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1836 - 1936

CAGLE, RUTHA (062018) died June 1, age 11 / buried at Shady Grove / dau. of Clay Cagle.

CALDWELL, JOHN (Obit. SENTINEL, Aug. 9, 1900) died Sunday, age 35 years, at Blue Mountain / son of E. S. Caldwell / leaves wife (maiden name South), father, mother, brothers and sisters / buried at New Hope cemetery.

CALDWELL, MRS. (Obit. SENTINEL Nov. 29, 1900) buried at New Hope Cemetery on Sat.

CALDWELL, MRS. MALINDA (Obit. SENTINEL Oct. 24, 1914) died Sunday, age 73 years / buried at New Hope Cemetery / mother of Mrs. H. F. Boatright of New Albany and Mrs. Minnie Evans of Hattiesburg.

CALDWELL, MRS. MALINDA ANN STRICKLAND (Obit. SENTINEL Dec. 24, 1914) born Asheville, North Carolina April 21, 1841 / daughter of Clark and Mildred (Gathings) Strickland / youngest of 5 children / moved to Holly Springs, Miss where father and brother, William Strickland, died / mother moved to Ripley in 1843 / Malinda married E. S. Caldwell of Saulsbury, Tenn., Feb. 4, 1862 / he died 10 years ago / deceased children: Allie, John Wesley, Dell; surviving children: Edmond Caldwell of Decatur, Texas; Mrs. Minnie Evans of Hattiesburg, Miss.; Mrs. Lon Boatright of New Albany / buried at New Hope Cemetery.

CALDWELL, WILEY (Obit. SENTINEL March 26, 1896) died Sunday, buried at New Hope.

CALLAHAN, GRANDMA (Obit. SENTINEL Oct. 1, 1896) No information given.

CALLAHAN, MRS. E. F. (Obit. SENTINEL March 7, 1895) died at Blue Mountain Tuesday, age 74 years / formerly lived at Corinth / buried at Macedonia Cemetery, Blue Mountain.

CALLICUTT, E. S. guardian (PR Dec. 1879) E. S. Callicutt, father and guardian of Rosa B., George F., and Martha B. Callicutt.

CALLICUTT, JIM (040826) died Saturday at New Albany, age 78 / buried at Flat Rock / children are Mrs. Effie Jackson of Texas, Mrs. Maggie Cowser, Mrs. Pink Foster of Memphis, Bessie of Memphis, Mrs. Hardy Harrington, Mrs. George McBrayer of New Albany.

CALLICUTT, LETTIE (Obit. SENTINEL, Aug. 31, 1891) died Aug. 9 / born Sept. 9, 1883 / dau. of Tom Callicutt.

CALLICUTT, MRS. GEORGE (Obit. SENTINEL Sept. 29, 1904) died Saturday / burial at Blue Mountain Cemetery / daughter of W.A. Simmons.

CALLICUTT, MRS. GEORGE T. (122227) died last week / daughter of late W.A. Simmons.

CALLICUTT, MRS. GRACE KINNEY (Obit. SENTINEL July 12, 1906) died Monday / burial at Blue Mountain Cemetery / wife of George Callicutt.

CALLICUTT, THOMAS SR. (Obit. SENTINEL July 22, 1899) buried on July 7 at Blue Mountain Cemetery.

CALVARY, MARY V. (031616-021016) died Feb. 8 / born May 24, 1875 / wife of R.C. Calvary / leaves husband and five children / daughter of Monroe Cartwright of near Mitchell.

CALVARY, SAM (021220) died recently, age 38 / from Alcorn County / Son of a C.S.A. vet.

CAMBELL, VAN (021517) died Feb. 3 / buried in family cemetery at Mt. Pleasant / born May 12, 1909, son of H. L. Campbell / leaves parents, 1 sister, two brothers.

CAMBURN, H.W. (102616) died Oct. 20 / buried at Pine Hill / born Rome, Georgia, March 6, 1852 / moved to Tennessee in 1870 / married M.A. Norton In Tennessee, Sept. 22, 1870 / moved to Tippah, 1876 / leaves wife, four children, 23 grandchildren, 1 great grand children.

CAMBURN, MRS. ABBY (021435) died Sunday, age 80 / buried at Pine Hill / widow of Henry Camburn / children are Mrs. John Jamieson, Willie Camburn, Mrs. Henry Carter.

CAMBURN, MRS. GEORGE (030834) died Monday, age 66 / buried at Ebenezer in Hardeman Co., Tenn. / husband died two years ago / was a daughter of Anderson Barkley / sons are Roy and George Camburn / was a sister to Mrs. John Clark of Brownfield, Sam Barkley, Tom Barkley of Falkner, Jim and George Barkley of Texas.

CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER dec. (PR438) Petition April 29, 1879. Heirs are J.W. Whitehorn and wife, Alfred Campbell, James Sides and wife Eliza A. Sides, and children of Gabriel Campbell dec. (children are Alfred and Daniel and Eugenie Campbell) 2. Affadavit of A.W. Campbell, May 13, 1884. Eugenie Freeman lives in Saulsbury, Tn.

CAMPBELL, ALLEN E. (1850 Mort.) died Feb. 1850 / age 55 years / born in Scotland.

CAMPBELL, BRANDON R. (1860 Mort.) died April 1860, age 50 years / married / born in North Carolina.

CAMPBELL, ETTA (Obit. SENTINEL Dec. 24, 1914) died Aug. 10 / born Oct. 22, 1898 / dau. of D. L. and Willie Campbell.

CAMPBELL, H.L. (092232) died at New Albany Monday / buried there / wife was nee Sallie, sister of Sam Fryar.

CAMPBELL, ISAAC N. (PR 1858) Isaac N. Campbell, guardian of Eliza A., James J., Marth J. Campbell, minors.

CAMPBELL, JOHN SR. (PR 1848), Bondsmen: Alexander Campbell (Admin.), William Carpenter, John Redfearn.

CAMPBELL, JOHN, dec. (1860 Mort.) died April 1860, age 50 years / married / born in North Carolina.

CAMPBELL, LOUISA A., dec. (1860 Mort.) died June 1859 / age 27 years / married / born in South Carolina.

CAMPBELL, MISS MARY (Obit. SENTINEL Aug. 29, 1901) died Aug. 18 / leaves 2 brothers.

CAMPBELL, MRS. E. A. (Obit. SENTINEL June 6, 1889) died May 3 at Wesson, Miss., age 38 years / dau. of Judson Hovis / was born in Tippah County / moved to Holly Springs where parents and a sibling died / Mrs. Campbell and a brother moved to Carroll County, where they lived until moving to Wesson in 1882.

CAMPBELL, MRS. JESSIE (020123) died on Jan. 5 / buried at New Salem / born Nov. 6, 1903, daughter of Jesse Woods of Walnut / married Sammy Campbell on Sept. 13, 1918 / leaves parents, husband, one daughter.

CAMPBELL, MRS. MARTHA CORDELIA (051133) died Jan. 6 / born Sept. 27, 1859 / married Samuel Jackson Campbell on Dec. 18, 1877 / had 6 daughters and 4 sons (two children are dead) / husband died 20 years ago.

CAMPBELL, MRS. TOMMIE (Obit. ADVERTISER Feb. 5, 1887) died in January at New Albany / daughter of Jesse A. Pate.

CAMPBELL, SAM, dec. (Obit. SENTINEL April 24, 1913) died last week, age 55 years / buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery near Camp Hill.

CAMPBELL, SARAH (1860 Mort.) died Oct. 1849 / age 1 year / born in Mississippi.

CANNON FAMILY (050935) The robbery of the Cannon graveyard twelve miles north of Holly Springs on land owned by Mrs. R.N. Jones is mentioned. Buried there are LAURA CANNON, MRS. THOMAS HOPE of North Carolina, M.H. CANNON (born Lindburg Co., N.C., 1807-died 1874), CORNELIA E. CANNON, wife of W.C. Cannon (born Lindburg Co., N.C. Feb. 22, 1822-died at age 47), and JAMES F. STINSON (1839-1851)

CAPPLEMAN, JIM (080829) died Monday, age 84 / buried at Dumas / married first to Miss Richardson in Texas and had three children (one, Henry, lives in Okla.) / married second to Miss Price of Ark. and had 14 children--living are John, Jim, Will, Bob, Mrs. Marion Hill, Mrs. Jim Garrison, Mrs. Frank Humphrey, Mrs. Palmer Garner, Mrs. Sam Hall, Mrs. Earl Jones, Mrs. Ellis Beaty, Mrs. Lee Hodges, Mrs. Bill Stricklin.

CARAWAY, KIZZIAH, dec. (PR 1847) D. Thaddeus Caraway, Admin.

CARLOCK, MRS. MOLLIE (Obit. SENTINEL March 4, 1897) died Feb. 2 / born in Mississippi, Nov. 1860 / married Richard Crowder in 1875, and then moved first to Texas, then to Arkansas, where her husband died in 1882 / in 1885 she married William Carlock of Union Co., Miss. / mother of 5 children, 3 of whom survive.

CARMICHIEL, child (Obit. SENTINEL, Dec. 17, 1914) died recently.

CARMICHIEL, DEWITT (010930) died Dec. 31, age 22 / oldest son of Foster Carmichiel.

CARMICHIEL, DUNK (070936) died July 4 at Marked Tree, Arkansas, age 8 / Son of John Carmichiel / lived in Arkansas 3 years / leaves 3 siblings.

CARMICHIEL, JOHN (Obit. ENTERPRIZE, July 15, 1911) died last Thursday at Wynne, Arkansas, son of Rev. L. F. Carmichiel.

CARMICHIEL, JOHN A. (Obit. SENTINEL July 24, 1913 & Oct. 2, 1913) died July 13, only son of M. C. Carmichiel / born June 13, 1913 / buried at Ripley Cemetery.

CARMICHIEL, MARVIN (031528-050328) died Thursday / buried at Mt. Olive / born Oct. 9, 1906, son of Vester Carmichiel / leaves parents, 2 brothers, 3 sisters.

CARMICHIEL, MRS. MARY ELIZABETH (041427) died Thursday, age 62 / buried at Dumas / wife of J.S. Carmichiel / mother of Avie, Forest, Mrs. Damie Goudy, Mrs. Charley Duffy of Moscow, Tn., Mrs. Laura Witt, William, Brown of Allison, Ohio, and Guy / two children are dead.

CARMICHIEL, MURIEL (101222) died Sun., age 5 / child of Foster Carmichiel.

CARMICHIEL, PAUL (060116) died May 29 / born Nov. 3, 1913, oldest son of Manuel Carmichiel / leaves a one year old sibling.

CARMICHIEL, REV. LAFAYETTE F. (030729) died Friday / would be 75 next March 17 / buried at Mt. Olive / brother to late John S. Carmichiel / father of Albrey of Texas, Foster, Vester, Manuel, Louis, Mrs. Lyman Carter, Mrs. Otho Deen of Corinth.

CARMICHIEL, SKELLY (Obit. SENTINEL, Aug. 24, 1905 & Sept. 7, 1905) Died Aug. 17 at Mitchell, oldest of the nine children of L. F. Carmichiel / born March 17, 1884 / buried at Mt. Olive Cemetery.

CARNALL, ANNIE (Obit. SENTINEL Feb. 8, 1900) Died recently in Mt. Olive community / wife of John Carnall.

CARNALL, JOHN (031727) died Tuesday, age 75 / buried at Dumas / leaves wife and children: Edd, Jeff, Mrs. John Hamilton.

CARNALL, JOHN W. et al (PR unnumbered) This is a petition undated but made apparently in South Carolina. James Welborn dec.--heirs are James Israel Evans, William James Witt, John W. Carnall, Sarah Jane Carnall, Theodosia Ann Carnall, James Boswell Carnall, Goudy, W.G.M. Garrison, John H. Garrison, Mary Jane Roberson, Leatha M. Stanford. Goudy is under 14. The land involved is located in Greenville Co., South Carolina. It was sold by Barksdale D. Garrison to Lemuel J. Waddill on Sept. 28, 1844. Rhoda H. Waddill, a sister to Elizabeth T. Waddill dec., now lives on the land. R.H. Wellborn, a son of Nancy Wellborn (who was a sister to Elizabeth T. Waddill) sold his land to William A. Wellborn.

CARNALL, LONNIE (011123) died recently / buried at Box Chapel / oldest son of John Carnall / leaves wife and children.

CARNALL, ROBERT (Obit. SENTINEL May 8, 1902) died Dec. 4, 1901 / born Oct. 2, 1896.

CARNALL, W.S. dec. (PR303) 1. Bill filed Dec. 23, 1873. W.S. Carnall died 1868 or 1869. Heirs are Mary Jane Hodges (wife of J.W. Hodges), William Goudy, and Ameliza Goudy, all by next friend, R.M. Goudy, and J.W. Carnall, Sarah J. Carnall, Theodosia Carnall, Boswell Carnall, and Catherine Deen, wife of Gilford Deen, all by Henrietta Carnall, next friend and now the wife of R.M. Goudy. Jane Carnall, wife of William Carnall, died Nov. 1873.

CARNALL, WILLIAM S. dec. (Admin. Bond, July 15, 1872), Daniel Hunt, Admin.

CARNALL, WILLIAM S. dec. (PR744) 1. Petition for sale of land, Sept. 23, 1871. Heirs are his widow, Jane Carnall, and Mary Jane Hodges (wife of John W. Hodges), William Goudy and wife Julia Ann Goudy, Guilford Deen and wife Catherine Deen, Robert Goudy and his children William Goudy and Ann Eliza Goudy, and Henrietta Carnall, widow of Samuel Carnall, and her children John W. Carnall, Sarah J. Carnall, Theodosia Carnall, and James B. Carnall.

CARPENTER, BERRY (011817) is living at Paradise, Texas, age 68 / moved from Tippah 28 years ago / his son, Jim, is 35 / Jim married twelve years ago and lost his wife within two years / Jim had one dau, age 11.

CARPENTER, BUD (022719) died last Friday at Mitchell, age 65.

CARPENTER, F. H. dec. (PR 1876) F. W. Carpenter, Admin.

CARPENTER, GREEN (1870 Mort.) Family No. 80, R4 T4 / died Dec. 1869, age 21 years / born in Mississippi.

CARPENTER, HENRY dec. (PR452) 1. Original Bill, filed Sept. 7, 1878. Carpenter died leaving the following children and grandchildren: (1) S.C. Gardner (2) Ann Moore, daughter of Ben Carpenter dec. (3) A.D. Carpenter's children, to wit, Ann Horton (wife of Will Horton), Nicey Carpenter, Morrow Carpenter, Neely Carpenter, Henry Carpenter, Willie Carpenter, Oscar Carpenter, and their mother, June Carpenter. (4) Mat Carpenter's children, to wit, Tyson Carpenter, James Carpenter, Charlotte Smith (wife of Calvin Smith) and Mamie Storey (*Wife of William Storey) (5) Luther Carpenter dec., who left one child, Luther (6) I.F. Carpenter of Dorsey, Bradley Co., Arkansas. Ann Moore lives in Memphis, Tennessee, the children of A.D. Carpenter live in Prentiss Co., Ms., and Charlotte Smith lives in Alcorn Co., Miss. All the other heirs live in Tippah.  2. Cross Bill, Dec. 9, 1878. Hoyle Carpenter is a son of Henry Carpenter dec. I.F. (Finger) Carpenter is a son of Henry Carpenter dec. Henry L. Carpenter is a son of Henry Carpenter dec. Madison Carpenter is a son of Henry Carpenter dec. Frederick H. Carpenter is a son of Henry Carpenter dec. Luther Carpenter is a son of Henry Carpenter dec. 3. Deed of Henry Carpenter of Cleveland Co., North Carolina, to daughter, Sarah Gardner, July 14, 1845. 4. Deposition of Sarah C. Gardner, Oct. 10, 1879. Her father, Henry Carpenter, was married twice. His first wife was her mother (they had five children) I.F. Carpenter is her full brother. She was the only daughter by Henry's first marriage. Felix Carpenter is her half brother. 5. Deposition of Charlotte Carpenter, Oct. 10, 1879. She was married in York District, S.C. to Henry Carpenter when she was 23. She is now 71. After they married, they went the next day to Henry's home in North Carolina where they lived fifteen or sixteen years before moving to Tippah County. 6. Deposition of Jennie Carpenter, Oct. 10, 1879. She is a former slave of Henry Carpenter. Henry was first marriage to Annie Hoyle, daughter of Peter Hoyle.

