. Petition for letters by Daniel Hunt, Aug. 12, 1872. Jackson died in 1871. Stricklin, former admin., died. 3. Non-resident notice to W.L. Jackson of Blossom Prairie, Texas, Feb. 28, 1874. 4. Citation to heirs Levinia Norris and her husband, J.M. Norris, Kittie Norris and her husband, P.M. Norris, and David F. Jackson of Tippah, Feb. 28, 1874. 5. Bill, Aug. 31, 1872. Heirs of John C. Jackson are W.L. Jackson, Kittie Jackson, D.F. Jackson, E.T. Byrn (wife of H.L. Byrn), Lavinia A. Norris (wife of J.M. Norris), Ruthie Norris (wife of Port Norris), and E.M. Jackson, a minor, all of  Tippah.

JACKSON, LUTHER K. (082935) died Sun., age 32/ buried at Little Hope/ son of late John Jackson/ married 2 years ago to Ruby Hopper/ leaves one child/ sister is Johnnie Jackson.

JACKSON, MRS. MARTHA ANN (022719) died Feb. 1, age 69/ leaves husband, 1 son, 1 daughter, 9 grandchildren.

JACKSON, MRS. MARY (042623) died Tues., age 73/ buried at Wiers Chapel/ sister to Will Storey/ mother of Mrs. Annie Jamieson, Mrs. Newt Morton, Mrs. Daisy Cannon (San Antonio, Tx.), and Bob Jackson.

JACKSON, MARY LOIS (050830) died April 10, age 2 yrs/ daughter of W.H. Jackson/ buried at Little Hope.

JACKSON, MORGAN (022532) died Tues., Dec. 20, 1861/ died Feb. 14.

JACKSON, PETER DEC (PR 346) 1. Petition April 1, 1875. Jackson died Feb. 18, 1875. Children are Malinda Jackson, Martha Jackson, Rody Jackson, Nancy Jackson, Lucretia (wife of J.H. Mauldin), Elizabeth Tranum (wife of P. Tranum), M.S. Jackson, and Morgan Jackson, all of Tippah.

JACKSON, RHODA DEC ( PR 118 and 526) 1. Bill filed June 7, 1880 by petitioners Martha (wife of Joseph McElwain), Sallie Ann Jackson, Jossie Reed and her husband D.J. Reed, and Nancy Jackson (who died April 4, 1880). Cite defendants Mary Wright (wife of W.C. Wright), W.R. Jackson, John Jackson, William Jackson, Roda Shannon (wife of John Shannon), Sarah Wright (wife of G.W. Wright), Julia Gunn (wife of Albert Gunn), Martha Lambert (wife of John Lambert of Benton Co.), Jacob Jackson and Joe Jackson of Texas, Martha Jane Jackson of Johnson County, Texas, Mary A. Hopper (wife of Wright Hopper of Johnson County, Texas), Elizabeth Reed (wife of Green Reed), and Rena Merritt (wife of Hugh Merritt of Tarrant County, Texas).

JACKSON, SAM (111330) died in October, age 85/ buried at Flat Rock/ married Tine Rogers, 1866.

JACKSON, SAM MACK (121235) suicide recently, age 47, after killing his mother-in-law, Mrs. Mattie Gunter (about 75 and the widow of Joe Gunter)/ buried at Flat Rock/ was a son of Sam Jackson of Blue Mountain/ children are Mrs. Warren Gray of Hickory Flat, Leonard of Memphis, and Charles Jackson.

JACKSON, SARAH, minor (PR 598) 1. Petition of W.C. Wright, guardian of Sarah Jackson, Julia Jackson, Louisa Jackson, Jacob Jackson, and Joseph Jackson, January 23, 1867.

JACKSON, MRS. TOMMIE (042331) died Friday, age 57/ buried at Blue Mt./ wife of James H. Jackson of Memphis and mother of Leroy and Clarence Jackson of Memphis/ daughter of Captain Joe Gowdy.

JACKSON, MRS. VICTORIA (031330) died recently at Nashville, Tennessee, age 80/ with burial in Nashville/ widow of Buck Jackson, whom she married in the mid-1860s/daughter is Mrs. Ella Hopkins of Nashville.

JACKSON, MRS. VIRGINIA (032030) SEE MRS. VICTORIA JACKSON ABOVE/ died Feb. 24, with burial at Mt. Olivet Cem. in Nashville, Tenn./ born at Moscow, Tenn., on Jan. 31, 1849, daughter of E.J. Sullivan/ married W.H. Jackson, Sept. 18, 1865/ he died 25 years ago/ to Dumas after their marriage/ children are Mrs. Ella Hopkins of Nashville, Ed Jackson, Lula Jackson, Emmett Jackson.

JACKSON, MRS. WALTER C. (122017) died Aug. 23 age 23/ buried at Flat Rock/ dau. of John Rhodes of Pine Grove/ leaves husband, parents, 7 brothers, 4 sisters, 3 children.

JACKSON, WILLIAM FRANKLIN (042623) died Tues./ buried at Harmony/ born Dec. 13, 1848, son of J.M. Jackson/ son in law is T.H. Hobson/ wife: Lillian.

JACKSON, WILLIAM J. (092833) died at Blue Mt./ born York, South Carolina, August 17, 1857/ married Amanda Plummer who died 2 years ago/ a son died young/ children are James H. Jackson of Memphis, Mrs. Jesse Gowdy, Mrs. Jasper Norris of Memphis.

JACKSON, MRS. WILLIAM J. (100831) died Sept. 23/ buried at Blue Mt./ nee Amanda Elizabeth Plummer, born at Dumas. April 27, 1856.

JAMES, BOBBIE (102032) died Wed, age 5/ son of John R. James of Falkner/ uncle is Ben James.

JAMES, ELIZABETH (032928) died at Buntyn, Tenn., March 13, age 6/ buried at Little Hope/ daughter of John R. James/ grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Cox/ aunt is Mrs. J.H. Pearce of Falkner/ leaves parents, sister (Ann) and a brother (Bobby).

JAMES, JEFF (062134) died Monday, age 55/ buried at Lowry/ came to Tippah from Texas 3 years ago/ leaves wife.

JAMES, JAMES L. (032322) died March 16 buried at Antioch/ born Aug. 24, 1865, married Willie Street, Dec. 23, 1890 she being the daughter of William Street/ children are Kyle James of Gilmore, Ark., Mrs. A.T. Rowland, Mrs. Jesse Byrd of New Albany, Mrs. Howell Alvis/ brother to C.C., I.V., M.C. (of Colorado), John James (Colorado), Mrs. W.L. Mauldin of Ark.

JAMES, W.F. (102027) died Aug. 26, age 70 yrs, 6 mos, 23 days/ buried at Shiloh/ daughter: Mrs. J.W. English.

JAMES, ZEVIE (081121) died Aug. 1/ buried at New Hope/ born Sept. 6, 1906, daughter of Hubert James.

JAMIESON, MRS. BESSIE CHILDERS (030624) died Mon./ buried at Little Hope/ wife of Charlie Jamieson of Falkner/ sister to Sheriff J.D. Childers/ leaves husband, 4 daughters, 3 sons.

JAMIESON, MRS. JESS (042132) died Tue. age 32/ buried in Nance Cem./daughter of W.C. Moore/ leaves husband, parents, 5 children.

JAMIESON, JOE CARL (021832) died recently, age 1/ buried at Chalybeate, son of C.G. Jamieson.

JAMIESON, MRS. JOHN (121527) died Mon., buried at Little Hope/ married first to a Mattox/ married second to J.L., Jamieson/ leaves 2 sons.

JAMIESON, JOHN L. (052434) died recently, age 60/ buried at Little Hope/ leaves wife and children.

JAMIESON, LESTER (121725) died Sat., age 16/ buried in Nance Cem./ son of Will Jamieson.

