A- Death Index Tippah County, MS
Obituaries from Ripley's
and Other Sources

1836 - 1936

ABERNATHY, MRS. ODELL (010236) died Dec. 20, 1935 / buried at Box Chapel / born Aug. 7, 1903/ married Lester Abernathy, Jan. 6, 1928 / daughters: Doris Aurola and Faye Dadell / Siblings: Mrs. Martha Abernathy, Mrs. James Colson, Mrs. Z.D. Massay, Mrs. Travis Pannell, Bill Hurt, Mike Hurt, Hugh Hurt, Richard Hurt.

ACOLD, CLARISSA, deceased (1860 Mort.) Family No. 1175, So. Div., Tippah County / died June, 1859, age 64 years / born in North Carolina / widow.

ADAIR, ANDY (051122) died March 30 / leaves wife, four sons, four daughters.

ADAIR, BAXTER, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Oct. 25, 1900), died Tuesday of last week, age 17 years.

ADAIR, BRUCE, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL, Oct. 16, 1892) Killed by Luke Chism and six others south of Dumas in Union County on Saturday / his son, Luther, killed Chism the same day.

ADAIR, JOHN (061836) died June 13, age 12 / brother to Wesley Adair, age 10 / both are the only children of George Adair of Blue Mountain / mother was nee Bennie, dau. of Jack Besinger.

ADAIR, MRS. (061522) died Dec. 30, 1921, age 55 / leaves six children.

ADAIR, MRS. NANCY ANN (082433) died lately / age 85 / native of the Old Mt. Zion area in Union County / children: Luther Adair, Dexter Adair, Mrs. Will Horton, Mrs. Hoon Davis, Mrs. Edd Yancey.

ADAIR, MRS. TOM (090518) died Monday / dau. of Bill Williams / leaves husband and a daughter.

ADAIR,WALTER (052026) died Tuesday, age 46 / buried in Mitchell Cemetery / leaves his  mother and the following siblings: Dexter Adair, Luther Adair (Bethany), Mrs. C.H. Davis, Mrs. Will Norton, Mrs. Edd Yancey.

ADAMS, ALLIE (030619) died Sunday / son of Albert Adams of Dumas / leaves wife and  children.

ADAMS, HALBERT (101018) died in France on July 28, age 18 or 19 / youngest son of Tom Adams.

ADAMS, J. FRANK (020928) died Feb. 1, age 83 / buried in New Hope Cemetery / leaves a son in Texas / was a brother to Mrs. P.B. Mohundro and was the uncle of Dr. R.M. Adams and Jesse Adams and Mrs. Smith Butler.

ADAMS, J. P., deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Sept. 4, 1913), a Confederate veteran, died July 8 / son: Dr. R. M. Adams / buried at New Hope.

ADAMS, JOSHUA, deceased (administrator's bond March 18, 1867); Bondsmen: L. D. Adams, E. F. Jordan, D. A. Burnett / L. D. Adams, administrator.

ADAMS, JOSHUA, deceased (p. r. 1871), William J. Adams, guardian of  F. Y., S. W., Mary and Ida Adams, minors / cite R. B. Adams of Texas.

ADAMS, LEE (050218) Killed Sunday in a raid on a group of deserters / age 43 / ummarried / was a brother to Dr. R.M. Adams and was buried at New Hope.

ADAMS, MRS. ALLIE, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Nov. 23, 1905) no information.

ADAMS, MRS. ELLA SMITH, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL March 27, 1913), wife of Tom Adams & dau. of H. W. Smith / sister of Mrs. J. W. Godwin / buried at New Hope / leaves three children.

ADAMS, MRS. MARY (052125) Died May 16, age 78 / buried at New Hope / was the widow of   J.P. Adams and was a daughter of the late Thomas B. Wist / children: Dr. R.M. Adams, T.N. Adams (Guntown), Jesse Adams.

ADAMS, RAY (021925) Died Sunday age 18 / buried at Dumas / was the oldest son of Willis Adams.

ADAMS, ROBERT MILTON (physician's license, 1901), age 30; born Tippah County, Miss. / attended medical lectures in Memphis and studied under Dr. C. M. Murry / practices at Ripley.

ADAMS, W.E. (Dooly) (101619) Died at Saranac Lake, N.Y., Monday / formerly of New Albany.