CARPENTER, HENRY, dec. (PR 1860-1879) Petition of James M. Carpenter, Luther Carpenter, Hoyle Carpenter, Isiah F. Carpenter, Ambros Carpenter, Faben H. Carpenter and Sarah Carner (wife of David Garner), Daniel Hunt, Admin, 1860 / case of S. C. Gardner vs. Felix Carpenter, Nov. 1879: cite S. C. Gardner, Tison Carpenter, Charlotte Carpenter, Annie Moore of Memphis, Tenn., Annie Horton, wife of Will Horton, Jane Carpenter, Charlotte (wife of Calvin Smith), Mamie (wife of William Smith, heirs of Henry Carpenter, dec.

CARPENTER, INFANT OF DAN (030916) died Saturday / buried at Jumpertown.

CARPENTER, JOHN (Obit. SENTINEL Feb. 22, 1894) died recently / over 90 years old.

CARPENTER, JOHN M. (042215) died Fri. at Dumas / buried there / leaves wife, 2 sons, 2 daughters.

CARPENTER, JOSEPH EDWARD (040236) died Saturday, age 37 / buried at Wiers Chapel / Son of G.E. Carpenter and Mrs. Rosie Booker Meyers / brothers and sisters are Terry M. Carpenter (Memphis), Mrs. Roberta Still (Dallas), Mrs. Geneva Smith, Mrs. Peach Wildman / was a nephew of Mrs. R.S. Carter, Mrs. L.B. Yancey, J.A. Booker, John T. Booker, Mrs. E.J. Thurmond, J.L. Carpenter, Mrs. Onie Stricklin, Mrs. Lillian Hale (Mobile), and Mrs. Cora Garrett (Oxford)

CARPENTER, L. V., dec. (Admin. Bond, Jan. 21, 1862) Bondsmen: J. M. Yates (Admin.), O. E. Carpenter, J. M. Carpenter.

CARPENTER, L. V., minor (Guardianship Letters, Aug. 20, 1866) J, H. Hammond named guardian of L. V. Carpenter, minor.

CARPENTER, MISS LOU (Obit. SENTINEL July 31, 1913) died at Dumas on July 23, age 72 years / sister of Miss Mary Carpenter.

CARPENTER, MISS MARY (112019) died Sat. / buried in New York Cemetery / daughter of John Carpenter / was the last of 3 brothers and 3 sisters / married a McCabe early in life / nephews are Edd and Johnny.

CARPENTER, MRS. KATIE (110916) died last Sunday / buried at Jumpertown / widow of Aron Carpenter / daughter of John Hutchinson.

CARPENTER, MRS. NANCY (Obit. SENTINEL Oct. 18, 1906 & Nov. 8, 1906) died Sept. 25 / born Dec. 1, 1841, sister of I. H., John, and Z. Smith / married Owen F. Carpenter Oct. 26, 1859 / He was killed in Virginia during Civil War / leaves one daughter, Mrs. John Bryant, who lives in the West / buried at Clear Creek Cemetery / nephew: L.L. Bryan.

CARPENTER, MRS. TICE (060116) died May 29 six miles west of Booneville, age 60 / buried at Blackland / had seven children, 6 living / leaves mother, sister, 3 brothers, all of Blackland.

CARPENTER, PRISCILLA (Obit. SENTINEL May 22, 1902) died March 11, age 71 years.

CARPENTER, WILLIAM, dec. (PR, 1854-1858) widow - Nancy Jane Carpenter (1854); 1858: Nancy Jane Medlock, alias Carpenter, petition for dower of estate of William Carpenter, dec. /1858: B. B. Booker and wife Sarah petition for allotment to dower / cite Nancy Medlock and husband C. H. Medlock.

CARR, WILLIAM (1850 Mort.) died July 1849, age 68 years / married / born North Carolina.

CARSON, CHILD OF R. H. (Obit. SENTINEL Dec. 2, 1897) died recently at Clarysville.

CARSON, ELIZABETH (1870 Mort.) Family No. 26, R2 T6 / died Oct. 1869, age 74 years / widow / born in Virginia.

CARTER, ARRINGTON (041118) died Sat., age 18 / buried at Wiers Chapel / Son of Bob Carter.

CARTER, BOB (022118) died Jan. 10, age 20 / Son of R.S. Carter.

CARTER, CALEDONIA (1870 Mort.) Family No. 111, R4 T5 / died Sept. 1869, age 6 years / born in Mississippi.

CARTER, CHARLES D. (Obit. ADVERTISER Aug. 2, 1883) killed by outlaws recently at Dardanelle, Arkansas / a deputy sheriff.

CARTER, CHILD OF VAN (110222) died yesterday, age 2 / buried at Wiers Chapel.

CARTER, DAVIS (021622) died January 30 / buried at New Salem / wife died sixteen years ago / leaves 3 children and 3 bros / Sister is Mrs. C.W. Munn.

CARTER, DOLLY (041118) died at Austin, Tex on March 18, age 50 / was a daughter of Dr. W.D. Carter and a sister to Hardy S. Carter and Dr. N.G. Carter, both dead / moved to Texas in 1892 / leaves a niece, Mrs. A.F. Simmons of Booneville, Ms.

CARTER, DR. J.R. (070936) died at Magnolia, Ms., recently / married first to Lou Sumrall of Blue Mountain, a sister of Mrs. T.C. Lowrey and Ella and Robbie Sumrall / was married second to Miss Flowers / was a native of south Mississippi.

CARTER, DR. NATHANIEL GREEN (Obit. SENTINEL March 26, 1908 & April 2, 1908) Died at Meridian, Miss. recently, with burial there / leaves two daughters: Mrs. C. B. Witt of Tampa, Fla. and Mrs. P. A. Brock.

CARTER, DR. WILLIAM DUDLEY (Obit. ADVERTISER May 26, 1888 & SENTINEL May 31, 1888) died May 24 at Ripley, with burial in Ripley Cemetery / born in Tennessee in 1817, moved to Ripley, 1844 / in 1845 married a daughter of Judge C. A. Green of Ripley / she died in 1857 and in 1884 he married Hermie E. Winkler, daughter of Rev. Winkler of Alabama / by first marriage had 3 sons and 3 daughters, 2 of each still survive / a son, Charlie, was murdered by outlaws in Arkansas a few years ago / other sons are Dr. N. G. Carter and Hardy S. Carter, a D. A. in Arkansas / also leaves one daughter and a small son by his second wife.

CARTER, E.M. (051232) died recently, age 56 / buried at Jacobs Chapel / former Mayor of Falkner.

CARTER, HENRY D. (1850 Mort.) died March 1850, age 23 years / born in North Carolina.

CARTER, J.F. (070120) died near Falkner last week / Son of James Carter of Ripley.

CARTER, JENNIE MAY (Obit. SENTINEL, Sept. 11, 1913) died Aug. 17 / born Dec. 28, 1891 / dau. of J. L. Carter / buried at Academy Cemetery / leaves father, 2 sisters, 2 brothers, grandmother.

CARTER, JOHN W. (1850 Mort.) died Jan. 1850 / age 11 years / born in Mississippi.

CARTER, JOHN, dec. (PR 1857-1860) Daniel Hunt, Admin.

CARTER, M. H., dec. (1880 Mort.) female, Family No. 36, First Superviser's Dist., Tippah County / died Dec. 1879, age 32 years / born in Mississippi, a resident of Tippah County 32 years / parents both born in U. S. / married.

CARTER, MRS. (Obit. SENTINEL Aug. 22, 1889) "old mother Carter", died Aug. 8 at Marvin community.

CARTER, MRS. LIZZIE (Obit. SENTINEL April 11, 1895) nee Beaty, died recently / wife of Thomas Carter and mother of 4 children (one an infant) married 6 years ago.

CARTER, MRS. MARTHA (041432) died Tueday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Wilson Smith, age 76 / buried in New York Cemetery / children are Henry, George, Dan, Newt of New Albany, John Cox of Enterprise (by a former marriage), stepchildren are Warren Carter, Elijah Carter, Mrs. Frank Duncan,  Bill Carter of Benton County, and Anderson Carter of Texas.

CARTER, MRS. N.G. (071818) died recently at Johns Hopkins Hospital / buried at Meridian / widow of Dr. N.G. Carter.

CARTER, MRS. SARAH E. (102931) died Friday at Tupelo, age 70 / buried at Jacobs Chapel / widow of William Carter / children are Mrs. J.E. Murff of Tupelo, Mrs. T.L. Stanford, Mrs. Asberry Carmichiel of Tex., Lyman, Kirk, Wesley, and Waymon Carter of Tupelo.

CARTER, MRS. SUE J. POTTS BUCHANAN (Obit. SENTINEL Aug. 19, 1909 & Sept. 30, 1909) died at New Albany, Miss., on Thursday / buried at New Hope Cemetery / formerly Mrs. Buchanan, mother of Henry Buchanan / leaves 5 children.

CARTER, MYRLTE LEE (Obit. SENTINEL Dec. 13, 1906) died Nov. 13, born Sept. 6, 1902 / daughter of Anderson Carter / aunt: Myrtle Hopkins.

CARTER, NATHANIEL GREEN (Physician's License, April 1882) age 31 years / born in Mississippi, graduate of University of Louisville / studied under Dr. W. D. Carter / in practice 10 years / currently practices at Ripley.

CARTER, NEELY (Obit. SENTINEL Aug. 27, 1896) died recently at his father's home near Walnut / buried at Ebenezer Cemetery, Hardeman Co., Tenn.

CARTER, ROBERT (012418) died Saturday / buried at Wiers Chapel / Son of Bob Carter.

CARTER, SHELTON (1860 Mort.) Family No. 352, So. Div. Tippah Co., died Nov. 1859, age 1 month / born in Mississippi.

CARTER, SINA (Obit. SENTINEL June 25, 1896) died June 6, age 3 years / daughter of R. S. carter.

CARTER, TOMMIE (052428) died Friday, age 35 / buried at Academy / Son of Joel Carter of Cotton Plant / leaves wife and 5 children.

CARTER, TOMMIE (100822) died Tuesday, age 64 / buried at Academy.

CARTER, VAN (100825) died Tuesday / buried at Wiers Chapel / Son of Tom Carter / Son-in-law of Yancey Keith / leaves wife and one child (another child is dead)

CARTER, W.A. (052417) died yesterday / buried at Wiers Chapel / leaves wife and children.

CARTER, W.D. dec. (PR746) 1. Original Bill filed Sept. 15, 1888. Carter died on May 24, 1888. Leaves a widow, Mrs. H.L. Carter, and two minor children, Jessie Love Carter and William E. Carter. Also leaves children H.S. Carter of Dardanelle, Arkansas, Mary C. Maraber, wife of John D. Maraber of Chickasaw County, Miss., Dolly Carter, N.G. Carter. His granddaughter, Lovena Boone, lives With H.S. Carter. Her father, R.L. Boone, lives at Memphis, Tennessee / the widow and two minor children live in Marion County, Alabama.

CARTER, W.R., minor (PR) selects Benjamin Booker as his guardian on Oct. 31, 1860.

CARTER, WILLIAM DUDLEY (Obit. SENTINEL Nov. 7, 1907) died Oct. 29 at Dardanelle, Arkansas at home of Mother / only son of Judge Hardy Stricklin and Mrs. Lillie Miller Carter.

CARTER, WILLIAM DUDLEY (Physician's License, April 14, 1882) age 59 years / born in Tennessee / graduate of University of Louisville / studied under Dr. Laban E. Laird / in practice since 1842 / currently in practice at Ripley.

CARTER, WILLIAM, dec. (PR 1853) John Carter, Admin.

CARTWRIGHT, AMANDA J. (1880 Mort.) died Dec. 1879, age 31 years / married / she and parents all born in Tennessee / 8 months a resident of Tippah County.

CARTWRIGHT, CHRISTOPHER C. (1880 Mort.) died Feb. 1880, age 3 months / son of Amanda J. Cartwright, dec. / born in, Mississippi / father born in Mississippi / mother born in Tennessee.

CARTWRIGHT, HARRIET (Obit. SENTINEL Nov. 6, 1913) died Oct. 17, with burial at State Line Cemetery / wife of Burt / Cartwright / leaves 4 sons, a step-son and daughter.

CARTWRIGHT, JAMES H., minor, et al (PR 1852) James H. Cartwright (age 8 years), Mary Elizabeth Cartwright (age 10 years) and General Taylor Cartwright (age 5 years), orphans / Nancy and Polly Cartwright, guardians / James R. Cartwright, surety / heirs of Thomas Cartwright, dec.

CARTWRIGHT, MAUDY (Obit. SENTINEL Feb. 6, 1902) died Nov. 28, 1901, age 18 years, 1 month, 10 days / buried at Mt. Olive Cemetery.

CARTWRIGHT, MRS. BELLE (061219) died May 10 / buried in State Line Cemetery / wife of Edd Cartwright / leaves 3 children.

CARTWRIGHT, MRS. MARY JANE (Obit. SENTINEL April 6, 1911) died Feb. 5, with burial at Cane Creek Cemetery, northwest of Walnut / born Nov. 29, 1842 / married James H. Cartwright, Dec. 29, 1869 / leaves husband, 1 son (Isom), one sister, one brother.

CARTWRIGHT, MRS. MONROE (102616) died at Mitchell last night, age over 70 / buried at Mt. Olive.

CARTWRIGHT, THOMAS, dec. (PR. 1854) Eveline Cartwright and Daniel Hunt, guardians to Mary E., James H., and Taylor Cartwright, minor heirs.

CARTWRIGHT, W. C. "Dick" (Obit. SENTINEL Feb. 11, 1904) died last Wednesday, age 54 years / leaves wife and children / buried at Mitchell Cemetery.

CARTWRIGHT, WILLIAM (Obit. SENTINEL Feb. 20, 1908) died Nov. 29, 1907, age 3 years, 11 months 9 days / son of Marion Cartwright.

CARUTH, J. W. (Obit. ADVERTISER March 9, 1882) died Feb. 18 at Osceola, Arkansas, age 21 years / son of Lad M. Caruth, late sheriff of Benton Co., Miss., who now lives at Osceola.

CASEY, EMILY (1850 Mort.) died Oct. 1849, age 3 years / born in Mississippi.

CASEY, Oliver, dec. (PR 1854) Jackson W, Casey, Admin.

CAVANESS, MRS. CHERRY (Obit. SENTINEL Feb. 20, 1896) died Jan. 8 at home of her son, F. H. Cavaness, at Yellow Rabbit, Benton Co., Miss. / born March 3, 1810 / buried at Hopewell Presbyterian Church near Saulsbury, Tenn. / leaves 4 daughters and 3 sons.

CAVINESS, EARL (Obit. SENTINEL Oct. 15, 1914) died May 9, age 16 years, 10 months, 22 days / son of George Caviness / leaves father, mother, 4 sisters, 2 brothers / buried at Little Hope Cemetery.

CAVINESS, F.M. (102225) died Friday / C.S.A. vet. / children are M.N. Caviness, R.E. Caviness of Ashland, Mrs. Dan Barger of Chalybeate, Mrs. Sam Gray of Memphis.

CAVINESS, REV. P.W. (040231) died Wed., age 85 / C.S.A. vet. / buried at Little Hope / moved from Benton Co. in 1896 / children are Mrs. Pink Stroup, Luther, Nat, George, Mrs. Annie Pegram, Mrs. Edgar Bennett, Mrs. Lucy Lowrey, and Mrs. Lee Davenport.

CAWKINS, HENRY ALBERT (Obit. SENTINEL May 16, 1912) died May 6, age 5 years / his mother died in April 1910.

CHAMBERLAIN, MISS BETSY (041322) died two days ago / age 112 / buried at Providence / never married / had a brother.

