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Obituaries from Ripley's
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1836 through 1936

BABB, LESLIE (061219) died at New Albany on June 2 / leaves brothers Edwin and Lawrence and sisters Mary and Sara.

BAGLEY, JAMES C., deceased (PR 1855) Delpha Bagley, Admin. / cite minor heirs George A. Bagley, W. R. Bagley, Charles Bagley, N.S. Bagley, L. J. Bagley, L. J. Bagley, M. A. Bagley / also cite heirs Julia A. Bagley, John Bagley, N. H. Ballard and wife Mary.

BAILEY, MRS., deceased (Obit. TRANSCRIPT Dec. 7, 1837) died Saturday, Dec., 2 / consort of Edmund I. Bailey / leaves husband and two children.

BAILEY, W. P. H., deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Feb. 9, 1905) died recently at Jonesboro, Miss.

BAILS, E., deceased (Admin. Bond, Dec. 17, 1866) Bondsmen: H. W. Strictlin, W. R. Cole / H. W. Stricklin, Admin.

BAIRD, MISS BESSIE, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Oct. 29, 1896) died recently / daughter of J. W. and Annie Baird.

BAKER, EPHIMBUS, minor (PR 1858) James Perry, guardian & stepfather.

BAKER, GEORGE W. (070815) a C.S.A. veteran who died Monday / buried in Hopkins Cem.

BAKER, MRS. GEORGE W. (050918) died last night / Son-in-law: Jim Reed.

BAKER, NANNIE (022818) suicide Saturday / was a sister to Berry Baker and Mr. May.

BAKER, W. B., deceased (Obit. ADVERTISER Dec. 19, 1885) died Thursday / buried at Blue Mountain Cemetery / leaves wife, who is dau. of Maj. W. W. Worsham, and one child.

BAKER, W. R., deceased (1880 Mort.) died Nov. 1879, age 65 years / born Mississippi / married.

BALCH, J.T. (021633) died Thursday, age 78 / burial at Antioch / children: C.L. Balch, J.H. Belch, J.A. Balch, and Mrs. D.T. Ray of Longwood, Ms.

BALCH, MRS. S.E. (091521) died Aug. 23 at the home of her son, A. Balch, in Binger, Arkansas / burial in Ozan Cem. / was born May 16, 1833, daughter of Anderson Street / married at 19 to T.W. Balch / she was the last of Anderson Street's fifteen children / she had 15 children, ten of whom grew to adulthood and eight of whom are now living, including five sons.

BANKHEAD, GRADY (122034) suicide Friday, age 37 / buried at Amory, where his mother and sister live / was married in June 1933, to Louise, daughter of Claude Hopkins / leaves one child.

BARBEE, MRS. JOHN E. (011636) died Tues. at Blue Mountain, age 70 / buried there / was born in Chickasaw County, a daughter of the late Rev. William M. Gordon / She married first Sam Hall, who lived only a few weeks / married second to John E. Barbee of Lula, Ms., who died many years ago / children: Mrs. Van Davis of Independence, Ms., Mrs. York Wortham of Scooner Valley, Ms. / Siblings include Rev. J.B. Gordon of Blue Mountain, Mrs. Eula Gordon, of Meridian, and Mrs. Newt Akins of Norfleet, Arkansas.

BARBER, ANNIE (112515) died yesterday, age 14 months / buried at Shady Grove.

BARBER, AUDREY (050824) died Saturday at San Antonio, Texas, age 30 / buried in Shady Grove Cemetery / unmarried / was a brother to B.B. Barber, E.P. Barber, T.C. Barber, W.L. Barber, L.D. Barber, Mrs. W.L. Crawford and Mrs. Luther Pugh.

BARBER, H.S. (033016) died Friday, age 67 / buried in Shady Grove Cemetery.

BARBER, MRS. H. S., deceased (Obit. SENTINEL May 28, 1914; June 4, 1914) died May 20 / buried at Shady Grove / born in 1857, had 10 children, eight living, (including Claude of Hatchiepela, Miss).

BARBER, MRS. IDA BELLE (062735) died Thursday, age 54 / buried at Shady Grove / was a daughter of William S. Deen and  Nannie Coombs Deen / children: Edgar Barber, Catherine Barber, Allen Barber, Mary Elizabeth Barber, and Mrs. Monroe Street.

BARBER, MRS. S.J. (110834) died Nov. 6, age 60 / buried at Little Hope / was born July 2, 1860 / had 7 children, 4 boys.

BARBER, MRS. SALLIE (110222) died Friday, age 81 / buried at Shady Grove / was born in Tennessee, a daughter of Allen Roberson / moved to Tippah at age 10 / married first, to a Mclnturff / married second to E.S. Barber.

BARBER, SNOWDEN (102727) died Monday / buried at Shady Grove / was born in Stafford Co., Virginia, Jan, 19, 1843 / Served in the C.S.A., and was wounded 11 times / fought at Gettysburg / moved to Marshall Co. Miss. after the War / his first wife died, leaving children Will Barber, John Barber, and Mrs. Bud Pool / married second to Mrs. Sarah Allen (Roberson) McInturff / their children were Sara Ida Barber, W. B. Barber, J.A. Barber, Mary Edie Barber, and Mrs. Albert Whitten (dead) / Stepdaughter is Miss. Minnie Mclnturff / half-sister is Mrs. Albert Whitten / halfbrothers are Walter Barber and Oscar Barber of Holly Springs.

BARBER, SOPHRANNA J., deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Aug. 1, 1907) died June 7, age 74 years / born Middle Tennessee / moved later to Hardeman Co., Tennessee / married James Barber / leaves two children in Texas: Dave Beatty and Ellen Rodgers / also leaves two sisters, Mrs. S. D. Smith of Benton Co. (Miss.) and another in Memphis / grand-daughter-Orizonia Barber / buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Benton Co.

BARBER, WYLIE (060425) died Dec. 16, 1924, age 25 / buried at Wiers Chapel.

BARKER, MRS. AMANDA THOHPSON (060723) died last week in New Mexico / buried in Ripley Cemetery.

BARKLEY, BEN, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL, Aug. 23, 1906), mentioned as one of the C.S.A. veterans who died since last year.

BARKLEY, BENARD (042336) died Friday, age 22 / buried at Academy / was the youngest of the five sons and one daughter of J.B. Barkley of Cotton Plant / Siblings include Dr. J.W. Barkley (Belzoni), Dr. Jeff Barkley (Isola), Claude Barkley, Roy Barkley (Memphis), and Mrs. Paul W. Pope (Memphis)

BARKLEY, BONNER B. (122221) died yesterday, age 27 / buried at Ebenezer / a son of Andrew Barkley.

BARKLEY, EXA, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Nov. 28, 1901) died Nov. 21 at home of grandfather, Mr. Keith at Falkner / age 2 years 2 months / dau. of R. S. Barkley.

BARKLEY, G. TILDEN (030531-031231) died Feb. 28, age about 57 / buried at New Hope / leaves a wife and thirteen children.

BARKLEY, HILLREDGE (060315) died April 30 / buried in Harmony Cemetery / only daughter of William Barkley.

BARKLEY, JOHN RICHARD (020928) died Jan. 12 with burial in Wiers Chapel / was born on Nov. 11, 1926, son of Fellie Barkley.

BARKLEY, JOHN, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Aug. 28, 1902) mentioned as one of the C.S.A. veterans who died within the past year.

BARKLEY, MRS. CORA, deceased (Obit SENTINEL May 16, 1901) died March 4 / wife of R. S. Barkley and dau. of James & M. E. Keith / born June 1, 1880 / married in Jan. 1895 / leaves husband, four children, Father, Mother and Brother.

BARKLEY, MRS. LENA, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL, Nov. 2, 1905) died recently at home of parents, P. A. McBryde at Cotton Plant / wife of Sam Barkley / buried at Ebenezer Cemetery, Cotton Plant.

BARKLEY, MRS. LILLIE (040936) killed in a tornado at Tupelo on April 5, age 33 / buried at Wiers Chapel / was a daughter of R.F. Galliard / children: F.D. Barkley Jr., Harold Barkley, and Lillie Ruth Barkley.

BARKLEY, MRS. SALLIE (112323) died Oct. 18 age 50 / buried at Harmony / leaves husband and twelve children / one child is dead.

BARKLEY, ROBERT ANDERSON (050119) died March 2, age 15 / Son of R.S. Barkley.

BARKLEY, SAMUEL A., deceased (Will record May 26, 1879) Sons: Wellington Barkley, John Barkley, George (Dock) Barkley / daughters: Jane Jones, Matilda Barkley, Mary Ann Hill, Adaline Barry / grand-daughter, Silas Ann Barkley.

BARKLEY, son of SAM G. (032719) died last week, age 2 / of Cotton Plant.

BARKLEY, WYLIE (121824) died Tuesday, age 25 / buried at Wiers Chapel / unmarried / was a son of John Barkley.

BARNES, (female) (1880 Mort.) died March 1880, age 2 years / born in Tennessee / parents both born in Mississippi.

BARNES, MRS. BIRTIE (090535) died Aug. 4, age 45 / wife of Oscar Barnes / leaves 9 of 13 children, including Lessie Flake and Ethel Barnes.

BARNES, THOMAS SIDNEY, deceased (Obit SENTINEL Dec. 13, 1900) died Oct. 25 at Tyronza, Arkansas / son of J. A. Barnes.

BARNETT MRS. F. A., deceased (Obit. ADVERTISER Jan. 17, 1885; SENTNEL, Jan. 22, 1885) died Jan. 15 at home Of her son, A. G. Barnett, at the age of 64 years / buried at the family burying ground / was mother of H. W. Barnett, A. G. Barnett, Mrs. Thomas Spight / sister of Capt. A. G. Rucker.

BARNETT, ALBERT C. (041636) died Tuesday, age 83 / was born Jan. 5, 1852, son of A.G. and Frances Ann (Rucker) Barnett / his father died when he was a boy / he married Kate Gurney 66 years ago / She is dead / had eight children, living are Minnie, Mrs. Emma Maxwell, Henry, Roy, Shelby, and Mrs. Nileen Ladner.

BARNETT, ALBERT G., deceased (PR 1852-1859) Frances Barnett and Hardy W. Stricklin, admins. (1851) / Virginia, Martha, Henry, A. G. Barnett, minor heirs / J. M. Spight, admin. (1859)

BARNETT, G. W. et al, minors (Guardianship letters, June 19, 1861) John Barnett issued letters of guardianship for C. M. Barnett, M. M. Barnett, Mary E. Barnett, G. W. Barnett, minors.

BARNETT, HENRY SR. (070330) died Tues., age 80 / buried at Ripley Cemetery beside his wife who was a Nunnelly (sister to Mrs. S.S. Finger of Ripley) / brother is A.G. Barnett / nephew is W.R. Barnett / children: Albert Barnett (Ashville, NC) and Ernest Barnett (Atlanta, GA)

BARNETT, inf. female, deceased (1880 Mort.) died July 1879, age 3 days / born in Mississippi / parents born in Mississippi.

BARNETT, J.A. (012331) died last week at Ashland, where he was Tax Assessor / Son: John Davis Barnett / Siblings are Albert Barnett of Hickory Plat, Mrs. G.B. Taylor, Mrs. Joe Brownlee, and Mrs. S.E. Crawford.

BARNETT, MARY V. et al, minors (Letters of guardianship, March 8, 1861) Frances Barnett granted letters of guardianship for Mary V., Martha A. E., Henry W. and Albert G. Barnett, minors.

BARNETT, MILES, deceased (Obit SENTINEL APril 9, 1891) died last week at Claybrook, Tennessee, age 82 years / uncle of A.G. & H. W. Barnett of Ripley.

BARNETT, MRS. A.G. (020933) died Thurs., age 74 / nee Kate Gurney, daughter of late Sam Gurney / was married May 15, 1878 / buried in Ripley Cemetery / leaves husband and children: Mrs. H.G. Ladner, Minnie Barnett, Mrs. L.D. Maxwell (Lamar), Henry Barnett, Roy Barnett, Shelby Barnett / Sisters are Mrs. Emma Alexander of Burleson, Texas, and Mrs. W.N. Stark of Ripley.

BARTLETT FAMILY (ment. 091036) Joshua Bartlett, son of Robert Bartlett, m. Winnie Williams / their son, Joseph Bartlett, was born in Kentucky in 1796 and died in Tippah County, March 14, 1876 / Joseph had ten children by his first wife, all born in White and Overton counties in Tennessee. They were James Bartlett, born Nov. 9, 1836; Joshua Bartlett, born 1838; Nancy Bartlett, born 1840; Mary Bartlett, born 1842; Daniel T. Bartlett, born 1844; Mandy Bartlett, born March 26, 1846, and living in 1936; Felix Bartlett, born 1848; C.C. Bartlett, born March 31, 1851; John C. Bartlett, born Aug. 28, 1853; and George T. Bartlett, born 1858 in Tippah County (NOTE: all these were by Joseph's second wife, Martha Thomas, who was born March 6, 1816, daughter of George and Mary (Pryor) Thomas, and died Oct. 4, 1866) Joseph's children by his first wife were William Bartlett, Elizabeth Bartlett, Nathan Bartlett, Hester Bartlett, and an infant / one of his children by the second wife was killed in the Battle of Seven Pines during the Civil War.

BARTLETT, BOONE, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL June 11, 1906) died Tuesday at Dumas / a widower with three small children / brother: Jack Bartlett.

BARTLETT, C.C. (071636) died Friday, age 85 / buried at Pine Grove / came to Miss. at age 5 from Tenn. / never married / Sister: Mrs. Mandy Wallis / brother: J.C. Bartlett.

BARTLETT, CROCK C. (031225) died last week / Son of late Nathan Bartlett / his mother, Jane, is living / leaves wife and children.

BARTLETT, ELSIE (121736) died recently at Booneville, age 25 / was a daughter of Oliver Bartlett of near Dumas / was a sister to Roscoe, Myrtle, Mary, Mrs. Calvin Hatcher (Lucedale) and Willard.

BARTLETT, FELIX L. (010732) died recently at Pine Grove, age 83 / burial there / Son: Marshall Bartlett / brothers: J.C. Bartlett, G.T. Bartlett, C.C. Bartlett / Sister: Mrs. Tillman Wallace.