JAMIESON, MRS. LOUELLA RAY (060932) died Friday, age 71/ buried at Chalybeate/ wife of Crawford S. Jamieson, children are Perrin, Moore, Car1, Mrs. Earl Horton, Dr. O.M. Jamieson of Memphis, Mrs. Guy Ray of New Albany/ brother is Bob Ray of Pontotoc/ half sister to Miss Minnie Smith of Mangum, Oklahoma.

JAMIESON, MRS. LUCY WORSHAM (050929) died Monday, age 75/ buried at Chalybeate/ widow of Minta Jamieson/ daughter of late Judge Worsham/ sister to Mrs. Ella Eanes Kinney, Mrs. Jennie Maddox, Mrs. Martha Smith (Memphis)/ children are Tom Jamieson and Mrs. J.E. Stevens/ deceased children are Fannie, William, and Mrs. Mary Jane Horton.

JAMIESON, MINTER (010125) died Wednesday/ buried at Chalybeate.

JAMIESON, MRS. SUSANNA CHEROKEE (072215) died July 8 at Wills Point, Texas/ buried in White Rose Cemetery/ born at Orizaba in Tippah County, April 15, 1853/married to W.A. Jamieson, April 23, 1876/ moved to Vanzant Co., Texas, January, 1877/ had 4 children, living are Nannie and Cullen.

JEFFRIES, MRS. EMMA C. (012016-020316) died Jan. 15/ buried in Green Cem./ born in St. Clair Co., Alabama, April 15, 1840, daughter of Judge C.A. Green/ married to Captain J.B. Jeffries, Dec. 18, 1855/ had two sons and four daughters.

JEFFRIES, GEORGE (092315) killed Friday by his brother-in-law, George Y. Morton, age 48/ buried in Green Cem./ son of Capt. J.B. Jeffries.

JEFFRIES, NAN (050731) murdered Wednesday by Albert Carter, age 60/ buried at Flat Rock/ was a daughter of the late W.T. Jeffries and was a sister to Rev. Will Jeffries of Memphis and Mrs. Maggie Jones of Ashland/ also killed were Mrs. Maddox Carter, 38, and her two daughters, Martha and Mary/ Mrs. Carter leaves her parents, 2 sisters (Mrs. Deck Adair and Mrs. Walter Johnson, the latter of Oxford)  and 3 brothers (Oliver, Elzey, and Ross)/ Carter, who committed suicide, leaves his mother, Mrs. Martha Carter, and the following siblings: Warren, Eliza, Frank Dunham, Bill Carter (Benton Co.), Anderson Carter (Texas), Mrs. Wilson Smith, Henry Carter, George Carter, Dan Carter, and Newt Carter of New Albany/ his father died when he was seven.

JEFFRIES, RANDLE (PR 595) Case of Randle Jeffries v. Lucinda Green et al. 1. Bill, April 18, 1882. Lucinda Green is the wife of Tillnan Green and is the daughter of Jeffries.

JEFFRIES, W.T. (100428) died July 18/ buried at Flat Rock/ born Feb. 7, 1838/ married first to Sarah Kennedy, second to Susie Pernell/ children are Willie of Memphis, Mrs. C.T. Jones of Ashland, and Nannie Jeffries.

JENKINS, MRS. FLOY COOK (052428) died Friday, age 41/ buried at Iuka/ wife of Rev. H.M. Jenkins of Ripley.

JENNINGS, ANGIE LEE (112520) died on Aug. 8, age 17 yrs l0 months/ daughter of Luther Jennings of Mitchell.

JENNINGS, REV. H.M. (091725)died recently, age over 80/ buried at Blue Mountain/ Union soldier in the Civil War/ formerly of North Alabama.

JERIGAN, MRS. JENNIE (090127) died May 2, age 51/ buried at Shiloh/ wife of J.F. Jernigan/ children are John, Klm, Henry Rowland Jernigan, Mrs. Maudie Meeks, Mrs. Beulah Shackelford, Mrs. Gertie Mathis.

JENNINGS, JOHN CALVIN (112631) died last week at Booneville, age 96/ CSA vet.

JERNIGAN, W.T. (040435) died Wednesday at Tupelo, age 56/ buried in Priceville Cemetery/leaves wife, 2 daughters, 2 sons/ given name is William Travis Jernigan.

JETER, BET (030619) died Jan. 5, age 66 yrs 3 mos 22 days/ buried at Lebanon/ son is Richard Jeter/ niece is Icie Mauney/ leaves two sons and a daughter.

JETER, MARSHALL (022824) died Thurs., age 9/ son of Will Jeter.

JETER, MARY LIZZIE (101916) died Sept. 23, age 5 yrs 10 mos/ buried at Lebanon/ daughter of Willie Jeter/ cousin to C.P. Davis.

JOBE, EARL (050929) suicide at Commerce, Texas, on April 21, age 20-25/ had moved to Texas with his mother in December.

JOBE, MRS. FRANCES ELLA LINVILLE (042016) died April 4/ buried at Antioch/ born Nov. 20, 1867/ married John C. Jobe, Dec. 24, 1884/ had 5 children/ 2 died in infancy, one at age 19/ surviving are her husband, children Lonnie and Louella, her mother, and a brother.

JOBE, MRS. JULIA (061026-121626) died at the home of Mr. Shelton last week age 80/ buried at Antioch/ born May 23, 1846/ husband died 25 years ago/ 3 sons and 3 daughters survive/ one daughter is Mrs. W.D. Shelton.

JOBE, MAYBELLE (081215) died July 15, age 18 mos 8 days/buried at Antioch/ leaves parents, brothers and sisters.

JOBE, TOMMIE (032625) died Sat. at the home of his father, Joe Jobe/ age 34/ buried at Antioch/ leaves wife, 2 daughters and a son.

JOHNSON, A.R. DEC (PR 655) 1. Petition June 26, 1868, by Hebernia Johnson, widow of A.R. Johnson dec. She lives at Hickory Plains, Arkansas. 2. Citation to Sheriff of Union County for B.F. Johnson, John A. Johnson, M.S. Johnson, S.F. Johnson, M.A. JOHNSON, M.E. Patterson, and minors E.J. Johnson, A.R. Johnson, and W.R.W. Johnson Nov. 8, 1871.

JOHNSON, A.T.Z. (Zach) (012925) died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Davis, in Benton County, two weeks ago, age 75/ buried at Shady Grove/ deceased son was George Johnson.

JOHNSON, BETTY (041730) died Tuesday of last week, age 70/ never married/ buried at Little Hope/ niece of T.T. Maddox/ sister to Mrs. George L. McCown.

JOHNSON, BOBBIE LEE (061136) died recently, age 2/ buried at Shady Grove.

JOHNSON, DORA H. (030619) died Sept. 27, 1918, age 34 yrs 5 mos 14 days/ wife of Frank Johnson.

JOHNSON, GLADYS (012523) died recently, age 9/ buried at Lebanon/ daughter of Wes Johnson of Rienzi/ granddaughter of N.W. Johnson of Ripley.

JOHNSON, HUGH WALKER (031319) buried recently at Box Chapel.

JOHNSON, JOHN (120920) died in Benton Co. last week, age 58/ buried at Curtis Creek/ brother to Zach and Billy Johnson of Tippah/ leaves wife, 2 sons, 3 daughters.

JOHNSON, JOHN DONALDSON (121334) died Wed. at Memphis, age 65/ buried at New Hope/ raised in Benton Co./ brother to A.S. Johnson from Tippah/ sister is Mrs. Helen Hurt of Burkburnett, Texas/ children are John Thomas Johnson and Mrs. Winnie Parker.