CHAMBERLAIN, MRS. F. (Obit. ADVERTISER Sept. 3, 1887) died Aug. 30, age 103 years, in north Tippah County / born in South Carolina.

CHAMBERLAIN, W. ROSS (Obit.SENTINEL Nov. 21, 1912 & Dec. 19, 1912) died Oct. 26 / born Union County (state not given) Sept. 17, 1832 / married Mary Jane Fallin, Feb. 1870 / moved to Tippah County 1871.

CHAMBERS, MRS. ANNIE (Obit. SENTINEL Feb. 8, 1893) died recently / wife of A. J.

CHAMBERS, MRS. MISSOURI (020928) died Wednesday.

CHAMBERS, REV. SMITH (091725) killed accidently at Bellbuckle, Tenn., Fri., age 22 / buried at Sheffield, Ala. / Son of Rev. Frank Chambers, a pastor at Florence, Ala. / nephew of Mrs. Frank Carmichiel of Ripley.

CHAPMAN, C. T., dec. (PR 1869) No information given.

CHAPMAN, JIM (071030) died Tuesday, age 60 / buried at Bethel / Son of late Tom Chapman / married first to Rose Saylors / children are Clovis and two daughters in Arkansas / children by second marriage are Ellis, Tom Hugh, Junior, Charlie, Jess, Gaston, Ilene, Fannie, Mae.

CHAPMAN, MRS. GEORGE (110817) died Nov. 6 at Memphis / buried in Forest Hill Cem. / mother of Glover and Andrew Anderson and Marie Chapman / age 45.

CHAPMAN, MRS. H. THOMAS (091521) died Saturday.

CHAPMAN, MRS. ROSA (Obit. SENTINEL March 30, 1905) died Feb. 28, age 28 years / buried in Criswell Cemetery / leaves husband and 4 Children.

CHAPMAN, W. TOM (050328) died Tues., age 82 / buried, in Criswell Cem. / his children are Hugh, Jess, Jim, Mrs. R.D. Montgomery, Mrs. W.A. Mullikin, Mrs. Beulah Turner.

CHAPMAN, WILLIAM S., dec. (PR 1854-1856) Frances E. Jones, formerly Chapman, petition for widow's dower, 1854 / minor heirs: Mary C. Chapman, Charles B. Chapman, Matilda Chapman; next of kin and guardian, Joseph C. Spight (1856).

CHEATWOOD, ELIZABETH (1880 Mort.) died Sept. 1879, age 22 years / married / born in Mississippi / resident of Tippah County 22 years / parents both born in U. S.

CHEEK, WILLIAM (Obits. ADVERTISER Feb. 14, 1885 & SENTINEL Feb. 12, 1885) died Jan. 17 in Arkansas, where he had moved in 1880. An old citizen of Tippah County.

CHEIRS, BENJAMIN, dec. (PR 1857) Petition of J. H. Morgan, executor, along with R. Humphreys and wife, and Atlas Jones and wife. W. B. Hardaway to be guardian of Mary E. Hardaway, Susan L. Hardaway, Minverva E. Hardaway, S. Cheirs, P. B. Cheirs, John Cheirs; cite John W. Leak and wife Mary J.; Nathaniel Cheirs, Mary H. Higgs and husband.

CHEIRS, E. JANE, minor (PR 1847) No information given.

CHEIRS, MARY, dec. (PR 1856-1857) Heirs: Sophia Cheirs, Patrick B. Cheirs, John Cheirs, Clarence Cheirs, William H. Cheirs, Martha G. Harner, Edwin Cheirs, Albesh Lucinda Cheirs, Mary E. Hardaway, Susan L. Hardaway, Minerva E. Hardaway / also cite Louisa Cheirs, Mary E. Hardaway, Susan L. Hardeway, Minerva E. Hardaway / also cite

CHEIRS, NATHANIEL, dec. (PR 1847) late of Maury Co., Tennessee / Nancy L. Scott and A. R. Scott, children of Nathaniel Scott, petitioners for estate.

CHEIRS, WILLIAM T., dec. (PR 1847) Bondsmen: Runious B. Humphreys (Admin.), James Woods.

CHERY (sic), ELIZA C., minor (PR 1857) Absolem W. (illegible), guardian.

CHILDERS MRS. ASA (Obit. SENTINEL Jan. 31, 1907) died Monday.

CHILDERS, ARCHIE (Obit. SENTINEL Sept. 7, 1911) died Aug. 22, age 15 years, 5 months 16 days, son of Johnny Childers / buried at Hopkins Cemetery / leaves father, mother, 2 brothers.

CHILDERS, ASA JACKSON (010528) died December 29, 1927, age 78 / buried at Antioch / brother to Thomas Jefferson Childers who died the same day / wife died 22 years ago / deceased daughter is Mrs. Catherine McClain / other children are Mrs. Geneva Graves, Mrs. Ella Lindsey, Mrs. Evie Nix, Mrs. Effie Sanderson, Mrs. Lelia Bright, Jim Childers, Jess Childers, John Childers, Hubbard Childers, all of Benton County.

CHILDERS, D. F. (1870 Mort.) Family No. 5, R3 T3 / died May 1870, age 33 years / born in Tennessee.

CHILDERS, DALTON H. (082323) died July 27, age 43 / buried At Little Hope / leaves mother and siblings.

CHILDERS, DAVID (090424) died in New York on Sept 1, age 23 / a soldier / buried at Walnut Creek / Son of John Y. Childers.

CHILDERS, ELLIOTT (120424) died Monday, age 7 / buried at Shady Grove / Son of Arthur Childers.

CHILDERS, ETTA WRIGHT (012633) died Oct. 19, age 18.

CHILDERS, GORDON (041625-050725) died April 5, age 4 / Son of Bunyan Childers.

CHILDERS, J. WILLIS (041515) died Jan. 19 / age 78 / buried in Union Cem. / C.S.A. vet.

CHILDERS, JAMES L. dec. (unnumbered PR) 1. Petition for dower by widow, Ann Childers, Dec. 17, 1866. Childers died in 1862. Children are Sallie Ann Childers (age 26, she is the widow of James Ward), Amanda J. Childers (age 25 or 26; she is the wife of Joseph Clark), Nancy Childers (age 22-she is the wife of A. Barkley), Stephen H. Childers (age 21 or 22), William Childers (age 16 or 17), Ruthy E. Childers (age 15), John A. Childers (age 13), Josephine Childers (age 10 or 11), Lucinda M. Childers (age 8), George A. Childers (age 6), and Annie L. Childers (age 4)

CHILDERS, JAMES L. dec., Admin. Bond, Feb. 20, 1866) Bondsmen: Anna Childers (Admin.) A.W.F. Murry, W. F. Young.

CHILDERS, JAMES, dec. (Admin. Bond, April 17, 1866) Bondsmen: Elizabeth Childers (Admin.), J. M. Childers, J. F. Childers.

CHILDERS, JAMES, SR. (PR 1854-1856) James Childers Jr., Admin.; Heirs: Joel Butler, Benjamin Butler, John Butler, V. Hugens and wife Bethany, Artus Butler, C. Luna and wife Martha; Rhoda Jackson, Nancy Jackson, David Childers, Lucretia Coley, Elizabeth Childers, A. C. Jackson; cite also heirs: unknown children of Asa J. Childers, dec., unknown children of Amanda McCullough, dec.; William T. Childers, B. M. Childers, S. C. Twitty and wife Isabella; Asa Childers, William Butler, James Butler, Thomas Nail and wife Melissa, and A. J. Childers.

CHILDERS, JESSE J., dec. (PR 1852-1854), Asa C. Jackson, Admin. Heirs: James Anderson Childers, Mary Elizabeth Childers, William Arthur Childers, Jesse Newton Childers, Martha Jane Childers, Nancy Childers, Asa Childers and Thomas Jefferson Childers.

CHILDERS, JIMMY (070429) died June 5 / buried at Little Hope / leaves parents and two sisters, Virginia and Sallie Lou.

CHILDERS, JOHN A. (Obit. SENTINEL NOv. 6, 1913) died Aug 31 / buried at Little Hope Cemetery.

CHILDERS, JOHN A. (Obit. SENTINEL Sept. 29, 1898) died Aug. 16, with burial in New York Cemetery / born Tippah County, Aug. 12, 1853 / married Dorthulia Fryar on July 4, 1875 / leaves wife and 8 children.

CHILDERS, JOSH (080636) died Sunday, age 30 / buried at Antioch / unmarried / Son of W.T. Childers / brother to Mrs. Luther Thomas, Mrs. Bert Smith of Bay Springs, Onie Childers, Joe Childers.

CHILDERS, LUTHER (113022) died recently at Tipton, Okla. / Son of Steve Childers of Clarysville.

CHILDERS, MARY ETTA (090722) died on June 28 / born June 2, 1918, daughter of W.E. Childers.

CHILDERS, MRS. ALLEN (082323) died August 8 / buried at Harmony / had eight children.

CHILDERS, MRS. ELI (Obit SENTINEL FEB. 9, 1905) died recently at Falkner.

CHILDERS, MRS. GEORGE ANNIE (022532) died Sunday, age 78 / buried at Little Hope / wife of Eli Childers / daughter of John Nance and sister to R.L. Nance, W.J. Nance, Mrs. Sam Barkley / children are John Jamieson, Charley Jamieson, Will Jamieson, Robert Jamieson, and Jesse Jamieson (she first married Emmett Jamieson), Mrs. Will Camburn and Mrs. Lon Coley, the latter two of Tupelo.

CHILDERS, MRS. J.F. (010329) died Tues., age 78 / buried at Little Hope / children are ex-sheriff J.D. Childers, Mrs. A.L. Conner, Walter Childers, Pleas Childers of Middleton, Tenn.

CHILDERS, MRS. LINNIE (050830) died Thur., age 80 / buried at Jaeobs Chapel / widow of Steve Childers, who died 6 years ago / Sister to J.A. Griffin and Mrs. Jim Bullock / mother of Mrs. Etta Warnmack, Mrs. Jennie Clark, John Y. Childers, Esker L. Childers, Obie Childers, Dr. Joe Childers of Tipton, Okla., Mrs. Ed Austin of Rutherford, Okla., William Childers of Frederick, Okla. / Son, Luther Childers, died in Okla.

CHILDERS, MRS. MARGARET L. (013129-022829) died Jan. 21 / buried at Little Hope / born August 25, 1845 in Tippah / her father, Mr. Cotton, lived in Tenn. for a time when she was young / married Thaddeus Hubbard in 1861 / he died in 1864 while serving in the C.S.A. leaving two girls / her elder brother died at the Battle of Seven Pines / She married John M. Childers in 1868 / had 10 children, including 4 boys / 2 girls died young / her husband died in 1868 / children are Tom Childers, Simon Childers, Will Childers, Mrs. J.D. Clemmer, Mrs. W.O. Whitman, Mrs. K.C. Michael / a brother lives in Memphis.

CHILDERS, MRS. MARTHA (111528) died Thursday, age 68 / buried at Jacobs Chapel / wife of G. Alfred Childers / had eleven children-living are Mrs. Walter Pegram, L.E. Childers, Mrs. Vince Moore of Arkansas, Mrs. Velma Hodges Alexander of Baldwyn, Albert Childers, Otis Childers, Olin D. Childers, Edgar Childers, Mrs. Aubrey Smith, Mrs. Lytle Smith / was a sister to F.L. Dunnam and a half sister to Mrs. J.M. Griffin.

CHILDERS, MRS. MARY ANN (071835) died June 9, age 83 / buried at Hickory Flat / wife of John Childers / Sister is Mrs. Cynthia Waller.

CHILDERS, MRS. MAUDE (051326) died April 19 / buried at Little Hope / born July 13, 1889 / married Bart [Note: Joseph Burton -- Bert] Childers Sept. 11, 1907 / leaves 6 son, 2 dau.

CHILDERS, MRS. SUSAN L. (Obit. SENTINEL Oct. 8, 1903) died Aug. 9 / born at Fayetteville, Alabama May 15, 1835, dau. of James L. Morgan, a Revolutionary War veteran who died in the 1850s and was buried at Antioch Cemetery in Tippah County / she lost 2 brothers in the Confederate service: Billy, who died at Atlanta, and George who died in Texas / she married D. R. Childers, Jan. 12, 1854 / buried near father at Antioch.

CHILDERS, MRS. VIRGINIA ELIZABETH POOL (050935) died Friday, age 79 / buried at Antioch / married W.A. Childers Dec. 29, 1880 / children are J.L. Childers, J.B. Childers, Mrs. W.D. Graves, Mrs. Herman James, Mrs. C.Y. Graves of Myrtle, Mrs. J.W. Golightly of Senatobia.

CHILDERS, MYRTLE ERAN (032019) died on Jan. 8 / buried at Little Hope / born on July 17, 1904 in Benton County, dau. of Jim Childers.

CHILDERS, nine year old daughter of Will (060822) died this week.

CHILDERS, O.D. (042424) died Feb. 23, age 7 / Son of J.Y. Childers.

CHILDERS, PLEASANT dec. (PR159) 1. Citation for Lovina Roberts, Stephen Roberts, Martha Johnson, Joseph Johnson, William Childers, James Childers, David Orlina Reed, and Marion Reed of Tippah, Aug. 28, 1871. 2. Citation to Charlotte Childers, Mary McBride (wife of Soloman McBride), Joe Childers, Bud Childers, Parthenia Childers, Eleanor Childers, all of Ozark, Arkansas, and John Childers of Tennessee.

CHILDERS, PLEASANT, dec. (Admin. Bond July 15, 1872) Daniel Hunt, Admin.

CHILDERS, PLEASANT, dec. (Admin. Bond, Oct. 16, 1865) Bondsmen: P. C. Childers (Admin.) J. W. Johnson, B. C. Butler.

CHILDERS, ROBERT LEE (061836) died Wednesday, age 13 months / buried at Peoples / Son of A.L. Childers and a grandson of A.H. Childers.

CHILDERS, S. H. SR. (Obit. SENTINEL March 1, 1894) died recently, with burial at Jacobs Chapel Cemetery / born Middle Tennessee, Oct. 1818 / moved to Hardeman Co., Tenn., where he married Elizabeth Allen / she died at Clarysville / he then married Nancy Lokey / C.S.A. veteran.

CHILDERS, S.H. (052924) died Thursday / buried at Jacobs Chapel / born March 28, 1845 / married on Jan, 1, 1867 / leaves wife and eight children: Mrs. Etta Wammack, Mrs. Richard Clark, Mrs. Clara Austin, Willie Childers, Escar Childers, Obie Childers, Dr. Joe Childers.

CHILDERS, THOMAS JEFFERSON (010528) died Dec. 29, 1927, age 76 / buried at Antioch / wife died 20 years ago / children are Joe Childers of Blytheville, Ark., Oscar Childers of Ashland, Mrs. Mattie Young of Amory, Arthur Childers, Elmer Childers.

CHILDERS, W. A. (Obit. SENTINEL March 22, 1906) died on March 19.

CHILDERS, W. W. (Obit SENTINEL Dec. 15, 1910) died on Dec. 4, over 65 years old and a C.S.A. veteran / buried at Hopkins Cemetery.

CHILDERS, WILLIAM GORDON (091229) died at Memphis on Wed. / buried at Clear Creek / was the fourth child of W.J. Childers to die.

CHILDRESS, A.J. (082824) died Thursday, age 69 / buried at Courtland, Panola Co. / daughter is Mrs. John E. Pearce of Chalybeate.

CHILDRESS, MINNIE LEE (021517) died recently / daughter: Onnie / aunts are Polly and Dovie Smith.

CHILDRESS, MRS. SALLIE B. (112928) died Thursday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J. E. Pearce, age 68 / buried in the Shuford Cemetery near Sardis / was a sister to W.W. Elliott of Oxford and Dr. H.R. Elliott of Courtland and Mrs. Webster Chapman of Courtland.

CHILDS, BRY (Obit. ADVERTISER Sept. 11, 1882) died last week / postmaster at Lowry community.

CHILDS, H. C. (Obit. SENTINEL Oct. 13, 1892) died Monday at Lowry.