BARTLETT, GEORGE T. (030834) died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. George Bullock recently, age 76 / born Tippah County / buried in Criswell Cemetery / Son: Oscar Bartlett / Brothers. C.C. and J.C. Bartlet / Sister: Mrs. Amanda Wallis of Booneville.

BARTLETT, HOWELL, deceased (Obit., SENTINEL Sept. 28, 1911) died Monday at age 40 years / buried at Rucker Cemetery / son of J. H. Bartlett / leaves wife and a 12-year old son, Jesse Bartlett.

BARTLETT, J. TOM (061428) died June 6 at Miston, Tenn., age 59 / father of Maybelle Bartlett of Ripley and brother to W.A. Bartlett, Mrs. Belle Owen, Mrs. Jess Bullock, Mrs. John Childers of Memphis, and J.J. Bartlett of Baldwyn.

BARTLETT, J.K. (050620) died Saturday, age 88 / buried in County Line Cemetery / brother to J.H. Bartlett of Ripley.

BARTLETT, JAMES (111826) died in Miston, Tenn., recently, age 91 / buried Hornridge Cemetery near Ridgely, Tenn. / C.S.A. vet. / is grandfather of Miss Maybelle Bartlett of Tippah and has other relatives in Tippah / son: J.T. Bartlett of Miston.

BARTLETT, JESSE H. (061224) died yesterday age 84 / burial at Rucker / C.S.A. veteran / leaves wife and children.

BARTLETT, JIMMY (022319) died Jan. 7, age 24 / buried at Pine Grove / leaves wife, a brother, and two sisters / cousin to Tina Jennings.

BARTLETT, JODIE (093015) died at Dumas on Tuesday / buried at Pine Grove / was a son of John Bartlett and was a son-in-law of Jim Cobk / leaves wife and one child.

BARTLETT, JOSEPH (090628) died Monday / buried in Bartlett Cenetery / was a son of the late Nathan Bartlett and Jane Bartlett who died recently at age 94 / was a brother to Jack Bartlett, Mrs. Luther Adair, Mrs. Dick Cartwright, Mrs. Luther Jennings, Mrs. Billie Gowdy, Mrs. J.A. Anderson, and Mrs. John P. Stansell.

BARTLETT, JOSEPH dec. (PR919) Petition for division of land, 1879. Complainants C.C. Bartlett, Martha J. Bullock, Elizabeth Bullock v. Nathan Bullock, Martha Westbrook (p.o. unknown) and the children of William Bartlett (p.o. unknown) show that Joseph Bartlett grandfather and father of the complainants, died in the County of Tippah in 1874. He had fourteen children, all of whom are alive except the father of Martha Westbrook. William Bartlett's heirs were last heard of in Putnam Co., Tenn., and Martha Westbrook was last heard of in Bigby Fork, Itawamba County, Miss. / ask for division of land.

BARTLETT, MRS. AMANDA (090535) died Friday at Dumas / buried, at Pine Grove / widow of Felix Bartlett / son: Marshall Bartlett / was nee Smith, daughter of R. Smith.

BARTLETT, MRS. JANE (052428) died Monday age 93 / buried in Bartlett Cemetery / was the mother of Jack, Joe, Mrs. J.A. Anderson, Mrs. Luther Adair, Mrs. Billie Gowdy, Mrs. Luther Jennings, Mrs. John P. Stansell (Memphis), and Mrs. Dick Cartwright.

BARTLETT, MRS. JENNIE (050620) died recently at Linden, Texas, with burial there / was a daughter of Moses Winborn, of Blue Mountain / leaves husband and one child.

BARTLETT, MRS. MANDY (042220) killed by a tornado on Apr. 20, age 81 / buried in County Line Cemetery / was wife of J.K. Bartlett / her son, I.S. Bartlett, also lost his daughter, Christine, age 3, in the tornado.

BARTLETT, MRS. MARY PALMER (082731) died Wednesday, age 85 / widow of Jesse Bartlett, who died 7 years ago / Sister is Mrs. A.E. Moffitt / children are: Mrs. Marshall Duncan, Norman Bartlett, R.E. Bartlett, Mrs. Wash Parks, and Almoth Bartlett of Missouri.

BARTLETT, MRS. OPHELIA, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL July 25, 1901) died June 4, age 63 years / leaves seven children and two sisters.

BARTLETT, Onsie, deceased (1880 Mort.) died Dec. 1879, age 10 months / born in Mississippi / father born in Tennessee / mother born in Mississippi.

BARTLETT, R.E. (090331) died Saturday, age 51 / buried at Rucker / Son of Jesse Bartlett / children are Sam, Blanch, Mildred, Lila, J.H., Sperry, Ernest, and Marietta.

BARTLETT, ROBERT (120915) died Oct. 22 / leaves wife and three children.

BARTLETT, TALMADGE, deceased (Obit. STANDARD Sept. 5, 1899) died recently son of J. J. Bartlett.

BARTLETT, WILLIE P. (040126) died in Tennessee recently, age 25 / Son of Tom Bartlett / leaves a widow / WW I vet.

BASDEN, KINCHEN dec. (PR) 1. Bill, Sept. 12, 1879. Basden died in Hardeman Co., Tenn., 1862, leaving no children but these following brothers and sisters (1) Barbary Foster dec. who left one child, W.H. Foster (2) Sally Foster dec. who left one child, William Foster dec. who left children Jane, Kinchen, Sarah Parker, Jane Riley, Anna, Nancy, John, Powell, Monroe, Dolly, and William Foster. (3) Betsy Cox dec. who left one child, Marion (wife of Hershel Washburn) (4) Polly Bradham dec. who died in Illinois many years ago. Citations to Kinchen Foster of Hardeman Co., Tenn; Sarah Parker and husband, John, of Texas; Jane Riley, Rena, William, Nancy, John, Monroe Foster, and Minerva (wife of Richard Powell) all of Van Buren Co., Texas; Dolly Williams and husband Nathan, p.o. unknown.

BASDEN, MRS. OLLIE (112129) died in Union County recently / mother of Albert, Earl and Lewis.

BASS, DOUGLAS, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Oct. 7, 1897) died Aug. 31 / born Dec. 8, 1874 / buried at Campground.

BASS, FRANCES, deceased (1860 Mort.) died Sept. 1859, age 19 years / born in Mississippi.

BASS, MISS LETHA JANE (121416) died Oct. 2, age 61 / buried at Campground / lived with her two unmarried sisters / Wyatt Mathis is a relative.

BASS, MRS. CARRIE (051227) died recently / buried at Campground / wife of Albert Bass / two sisters and a brother live in Chalybeate.

BASS, MRS. ELIZABETH (062828) died on October 12, 1927, age 74 / nee Fryar / widow of A.B. Bass / leaves 6 grown children.

BASS, THOMAS, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Nov. 25, 1897) died Sept. 23, age 73 years at Selden in Tippah County / married twice and father of 10 children / three of the children and both wives are dead.

BATES, MRS. J. W., deceased (Obit. SENTINEL June 8, 1911) died in Jan. / buried at Glade Springs Cemetery / born in 1841 / leaves husband.

BATHUNE, CHARLES Y., deceased (1880 Mort.) died Aug. 1879, age 55 years / widower / born in Mississippi / parents both born in U. S.

BATT, ELISHA, deceased (1870 Mort.), Family No. 24, T1S R1E/ died July 1869, age 18 years / married / born in Tennessee.

BATT, W. W., deceased (Admin. Bond March 21, 1866) Bondsmen: G. B. Jackson, W. O. Batt, W. F. Stricklin / G. B. Jackson, Admin.

BAUGHMAN, MAY BELLE, deceased (Obit SENTINEL June 2, 1904) died May 11, age 9 or 10 years / dau. of R. F. Baughman.

BAUGHMAN, MRS. ROBERT (090215) suicide Saturday at Blue Mountain / was a daughter of George Street.

BAULCH, ANDREW STEPHENS (011724) see also Balch / died at Little Rock, Ark., on Dec. 28, 1923 / born March 7, 1874, son of Thomas Washington Baulch / was married to Janie Young of Tippah / to Nashville, Ark., twelve years ago / leaves wife and 11 children.

BAULCH, MRS. HANNAH, deceased (Obit. ADVERTISER Aug. 15, 1885) died Aug. 7, age 85 years, at home of son, Thomas W. Baulch / was born in Kentucky, the daughter of Colonel Yates / married at age 22 in Bedford Co, Tenn., to Samuel P. Baulch, who died in 1872 / mother of nine children, four of whom are dead / lived in Benton Co., Miss.

BAULCH, MRS. J.T. (040126) died Wednesday of last week / leaves husband and four children: J.A. Balch, J.H. Baulch, Mrs. C.L. Black of Walnut, and Mrs. T.D. Ray of Drew, MS.

BEARD, MRS. SALLIE (deceased - Obit. SENTINEL July 14, 1904) died July 4 at Saulsbury, Tenn. / sister of John Moffitt.

BEASLEY, VIOLA v. GEORGE W. BEASLEY (divorce) Bill filed 3-3-1896. They were married in Forrest City, Ark., on April 25, 1893. Moved to Tippah on March 1, 1895. He deserted and moved back to Forrest City / decree May 5, 1896.

BEATON, SAMUEL, deceased (Admin. bond, Dec. 17, 1866) Bondsmen: John H. Godsey and R. L. Bouton / John H. Godsey, Admin.

BEATY, DR. HUMPHREYS W., deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Feb. 15, 1912) died Feb. 11 at Memphis, Tenn., age 34 years / a resident of Binghampton, Texas / buried at Elmwood Cemetery / wife was Helen Brinkley of White Station, Tenn. / a native of Blue Mountain.

BEATY, JEFF (020922-021622) died Oct. 29, 1921 / buried in Hardin Cemetery / born on October 28, 1901, son of J.H. Beaty / married Ada Adair on June 25, 1917 / leaves wife, 3 children, 3 brothers, 3 sisters, and parents / son-in-law of Rev. T.G. Adair.

BEATY, MRS. MARY (021129-060519-082626-021231) died in January or February, at the home of her niece, Mrs. W.R. Hicks, of Booneville / buried in Old Carolina Cemetery / was born at Ripley Sept. 3, 1836 or 1837, daughter of John and Mary Grissom / helped organize Clear creek Church along with Wiley Shackelford, Martha Shackelford, Morris Goad, Mary Goad, Randolph Millican, Sallie Millican, Joe Shackelford Sr., John E. Grissom, and Mrs. Mary Grissom / married William Gray Beaty in 1865 / had 5 children / husband died in 1876 / all children are dead but her son, Sam P. Beaty of Memphis.

BEATY, MRS. MARY T., deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Dec. 17, 1903) died at home of son, John Beaty, at age 77 years / buried at Mt. Pleasant Cem.

BEATY, SAMUEL W. dec. (PR152) 1. Petition for letters of admin., March 9, 1871.  2. Citation to Samuel P. Beaty of Prentiss County, June 9, 1873. 3. Citation to D.H. Beaty, Elijah Beaty, Isaac N. Beaty, T.J. Cox and husband W.H. Cox, all of Tippah, May 12, 1873. 4. Citation to Thomas S. Beaty and Robert Beaty of Lee's Ferry, Arkansas, May 14, 1873.

BEATY, SAMUEL W., deceased (PR 1871) no information.

BEAVERS, H. D., deceased (PR 1871) cite heirs John Beavers, residence unknown; Willian and Melvina Lee of Livingston or Limestone County, Ala.; Welry Brassfield and wife Mary, address unknown; Ezra Burris of McNairy Co. Tenn.; James W. & ELizabeth Beavers of Graves Co., Ky.; Jesse R. Beavers and H. D. Beavers of Izard Co., Ark., Dillard Lee and Mary Lee of Missouri; Robert and Amanda Chism of Monroe Co., Miss.

BEAVERS, J.B. (111622) died last week at Falkner, age 70.

BECK, LYDIA J. (PR 1857) "Alias Nooner", wife of J. E. Beck.

BECK, ORRIN, deceased (Will, recorded Oct. 30, 1868) wife: Ann M. Beck; son, W. D. Beck; others, Charles and Arthur Toonly, children of deceased daughter, Fredonia.

BEIBER, JOHN, deceased (PR 1852), Virginia Beiber, minor heir / Hiram Hines, guardian.

BEIBERS, MRS. EFFIE (090132) died Aug. 6 / born Oct. 12, 1873 / wife of Steve Beibers / leaves father, 2 brothers, 2 sisters.

BELCHER, RUBY LOIS (010831) died Aug. 28, with burial at New Salem / born April 19, 1920, daughter of E.P. Belcher / leaves a brother and a sister.

BELK, SUTTON dec. (PR708) 1. Petition for sale of land, Oct. 20, 1868. Widow is Sally Belk of Tippah. Heirs are Elizabeth Smith and husband Bonner Smith of Tippah; Margaret Beaty and husband John Beaty of North Creek, Phillips Co. Ark.; Mary Arnold and husband C.H. Arnold of New Albany, Ms.; Frank Belk's heirs of Tenn., including his wife, Pussy Belk; William Belk of Tippah; Harriet Well's and husband George Wells of Tippah; Ann Hargrove and husband Nazra Hargrove of Tippah; and Lucretia Belk of Tippah.

BELK, SUTTON, deceased (Admin. Bond, July 15, 1872), Daniel Hunt, Admin.

BELK, SUTTON, deceased (PR 1869) no information.

BELKS, DAVID, deceased (Admin. Bond July 16, 1861) Bondsmen: J. E. McMakin, Rueben Ray, William Nelms / J. E. McMakin, Admin.

BELL, C. H., deceased (PR 1859), E. S. Bell, Admin.

BELL, CHARLEY (040517-053117) died April 2 at Cbalybeate / born Jan. 19, 1879, son of Abe and Linda Bell / leaves wife and six children.

BELL, GRADY (072915) died July 11 / born December 7, 1907, son of J.D. Bell.

BELL, JAMES BRADFORD (020123) died Oct. 14 / born April 28, 1921, son of Vance Bell.

BELL, JOHN (082025) died Sunday, age 44 / burial in Pogue Cemetery / leaves wife and three children.