JOHNSON, JOHN H. DEC (PR 533) l. Petition Sept. 10, 1880. Children are Carrie E. Johnson (age 19), Ider Johnson (age 17), and Ophelia Johnson (age 21), who petition by their mother, E.S. Wells. 2. Citation to G.W. Johnson and Harriett Langston of Union Co., Sept. 10, 1880.

JOHNSON, MRS. LUCY ANN (011636) died Sat. age 85/ buried at Box Chapel/ widow of Tom Johnson/ husband died 2 years ago/ son, Hugh Walker Johnson, died in WW I/ her children are Albert, Bud, Willis, Joe, Bobbie, Dave, Mrs. W.D. McCutchen.

JOHNSON, MRS. MARTHA (012429) died Jan. 20 at the County Home, age 90/ buried near Falkner.

JOHNSON, MARY ANN DEC (PR 761 ) Case of T.J. Blythe et al v. Z. Smith. Mary Ann Johnson of Tennessee died leaving heirs A.T. Johnson, Samuel Johnson, and William J. Johnson. 2. Deed of Alexander and Polly Johnson, made in McNairy Co., Tenn., Dec. 2, 1854.

JOHNSON, MRS. N.W. (090529) died Jan., 14/ buried at New Hope Cem. near Biggersville/ born in Tennessee, Nov. ll, 1854/ married N.W. Johnson, Dec. 15, 1878/ had six children (the youngest and the oldest are dead). (obit. of Jan. 19, 1928, states that she died Jan. 14, 1928, at her home in Booneville/ wife of Nick W. Johnson, former sheriff of Tippah/ children are Martin, Edd, Wesley, Mrs. Doug Dees (Biggersville).

JOHNSON, PLEAS (121620) died Oct. 6, age 5/ son of P.D. and E.A. Johnson.

JOHNSON, SADIE AND WILLIAM BRUCE (092315) died Aug. 8 and Aug. 12, Sadie an infant and William age 2 yrs and 6 mos/ only children of Barney Johnson of Dumas.

JOHNSON, TOM (032234) died Monday, age 83/ buried at Box Chapel/ native of Tippah/ children are Mrs. Eliza McClutchen, Albert, Jeff, Joe, Willis, Dave, and Bob.

JOHNSON, MRS. TOM (051431) died recently age 50/ buried at Academy/ leaves husband, father, brothers and sisters.

JOHNSON, W.C. (112730) died Tues., age 73/ buried at Shady Grove/ son: Johnny Johnson/ sisters are Mrs. Jap Lowrey of Rienzi and Mrs. Tom Ford.

JOHNSON, W.P. DEC (PR 711) 1. Will made Sept. 16, 1868. Recorded in Book B, pp. 36-38, Dec. 5, 1868. Wife: Matilda Jane Johnson. Children are Dovey Sutton, Jane Harris, Mary Newsome, Elizabeth Woodard, Bartley Levi Johnson, Joseph W. Johnson.

JONES, ALBERT (022526) died Feb. 18, age 65/ buried at Providence/ a sister died in McNairy Co., Tenn., Wed./ son is Price Jones.

JONES, ANDREW (101029) died Monday, age 61/ buried at Dumas/ brother to Jim, Clem, Mrs. J.W. White, Mrs. Allen Hodges, Mrs. T.L. Wallace/ children are Eunie, Bee, Bama, Irene, Randolph.

JONES, MRS. BETTIE (110828) died Oct. 28/ buried at Little Hope/ born July 14 1854/ married Pink Jones, Nov. 20, 1878/  had 9 children-living are Willie, Clin ton, Frank, Mrs. Emma Mercer.

JONES, C.C. (Clem) (071333) died July 5, age 70/ buried at Dumas/ children are Grover (Jackson, Miss.), Mrs. Oscar Hodges, Bryan, Earl, Mrs. Pearl Bullock, Mrs. Herman Davis.

JONES, DAUGHTER OF HALL (082427)died August 10/ buried at Ebenezer, north of Brownfield/ born July 23.

JONES, E.B. (072821) died Tues. at Falkner/ buried in Pogue Cem./ born on Jan. 9, 1862/ married Miss Luker Dec. 25, 1882/ She died 15 months ago/ leaves 3 girls and a boy.

JONES, MRS. FANNIE (041724) died March 7/ mother of Mrs. A.L. Wilbanks/ leaves husband, 3 daughters, 2 sons.

JONES, MRS. FLETCHER (033132) died Wed., age 62/ wife of R.L. Jones/ daughter of Dr. Reuben Pegram/ children are M.W. Jones and Mrs. T.M. Shackelford.

JONES, GEORGE W. (020525) died Sun., age 60/ buried at Wiers Chapel/ son of the late David Jones of Dumas/ wife is a daughter of the late James A. Stanford/ leaves wife and a son, Oscar Jones.

JONES, GLENN (010831) died recently at Texas, age 27/ buried at Blue Mountain/ son of the late R.A. Jones/ brother: Elton Jones of Fort Worth, Texas.

JONES, H.T. (031523-092723) died Sept., 1923, age 96 as of March 26, 1923/ buried at Rucker/ born in Tennessee/ moved to Tippah as a boy/ was 9 when Ripley was incorporated/ CSA vet./ leaves wife, 3 sons, 2 daughters.

JONES, HULDA M. (072336) died Sat., age 54/ buried at Providence/ mother: Mrs. Vene L. Jones/ brother: O.P. Jones/ aunt is Mrs. Laura McElroy.

JONES, JOHN PRESLEY (082824) died Aug. 22, 1923, age 85/ buried at Ebenezer/ CSA vet.

JONES, MRS. L. NORA (030134) died Friday, age 46/ buried at Dumas/ nee Reaves/ husband, C.C. Jones, died last July/ children are G.L. of Jackson, Mrs. Velma Hedges, Earl, W.B., Mrs. Herman Davis, Mrs. Pearl Bullock.

JONES, MRS. LEE (050824) died Sun./ buried at Pine Grove/ daughter of J.M. Hatcher/ sister to Johnnie Hatcher.

JONES, LESTER (100125) died April 14.

JONES, MARY KATHLEEN (012336) died Oct. 6/ buried at Ebenezer/ born Nov. 11, 1926, daughter of Gaston Jones/ brother: Arnold/ half sister: Willie Ruth/ half brother is Travis L. Jones/ grandfather is W.K. Jones.

JONES, MRS. MATTIE (123034) died Sat. at Corinth, age 80/ buried at Ebenezer/ mother of R.A., W.K., Mrs. W.A. Drewery, Mrs. J.B. Drewery, Mrs. W.A. Mathis.

JONES, NOEL (101415)died Sept. 27/ buried at Providence/ born Aug. l, 1915, son of Hubert Jones/ leaves parents, 4 brothers, 4 sisters.

JONES, SIMON P. (042529) died April 2/ born 1865/ married Delia Criswell, 1889/ had eleven children, one is dead/ daughter is Emma.

JONES, T.H. (112934) died Nov. 7, age 71/ buried at Lowry Cem./ husband of L.H. Jones/ children are Mrs. Jim Stevenson, Mrs. Clarence Wilbanks, Mrs. Lee Jones, Mrs. Pearl Hatcher/leaves 2 brothers, 2 sisters.

JONES, VIGIL (050119) died March 26/ born Sept. 30, 1914, daughter of Lawrence Jones.

JONES, WILLIAM PINKNEY (013135) died Jan. 25/ buried at Little Hope/ born at Falkner, March 15, 1854/ married Betty Hawkins, 1883/ she died 1928/ children are J. Will Jones, Clinton Jones, Frank Jones, Mrs. Emma Mercer/ brother to Willis Jones of Falkner.

JONES, WILLIE (022824) died at Memphis recently, age 40/buried at Blue Mt./ son of R.A. Jones.