CHILDS, H. T. (mentioned SENTINEL April 10, 1913) "Hon. H T. Childs" of Lincoln County, Tennessee is mentioned as brother to late "Chi" Childs of Tippah County.

CHILDS, H.B. (022829) died Feb. 16 / born Dec. 21, 1927, son of Howser Childs / aunts-Riley Childs and Myrtie Mauney. Buried at Lowry.

CHILDS, H.T. (092717) mentioned as being a resident of Lincoln County, Tennessee, who is visiting relatives in Tippah / is a C.S.A. veteran and a former member of the legislature from this county / age 76 / wife is dead / was born in Lincoln Co.

CHILDS, H.W. (051618) died Sunday / was county surveyor.

CHILDS, JOE ABB (030933) died Tuesday, age 49 / buried in Childs graveyard / leaves wife and children.

CHILDS, JOHN H. (Obit, SENTINEL Oct. 31, 1895) died Oct. 17, with burial in Childs Cemetery / born May 31, 1860 / married Dec. 27, 1880.

CHILDS, KYE (011724) died at Tulsa, Okla., Dec. 26, 1923 / born in 1847 / C.S.A. veteran / went to Texas in 1874 and from there to Tulsa / leaves four children: Henry, Jim, Willie, all of Tulsa, and Mrs. Dan Hall of Tippah / was a brother to Henry and Bill Childs of Tippah and Mrs. Bettie Cheatwood of Oklahoma.

CHILDS, LOTTIE (Obit. SENTINEL Dec. 21, 1905) died recently / daughter of Louis Childs.

CHILDS, LULA (030834) died Nov. 23 / buried at Spout Springs / daughter of Jasper Mauney / married Grover Childs 23 years ago / had 12 children, 9 living / Sister to Mrs. Mae Childs, Mrs. Annie Richardson, Mrs. Icie Childs, Wince Mauney, Lee Mauney, Jasper Mauney.

CHILDS, MRS. BEN (033033) died March 4 / buried at Lowry / leaves husband, two children, 7 stepchildren, 3 sisters, and 4 brothers / children are Palma, Callie H., Fannie Belle, Ruby, Mrs. R.E. Hurt, Mrs. T.A. Mauney, D.A., S.H., L.P. Childs.

CHILDS, MRS. IRENE (111429) died Sunday, age 67 / widow of John Childs / children are Joe Abb Childs, Grover Childs, Johnnie Childs, Mrs. Mark Duncan.

CHILDS, MRS. MATTIE (070120) died May, 22 / born March 30, 1865 / married W.T. Childs, Jan. 14, 1910 / had 7 children, living are six / niece: Annie Bell Childs of Corinth.

CHILDS, MRS. TOMMIE (Obit. SENTINEL, Jan. 14 1909 & April 1, 1909) died Dec. 30, 1808 / daughter of R. T. & S. E. Tatum / sister of Ella E. Tatum of Kossuth, Miss. / wife of Ben Childs / leaves father, 6 sisters, 4 brothers, 6 children.

CHILDS, N.T. (082416) died May 30 / born Feb. 12, 1856 / moved to B?????ville 6 years ago / leaves wife, six ???? stepmother, 3 brothers, 2 sisters / one sister is Mrs. Mary Mauney.

CHILDS, NACY M., dec. (Admin. Bond, Oct. 15, 1865) Bondsmen: Eliza Childs (admin.), H. C. Childs, Ashley A. Wilson.

CHILDS, THEODORE, dec. (Obit. SENTINEL, Jan. 28, 1904 & Feb. 25, 1904) died Jan. 20 at the home of his mother, Mrs. Kate Childs at Lowry, age 26 years / eldest son / two sisters have died in the last few weeks / cousin: Gussie Galliard.

CHILDS, W.M. v. MARY ???? CHILDS (divorce) Petition filed July 19, 1886, were married April 6, 1884. Decree on Nov. 24, 1886.

CHILDS, WHOLLY (021517) died Jan. 23 / buried at New Hope.

CHILDS, WILLIAM M. (050929) died on April 20, age 72 / buried at Shiloh / married first to Nannie Meeks / their children were Sallie aud Claudie / married second to Fate Swinford / their children were Mrs. F??? Whirley,  Mrs. Tommy Hod??, Bettie, Ethel, and Pearl Childs.

CHISHOLM, JOHN (092734-110834-101134-100434-102534) mentioned in a series of articles in the SOUTHERN SENTINEL.  He was born in South Carolina on December 3, 1815, the son of Elijah M. Chisholm and Jermina Ridden / parents came from Halifax Co., Virginia, to South Carolina and to Hardeman Co., Tenn., in 1825 / in 1828 moved to Lauderdale Co., Tenn, where Elijah, John's oldest sister (Mrs. Tom Robertson), her husband, and John's youngest sister died / Moses Chisholm was John's oldest brother / John was 16 when his father died / John moved to Mississippi in 1836, leaving five brothers in Lauderdale County, where 4 died / Moses was still living in 1880 / John married Sarah Robertson in Hardeman County in 1835 / She was a daughter of Asa Robertson, who was a brother to Frank Robertson and a brother-in-law of Buckner James / John was the grandfather of Mrs. A.P. Nance and was the great grandfather of W.M. Bartlett of Dumas / This article also mentions G.W. Johnson, born Abbeville, S.C., Oct. 25, 1816 / the son of John Henry (died 1824) and Sallie (Wilson) Johnson (d. 1833) G.W.'s brother, Ruse, moved to Mississippi in 1835.

CHISM, J. M. (Obit, SENTINEL Sept. 19, 1912 & Sept. 4, 1913) died Sept. 11, 1912 at Hickory, Flat, Miss., age 71 years / C.S.A. veteran / buried at Sand Springs Cemetery.

CHISM, J. M. (Obit. SENTINEL, Aug. 16, 1900) died Tuesday in Blue Mountain.

CHISM, J. W. J., minor et al (Guardianship Letters, Oct. 17, 1865) H. W. Chism granted guardinship over J. W. J. Chism, J. L. L. Chism, F.U.Z. Chism.

CHISM, LUKE (Obit, SENTINEL June 16, 1892) killed on Saturday by Luther Adair south of Dumas in Union County / Chism was one of seven who had just murdered Adair's father, Bruce Adair.

CHISM, MRS. JANE (022135) died earlier this week, age 59 / wife of Nathan Chism of Blue Mountain / daughter of Benjamin F. McAlister / married M. Nath Chism on Jan. 10, 1899 / children are Mary Sue and Callie D. / Siblings are Jim McAlister of West Texas, W.A. McAlister, Mrs. John Thomas, Mrs. Meek Richardson, Mrs. Lula Clayton, Mrs. Callie Chism.

CHISM, SUSIE A. (Obit. SENTINEL March 9, 1905) died Jan. 16 with burial at Sand Springs Cemetery / born Oct. 11, 1841 / lived at Biue Mountain until moving to Hickory Flat on Dec. 14, 1904 / leaves husband, 5 children, 17 grandchildren.

CHISM, WALKER (Obit. SENTINEL Nov. 24, 1892) died recently, age 22 years -"only son of a poor man" with several daughters.

CHITSINGER, MICHAEL (PR 1857) P.A. Norton, Admin.

CHRISTIAN, MRS. CAROLINE (Obit ADVERTISER Jan 13, 1881) died recently / wife of Col. R. N. Christian and sister of Capt. J. E. Rogers.

CHUNN, G. W. (Admin. Bond, Dec. 16, 1861) dec., Bondsmen: Nancy Chunn (Admin.), G. W. Moore.

CHUNN, MISS BEULAH (120920) died Monday at the home of her brother-in-law, George Stanford / buried at Pleasant Ridge.

CHURCHWELL, REBECCA (1870 mort. Family No. 54, R2 T6 / died March 1870, age 65 years / married / born in Georgia.

CLARK, A. E. dec. (Will Recorded March 16, 1866) wife: Mary J. Clark / father: James R. Clark (dec.), whose estate in Montgomery County, North Carolina, is now held by dower Jane E. Owen / brother: Daniel P. Clark / half-sister: Ellen M. Buse.

CLARK, ARCH (Obit. SENTINEL March 23, 1905) died at Clarysville Feb. 14 / buried at Clark Schoolhouse Graveyard / leaves mother, wife, 6 children, 4 brothers, 1 sister.

CLARK, BETSY (1870 Mort.) Family No. 64 R4 T5, died Aug. 1869, age 65 years / married / born in North Carolina.

CLARK, CAGE (Obit. SENTINEL July 4, 1900) died Saturday near Clarysville, age 82 years.

CLARK, CHILD OF NAT (122116) died yesterday / buried at Jacobs Chapel / age 6 mos.

CLARK, CHILD OF R. E. (Obit. SENTINEL July 28, 1898) died Saturday at Clarysville.

CLARK, DOROTHY (110834) died Wed., age 2 years, 11 mos. / buried at Academy / dau. of Erksine Clark.

CLARK, GEORGE (022719) died Tuesday / leaves wife and six or seven children / brother to Tom Clark of Cotton Plant and John Clark of Brownfield.

CLARK, GUY (Obit. SENTINEL Sept. 6, 1894) died Aug. 7, age 1 year 18 days / son of T. J. and Josie Clark.

CLARK, JAMES M. dec. (Admin. Bond, Oct. 2, 1876) Bondsmen: R. J. Thurmond (Admin.), and W. W. Robinson.

CLARK, JOSEPH (Obit. SENTINEL April 30, 1896) died April 22, age 91 years / buried at Jacobs Chapel Cemetery.

CLARK, LILLIE (111231) died Nov. 1, age 38 / buried at Ebenezer / Sister to George Camburn Jr. / leaves parents, 2 brothers, 1 daughter, 2 sons.

CLARK, LILLIE ALMA (010329) died Thurs., age 14 / buried in New York Cem. / daughter of Bill Clark.

CLARK, LON (060116) murdered at Brownfield recently, age 26 / Son-in-law of John Flake.

CLARK, MANNING (081926) died Saturday, age 21 / Son of Mrs. Sallie Clark / Sister to J.L. Clark and D.W. Clark and Mrs. Martin Wiggs of Ripley.

CLARK, MRS. JANE (Obit. SENTINEL April 2, 1914) died March 28 at home of son, James Clark, age 74 years / buried at Jacobs Chapel Cemetery / husband has been dead 30 years / mother of 9 children, 5 living (2 died in childhood within hours of each other).

CLARK, MRS. LINIE (EVELYN) (Obit. SENTINEL July 27, 1905 & Oct. 19, 1905) died July 24 at home of son-in-law, Albert Moffitt / buried at Jacobs Chapel Cemetery / born April 20, 1836 / married William Wooten in 1850 and bore him 3 daughters / he died in 1880 / in 1885 she married McCager Clark Who died a few years ago / sister of W. F. Duncan.

CLARK, MRS. LOUELLA (Obit. SENTINEL March 17, 1898) died Feb. 21, burial at Harden (sic) Cemetery / leaves husband James Clark and 3 small children.

CLARK, MRS. NANCY WHITE (100621) died recently, age 79 / buried in Montgomery County, where her husband is buried / children include these in Blue Mountain: J.W., C.C., Mrs. Lola Wood, Mrs. S.G. Ray.

CLARK, MRS. SALLIE (010528) died Tues. at Chalybeate, age 60 / Sister to Mr. Bobo / children are Mrs. Martin Wiggs, D. Clark, J. Lester Clark.

CLARK, MRS. ZULA (111727) died Thursday / buried at Jacobs Chapel / wife of Luther D. Clark / nee Scott / only child of Mrs. Brock / nee Scott / an infant died Friday / leaves husband and three children / born May 25, 1903.

CLARK, PAUL (Obit. SENTINEL Jan. 12, 1911) died Oct. 18, 1910, age 2 years, 7 months, 5 days / son of R. E. Clark / leaves father, mother, 2 brothers, 3 sisters.

CLARK, RICHARD (030222-031622) died at Chalybeate on Feb. 12 / buried at Jacobs Chapel / leaves wife and 5 children / leaves a cousin, Lottie Griffin.

CLARK, ROBERT ELZIE (Obit. SENTINEL May 24, 1906) died May 17, age 8 months 16 days / son of Jodie and Tommie Clark.

CLARK, S. S. (Admin. Bond, March 16, 1863) Bondsmen: Nancy Clark, Admin., Samuel White, Noel Vernor.

CLARK, SON OF WALTER (Obit, SENTINEL Feb. 25, 1897) died Feb. 20 at Clarysville.

CLARK, T. B. (Obit. SENTINEL April 24, 1886) died at Ripley on Tuesday.

CLARK, WILLIAM D. (1850 Mort.) died Sept. 1849, age 1 year / born in Mississippi.

CLAYTON, A.N. (040622) died April 3 / buried at New Hope / born in Tippah, March 2, 1842 / married S.A. Stewart, 1869 / children are Walter (who died 22 years ago), Arthur of Los Angeles, Albert Newton Jr., Claude, Ira, Lawrence, Roy, Brooks, Shannon, Mrs. Wallace Morton.

CLAYTON, ARTHUR (100329) died Friday at Los Angeles, Calif., age 57 / Second son of the late A.N. Clayton of Ripley / brother to Ira, Lawrence, Roy, Mrs. Lona Morton, Shannon Clayton, and A.N. Clayton of Jonesboro, Ark / Son is Arthur Palmer Clayton.

CLAYTON, C. BROOKS (021429) died Tues., age 42 / buried at New Hope / Son of A.N. Clayton / brother to Mrs. Wallace Morton, A.N. of Jonesboro Ark., Arthur of Los Angeles, Calif., Ira L., Roy, Shannon / leaves wife and a stepdaughter, Mrs. Evelyn Lewis.

CLAYTON, CLAUDE (031622) mentioned as living in Tupelo / Son of A.N. Clayton of Ripley.

CLAYTON, DR. SAMUEL KINDLE (Obit. SENTINEL Dec. 21, 1893) died at Holly Springs, Miss. on Dec. 9, age 72 years / at home of brother, Thomas Clayton.

CLAYTON, EMMA PEARL (Obit. SENTINEL Sept. 27, 1900) died Sunday, daughter of Joe Clayton.

CLAYTON, F. JOSEPH (101018-052919) died Oct. 9 / buried at New Hope / born March 21, 1857, youngest son of Dr. Samuel Clayton / children are Willie, Hardy, Hugh, Della, Jamie, Mrs. Belle Hardy.

CLAYTON, FLAVIOUS JOSEPHUS (Obit. SENTINEL, May 12, 1904 & May 26, 1904.) died May 5, burial at New Hope Cemetery / born May 28, 1888, son of Joe Clayton.

CLAYTON, JUDGE CLAUDE (091725) suicide Sept. 15 at Tupelo / born at Ripley / married Annie Feemster of Nettleton / children are Ruth Stewart, Claude Jr., and Mary Annis Clayton.

CLAYTON, MARGARET ELIZABETH (042424) died April 21, age 7 / buried at Glenwood Cemetery, Tupelo / daughter of Claude Clayton / granddaughter of Mrs. A.N. Clayton of Ripley.

CLAYTON, MISS EMMA (Obit. SENTINEL Sept. 29, 1910) died at Memphis, Tenn. recently / sister of A. N. and F. J. Clayton of Ripley / buried at New Hope Cemetery.

CLAYTON, MRS. AVA (122425) died Dec. 21 / buried at New Hope / born Dec. 18, 1849 / married Albert N. Clayton, March 25, 1869 / children are Walter (died 1900), Claude (dead), A.N. of Jonesboro, Ark., Arthur of Los Angeles, Ira, Lawrence, Roy, Brooks, Shan, Mrs. Wallace Morton / Sister to T.T. Stewart of Rush, Texas / half sister to P.A. McBryde.

CLAYTON, MRS. ELIZA (032030) died recently at the County Home / buried in the County Cemetery.

CLAYTON, MRS. NOVERTA R. (031027-022328-041427-042127) killed March 3, 1927 at her home near Blackland, age 25 / nee Vandiver of Columbus, Miss. / husband arrested and convicted in February 1928, of murder.