BELL, JOHN D. (081336) died at Walnut on August 6 / buried at Ebenezer / born Sept. 6, 1881 / married Laura Waldon on Sept. 3, 1906 / mother is Mrs. Bettie Bell / children are Dorsey Bell and Mrs. Ozada Hobson.

BELL, MRS. L. A., deceased (Obit. ADVERTISER June 6, 1885; SENTINEL June 4, 1885) died recently in Graham community / leaves husband and three children.

BELL, MRS. MARGARET MINERVA (Obit. SENTINEL May 20, 1909) nee Storey / died April 14 / She married A. G. Bell on Nov. 12, 1879 / leaves five sons, four daughters, husband, mother, sister, five brothers.

BELL, MRS. MARY (033132) died Monday, age 47 / buried at New Hope / wife of Claude Bell / father: Jim Pickens / children: Earl Bell, Cecil Bell, Garmelia Bell, Christine Bell / Siblings: Wylie Pickens, Will Pickens, Lon Pickens, Clifton Pickens, Mrs. J.R. Murry, Mrs. Thad Bell, Mrs. Sam Yancey, Mrs. Jess Box (Baldwyn), Mrs. Bob Isabel (Booneville), Mrs. T.B. Warnmack, and Mrs. Eli Eubanks.

BELL, MRS. MELINDA (092425) died on June 24 / buried in Ebenezer near Chalybeate / born Feb 14, 1853, daughter of Vincent Tapp, a C.S.A. vet. / married A.D. Bell Nov. 11, 1869 / had nine children; living are Mrs. R.M. Rogers (Corinth), Mrs. Flora Hopper, Mrs. Julia Thrasher, W.H. Bell, V.J. Bell, R.A. Bell, A.A. Bell / dead children are C.W. Bell who died in 1917 at age 38, and Conklin Bell, who died in 1909 at age 21 / nephew: J.B. Drewry.

BELL, REV. LONNIE A. (070330-010531) died June 21 / buried in Jericho Cem. / born Jan. 7, 1849 near New Hope in Tippah County / married twice, to Mattie McGill (sister to H.A. McGill)  and to Mary Johnson of Bethany / Mattie died 45 years ago / children: Bobbie (New Orleans), Thad Bell, Mrs. Claude, Mrs. Carl Akins (Holly Springs), Mrs. Ned Cox (Baldwyn) / dead children are Jennie, Vic, and Ada / other children are Mrs. Claude Meeks of Bethany and Mrs. Obie Coley.

BELL, VINCE(101128) died at Jackson, Tenn., on Oct. 4, age 47 / buried at Ebenezer / formerly of Chalybeate.

BELL: RUBY (080724) died July 4 / buried at Ebenezer near Chalybeate / born on Aug. 7, 1911, dau. of W.C. and M.E. Bell.

BELOTE, CHARLES (021815) died Monday at Memphis, age 39 / husband of Mrs. Jessie Harris Belote / leaves one child.

BELOTE, GEORGE E., deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Jan. 7, 1904) died Dec. 17, 1903 at Tunica, Miss, age 51 years / leaves wife, three sons - George, John, and Charles and one dau. Mrs. Scotia Belote.

BELOTE, IKE (071818) died at Houston, Texas, recently, age 63 / burial in Memphis / was a half brother of M.K. Lowrey.

BELOTE, infant dau. of J. N., deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Aug. 11. 1898) Died Sunday / buried in Ripley cemetery.

BELOTE, infant of George, deceased (Obit. ADVERTISER Feb. 3, 1881) Died recently.

BELOTE, JIM (031517) died at Memphis Wednesday of last week, age 60 / moved to Memphis 18 years ago / was a half brother of M.K. Lowrey / leaves wife and five children.

BELOTE, JOE BOWEN, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL May 24-May 31, 1894) Died May 18 at home of his grandfather, Mr. Pierce / son of Mrs. George Belote / born Grand Junction, Tenn., Jan. 12, 1889.

BELOTE, MRS. DAISY MYRTLE, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Sept. 6, 1900) Died Aug. 28 at home of father-in-law, K. S. Belote at Tunica, Miss. at age 20 years / wife of William Belote and dau. of William D. Pruette of Tunica / buried at Oakwood Cemetery, Tunica / leaves husband, father, brother, sister and dau.

BELOTE, MRS. JUNIE, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Nov. 14, 1895) Died Thursday / wife of J. N. Belote / buried at New Hope Cemetery.

BELOTE, MRS. KEY, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL June 2, 1892) Died Wednesday / wife of James E. Belote.

BELOTE, MRS. LAURA A. (082929) died at Memphis last Wednesday, age 66 / buried in Forest Hill Cemetery / children, all of Memphis, are Mrs. J.W. Young, Nettie, Barbara, and Tom Belote / Siblings are Mrs. G. W. South, Mrs. Tom Cotton, Oscar Tapp, and Lawrence Tapp, all of Memphis, Ada Tapp, W.E. Tapp of Falkner, and Willis Tapp of Ashland.

BEMER, JOHN, deceased (PR 1856) no information.

BENE, MRS. W. D., deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Oct. 19 & Nov. 9, 1893) Died Oct. 9 in Jefferson, Miss. / born Feb. 4, 1863, dau. of W. & S. M. Covington / sister of Walter Covington / graduate of Blue Mountain College, 1883 / married J. H. Shackelford on Feb. 14, 1889 / after his death she married W. D. Bene on Dec. 15, 1892 / leaves husband and mother.

BENE, REV. W. D., deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Aug. 22, 1895) Died Aug. 12 at Franklinson, La. / buried at Jefferson Cemetery in north Carroll Co., Miss.

BENEFIELD, DAU. OF W.A. (0420--) died Saturday, age two and a half years.

BENNETT, BILLY (062332) died on June 20, with burial at Campground / infant son of Kelsy Bennett.

BENNETT, CAL (022631) died Tuesday, age 58 / Son of late Miles J. and Lucy Bennett / wife, Blanche Rucker, died four years ago / children: Mrs. Charlie Morgan, Mrs. Lucy Lee Nutt, Mrs. Mallie Coombs, Mrs. Cathleen Childers, Mrs. Elizabeth Deen, Mrs. Hubert Reed, Beulah, Hugh, Edgar, W.C. and Charlie Bennett / Sister, Mrs. Will Garrett, is dead; other siblings are Mrs. Flora Whitten, Mrs. T.E. Pegram, Mrs. Clyde Harrison, Lillian, Tom, Gaines, Marshall, and Crawford Bennett.

BENNETT, CATHERINE, deceased (1880 Mort.) died Jan. 1880, age 37 years / married / born in Mississippi / parents born in U. S. / lived in Tippah Co. 37 years.

BENNETT, EDWINA (033127) died March 15, age 3-10-7 / buried at Ebenezer, near Chalybeate / dau of L.R. Bennett / leaves parents, sisters and two brothers.

BENNETT, HAFFORD, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL April 1, 1897) Died recently age 6 years.

BENNETT, inf. son of Gaines P. (Obit. ENTERPRISE May 20, 1911)(SENTINEL May 15, 1911) Died Monday at Brownfield, Miss., age 2 years.

BENNETT, LILLIAN MURRY, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL June 3, 1909) Died recently, age 20 months, two days / daughter of Gaines Bennett / buried Ripley Cemetery.

BENNETT, LUTHER, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL May 11, 1905) Died Feb. 7 / buried at Academy Cemetery / born Nov. 4, 1888 / son of J. B. Bennett.

BENNETT, MILES J., deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Aug. 31, 1911) Died Aug. 28 / buried in Ripley Cemetery / born March 3, 1840 / married Lucy J. Dodds on Dec. 12, 1865 / father of five sons & five daughters, all of whom survive / three of the children are unmarried / son of G. P. Bennett, has two deceased children / also leaves 28 grandchildren, one great-grandchild / C.S.A. veteran.

BENNETT, MRS. CAL (071427) died Sunday, age 50 / nee Blanche, daughter of Charlie Rucker / married 32 years / children: Hugh, Edgar, W.C., Charlie Miles Bennett, Cathleen, Beulah, Elizabeth, Mrs. Charlie Morgan, Mrs. Morris Nutt, Mrs. Roy Coombs, Mrs. Hubert Reed / Siblings are Lucian Rucker (Jackson Tn.), Dock Rucker (Mobile), Bob Rucker (Hattiesburg), Mrs. Helen Coley (Memphis), Mrs. Charlie Waldon, Mrs. Algie Cross, Mrs. Lindsey Braddock.

BENNETT, MRS. LUCY J. DODDS (031429 and 041129) died Sunday, age 83 / buried in Ripley Cemetery / born 1844 in Hardeman County, Tenn., a first cousin to Wiley M. Crook now of Star City, Arkansas / married Miles J. Bennett on Dec. 12, 1865 / her children are Marshall, Lillian, Crawford, Calhoun, Mrs. Thomas E. Pegram, Mrs. Clyde Harrison, Thomas M., Gaines, Mrs. Will Garrett, and Mrs. Bedford Whitten of Hollandale, Ms.

BENNETT, MRS. PARALEE (031622) Died March 4 at Corinth / burial in Ebenezer, north of Brownfield / Son: Holmes / was wife of Weamon Bennett.

BENNETT, MRS. PARALEE (093026) died recently, age 66 / buried at Campground / was wife of William B. Bennett.

BENNETT, P. W., deceased (1870 Mort.) Family No. 200, R3E, T6S/ died May 1870, age three months / born in Mississippi.

BENNETT, RICHARD Y., deceased (Obit. SENTINEL, Aug. 28, 1902) A C.S.A. veteran who died in the last year.

BENNETT, SAM C. (090215) died August 11 / buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Union County / born July 14, 1879 / married Miss Baldwin in the west / had four children.

BENNETT, SUSANNA, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Feb. 7, 1901) Died Jan. 13 / born Aug. 3, 1868 / dau. of R. Y. Bennett.

BENSON, MRS. CATHERINE (062018) died on April 3, age 76 / daughter: Mrs. Will Beavers.

BENSON, MRS., deceased (Obit. SENTINEL March 19, 1896) Died Tuesday at age 86 years / buried at Little Hope Cemetery.

BERRY, DAVID (from Deed Bk E - deed made 1843) David Berry of Greenville Co., S.C. / children are Malinda, Xenophon F., Mary C., Frances, William H., Hudson P., Teresa L., Augustus, Susan, Nancy, Louisa, Matilda Elizabeth, Mrs. Sarah Durham.

BERRY, HUDSON, deceased (PR 1853) no information given.

BERRY, JAMES v. HASTY BERRY (divorce) 1. Bill filed Sept. 4, 1882. Were married in Union County in July 1875. Were separated in August, 1879. Decree given Nov. 14, 1882.  Hasty was nee Harris.

BERRY, JULIUS (121527) died recently at Booneville, age 50 / was a son of late Rev. Julius S. Berry of Blue Mountain / married Annie T. Lee Shinault / leaves one daughter / sister: Linda Berry.

BERRY, LUCINDA dec. (PR531) 1. Petition for letters July 31, 1880. Lucinda Berry died March 1879. 2. Will made Nov. 4, 1872, filed Feb. 19, 1880. Daughters: Mary Allen, Susan (wife of W. Covington), Nancy J. Wright / dead son: William Berry / deceased daughters: Frances Bell, who left children Mary and Leander, and Louisa Marmon, who left children Luther Jefferson Marmon James Brooks Marmon, and Carra L. Marmon / daughter-in-law: Penelopy Berry. 2. Citation to Mrs. Molly Simpson and husband Samuel Simpson March 28, 1884. 3. Citation to Susan Covington, Teresa Clark, and L.A. Bell, all of Tippah, Oct. 9, 1883. 4. Citation to N.P. Berry (heir of Xenophon Berry) of Chickasaw Co., Ms., Mary Allen of Lee Co., Ms., Nancy J. Wright of Pontotoc Co., Ms., and Penelopy Berry of Union County, Ms., Oct. 8, 1883. 5. Citation to A.P. Berry and J.F. Berry of Oktibbeha Co., Ms., March 28, 1884.

BERRY, LUCINDA, deceased (Admin. Bond Aug. 2, 1880) Bondsmen: M. C. Bell, W. Covington, J. W. McCarley / M. C. Bell, Admin.

BERRY, LUCINDA, deceased (Admin. Bond Nov. 9, 1880) Bondsmen: N. L. Marman, Thomas Spight, H. W. Barnett / N. L. Marman, Admin.

BERRY, LUCINDA, deceased (Will, recorded Oct. 16, 1880) Son -Xenophon Berry; Daughter in law: Penelope Berry. Daughters: Mary Allen, Nancy J. Wright; deceased son, W. M. Berry; others, Susan, wife of W. Covington; Teresa L. Potts; children of Louise Marman: Luther, Jefferson, James, Brooks, Corra L.; children of deceased dau., Frances Bell: Mary, Lucinda.

BERRY, MRS. J. S., deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Feb. 20, 1908) Died recently / buried at Masonic Cemetery in Baldwyn, Miss.

BERRY, MRS. M. M., deceased (Obit. SENTINEL June 6, 1889) Died recently at Blue Mountain, age 74 years.

BERRY, WILLIAM EDWIN (041719) died last Thursday / married Hodena Lowrey, dau. of M.P. Lowrey / leaves wife, one daughter (Clare Etta), and two sons (M.P.L. Berry of Clinton and Joel H. Berry of Maryland) / brother: Rev. Julius Berry of Tupelo / Sister: Mrs. J.E. Buchanan of Calhoun City.

BESINGER, CHARLES W. (071636) died Thursday, age 10 / buried at New Hope / was a son of W.W. Besinger / leaves parents, 2 brothers, 5 sisters.

BESINGER, JAMES, deceased (1870 Mort.) Family No. 91, T5S R1E/ Died March 1870, age 18 years / born in Mississippi.

BESINGER, JOHN, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Dec. 12, 1901) Died Sunday at Deentown.

BESINGER, JOSIAH, minor (PR 1857), "Alias Bumpas"/ apprentice to Peter F. Burns / Alfred Bumpass, seeurity.

BIGGERS, ANDREW (121025) died Saturday / age 23 / his parents are living in Eros, Louisiana for the winter / was a son of H.P. Biggers / unmarried / brother to Mrs. Simmons of Louisiana, Mrs. Tom Anderson, and Homer Biggets / buried at Blue Mountain.