ADCOCK FAMILY, deceased (SENTINEL, May 30, 1901). Noah Frazier suggests a monument be erected to the graves of the Adcock family murdered by McCannon in 1845).

ADCOCK FAMILY, deceased (TRANSCRIPT July 5, 1845), Andrew J. McCannon, murderer of Mr. Adcock, Mrs. Adcock, and their two children, has been captured in Madison County, Tennessee, and returned to Ripley.

ADKINS, ALLEN, deceased (will recorded April 8, 1867) wife: Ann.

ADKINS, JOHN W., deceased (PR 1848) died June 1848 / leaves a wife and three children / Allen Adkins, petitioner.

ADKINS, MARY, deceased (1850 Mort.), died Sept. 1849, age 39 years / born Kentucky / married.

AGNEW, ALFRED, deceased (PR 1858-1859), Enoch Agnew, Administrator (later Joseph Agnew also an administrator / cite Hester A. Agnew, John Agnew, Louvina Agnew Rosalee Agnew, Sarah J. Agnew, Melviny Agnew, Harvard Agnew, minors / Elizabeth D. Agnew, mother and guardian to minors / also cite heirs S. W. Agnew, Joseph Agnew, Enoch Agnew, William Agnew, Washington Agnew, William Pinky and wife Marietta Pinkey, unknown heirs of Elizabeth Boyd, deceased; Hester Lathinore, Mrs. H. Nance, Harvey Hawthorne.

AGNEW, DR. S. A., deceased (Obit. SENTINEL, July 24, 1902). Died at Guntown, Miss., on July 15, with burial at Bethany / uncle of E. R. Richey of Ripley.

AGNEW, DR. WASHINGTON, deceased (Admin. Bond March 16, 1863), Joseph Agnew, E. Agnew, J. B. Gambrell, bondsmen / Joseph Agnew, administrator.

AGNEW, ENOCH DAVID, deceased (1870 Mort.) Family No. 102, R5E T5S/ died Nov. 1869, age 3 years / born in Mississippi.

AKIN, MRS. N.B. (101735) Died in Benton County on Sunday / buried at Little Hope / son: W.T. Akin.

AKINS, GEORGE WILSON (021925) Died Feb. 2 at Memphis, age 57 / wife: Margurite Lee Adkins / children: Mrs. R.D. Shankle, Lawrence Adkins, Mrs. J.H. Brotherton, Elmer Adkins.

AKINS, GLADIS (062426) died June 5, age 7 / buried in Sbady Grove Cemetery / dau. of Claude Akins.

AKINS, MRS. LENA ORMAN (050824) died Monday / buried in Shady Grove Cemetery / daughter of Jim Orman.

AKINS, PAUL (101327) died last week / burial at New Hope / Son of Clifton Akins.

AKINS, WILLIAM ROBERT (012925-040225) died Jan. 26, with burial at New Hope Cemetery / native of Union County / born March 31, 1858 / married Frances Hardy on June 4, 1889 / children: Pearl, Carl, Clifton, Bondy, Neva, Cecil, Jesse, and Mrs. Varner Burks.

ALBERSON, LILLIE MAY, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL March 19, 1914) died Feb, 8 / dau. of J. F. Alberson / buried at Friendship Cemetery / born March 6, 1913.

ALBERSON, MOSE W. (041923) died Jan. 15, age 68-5-3 / leaves wife, two sons, and two daughters.

ALBERSON, MRS. LIZZIE JANE RUSSIE, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL April 17, 1913) died March 18 leaving husband, three children, mother, four brothers / born Aug. 30, 1888.

ALBERSON, MRS. MARGARET (021931) died at Ashland on Feb. 16, age 69 / her brothers were James and Johnny Graves / daughter: Mrs. Fannie Stroup of Ashland.

ALDRIDGE, ELIAS (042132) died Sunday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Fred Barkley, age 70 / buried in Wiers Chapel / married first to Mary Lee McAlister who died / son, Hugh, died 5 years ago / leaves second wife and two brothers, Levi and Billy Aldridge.

ALDRIDGE, ELIAS, SR., deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Feb. 10, 1910), died Friday at Dumas.

ALDRIDGE, JAMES, deceased (1880 - Mort.) Family No. 124 / died April 1880, age 8 months / born Mississippi / Father born Mississippi / Mother born Alabama.