JORDAN, MRS. ELIZABETH (061825) died on June 13, age 43/ buried at Shady Grove/ Wife of James A. Jordan/ married first to Mode Jordan/ daughter of the late W.A. Crawford/ sons are Willie of Memphis and Elmo of California.

JORDAN, J.E.(100329) died Thurs. at Raliegh, Tenn., with burial there/ age 79/ moved from Memphis 40 years ago/ children are Mrs. T.B. Coffman of Raleigh, Scott Jordan of Chicago/ brother to Mrs. Charles Stubbs of Mangun, Okla., Tonia Jordan of Memphis, Mrs. T.T. Maddox, Mrs. Lena Head, E.W. (Bud) Jordan, Will Jordan of New York City.

JORDAN, TOM (031225-032625) died Feb. 28, age 70/ buried at Little Hope/ born November, 1857/ brother to Bud Jordan of Ripley, Zip Jordan of Memphis, Will Jordan of New York City, Miss Tony Jordan of Memphis, Mrs. Jim Head of Arkansas, Mrs. Maddox of Ripley, Mrs. Stubbs of Oklahoma.

JORDAN, VIRDIE (032520) died last week, age 17/ buried at Curtis Creek/ eldest son of James Jordan.

JOSHLIN, W.B. (061117) died Oct. 26, 1916/ buried at Blue Mt./ oldest son of A. Joshlin/ leaves parents, wife, two sons, 2 daughters, sister, 2 brother.

JUMPER, AMMIE (071129) murdered July 4, at Pisgah by his brother-in-law, Dewitt Geno.

JUMPER, MRS. ANN (032421) died March 13/ buried at Jumpertown/ born Dec. 27, 1852/ married M.D. Jumper, 1868/ had 5 daughters and 2 sons.

JUMPER, CHARLIE (041515) died Jan. 28/ born Jan. 19, 1893, son of Sanford Jumper.

JUMPER, HOLLIS (102324) died Sat., age 9/ buried at Concord/ son of Frank/grandson of Sanford Jumper.

JUMPER, J. DUG (101630) died Wed., age 59/ buried at Jumpertown/ son of Sanford Jumper.

JUMPER, JOHN SR. (051227) died Sun., age 82/ buried at Jumpertown/ CSA Vet./ wife died 7 years ago/ children are R.W., G.L., J.C., Lula, Annie, Mattie, Mrs. David Cowell of Aberdeen.

JUMPER, MRS. MATTIE (030222-032322) died Feb. 27, age 72/ wife of John/ buried at Jumpertown.

KEARNEY, MRS. MARY GWYN THURMOND (040616) died March 3 at Sheffield, Ala./ born May 12, 1891/ married Milton Powell Kearney, June 20, 1912/ daughter is Dorothy Lee Kearney.

KEENAN, J.N. (020233) died Jan. 26/ buried at New Hope/ born April 6, 1852/ leaves wife and six children.

KEENUM, JIM (112526) died Wed./ unmarried.

KEITH, ALBERT (050328) died April 12/ youngest son of Yancey Keith/ leaves parents, 3 brothers, 2 sisters.

KEITH, DOYLE (061335) died Sept. 9, 1934/ born Dec. 26, 1914, son of Jim Keith.

KEITH, MRS. ARA (012331) died Jan. 22, 1930/ wife of H.J. Keith/ sister to Tom Mohundro and Mrs. Ada F. Stinson/ daughter of Mrs. N.E. Mohundro.

KEITH, FRANKLIN PIERCE (052423-090623) died May 18/ born Aug. 31, 1833/ married Eliza C. Hopper, Nov 27, 1879/ had eight children, the only daughter dying at age 6 mo./ sons are Charlie, Hardy, Lee, Jim, Haston, Yancey, Herman/ was a brother to Mrs. Ann Ragan and Mrs. Sally Tudor (Stevensville Texas).

KEITH, MACK (120121) died recently/ son of Yancey Keith.

KELLY, JAMES DEC (unnumbered PR) l.Petition for sale of lands, Dec. 16, 1868. Heirs are William R. Kelly, John O. Kelly, M.J. Parks, Sarah Smith (wife of R.J. Smith), O.F. Robinson (wife of William A. Robinson), E.A. Kelly, L.C. Kelly, J.L. Kelly, G.W. Kelly, N.C. Stubbs (wife of F.H. Stubbs), L.R. Kelly.

KELLY, JIM (061516) died yesterday, age 25/ oldest son of Buck Kelly.

KELLY, JOHN LEE (111236) died Wed. at Scottsboro, Alabama, age 56/ son of James and Nannie (Parks) Kelly of Tippah/ was married to Melville Smith/ children are Mrs. Evelyn Carter of Jackson, Tn., Mrs. Jess Street, Mrs. Lowrey Smith (Scottsboro), Mrs. Haskell Keeton (Scottsboro), Mildred Kelly (Scottsboro), Mrs. Harol Leopard (Red Bay, Ala.)/buried at Wiers Chapel/ was a brother to Mrs. Amon Lewellen, Edd, Peyton, Mrs. J.J. Anderson, Hugh (Bragg City, Mo.), and the late Mrs. J.M. Butler.

KELLY, MRS. MELVILLE (043036) died Sunday at Scottsboro, Ala., age 52/ buried at Wiers Chapel/ was a daughter of the late Hamp Smith/ married J.Lee Kelly/ moved to Red Bay 8 years ago, and to Scottsboro 2 years ago/ sister to Edd Smith of Corinth, Mrs. Sarah Frances Lockhart, Jim Smith of Booneville, and J.I. Smith of Dallas, Texas.

KELLY, W.B. (111721) suicide Nov. 16 at Jackson, Miss., age 25/ wife nee Onie Harris.

KENDRICK, DR. CARROLL (022223) died Feb. 17 at Corinth/ born in Harlin Co. Tenn., May 24, 1852/ father was a preacher in Louisville and in Philadelphia Pa./ mother was nee Martha Rose of Virginia/married first to Gayle Adams, married second Mary McAnulty/ was a member of the legislature 27 years/ buried in Oak Hill Cem.

KENDRICK, MRS. SALLIE ARBA (120827) died Sat., age 88/ buried in Ripley Cem., near husband/ mother of J.P. Kendrick of Gatesville, Texas, and L.S. Kendrick of Jackson, Miss./ dau. is Mrs. Bob Henderson of Memphis.

KELLY, MRS. NANNIE (082626) died Sat. with burial at Wiers Chapel/ nee Parks/ married James L. Kelly, who died 30 years ago/ born Aug. 20, 1846/ one daughter is dead/ children are Edd, Peyton, Hugh, Lee, Mrs. Amon Lewellen, Mrs. J.J. Anderson, Mrs. J.M. Butler/ sister to Mrs. Mary McCarley.

KENDRICK, LAVINIA (PR 456) Case of Lavinia Kendrick v. Thomas Suggs et al. Cite Oct. 15, 1878, Thomas Suggs of Palestine, Anderson Co., Texas, Isaac Green, and William Suggs of Mt. Pleasant, Texas, Bruce Suggs of White Station, Tenn., Mrs. Mattie Caldwell and Mrs. Mary Ham.

KENNEDY, B.H. (033132) died Memphis Sunday, age 38/ buried at Shady Grove, son of Rev. Kennedy/ wife was Mamie Sue, daughter of Hez Manning/ leaves 2 children.

KENNEDY, MRS. CATHERINE (122017-010318) died near Orizaba Dec. 16, age 81/ buried at New Hope/ she was widowed when her children were small.

KENNEDAY, MRS. FLORENCE (022824) died recently at New Albany, with burial there/ was a daughter of Dr. William McGill of Tippah/ first cousin to G.G. and A.B. Anderson, Mrs. Sallie McKinstry, Lon McGill, Gus McGill, T.E. Anderson/ wife of L.R. Kenneday/ children are Leroy, William, Belle, Mrs. Lelia Dicus, Mrs. Ernest Hawkins, daughter, Flossie Parks, is dead an also buried at New Albany.