BIGGERS, H.P. (022730) died Saturday / buried at Wren, Ms. / was born in Yorkville, S.C. 70 years ago / was married to Mattie Hood of Monroe County, Ms., on Dec. 17, 1885 / moved to Blue Mountain in 1905 then back to Monroe County / back to Tippah in 1916 and to Ripley in 1924 / brother, R.G. Biggers of Plantersville Ms. / children: Mrs. W.F. Hornberger of Miranda, Cuba, Mrs. T.V. Simmons, M.R. Biggers of Monroe, Louisiana, Mrs. J.L. Cappo of Chicago, Mrs. Tom Anderson, and Boyce Biggers / two girls and a son died in infancy and two other sons, Andrew and L.H. Biggers are dead.

BIGGERS, HOMER (122326) killed at Blue Mountain Tuesday by Marshall E.L. Godwin / age 39 / was 3rd District Bailiff / was son of H.P. Biggers of Ripley / born at Amory, Ms. / was the husband of a daughter of Mayor Sam Grady of Amory / brother to Boyce Biggers of Eros, La., Roger Biggers of Tampa, Fla., Mrs. T.V. Simmons of Eros, Mrs. W.F. Hornberger of Miranda, Cuba, Mrs. J.L. Cappo of Chicago, and Mrs. Tom Anderson.

BILLS, A. W. (PR 1858) Father and guardian of Mary M. Bills & Nancy E. Bills, minors.

BILLS, J. M. et al, minors (Guardianship letters, May 20, 1867) D. B. Bills is granted letters of guardianship for J. M. Bills and M. J. E. Bills, minors.

BILLS, JOHN A., deceased (Admin. Bond, Jan. 24, 1867) Bondsmen: M. McCarley, W. T. Stricklin, W. W. Robinson / M. McCarley, Admin.

BILLS, MRS. AGNES B. (011834-110834) died Nov. 6, 1934 / buried at Little Hope / her age is given at 88 in the obituary, but in the earlier issue it state that she was 92 on Jan. 4, 1934 / Son: W.H. Bills of Clinton, Oklahoma / nephew: John T. Linebarger of Ripley.

BILLS, W. HEZEKIAH, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Feb. 24, 1898) Died Feb. 7 in Washita (sic) Co. Oklahoma Territory / born Marshall Co., Tenn., May 28, 1819 / moved to Tippah Co., Miss. in 1857 / in 1870 moved to Johnson Co., Texas, six miles east of Cleburne / in April 1897, moved to Washita (sic) Co., Okla. Terr. / wife, S. G., born Marshall Co., Tenn., May 18, 1825 / she died in Washita (sic) Co., Feb. 13, 1898 / both buried at Cloud Chief Cemetery, Okla. Terr. / They were parents of 12 children, four sons and three daughters of whom yet live /"Uncle" John Bills was there at the time of their deaths.

BIRDSONG, W.T. (012336) committed suicide Wednesday, age 15 / Son of Will Birdsong of Blue Mountain.

BISHOP, AUDIE (032719) died July 12 / born Feb. 23, 1890 / his son, Euclid Powell Bishop died July 27, 1918 age 7 mos. 7 days / leaves wife and mother, Carrie Etta Bishop.

BISHOP, BESSIE, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Oct. 27, 1892) Died Oct. 16, age 5 years four days / dau. of D. L. & Viola Bishop.

BISHOP, GEORGE G. (043036) died Thursday, age 23 / buried at Wells Chapel / Son of Dolph Bishop and a brother to E.T., K.A., Mary, Jennie, Cottie, Velma, and Sallie Belle.

BLACK, DAVID A. (Will recorded Sept. 27, 1869) wife: Mary A.

BLACK, P. N., deceased (PR 1851) J. M. Northcross, Admin.

BLACK, WILLIAM A., deceased (1860 Mort.) Family No. 846, So. Div. Tippah Co. / Died July 1849, age 2 years / born in Mississippi.

BLACKSHEAR, SAMUEL, deceased (1850 Mort.) Died May 1850, age 24 years / married / born in Tennessee.

BLACKWELL, EDD, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Dec. 7, 1905) Died last Monday in the Philippines / son of Capt. J. B. Blackwell of Ashland.

BLACKWELL, EDMUND B. (Will recorded April 3, 1866) wife: Margaret E.

BLACKWELL, H. E., deceased (Obit SENTINEL June 12, 1912) Died yesterday near Ashland / son of J.B. Blackwell.

BLACKWELL, IDA, deceased (Obit SENTINEL Aug. 2, 1894; Oct. 4, 1894) Died July 30 at Finger, age 21 years / dau. of J. B. Blackwell / buried at Little Hope Cemetery.

BLACKWELL, JOE B. (082124) died at Chalybeate Saturday / buried at Little Hope / born Clarendon District, S.C., Feb. 26, 1845 / moved to Tippah, 1858 / was County Treasurer, 1884-1886, and a State Legislator 1896-1900, 1904-1908 / C.S.A veteran / leaves two children: J.B. Jr. and Mrs. Bob Allison (Benton Co.) / wife and five children are dead / wife was Letiticia Ann Rucker, daughter of C.C. Rucker.

BLACKWELL, MRS. J.B. (042016) died last Saturday by suicide, age 68 / buried at Little Hope / leaves husband and two children: J.B. Blackwell Jr. and Mrs. Allison.

BLACKWELL, son of J. B., deceased (Obit. ADVERTISER Jan. 31, 1885) Died Recently.

BLACKWELL, WILLIE (081336) died July 13, age 26 / buried in Moore Cem. / married Maude Taylor Dec. 25, 1930 / leaves two children, parents, 4 sisters, a brother.

BLACKWOOD, ANDY, deceased (1860 Mort.) Died Dec. 1859, age 83 years / born South Carolina / married.

BLAINE, inf. female (1880 Mort.) Family No. 138, First District, Tippah County / stillborn July 1879 / born in Mississippi / father born in Georgia / mother born Miss.

BLAIR, MRS. (032223) died today at Chalybeate / Stepmother of Dr. Blair / Sister of Crawford Jamieson / sister to Mrs. Garrett who died last week.

BLAKE, James M., deceased (Obit. ADVERTISER Jan. 19, 1882) Died recently at Ruckersville.

BLAKENEY, REBECCA (PR 1859) Rebecca Blakeney named guardian of John E., John W., and Melina Jo Blakeney / cite nearest kin P. A. Blakeney, H. A. Blakeney, T. A.Blakeney.

BLANCHARD, J. F., deceased (Admin. bond, Dec. 18, 1865) Bondsmen: R. L. Bouton, G. B. Jackson / R. L. Bouton, Admin.

BLANKENSHIP, JOHN W. (032421) died in Tipton County, Tenn., March 15, age 72 / born in Alabama / married Martha Ann ?ton in Alabama, March 11, 1874 / had nine children, 2 of whom are dead / moved to Tippah in 1900 and to Tennessee two years ago.

BLOODWORTH, JOSEPH G., deceased (PR 1851) Widow: Hester Ann Bloodworth.

BLOUNT, BARNEY B., deceased (PR 1848-1849) H. W. Stricklin, Admin. / Charles P. Miller, surety / Judith Blount, widow and Petitioner for dower.

BLOUNT, CAPT. CLAUDE G., deceased (Obit. SENTINEL July 9, 1908) Died at Water Valley, Miss. June 23 / Born Carroll Co.., Tenn. 1827 or 1828 / the second son of Barney and Julia Blount who moved to Ripley / brother of Judge I. T. Blount of Water Valley / married Elizabeth Robinson in 1848 and raised a large family, nearly all and the mother of whom are dead / served as Capt. in 23rd Miss., Regt. / buried Water Valley.

BLOUNT, JUDGE I.T. (042518) died Memphis April 23, age 72 / buried at Water Valley, Ms. / born at Ripley / leaves his second wife (first died 16 years ago) and two sons: L.L. Blount of Memphis and W.C. Blount of Dallas, Texas.

BLOUNT, MRS. JUDITH, dec. (PR 1853), C. G. Blount, Admin. / cite heirs Elizabeth H., G. Y., Julia R., Isaac T., W. B. Blount, William Murry and wife Catherine, Logan H. McCorkle and wife, Martha.

BLOUNT, WILLIAM S. (PR 1849), Thomas J. Davidson, Admin.

BLYTHE, BETTIE v. G.W. BLYTHE (divorce) Bill filed Nov. 28, 1878 / were married in Tippah on Dec. 23, 1875 / he was indicted for burglary in March 1878 and sentenced to the state pen for three years / decree Nov. 11, 1879.

BLYTHE, C.C. (062229) died June 15 / buried at Lowry / leaves wife and eleven children.

BLYTHE, CHARLIE (042336) died recently age 39 / buried at Lowry / leaves wife, adopted daughter, mother (Mrs. C.C. Blythe), six brothers and sisters.

BLYTHE, HENRY P. (Obit. SENTINEL July 21, 1898), died July 3 / leavens wife, 7 children, father, 2 brothers, 2 sisters / mother died during Civil War, and a sister died 15 years ago.

BLYTHE, MRS. ELIZABETH MELVINA, dec. (Obit. SENTINEL Aug. 30, 1906) Died July 30 at home of son, G. C. Blythe / born in West Tennessee, April 8, 1831, dau. of Elias and Polly Hines / move to Tippah Co. in 1836 / married Thomas F. Lockhart May 17, 1849, bearing 3 daughters and 2 sons (John H. & W. T.) / daughters all died young / her husband serving in Co. "E" 32nd Miss. Regt. Inf., was killed in Battle of Atlanta, July 22, 1864 / in November 1867, she married T. J. Blythe, who survives along with their only child, C. C. Blythe.

BLYTHE, R.M. dec. (PR186) 1. Citation to John Blythe, Samuel D. Blythe, adults, and E.L. Blythe, C.C. Blythe, J.C. Blythe, and M.C. Blythe, minors, all of Hatfield, Texas, Dec. 9, 1871.

BLYTHE, ROBERT M., dec. (PR 1871) cite heirs Laura Blythe, John N. Blythe, Samuel D. Blythe, Martha L. Blythe, Elijah L. Blythe, C. C. Blythe, Josephine E. Blythe, Mary C. Blythe, all of Chalfield, Texas.

BLYTHE, T. J. (Obit. SENTINEL April 4, 1907) died Friday. BOATNER, DAVID J., dec. (PR 1853) no information.

BOATNER, F. P. G. (minor) (Guardianship letters, Oct. 16, 1865) J. L. Boatner named guardian for F. P. G. Boatner, minor.

BOATNER, J. L., dec. (1870 Mort.), Family No. 118, R1E T5S/ died Nov. 1869, age 47 years / born in South Carolina / married.

BOATNER, JOHN, dec. (PR 1870-1871) died May 23, 1864. Petitioners: Elijah McCarley; and wife Mary A. Boatner; Charles G. Baker and wife Nancy C. Boatner; cite heirs George E. Boatner; Mary A. McCarley; Nancy G. Baker; Elizabeth Culver (dau. of John Boatner and wife of Charles Culver, dec.), John L. Boatner heirs: John W., W.J., G.A., S.F., M.E., Martha Ellen, J.F. Militus, D.E., all grandchildren of said John Boatner; heirs of Elizabeth McCauley (dau. of John Boatner) viz: Samuel D., J.J., G.H., Nancy J., J.F., Mary Ann (dec. who left 2 children, Elizabeth & James, and husband, S. F. McCauley); F. P. Boatner, son of D. J. Boatner and grandson of John Boatner, residents of Marshall Co., Miss. - J.J., G.H., W.T., Elijah, James, Elizabeth, James, F. P. Boatner.

BOATNER, JOHN, dec. (Will recorded April 6, 1866) wife: Rachel / sons George E. Boatner, John L. Boatner; / daughters: Mary Ann McCauley, Eliza H. Culver, Eliza R. McCauley, Nancy H. Baker, wife of C. G. Baker / grandson Franklin P. Boatner, son of Daniel Jefferson Boatner.

BOATNER, MARY, dec. (1860 Mort.) Family No. 1070, So. Div. Tippah Co., died Sept. 1859, age 8 years / born in Mississippi.

BOATNER, SAMUEL, dec. (1850 Mort.) died March 1850 / age 6 years / born in Mississippi.

BOBBITT, A., dec. (Admin. Bond, Feb. 19, 1867) Bondsmen: E. H. Bobbitt, Philip Martin and John Braddock; E. H. Bobbitt, Admin.

BOBO, ALBERT (010329) died at Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Saturday, age 53 / son of D.T. Bobo of Chalybeate / bro. to D.B. Bobo, Mrs. John A. Garrett / uncle of Mrs. Will Gossett and Miss Elizabeth Garrett / leaves brothers at Pine Bluff.

BOBO, CHARLEY (083017) died recently at Pine Bluff, Ark. / brother of D.B. Bobo of Chalybeate.

BOBO, D. T., dec. (Obit. SENTINEL Nov. 23, 1905) died at Chalybeate June 2 / born in Union District, South Carolina, July 20, 1833 / married (1) Miss Hitch in South Carolina, fathering 8 sons and 1 daughter; married (2) Miss Hollis; married (3) Mrs. McElhannon / children are scattered in Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama / buried at Union Cemetery.

BOBO, D.B. (101735) died Saturday, age 74 / Son of D.T. Bobo / wife died six years ago / children: Mrs. W.B. Gossett, Mrs. Edwin Drake (Eldorado Ark.), Mrs. Jimmy Quinn (Senatobia), Mrs. Horace Sledge (Sunflower), Lace (Pine Bluff), Lawrence (Memphis) / brothers to Lud Bobo of Pine Bluff and Lamar Bobo of Pine Bluff.

BOBO, MRS. ELLA J. (Obit. SENTINEL Aug. 19, 1897) nee Hollis, died Aug. 9 / born Jan. 13, 1876, married D. T. Bobo Nov. 22, 1897 / a child died a few days ago.

BOBO, MRS. IDA (071129) died at Chalybeate Saturday, age 65 / buried in Union Cemetery / wife of D.B. Bobo / children: Lacey of Pine Bluff, Ark., Lawrence of Memphis, Mrs. Zilpah Gossett, Mrs. LeEarl Drake of El Dorado, Ark., Mrs. Mary Gambrell Quinn of Memphis, Mrs. Wilma Sledge of Sunflower / eldest son, Leslie, is dead / Sister Mrs. Della Cannady / half brothers and sisters: Mrs. Bob Ray and Clyde V. Wilbanks.