ALDRIDGE, JOHN, deceased (admin. bond, Feb. 18, 1867) Bondsmen: Gilly Aldridge, C.A. Green / Gilly Aldridge, admin.

ALDRIDGE, JOHN, deceased (administrator's bond, Dec. 17, 1866) Bondsmen: Gilly Aldridge, W. W. Caviness, John Moffitt / Gilly Aldridge, Administrator.

ALDRIDGE, MRS. ELIAS, deceased (Obit SENTINEL, Sept. 19, 1895; Sept, 25, 1895) Given name Thenie Elizabeth. Died at Dumas on Sept. 4.

ALDRIDGE, MRS. M.L. (022129) died Fri. / born June 22, 1864 / married on Nov. 5, 1883 to E.L. Aidridge / a son is dead / daughter: Mrs. Fred Barkley / Siblings: A.L. McAlister, Mrs. Covington, and Mrs. Yates.

ALDRIDGE, MRS. MEDIA (021231) died Tuesday, age 58 / buried at Shelby's Creek / Son: Willy Aldridge.

ALDRIDGE, MRS. SALLIE (020426) died January 31 / buried in Dumas Cemetery / born May 25, 1852, a sister to W.E. Wallace / married Levi Aldridge on Feb. 14, 1883 / leaves husband and two daughters: Mrs. Dudley Tigret and Miss Mattie Aldridge.

ALEXANDER, ARCHIBALD, deceased (PR, 1856) Samuel Alexander, admin.

ALEXANDER, C. HENDERSON, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Oct. 1, 1896) died at Somerville, Tenn. on Thursday of last week / served in 10th Miss. Regiment, C.S.A. / married Mollie Spight, dau. of Major S. R. Spight / leaves son Spight Alexander, a dau. Lizzie Lou Alexander & One brother, W. T. O. Alexander / wife was sister of J. S. Spight.

ALEXANDER, DR. ELI M., deceased (Obit. SENTINEL March 1, 1906; June 8, 1906); died Feb. 22, with burial in Ripley Cemetery / moved to Tippah Co. with his parents and was a C.S.A. veteran / his great-great-grandfather migrated from Scotland to Ireland in 1720-1730; On the voyage to America his great-grandfather was born, John Howard Alexander. His grandfather, William Alexander, was born in Pittsburgh, Pa. in 1765, and moved to East Tennessee where he married Agnes McGaughey of New Jersey. From Pennsylvania the family moved to Christian Co., Kentucky, where Samuel Alexander was born in 1800. Then the family moved to Bedford Co., Tenn., and then Monroe Co., Miss. There Samuel married Mary McCain. Dr. E. M. Alexander, son of Samuel, was born at Quincy, Monroe Co., Miss., Dec. 20, 1830. In 1831 his father moved to Mt. Hope, Lawrence Co., Ala., and in 1837 moved to Tippah County. Dr. Alexander attended the University of Louisville in 1853-54, and was a partner of Dr. John Y. Murry and later, Dr. E. N. Hunt. He married Virginia Sperry of Virginia in 1868. She and three of their Children are deceased; she and dau. Marion Virginia having died within the last 26 months.

ALEXANDER, DR. ELI MARION (physician's license May 30, 1882). Age 51, born Mississippi / graduate of Jefferson College in Philadelphia and studied under Drs. Laird & McGill /28 years in practice / now practicing at Ripley.

ALEXANDER, DR. JOE (deceased) (Obit. ADVERTISER, Oct. 27, 1881) of Middleton, Tenn., died yesterday / son of L.D. Alexander of Ripley.

ALEXANDER, H.H. (080526) died at Huckaby, Texas, last week / moved from Walnut in 1899 / wife is nee Minerva Rowland / Son: C.H. Alexander of Buckruby / deceased son, Walter W. Alexander, was Tax Collector of Erath County, Texas / brother to Mrs. J.W. Street of Ripley.

ALEXANDER, L. D., deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Sept. 4, 1890) died Tuesday.

ALEXANDER, MARION VIRGINIA, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Nov. 30, 1905; Dec. 21, 1905) died Nov. 26, age 25 years / dau. of Dr. E. M. Alexander / buried at Ripley Cemetery / born Aug. 2, 1879.

ALEXANDER, MISS LEE, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL June 2, 1892), died May 29.