KENNADAY, LEROY R. (010831) died Tues., buried at New Albany/ wife was a dau. of the late Dr. William McGill of Tippah.

KENNEDY, MRS. MAMIE LOU (022620) died recently at Shady Grove/ daughter of H.C. Manning/ leaves husband and two children.

KENT, MRS. ARDENIA (100836) died Sun./ buried at Sand Springs Cem./ widow of James A. Kent of Blue Mt./ daughter T.J. Medlin/ children are Andrew J., Mrs. J.T. Lee, Mrs. D.D. Orman of New Albany, Mrs. Jim Martin, Mrs. John Bryant of Ashland.

KENT, ELIJAH M. (120424) died Sun., age 73/ buried at Jacobs Chapel/ had four children, all married except Velma.

KENT, JAMES A. (122017) died at Blue Mountain on Dec. 5/ buried at Sand Springs/ born Oct. 9, 1856/ married Ardenta Elizabeth Medlin, February, 1879/ had eight children-living are Mrs. Carrie Lee of New Albany, Andrew J. Kent, Mrs. Nannie Howard, Mrs. Jennie Mae Martin, Mrs. Albe Belle Orman.

KENT, ORMAN (012523) died Sat., age 40/ son of E.M. Kent and son-in-law of Dave Wren/ leaves wife and two children.

KENT, MRS. ORMAN (050323) died Sat. at the home of her father, Dave Wren/ buried at New Hope/ sister to Mrs. E.P. Johnson/ leaves 3 children.

KENT, MRS. SALLIE (011619) died last week/ daughter of late L.M. Coulter/ wife of Andrew Kent.

KENT, MRS. W.T. (022129) died Feb. 2, with burial at Pleasant Ridge/ born Feb. 15, 1860/ married Aug. 8, 1880/ children are Mrs. A.W. Smith of Booneville, J.D. Kent, Mrs. M.S. Owen, Mrs. R.L. Owen, Mrs. L.E. Davis, Mrs. R.H. Kelly, Mrs. R.L. Daniel, Mrs. J.W. Bartlett, Mrs. J.F. Williams, J.T. Kent, V.M. Kent, Mrs. Noel Garrison/ one child is dead.

KETCHUM, JESSE DEC (PR 797) 1. Petition Aug. 19, 1870. Heirs are J.C. Ketchum of Hot Springs, Arkansas; Elizabeth Ketchum, widow of Simon Ketchun and her children Jesse, Martha, Sarah E., and Angeline Ketchun of Hot Springs; Elizabeth Carpenter and her husband John K. Carpenter of Hot Springs; J.H. Ketchum of Mason Depot, Tipton Co., Tennessee; Mary A.D. Reynolds and her husband George M. Reynolds of Tippah.

KETCHUM, MRS. SALLIE (040622) died May 5, 1921/ buried at Little Hope/ born April 15, 1852/ leaves husband and six children/ two children are dead.

KIDD, JAMES H. (022319) died at Ashland last night/ buried at Mt. Zion/ CSA vet.

KIDD, Sam (071421) died at New Albany Mon., age 53/ buried at New Albany/ native of Benton County/ leaves wife, 3 daughters, l son.

KIDD, WILLIAM EPHRAIM (051629) died Fri. at Memphis, age 59/ buried at Ashland/ leaves wife and children.

KINCADE, MRS. ELLEN (071636) died recently, age 81/ buried at Pleasant Ridge/ children are Mrs. L.L. Richardson, Mrs. William Mask, Mrs. Willie Sweatman.

KING, MRS. J.S. (120832) died recently at Pine Bluff, Arkansas, age 80/ buried at Harmony husband died 20 years ago/ was grandmother of Bryan Bennett and Mrs. O.T. Horton/ children are Mrs. G.P. Bennett, Mrs. R.L. Shannon of New Albany, Mrs. Jim Stamey, Mrs. W.A. Bobo of Pine Bluff, Mrs. Mittie Hollis of Pine Bluff, John King of Myrtle, Kane King of Memphis, Frank King of Memphis.

KING, JUDSON (June 1922) died at Crawford, Texas, this week, age 40/ married Ada, daughter of T.M. Cox/ leaves wife and 5 children.

KING, MARY NANCE (043036) died at Memphis Monday, age 4 months/ buried in Memorial Park there/ daughter of Dr. J. Cash King and Mary (Nance) King/ mother is a daughter of R.L. Nance of Ripley.

KING, THOMAS DEC (PR 458 and PR 527) 1. Petition for letters of admin. Aug. 20, 1869, by William H. King, oldest son of Thomas King who died in 1862. 2. Petition for sale of land, Sept. 17, 1869. Widow is Albany King. Heirs are W.H. King, John King, Thomas King of Kentucky, Allen King, Nancy Dunn, Betty Murphy, Minerva Pulliam of Hardeman Co., Tenn., and Mary Hassle of Louisiana. 3. Petition, May 14, 1876. Children of Thomas King Sr. are Mary McCarthy, Nancy Drury, Caroline Ingle, E.A. (wife of J.M. Murphy), John S. King, Allen King, Thomas King Jr. of Walla Walla, Washington, M.U. Pulliam (wife of Thomas Pulliam dec who died leaving a son, Benjamin F. Pulliam, who died in 1877 leaving half brothers and sisters Thomas Pullian, Willie S. Pulliam, Sally O. Pulliam, Mary A. Pulliam, Edward Pulliam, Eliza K. Pulliam, Margaret R. Pulliam, and Alice D. Pullian, all of Hickory Valley, Tenn.

KING, WILLIAM P. DEC (PR 173) 1. Bill, filed Oct. 24, 1877. William P. King died in Tippah, 1858. He had married Mary Rose in Tippah in 1845 or 1846. She died in 1855. Heirs are Laura F. Nunnally (wife of Solon T. Nunnally), Janes A. King, George A. King of Missouri, and Mary W. King.

KINNEY, BETTIE (101321) died at Holly Springs Sept. 29, with burial there/ daughter of the late James B. Jeffries of Tippah/ wife of J. Preston Kinney of Holly Springs.

KINNEY, JAMES A. (021418) died Feb. 12/ "old"/ buried at Ripley/ CSA vet/ was married first married to a Pickens/ last wife was a daughter of Judge Worsham/ leaves wife and five children Dr. Kinney of Texas, Jim and Mrs. C.W. Young. of Memphis, Bob of Brownsville, Tenn., Miss Ida/ dead children are the first wife of J.M. Spight, the first wife of Willie May, and the wife of the late Ches Hines.

KINNEY, JIM (120722) died recently/ buried at New Hope.

KIRK, OPAL (053128) died May 9, age 3 mos 8 days/ daughter of H.S. Kirk.

KNIGHT, A.A. v. JAMES KNIGHT (divorce) Bill filed Sept. 22, 1871. Were married Aug. 3, 1870. Husband deserted, remarried, and now lives in Lee County. Divorce granted.

KNIGHT, MRS. DICY ALENA (060728) died April 18, age 75/ buried at Jumpertown/ wife of Rev. Wiley M. Knight/ children are Lee, Clarence, Mrs. Ida Moore, Mra. Ada English.

KNOX, HERMIE (102721) died recently, age 14/ daughter of Ralph Knox, formerly of New Albany/ brother is Ralph Knox/ mother, deceased, was Mrs. Mattie Robinson Knox.

KNOX, MRS. RALPH (052720) died recently in Denver, Colorado, with burial there/ was nee Matt, daughter of W.W. Robinson/ sisters are Mrs. Callie Porter and Mrs. Shannon Clayton.

LABARREARE, ETHEL (042022) died March 28, age 24/ married Virgil Labarreare several months ago/ eldest child of R.C. Kennamore.