BOBO, W.A. (110415) died at Pine Bluff, Ark., Oct. 19 / born Tippah Co., Oct. 2, 1864 / married Lenora King Feb. 7, 1896 / moved to Arkansas in April, 1906 / son: William Bobo / bro. of Mrs. Lula Garrett of Chalybeate, D.B. Bobo of Chalybeate, W.C. Bobo of Mt. Pleasant, Texas, and Charles, Lud, Albert, _________ all of Pine Bluff.

BOGARD, JAMES, dec. (PR 1857) Amis Bogard, Admin.

BOGARD, QUEEN E., dec. (1860 Mort.) female, died May 1860, age 16 years / married / born in Alabama.                                                     ·

BOND, GEORGE D., dec. (1860 Mort.) Family Mo. 1055, So. Div. Tippah Co. / died Nov. 1859 / age 4 years / born in Mississippi.

BOND, NANCY, dec. (1880 Mort.) Family No. 259, First Supervisers Dist. Tippah Co. / died Sept. 1879, age 68 years, a widow / born in North Carolina, parents both born in U. S. / a resident of Tippah Co. 3 years.

BOOKER FAMILY (101327) killed Friday were Johnny Booker, age 57; his daughter, Lottie, age 17; Jim Booker, age 25; his wife, age 25; and their 9 month old son / injured was Clayton Nix, son-in-law of Johnny Booker, and J.P. Booker, 13 year old son of Johnny Booker / Johnny Booker was a son of  Jim Booker of Palmer / Jim Booker was a cousin from north Tippah / wife of Jim was nee Proctor / John and Lottie were buried at Wiers Chapel, Jim and family at New Salem.

BOOKER, ALSIE (060425) died Friday. age 78 / buried at Wiers Chapel / nee Powell / had 11 children: dead are Monroe Booker, Modema, Mrs. Bennie Stricklin / living are Mrs. Sallie Carter, George W. Booker (Waco, Tx) / Jodie A. Booker, Mrs. Rosie Myers, Minor Booker, Mrs. Lillian Gandy (Mobile), Owen T. Booker (Waco, Tx.) / stepchildren are John T. Booker, Mrs. Mary Jane Childers / widow of Joseph Madison Booker.

BOOKER, BYRON (112730) died recently, age 47 / Son of John Booker / buried at New Hope / children: Talbot Booker, Ellis Booker, Bobby Booker, Esta May Booker, Mildred Booker / Siblings are Edward Booker of New York, Fred Booker of Proctor, Ark., Mrs. J.E. Johnston, Mrs. Mansel Wade.

BOOKER, CARLOS, dec. (Obit. SENTINEL May 18, 1911) died at Memphis on Wednesday / buried at New Hope Cemetery / son of John Booker / leaves wife and children.

BOOKER, GEORGE W. (101327-102027) died in Bryan County, Oklahoma Monday, age 56 / Son of Joe Booker of Ripley / moved west 25 years ago / wife was nee Leola Jeffries of Tippah / had five children / brother to Jodie Booker, Minor Booker, Owen Booker, Mrs. Ben Yancey, and Mrs. Bob Carter, all of Tippah / half brother to John A. Booker of Ripley / buried in Los Angeles, Calif., where his wife and children live.

BOOKER, J. J. (Obit, SENTINEL Feb. 9, 1911) died yesterday / C.S.A. veteran / buried at Wiers Chapel Cemetery.

BOOKER, JAMES EVNETTA, dec. (Obit. SENTINEL Nov. 13, 1902) died Nov. 9 / dau. of George Booker / buried at Green Cemetery.

BOOKER, JIM ANDERSON (032333) died on Feb. 25 / buried at Wiers Chapel / born at Dumas, April 22, 1848, son of Booker and Sallie Anderson / named for his grandfather, Jim Anderson / married Sarah Anderson on Aug. 31, 1870 / had five children, 2 died in infancy.

BOOKER, JODIE (Obit. SENTINEL, Sept. 3, 1891) died Aug. 28, buried at Potts Camp / son of James A. and Sallie Booker.

BOOKER, JOHN P. (082824) died Feb. 4, age 82 / C.S.A. vet. / buried at New Salem.

BOOKER, JOHN TALBOT (112438) died Monday  prior to Nov. 24 / buried at New Hope / age 81 / was son of Joseph and Helina Booker / married Lesta Jone / children are Byron Booker (dec.), Ira Booker (dec.), Carlos Booker (dec.), Fred Booker (Memphis), Mrs. John E. Johnston, Edward Booker (Cleveland Oh.), and Mrs. Mansel Wade of Mobile / half brother to Jodie Booker, Mrs. Ben Yancey, Mrs. Rose Carpenter of Memphis, Mrs. Roy Gandy of Mobile, Minor Booker and Owen Booker of Memphis.

BOOKER, LULA (Obit. SENTINEL Aug. 4, 1892) died recently at Potts Camp / dau. of James A. Booker.

BOOKER, MRS. SALLIE MATLOCK (062332) died at Memphis Friday, age 42 / buried at New Hope / wife of J. Fred Booker (son of John) / children are Giles Phillips Booker (age 18) and Fred Jr. (age 11) and Thomas H. Booker (age 16)

BOOKER, PAULINE (Obit. SENTINEL June 13, 1912) died Wednesday, age 9 months / dau. of Monroe Booker; buried at Wiers Chapel Cemetery.

BORDEN, LEMUEL H. (PR 1854), guardian of Tabitha Cupp, John W. Cupp, Emily Cupp, minors.

BOREN, MRS. EMMA HOWARD (101332) died Monday, age 34 / buried at Blue Mountain / married first a Hopper who married second to John Boren / leaves husband and a son, Johnnie.

BOREN, THOMAS JEFFERSON (021633) died this weekend, age ?7 / buried at Blue Mountain / leaves wife and children: Jodie, Luther of Corinth, Mrs. Jesse B. Parrish of Tupelo, and Mrs. Sammie B. Garrett of Tupelo.

BOSTWICK, EMMA J. (Obit. SENTINEL July 30, 1903 / died at Memphis, Tenn. July 1 / leaves husband and 2 sons.

BOSTWICK, GEORGE (020222) died Wednesday at Memphis / buried in Ripley Cemetery / leaves wife, a daugter 16, and son, 6.

BOSTWICK, M. K., dec. (Admin. Bond, Feb. 19, 1866) Bondsmen: N. C. Whitton, E. N. Hunt, Mose McCarley; N. C. Whitton, Admin.

BOSTWICK, THEODORE D., dec. (PR 1848) N. C. Whitton and M. K. Bostwick, petitioners.

BOUGHMAN, F. E., dec. (1870 Mort.) Family No. 117, T1S R3E. died Feb. 1870, age 3 years / born in Mississippi.

BOUTON, MRS. EMMA (Obit. SENTINEL April 10, 1913), nee Barrett, died Friday at Chalybeate / wife of Dr. C. A. Bouton; leaves 2 children: Nat, age 7, and Annie Lewis, age 5 / buried in Benton County.

BOWDEN, LOUISA, dec. (1870 Mort.) Family No. 14, R1 T2, died June 1869, age 25 years / married / born in Tennessee.

BOWDEN, MRS. SARAH (042215) died Friday at Ashland, age 75 / buried at Ashland / wife of Dr. P.M. Bowden / mother of Mrs.  J.M. Spight of Ripley.

BOWERS, HAYWOOD (Obit. TRANSCRIPT Nov. 16, 1844) died Nov. 15, age 30 years / lived in Ripley since the county was first settled / was presently serving as Probate Clerk.

BOWERS, HAYWOOD dec. (PR329) Deposition of Martha E. Suggs and her husband A.J. Suggs, March 15, 1872. Haywood Bowers' brothers and sisters are Mrs. Wiley Riddle, Benjamin Bowers, Mrs. Pheralias Woodward, and John A. Bowers.

BOWERS, HAYWOOD v. MARTHA BOWERS (divorce) Bill filed Oct, 3, 1884, were married in 1874. She deserted him in July 1884, and went to Lafayette Co., Tennessee. Decree Nov. 12, 1884.

BOWLING, ELLIS (060326) died Tuesday at Memphis / buried at Antioch.

BOWLING, JAKE M. (031727) suicide at Memphis Monday, age 50 / burial at Antioch / father of James, Felix, J.C., Ruth, Jewell, Eloise, Dossie, and Mrs. Ethel Hall, the latter of Dumas, the former of Memphis.

BOWLING, JENNIE (040324) died, March 24 / buried at Antioch / daughter of Jake Bowling.

BOX, DEWITT (Obit. SENTINEL Jan. 28, 1904) died last week, age 13 years / son of Dutch Box.

BOX, EMILINE, dec. (1860 Mort.) died Oct. 1859, age 1 month / born in Mississippi.

BOX, FRANK (102027) died recently at Blackland, age 80 / buried at Box Chapel.

BOX, JESSE, dec. (Admin. Bond, Nov. 14, 1861) Bondsmen: Nelly Box and Johnathan Medford / Nelly Box, Admin.

BOX, JOHN J. (060320) died May 10 / born April 6, 1840 / C.S.A. vet. / leaves wife, two sons, four daughters.

BOX, MARTHA E. (dec.)(1860 Mort.) died Aug. 1859, age 37 years / born in Tennessee / married.

BOX, MARTHA, dec. (1860 Mort.) died Oct. 1859, age 1 month / born in Mississippi.

BOX, MRS. BETTIE (Obit. SENTINEL March 3, 1910), died Feb. 24 at Blackland, age 60 years / wife of B. F. Box, only dau. of J. Bart Bullock / buried at Box Chapel Cemetery.

BOX, PATSY, dec. (1860 Mort.) died Oct. 1859, age 72 years / widow / born South Carolina.

BOX, VIOLA, dec. (Obit. SENTINEL, April 16, 1887).

BOYD, EUGENE, (052715) died May age a few months.

BOYD, JOHN A. (102120) died Walnut on Sept. 10 / born Granville Co., N.C. Sept. 8, 1836 / married Elizabeth Frazier, 1865 / to Mississippi in 1873 / wife died 39 years ago / had eight children, six are living.

BOYD, ROBERT M., dec. (PR 1847) John A. Moorman, Thomas Toombs, Isaac Wheatley, appraisers.

BOYETTE, MRS. VIRGINIA (090336) died Aug. 28, age 58 / buried at Pine Hill / wife of Wash Boyette / children: Allen, Murry, Raymond, Franklin, Mrs. Ross Stark, Mrs. Henry Robbins, Mrs. Dewey Wingo, Barnice, Elmer (Amorel, Ark.), Elgin (Amorel, Ark.), Fred (Blytheville Ark.), Leonie (Blytheville Ark.) and Mrs. Johnnie Robbins (Huffman Ark.) / siblings are C.E. Paseur, J.W. Paseur, Lonnie Paseur, Mrs. Mary Marritt of Huffman, Ark., Mrs. E.H. Reed of Falkner / father: Lark Paseur.

BOYLES, J. C., dec. (PR 1857) no information given.

BPADDOCK, MRS. JETTIE (102418) died Fri. / buried at Ebenezer near Cotton Plant / daughter of P.A. McBryde and wife of J.M. Braddock / leaves husband, a daughter age 3, and two stepchildren (a boy and girl)

BRADDOCK, BILLY ANN, dec. (Admin. Bond, Oct. 17, 1879) Bondsmen: S.O. Love (Admin.), Jane A. Braddock, F.M. Gandy.

BRADDOCK, DEWITT TALMADGE (031536) died Friday / born May 16, 1881, son of Tom Wier Braddock and Fannie Rucker / married Hermie Elliott Sept, 25, 1909 / moved to Ripley from Falkner in 1920 / children are Elizabeth and Dewitt / Siblings are William M., Milton, Lindsey, Worth W., Hughie, Rennie, Mrs. Lizzie Gandy, Mrs. Jane Elliott.

BRADDOCK, ENNIS FRANKLIN (051326) died at Blytheville, Ark., Dec. 29, 1925 / born Aug. 10, 1922, son of Van Braddock / leaves parents, 1 sister, 1 brother.

BRADDOCK, FRANCIS, dec. (PR 1852) late of Lawrence Dist. South Carolina / Philip Martin, guardian of minor heirs Sarah A. Braddock, James T. Braddock, John F. Braddock, Thomas W. Braddock.

BRADDOCK, HARRISON (Obit. SENTINEL Oct. 5, 1899) died Oct. 2 / son of Mrs. Othello Braddock / leaves wife and 2 children.

BRADDOCK, J.M. (120832) died Saturday / buried at Walnut Creek / married 3 times / father of Mrs. Lester Cross, Marion, Verma Belle, J.M. Jr., Louphina, Nora, and Bobby.

BRADDOCK, JOHN A., dec. (Admin. Bond, Nov. 6, 1876) Bondsmen: John F. Braddock, William Reed; John F. Braddock, Admin.

BRADDOCK, JOHN A., dec. (PR 1876) No information given.

BRADDOCK, JOHN dec. (PR393) 1. Petition June 11, 1877. John Braddock died Dec. 20, 1875. Letters of administration to John F. Braddock, Nov. 6, 1876. Children are Editha Braddock, Sallie Braddock, Emiline Braddock, Mary Jane Braddock, James Braddock, John F. Braddock, Henry Bluford Braddock. Grandchild is Juny Reed, daughter of William Reed.

BRADDOCK, MARTHA V., dec. (1850 Mort.) died Jan. 1850, age 2 years / born in Miss.

BRADDOCK, MARY (Obit. SENTINEL sept; 20, 1900) died Sept. 13 / buried at Walnut Creek Cemetery.

BRADDOCK, MARY E., dec. (1850 Mort.) died Feb. 1850, age 10 years / born in Tennessee.

BRADDOCK, MARY HARRIS (Obit. SENTINEL, Nov. 21, 1901) died Nov. 1 / daughter of Jennie Braddock / born Oct. 4, 1899 / leaves mother, grand parents, sister and brother / father and infant sibling are dead.