ALEXANDER, MISS LILLY, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL, Oct. 25, 1900), died at Dumas with burial at Walnut Creek Cemetery.

ALEXANDER, MRS. ANNA LOU (061136) died Monday, age 76 / nee Pate / married to T.O. Alexander who died 20 years ago / buried in Harmony Cemetery / children: Clarence P. Alexander (Amory), Fay Alexander, Mrs. Mike Harroney (of Caruthersville, Mo.)

ALEXANDER, MRS. MARGARET, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Oct. 9, 1890; Oct.23, 1890) died Oct. 6, buried at New Hope / dau. of Eli and Mary McCain and widow of Samuel Alexander whom she married in Monroe Co. Miss. Oct. 20, 1829; he died July 29, 1859, and Was buried at New Hope cemetery / she was born Maury Co., Tenn., Nov. 7, 1810 / her father later moved to Lawrence Co., Ala. / She was the mother of eight children, four of whom are dead; one son was Dr. E. M. Alexander of Ripley.

ALEXANDER, MRS. VIRGINIA VAN LEAR, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL, Feb. 11, 1904); born Sept. 6, 1847 at Glenville, Va. (now West Virginia)/ left motherless at age 21, she was raised by her maternal grandmother on the East Shore of Maryland and later by Miss Mary Warden Sperry, now of Philadelphia, sister to her father / her father married a second time and moved to Washington, D. C. Upon his death, Virginia moved to Ripley to live with her sister, Mrs. E. N. Hunt. She married Dr. E. M. Alexander Jan. 21, 1868 / leaves husband, daughter, one sister / buried at Ripley Cemetery.

ALEXANDER, R. P., deceased (Obit. SENTINEL June 2, 1904) died April 27, at Burleson, Texas, with burial at Prairie Springs Cemetery at Burleson / born Ripley, Miss., April 20, 1848 / married Emma T. Gurney on Sept. 23, 1869 / In 1870 moved to Middleton, Tenn. and in 1886 moved to Burleson, Texas / father of six children, two of whom are dead / surviving are Mrs. C. W. Dobson and Sam Alexander of Burleson, Mrs. Mamie Pankey and Duff Alexander of Fort Worth.

ALEXANDER, SADIE ELLA, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL June 6, 1895), died May 5, age 16 / only dau. of Dr. J. Y. & Ella (Craig) Alexander, both deceased / grand-daughter of late L. D. Alexander / leaves a brother.

ALEXANDER, SAMUEL, deceased (1860 Mort.) Family No. 382, So. Div. Tippah Co. / died July 1859, age 55 years / born in Kentucky.

ALEXANDER, W. T. O., deceased (Obit SENTINEL, Feb. 13, 1913) age 65-70 / died at Walnut with burial at Walnut Creek Cemetery / leaves a widow, a son at Amory, Miss., and two daughters.

ALEXNDER, T. C., deceased (Obit. ADVERSTISER, May 22, 1886). died Monday, at age 76 / A Mexican War veteran and father-in-law of Sam Montgomery.

ALLEN, HENRIETTA v. JOHN H. ALLEN (div.) Bill filed Nov. 13, 1872 / were married in 1852 or 1853 / John lives in Texas / they had moved to Texas in March 1865.

ALLEN, ISABELLA, minor (PR 1852), Isabella M. Allen and Harriet Johnson, minors / Booker Pate and Matilda Pate, guardians.

ALLEN, JOHN, deceased (PR. 1847-1852), Elizabeth Cathey, formerly Elizabeth Allen, guardian of Richard Allen, John Allen, Willie T. Allen, Dewitt Clinton Allen, William Joshua Allen, Nicholas Allen, minor heirs of John Allen, deceased / Elizabeth Cathey is wife of Henry Cathey / Homer Rainey, admin.

ALLEN, KATHLEEN, deceased (Obit SENTINEL Oct. 6, 1910; ENTERPRISE, Oct. 15, 1910) died Oct. 6, oldest dau. of Rev. J. W. Allen.

ALLEN, L. S., deceased (1870 Mort.), Family No. 38, R2E, T5S, died July 1869, age 64 years / married / born South Carolina.

ALLEN, MRS. J. A. (Obit. SENTINEL, Sept. 22, 1910) died Sept. 9.

ALLEN, W. C., deceased (Obit. SENTINEL, March 3, 1898) died at home of brother, Rev. J. W. Allen in Ripley, age 50 years / buried at Water Valley where Mother lives.