CLAYTON, MRS. R. G. (Obit. SENTINEL Nov. 1, 1894) died Oct. 28 at Orizaba, age 19 years / buried at Wells Chapel Cemetery.

CLAYTON, ORA (1880 Mort.) Family No. 68, First superviser's district, Tippah County / died August 1879, age 2 years / she and parents born in Mississippi.

CLAYTON, SAMUEL KINDLE (Physician's License, May 25, 1882) age 59 / born in Tennessee / did not attend medical school / studied under Dr. Laban E. Laird, dec. / 20 years in medical practice / currently practices at Ripley.

CLAYTON, WALTER (Obit. SENTINEL March 15, 1900) died Monday, age 23 years / buried at New Hope Cemetery / son of A. N. Clayton.

CLAYTON, WILL (Obit. SENTINEL March 24, 1904) died March 1 / leaves wife and children.

CLAYTON, WILLIE (051927) died Friday, age 44 / buried at New Hope / Son of Joe Clayton / married Lula Jamieson of New Albany / his daughter is 12 and an adopted son is 9.

CLEMMER, D. A. (Obit. SENTINEL, Dec. 11, 1913) died Oct. 7, born March 18, 1859.

CLEMMER, D. L. (1870 Mort.) Family No. 1, R3 T3 / died July 1869, age 25 years / born in North Carolina.

CLEMMER, DAVID (Obit. SENTINEL March 22, 1906 & April 5, 1906) died March 10 / buried at Little Hope Cemetery / born Gaston C., North Carolina, 1811, where he married Nancy Cannon / moved to Arkansas in 1845 / in 1880 he married Mary Brown / Nancy died in 1878 / leaves 3 children by first wife, and widow.

CLEMMER, EDWIN (Obit. SENTINEL April 13, 1911) died Friday, age 2 years, son of W.E. Clemmer.

CLEMMER, J. S. (Obit, SENTINEL Sept. 3, 1914) died Jan. 2, 1913 / born Jackson Co., North Carolina / a C.S.A. veteran.

CLEMMER, LABAN S. (Obit. SENTINEL July 14, 1910) died May 26 / buried at Little Hope Cemetery / born Sept. 18, 1837 / on July 8, 1868 married Adelaide Blackwell / had 6 children - one, Sallie, died 8 years ago.

CLEMMER, LAFAYETTE L. (022223-122122) died Dec. 20, 1922 / buried at Little Hope / born April 20, 1872 / leaves 4 married daughters (1 unmarried daughter is dead) and 2 sons.

CLEMMER, LEWIS O. (PR 1859) C. P. Miller, Admin.

CLEMMER, MARY GRACE (032019-082119) died March 8, age 2 yrs., 28 days / daughter of L.L. Clemmer / buried in Presbyterian Cemetery / leaves parents, 1 sister, and six brothers.

CLEMMER, MRS. ADELAIDE (071421) was age 81 on July 5 / nee Blackwell / moved from South Carolina to Tippah in 1858 / her oldest brother is Hon. J.B. Blackwell Sr.

CLEMMER, MRS. L.L. (061831) died Tues., age 60 / buried at New Hope / daughter of William Reed / children are Troy Clemmer, Willie Clemmer, Mrs. Jewell Rooker, Mrs. Mabel Stricklin, Mrs. Pearl Jackson, Mrs. Mae Jones, Mrs. Belle Caviness.

CLEMMER, MRS. MARCENA ADELAIDE (042630) see also ADELAIDE CLEMMER, Died April 17, age 89 / buried at Little Hope / Sister to Gus Blackwell of Germantown, Tenn. / Sister is Mrs. S.S. Finger / children, are John Cleaner, Sam Clemmer, Maggie and Clara.

CLEMMER, MRS. SOPHIA (012633-030933) died Jan. 21 / born Gastonia, Gaston Co., N.C., July 22, 1842 / married at Gastonia on May 5, 1859, to James Sidney Clemmer who died 20 years ago / had 8 children--dead are D.A. Clemmer and L.L. Clemner / living are R.L. Clemmer, W.C. Clemmer, J.D. Clemmer, Mrs. Flynn Reed, Mrs. L.F. Linebarger, Mrs. J.E. Smith / during the Civil War, she returned to North Carolina while her husband fought in the C.S.A. / buried at Little Hope.

CLEMMER, P. H. (Obit. SENTINEL Sept. 6, 1894) died in Texas on Monday / formerly of Dumas.

CLEMMER, WILLIAM RAY (010335) died Sat., age 29 / Son of W.E. Clemmer / married Zelia Stricklin / brother to Dr. Hubert Clemmer of Milan, Tenn., and Ruth Clemmer.

CLIFTON, MRS. AGNES ROACH (Obit. SENTINEL July 20, 1911) died July 4, age 16, buried at Union Cemetery / married Oll Clifton Dec. 8, 1910 / moved to Mississippi in Feb. / her baby died July 1.

CLIFTON, MRS. P.H. (092116-092816) died last week / buried at Union Cemetery west of Ripley / born Alabama, March 1852 / raised in Tippah / nee Lucinda Catherine Anderson / married P.H. Clifton, Aug. 24, 1867 / children are John, Jack, Willie, Warren, Tom, Oliver, Mrs. Arthur Hobson, Mrs. Lydia Smith, Mrs. Anna Atkinson, Mrs. Lila Mae Brown.

COBB, JAMES H. (020520) died recently at Verona / brother to Mrs. S.A. Godwin of Blue Mountain.

COBB, MRS. (112515) died Thurs / buried at Blue Mountain.

COBB, R. B. (Obit. ADVERTISER Sept. 15, 1881) died Sept. 4 / brother of Matilda Phelps, wife of W. H. Phelps.

COBB, VIRGIL LEE (Obit. SENTINEL June 21, 1906) died June 3, age 17 months / son of J. R. and Agnes Cobb / buried at Box Chapel Cemetery.

COBERN, SALLIE (Obit. SENTINEL Dec. 22, 1904) died Dec. 2.

COCHRAN, J. D. (dec.) (Admin, Bond, Nov. 21, 1865) Bondsmen: P. M. Marmon (Admin.) M. G. Talley, W. Covington.

COCHRAN, WILLIAM, dec. (PR 1857) minor heir - William M. Cochran / Guardian of minor: J. C. Cochran.

COCKROFT, ROBERT (051728) died last week / age 33 / son of Mrs. S.L. Cockroft of Blue Mountain / brother to Mrs. L.T. Lowrey.

COKE, JEWELL (011817) died Dec. 22, 1916 / born May 15, 1911 / youngest child of J.L. Coke / mother died Last May / leaves father and four sisters / cousin: Ellen Wilbanks.

COKER, EGBERT M. (Obit. ENTERPRISE Jan. 28, 1911) died Tuesday at Isola, Miss. / son of T. M. Coker / leaves wife and 3 children / buried at Knights of Pythias Cemetery at New Albany, Miss.

COKER, J. P. (1870 Mort.) Family No. 58, R4 T6 / died July 1869, age 1 year / born in Mississippi.

COKER, MASON (PR 1871) W. J. McIntyre, Admin.

COKER, MASON dec. (PR138) Petition to sell land Jan. 1871.  Children of Mason Coker are Joan Perkins of Tippah, Ollen Thornton's children of Clark Co., Ark., Mahaly Matthews of NcNairy Co., Tenn., and Jackson Coker, address unknown.

COKER, MRS. HARRIETT CARRIE LENE (041333) died April 6 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. E.F. Carpenter, in Blytheville, Ark., age 59 / buried there / widow of George W. Coker / born at Blue Mountain, daughter of J.S. Booker / leaves 6 brothers and two sisters at Blue Mountain / moved to Ark. three years ago.

COLE FAMILY (ment. 073036) Mrs. T.J. Cole of Ripley is the granddaughter of Daniel Hunt, who came from North Carolina to Old Salem with his wife, Sallie Lenoir Thumond / She married T.J. Cole, whose father died in the Battle of Selmer in the Civil War / Col. Allen Jamieson of the Revolutionary War was the great-grandfather of Thomas J. Cole / their daughter is Sarah Cole.

COLE, D. A. (Admin. Bond, Nov. 20, 1865) Bondsmen: E. A. Cole (Admin.), A. R. Jamieson, A. A. Lathem.

COLE, JOHN (PR 1852) James H. Cole, Admin.

COLE, JOHN (Will recorded 1866) Sons: H. M. Cole, James Cole.

COLE, JOHN dec. (PR476) 1. Will, made Jan. 1, 1861.  Recorded April 1864.  Sons: Harrison M. Cole, James Cole.   2. Renunciation of Will by widow, Frances E. Cole, May 29, 1866.  3. Petition for dower, June 18, 1866.   Children of John Cole are John A. Cole of Itawamba County, Mississippi,  H.M. Cole, James H. Cole, Elizabeth McAlister (wife of Simpson McAlister), Wiley J. Cole, Wiley Judson Cole.  John Cole's heirs also include the sons of David Cole dec., to wit, Thomas and Ira A. Cole.  4. Petition of John W. Norris to sell land, 1865.  John Cole died March 1864.

COLE, LAURA (Obit. SENTINEL Aug. 9, 1888) died July 3 at Conway, Arkansas, age 21 years / daughter of William R. Cole, formerly of Ripley.

COLE, MAJOR WILLIAM DOUGLASS (082119) died at Conway, Arkansas, recently / born Tippah Jan. 13, 1843 / C.S.A. Vet. / married Mellie Hunt, 1869 / in 1880 went to Pueblo, Colo. / moved to Conway in August, 1880 / leaves wife and the following children: Mrs. B.L. Harton of Conway, William D.J. Cole and Russell T. Cole of Conwy, E.N. Cole of St. Louis, Charles M. Cole of Mesa, Arizona / brothers and sisters are Charles M. Cole of Macon, Mississippi, Mrs. Jane Thompson of St. Louis, and Mrs. Bettie Sibley of Little Rock.

COLE, MISS ANN (120827) died Saturday / buried at Wells Chapel / Sister to T.J. Cole of Ripley.

COLE, THOMAS J. (071129) died July 18 / buried in Ripley Cemetery / born August 20, 1861, son of David Cole who was killed in the Civil War / his mother was a Jamieson / married Jennie Hunt, dau. of E.N. Hunt, in December, 1888 / mother died 10 years ago / uncle is Joe Jamieson of Molino / children are Sarah Cole, Mrs. Robert Hemphill of Birmingham, Sperry Cole of New Albany, and Hunt Cole of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

COLEMAN, J.H. (111027) killed by Bryan Marsh, son of Dr. N.B. Marsh and the brother to Dr. W.H. Marsh / was a brother to Sheriff Bert Coleman of Alcorn Co / leaves wife and four children.

COLEMAN, MRS. W.D. (051436) died at New Alhany Wednesday / buried at Ebenezer near Cotton Plant / daughter of Alva Jones / leaves husband and an infant son.

COLEMAN, SUSANNAH L. (1850 Mort.) died July 1849, age 5 years, born in Mississippi.

COLEY, A. J. et al, minors (Guardianship Letters May 20, 1861) Lucretia Coley granted letters of guardianship for A. J. and Amanda Coley, minors.

COLEY, B.W. (060425) died last week, age 68 / buried in Nance Cemetery / native of Tippah / two children are dead / living are Lee Coley, Dr. S.W. Coley (Memphis), Mrs. Jennie Conner, Mrs. Fannie Goolsby, Mrs. Mary Douglass, Eli Coley, Lon Coley.

COLEY, LON (010936) died at Tupelo on January 4, age 47 / buried in White Zion Cemetery in Pontotoc County / wife was Odie Jamieson / children are Robert Arnold, Leo, Emmett, David, James, Bat, Olene, Mrs. Lena Fay Kilgo / mother: Mrs. Julia Coley / was a brother to Mrs. Mary Douglass of Tupelo, Mrs. Fannie Goolsby, Mrs. Frank Conner, Dr. S.W. Coley of Memphis, Lee Coley of Memphis, and Eli Coley of Covington, Tennessee.

COLEY, MRS. REBECCA (052516) died Sunday, age about 92 / buried in Nance Cemetery / born in 1824 / mother of Bud Coley.

COLEY, STEVE JR. (Obit SENTINEL Nov. 27, 1913) died at Reid, Calhoun Co., Miss., Oct. 26 / born at Ingomar, Miss., April 16, 1909 / son of Dr. S. W. Coley and grandson of B. W. Coley / buried at Poper (sic) Creek near Reid.

COLEY, W. H. (Obit. SENTINEL Aug. 28, 1902) A C.S.A. veteran who died within the last year.

COLLIER, A.K. (052329) died May 7, age 90 / buried at New Hope / leaves wife, eight daughters, 3 sons, 1 stepson / one dau. is Linnie M. James.

COLLIER, JAMES (Obit. SENTINEL, Oct. 13, 1904) died last week at Walnut, age 80 years / born in North Carolina / married in 1845 / leaves wife and 4 children.

COLLIER, MRS. IDA (080333) died Monday, age 64 / buried at Wiers Chapel / nee Stricklin / was a sister to late Will Stricklin, Jim Stricklin, Mrs. John Finger, Mrs. W.T. Wrenn of Memphis, Edd Stricklin of Memphis, Mrs. Jim Childers / married Dec. 27, 1887 / moved to Memphis fifteen years ago.

COLLIER, NEALE (092436) died Thursday, age 4 / Son of E.J. Collier of Blue Mt. / Sister is Earnestine, age 7.

COLLINS, MOSES (Obit. ADVERTISER March 17, 1858) died March 14, age 72 or 73 years.

COLLINS, MOSES, dec. (PR 1858-1859) cite heirs Benjamin Collins, A. D. Collins, Moses Collins Jr., Mrs. Eliza Camp (wife of Ira Camp), Elizabeth Moss (wife of Hugh Moss), all non-residents; also cite Elijah Collins, J. R. Collins, James Collins, Elizabeth Collins, Harriet Wilson (wife of Munford Wilson), Mary A. Anderson (Wife of John R. Anderson).

COLLINS, MOSES, dec. (Will recorded July 17, 1868) daughter: Harriet Wilson / sons: James Collins, Irvin Collins / stepson: Felix Haupt.

COLLINS, MRS. (Obit. SENTINEL June 30, 1910) died Saturday / aunt of W. H. Coleman / leaves 4 children / husband died 2 - 3 years ago.

COLLINS, MRS. H. M. ("EMMA") (Obit. SENTINEL SEPT. 22, 1904) died Sept. 16, age 22 years / married 3 months to the principal of Houston Public School / buried at Ingomar, Miss. / born in Tippah County at Cotton Plant, daughter of J. Frank Guyton.

COLLINS, WILLIAM (Obit. SENTINEL Sept. 3, 1914) A C.S.A. veteran, died within the last year in Benton County.

COLSON, D.B. Jr. (PR740) 1. Original Bill filed Dec. 13, 1887. D.B. Colson Jr. died Feb. 14, 1887, leaving his widow (Catherine Colson) and the following children-J.S. Colson, M.E. Jumper (wife of J.W. Jumper of Prentiss Co.), adults, and minors D.B. Colson Jr., Sallie Colson, Henry Colson, and Rhoda Colson. 2. Original Bill filed Jan. 1, 1891, by J.S. Colson against Mrs. Catherine Kitchens (formerly Colson) et al, Mrs. Catherine Colson married Lewis Kitchens on Dec. 30, 1890. 3. Cross Bill filed Oct. 12, 1888. J.S. Colson was the son of D.B. Colson Jr. by his first wife who died in 1864 or 1865. 4. Receipt for $500 given to Nancy Colson, wife of D.B. Colson and mother of J.S. Colson 5. Affadavit of J.S. Colson, Nov. 3, 1890. His mother's sister lives in Golden City, Missouri. His grandmother is Mrs. Cherry. 6. Deposition of Mrs. Catherine Colson, April 4, 1890. She is the widow of D.B. Colson and is the mother of Mrs. M.E. Jumper (who will be 20 in October), D.B. Colson (who will be 17 on April 23), Sallie Colson (will be 11 on May 14), Henry Colson (will be 8 on April 30), and Rhoda Colson (will be 6 on August 26) J. Spencer Colson is 29 years old and is D.B. Colson's son by a former marriage. She (Catherine) married Colson in Nov., 1868. D.B. Colson dec. had got land from the estate of his uncle, John Colson. 7. Deposition of W.N. Walker, April 4, 1890. He is the father-in-law of D.B. Colson dec.  8. Deposition of Mrs. Della Oliver, April 7, 1891. She lives at Green Township, Lawrence Co., Missouri, and will be 41 years old in May. She was 11 when D.B. Colson married his first wife, her sister. Her sister died in Hastington Co., Missouri, Nov. 1864. 9. Deposition of A.C. Walker, April 1, 1891. She is the stepmother of Catherine Colson. Colson once lived in Ark. 10. Deposition of David B. Colson Sr. April 18, 1891 D.B. Colson Jr. was his nephew. 11. Deposition of W.H. Surratt, April 16, 1890. D.B. Colson dec. was married to a Miss Cherry in Tennessee and went to Arkansas where she died. J.S. Colson is their Son. They came to Mississippi when J.S. Colson was 6 or 7 years old.