BRADDOCK, MARY O. (MRS) (Obit. SENTINEL Nov. 14, 1901) died Oct. 27 / born Dec. 31, 1847 / dau. of H. A. Stephens / married John F. Braddock in August 1867 / mother of ten children (6 sons and 1 daughter living)/ a daughter and 2 sons died 2 years ago within the space of 3 months.

BRADDOCK, MISS EMMA (041515) died Sat. / buried at Walnut Creek / daughter of the late John Braddock.

BRADDOCK, MISS NANNIE (030117) died Feb. 5 / buried at Walnut Creek / daughter of late John F. Braddock and sister to Mrs. Hopper of Falkner.

BRADDOCK, MRS. DOCIA (Obit. SENTINEL, May 25, 1911) nee Thomas / died April 30 / born Tippah Co. April 8, 1870 / married J. M. Braddock Jan. 8, 1903 / leaves husband, 2 children, father, 3 sisters 4 brothers / buried at Walnut Creek Cemetery.

BRADDOCK, MRS. FANNIE (Obit. SENTINEL Sept. 27, 1900) died Sept. 24, burial at Walnut Creek Cemetery. Sister died a year ago / niece of L. E. Hopper.

BRADDOCK, MRS. JENNIE NANCE (Obit. SENTINEL Feb. 8, 1900) mentioned as living with sister, Mrs. Henry Nance / her husband, Harrison Braddock, died last fall, leaving 3 children.

BRADDOCK, MRS. LENA MEEKS (011321-021021) died Jan. 12 / buried at Walnut Creek / born April 8, 1887, daughter of Ike Meeks / married R.L. Braddock in December, 1902.

BRADDOCK, MRS. LILLE RUCKER (Obit. SENTINEL Aug. 23 & Nov. 1, 1900) died near Falkner recently / age 26 years, Wife of J. Milton Braddock and daughter of C. C. Rucker.

BRADDOCK, POLLY ANN dec. (PR4971) 1. Petition of John F. Braddock Sr., filed Jan. 1, 1880. Mary Ann Braddock died May 21, 1879. 2. Admin. Bond, Oct. 17, 1879. Sidney O. Love, F.M. Gandy, and Jane A. Braddock, petitioners. 3. Citation Jan. 16, 1882, to Viola Echols, Mattie Braddock, Ella Braddock, Samuel Braddock, L.E. Love, adults, and J.M. Braddock, minor. 4. Citation Feb. 25, 1882, to Washington Braddock, Adam Braddock, J.S. Braddock, Mary Bell and Charles Bell.

BRADDOCK, SARAH A. (minor)(PR 1854), Philip Martin, Guardian.

BRADDOCK, STEPHEN dec. AND BRADDOCK, MARY dec. (PR172) 1. Petition for letters of admin., filed Dec. 30, 1870, by J.S. Braddock, son of Mary Braddock, who died Nov. 4, 1870. 2. Petition of J.S. Braddock to sell land filed July 24, 1871. Braddock is the administrator of the estate of Mary Braddock dec. and is an heir of Stephen Braddock dec. Interested persons are Samuel Braddock, Mary B. Braddock, Viola Braddock, Nora Braddock, Martha W. Braddock, Ella Braddock, John M. Braddock, and Mary Braddock, all of Tippah. Cite also Washington Braddock and wife Charlotte of Sulphur Rock, Ark., and Adam Braddock and wife Elzira of Middleton, Tenn.

BRADDOCK, STEPHEN, dec. (PR 1871) and Mary Braddock, dec.; Jeremiah S. Braddock, Admin. / cite: Samuel Braddock, Mary B. Braddock, Viola Braddock, Nora Braddock, Martha W. Braddock, Eller Braddock, John M. Braddock, Mary Braddock, all of Tippah County; Washington Braddock and wife, Charlotte, of Sulphur Rock, Ark., Adam Braddock and wife, Eliza, of Middleton, Tenn.

BRADDOCK, T. W. (Obit. SENTINEL Feb. 5, 1891) died yesterday / buried at Ruckersville.

BRADDOCK, WARDEN (Obit. SENTINEL June 9, 1898) died last Friday / son of Harrison Braddock.

BRADDOCK, WATERSON (Obit. ADVERTISER Feb. 7, 1889) died at Falkner Feb. 4 / age 6 months, 5 days.

BRADDY, WALLIS (051822) died May 4 / buried in Dees graveyard / was age 15, son of Johnnie Braddy.

BRADFORD, HENRY, dec. (Admin. Bond Sept. 18, 1866) Bondsmen: W. O. Rutherford (Admin.), W. W. Robinson.

BRADFORD, JIM (Obit. SENTINEL, OCt. 15, 1903) died Thursday at Blue Mountain.

BRADFORD, MRS. ELLEN DAVIS (021920-042920) died recently, age 26 / burial at Harmony / wife of B.T. Bradford of Walnut / married six years ago / leaves a girl 5 days old and two other children / was a half sister to E.W. Malone of Ripley and was a full sister to Eugene Davis, who  was killed in WWI / sister-in-law lives in the Delta.

BRADLEY, JOHN L., dec. (Will recorded June 25, 1877) wife, Elizabeth; daughters: Josephine Bradley, Matilda M. Smith.

BRADLEY, JOHN Z. (minor) (Letters of guardianship Oct. 17, 1864), John L. Bradley, guardian.

BRADSHAW, ISAIAH (Obit. SENTINEL March 25, 1909) died at Shiloh, Tenn., Feb. 21 / C.S.A. veteran / raised at Ripley / married Margaret Presley in Tippah Co. about 1865.

BRANDON, JAMES, dec. (PR 1851-55), Iredell Byrd, Admin, 1851; John R. Boatner, Admin. 1855.

BRANNON, JACOB MANSEL (Obit. SENTINEL May 25, 1905) died May 10, age 10 months, 22 days / son of J. P. Brannon.

BRANT, MRS. DORA (090827) died Tuesday, age 38 / buried at Antioch / wife of Charlie Bryant and daughter of Bob Mayes / her husband is a son of Elijah Bryant / leaves 2 children.

BRASELMAN, N. T., dec. (PR 1870) no information given.

BRASELMAN, W. P., dec. (Admin. Bond May 18, 1880) Bondsmen: J. J. Guyton (Admin.), R. E. Braselman.

BRATTON, E. J., dec. (Admin. Bond, Sept. 14, 1872) Female, Bondsmen: J. M. Bratton, Admin., D. Hunt, M. C. Bell.

BRATTON, ELLEN (1880 Mort.), died Jan. 1880, age 22 years / married / born in Alabama / father born in Tennessee, mother in Alabama.

BRATTON, THOMAS E. dec. (Admin. Bond, March 15, 1872) Bondsmen: Daniel Hunt (Admin.) Jesse Peeler.

BRATTON, THOMAS E., dec. (PR May 1879) Case of T. B. Wier, guardian, vs. A. C. Rucker et al; T. B. Wier, guardian of W. A. Bratton, J. T. Bratton, E. J. Bratton, T. L. Bratton, heirs of T. E. Bratton, dec. Wier is also guardian of J. W. Wier, E. E. Wier, heirs of E. T. Wier, deceased.

BREWSTER, HUGH B. (minor, et al) (PR 1852) and William Brewster, minors; Simon R. Spight, guardian.

BREWSTER, MARGARET E. et al (minors)(PR 1852) and Harriet F. Brewster; William W. Kavenaugh and wife Nancy, guardians.

BRIDGES, BERRY, dec. (Obit. SENTINEL July 4, 1889) died June 27 at Silver Springs.

BRIDGES, EMMA FLORENCE, dec. (Obit. SENTINEL, June 11, 1908) died recently at age 8 months / daughter of John Bridges / buried at Bridges Cemetery.

BRIDGES, MRS. ELIZABETH (Obit. SENTINEL, Dec. 20, 1894) died Dec. 8, age 66 years, 4 months, 8 days / buried at Rucker Cemetery / leaves husband, 6 children and grandchildren.

BRIDGES, SARAH (1870 Mort.) Family No. 37, R4 T4;died March 1870, age 39 years / widowed / born in South Carolina.

BRIGHT, ISAIH (1870 Mort.) Family No. 67, T1 R4; died (?) age 75 years / widower / born in Virginia.

BRINKLEY, ELIJAH C. (Will recorded July 3, 1872) Wife: Frances; Sisters: Margaret Scott, Frances Brinkley, Louiza E. Fry of Salem, Forsyth Co., North Carolina. Bequests also to Mrs. Amanda Knight; to brother's son, William R. Brinkley, and William R. Brinkley's sisters: Nancy and Jane, all of New Market, Abbeville Dist., South Carolina.

BRINKLEY, ELIJAH C. dec. (PR 1873) no information given.

BRINKLEY, ELIJAH C., dec. (Admin. Bond, July 3, 1872) Bondsmen: Daniel Hunt (Admin), Thomas A. Hunt, N. B. Leatherwood.

BRITT, JOHN HENRY (Obit. SENTINEL Feb. 11, 1897 & March 25, 1897) Died at Clarysville, Jan. 31 / born Wain (sic) Co., North Carolina, April 17, 1818; in Perry Co., Tenn., 1837 / moved to Desoto Co., Miss. in 1841 with father / fought in Mexican War / married Jane Shull Dec. 12, 1849 / C.S.A. veteran / niece, Lizzie Miller.

BRITT, MINNIE CASTILL (Obit. SENTINEL Feb. 4, 1904) Died Dec. 23, 1903 / born Nov. 8, 1903, daughter of Tom Britt.

BROCK, A. V. (PR 1878) Case of A. V. Brock vs. P J. Brock, et al. Cite Parthena J. Brock, Cordelia E. Brock, adults; cite James M. Brock, Perry G. Brock, E. M. Brock, Minnie O. Brock, minors.

BROCK, ETTA (Obit. SENTINEL Dec. 13, 1900) died Saturday / age 6 years / daughter of Louis Brock / buried at Shady / Grove Cemetery.

BROCK, HARRISON (1870 Mort.) Family No. 173, R3 T4 / died Jan. 1870, age 30 years / born in Mississippi.

BROCK, INFANT OF HAMILTON G. (1850 Mort.) died April 1850 / age 1 day / born in Miss.

BROCK, JAMES R. dec. (Admin. Bond, March 20, 1866) Bondsmen: D. E. Mitchell (Admin.) R. H. Mitchell, L. D. Kitchens.

BROCK, JOHN F. (Obit. SENTINEL May 21, 1903) died at Little River, Texas, April 8 / born in Mississippi 1857 / moved to Milvam (sic)(NOTE: possibly Midland or Milam Co.) Texas, as a young man / married Miss Bunnie Vick April 15, 1869 / leaves wife and 3 children.

BROCK, JOHN, dec. (ADMIN. BOND, July 15, 1872) Daniel Hunt, Admin.

BROCK, LEE A. (1880 Mort.) died Feb. 1880, age 1 year / born in Mississippi / parents born in Mississippi.

BROCK, MRS. BETTIE (Obit. SENTINEL April 17, 1890) died Saturday / wife of Louis Brock / buried at Shady Grove Cemetery·

BROOKS, D. R. (Obit. SENTINEL July 14, 1899) died near Middleton, Tenn. last week.

BROOKS, MARY FRANCES PULLIUM (090832) died on Mothers Day / would have been 84 next Oct. 20 / buried at Harmony / married David R. Brooks who died after 3 daughters and 4 sons were born.

BROOKS, MRS. BERTHENIA (Obit. SENTINEL May 9, 1889) died April 15 / born in Alabama in 1816 / marrled William Brooks in 1832 / had 9 children, 4 dead / husband survives.

BROOKS, T. S., dec. (PR 1853) T. B. Brooks, guardian of Elisha T. Brooks, age 6 years, and James M. Brooks, age 3 years, orphans of T. S. Brooks, deceased.

BROTHERTON, ALICE (080322) died Mon., age 2 / buried at Shady Grove / dau. of W.D. Brotherton.

BROTHERTON, INFANT OF JOHN S., dec. (1850 Mort.) died March 1850, age 1 year / born in Mississippi.

BROTHERTON, JOHN (Obit. SENTINEL Feb. 28, 1895) died Thursday, "aged"/ buried at Antioch Cemetery beside "aged" father.

BROTHERTON, MRS. JAMES (042617) died Tuesday, age 65 / buried at Antioch / mother of W.D. Brotherton / Sister of Prof. L.H. Jobe.

BROTHERTON, MRS. MATTIE (Obit. SENTINEL Feb. 20, 1913) died Nov. 17, 1912 / born Aug. 17, 1876 / wife of Ed Brotherton / leaves husband, 1 son, 3 sisters.

BROUGHER FAMILY (082736) Colonel Frederick Brougher moved from North Carolina to Tippah in 1836. Married Mary ____, a sister to Louisa Stark. Wife died in 1857. Colonel Brougher moved to Batesville just prior to the Civil War, where he died and was buried in 1863. His children were Carolyn Christiana Brougher who married John D. Palmer in 1859, Mrs. Hubbard, David Brougher, Jacob Brougher who was killed at Murfreesboro on Dec. 31, 1862, and William Brougher. Carolyn C. Palmer's children were Fannie Palmer, who married R. Bruce Smith, Charles Frederick Palmer, Orlando William Palmer, David Palmer, and McCarley Wyatt Palmer. Buried at the old Brougher graveyard near Blue Mountain College are Louisa Stark, Mary Brougher, Mrs. Hubbard, and Augustus, a grandson of Col. Brougher.

BROUGHER, MISS FANNIE F. (Obit. April 23, 1903) died at Blue Mountain Jan. 8 / born North Carolina, Aug. 12, 1834 / dau. of Hon. Frederick Brougher.

BROWN, A. B. (1850 Mort.) died Aug. 1849, age 26 years, born in Tennessee.

BROWN, ADDA (060816) died June 4 / was a daughter of J.C.R. Brown and was the niece of J.W. Brown. / ďadopted father" was John Martindale.

BROWN, ANDREW (Obit. SENTINEL Jan. 23, 1902) died at Norfolk, Va, Jan. 16 / born Strahan, Tyrone Co., Ireland, May 16, 1831; son, Joseph Brown.

BROWN, ARON (Obit. SENTINEL Aug. 28, 1902) A C.S.A. veteran who died within the past year.

BROWN, BENJAMIN, dec. (Admin. Bond, Feb. 18, 1867) Bondsmen: J. J. Brown (Admin.), and Benjamin Bright.