ALLISON, DAVID A., deceased (Admin. bond, Sept. 17, 1866); Bondsmen: Thomas J. Cox and John P. Gibson / admin. Thomas J. Cox.

ALSUP, CHILD OF C.D. (081529) died Sunday, a few hours old / buried at Providence.

ALSUP, DEWAINE (081215) died July 16, age 5 years, 5 days / Son of Maldon Alsup.

ALSUP, HOWARD NATHANIEL, deceased (Obit SENTINEL July 23, 1914) died May 29, age two months 24 days / son of T. D. Alsup.

ALSUP, JESSIE, deceased (PR 1848), died July 1848 / E. R. Belcher of Lafayette Co., Miss., admin.

ALSUP, ROY ALBERT (082218) died June 15, with burial in Liberty Cemetery / born on April 13, 1916, son of J.W. and Sally Alsup / leaves parents, 2 brothers.

ALVIA, EDWARD (031528) died at New Orleans on Tuesday, age 55 / burial there / was a brother to John Alvis of Ripley, George Alvis of Booneville, and Lee Alvis of Rienzi / sisters: Mrs. R.B. Smith and Mrs. Tom Callicutt / brother, Edgar, died in Texas / brother Will R. Alvis is also dead / wife is nee Willie Young, daughter of Rev. W.M. Young.

ALVIS, DORA, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Dec. 22, 1892) died Aug. 4.

ALVIS, EDGAR, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL March 12, 1914) died Tuesday of last week at Kernes, Texas / son of late W. P. Alvis.

ALVIS, JULIAN, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL, June 25, 1896), died Sunday / son of L. T. Alvis / buried at Rucker Cemetery.

ALVIS, LEE (061335) died at Rienzi on May 14, age 78 / moved from Tippah 28 years ago / wife: Katherine Morton Alvis / Siblings: George Alvis (Boonville), John Alvis (Ripley), Mrs. R.B. Smith (Ripley), and Mrs. Tom Callicutt (Blue Mountain) / Sons: Morton Alvis (Jackson, Tn.), William P. Alvis (Rienzi), Rupert Alvis (Rienzi)

ALVIS, MRS. W. R., deceased (Obit. SENTINEL, Oct. 10, 1895.) nee Velma Jones, died Oct. 5 / married two years ago / buried at New Hope Cemetery.

ALVIS, MRS. W.P. (070126) died Tuesday / was 90 last March 2 / children: John Alvis, Lee Alvis, George Alvis, Mrs. R.B. Smith, Mrs. Tom Callicutt.

ALVIS, ROSA, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL, April 13, 1882) died last Saturday, age 16 years / dau. of W. P. Alvis.

ALVIS, W. P., deceased (Obit. SENTINEL, Jan. 29, 1914; Sept. 3, 1914); died Jan. 25 / served in 32nd Miss. Reg. C.S.A. / leaves his wife of 58 years.

ALVIS, WILL R. (101624) suicide yesterday / burial in Ripley Cemetery / born Feb. 12, 1861 / married first to Dora Morton (sons Terry Alvis and Lee Alvis survive) / was second married to a Jones / married third to Dora Pegram, who survives (their surviving children are Howell Alvis, Linwood Alvis, Herman Alvis, Edward Alvis and Beulah Alvis / mother is living / four children are dead / Siblings: Lee Alvis of Rienzi, George Alvis of Tupelo, John Alvis of Ripley, Edward Alvis of New Orleans, Mrs. R.B. Smith, Mrs. Tom Callicutt.

AMANN, CONRAD, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Jan. 9, 1902) died at Smithville, Texas recently / wife previously died at Ripley.

AMANN, MRS. CONRAD, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Feb. 20, 1886), died yesterday / leaves husband & eight daughters / dau. Jennie lives in Texas.

ANDERSON, ALBERT BROWN (061831) died on June 13, age 73 / was the youngest and last of the seven sons of James and Mary J. McGill Anderson / never married / Sister: Mrs. Sallie McKinstry / Sisters-in-law: Mrs. Lizie Shackelford and Mrs. Maggie Lowrey Anderson (Mobile)

ANDERSON, FRANK, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL July 21, 1892) died last week at Summers Mill, Texas / buried in Dumas Cemetery.