COLSON, ELIZABETH, dec. and HENRY COLSON, dec. (Admin. Bonds, Feb. 16, 1863) Bondsmen: A. C. Vandiver (Admin.), Elisha Vandiver, D. B. Colson.

COLSON, JOHN W. (032118) died recently at Ardmore, Oklahoma, age 62 / buried in Rose Hill Cemetery / leaves wife and seven children.

COLSON, John, dec. (Admin. Bond Sept. 17, 1866) Bondsmen: D. B. Colson (Admin.), Daniel Hunt, William N. Feagin.

COLSON, JOSEPH dec. (unnumbered PR) 1. Will of Joseph Colson, written Mar. 8, 1864. Filed August 19, 1867. Bequests to wife, Annah Colson, and to brother D.B. Colson. Also to heirs of his deceased brother, James Colson.

COLSON, MARGARET E. (Obit. SENTINEL July 16, 1914) died June 23, 1914, with burial in Carolina Cemetery near her sister who died 3 months ago / born in South Carolina Feb. 14, 1854 / married D. B. Colson in 1878 / lived last years with W. B. Young family.

COLSON, MRS. ALICE (052317) died April 29 at Ardmore, Oklahoma, age 57 / buried in Rose Hill Cemetery there / formerly of Tippah / leaves husband and seven children.

COLTER, JESSE (090733) died at New Albany Monday, age 49 / buried at Blue Mountain / born April 3, 1884 / married Katie Bell Liddell of New Albany / children (adopted) are Mrs. L. C. Smith and Paul Colter / was a brother to John Colter of Neon, Ky, Rev. Henry Colter of Jackson, Mo., Andre Colter of Charleston, Ms,, Bill Colter, Mrs. R.D. Lee, Mrs. Oliver Sanders, Mrs. W.E. Cooper of Charleston, Miss.

COLTER, L. M. (Obit. SENTINEL June 19, 1913) died June 16 at Blue Mountain / a native of Friars Point, Miss.

COLTER, MRS. IDA EMREY (010732) died Saturday, age 62 / married L.M. Colter July 12, 1883 / he died in 1913 / two of their 10 children are dead / living are Jesse Colter of New Albany, Rev. Henry R. Colter of Jackson, Missouri, Andrew Colter of Charleston, Miss., John Colter of Kentucky, Bill Colter, Mrs. Mary Lee, Mrs. Pearl Sanders, Mrs. Ida Cooper of Charleston, Miss. / buried at Blue Mountain.

COLTHARP, MRS. FRANCES (022824) died Sept. 5 / buried at Sand Springs Cem. / born October 25, 1845 / married Newt Coltharp who died 20 years ago / had 13 Children (4 are dead) / Sister of Mrs. Janie Callicutt.

COLTHARP, NEWTON (Obit. SENTINEL Nov. 15, 1888) died Oct. 22 at home of father, M. N. Coltharp, age 24 years / buried at Sand Springs Cemetery.

CONNER, BERRY M. (111523-112923) died Wednesday / buried at Providence / was born March 28, 1849, son of John S. and Sallie (Crook) Conner / married Elizabeth Ann Waldon in Nov., 1867 / had 12 children-surviving are Albert L., John S. (Huntsville, Ala.), Mrs. T.L. Gay, Mrs. Jennie Martin (Denver, Colo.), Mrs. J.A. Medford (Corinth), Mrs. J.E. Echols, Mrs. C.N. Wright.

CONNER, BILL (070330) died Thursday at New Albany in a plane crash, age 21 / buried at Ebenezer near Cotton Plant / Son of Bert Conner / had 3 brothers, 1 sister.

CONNER, JAMES DEWER (Obit. SENTINEL Nov. 17, 1904) died Oct. 6, age 2 years 4 months 23 days / twin of Franklin Hughey Conner who died in 1903 / son of W.F. Conner / leaves 2 brothers, sisters, parents.

CONNER, JOHN (Obit. SENTINEL Sept. 1, 1898) died Monday / buried at Providence Cemetery.

CONNER, JOHNATHAN LINDSEY (022835) died Saturday, age 78 / buried at Providence / Son of John S. and Sarah E. Conner / never married / brother to J.T. Conner.

CONNER, LINDSEY ROSS (Obit. SENTINEL May 18, 1905) died at Columbus, Miss. Jan. 14 / buried at Little Hope Cemetery / born Falkner, Miss., Dec. 8, 1875, husband of B. M. Conner, husband of Dora Reed / leaves parents, brothers and sisters, 3 children.

CONNER, MARY GLEN (050229) died March 9, age 4 / daughter of Steve Conner.

CONNER, MRS. (Obit. SENTINEL Dec. 17, 1903) died Oct. 17, age 1 year 5 months 4 days / son of W. F. Conner / leaves 3 brothers 1 sister.

CONNER, MRS. BERRY MITCHELL (071024-071724) died June 6 / nee Mary Ann Elizabeth Waldon, oldest child of Ann and Bud Waldon / married in 1868 / had 12 children / husband died 7 months ago.

CONNER, MRS. ETHEL WAY COLLIER (122927) see above / died Oct. 30 / born in Benton County, Feb. 11, 1908.

CONNER, MRS. GLEE (110327) died Sunday, age 19 / buried at Littie Hope / daughter of Joe Collier / a daughter died Saturday.

CONNER, MRS. SARAH ANN (022824) died Tues., age 85 / mother of George and Sam Sexton.

CONNER, W.H. (112928) died Thursday, age 76 / buried in Nance Cemetery / leaves a son and daughter.

COOK, ANNA LEE (Obit. SENTINEL Sept. 28, 1905) died Aug. 11, age 7 years, daughter of Tom Cook.

COOK, BENJAMIN (PR 1847) Samuel Alexander, Admin.

COOK, ELIZABETH, dec. (1850 Mort.) died Feb. 1850, age 11 years / born in Tenn.

COOK, G. A., dec. (1870 Mort.) Family No. 80, R1 T6 / died Oct. 1869, age 35 years / married / born in Alabama.

COOK, GLADYS JEWELL (052522-081121) died May 9, age 2 / buried at Box Chapel / daughter of Ed Cook.

COOK, HOMER & COOK, HOWARD (Obit. SENTINEL Feb. 1, 1912) twin sons of W. T. and Lula Cook, died Nov. 1911, age 4 months / buried at Wells Chapel Cemetery / leaves parents, 2 sisters, 2 brothers.

COOK, JOHN W., minor (PR 1849) William E. Rogers, guardian / Rogers is married to to Lucy Ann Cook, sister to aforesaid John W. Cook / original guardian was the aforesaid John and Lucy Cook's father, Wiley B. Cook / letters of guardianship granted to Wiley B. Cook in Chancery Court of the 5th District, Pickens County, Alabama / Wiley B. Cook now is too ill to act as guardian.

COOK, MRS. CORRIE (072430) died Thursday, age 57 / buried at Pine Grove / husband is Jim Cook / children: Mrs. Brooks Hughey, Mrs. Cornelius Davis, Mrs. Clinton Crawford, Mrs. Manuel Mauney, Altie Cook / Sister to Mrs. J.H. Box.

COOK, MRS. JANE (060315) died at Dumas, May 29, age 74 / buried at Dumas / leaves 4 sons, 4 daughters.

COOK, MRS. MAHALIA (Obit. SENTINEL May 25, 1893) died May 2 / wife of Alex Cook / leaves husband and 5 children / niece: Josie Whitlock.

COOK, MRS. MARY VIOLA (072022) mentioned as being 98 on July 7 / lives with her son, Thomas, at Bluff / had 10 children (three daughters and two sons are living / her oldest daughter is 72 / husband died 27 years ago.

COOK, TOMMIE (Obit. SENTINEL Aug. 6, 1908) died at Finger recently, age 7 years / son of Talmadge Cook.

COOMBS, GEORGE WESLEY (Obit. SENTINEL Jan. 23, 1913) died Dec. 27, 1912 / born July 3, 1877.

COOMBS, JIM E. (060635) died Wednesday, age 52 / buried at Shady Grove / brother to John, Tom, Mrs. Annie Wilson of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Mrs. Lon Cox, Mrs. Clarence Ray, Mrs. L.E. Stroupe / father of Flora Belle, Irene, Frances, Mrs. Russell Allison.

COOMBS, JOHN THOMAS, dec. (Obit, SENTINEL March 9, 1911) died Feb. 8 with burial in Shady Grove Cemetery / born Yorkville District, South Carolina, July 11, 1845, youngest Son of John and Catherine (Wallace) Coombs / moved to Tippah County 1848 / his uncle, Alex S. Wallace, was a Congressman from Yorkville, married Mary Manning, Sept. 29, 1870 / C.S.A. veteran / leaves 12 children.

COOMBS, JOHNNY (Obit. SENTINEL March 3, 1898) died Feb. 21, wtth burial in Ross Chapel Cemetery / born York District, South Carolina, July 17, 1810.

COOMBS, MRS. M.E. (082328) died Feb. 15 / widow of C.S.A. vet. J.T. Coombs.

COOMBS, NORA LEE (Obit. SENTINEL July 5, 1906) died June 12 / daughter of John Coombs.

COOMBS. W. W., dec. (Admin. Bond, Jan. 24, 1862) Bondsmen: John Coombs (Admin.), E. B. Blackwell.

COOPER, JAMES H., dec. (1870 Mort.) Family No. 147, R2 T3 / died Jan. 1870 / age 91 years / born in South Carolina / widower.

COOPER, JAMES, dec. (Admin. Bond, Dec. 7, 1875) Bondsmen: J. H. Ray (Admin.), F. G. Gatlin.

COOPER, R. S. B., dec. (PR 1859) No information given.

COOPER, REV. J. J. (Obit. ADVERTISER Aug. 15, 1885) died at Hickory Flat, Miss., Aug. 5, age 79 years / was in Tippah Co. in 1842 / a Presbyterian minister.

COOPER, SANFORD S. (032024) died Nov. 25, 1923, age 3 years 5 months 9 days / buried in Simpson Cemetery / Son of A.S. Cooper.

COOPER, SARAH E., dec. (PR 1859) M. Marsh and C. W. McKoy, petitioners / cite Susan A. Cooper, heir.

CORDER, WILLIAM, dec. (1870 Mort.) Family No. 104, R4 T6 / died May 1870, age 73 years / widower / born in South Carolina.

COSSITT, EDD W. (043031) died Sunday, age 85 / buried at Harmony / cousin to Frederick Cossitt, the New York and Memphis financier and philanthropist / brother to Rev. L.P. Cossitt / married twice / children by his first wife are Shirley M. Cossitt, Frederick Cossitt (Memphis), Charles Cossitt of Corinth, Mrs. John Duncan of Earle, Ark., and Mrs. John H. Nance of Walnut / Note: Mrs. Duncan and Shirley were by the first wife / was married second to Ellen Rich, who died 18 years ago.

COSSITT, LEWIS (1860 Mort.) died Nov. 1859, age 1 day / born in Mississippi.

COSSITT, MRS. JANE (011817) died last week at Blue Mountain / “old” / widow of late Rev. L.P. Cossitt / mother of Mrs. C.F. Palmer and Mrs. Jim Mabry of Tupelo / buried at Macedonia Cem.

COSSITT, MRS. NANCY ELLEN (Obit. SENTINEL April 24, 1913 & May 1, 1913) died April 17, buried at Harmony Cemetery / born Dec. 22, 1854 / leaves husband, Edd Cossitt, 2 sons, 1 daughter, 1 stepson, 1 stepdaughter

COSSITT, REV. LEWIS PEARL (Obit. SENTINEL March 17, 1904 & April 21, 1904) died at Blue Mountain on March 7 / born Paris, Tennessee, Oct. 22, 1833, eldest of six brothers (three of whom lived to manhood)/ in 1843 his parents moved to LaGrange, Tennessee, where he worked in the store of a cousin Frank Cossitt / in 1845, parents moved to Saulsbury, Tennessee, where his father died in 1847 / married Jane Ellison of Memphis on March 27, 1853 / father of two daughters, Mrs. Belle Mabrey and Mrs. Allie Palmer / Pastor since 1860, and currently Pastor of Flat Rock, Macedonia and Shady Grove / buried at Macedonia(Blue Mountain) Cemetery / leaves wife and two daughters.

COSSITT, SHIRLEY M. (053035) died at Memphis Friday, age 54 / buried at Myrtle / born at Walnut / moved to Memphis 30 years ago / brother to Fred Cossitt of Memphis, Charles Cossitt of Corinth, Mrs. Lillie B. Duncan of Earle, Ark., and Mrs. J.H. Nance of Ripley / wife is Mrs. Beulah Darden Cossitt.

COSTON, BRUCE NEELY (Obit SENTINEL Nov 7, 1895) died Oct. 26, age 1 year 6 mos. / son of J.H. & E. E. Coston.

COSTON, J. H. (mentioned SENTINEL March 3, 1910) speaks of J. H. Coston of Tiplersville who has a Bible owned by his grandfather, Thomas Noblett, printed in 1816.

COTTON, LAVINIA (Obit. ADVERTISER Nov. 27, 1856) died Oct. 20, age 70 years / wife of Peter J. Cotton.

COTTON, P.J. (dec.) (Admin. Bond, Oct. 16, 1866) Bondsmen: George F. Cotton, John A. Cook, John Y. Murry.

COTTON, PETER J. (091328) mentioned in a letter from Mrs. J.B. Embrey as being her grandfather.

COTTON, ROBERT BELL (110817) died at his home in Corinth Friday / buried at Chalybeate / born Tippah, June 8, 1859, son of James M. Cotton / was a legislator from Alcorn Co. / children are Lester Cotton of Fort Clark, Texas, Mrs. D.J. Brewer of Grape Vine, Texas, Mrs. W.H. Davis of Waco, Texas, Robert Cotton of Washington, D.C., Etheridge Cotton, Elizabeth Cotton, and Alene Cotton of Corinth.

COUNOR, THOMAS (dec.) (1850 Mort.) died Oct. 1849 / age 42 years / married / born in Kentucky.

COUNSEILLE, CAPT. H. T. (Obit. ADVERTISER, Sept. 15, 1881 & Oct. 6, 1881) died Sept. 11, buried in Rucker Cemetery / born Hardeman Co., Tenn., Oct. 12, 1839 / Lt. in Co. "B" 2nd Miss. Inf. and later Capt. 7th Miss. Cav., C.S.A. / leaves wife and 2 children.

COUSAR, MRS. J.L. (041030) died Monday / would have been 77 on April 30 / buried at Ebenezer / born in Lafayette Co., Ms. / children are John J., Mrs. A.L. Stanford, Mrs. C.L. O'Kelly, Mrs. J.L. Nabors, Mrs. B.F. Wells, Mrs. B.C. McAlister.

COVINGTON, CARL (070435) died Monday at Double Springs, Ala., with burial there son of Walter Covington Of Tippah / brother to Mrs. R.D. Floyd of Memphis, Mrs. Edgar Marshall of Wheeler, Wallace Covington of Columbus, Nevitt Covington, and Mrs. Frances Chapees.

