Death Notices E F G
Obituaries from Ripley's
and other sources
1836 through 1936


EANES, MRS. BEN (011018-013118) died Jan. 6/buried at Shady Grove/born Aug. 19, 1884, dau. of Ira South/married Sept. 7, 1902/had 2 daughters and a son.

EARLE, WILLIAM v. Indey Earle (divorce) Bill filed Jan. 21, 1876. Married in 1871. She nee Johnson.

EATON, JOHN (101735) died Oct. 13, age 69/buried at Dumas/wife: Kittie. Children are Ellis, Grady, Marvin, Mrs. Almus Ambrose, Mrs. Clyde Cartwright, Ivy.

EATON, OTTO (011619-012319) died recently, age 8/son of John Eaton of Dumas/leaves parents, 3 brothers, 3 sisters.

EATON, ROE (050725) died Sunday in Choctaw County, Miss., age 84/father of John Eaton of Dumas, Mrs. Marshall, Mrs. W.M. Stanford/ formerly of Tippah County.

EATON, TRUMAN (042920) died Dec. 28/ buried at Owens Chapel/born May 25, 1915/son of R.B. Eaton.

ECHOLS, IONE (042628) died April 20 at North Carrolton, Ms. with burial there/daughter of Joe Echols, formerly of Tippah.

ELDER, JAMES (121527) died last week, age 8/buried at Blue Mountain/son of Claude Elder.

ELDER, J.B. (BUCK) (010423) died Dec. 26 at New Albany/second wife Lizzie Smith Of Dumas.

ELDER, MRS. JOHN (060618)died in Union County yesterday.

ELLETT, ALBERT HAMILTON (032631) ment. born in Tallahatchie Co., Mississippi/ moved to Blue Mountain, 1895/died April 6, 1911/buried at Blue Mountain beside wife/child is Rivers Ellett.

ELLETT, MRS. SARAH (081419) died Aug. 6 at Charleston, Miss., with burial at Dogan Cem. at Charleston/would be 94/born in Virginia/moved to Cascilla, Ms., with husband/children are Mrs. Sally Whitten of Summer and Mittie of Charleston/grandsons are A.L. Whitten of Summer and Lindsey Whitten of Ark.

ELLIOTT, WILLIAM HENRY (052015-040815) died April 6/buried in Walnut Creek/ born Alabama, June 10, 1828/came with his father to Oktibbeha Co., Miss,, in 1835/married Mary Jane Norton in 1855/had 10 children-living are Benton Elliott, Charlie Elliott, Mrs. Minnie Tomlinson.

ELLIOTT, MRS. WILLIAM HENRY (021920) died recently/born October, 1833, nee Mary Jane Norton/married in 1855/ had seven children-living are Benton M. Elliott, Charles H. Elliott, Mrs. Minnie Tomlinson/husband died April, 1915/only living brother is Rev. Anderson Norton of Washington, D.C.

ELLIS, SQUIRE D. (013036) died Jan. 28, age 64 at Blue Mountain/native of Pontotoc Co./brother to Rev. Ellis of Birmingham, Ala./ father of Mrs, Alvis Calicutt, Mrs. J.B. Buchanan, Mrs. Duncan McClain, Mrs. Alfred Robertson, Rowland Ellis of Texas, Harry Ellis of Arizona, Guy Ellis of Pittsboro.

ELLZEY, DR. E.S. (100016-101916-110916) murdered at Blue Mountain the Tuesday prior to Oct. 13/buried in the Ellzey Cemetery in Pontotoc Co./born Pontotoc County, Feb. 20, 1848, son of Martha Ann and Dr. James Ellzey/CSA vet/grad of the University of Louisville Medical School in 1876, married Lizzie F. Smith of Pittsboro, Feb. 4, 1878/she died May 25, 1885/had two children/ married Theodocia H. Smith and had 5 children/son, Roy, is 12/murdered by his wife-was the first murder in the history of Blue Mountain.

EMBREY, ELIZABETH dec (PR 681) 1. Petition filed Sept. 6, 1885, by T.B. Stubbs, admin. Elizabeth Embrey died May 4, 1884.

EMBREY, HENRIETTA v. ANDERSON EMBREY (divorce). Bill filed July 19, 1873. Were married in Tippah, June 1867. Deserted by husband, 1869. Decree, Oct 14, 1873.

EMBREY, JESSE dec (PR 440) 1. Petition for letters, Dec. 18, 1865. Embrey died March 31, 1860. Heirs are Dr. James H. Embrey of Pontotoc County, Willie K. Embrey of Tippah, Elizabeth H. Stubbs dec (wife of Charles Stubbs and mother of Thomas, Mary Jane, Catherine, and Charles Stubbs), Sarah A. Stubbs (wife of H.A. Stubbs), David W. Embrey, Cyble H. Smith dec.

EMMONS, ENNIS (090722) died Aug. 23, age 17 months/buried at Mt. Moriah/daughter of Joe Emmons and niece of Mrs. Mary Proctor.

EMMONS, IONA LEE (032526) died Feb. 17/daughter of William and Inez Emmons.

ENGLISH, T.J. (092921) died Sept. 19/ born July 2, 1846/wife dead 11 years/ leaves 4 sons and a daughter.

ESTES, CHARLEY (012016) died this week/ father of Marlin Estes.

ESTES, MRS. M.S. (031523) died recently, age 71/buried at Little Hope/widow of C.W. Estes.

ESTES, MARLIN (012016) died Jan. 10/born Jan. 19, 1892, son of Charlie Estes.

ESTES, R.A. (060927) died Sat., age 73/ buried at Little Hope/leaves wife, five sons, 4 daughters.

EUBANKS, REV. ELBERT JERRY (010528) suicide, Dec., 1927, age 73/buried at Harmony/born Spartanburg, S.C., son of Waters and Edie (Wilbanks) Embanks/ moved to Tippah 66 years ago/married first to Mary Allen/their children are Eli, Mrs. Rex Jones, Mrs. Addison Stanley, Clarence, John/married second to Amelia Boyd/children are Mrs. Will Seaborn, Mrs. Ellis Kitchens, Tom Lee, Hall, and Charlie.

EUBANKS, GEORGE (093026) died at Amory earier this week, age 8/son of A.J. Eubanks, formerly of Blue Mountain, but now of New Albany.

EUBARKS, JERRY BOYD (112917) died July 29/born Feb. 22, 1898, son of Rev. E.J. Eubanks/married Elma Call, Dec. 9, 1915.

EUBANKS, MARION E. (031523) died Dec. 22/buried at Harmony/born May 30, 1875, son of Rev. E.J. Eubanks/leaves wife and six children.

EUBANKS, MRS. MARY HOLLIS (072215) died Thurs./buried at Union Cem./wife of Eli Eubanks and daughter of J.R. Hollis/leaves husband, 2 sons, 2 daughters.

EUBANKS, WILLIE (101018) died Sunday, age 16, at Sheffield, Ala./son of Eli Eubanks/buried at Chalybeate beside mother who died 3 years ago.

EVANS, G.H. (022829) died Monday/buried in Kentucky.

FAGIN, DR, ROBERT (080228) died Wed. at Memphis, age 46/buried at Baldwyn/leaves wife and two children/was a nephew of Dr. J.F. Hill of Memphis.