BROWN, CAPT. W.H. (030133-010831) died in February 1933 / born ApriI 20, 1847, in Lee Co., Miss / his father was killed in the Civil War / C.S.A. veteran and was captured during the war / moved to Tippah in 1873 / children are J.R. (Durant), C.H. (Washington, Ms.), Mrs. C.H. Hopkins, Mrs. R.G. Foster (Orlando Fla.), Mrs. J.T. Hudson.

BROWN, CHARLES L., dec. (PR 1853) no information given.

BROWN, EDDNESS, dec. (PR 1869) H. W. Stricklin, Admin. / cite minor heirs C. A. Smith, B. B. Smith; also cite John R. Frayser and wife, Paulina A.; Armistead Moorehead and wife Harriett; Dr. S. H. Brown of Memphis; Dr. T. D. Brown of Arkansas; unknown heirs of Marcus Henderson who are in Texas; Ahmeda S. Henry, A. L. Hill and wife Cornelia, R. D. Frazier and wife of Marshall Co., Miss.

BROWN, JOSEPH (110420) died Oct. 29 / buried in Ripley Cemetery / was born Oct. 12, 1866, son of Andrew and Sarah (Miller) Brown / Sister is Miss Sallie Etta Brown / leaves wife and five children: Andrew Brown, Joseph Brown, James Brown, Elizabeth Brown, and Sarah Miller Brown.

BROWN, KATHRYN (Obit. ENTERPRIZE March 18, 1911) Died at Corinth, Miss. on Wednesday / age 2 years / dau. of Joseph Brown.

BROWN, M. A. (1870 Mort.) Family No. 14, R4 T6 / died Sept. 1869, age 42 years / married / born in Alabama.

BROWN, MISS AMANDA (012727) died at Blue Mountain Wed., age 83 / buried at Blue Mountain / was born in Memphis, a niece of Dr. Alonzo R. McWilliams, College Physican for BMC / relatives include Mrs. Mary McWilliams Lee of Oklahoma City, R. McWilliams of New Orleans, and her cousin, Prof. A.M. Donnell.

BROWN, MRS. CAROLINE (042920) died Dec. 27, 1919 / burial in Richardson graveyard / was born July 28, 1838 / leaves four children / a grandson is Jesse Rowell.

BROWN, MRS. CARRIE (Obit. SERTINEL May 7, 1914) died April 17 / buried at Laird, Benton County.

BROWN, MRS. CATHERINE DOGAN (113016) died Nov. 27, with burial in Ripley Cemetery / was born Somerset, Kentucky, April, 1827 / moved to Pontotoc, Ms., with parents / later taught music in Ripley / married Andrew Brown on Dec. 23, 1852 / he died Feb. 1890 / was a sister to W.L. Dogan, who died in 1895 / moved with Joseph Brown to Norfolk, Va., to Corinth and back to Ripley.

BROWN, MRS. MARY (052131) died Monday, age 64 / buried at Harmony / wife of N.W. Brown of Walnut / children are Bedford, Clyde, Pink (BirminghamAla.), Luther, Wade, Charlie, Mrs. Lila Orman (Birmingham), and Hattie.

BROWN, MRS. SALLIE MILLER (Obit. SENTINEL June 17, 1909) died today at Ripley / born at Ripley Aug. 3, 1838, dau. of Rev. C. P. & F. E. Miller / wife of Andrew Brown (Sr.) who died at Norfolk, Va. years ago / sister: Mrs. D. Murry / Children: Joseph Brown, Miss Sallie Etter Brown.

BROWN, ROBERT, dec. (PR 1851-53) no information given.

BROWN, RUFFIN (Obit. ADVERTISER, Jan. 20, 1881) died recently west of Ripley.

BROWN, WILLIE (Obit. SENTINEL Sept. 25, 1912) died Sept. 13 / buried at Friendship Cemetery / born Aug. 22, 1863, son of N. I. Brown.

BROWNLEE, BEVERLY (1860 Mort.) Family No. 1331, So. Div. Tippah Co. / died Oct. 1859, age 39 years / married / born in South Carolina.

BROWNLEE, SON OF GEORGE (Obit. SENTINEL Jan. 5, 1905) died at Dumas, Dec. 28, 1904 / age 5 years / buried at Potts Camp.

BROWNS, REV. J. G. W. (Obits. SENTINEL Feb. 8, 1894) died Jan, 3 / born Sept. 1, 1833 / daughter: Maggie Shirmrall.

BRUMLEY, W.T. (090716) died Thursday / buried at Little Hope.

BRUTON, GEORGE C., minor, et al (PR 1848-1855) George C. Bruton, Thomas A. Bruton, Martha P. Bruton, minors / Ann Bruton, guardian.

BRYAN, THOMAS, dec. (PR 1869) no information given.

BRYANT, BUD (022219) died Friday at Wheeler, age 70 / father of Hugh Bryant of Dumas.

BRYANT, ELIJAH (121521) (021622) died on December 14, age 69 / buried at Antioch / was a twin to the late Elisha Bryant / husband of Millie Bryant and father-in-law of Mrs. Leather Bryant / leaves wife and six children.

BRYANT, ELISHA (050918) died Monday / buried at Antioch.

BRYANT, ELISHA (080934) died Thursday, age 24 / buried at Antioch / Son of Frank Bryant / leaves wife and a child.

BRYANT, ELISHA JR. (see Elisha above)

BRYANT, HARVEY, minor et al (PR 1857-1859) Harvey, Doretha, Elizabeth Bryant, orphans / Boling Branch, Admin. / nearest relatives: Sterling Daniel, Simpson Bryant, Jane Wilson.

BRYANT, HENRY (1870 Mort.) Family No. 100, R4 TS/ died Dec. 1869, age 52 years / born in South Carolina / married.

BRYANT, JAMES OSCAR (052720) died March 17, age 39 / buried at Parks Chapel / was married to Thennie Pannell on May 17, 1914 / leaves two children.

BRYANT, MR. ______ (Obit. SENTINEL, Nov. 23, 1905) died recently east of Ripley.

BRYANT, MRS. FANNIE (Obit. SENTINEL Sept. 7, 1905) died recently at the home of her son, Claude Bryant / buried in Bryant Cemetery near Mitchell / also leaves other children.

BRYANT, MRS. HATTIE (Obit SENTINEL Feb. 25, 1904) died Feb. 14 / buried at Antioch Cemetery / born Lincoln Co., Tenn., Aug. 13, 1825 / leaves husband, children, and grandchildren.

BRYANT, MRS. LON (101123-040324) died Tuesday at Dumas / buried at New Prospect / born Sept. 16, 1874 / brother to Mr. Jim McCluskey.

BRYANT, MRS. ZILPAH ADELINE (092635) died Tuesday, age 76 / buried at Antioch / widow of Elisha Bryant / children are Mrs. Janie Moore, Mrs. Etta McClain, Mrs. Lee Poe, Frank Bryant, Carter Bryant, Jim Bryant, Mrs. Fannie Richardson / Sister is Mrs. Elga Bryant.

BRYANT, ROSTE LEE (082615) died August 3 / buried at Prospect / born April 29, 1915, daughter of Pearl Bryant.

BRYANT, WILLIAM M. (061522) died May 30 / buried at Little Hope / wife and all his children are dead. Bryce Randolph and Mary Jane Randolph / married a daughter of Dr. Will M. Murry / brother to late Col. John A. Randolph and late Rev. Joe B. Randolph / brother to Mrs. J.H. Clayton of Booneville, Mrs. B.H. Gragg of Lawrence, Kansas / half brother to Mrs. M.P. Minor of Bakersfield, Calif., William Marcus Randolph of New Jersey, and Albert Randolph of Kansas City / daughter is Mrs. Roy Carnal / son, Lee Murat Randolph, died in infancy.

BRYSON, L. T., dec. (Admin. Bond, Sept. 17, 1866) Bondsmen: Mary F. Bryson (Admin.), F. A. Young, Samuel Bryson.

BRYSON, LUTHER L. (Obit. SENTINEL Oct. 29, 1913) died Tuesday, buried at Blue Mountain Cemetery.

BRYSON, MRS. NANNIE (030630) died Sunday at the home of her nephew, Dr. Leon Rowan, age 69 / buried at Blue Mountain / oldest daughter of late Dr. J.F. Merritt Sr. / born Cornersville, Union Co., Ms., June 25, 1861 / her husband, W.J. Bryson, died 13 years ago / had no children / was a sister to Dick Merritt of Clarendon, Ark., and Mrs. Beulah Howard.

BRYSON, R. A., minor (Letters of Guardianship, Jan. 21, 1867) Samuel Bryson granted letters of, guardianship for R. A. Bryson, minor.

BRYSON, THOMAS, dec. (Admin. Bond Sept. 17, 1866) Bondsmen: William Scott, Levi Tapp, Samuel Tapp; William Scott, Admin.

BRYSON, THOMAS, dec. (PR 1859) L. T. Bryson,

BRYSON, W.J. (031517) died Monday / buried at Blue Mountain / moved from Bethany / wife is nee Nannie Merritt, daughter of Dr. J.F. Merritt.

BUCHANAN, DR. J.E. (ment. 010936) mentioned as having recently had his 56th anniversary / was married Nov. 13, 1879 to Corrie Berry, sister to Rev. W.E. Berry / children are Joel Buchanan of Oklahoma, Dr. Edwin Berry Buchanan of Nokoma, Texas, Dr. John H. Buchanan of Lynchburg, Virginia, Mrs. Mary Etta Claypool of Tennessee, and James E. Buchanan Jr. of Blue Mt.

BUCHANAN, MAJOR J. H. (Obit. ADVERTISER May 8, 1886)(July 3, 1886) Died Wednesday at Pontotoc (Miss.) with burial at Blue Mountain Cemetery / born York Dist. South Carolina, Aug. 4, 1819 / moved to Madison Co. Tenn. in 1833, where his father died / in 1838 or 1839 moved to Tippah County along with his brother, W. R. Buchanan / was a blacksmith by trade / served in Mexican War and in Company "A" 2nd Miss. Reg't, C.S.A. / married Miss Elsemene Rogers, dau. of General E. M. Rogers of Ripley / wife is dead / leaves 6 children, 2 of whom are married.

BUCHANAN, MRS. ______ (Obit. SENTINEL Sept. 14, 1893) died recently with burial at Okolona, Miss. Mother of Mrs. L. Garner of Ripley.

BUCHANAN, MRS. J. H. (Obit ADVERTISER Sept. 13, 1884; SENTINEL Sept. 11, 1884) died recently at Blue Mountain / wife of Major J. H. Buchanan / dau. of Gen. E. M. Rogers / buried at Flat Rock Cemetery.

BUCHANAN, MRS. M. J. (Obit. SENTINEL, March 8, 1894) died Feb. 22 at home of her daughter, Mrs. Minnie Crockett in Oxford, Miss. / born Knoxville, Tenn. May 5, 1819, the daughter of Samuel Vance / graduated from Tuscaloosa Female Institute in June 1836 / married James H. Rutledge in June 1839 in Greene Co., Alabama / he died Greene Co., Alabama, June 30, 1843 / she married Isaac Buchanan in 1846 / in 1847 they moved to Holly Springs, Miss., and in December 1850 moved to Tippah County where Isaac died in October 1862 / she founded Stonewall College at Ripley, which burned in 1882 / her last years were spent in charge of Chickasaw College at Pontotoc, Miss. / mother of 3 children, including eldest son, W. G. Rutledge of Ripley and Dr. J. L. Buchanan of Bonham, Texas.

BUCHANAN, MRS. M.J. (042821) mentioned as having died at Oxford on Feb. 22, 1894 / was born Knoxville, Tennessee, May 5, 1819, the oldest of eight children of Samuel Vance (March 29, 1792-Mobile, Ala. Oct. 16, 1840) and Elizabeth Allen Buck (Jan. 17, 1797-Tuscaloosa Ala. Oct. 31, 1836) who were married in 1815 / Mary Jane was married in Green County, Ala. to James Henry Rutledge, who was born in South Carolina June 16, 1815, died Marion, Ala., July 25, 1843 / their children were Walton Glover Rutledge, born at Marion, Ala., April 10, 1841, and Amelia Henri Rutledge, born at Marion on October 1, 1843 / she was married on July 28, 1846 in Marion to Isaac Buchanan, who died at Ripley May 19, 1862. They had one child, John Lewis Buchanan, born at Holly Springs, Ms., July 20, 1848.

BUCHANAN, MRS. W. R. (Obit. STANDARD, Sept. 21, 1899) nee Mary Harris Hearne, died Sept. 13 at home of daughter, Mrs. J. V. Shepherd / born in North Carolina, Dec. 1, 1819 / married W. R. Buchanan Feb. 1, 1838 in Madison Co., Tenn. / oldest daughter: Mrs. M. S. Phyfer.

BUCHANAN, SAMUEL (Obit. ADVERTISER, Aug. 13, 1887) died July 21 at home 4 miles southeast of Ripley, age 87 years / buried at New Hope Cemetery.

BUCHANAN, SAMUEL T. (1850 Mort.) died March 1850 / age 26 years / born in South Carolina.

BUCK, JAMES H., dec. (PR 1854) No information given.

BUCK, PAULINE WICKS (021330) died Tuesday in Tennessee / buried at Cookville Tn. / daughter of M. Wiggs / leaves husband and two children / wife of James P. Buck / was age 24 / Sister to Daniel Wiggs / also leaves 4 other brothers and 4 sisters / moved from Chalybeate in 1926 / one of her children is 22 days old.

BULLOCK, BART (Obit. SENTINEL, July 19, 1902) died Sunday / father of Jeff, Josh, and Bud Bullock.

BULLOCK, FRANK M. (120716) died last Friday, age 63 / buried at Old Mt. Zion / was a son-in-law of late Moses Forsha.

BULLOCK, J. B. (Obit. SENTINEL Aug. 28, 1902) A C.S.A. veteran who died within the last year (see also Bart Bullock).

BULLOCK, MRS. ATRESS (120127) died on Oct. 11 / buried at Paynes Chapel / was born May 29, 1862 / widow of Frank Bullock / children are Mrs. Micah Dillinger, Mrs. Rufus Dillinger, Ellis Bullock.