COVINGTON, LEVI (101916) died Aug. 31, age 10 yrs, 5 mos. 20 days / buried at Flat Rock / Son of Wiley Covington.

COVINGTON, MARIE (042529) died Sunday, age 19 / buried at New Hope / daughter of Waymon and Lillie Covington.

COVINGTON, MRS. SUE (073025) died recently, age 94 / buried at New Hope / widow of Wilson Covington / mother of Waymon and Walter Covington.

COVINGTON, MRS. WALTER (Obit. SENTINEL Aug. 9, 1900 & Nov. 1, 1900) died at Dumas Aug. 6 / born May 25, 1868, daughter of J. J. Shackelford / married Walter Covington Dec. 28, 1886 / buried at Clear Creek Cemetery / leaves father, brothers, sisters, husband, 3 children.

COVINGTON, SON OF WALTER (Obit. SENTINEL Aug. 15, 1889) died Wed., age 22 months.

COVINGTON, WAYMON (012826) died Jan. 25, age 56 / buried at New Hope / wife nee Lillie Nabors / children are Roy, Marie, Hubert, Jamie, Aline, and Mrs. Homer Stephens of Arkanas.

COX, ALLEN (030729) mentioned as being age 42 and a Judge at Baldwyn / is the son of William M. Cox and is the nephew of "Private" John M. Allen.

COX, BAILEY (1850 Mort.) died Aug. 1849, age 1 year / born in Mississippi.

COX, C. (1870 Mort.) Family No. 120, R3 T4 / female / died March 1870, age 20 years / married / born in Arkansas.

COX, CALEB SR., dec. (PR 1847) Caleb Cox Jr. and Joseph Hix (Note: Hicks), Admins. of estate.

COX, DR. ELISHA A. (Obit. ENTERPRISE April 8, 1911) died recently, age 79 years, at Baldwyn, Miss. / father of Judge William M. Cox and brother of Mrs. W. T. Young of Ripley.

COX, DR. J.M. (010616) died recently at Baldwyn / buried in Masonic Cemetery / born Tippah June 6, 1842 / married Martha S. Chambers, daughter of Rev. John M. Chambers, June 12, 1866 / moved to Baldwyn in February 1885 / Survived by wife and one son, Charlie Cox / deceased children are James M., Ella, and Nannie / was a brother of the late Dr. E.A. Cox of Baldwyn.

COX, DR. JOHN YOUNG (050830) died at Cleveland, Ohio last week, age 29 / was oldest son of Robert Cox and Julia (Murry) Cox, of Austin, Texas / mother was a dau. of Dr. John Y. Murry / unmarried / brother to Murry Cox, Edgerton Cox, Mary Miller Cox / nephew of Dr. C.M. Murry, Etter Murry, Anna Murry, and Mrs. E.R. Richey of Ripley.

COX, EDWARD dec. (PRI59) 1. Petition for guardian by Mattie J. Cox and Edward Cox children of Edward Cox dec. that their uncle, James M. Cox, be made guardian, Oct. 7, 1878. 2. Petition by William Henry Cox that his uncle, James M. Cox, be made his guardian, April 27, 1878.

COX, ELICK (Obit. ADVERTISER April 12 1883) drowned recently in Mississippi River / from north end of the County.

COX, J. B. (PR 1870) deceased - no information given.

COX, J. F. "ISAAC" (Obit, SENTINEL Jan. 31, 1901) died Jan. 11, a resident of Texas / left Tippah County in 1899 / leaves wife and 6 children (item from White Oak News column).

COX, J.T. et al, minors (PR182) 1. Letters of guardianship granted on November 1, 1871, for Francis M. Gandy as guardian of John Thomas Cox, Isaac Newton Cox, and James M. Cox.

COX, JAMES B. dec. (PR363) 1. Will made Dec. 1, 1860. Recorded in Will Book A, pp. 267-268 on Jan. 3, 1861. Wife Martha E. Cox. Children: John Thomas Cox, Isaac Newton Cox, James Madison Cox. Witnesses: William M. Prince, Thomas Hayes, G.W. Braddock. Executor-James M. Blake.

COX, JAMES B., dec. (PR 1861) James B. Blake, Admin.

COX, JAMES MADISON (Obit. SENTINEL May 5, 1910) died Dec. 4, 1909 / born Lawrence (Laurens) Dist., South Carolina, Jan. 5, 1840.

COX, JAMES MONROE, M.D. (Physician's License June 10, 1882), age 40 years / born in Tippah County / attended University of Louisville and studied under Dr. E. A. Cox of Baldwyn /5 - 6 years practice / now in practice at Falkner.

COX, JERRY (Obit. SENTINEL Oct. 28, 1897) died at Clarysville on Thursday / leaves wife and children.

COX, JOE (Obit. SENTINEL Oct. 17, 1912) died near Liberty, Benton County, on Oct. 13 / leaves wife and 4 sons.

COX, JOHN (040517) died Sat / buried in Ripley Cemetery / wife died 5 years ago / children: Luther Cox of Birmingham, Tommie Cox of Mobile, Mrs. Emma Cantrell.

COX, JONATHAN (Obit. SENTINEL Sept. 7, 1905) died at his home 10 miles northeast of Ripley recently / buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery / leaves wife and children.

COX, JULIUS (Obit. SENTINEL Oct. 3, 1895) died recently / a young boy.

COX, LESTER (Obit. SENTINEL Dec. 14, 1911) died Oct. 29, buried at Box Chapel Cemetery (Pine Grove)/ son of P. M. Cox.

COX, MICHAEL (Obit. ADVERISTER Aug. 29, 1885) died at Orizaba recently, age 80 years / buried at Academy Cemetery /45 years a citizen of Tippah County / was in the Seminole War, a Captain.

COX, MICHAEL JR. (PR. 1879) R. Y. Cox, Admin. / heirs: E. A. Cox, Joicy M. Young, W. T. Young, R. J. Hill, R. I. Hill, J. M. Cox, W. J. Cox, J. A. Cox, J. B. Cox, M. W. Stewart, T. E. Stewart.

COX, MICHAEL Jr. dec. (PR411) 1. Citation Oct. 24, 1879, to Dr. E.A. Cox and W.J. Cox of Prentiss Co., Miss. 2. Citation Sept. 15, 1879, to M.W. Stewart and her husband T.E. Stewart of Union Co., Miss. 3. Citation Sept. 29, 1879, to W.T. and Joicy Young, R.J. Hilland husband R.I. Hillard, and J.M. Cox of Tippah.

COX, MICHAEL JR., dec. (Admin. Bond, April 11, 1877) R. Y. Cox (Admin.), W. W. Robinson, A. B. Simpson.

COX, MICHAEL, guardian (PR 1853), Michael Cox, father and guardian to Elijah A. Cox, R. J. Cox, James M. Cox, Robert Y. Cox, William J. Cox, minors.

COX, MIKE (Obit. SENTINEL July 4, 1910) died yesterday, age 114 years / born in Ireland, 1796 / migrated to New York in 1835 / later to Tippah County.

COX, MISS BETTIE (Obit. SENTINEL Jan. 28, 1904) died Wednesday, dau. of John Cox.

COX, MISS FANNIE (Obit. SENTINEL Sept. 26, 1889) died recently / leaves parents, 3 brothers, 1 sister.

COX, MRS. (REV.) T. C. (Obit. SENTINEL Nov. 9, 1905) died last Thursday / burial at New Hope Cemetery.

COX, MRS. CLEMMIE (050830) died at Ashland on May 2 / wife of Dr. Joseph J. Cox.

COX, MRS. J. M. (Obit. SENTINEL, Aug. 31, 1893) died July 5, burial at Walnut Creek Cemetery / born Oct. 31, 1838 / her daughter, Frances, born Jan. 19, 1866, died Sept. 1, 1889.

COX, MRS. MARTHA (Obit. SENTINEL March 8, 1906) died Sunday at Hatchie, age 74 years / wife of Mike Cox who is 110 years old / first married Steve Crawford / mother of 9 children / buried at Fagin Cemetery.

COX, MRS. MARTHA A. (Obit. SENTINEL Sept. 17, 1896) died Aug. 25, age 26 years / daughter of James Carter / married Thomas C. Cox in 1889 and moved to Arkansas / leaves father, husband, brothers, sisters, brother-in-law: Thomas Hunter.

COX, MRS. R. A. (Obit. SENTINEL, April 4, 1895) nee Bette Daniels / died at Bartow, Florida, on March 27 / had moved there from Ripley last Oct.

COX, MRS. R.Y. (011933) died January 1 at Austin, Texas / buried at Hico, Texas / Sons are Robert A. Cox and George M. Cox of Austin.

COX, MRS. ROXEY (021920-050620-081220) died recently / buried at Pleasant Hill / born Oct. 25, 1868 / married Jan. 2, 1884 to Johnathan Cox / had 4 sons and 3 daughters / husband is dead / Sister to Mrs. B.M. Conner.

COX, MRS. TOM (Obit. SENTINEL Nov. 6, 1913) died Tuesday at Wiener, Arkansas / buried in Ripley Cemetery / leaves 6 children: C. Lee Cox and Hines Cox of Wiener, Arkansas, Mrs. Roy Clayton and Mrs. Robert (Moman) McCarley of Ripley, Mrs. Ida King of Crawford, Texas, Mrs. Jesse Peeler of Falkner.

COX, NAT (Obit. SENTINEL April 26, 1894) died recently at Baldwyn / formerly of Tippah County.

COX, NEWT (010828) died recently in Texas, age 91.

COX, ODIE (Obit. SENTINEL July 3, 1902) died June 6 at Oglesby, Texas, age 15 years / son of Dick Cox who is a brother to John Cox who died at Falkner.

COX, R. YOUNG (mentioned SENTINEL April 18, 1901, Obit. SENTINEL Sept. 10, 1903 & Sept. 17, 1903) Died at Hico, Texas on Sept. 7, 1903 with burial at Hico / born in Tippah County Sept. 10, 1846, son of Mike Cox of Orizaba (Mike was grandfather of Hon. Will M. Cox of Baldwyn), C.S.A. veteran / married Bettie Edgerton, granddaughter of C. A. Green of Ripley / moved to Waco, Texas in 1882, to Hico in 1883 / president of First National Bank of Hico, since Aug. 14, 1890 / leaves wife and two sons, Robert and George.

COX, REV. T. C. (Obit. SENTINEL Feb. 11, 1904) died Tuesday / buried at New Hope Cemetery.

COX, RICHARD ALLISON (110117-110817-111517) died Tuesday / buried in Ripley Cemetery / born Jan. 30, 1849 in present Benton County / leaves widow and no child / leaves siblings Mrs. J.J. Wesson of Tippah, Mrs. W.T. Smith of New Albany, Joe Cox of Ashland / dead siblings are Mrs. E.L. Wesson and Sallie Cox of New Albany / another sister is Mrs. N.W. Bouton of New Albany / was married first to Bettie Daniel in 1880 / She is a sister to E.W. Daniel of Blue Mountain / She died at Barton, Florida, in March 1895 / he then married Anna Whitten, sister to M.K. Lowrey / two dead children are buried at Old Bethlehem beside his father, John Allen Cox.

COX, SAMUEL L., dec. (1860 Mort.) died Dec. 1859, age 25 years / married / born in Mississippi.

COX, SARAH M. dec. (PR426) 1. Petition for letters Oct. 29, 1877. F.M. Gandy, petitioner. Sarah M. Cox died Oct. 19, 1877, leaving children J.M. Cox, Elizabeth Hipp (wife of T.B. Hipp), John Cox (deceased--his sons are John and Isaac Cox), and William Cox (deceased-his son is William Cox)

COX, SARAH M., dec. (Admin. Bond, Oct. 29, 1877) Bondsmen: F. M. Gandy (Admin.) J. M. Cox.

COX, SARAH MELVINA, dec. (PR 1877) No information given.

COX, THOMAS (1860 Mort.) died April 1860, age 90 years / widower / born in South Carolina.

COX, THOMAS (dec., PR 1860), L. L. Craig, Admin.

COX, THOMAS M. (021336) died Thursday, age 83 / married Julia Norton who died 22 years ago / had seven children-dead are a daughter and Mrs. Frankie Peeler who died recently / living are Mrs. Ada King of San Angelo, Texas, C. Lee Cox, Mrs. Roy Clayton, Mrs. Robert McCarley, Hines Cox of San Antonio, Texas.

COX, VIVIAN (080625) died Saturday, age 4 / buried at Little Hope / daughter of Delbert Cox.

COX, WILLIAM RUPERT (Obit. SENTINEL, Jan. 23, 1902) died Nov. 18, 1901 / born June 22, 1901 / son of John & M. T. Cox / aunt: Pearl Buchanan.

CRAIG, JAMES T. (Obit. ADVERTISER Feb. 14, 1885) died recently at Grand Junction, Tenn. / father of Mrs. C. L. Harris of Ripley.

CRAIG, JIM (Obit. SENTINEL Jan. 25, 1912) died Oct. 14, 1911 / buried at Liberty Cemetery.

CRAIG, JOHN C. dec. (PR601) died June 7, 1882. Children are James T. Craig, L.L. Craig, E.J. Hopkins, et al. 1. Citation to L.T. Wright, Willie Wright, Mollie Wright, Nannie Morrow, W.J. Morrow, L.B. Marrow, Jennie Morrow, J.C. Wright, G.W. Wright, J.D. Morrow, Sept. 19, 1885. 2. Citation to W.A. Childers, E.J. Dodson, James L. Craig, Feb. 2, 1886.

CRAIG, LILLIAN JOYNER (011029) died Monday, age 5 / buried in Ripley Cem. / youngest of the three daughters of T.R. Craig.

CRANFORD, B.F. (040732) died recently at Pine Grove, age 55 / buried at Concord / moved from Chalybeate 7 years ago / children are Cloy, Manning, Murry, Paul, Willard, Lila Mae / brother to Jim Cranford of Pocahontas Tn., Chess Cranford of Cullman, Ala., Bert Cranford of Cullman, Mrs. E.L. Whit of Tuscumbia, Mrs. Dollie Robinson of Tuscumbia, Mrs. Claude Higgs of Sheffield, Mrs. Quilla Russell of Bude, Miss.

CRAVEN, MARY A. et al, minors (PR 1848) Andrew R. Craven, father and petitioner for guardianship of Mary A. Craven, Hannah E. Craven and Levena J. Craven, minors over the age of 14 / has a small estate in North Carolina / John W. Craven, Eliza O. Craven, James A. Craven, Sarah D. Craven / William J. Craven, George W. Craven are also children of petitioner / their mother is dead.

CRAWFORD, FRANK (111528) died Friday buried at Dumas / father of Letha, Charlie, Boss, Dewitt, Mrs. Wilmer Wingo, Mrs. Chambers, Mrs. Albert Johnson / brother to Bud and George.

CRAWFORD, JIM (Obit. SENTINEL Dec. 17, 1914) died at Jumpertown (Prentiss Co.), Nov. 30, age 58 years / leaves wife and 4 children / brother: A. H. Crawford.

CRAWFORD, JOHNNY (Obit. SENTINEL Sept. 4, 1890) died last week / son of Evan Crawford.

CRAWFORD, JOSIAH, dec. (Admin. Bond July 15, 1872) Daniel Hunt, Admin.

CRAWFORD, JOSIAH, dec. (PR record 1869) widow: Malinda M. Crawford / heirs: Thomas B. Crawford, Mary A. Crawford, Joseph E. Crawford / Sarah A. Crawford, William L. Crawford.

CRAWFORD, MARION (050317) died 29, age 29 / buried Criswell Cem. / married Mabell Smith 6 years ago / leaves 2 children.

CRAWFORD, MRS. BUD (120215) died recently, age 51 yrs. 9 mos. 6 days / buried at Walnut Creek / leaves husband, 5 sons, 4 daughters.

CRAWFORD, MRS. JANIE (080129) died Jan. 9 / buried at Walnut Creek / wife of Bud / leaves 4 children.

CRAWFORD, MRS. LIZZIE (040616-041316) died last night, age 65 / buried at Dumas / grandmother of Edna Crawford.