FALKNER, COL. JOHN WESLEY THOMPSON (030922) died March 3 at Oxford, age 73/ son of Col. W.C. Falkner/moved to Oxford in 1885/was a legislator from Lafayette County, 1892-1894, then was elected State Senator/wife was a daughter of the late J.Y, Murry of Ripley/children: Murry C. Falkner, Judge John Falkner, Mrs. Wilkins.

FALKNER, MURRY CUTHBERT (081132) died August 7 at Oxford, age 62/born at Ripley, son of Col. J.W.T. Falkner/grandson of Col. W.C. Falkner/wife is nee Maud Butler/brother to Mrs. Holland Wilkins of Oxford, Judge J.W.T. Falkner of Oxford/children are writer William Faulkner, Murry Falkner, John W.T. Falkner III, and Dean Swift Falkner.

FANT, ANEE (Obit., Oct. 3, 1930) died at Hemphis, Sept. 26, age 53/sister to the late Dr. J.C. Fant, fomer President of MSCW at Columbus, Hiss.

FANT, JOHN C. (110729-010230) died Nov. 6, 1929, age 73/buried in Ripley Cemetery/former Sheriff/married Mamie, daughter of Capt. R.I. Hill, 50 years ago/deceased children are Nat and Bob. Other children are John Fant of Luling, Texas, and Mrs. B.E. (Clara Lee) Gatlin of Ripley.

FANT, MRS. JOHN C. (122833) died Thurs., age 75/widow of Sheriff John Fant/children are John of Houston, Texas, and Mrs. Barnie Gatlin.

FANT, MRS. JOHN JR. (061329) died Sun. at Ardmore, Okla/buried in Oklahoma City/leaves husband and a 14 year old daughter by a previous marriage/married Fant 7 years ago/relative of J.C. Fant and Mrs. Clara Rogers of Ripley.

FERRELL, BYRON (031615) died Feb. 9, age 15/buried at Mt. Moriah/son of Jim Ferrell/leaves father, stepmother, 2 sisters, 2 brothers, 3 stepbrother, 2 stepsisters.

FERRELL, J.L. (012???) died Friday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Duncan, at Pocahontas, Tn., age 99/ CSA vet.

FERRELL, MRS. J.L. (010930) died Dec. 30, age 90/ buried Ebenezer, Hardeman Co., Tenn./married during Civil War.

FERRELL, JAMES L. (062624) SEE ALSO J.L. FERRELL, mentoned as turning 89 on May 30/was born at Old Salem in 1835/as a soldier in the CSA, he was wounded and taken prisoner/married Jennie Hanson of Canton, Miss, 63 years ago/has a large family/his grandfather died at 96, his father at 86, his mother at 77/an aunt is 112.

FERRELL, LAWRENCE (031126) died Dec. 6, age 22/buried at Mt. Moriah/brother to Viola Voyles.

FIELDS, W.H. (021920-041520) died last week, age 84/buried in Union Cem./was born March 5, 1835/married Euphrania Kelly June 30, 1861/she died Dec. 24, 1917/daughter is Mrs. Bessie Sanderson.

FIELDS, MRS. W.H. (010417) died Dec. 24, 1916/buried in Union Cem./born March 13, 1843/married in June, 1861/a child died in infancy/leaves a daughter, Mrs. J.Q. Sanderson, and a foster daughter, Mrs. Epsy Street, died a few years ago/husband is 83.

FIFE, MRS. JANE ELIZABETH JAMIESON (011428-082328) died Jan. 16/buried at Little Hope/age 80/married December, 1868, to J.C. Fife, a CSA vet who served in the 43rd Miss, Regt from Lee County/ was a sister to John L. Jamieson, Mrs. Nora Nance of Texas, Mrs. Bill Thornton, Mrs. Bob Clemmer.

FINGER, DAUGHTER OF LELAND (102013) died Friday, age 6/buried at Ripley.

FINGER, ELMER (121620) died at Memphis Sunday/buried at Ripley/born 31 years ago last April 1, son of M.L. Finger/ married Pauline Dunlap of Pontotoc Co. eight years ago/children are Wilmer (age 5) and Josephine (age3).

FINGER, MRS. JENNIE (052726) died Wed. at Oxford/buried at Ripley/widow of John Finger.

FINGER, JOHN T. (122017) died yesterday, age 63/brother to S.S. Finger and M.L. Finger/married twice.

FINGER, MRS. LAURA (061434> died Monday, age 50/buried at Ripley/wife of John F. Finger, whom she married 24 years ago/ one son is dead/other son is John Hudson Finger/sister to Bart Hudson, Charles Hudson Of McAlester, Okla., Mrs. Mary White of Aberdeen, Mrs. Bowden Rundle of Grenada, Mrs. Bob Smith, Dr. Arthur Hudson (dead), Dr. Manning Hudson (dead).

FINGER, LELAND (012727> died last Thurs., age 40/buried at Ripley/son of S.S. Finger/brother to J.E. Finger, Mrs. S.W. Wardlaw of Memphis, and Mrs. B.B. Isbell of Collierville/children are Margaret, Wade, and Jamie Finger.

FINGER, M.L. (121235) died last week.

FINGER, OTIS (042022) died Sunday at the home of his grandfather, S.S. Finger/ born Feb. 18, 1898/his father, E.C. Finger, was the oldest son of S.S. Finger and died June 10, 1901/his mother died when he was 7.

FINGER, SIMON (062531) died Wednesday in Arkansas, age 22/grandson of S.S. Finger/son of the late Van Finger and the late Mrs. Dora Tolbert Finger/ brother to Palmer Finger of New York and Evelyn Finger of Ripley.

FINGER, T.J. (030536-041636) died in April, 1936, age 84/brother to late M.L. Finger of Ripley and S.S. Finger of Ripley/moved to Texas 48 years ago/ married 62 years/his wife was Ella Nabors, who died last summer/he died at Appleby, Texas.

FLAKE, CHILD OF WILLIAM (010131) died Sunday/buried at Union Cemetery.

FLOYD, DAVID ALBERT (012429) died Jan. 3, age 2 yrs 3 mos 21 days/buried at Shady Grove/aunt is Elmer Windham.

FLOYD, G.W. (022620) died Tuesday at the home of his son, Wash Floyd, age 83/buried at Pleasant Ridge.

FLOYD, MRS. MARY J. USSURY (103129) died Monday, age 72/buried in Pogue Cem./born in Itawamba Co./married J.D. Floyd of Benton Co., 1872/he died in 1900/children are George, Tom of Dumas, Ark., Charles of Columbia, La., James of Etta, Ms., Mrs. Steve Mercer of Meridian, Mrs. E.L. Labarreare, Mrs. MacDuff Carson, Mrs. Alice Rutherford.

FOLEY, JOHN (070528) Died Monday, age 57/buried at Ebenezer near Cotton Plant/wife is a daughter of Rev. N.J. Owen of Blue Mountain/brother to Will Foley and Mrs. Joe Warrenton/father is living.

FONTAINE, MOLLY v. WILL FONTAINE (divorce) Bill filed Sept. 5, 1882.  Married Dec. 20, 1875. Husband deserted March, 1878. Summons to Will Fontaine of Union Co., Sept. 30, 1882. Decree, Nov. 15, 1882.

FOOTE, W.H. (083116) died Thanksgiving, 1913/buried at Academy/CSA veteran.

FORD, ADA ELOSE (090132) died Wed./buried at Antioch/born June 29, 1913, daughter of Tommy Ford.