LABARREARE, EUGENE L. (092734) died Sept. 22, age 60/ buried at Mt. Zion/ leaves mother, sister, four brothers/ children are Mrs. Ira Mitchell, Mrs. Walter Shelton, Mrs. Palmer Crawford, Doris, Mims, Dee, Niles, Olin, and Lament.

LACEY, HENRY (011636) died at Dumas on Jan. 14, with burial there/ brother to J.L. Lacey, Rhoda, Mrs. Jim Cartwright, and Mrs. Luke Anderson.

LAKEY, THOMAS minor (PR 183) 1. Petition Nov. 4, 1871. Lakey selects Thomas Martindale as his guardian. Lakey is 19.

LARMAR, FANNIE v. JIM LAMAR (divorce). Bill, filed 1883. Were married July 11, 1874 or 1875 in Pontotoc County. She was nee Thomas. Husband deserted in 1876.

LANCASTER, MRS. DAVE (030624) died Dec. 28/ born Oct. 27, 1849/ married D.E. Lancaster Feb. 10, 1869/ leaves husband and seven children.

LANCASTER, E.N. (043031) died Sun., age 82/ buried at Providence/ children are Tom, Mrs. Lee Taylor, Mrs. Huey Duncan, Kelse, Luke, Mrs. J.D. Meeks, Mrs. Norman Moor

LANCASTER, MRS. MARY (071322) died June 11, age 37/ buried at Providence/ married Tom Lancaster, Feb. 1906/ had four children, the oldest is dead/ leaves husband, two brothers, 6 sisters, parents.

LATHAM, JAMES WESLEY (052627) died April 14/ buried at Wells Chapel/ born York Dist., South Carolina, June 17, 1851/ married Laura Clark Feb. 1, 1883/ she died Aug. 13, 1904/ married Sallie McElroy in December, 1910/ sister, Jane Latham, was born June 6, 1859, died April 2, 1927/ niece is Mrs. Etta McBryde.

LEATH, JOHN (082615) a CSA vet who died within the last year.

LEATHERWOOD, MRS. JENNIE WEBB (041019-012419) died Friday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Jessie Thurmond, age 75/ buried at Ripley/ was a widow since her husband was killed in the CSA.

LEATHERWOOD, MRS. JULIA (013030-020630) died Tuesday at the home of her brother, J.W. Wardlow, at Ripley, age 64/ was a resident of Ramer, Tenn./ buried at Holly, Tenn./ born Sept. 23, 1865/ was married Jan. l, 1887, to J.V. Leatherwood/ children are Clarence, Lee, Cleo, Mrs. Jake Redder/ was one of ten children and the first to die.

LEATHERWOOD, N.B. DEC (PR 594) 1. Bill April 17, 1882. Leatherwood died on March 7, 1879.

LEDBETTER, MRS. BULAH MULLIGAN (070936) died July 3, age 56/ buried at Blue Mt. beside her son, Charles/ born York Co. Nebraska/ married in Holly Springs, Ms. to Millard J. Ledbetter, who is burded in a family cemetery in Marshall Co./ children are Mrs. Juliet Hill, Mrs. Hazel Sage, Mrs. Eva Purvis, Jennings Ledbetter, all of Tippah.

LEDBETTER, CHARLES M. (102418) buried at Blue Mountain last week.

LEDBETTER, CLAUDE (101630) died Sept. 10/ buried at Concord/ born June 14, 1893/ married Dec. 20, 1914/ son of J.D. Ledbetter/ brother to Mrs. Jon Kuykendall, Mrs. Joe Green, Mrs. Kinley Furtick, Frank, Edd, Sam Ledbetter.

LEDBETTER, VANCE (101128) killed on October 5 at the home of A.V. Jumper near Pisgah by Dewitt Geno, who is a brother-in-law of Jumper.

LEE, CHARLEY (052924) died March 30/ son of Joel Lee/ born June 26, 1908/ leaves parents, 2 half brothers, 3 sisters, 1 brother/ a sister died 5 years ago/ buried at Sand Springs.

LEE, CORA ANN (010335) died recently, age 3 mos ll days/ buried at New Hope/ daughter of Louis Lee.

LEE, JOHN A. (021622) died Dec. 22, age 73/ buried at Pine Grove/ married in 1870 to Emma Hamilton who died 12 years ago/ married second to Bitha Quinn.

LENCE, D. JACKSON (012132) died Tues., age 56/ buried at Shady Grove/ leaves 7 sons and 2 daughters.

LENCE, JEFFERSON (083116) died Sept. 30, 1915/ CSA vet/ born April 1, 1837.

in Illinois/seven of his eight children survive.

LEOPARD, EUGENE (101018) died today, age 21/ buried at Little Hope/ son of R.D.

LEOPARD, GREEN (121626) died in Benton Co., age 75/ buried at Antioch/ leaves 4 sons and 2 daughters/ wife, a son, and a daughter are dead.

LEOPARD, IRA (030536) died Feb. 26, age 60/ buried at Antioch/ leaves wife/ brother to R.L., William, Tom (Pontotoc), Mrs. Julie Smith, Mrs. Sallie Smith.

LEWELLEN, MRS. HATTIE SARAH (070236) died Monday, age 44/ buried at Lowrey/ wife of Sam Houston Lewellen/ daughter of A.B. Ralph/ leaves 3 daughters, 4 sons.

LEWELLEN, FOUNT (040319) died March 27/ buried in Criswell Cem./ leaves wife, 7 children, 2 brothers, a sister.

LEWELLEN, JAMES OLIN (012319) died last Sat./ buried at Wiers Chapel/ son of Amon and Ella (Kelly) Lewellen/ born April 28, 1901, twin to Ora Lewellen.

LEWELLEN, JUANITA (070435) died recently in Prentiss Co., age 15/ daughter of Spencer Lewellen.

LEWELLEN, OLIVER P. v. MARY E. LEWELLEN (divorce). Bill filed Oct. 4, 1879. Were married Jan. 4, 1849. Separated in 1877. Decree, Nov. 12, 1879.

LEWELLEN, WILLIAM C. dec (PR 199). 1. Affadavit of Non-residence, Aug. 8, 1872. Samuel Lewellen, an heir, is a resident of Texas.

LEWELLEN, W.G. (BROWNLOW) (021523) died Feb. 1 at New Albany, Indiana/ buried in Fairview Cemetery there/ born at Ripley, April 9, 1850/ married Mary Elizabeth Amann on Sept. 2, 1879/ to Indiana in August, 1889/ leaves wife and nine children-Harrell A. Lewellen (Stockton, Calif), Robert J. Lewellen, Jerre J. Lewellen, Vance D. Lewellen, Mrs. Wilber Whalen, and Mrs. Walter Cline of New Albany, Ind., Conrad O. Lewellen of Louisville, Ky., Mrs. J.B. Dennis and Mrs. Mabel Wagner of Lexington, Ky.

LEWELLEN, WYNONA (062619) SEE ALSO JUANITA LEWELLEN. died June 10, age l0 mons/ buried at Jumpertown/ daughter of Spencer Lewellen/ cousin to Ora Lewellen

LEWIS, SAM (112636) died recently, age 63/ buried in Nance cem./ married Minnie Drewery.

LINDSEY, MRS. AMANDA (091334) died recently age 83/ buried in Blackwell Cemetery in Benton County.

LINDSEY, MRS. FANNIE (111027) died Fri., age 77/ buried at Pleasant Ridge/ nee Gillam/ married first to Tom Hill/ married second to Mack Lindsey, who died in 1920/ children are Mrs. Loula Stanford, Mrs. George Greer of Ellistown, Mrs. Sam Pannell of New Albany, Mrs. Ira Gobe, and W.T. Hill/ grandmother of Mrs. J.R. Hardy.