CRAWFORD, MRS. SARAH (101233) died recently / buried at Concord / nee Sarah Green / Sister to John Henry Green / born April 25, 1859, daughter of Joseph and Caroline (Adair) Green / married A.H. Crawford on Nov. 5, 1882 / had ten children (2 died young)-living are Mrs. Jess Garrett, Mrs. Wash Smith, Mrs. Myrtle Ledbetter, Mrs. Roy Wallis, Fannie Jane, Mrs. Hilliard Michael, Rev. Joseph Crawford.

CRAWFORD, NANNIE ALICE (021721) died Oct. 10, 1920 / buried at Walnut Creek / born Dec. 1, 1915, daughter of Jesse and Annie (Hopper) Crawford / Sister to Wallace Morton Crawford, age 18 months.

CRAWFORD, REV. BILLIE (Obit. SENTINEL, Jan. 21, 1897), Presbyterian minister, died Jan. 15 at Saulsbury, Tenn.

CRAWFORD, RUBY (030823) died Jan. 30, age 12-9-4 / buried at Peoples.

CRAWFORD, W. A. (Obit. SENTINEL Feb. 16, 1905) died last Thursday / buried at Shady Grove Cemetery.

CRAWFORD, W. B. (Obit. Feb. 29, 1900) died at Cornersville, Miss., Dec. 31, 1899, age 74 years / formerly of Benton County.

CREAMER, WILLIAM, dec. (PR 1851-1858) No information given.

CRENSHAW, MR. (Obit. SENTINEL May 2, 1912) died last night at Graham community.

CRENSHAW, WILLIAM dec. (PR 1860) widow: Sarah Crenshaw / J. M. Carpenter, L. V. Carpenter, Hoyle Carpenter, petitioners.

CRISP, NANCY L. (1870 Mort.) Family No. 64, R3 T4 / died May 1870, age 1 year / born in Mississippi.

CRISWELL, CHILD OF WAYMON (07263) died Monday, age 2.

CRISWELL, CLARA OLA (090915) died Aug. 19, age 2 yrs. 6 mos. / buried in Criswell Cem. / daughter of M.N. Criswell.

CRISWELL, JAMES RANDOLPH (Obit. SENTINEL March 27, 1902) died 1 1/2 miles east of Mitchell on Nov. 25, 1901 / buried at Crisswell Cemetery / married Mattie Mullikin / was father of 4 boys and 1 girl, the eldest, Byron, age 9, died 5 days after the father.

CRISWELL, JOHN (Obit. SENTINEL Jan. 3, 1895) died Dec. 28, 1894, age 76 years.

CRISWELL, NATHAN S. (Obit. SENTINEL Feb. 9, 1888) died at Mitchell, Feb. 5, age 27 years / leaves parents, a brother, sisters.

CRISWELL, SORENA (1880 Mort.) died Sept. 1879, age 13 years / born in Mississippi / father born in Georgia, mother in Mississippi / 13 years a resident of Mississippi.

CRITCHER, MARTIN, dec. (PR 1847) Elijah P. Mitchell, dec.

CRITTENDEN, B. F., dec. (PR 1871) late of Alabama / Simon R. Spight guardian of minor heir, John Crittenden.

CRITTENDEN, JOHN J., minor (PR 1870) - John A. Tapp, guardian.

CRITTENDEN, N. F., dec. (PR 1871, possibly "B.F." Crittenden) Willie E. Crittenden and Lizzie Tucker (nee Crittenden) heirs.

CROCKETT, ELI (PR 1857-1858) David M. Crockett, Admin. Margaret Crockett, mother and guardian of Ann E., John M., Thomas J. and Parmilla L., Crockett, minor heirs of Eli Crockett, dec.

CROCKETT, MRS. J. W. (Obit. SENTINEL March 3, 1904, mentioned July 6, 1905) died at DeWitt, Arkansas, Feb. 24, at the residence of her father, Colonel James A. Gibson / wife of Arkansas Secretary of State John W. Crockett (grandson of Davey Crockett)/ sister of Mrs. Lynn D. Spight of Ripley / also leaves father, 2 brothers (Claude Gibson, an employee of Arkansas State Penitentiary, and a brother in England, Arkansas; a sister, Miss T. Gibson of DeWitt.

CROCKETT, MRS. MINNIE (Obit. SENTINEL March 21, 1912) died at Selma, Alabama last week, age 67 years / formerly of Ripley / buried at Ripley Cemetery / her mother, Mrs. M. J. Buchanan, was formerly President of Stonewall College at Ripley.

CROOK, JOHNATHAN, dec. (Will recorded June 6, 1871) daughter: Elmyna E. Tapp, wife of Pinkney Tapp / bequests to Edwin F. Hopper and Sallie E. Conner.

CROOK, T. A. (deceased) (Admin. Bond Oct. 27, 1877) female. Bondsmen: T. P. Cotton, Admin., J. A. McCown, A. H. Luker.

CROOK, TABITHA A., dec. (PR307) Letters of admin granted to George Cotton Jan. 23, 1874. 2. Petition for letters by T.P. Cotton, March 14, 1877. George T. Cotton died Feb. 18, 1877. 3. Voucher of William Labarreare for making coffin.

CROOK, W.A., dec. (PR302) W.A. Crook died July 16, 1864. J.M. Cotton was named admin.

CROOK, WILLIAM A. (Admin. Bond Nov. 21, 1865) Bondsmen: Tabitha Crook (Admin.), George F. Cotton, H. H. Pickens.

CROSS, CHILD OF GEORGE (051734) died Sunday / buried at Walnut Creek.

CROSS, EMMA JEWELL (042926) died Jan. 16, age 19 / buried at Little Hope / daughter of R.M. Cross.

CROSS, EVERETT (Obit. SENTINEL Jan. 24, 1895) died Dec. 10, 1894 / son of G. W. Cross.

CROSS, GEORGE (081529) died August 8, age 77 / buried at Little Hope / children are Algie Cross, Lester Cross, Mrs. C.H. Elliott, Mrs. Dock Rucker of Mobile, Mrs. Edgar Rowland, Mrs. Clarence Crawford.

CROSS, MRS. EMMA (Obit, SENTINEL Jan. 1, 1914) died Aug. 21 / born June 21, 1890, daughter of Louis Johnson / married Espier Cross about 4 years ago / leaves husband, father, sister, brothers.

CROSS, MRS. MARY FRANCES (062035) died June 13, age 73 / burid at Little Hope / husband died 6 years ago / children are Mrs. C.H. Elliott, Mrs. V.H. Rucker of Mobile, Algie, Lester, Mrs. Clarence Crawford of Fulton, and Mrs. Edgar Rowland.

CROSS, MRS. T.D. (Modie) (061720-070820) died last Tuesday at Falkner, age about 40? buried at Providence / daughter of Mrs. Nannie Newman / was a member of Nevel Baptist Church in Mt. Pleasant, Texas / children are Tomsie, Evelyn, Berlin Cross.

CROSS, MRS. TOM (052632) died Sunday, age 77 / buried Pogue Cem. / husband is dead / children are Mrs. L.T. Welch, Rube Cross, Demmett Cross, Joe Cross, Verner Cross, Epps Cross, Marlin Cross.

CROSS, RUTH (061224) died May 5 / born Oct. 5, 1923, dau. of H.E. Cross / buried at Providence / leaves two half brothers and two sisters.

CROSS, THOMAS STARK (033121) died on March 16, age 4 / Son of Marlin Cross.

CROSS, THOMAS STARK (052924) died April 16 / buried in Pogue Cem. / born March 20, 1847 / married Gertrude Stephens on Dec. 26, 1872 / leaves wife, one dau., 6 sons, one brother.

CROSS, VELMA (Obit. SENTINEL Feb. 4, 1904) died Nov. 11, son of G. W. Cross / leaves parents, sisters, and brothers.

CROUCH, J. ARTHUR (042336) died in the Delta last week / wife is the daughter of the late Jim Deen / leaves two sons and several daughters / one son is Alvis Crouch.

CROUCH, MRS. BETTIE (060232) died Mon., age 72 / buried at Flat Rock / mother of Mrs. Will Birdsong, Tom Crouch of Arkansas, Bob Crouch, and Mrs. Ceph Riley of Hickory Flat.

CROUCH, N. C. (Obit. SENTINEL Nov. 30, 1905) died 3 miles west of Proctor community, Nov. 22 / buried at Mt. Moriah Cemetery / C.S.A. veteran / leaves wife and 5 children.

CROWDER, INFANT OF CARTER (Obit. SENTINEL Sept. 23, 1897) died Sept. 12.

CRUM, BEN (Obit. ADVERTISER Jan. 10, 1885) died Dec. 30, son of W. A. Crum.

CRUM, BENJAMIN (PR 1853) W. W. Crum, Admin.

CRUM, EIAS dec. (PR120) Elias Crum died May 16, 1856, leaving a wife and seven children. Peter Crum, brother to deceased, is administrator and guardian of Ann Crum, Hiram Crum, Nancy Crum, Fannie F. Crum, Pinkney Crum. Elias Crum's oldest son is named Peter Crum.

CRUM, ELI (1860 Mort.) Family No. 1154 So. Div. Tippah County / died March 1860, age 53 years / married / place of birth unknown.

CRUM, ELIAS dec. (Unnumbered PR) 1. Affadavit of Frances Crum, widow, appointing William Nelms guardian of her children-Pinky Crum, Nancy Crum, and Isabella Adeline Crum Nov. 17, 1866.

CRUM, ELIAS, dec. (PR 1856-1860) Peter Crum, Admin. Widow: Elizabeth A. Crum / heirs: Nancy Crum, Fannie Crum, Pinkney Crum, Hiram Crum, Ann Crum.

CRUM, HIRAM (1880 Mort.) died Feb. 1880, agm 27 years / born in Mississippi / parents both born in U. S.

CRUM, J.W. (070231) died at MaGee, Ms. June 21, age 23 / leaves wife and 1 child.

CRUM, JOE HENRY (Obit. SENTINEL Aug. 25, 1904) died recently in Arkansas / buried in Tippah County.

CRUM, MRS. BESSIE (062222) died May 30 / wife of Giles Crum / born May 18, 1896, daughter of E.J. Eubanks / buried in Crum cemetery just east of Crums Bridge on Hatchie River.

CRUM, MRS. EFFIE BRYANT (102534) died on Oct. 21 / buried at Antioch / born Sept. 27, 1882 / married Jack Crum in 1907 / children are Mrs. Louise Ketchum, Natalie, Hester, Golden, Ruth, Vardie, and Putt / Sister to Mrs. John Ketchum, Jim Bryant, Lee Bryant, Charlie Bryant, and Lewis Bryant.

CRUM, MRS. JOE (092436) died May 18 / buried at Brush, Creek / born Oct. 10, 1871 / married Billie Crum 50 years ago / children are Bruce, Bud, Howard, Lex, Mrs. May Wilbanks, Mrs. Ema Porterfield.

CRUM, MRS. MARY (080427) died June 1, age 61 years, 5 months / buried in Waldon cemetery / leaves 7 children / brother is W.C. Waldon.

CRUM, NANCY J. (1880 Mort.) died Feb. 1880, age 23 years / married / born in Tennessee / parents both born in Tennessee / a resident of Tippab County 1 month.

CRUM, OLIVER (Obit. SENTINEL Feb. 22, 1900) died at Blue Mountain on Monday / son-in-law of Thomas White of Flat Rock / leaves wife and /9 children.

CRUM, REV. WILLIAM ELI (092524-100224) died at Potts Camp on Sept. 18 / born at Hickory Flat on Sept. 28, 1860, son of Rev. William Allen Crum and Mary Malvina Crum / his grandfather, Eli Crum, moved from Hardeman County, Tenn., to Hickory Flat in 1837 / leaves his wife and two daughters, Lelon and Mary Helon Crum of Collierville, and a son, Lee Crum, of New Albany / was a brother to Judge C. Lee Crum of New Albany / his mother was nee Smith, born in Indiana and moved to Hickory Flat 1840-1850, daughter of John and Annis (Hatley) Smith / he was ordained in 1880 / cousin: Harley Armour of New Albany.

CRUM, W. S., minor (Letters of Guardianship Dec. 16, 1861) W. W. Crum, guardian.

CRUM, William A. (guardian - PR 1860) Father and guardian of C. E. Crum, R. F. Crum, W. E Crum, minors.

CRUMP, EMELINE, et al, minors (PR 1852) Emeline Crump and Martha J. Crump, minors, Hardy W. Stricklin, Admin.

CRUMP, JOHN (110420) died Sept. 26, age 27 / buried at Blue Mountain / Son of J.W. Crump of Blue Mountain / leaves parents, 4 brothers, 4 sisters.

CRUMP, MARTHA I. (PR 1856) "now Burns", mentioned.

CRUMP, MOLLIE minor (PR 523) Selection of W.W. Robinson as guardian, May 15, 1880. She is a daughter of James H. Crump, dec.

CRUMP, MRS. J.W. (092431) died at Blue Mountain Saturday, age 73 / buried there / nee Bettie Duncan of Benton Co. / children are Louis of California, Charles of Cleveland Ms., Rev. Edwin Berry Crump of Texas, William, Mrs. Will McDonald, Mrs. Arthur Sanders of Booneville, and Mrs. Rev. Roy Beasley.

CRUMP, MRS. LEE (010423) died Sunday / buried at Blue Mountain / leaves husband and seven children.

CRUMP, WILLIAM B., dec. (PR 1847) Elizabeth Brock (formerly before her marriage to William Brock was widow of William B. Crump) petitioner for dower / children: James Crump, William Crump, Adelaide Crump, Emeline Crump, Martha Jane Crump / Hardy W. Stricklin, guardian / Crump died in 1838 or 1839.

CRUTCHER, THOMAS (1860 Mort.) died April 1860, age 21 years / born in Mississippi.

CULVER, JOHN J., dec. (1860 Mort.) Family No. 1050, So. Div. Tippah County / died Aug. 1849, age 3 years / born in Mississippi.

CURL, MRS. R. A. (Obit. SENTINEL July 15, 1909) died recently, age 18 years / buried at New Salem Cemetery / daughter of G. W. Pickens and wife of W. F. Curl / leaves two children, one 2 years old, another five months.

CURLE, EUGENE (012016) died Jan. 18 at Walnut / “middle age” / leaves wife, 5 sons, & 3 daughters.

CURLE, MRS. MABEL (021931) died Dec. 22, 1930 / buried in Mohundro graveyard / was born May 23, 1894, the fourth dau. of T.A. and Phoebe (Northcross) Rowland / married A.A. Curle 19 years ago / dead children are Kermit and Clayton Curle / Sisters are Mrs. Willie Cox of Newport, Ark., Mrs. Lucian Newsom, Mrs. Fount Mohundro of Memphis, Mrs. J.C. Williams of Memphis, and Mrs. Lee Alvis / was a cousin to Dan Craig.

CURRIN, ISAAC, dec. (PR 1854) John Y. Murry, Admin.

CURRIN, JOHN, dec. (PR 1847) Isaac Currin, Admin.

CUTBERTH, LULA MARY (021622) died April 14, age 14 / buried at Mt. Zion.

CUTBIRTH, DANIEL, dec. (PR 1859) F. M. Cutbirth, Admin.

CUTBIRTH, JOHN, dec. (PR 1879) or "Culbreath"/ Beverly Cutbirth v. John Watkins et al / Heirs of John Cutbirth, dec.: Roan Cutbirth, William T. Watkins, W. D. Burgess, Asa Burgess (father of W. D. Burgess), Beverly Cutbirth, non-resident.

CUTBIRTH, LUM (082824) died August 25, 1923, age 82 / C.S.A. veteran.

CUTBIRTH, M. B., minor (Guardianship Letters, Nov. 19, 1866) Mary J. Cutbirth, guardian.

CUTBIRTH, WILLIAM A., dec. (Admin. Bond May 12, 1879) Bondsmen: Willis Hensley (Admin.) W. B. Hudson, T. W. Rowland.

CUTBIRTH, WILLIAM, dec. (PR 1879) Willis Hensly, Admin.

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