FORD, BARBARY DEC (PR612) 1. Citation to Mary Craig and husband James Craig, Ann Allison, Benjamin Ford, Prudy Gray, S.E. Belote, C. Ford, ?. A. Gray and her husband Joseph Gray, and James McNeely of Tippah, Oct. 22, 1866. 2. Citation to B.F. Ford, Prudy Gray, Polly Gray, California Ford, adults, and minors Elmore Allison, Benjamin F. Allison, Mary F. Allison, Barbary A. Allison, all of Benton Co., Sept. 13, 1871. 3. Affadavit of Non-residence, Sept. 1871. Howell Ford, an heir, lives in Texas.

FORD, DECATUR E. (021534) died Thurs., age 67/buried at Shelby Creek/lived in Fort Worth, Texas for years/children are Alfred Ford of Ripley, Ethel, Lillie, Mae, and Katherin R. Ford of Ft. Worth.

FORD, JAMES A. (030630) died Sunday/buried at Shady Grove.

FORD, JAMMIE ELIZABETH (031021) died Jan. 6/ buried at Wells Chapel/born Aug. 1, 1918, daughter of Jim Ford.

FORD, MRS. JOHN A. (061329) died May 21 at Waco, Texas.

FORD, JOHN PINKNEY (032223) died Jan. 26 at the home of his son, Dr. H.S. Ford of Brownfield/ born Greenville, S.C., Nov. 16, 1836/to Union Co., Miss., at age 5/CSA vet./married Silas Ann Barkley in 1876/had 4 sons - Walter (dead), Dr. H.S., John, Jim (Union Co.).

FORD, MRS. JOHN (020321) died Tuesday near Molino/buried at Wells Chapel.

FORD, JOSIE (040622) died Narch 11/wife of Jere Ford/leaves hushand, 3 children, parents, 4 sisters, 3 brothers.

FORD, MARGARET MARIE (072634) died at Memphis Monday, age 19/buried at Shady Grove/daughter of Julian A. Ford of Ripley/sister to Lawrence, Mrs. Bob Corley, Mrs. Walter Lowrey, Lula Hugh, Grace.

FORD, SARAH (080322) died July 29/buried at Shady Crove/daughter of Julian Ford.

FOSTER, C.H., DEC (PR 525, 530) 1. Original Bill filed Aug. 2, 1880. Foster died May 19, 1880, Heirs are Sallie E. Crawford (wife of W.A. Crawford), S.E. Manning (wife of H.C. Manning), Mary M. Foster (wife of Elbert Foster of Whitesboro, Grayson Co., Texas), and William J. Foster, minor.

FOSTER, MRS. PINK (050229) died at Memphis last week, age 49/buried at Flat Rock/ dau. of late Jim Calicutt/sister to Mrs. Effie Jackson of Troup, Texas, Mrs. Maggie Kyser of Glenfield, Mrs. Lola Harrington, Mrs. George McBrayer of New Albany, Bessie of Memphis.

FOWLER, IRA (021925) died at New Albany Tuesday.

FOWLER, MARK (012319) killed in action in France, Nov. 4, 1918, age about 20/ son of I.W. Fowler of Blue Mountain/ nephew of D.B. Jones and Mrs. Daniel.

FOWLER, WILL (072915) died Wednesday at Greenwood/ leaves a wife.

FRANKS, ELIZABETH (121918) died at Pinesville Louisiana recently, age 3/buried at Durant, Miss./daughter of Rev. J.D. Franks of Pineville and grandchild of M.L. Nance of Ripley.

FRANKS, MRS. J.D. (062327-080427) died at Columbus, Miss., June 6/buried at Durant/nee Sallie Graham Nance of Ripley, daughter of M.L. Nance, now of Tampa, Florida/born Sept. 8, 1892/ married Rev. J.D. Franks Jan. 14, 1915/ daughter, Elizabeth, died 1919/leaves 2 sisters and a brother.

FRAZIER, MRS. BETTIE (031616) died Jan. 20, age 58/buried at Wiers Chapel/leaves 1 child, 2 sisters, and 2 brothers.

FRAZIER, E.T. (082615) died April 15, age 70/buried at Harmony/served in Co. D, 30th N.C. regiment, CSA.

FRAZIER, LEE ESTER (032135) died Fri., age 17/son of D.R. Frazier of Walnut/ buried at Harmony/brother to Dewitt Frazier, Mrs. Roy Wren, Mrs. Frank Howell, Mrs. Jim Tatum.

FREDERICK, MRS. CARL (033127) died at Birmingham, Ala., Fri./buried at Harmony/daughter of N.W. Brown/leaves husband and 2 children.

FREDERICK, CLARICE (O12021) died Dec. 30/buried at Harmony/second child of Edd Frederick of Walnut/born Mar. 3, 1916.

FREDERICK, MRS. MATTIE (050935) died Saturday, age 76/wife of J.B. Frederick/ buried at Harmony/children are Tom, Edd, Carl, Mrs. Dolphus Ray, Mrs. Fred Cossitt of Memphis.

FREDRICK, MRS. LILLIE (072336) died Sat., age 37/buried at Tiplersville/ wife of Alex Freeman/ daughter of W.A. Newsome/ only son died 2 years ago.

FREEMAN, MRS. SARAH (030619-101619) died Wed,, age 74/buried at Dumas/ born Madison Co., Georgia, Aug. 27, 1844, a sister to the late W.F. O'Kelly/ married Rev. Hudson Freeman in Georgia in November, 1863/children are William, Julia, and Minnie.

FRYAR, ALBERT (050218) died Feb. 21/son of J.D. Fryar/born Nov. 27, 1896/leaves parents, 5 brothers 3 sisters.

FRYAR, MISS BETTIE (022421) diedd Mon. at the home of her nephew, Sam Fryar, age 86/ buried at Wiers Chapel/ sister to Bob Fryar who was the father of Wilson, Sam, Bith, and Sallie Fryar.

FRIAR, CHARLIE (030133) died at Soda Springs Idaho, Tues., age 55/son of the late Ike Fryar/nephew of Dave Tigret of Dums, and first cousin of Sam Fryar of Ripley.

FRYAR, MRS. CORRIE (070633) died Sat., age 55/buried at Jacobs Chapel/wife of Lester Fryar/nee Stanford/mother of Mrs. Lawrence Ambrose, Mrs. Hill, Jack Fryar, "Top" Fryar/sister to Ellis Stanford of Tipton, Okla., William, Robert, Tommie, Frank, Mrs. Joe Smith, Mrs. Lon Reaves.

FRYAR, DOSS (032432) died Wed., age 76/ buried at Jacobs Chapel/children are Lester, Hugh, Leonard, Vester, Mrs. Emmett Hodges, Mrs. Elijah Carter, Mrs. Morris Hunter.

FRYAR, MRS. JENNIE (070523) died last week at Soda Springs, Idaho, with burial there, age above 70/sister to D.A. Tigret and H.P. Tigret of Ripley/her husband died while visiting in Tippah a few years ago and is buried at Wiers Chapel/children are in the west.

FRYAR, JOHN DEC (unnumbered PR) 1. Pension application as widow of a Confederate vetern made by S.A. Fryar. Her husband was John Fryar, whom she married Nov. 20, 1850.  He died in CSA at Ringo, Georgia Feb. 7, 1863. Son is J.D. Fryar.