LINDSEY, SON OF JOHN S. (062536) died Monday, age 7 days/ buried at Ripley.

LINEBARGER FAMILY (060436) Came from Germany to England to America. Buried at sea were the parents of Peter, Lewis, and John Linebarger. Lewis Linebarger moved to Gaston Co., North Carolina, and married Barbara Anna Maria Spanheimer/ he was killed in Ga. during the Revolution/ he was the father of Fred Linebarger, who married Eva Willis/ Fred was the father of David Linebarger, who married Elizabeth Jenkins, granddaughter of Col. Frederick Hambright of the Revolution/ David was the father of Fred Linebarger who married A.G. Cannon/ Fred was the father of David Linebarger, who married Adeline Greer/ their son was Laban Linebarger (died 1936) who was married to Una McCown and Susan Clemmer. Susan Clemmer was descended from Peter Hoyle and Catherine Dales Catherine Hoyle and George Hovis Margaret Hovis and John Hoffman Susan Hoffman and Elisha Withers Sophia Withers and Sidney Clenmer.

LINEBARGER, MRS. FANNIE (053029) died Sat./ buried at Little Hope/ wife of John H. Linebarger/ daughter of Squire Jess Johnson/son: Noel/also reared 3 children of her husband's brother.

LINEBARGER, MRS. JENNIE (030117) died Feb. 16/ niece: Maril Colley.

LINEBARGER, JOHN W. (053134-060734) died Tues., age 67 yrs 10 mos 27 days/ buried at Little Hope/ nephew of Agnes B. Bills/ married Minta Paseur on April 7, 1897/ child was Mrs. James A. Jamieson/ married Mrs. Lena Childers Dec. 24, 1924/ child was J.W. Linebarger/son of David Linebarger/ brother to Laban, Frank, Mrs. Will Clemmer of Tippah, and Mrs. Sallie Work of Hobart, Oklahoma.

LINEBARGER, LABAN F. (052136) died May 13/ buried at Little Hope/ born April 4, 1869/ married Martha Eunice McCown in 1889/ children were Ethel (died at age 2), Charlie (died at age 1), Mrs. J.C. Childers (d. April 2, 1935), Mrs. R.M. Mann, Mrs. W.E. Eaton/ married second to Susie Etta Clemmer, 1900/ children were Blanche, Mattie V., Jennie May, Roy, Lloyd, Eva Sue, Mrs. Cecil O. Lewis, and a son who died in infancy.

LINVILLE, MRS. D.H. (120634) died Tues. age 66/ buried at Antioch/ nee Mary Fannie Shelton, daughter of Billie/ married Dec. 17, 1884/ had ll children but one died July 10, 1910.

LINVILLE, DAVID H. (030134) died Feb. 25, age 75/ buried at Antioch/ children are William of Ruleville, Frank of  Longview, Texas, Jesse of Hot Springs, Arkansas, Walter of Trenton, Tenn., Oran, Mrs. Sanderson, Mrs. Sid Davis, Mrs. Ralph Roberson, Mrs. Emmett Street, Mrs. Monroe Stark.

LINVILLE, EDD (110828) died recently at Blytheville, Ark./ buried at Antioch/ son of Mrs. Emma Linville/ brother to Claude, Collins, Terry, Carl/ also has a brother and 2 sisters in Memphis/ moved to Ark. 3 or 4 years ago.

LINVILLE, MOLLIE (020531) died Jan. 17/ buried at Antioch/ born Feb. 26, 1896/ sister to Mrs. John Street, Mrs. Robert Meeks (Memphis), Claude, Carrington, Collins, Terry, Carl Linville.

LINVILLE, RICHARD FRANKLIN (031115) died Wed./ buried at Antioch/ born Jan. 28, 1868/ married Emily V. Shelton, Dec. 16, 1885/ leaves wife and 9 children (3 are dead)/ brother to Dave Linville and Mrs. D.M. Street.

LINVILLE, VERNON DEWITT (020531) died Oct. 25, 1930/ buried at Antioch/ born June 21, 1930, son of Carl/ leaves parents and three sisters.

LITTLE, BUD (051436) died Mon./ buried in Hardin Cem./ daughter is Mrs. Hodges.

LITTLE, EDGAR (062018) died June 2 in Union Co./ born June 29, 1881, son of Jim Little/ married Lillie Mabry, Dec. 18, 1901/ she died Nov. 13, 1907/ children are Erma Dee and Hubert/ leaves 2 bro., 5 sis.

LITTLE, GEORGE EUCLID (012633) died Nov. 24/ born May 21, 1932, son of Olive.

LITTLE, MRS. J.R. (032730) died Sat., age 49/ buried at Wells Chapel/ wife of Redmond Little/ nee Riddlespurger/ children are B.B., Mrs. E.G. Medlin, Mrs. Charles Foley, Joe Earl, Sallie Florence, Ella C. Little.

LITTLE, JIM (082626) died Aug. 8/ buried at Jacobs Chapel/ born March 29, 1856/ married Alberta Clark/ leaves wife and 7 children.

LITTLE, MARY MAXINE (072325) died Sept. 25, 1924/ buried in Hardin Cem./ daughter of Oliver Little/ born Aug. 6, 1923.

LITTLE, PIT (041625) died yesterday at Cotton Plant, age 60.

LITTLE, W. EDGAR (060618) died Sunday, with burial at Dumas.

LITTLE, W. HUGHEY (091935) died Sept. 17, age 53/ buried at Wells Chapel/ son of Pitt Little/ never married/ brother to J.R., Hubert (Arkansas), Henry (Arkansas) Lu Ann, Mrs. Seola Cook.

LITTLETON, H.R. (011729) died Monday, with burial at Ashland/ children are Jessie, Janie, Marietta, Mark, Burl, Rawlings, Mrs. Virginia Roberts.

LITTLETON, J.H. (082615) a CSA vet. who died within the past year.

LOCKHART, HOMER HOUSTON (011718-011619) died at Norfolk, Virginia, Jan. 16, 1918/ youngest son of William (B.) Lockhart and Sarah Frances (Smith) Lockhart/ married Drucilla Peeler, daughter of W.M. Peeler, in 1916.

LOCKHART, MRS. CHARLIE (022319-031319-040820) died Feb. 16, 1919/ buried at Rucker/ born June 29, 1891, nee Viola Williams/ married W.C. Lockhart on Nov. 5, 1911/ no children/ parents died when she was small and she lived with her uncle, J.E. Basden/ leaves 3 sisters and a brother.

LOCKHART, MARY ELIZABETH (120535) died Nov. 23/ born Jan. 3, 1858/ married John Houston Lockhart, 1879/ he died 32 years ago/ children are Mrs. E.A. Medford of Corpus Christi, Texas, W.C. Lockhart, Mrs. C.E. Paseur.

LOCKHART, THOMAS FRANKLIN (080135) Letter of T.F. Lockhart dated either May 24, 1863, or June 20, 1863, at Tullahoma, Tenn., where he was serving in the CSA, to his sons, J.H. Lockhart and W.T.G. Lockhart. Dead children were Josephine, Joan, and Mary Frances.

LOKEY, ROBERT E. (041129) died Monday, age 56/ buried at Dumas/ wife nee Maude Nabors/ children are Mary, Ruth, Lila Lee, Mrs. Charley Work (Hickory Flat), Mrs. Troy Davis/ born Dec. 17, 1853.

LOLLAR, MRS. MARY LEE (010533) died Sat. at Baldwyn/ buried in Kirkville Cem./ daughter of B.O. South of Ripley/ husband died two years ago/ leaves parents, brothers (Howard South, George South of Detroit, sister (Mrs. O.C. Virden), half-brother (Murry South), half-sister (Grace South).