BULLOCK, MRS. BART (Obit. SENTINEL Nov. 19, 1908) died Nov. 10 / age 80 years / at Dumas / buried at Box Chapel Cemetery.

BULLOCK, MRS. DOLLY (Obit. SENTINEL April 26, 1894) died April 19 at Dumas / born Dec. 8, 1865 / daughter of William and Mary Beaty / married W. E. Bullock July 7, 1885 / had 5 children /3 daughters and 2 sons / both sons are deceased / leaves husband, 3 daughters, mother, brother, sister.

BULLOCK, MRS. HOUSTON (Obit. SENTINEL March 14, 1895) Died Saturday.

BULLOCK, MRS. J. D. (Obit. SENTINEL, Sept. 7, 1905) died recently at age 43 years / buried in Ripley Cemetery / leaves one child.

BULLOCK, MRS. PALMER (031727) died Wednesday, age 29 / buried at Pine Grove / daughter of Tommy Tigret / leaves husband and six children.

BULLOCK, MRS. VERNON (032917) died yesterday / wife of Eston Bullock / daughter of C.A. Garner of Blackland / leaves husband and 3 daughters.

BULLOCK, ROBERT LEE (022719) died Nov. 1, 1918, at Farmersville, Texas / born Tippah County, March 3, 1874 / married Maude Green Dec. 16, 1903.

BULLOCK, S. R. (Obit. SENTINEL April 25, 1895) died Tuesday at Dumas / leaves wife and children.

BULLOCK, SAM T. (011134) died Wednesday, age 59 / buried at Box Chapel / leaves two children, Pearl Bullock and Mrs. Clarence Storey.

BULLOCK, SUSIE (Obit. SENTINEL Aug. 19, 1909) died recently / dau. of Josh Bullock of Potts Camp.

BULLOCK, W.T. (040534) died recently, age 81 / buried at Pine Grove / Son of Bart Bullock / children are T.H., G.W., W.P., Mrs. Lon Carnall, Mrs. Sam Parks / brothers are Jeff and Bud Bullock.

BULLOCK, WILLIAM C. (Obit. SENTINEL May 21, 1891) died Nov. 3, 1889 / burial at Clear Creek Cemetery / born Nov. 11, 1869 / married Nannie Smith Nov. 3, 1889.

BUMPASS, ____ (1860 Mort.) male and female infants / died Jan. 1860 / born in Mississippi.

BUMPASS, ALFRED, dec. (PR 1853) Benjamin Bumpass, Admin. / Daniel Hunt, guardian for Nancy Bumpass / Henry Bumpass, Alfred Bumpass, Lafayette Bumpass, Ardnice Bumpass, Emeline Bumpass and minor heirs of Moses Bumpass, dec. / cite Augustus, Ethelander, Thomas Clayton and wife Rebecca and Gabriel Bumpass.

BUMPASS, M.H. (112217) died Tuesday at Bluff / obit. of 010318 states that he was born February 3, 1850, the son of B.K. Bumpass who settled near Bluff in the 1830s / his sister, Tennie, is now the only survivor of the family / neither ever married / buried at Academy / first name is Madison.

BURGESS, ALLEN (Obit. SENTINEL Nov. 30, 1911) died Nov. 24 at Saulsbury, Tenn. / brother of A. Bumpass of Walnut.

BURK, infant of BOB (Obit. SENTINEL, April 10, 1913) died at Cotton Plant on Saturday.

BURKS, REV. W.G. (101823-102523) died Oct. 13 at Kossuth, age 50 / buried at Corinth / moved to Tippah 23 years ago / his children are Mrs. Ida May Gandy of Pine Bluff, Ark., Evangeline of Philadelphia, Pa., Willie Lee of Union County, Marcus, Arlene, Jesse, W.G., Elizabeth, and Virginia of Kossuth.

BURNS, BRYANT M. (Obit. SENTINEL March 7, 1889) died Feb 27 / born Middleton, Tenn. Feb. 28, 1863 / son of Nathan M. and Mary Burns (she now is Mrs. Thompson).

BURNS, BURNICE (Obit. SENTINEL Aug. 1, 1907) died June 29 / buried at Ebenezer Cemetery in Hardeman Co., Tenn. / son of William Burns.

BURNS, CARL (110332) died Saturday, age 45 / buried in Ripley Cemetery / son of Dr. J.D. Burns and the late Sallie Rogers Burns / married Zilpah Hopkins / daughter is Joe Elizabeth Burns / moved to Memphis 13 years ago / mother died in 1915 / brother, Joe Burns, died in 1919.

BURNS, DR. JEFF D. (120132-031633) died November 29, 1932 / married Sallie Rogers who died in 1915 / son Carl Burns, died a month ago, and son Joe Burns, died in 1919 / he was once married to Mary Street.

BURNS, DR. JOSEPH JEFFERSON (013019) died at Fort Stanton, New Mexico, on Jan. 22 / born at Ripley, Jan. 30, 1895, son of Dr. J.D. Burns / brother to Carl Burns.

BURNS, ELIZABETH J. (1860 Mort.) Family No. 806, So. Div. Tippah County / died Aug.1859, age 2 years / born in Arkansas.

BURNS, H. C. (Obit. SENTINEL May 9, 1895) died May 5, age 48 years / buried at Ebenezer Cemetery.

BURNS, J. D., DDS (Dental license March 16, 1893) No information given.

BURNS, J. S., dec. (PR 1852) no information given.

BURNS, MARY (Obit. ADVERTISER Feb. 14, 1884) died Feb. 7, age 5 years / dau. of William Burns.

BURNS, MRS. M. J. (Obit, SENTINEL March 10, 1910) nee Mary Gatlin, died Dec. 2, 1909 / born Nov. 23, 1848 / parents came from North Carolina / she was one of fourteen children, 6 of whom are living / married H. C. Burns Nov. 19, 1866 / had 6 children, 3 still living.

BURNS, MRS. MARTHA (072215) died July 19 at the home of her son, Dr. J.D. Burns / buried in Ripley Cemetery / born at Deentown, April 29, 1839 / widow of P.F. Burns, who died 30 years ago / was mother of Isabella (dead), Mary Lou (dead), and J.D. Burns.

BURNS, MRS. SALLIE (051315) died Fri. / buried in Ripley Cemetery / born June 20, 1869, daughter of J.E. Rogers / married Jeff D. Burns, 1885 / leaves two sons, Carl of Shelby and Joe of Memphis / siblings are Mrs. Nellie Heard of New Albany, Mrs. Berrie Aycock of Sheffield, Mrs. W.W. Robinson, Mrs. John Walker, and J.E. Rogers of Bessemer, Alabama.

BURNS, PETER F. (Obit. ADVERTISER April 2, 1887) died recently at Argenta, Ark. / formerly of Tippah County.

BURNS, WILLIAM M. (Obit. ADVERTYSER Nov. 26, 1887) died recently at the home of stepfather and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Thompson at Middleton, Tenn. / half-brother: Charles Thompson of Ripley.

BURRESS, MRS. SALLIE (060822) died recently at Baldwyn / reared Walter Nelson, only child of Mrs. Etta Berry Nelson, sister of the late Dr. W.E. Berry.

BURROW, BANKS (041520) murdered Monday by his brother-in-law, Giles Parish, in Alcorn County, each about 70 years old / Parrish killed a Medford some years ago.

BURTON, Dr. JOHN S. (Obit. SENTINEL Aug. 24, 1905) died July 30 at Holly Springs, Miss. / buried at Holly Springs.

BURTON, MRS. ICY (Obit. SENTINEL Nov. 30, 1905 & Dec. 7, 1905) died Nov. 23 at Dumas / born May 10, 1865, dau. Of Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Wiggington, both deceased / sister of Mrs. Onie Hall, wife of Andrew Hall / married, R. T. Burton, Dec. 9, 1889 / leaves husband and 4 children / buried at Clear Creek Cemetery.

BURTON, PEARL (Obit. SENTINEL June 1, 1905) died at Dumas May 28 / born Oct. 21, 1904, son of R. T. Burton / buried at Clear Creek Cemetery.

BURTON, William F. (PR 1859) No information given.

BUSH, S. P. (1870 Mort.) Family No. 181, R3 T2 / died March 1870, age 56 years / born in North Carolina.

BUTLER, _______(male) (Obit. ADVERTISER Aug. 24, 1882) died recently in north end of (Tippah) County.

BUTLER, B. C., minor (PR 1860) A. C. Butler, guardian.

BUTLER, BENJAMIN, dec. (1860 Mort.) died Feb. 1860, age 66 years / widower / born in South Carolina.

BUTLER, BENJAMIN, dec. (PR 1860) M. H. Higgins, Admin.

BUTLER, MARTHA A. (1880 Mort.) died Oct. 1879, age 50 years / widow / born in Tenn. / both parents born in Tennessee / a resident of Tippah County 25 years.

BUTLER, MRS. MELVINA (103030) died Sat. age 84 / born in North Carolina / married Arthur C. Butler, who died 27 years ago / children are J. Marlin Butler, Smith Butler, and a child who died in infancy / buried at New Salem.

BUTLER, MRS. THEOPA (112316) died Wednesday / buried at Wiers Chapel / born March 19, 1874, nee Kelly / married James Marlin Butler on June 29, 1898 / children are Elizabeth Colyer (d. 1901), Jim Butler, Arthur Butler, Lois Butler, Mary Lou Butler / was the foster mother of Gertrude Mitchell / was a daughter of James L. Kelly and Nancy Kelly.

BUTLER, RACHEL (PR. 1861) Cite heirs James C. Butler, R. L. Butler, Josephine Sapling (wife of William Sapling), Susan P. Butler, Sarah J. Butler, Elizabeth Butler / also cite John G. Butler, B. C. Butler, A. C. Butler, Malissa Nail, Martha Luna (wife of J.C. Luna), B. L. Luna, James Luna, B. Higgins.

BUTLER, RACHEL, dec. (PR370) 1. Petition for letters of administration, Jan. 21, 1861 by M.H. Higgins. Rachel Butler, widow of Benjamin Butler, died 5 years ago. 2. Petition for sale of land, Jan. 21, 1861. Heirs of Rachel Butler are James C. Butler, R.L. Butler, Josephine Sappling, Susan P. Butler, Eli Butler, Sarah J. Butler, and Elizabeth Butler, all residents of Arkansas except James C. Butler who lives in Tennessee. Other heirs are Berthune (wife of John G. Butler), B.C. Butler, A.C. Butler, Malissa Nail, Martha Luna ( wife of I.N. Luna), B.F. Luna, and James Luna.

BYERS, DAUGHTER OF WILLIE (Obit. SENTINEL Sept. 3, 1914) died within last few months at age 4 years / grand-daughter of J. O. Byers.

BYERS, J.O. (112234) died Wednesday at Blue Mountain, age 77 / children are Willie Byers, Knox Byers (Memphis), Mrs. Nettle Fowler (Carrolton), and Mrs. Myrtle Lewellen.

BYERS, JOHN (Obit. SENTINEL Sept. 3, 1914) died within last few months.

BYERS, LEROY (Obit. SENTINEL Sept. 3, 1914) died within last few months.

BYRD, C. J., dec. (Admin. Bond, Nov. 20, 1865) Bondsmen: C. H. Swain (Admin.), William B. West, Joel C. Swain.

BYRD, EDGAR (Obit. SENTINEL July 16, 1908) died at Blue Mountain on July 14 / son of J. P. Byrd.

BYRD, ERIE ALLEAN (061522) died Sunday at Dumas.

BYRD, G. W., dec. (Admin. Bond, Feb. 20, 1866) Bondsmen: John Wallis (Admin.) Joe C. Wilson, J.M. Clark.

BYRD, Iredell, dec. (PR 1852-1855), Elizabeth Byrd and David J. Boatner, Administrators, 1852 / Nazereth Byrd and John R. Boatner, sureties / widow: Elizabeth Byrd / guardian of minors - Margaret Boatner / heirs: Jethro Byrd, John Byrd, Calvin Byrd, Mary Elizabeth Byrd, Nagery Byrd, Martha Byrd, Priscilla Byrd, George F. Byrd.

BYRD, JAMES POLK (051425) died Sunday, age 77 / buried at Ashland / was a C.S.A. veteran and director of the Bank of Blue Mountain / leaves wife and two children: Mrs. Joel Graves and Mrs. J. Frank Guyton.

BYRD, JESSE dec. (PR503) 1. Petition for title to land March 20, 1866, by John Wallis, administrator of the estate of Jesse Byrd dec. and of George W. Byrd dec., G.W. Byrd left no family and only one sister, Paralee Byrd. Cite S.C. McMillin and her husband, J.J.McMillin, guardians of G.M. Byrd, minor. 2. Note made by Jesse Byrd to George W. Byrd, March 29, 1862.

BYRD, JESSE, dec. (Admin. Bond, Feb. 20, 1866) Bondsmen: John Wallis (Admin.), James Clark, Joe C. Wilson.

BYRD, JOHN F., dec. (Admin. Bond, Nov. 20, 1865) Bondsmen: C. H. Swain (Admin.), William B. West, Joel C. Swain.

BYRD, JUANITA (Obit. SENTINEL Oct. 19, 1905) died Friday at Blue Mountain / dau. of J. P. Byrd of Blue Mountain and a student at Blue Mountain College / buried beside other family members at Ashland (Miss).

BYRD, MRS. SALLIE KANE (121334) died December 5 / buried at Ashland / born August, 1855, at Holly Springs / was married in 1882 to J.P. Byrd, who died in 1925 / children are Mabel (dead), Juanira (dead), Edgar (dead- he married Beulah, daughter of S.A. Godwin), and Russell (dead) / only living child is Mrs. Bessie Guyton, wife of J. Frank Guyton Jr.--her half sister is Mrs. Florence Byrd Graves of Jackson, Ms., widow of Joel Graves.

BYRD, REBECCA (1850 Mort.) died Oct. 1849, age 50 years / born in Tennessee / married.

BYRNE, H. W., dec. (Admin. Bond, Nov. 29, 1872) Daniel Hunt, Admin.

BYRNS, HIRAM (1880 Mort.) died Dec. 1879, age 68 years / born South Carolina / father born in North Carolina / mother in Virginia / married / a resident of Tippah County 35 years.

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