FRYAR, LOUISE (111231) died Thurs. at Blossom, Texas, age 84/buried in Knights of Pythias Cemetery at Blossom/ wife of A.S. Fryar/lived at Blossom the last 45 years ago/children are Mrs. Max Wheeler of Honey Grove, Texas, Mrs. Mark Womack of Blakeney, Texas, Mrs. Cousle Knowles of Sweetwater, Texas, Kate, Smith, Mitchell, Joe Fryar, all of Blossom/nee  Louise Smith of Tippah, she was a sister to R.B. Smith Sr., Mrs. Mellie McCarley, Emmett Smith (dec), and Billie Smith (dec).

FULLER, MRS. JOHN (020630) died at Pisgah Jan. 24, age 84/buried at Antioch/married for 60 years/was a sister to Henry and Dave Lancaster.

FULLILOVE, MRS. ELIZA BENNETT (013030) died at Meridian recently/buried at Campground/wife of Rev. B.P. Fullilove/sister to William Bennett of Chalybeate and Robert Bennett of Highpoint, Alcorn County/ was a half sister to the late Miles J. Bennett.

GADD, MRS. CARRIE HUDSON (050824) died March 15/ buried at Flat Rock/ b. Nov. 1, 1864/ married Tom Gadd, Nov. 14, 1883/ sister is Mrs. M.A. Vernor.

GAILLARD, AUGUSTUS MCCLELLAND (071024) died Wednesday/buried in Ripley Cemetery/born Pendleton Dist., South Carolina on June 25, 1832, son of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Gaillard, natives of France/to Tippah at age 7/married first to Marthana Jane Thomas and had one daughter, Mrs. F.J. McDonald of Okolona/ married second Ohelia Roberts/their children were Augustus Corrine, Mrs. C.H. Gaillard, Mrs. J.M. Stubbs, Mrs. Ernest Rucker, William McClelland Gaillard, David McGaughey Gaillard (dec)/ he was the last of 13 children--was a brother to the la~e REV. J.H. Galliard and the late Rev. Charles Gaillard who was killed in China many years ago.

GAILLARD, BENJAMIN D. DEC (PR 242) 1. Petition for letters by David Gaillard, Oct. 26, 1872. B.D. Gaillard died Oct. 25, 1872. 2. Affadavit of David Gaillard Oct. 25, 1872. Frances Galliard, widow of B.D. Gaillard, declines to administer the estate. David Gaillard is a brother to deceased.  3. Citation April 12, 1878, to C.F. Gailla~r.d, W,T.. Galliard, Catherine Galliard, Dora Gailliard, Samuel Galliard, Emma Galliard. 4. Citation Sept. 8, 1873, to C.F. Gaillard, W.T. Gaillard, Elizabeth Gaillard, Catherine Gaillard, Alice Gaillard, Emma Galliard, Samuel Gaillard, Dora Galliard, and their mother, F.R. Gaillard.

GAILLARD, CHARLIE (012826-021126> died Jan. 26, age 75/buried at Wiers Chapel/married first to Sallie, sister to J.C. Wallace, and had seven children/married second to Mrs. Lucy Rowell and had 10 children/living are children by first wife are Mrs. Hugh Tigret, Mrs. H.L. Smith, Benjamin Gaillard, Richard Gaillard, Jim Gaillard, Hardy Galliard, Dan Gaillard/ living by second wife are Onie, Lou, Earl, Earnest, Sommie, and Russell Gaillard.

GAILLARD, HARDY (053128) died Saturday, age 45/buried in Ripley Cem./married in 1918 to Jennie Gaillard.

GAILLARD, LUDIE (010417) died Dec. 16, age 5 yrs.

GAILLARD, ROBERT (091521) died July 19, age 10 months, 20 days/buried at Wiers Chapel/son of Jim Gaillard.

GAILLARD, WILLIAM THOMAS, minor (PR 256) 1. Selection of David Galllard as guardian by W.T. Gaillard, who is over the age of 18, March 11, 1873.  2. Note whereby B.D. Gaillard receives money from James H. Galliard, executor of the estate of William Gaillard dec of Pontotoc County, Miss., for the use of B.D. Galllard's son and William Gaillard's nephew, William Thomas Gaillard, March 22, 1869.

GAITHER, J.B. (011636> died at Williston, Tenn., recently, age 76, with burial there/his sister, Mrs. Hattie Barron Barron also died recently/his dau. is Mrs. Albert McBryde of Ripley.

GAMBRELL, DR. JAMES B. (061621) died at Dallas, Texas, on June 10, age 79/ was retired President of the Southern Baptist Convention/in Dallas Texas/ born Anderson District S.C., Aug. 21, 1841/ to Tippah in 1843/ attended school at Cherry Creek/CSA Vet./ in 1864 married Mary T. Corbell? of Va./ preached at Pleasant Ridge, West Point, Oxford, and Clinton/was editor of the Mississippi Baptist Record, 1871/ leaves 2 sons and 3 daughters.

GANDY, F.M. JR., minor (unnumbered PR) 1. Petition for letters of guardianship Dec. 4, 1876, by F.M. Gandy Sr. M.J. Gandy, mother of F.M. Jr., died Sept. 15, 1875.

GANDY, MRS. JANE (100125) died Monday, age 77/buried at Walnut Creek/a Wi4ow 24 years/children are Ellis, Blake, Roy, Jerry, Lamont/also leaves stepsons and stepdaughters.

GANDY, MYRTLE STANSELL (073119-092519) died east of Blue Mountain July 29/buried in family cemetery/age 38/wife of R.H. Gandy/ born Jan. 4, 1881/married Oct. 2, 1918/daughter of William R. Stansell.

GARDNER, DAN (071717) died at, Okolona July 4, age 33/leaves mother, 2 brothers, 3 sisters/uncle is Dr. J.M. Buchanan of Meridian.

GARDNER, MRS. ISABELLE (0111134) died Jan. 7 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. S.P. Gurney of Blue Mountain/born in Chickasaw County, Miss., March 8, 1843, the daughter of Thomas Jefferson Buchanan and Sophia Martin, who had moved to Mississippi from North Carolina/was a sister to the late Judge Buchanan of Memphis, Dr. J.M. Buchanan of Meridian, T.J. Buchanan of Okolona/married on December 20, 1859, to Major Merideth T. Gardner who died in 1911/his parents came from South Carolina--his father and grandfather fought in the Revolution and the War of 1812/deceased children are Thomas, who died at 14, Kitty G. Burns, who died in 1903, and Daniel, who died in 1915/living children are Mrs. Bettie S. Goff of Hopkinsville, Ky., Mrs. Sarah G. Gideon, J.T. Gardner of Wilburn, Oklahoma, Hanum Gardner of Gulf port, Mrs. J.B. Black of Murfreesboro, Tenn., W.H. Gardner of Forest, Mrs. Gurney/ grandson is James Hanum Burns, a newspaper man in Atlanta.

GARNER, JOHN (101922) died Thursday, age 80/buried at Jacobs Chapel/CSA vet.

GARNER, MRS. JOHN (021016-022416) died Feb. 5/buried at Jacobs Chapel/nee Mary Susan Jerniney born in Franklin County, Tenn. Jan. 14, 1856/married to John Garner June 27, 1873/leaves husband and one daughter, Mrs. Howard Griffin.

GARRETT, E.F. minor (PR642) 1. Petition Nov., 1885, of John A. Garrett, who is guardian of E.F. Garrett, age 17, and Fannie Garrett, age 15.