LONG, ANNIE LOU (122320) died Dec. 13, age 3/ daughter of Lee Long.

LONG, SAMUEL (060122) died Jan. 22, age 28 yrs 7 mos 26 days/ buried at New Salem/ leaves wife, 4 children, 2 brothers, a sister (Mrs. Hattie Sides).

LOVE, LAMAR (082929) died Saturday at Algoma, age 17/ buried at Mooreville/ son of Rev. G. Byron Love, formerly of Tippah.

LOVE, LLOYD BINFORD (050422) died March 2l/ buried at Pleasant Hill/ born Jan. 19, 1922, son of, Walter Love.

LOVE, SIDNEY OVID (042722-050422) died April 2/ buried at Walnut Creek/ was born Kilmichiel, Miss., Feb. 1849, son of Friend Ovid Love and Mary (Lipscomb) Love/ ancestors came to South Carolina before the Revolution/ was married to Leonora Elizabeth Braddock July 31, 1876/ served in Co. C, 20th Miss. Inf., CSA/ served in state legislature, 1888, circuit clerk 1896-1900, legislature, 1908-1910/ children are Rev. G.B. Love of Ratliff, Mrs. Nelse Glisson, Friend Ovid Love, Mrs. Hattie Meeks, Emma, Janie, Sidney O. Love Jr., and Walter Love.

LOWE, MRS. FANNIE (100522) died Monday, age 78/ buried at Blue Mountain/ married 3 times/ mother of Mrs. Emma Hood.

LOWRANCE, FLOSSY (031324) died Feb. 14, age 10/ buried at Mt. Moriah/ daughter of S.M. Lowrance.

LOWREY, BOOTH (071730) died Tues., age 70/ born Kossuth, April 2, 1860, son of Gen. M.P. Lowrey and Mrs. Sarah Holmes Lowrey/ twin to Judge Perrin H. Lowrey of Marks/ married Pattie Lowry in 1886-she was a relative to Governor Robert Lowry/ his children are Perrin H. Lowrey of Baltimore, Moina (dead), L.T. Lowrey/ was a brother to Mrs. Modena Berry, Mrs. Maggie Anderson (Mobile), Mrs. James Graves (Canton, China), Mrs. Sallie Potter (Jackson), Dr. W.T. Lowrey (Clinton), Perrin H. Lowrey, Dr. B.G. Lowrey (Oxford) J.J. Lowrey (Dallas,Texas).

LOWREY, DAVE (040528) died Memphis, March 29/ buried at New Hope in Benton Co./ wife is a dau. of Edd Norton/ children are Mrs. Richard Montgomery, Hansford, Milton, Guy/ was a brother to M.K. Lowrey, John Lowrey of Memphis/ son of late W.B. Lowrey of Benton County.

LOWREY, MRS. ERIN (121235) died recently at Baltimore, Maryland, age 33/ wife of Perrin H. Lowrey, who is a brother to Lawrence T. Lowrey of BMC/ daughter of Swep Taylor of Verona/ children are Perrin Jr. and Lady Harriett Lowrey.

LOWREY, HARRIS (061522) died June 1, age 19/ buried at New Hope/ 2nd son of Mrs. Ches. Lowrey.

LOWREY, J.W. (Jap) (080432) died Tues., age 71/ buried at Shady Grove/ in Tippah 30 years/ brother to J.H. Lowrey of Ashland and N.C. and L.H. Lowrey of Memphis/ father of Mrs. G.R. Yancey of Rienzi, Mrs. Ross Yancey of Memphis, Mrs. W.A. Emerson, Mrs. R.L. Jordan of Memphis, Mrs. C.T. Thurmond, Fant of Shelby Co., J.R. of Shelby County, Tenn.

LOWREY, LYNN (082235) died Aug. 16, age 45/ daughter of Dr. W.T. Lowrey of Blue Mountain/ sister to Mrs. John H. Buchanan of Lynchburg, Va., Sarah Lowrey of Waco, Texas, W.T. Lowrey Jr. of Redwood, Ms., James Searcy Lowrey of Florida.

LOWREY, GENERAL MARK PERRIN (031231) mentioned/ was born in McNairy County, Tenn., Dec. 29, 1828/ his father, Adam Lowrey, was a native of Ireland/ his mother, Margaret Doss, was the daughter of an English woman who was kidnapped and sent to America/ his father died near Natchez in 1837/ there were 9 children in his family/ married Sarah R. Holmes in Lincoln County, Tenn., at age 21/ had eleven children-living are Modena Berry, Mrs. Maggie L. Anderson (widow of Rev. J.D. Anderson of Mobile), Mrs. Janie L. Graves (Canton, China), Mrs. Linnie T. Ray, Dr. W.T. Lowrey, Judge P.H. Lowrey (Marks, Miss.), Dr. B.G. Lowrey (Oxford), J.J. Lowrey (Dallas, Texas), Mrs. Sallie L. Potter (Widow of Dr. W.D. Potter of Clinton, Ms.)/ deceased children are Booth Lowrey (father of P.H. Lowrey of Baltimore and of Dr. Lawrence T. Lowrey) and T.C. Lowrey.

LOWREY, T.C. (110817) died at Blue Mt. on Nov. 6/ age 55/ son of Gen. M.P. Lowrey/ wife nee Susie Sumrall.

LOWREY, WILEY (091819-092519) died east of Falkner on Sept 15, age 40 yrs, 7 mos, 6 days.

LOWREY, WORD (013124) died recently at Lambert, Miss., age 42/ son of the late Dr. Henry Lowrey of Blue Mt./ married Agnes Walton/ sisters are Mrs. Joel Adams and Mrs. Mattie L. Alvis.

LUFTENBURG, ERNEST SYLVESTER (060833) died Sunday at Ripley, age 18/ son of H.S. Luftenburg, who moved to Ripley 6 years ago/ brother to Mrs. Tandy Cullins (Louisville, Miss.), Lola (Cincinnatti), Ruth, Jack, Mrs. Gill Huessner (Scranton, Pa.).

LUNA, H.P. (031633) died recently, age 68/ buried at New Salem/ was president of the Bank of Walnut/ second wife was Avie Wright/ children are Luther, Ward, Verner, Tate, Howard, H.J. Jr., Mrs. J.A. Hines, Mrs. Leroy Tomlinson, Ernest (Menphis), Mrs. U.A. Burgess (Memphis), Mrs. Marybelle Sanders (Clarksdale).

LUNA, J.W. (050317) died April 21/ buried at Little Hope/ born 0ct. 28, 1916, son of Fate and Aline Luna.

LUNA, JANIE (060122) died Aug. 24, 192?/ age 5 yrs 5 mos 7 days/ buried in Riggs Cem./ daughter of J.D. Luna/ aunt is Mrs. Callie Brady.

LUNA, JOEL (120430) died Sat., age 44/ buried at Hopewell/ unmarried/ son of Jim Luna/ brother to Jodie, Mrs. Tom Henderson (Benton Co.), and brothers and sisters in Capleville, Tenn.

LUNA, OLANDA J. (082736) died Aug. 21, born Dec. 28, 1856/ married Mary Broen 1886/ she died 3 or 2 years ago/ at Hopewell.

LUNA, DR. T.J. (070721-092921) died in Benton Co., July 2/ buried at Shelby Creek/ born Nov. 29, 1853/ was 13th of 14 children/ married Johnnie Ford, Dec. l3, 1883/ had 9 children-living are Lawrence, Addison, Mrs. J.D. Stroup, Mrs. Eugene McBride, and 4 unmarried girls at home.

LUNA, SCOTT (062332) died Monday at Walnut, age 82/ buried at New Salem/ wife dead 22 years/ children are Will, Jim, Charlie.

LYNCH, OTIS (112019) died Nov. 20/ unmarried, formerly of Tennessee and Corinth.

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