GARRETT, ELLA (090416) died Sept. 3, age 9/buried at Harmony/daughter of John Garrett/leaves father, stepmother, two brothers, 2 sisters.

GARRETT, GEORGE W. dec (PR 190) 1. Bill filed January, 1872. George W. Garrett died Sept. 30, 1870. His wife died before him. Heirs are (a)Caleb Garrett of Lee Co., Arkansas (b) Sarah Moody, wife of Abner Moody, of Lee Co., Ark. (c) the children of John Garrett (late son of G.W. Garrett): Missouri A. McConnell (wife of Willis McConnell of Montgomery Co., Arkansas, post office Mt. Ida), William Samuel Garrett of the same address, and James K. Polk Garrett of the same address, and one other, name unknown (d)the children of William Garrett (late son of G.W. Garrett): George A. Garrett, Charles Garrett, and William Garrett, who live with their mother, Leannor Garrett (e) Harriett Gardner, wife of R.B. Gardner and daughter of G.W. Garrett dec, and her children: John William Gardner, George Gardner, Sarah Gardner, all of Lee Co., Arkansas/ petition is signed by G.W. Garrett Jr.

GARRETT, MRS. LULA BOBO (010936) died Monday, age 77/buried at Chalybeate/ wife of J.A. Garrett/ehildren are Mrs. B.T. Bradford, Ruby, Elizabeth, Alonzo of Oxford, Edwin of Jackson, Miss., John Garrett/stepchildren are Mrs. Bettie Powell and Sam Garrett.

GARRETT, REBECCA DEC (unnumbered PR) 1. Petition for sale Sept. 16, 1867. Heirs are T.J. Garrett, Sarah E. Poff (wife of Samuel P. Poff), W.F. Garrett, Susan E. Garrett.

GARRETT, WILL (050736) died April 30, age 57/buried at Chalybeate/married 30 years ago to Bluma Garrett, who died 7 years ago/children are Margaret, Neal, Mrs. Emily Murley/was a brother of Mrs. T.M. Bennett and Wier Garrett.

GARRETT, MRS. WILL (031429) died Mon./ leaves husband, 2 daughters, 1 son/ daughter of Miles J. Bennett.

GARRISON, W.G.M. (050323) died April 30, age 69/buried at Fellowship.

GATES, FLABIA (O31528) died Jan. 4/ born April 2, 1922/son of J.W. Gates/ leaves 4 brother, 3 sisters.

GATES, MARY LIZZIE (?) died Sept. 23/ buried at Lebanon/born Jan. 9 1910, daughter of Willie Gates/niece of Annie Bell Pannell.

GATLIN, BARNIE ELMO (021517) died Mon., age 6 months/buried in Ripley Cem./ only child of B.E. Gatlin/grandson of J.C. Fant/his mother is nee Clara Lee Fant.

GATLIN, JOHN ALEXANDER (110128)died Corinth on Oct. 20, age 75/buried at Campground/married Nancy Paralee Ragan in January, 1878/children are O.N. Gatlin of Grady, Ark., Mrs. T.J. Hopper, H.G. Gatlin, Mrs. E.F. Ragan, Mrs. Ray Norman, Mrs. C.M. Jobe, Ernest Gatlin, Arlon Gatlin, Mrs. Charlie Johnson.

GATLIN, JOHN R. (111517) died June 28/ buried at Flat Rock/born Dec. 24, 1870/ married Maggie Jeffrey, Oct. 25, 1900.

GATLIN, MRS. MARGARET V. (022019-022719) died Jan. 20, age 82/buried at Harmony/daughter of Dick Perkins/ a brother lives at Chalybeate (John Perkins) and a sister lives in Texas/ son is Richard A. Gatlin/ husband died in 1917/niece is Mrs. Jessie Munn.

GATLIN, MISS SARAH (090628) died Saturday, age 65/buried at Campground/sister to Mrs. John Ragan of Pine Bluff, Ark., Alec Gatlin, and Calvin Gatlin of Corinth.

GATLIN, WILLIAM A. (091218) died Oct. 18, 1917/born Oct. 26, 1837/CSA vet.

GATLIN, WILLIAM RUFUS (110817) SEE WILLIAM A. GATLIN ABOVE. died Oct. 18/born on October 26, 1837, oldest child of James B. Gatlin of Tennessee/married Margaret Virginia Perkins on Nov. 7, 1859/CSA vet/had two sons, one dead/living son is R.A. Gatlin/buried at Harmony/ brother to Mrs. Cynthia Stone of Hastings, Okla., Mrs. Susie Boren of Booneville, Mrs. Anneliza Gatlin of Texas, Albert Gatlin of Pocahontas, Tenn., and Mrs. Paralee Bennett of Essary Springs, Tenn.

GAY, THOMAS L., minor (PR 37) James A. McCown, guardian.

GAY, THOMAS L. (062128) died June 14, age 60/buried at Little Hope/wife nee Elsie Conner/children are J.T. Gay, Alvie Gay, Ross Gay, Mrs. M.L. Jamieson, Mrs. T.W. Martindale, Mrs. Luther Labarreare.

GENO, WILL J. (081634) murdered by his son, Bill Geno (age 30), on August 8, age 62/ he was the father of Dewitt Geno, who killed Vance Ledbetter in 1928 and Ammy Jumper im 1929.

GIBBS, SPENCER dec (PR 600) 1. Will filed Aug. 7, 1882. Wife: Jane. Daughter: Emma Hardin. Deceased daughters: Mrs. Cornelia C. Garrett and Mrs. Eliza J. Ray. 2. Citation to Mrs. S.E. Hardin, Mrs. Jane F. Gibbs, Mrs. Bettie Powell, Samuel Garrett and his guardian, J.A. Garrett. 3. Petition: Spencer Gibbs died July 17, 1882.

GIBSON, DR. (071724) died at the home of his sister, Mrs. Jodie Booker, on June 11/born August 22, 1864/daughter: Clarice.

GIBSON, GEORGE W. (020834) died Friday, age 80/buried at New Hope/born Franklin County, Tennessee/children are James Gibson, Mrs. Winnie Thurmond, Mrs. Sophia White, John Gibson, Mrs. Rodney Wooley (Chicago), Mrs. Emma Deen (Tupelo), Mrs. Mildred Hurt, Miss Ruth Gibson, W.M. Gibson, T.W. Gibson, G.F. Gibson.

GIBSON, MRS. GEORGE W. SR. (110128) died Sunday, age 57/buried at New Hope/mother of Jim, John, Mrs. Wilmer White, Mrs. Thurmond, Mrs. Jeff Hurt, Mrs. Hubert Hurt, Ruth, Emma, Mrs. Rodney Wooley of Memphis, Mrs. Alice Scott of Memphis.

GIBSON, LORENZO DOW (061417) died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Willie Britt, on May 29/buried at Ebenezer/born in Cherokee County, North Carolina, Sept. 11, 1830/moved to Georgia as a youth/was in Delonaga, Georgia, in 1848/to Tippah at age 23/once lived in Blair, Oklahoma./ CSA vet.

GIBSON, W.C. (020817) died at the home of his brother, Rev. A.W. Gibson, in Commerce, Texas, Jan. 7/born and raised in Benton County.

GIDEON, MRS. SARAH (123136) died Sat. at Blue Mountain, age 69/widow of G.L. Gideon/daughter of Merideth T. Gardner/her mother died 2 years ago/sister to Mrs. S.P. Gurney, Mrs. J.T. Goff of Hopkinsville, Ky., J.T. Gardner of Milburn, Okla., W.H. Gardner of Lake, Miss., Hamun Gardner of Gulfport, Mrs. J.B. Black of Murfreesboro, Tenn.

GILBREATH, CALVIN M. dec (PR 112) 1. Affadavit, Oct. 12, 1870, of Daniel Hunt, guardian of Paralee, Sarah, Elizabeth, and Callie Gilbreath, minor heirs of C.M. Gilbreath. H.W. Stricklin is administrator.

GILES, JIMMY (102925) died Monday, age 65/buried at Walnut Creek/never married/three half sisters are dead, as well as a brother, Lyman Giles/ leaves a brother, Dr. J.H. Giles/ lived with Mrs. Mary McCarley.

GILES, DR. JOHN HUEY (072033) died Sunday/born Abbeville, S.C., May 1, 1857, son of James Giles/to Tippah as a child/married Mollie Nance, daughter of Captain William Nance/ children are W.H. Giles of Raymondsville, Texas, Dr. Frances Giles of Los Angeles, California, Paul Giles, and Mrs. Hugh Fields of Meridian.

GILES, ROBERT (080217) died Tuesday enroute from Soda Springs, Idaho, age 28/buried at Rucker near his father/son of Mrs. Etta Giles of Ripley.

GILLENTINE, EARL (122034) died recently age 46/buried at Blue Mountain/son of J.S. Gillentine/married Maggie, dau. of Bud Ratliff/leaves a daughter, Margaret Louise/ a son is dead/was a brother to Andrew of Sardis, Wince P. of Lake cormorant, Mrs. Lovelle McLeod of Green County.

GILLENTINE, J.S. (102931) died Monday at Sardis, age 84/wife died seven years ago/formerly of Blue Mountain/ born in Benton County/married Lou Luna/to Blue Mountain 45 years ago/ children are Mrs. Louella McLeod of George Co., W.A. of Sardis, L.P. of Lake Cormorant, Earl of Sumner.

GILLENTINE, MISS MAGGIE (041322) died recently, age 72/buried at Blue Mt./ only surviving sister of former Mayor J.S. Gillentine of Blue Mt/ lived for a while in Texas.

GLENN, CAPT. JOE (122017) died at Courtland recently/native of Tippah/ father-in-law of Hon. Hubert Stephens.

GLISSON, FIKES (072022) died June 10/ buried at Shiloh/born August 15, 1849/ brother to Mrs. Jack Rogers of Corinth, Jim Glissen of Alba, Texas, John Glisson of Kossuth/leaves wife and seven children: Mrs. Bill Jeans, Nelse Glisson, Mrs. Lee Brock, Mrs. F.O. Love, Mrs. Auzie Tatum, Mrs. Jack Hall, Chi Glisson.

GLISSON, JOHN R. (020327) died Sept. 25/ buried at Shiloh/born June 6, 1865/ children are Murry, Charlie, Pad, Ellis, Mrs. Doyle Crum, Mary Lee.

GODWIN, MRS. FANNIE (010329-012429) died Dec. 24, 1928, age 42/buried at Blue Mountain/daughter of Louis and Ida Coulter/wife of Willis Godwin/sister to Mrs. Mary Lee, Mrs. Pearl Sanders, Mrs. Ida Cooper, Jess Coulter, John Coulter, Henry Coulter, Andrew Coulter, Willie Coulter/leaves a son, Louis Godwin.

GODWIN, J.W. (030327) died Wed., at Blue Mountain/was a brother-in-law to W.A. McAlister/wife is a daughter of Harvey Smith/leaves wife, a daughter in Atlanta, a daughter in Norfolk, Va., and a son and daughter in Blue Mt.

GODWIN, LEE (011729) died Jan. 12, age 60, with burial at Blue Mountain/was a brother to Mrs. Sallie Godwin (wife of Jim Al Godwin), Mrs. Mary Deen of Memphis, Mrs. George Deen, Mrs. Will Winborn of New Albany, and S.A. Godwin/ married first to Alice Gowdy, daughter of the late Capt. Joe Gowdy/children were Mrs. E.C. Turley of Coldwater, Ruth of Springfield, Missouri, Thelma of the Delta, Joseph of Memphis/married second to Mrs. Henry Scott of McComb twelve years ago/daughter is Bonita/stepsons are Henry and Eugene Scott.

GODWIN, ROBERT L. (041217) died Feb. 18/ buried at Blue Mountain/born Sept. 3, 1888/leaves wife, child, father, 1 brother, 2 sisters.

GODWIN, SAMUEL ALLEN (103136) died Sun. at Memphis/ buried at Blue Mt./ native of Ala/ former Mayor of Blue Mt./ married first to Fannie Dugger, who died/ had 5 daus., 2 sons, all living except Mrs. Sally Gowdy/ married second Mrs. Cora Dickerson/ children were Charle Jesse, Mrs. W.A. Gillentine (Sardis), Mrs. Viola McLeod, Mrs. Dora McLeod, Mrs. Beulah McLeod (all of Vernal, Miss. - married 3 brothers)/ was the last of his brothers to die/ sisters are Mrs. George Deen, Mrs. Sallie Godwin, Mrs. Tom Deen (Whiteville, Tn.), Mrs. Will Winborn (New Albany).

GOLIGHTLY, MRS. EMILY (021716-040616) died January 22 in Tate County, Miss./ buried in Bethel Cemetery near Coldwater/ born Wayne County, Tenn., Jan. 9, 1834/ married J.J.C. James in 1854/moved to Arkansas in 1862/ James died in the Civil War, leaving two sons and Mrs. Sallie Dickerson/she married W.W. Golightly in 1866 and moved to Tippah/Golightly died in 1878/moved to Tate County 1911/children are John W. Golightly, A.L. Golightly, Mrs. W.H. Dickerson, all of Tate County.

GOLIGHTLY, J.W. (040429) died Tuesday/ buried in Bethel Cemetery near Senatobia/ from Tippah/leaves wife and six children: Mrs. Anna Thomas, Sidney, Lawrence, Azalee, Virginia, Hazel.

GOODMAN, BURTON EDWARD (032520-050620) died recently, age 35/buried at New Hope/ wife is a sister to Oscar Reaves/married Annie Reaves on May 22, 1906/ had eight children, two being dead/also leaves mother and three sisters.

GOODMAN, EVA (022118) died Feb. 6/ buried at Blue Mountain/daughter of Frank Goodman.

GOODMAN, MRS. P.C. (042132) died Feb. 4/ born Nov. 4, 1852.

GOOLSBY, MRS. HENRY (040225) died March 14, age 67/buried at Blue Mt./ leaves 4 sons, 7 daughters.

GOOLSBY, W.H. (070225) died Sunday at the home of his son, Tom Goolsby of Ripley, age over 70/buried at Blue Mountain.

GOSSETT, FORNEY LOUVINCEY GREEN (012225) died Dec. 12, 1924/granddaughter of Judge Almuth Green/was born April 24, 1863/married James V. Gossett, Dec. 26, 1882/leaves husband and children: Willie G. Gossett, Mrs. Sallie Dees, Mrs. Hannah Rogers, Mrs. Mary Hudson, Vance Gossett, Mrs. Bessie Morton/deceased son is James Aker Gossett.

GOSSETT, JAMES AKER (053018-091918) died at Camp Pike, Arkansas, May 29/ born August 2, 1888, son of James V. Gossett and Forney Green/great-grandson of Christopher Aker Green and Van Dyke Gossett/buried at Rucker.

GOSSETT, JAMES VANCE (040633) died recently, age 73/buried at Rucker/ parents died when he was young/was married to Forney Green who died 8 years ago/lived with W.A. Boyd/ children are Willie, Mrs. A. Dees, Mrs. Alice Rogers, Mrs. Hugh Hudson, Vance Gossett, Mrs. Charlie Morton.

GOSSETT, VAN DYKE (PR 570) 1. Deposition of Joseph Fenner, who is a son-in-law of Gossett. Gossett lived with his daughter, the widow Nash, at Winona, Mississippi. In 1866 Mrs. Nash married a McCluskey, whom Gossett did not approve of. Gossett died at Ripley in October, 1866. His son, James T. Gossettr and Miss Laura Gossett came from Winona to be with their father at his death. 2. Affidavit of non-residence regarding William Gossett, who has no fixed address, Feb. 18, 1867. 3. Citation to Elizabeth McCluskey of Carroll County, Miss., Dec. 22, 1868. 4. Citation to Sarah N. Parr and her husband. J.W. Parr. Mary Fenner and her husband Joshua Fenner, Mollie G. Gossett, Laura F. Gossett, and James T. Gossett, all of Tippah, Dec. 22, 1868. 5. Deposition of Joshua (Joseph) Fenner, 1867. Mrs. Van Dyke Gossett died in 1853. James T. Gossett is 16.

GOUDY, FRANK (042121) died Wed., age 37/buried at Blue Mt./ wife is a dau. of J.S. Carmichiel of Ripley.

GRAVES, TOM (021220) died Dec. 2, 1919/ born in 1827/leaves a brother and a sister.

GRAY, GEORGE DEC (PR 573) 1. Petition for dower. Cassandra Gray, widow of George Gray, Jan. 18, 1859. 2. Petition for final settlement, Sept. 1866. Petitioner Samuel C. Asbury was the husband of Sarah E. Asbury, dec., who was a daughter of George Gray. Their children are Anna E. Asbury, Asbury S. Asbury, and Willie S. Asbury. Petioner Willie K. Richardson is a daughter of George Gray and is the wife of W.C. Richardson. 3. Petition for division of slaves, Jan. 31, 1859. Heirs are Cassandra Gray, Thomas M. Gray, I.N. Gray, Sarah E. Asbury, Sammella Woolf (wife of F.A. Woolf), Wi]moth C. Gray, George Gray, and Fannie Gray. 4. Bill, filed July 19, 1869. George Gray died in 1858. Heirs are Fanny Gray, Sammella Woolf, Elizabeth Asbury (dec)., Jeremiah S. Pickens (now the husband of Cassandra Gray). 5. Bill, filed Oct. 22, 1881. George Gray's heirs were his widow, Cassandra, and children Lanella Woolf (wife of F.A. Woolf), Mrs. Willie Richardson (wife of W.C. Richardson), Mrs. Fannie Daniel (wife of E.W. Daniel), G.G. Gray. 6. Deposition of Isaac N. Gray, made in Paris, Lamar County, Texas, Oct. 2, 1869. He is the son of Mrs. Cassandra Pickens and George Gray. He is a brother-in-law of W.C. Richardson and is a cousin to W.C. Rutherford. 7. Letter from Thomas M. Gray of Walla Walla, Feb. 21, 1861, to his "dear cousin", W.O. Rutherford. 8. Deposition of Thomas M. Gray of Missoula County, Montana Territory, Oct. 12, 1868. Cassandra Pickens is his mother, Wilmoth Richardson is his sister, and William O. Rutherford is his cousin.

GRAY, ORVIE G. (091229) died Friday, age 96/buried at Campground/ CSA vet/ married first to a Richardson--leaves one child, Mrs. R.L. Clemmer/ married second to a Morton-children are Terry Gray, Mrs. Will Jeffreys of Memphis, Mrs. Mellie Jones.

GREEN FAMILY (090336) (this article is torn). C.A. Green married Polly Lawson. Their children were ____ Green, who was first married to an Edgerton, then a Suggs; Fannie Green, who married W.D. Carter; Sarah Green, who lives at Waco, Texas; Emma Green, who married J.B. Jeffries, a native of South Carolina; Aker Green, who married J. Pickens of Corinth, Miss; Almoth Green of Corinth; Fornie Green, who died while prospecting in the West and who was married to Hannah Jeffries.

GREEN, MRS. (050218) died recently, age about 30/buried at Antioch/leaves wife and six children.

GREEN, HANNAH L. dec (PR 348) 1. Petition to sell land, June 3, 1875. Hannah L. Green died in June, 1874, leaving children W.A. Green and F.L. Green both minors in Tippah County, and E.A. Green, a minor in Marshall Co., Miss. 2. Citation to Sheriff of Tippah County to find W.A. Green, E.A. Green, and F.L. Gossett and her husband, J.V. Gossett, Aug. 29, 1888. 3. Citation to sheriff of Alcorn Co. to find Allie Green, April 9, 1879.

GREEN, W.A. (010423-030823) died December 23, 1922/buried in Green Cemetery near his mother/born Marshall County, Mississippi, July 9, 1858, son of Fannie Green/was a grandson to Judge Green/his father came to Tippah in the 1860s, joined the CSA, and lived in Texas and in the Mississippi Delta/never married/ was a brother to Allie, wife of John Moffitt, and Fannie, wife of James V. Gossett.

GREEN, W. MARTIN (040236) died recently at Bassett, Arkansas, age 65/was a son of John Green of Tippah/was a brother to Mrs. Wilma Cappleman, J.T. Green of Little Rock, Arkansas, J.M. Green of Morrilton, Arkansas, E.J. Green of England, Arkansas, and Mrs. Fannie Criswell of Corinth/ a son age 12, also died recently.

GREEN, MRS. WILLIS (012523) died recently/ buried in Criswell Cem./born in 1862, nee Lucy Criswell, daughter of John and Sarah Criswell/married Willis Green/children are Mrs. J.R. Bridges of Brownfield, Mrs. Will Brown, Mrs. H.S. White, Mrs. Robert White (Corinth)/ another daughter is dead/was a sister to Mrs. Simon Jones, Mrs. W.D. Turner (Middleton, Tn.), Bruce Criswell (Booneville), W.D. Criswell (Dumas), Milas Criswell, M.B. Criswell (Corinth).

GREER, MRS. ALICE PEARL (031536) died Thursday, age 46/ buried at Wells Chapel/wife of John Frank Greer/ children are George, Russell, Wayne, Joe Henry Greer.

GREER, MRS. ETHEL (092227) died Sept. 17, age 39/ buried Little Hope/ wife of John Greer/ had 12 children - dead are Jesse, Mary, Wilson, Annie Elizabeth/ living are Viola, Mammie Lee, Clarence, Johnnie, Ora, Luther, Sallie Lou, Audie.

GRESHAM FAMILY (090336) Robert E. Gresham, born in 1738, was a Revolutionary War veteran and a resident of Orange County, North Carolina. He married in Culpepper Co., Virginia, and in 1805 moved to Florence, Ala. His son was John A. Gresham, born in 1805, married Nancy Jordan in 1828, and moved from Paducah Kentucky to Tippah in 1836. His son married a daughter of Rev. John W. McDonald in 1865 and was the father of J.W. Gresham, born in 1866.

GRIFFIN, ELLEN v. FRANK GRIFFIN (divorce) Bill filed Oct. 10, 1885. Were married in 1879. He deserted and left Mississippi. Decree, Nov. 11, 1885.

GRIFFIN, MRS. ELMER J. (083133) died Aug. 21, age 28/ daughter of Foster Carmichiel.

GIFFIN, HOWARD (012826) died Sat., age 5 buried at Jacobs Chapel/leaves wife and children: Earl, Wesley, Harmon, Mrs. Oscar K. Jones, and two younger boys and a girl.

GRIFFIN, PINK C. (102622) died Sunday at New Albany/leaves wife and three children.

GRISHAM, EAF (121725) died Sat., age 84/ buried at County Line cemetery.

GRISHAM, MRS. EAF (041228) died March 26/ buried at County Line beside her husband/ granddaughters are Rosa Wallis and Mrs. Tinnie Hughey.

GRISHAM, MRS. BETTIE (050728) SEE MRS. EAF GRISHAM ABOVE. Died March 28, age 82/leaves sons and a daughter/husband and 9 other children are dead.

GRISHAM, GROVER (010125) died Sat. at Trimble, Tenn, with burial there/brother to Wes Grisham of Dumas.

GRISHAM, JOHN dec (PR 204) Case of Elizabeth Missouri Green by next friend, Brantly Wallis, v. J.J. Harrell, J.W. Ford and Hardin Grisham (of Arkansas). 1. Original Bill, filed Feb. 19, 1872. Elizabeth is the daughter of Susan Green, who was a daughter of John Gresham dec.

GRISHAM, MRS. MARY ETTA (031925) died Thurs., age 27/buried at Pontotoc/dau. of Steve Mercer and wife of Charles Grisham/ daughter, Zora, is 2/ one child is dead.

GROSS, MISS CYNTHIA (122326) died last week, age 86/buried Box Chapel Cem./ sister to Bill Gross and Mrs. Will Bullock, and aunt of Rufus Wildman.

GROSS, NAOMI (080228) died June 28, age 5 months/buried at New Hope/daughter of Dolphus Gross.

GRUBBS, A.G. (072033) died at Sanger, Tex., June 18/ born at Baldwin, Miss., Dec. 13, 1845/married Sarah Frances Sigmon of Dumas, Dec. 17, 1865/ moved to Ferris, Texas, in 1885, and to Denton County, Texas, in 1902/ wife died May 7, 1927.

GULLETT, ANNIE LOIS (092734) died Sept. 18, age 2/buried at Dumas/ daughter of Curtis Gullett.

GULLETT, MRS. J.H. (022223-032928) died at Baldwyn, March, 1928/buried at Lebanon Cemetery/born Middle Tennessee, Feb. 15, 1845, nee Mary Elizabeth Vandiver, dau. of Rev. Elisha Vandiver/moved to Miss. with her father/ married J.H. Gullett, who died Dec. 29, 1914/ children are Rev. S.V. Gullett, Mrs. S.M. Downs, Mrs. J.W. McClary, Mrs. John Steele, Rev. J.T. Gullett, Rev. J.R. Gullett, Prof. B.M. Gullett.

GULLETT, REV. J.R. (031931) died at Tupelo Saturday, age 60/buried at Lebanon in Union County/born in Union County/brother to Rev. S.V. Gullett, Rev. J.T. Gullett, Pof. B.M. Gullett/ father of Mrs. Forney Stanford of Ripley.

GUNN, MRS. DORA (013036) died Wed., age 47/buried at Harmony/daughter of late W.V. Mauney of Blue Mountain/wife of W.L. Gunn of Brownfield/sister to Dr. Jessie Mauney, Annie Mauney, and Presley Mauney (LaGrande, Oregon)/ mother of Sam Gunn, James Gunn, Roy Gunn, Preston Gunn.

GUNN, HUGH (120529) died Monday, age 12/buried at Harmony / son of L.E. Gunn.

GUNN, LOUIS A. (031534) died at Walnut Tuesday, age 67/leaves second wife and children Mrs. Victor Phillips (Talladega, Ala.), Mrs. Frank Rogers (Corinth), Mrs. J.C. Rogers, Mrs. Heavy McCoy, Dafna, Annie Lou.

GUNN, W.H. dec (PR 464) 1. Petition for sale of land by W.B. Hudson, admin., Nov. 30, 1878. Gunn died in July, 1878. 2. Citation to S.A. Boyd, Lenora Gunn, Henry Gunn, Martha Gunn, July 31, 1885.

GUNTER, CHARLES (080724) died Tuesday at Dyersburg, Tenn., age 40/son of Joe Gunter of Blue Mountain/was a widower with one or two children.

GURNEY, JAMES A. (012021) died Jan. 16/ buried in Ripley Cemetery/born April 16, 1856, one of the six children (including three sons) of Samuel Gurney/ two brothers are dead/sisters are Mrs. Kate Barnett, Mrs. Mary Stark of Memphis, Mrs. Emma Alexander of Burleson, Texas/married Mary Shepherd, daughter of J.V. Shepherd, on Dec. 16, 1890/had four boys and two girls--living are W.C. Gurney, Charley Gurney of Clarksdale, Prof. Tom Gurney of Hattiesburg, Mrs. Crawford Bennett.

GURNEY, MARTHA (112333) died Monday, age 16/ daughter of Will Gurney of Blue Mountain and was a sister to Bettie Pate Gurney.

GURNEY, MRS. MARY (102826) died Sat., age 57/widow of Jim Gurney/ two ehildren are dead/living are Mrs. C.E. Bennett, W.C. Gurney, Tom Gurney of Florida, and Charlie Gurney of Florida.

GUTHRIE, W.J. dec (PR 227) Probate case of A.M. Irvin v. W.A. Cardwell et al all of Lamar Co., Texas. 1. Original Bill filed June 24, 1872. Guthrie died 187-, leaving a will/ heirs are Albertus Guthrie, James A. Guthrie, both adults and minors Mary A. Guthrie, Richard A. Guthrie, Agnes E. Guthrie, Nancy C. Guthrie, W.T. Guthrie, and A.S. Guthrie, all of Paris, Lamar County, Texas.

GUYTON, MRS. CALLIE HOYLE (100423) died Sept. 27, with burial at Blue Mountain/ born at Chesterville, Miss., Feb. 4, 1852, daughter of Major David L. Hoyle of Pontotoc County/was a sister to Dr. J.M. Hoyle of Tupelo/married Capt. J.J. Guyton Oct. 31,, 1877/ he died four and a half years ago/ children are David E., J.F., Will N., Pearl, Callie D. Guyton.

GUYTON, CAPTAIN JOSEPH J. (050119) died recently, age 79/ born in North Carolina/ moved to Tippah with his father/ married first to Mollie Graham and had three children, none surviving/ married second to Callie Hoyle of Tupelo and had three sons and two daughters, including David F., W. Norton Guyton, J. Frank Jr., Miss Callie D. Guyton.

GUYTON, JULIUS C. (091416) died Friday, age 68/buried at Blue Mountain/leaves five daughters including Mrs. Claude Nance, and a son, Tom Guyton of New Albany/was a brother to Capt. J.J. Guyton.

GUYTON, MRS. ODELL ASHBY (120821) died Friday, age 25/ buried at Blue Mountain/ wife of Albert J. Guyton/ daughter of M.B. Ashby/was married two years ago.

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