ANDERSON, FRANK, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Oct. 27, 1892) died Monday at Blue Mountain.

ANDERSON, GEORGE GARLAND (062828) died Friday at the home of his grandnephew, Lawrence P. Smith / burial in Dumas Cem. / was 81 last April / C.S.A. veteran / was the second son of James and Mary J. Anderson / is survived by a brother, Albert B. Anderson, and a sister, Mrs. Sallie McKinstry / deceased siblings: Tom Anderson, Frank Anderson (died in Texas), Will Anderson, Rev. Jeff D. Anderson (Mobile) / his deceased neice was Mrs. E.B. Smith, whose children are Lawrence and Gara.

ANDERSON, GEORGE M. (deceased) (PR 1869-71), J.W.T. Falkner, admin. / Heirs: Virginia A., wife of Lewis Shead, Nancy A. Anderson, G. A. Anderson, William M. Anderson, Charles A. Anderson.

ANDERSON, J. J., deceased (Obit SENTINEL March 20, 1902) died recently at New Albany / sisters Miss Anderson and Mrs. McKinstry of Blue Mountain.

ANDERSON, MAGGIE LUCILLE, deceased (Obit SENTINEL Oct. 26, 1911) died Oct. 21 / born Sept. 4, 1908, dau. of William H. & Grace Anderson / buried at Blue Mountain Cemetery / leaves father, mother,two sisters.

ANDERSON, MARY ELIZABETH (051833) died May 11 / burial in Dumas Cemetery / was born Oct. 1, 1854, first child of the second marriage of J.J. Shackelford, who came to Tippah County from South Carolina at age 15 / her mother was Sally Long, who died Jan. 28, 1891 at age 54 / her father died June 17, 1906 at age 84 / She married William Walter Anderson, oldest son of James Anderson, on September __, 1871 / had 12 children / her husband died Sept. 18, 1918, at age 73 / her children: a girl who died Dec. 24, 1874, age 8 days; Jimmie Anderson, born April 9, 1882, died Aug. 30, 1884. Sally May Anderson, born March 8, 1884, married Elias Smith, died Jan. 12, 1919; W.G. Anderson (Boonville); Mrs. Ethel Wallace (widow of W.E.); A.C. Anderson; J.J. Anderson, Dr. W.H. Anderson of Booneville; Mrs. Anna O'Kelly; R.L. Anderson; Frank Anderson; and Tom Anderson / siblings: Jim Shackelford of Myrtle, J.J. Shackelford; Hugh Shackelford, Mrs. J.D. Martin, Mrs. Donia Tigret of Ferris, Texas / her half-brother, George W. Shackelford, is dead as are her full brothers and sisters Gyp Shackelford, Rev. John Henry Shackelford; Mrs. Anna Covington, Mrs. Jim F. Smith, and Lucy Shackelford.

ANDERSON, MRS. J. J., deceased (Obit SENTINEL Jan. 17, 1907) died recently / widow of Jess Anderson, former Sheriff of Union County.

ANDERSON, MRS. JANE (050422) died recently at High Point, N.C., age 33 / burial in Mobile, Ala. / was a daughter of the late Rev. J.D. Anderson of Mobile / mother: Mrs. Maggie Lowrey Anderson / was a neice of Dr. W.T. Lowrey and a cousin to A.C. Anderson / was a sister to Mary Anderson, missionary to China / other sisters are Florence and Agnes.

ANDERSON, MRS. M. J., deceased (Obit SENTINEL June 27, 1907) died last night / born Kershaw Dist., S. C., June 14, 1823 / In Jan. 1845 married James Anderson who died 1863 / husband came from Jackson, Tenn. / had nine children, seven of whom were boys. Surviving are: W. W. Anderson, G. G. Anderson, A. B. Anderson, T. E. Anderson of Fulton Ky., Rev. J. D. Anderson of Mobile, Ala., Mrs. S. F. McKinstry of Chalybeate.

ANDERSON, MRS. MARTHA (071024) died Tuesday, age 83 / son: Jim Anderson of Dumas / was a sister to J.R. Noble of Texas and Mrs. Andrew Williams of Ripley.

ANDERSON, MRS. MAUDE GROSS, deceased (Obit.SENTINEL Nov. 26, 1914) died Thursday near Dumas, age 25 years / dau. of W. H. Gross and wife of Luke Anderson / mother-in-law - Mrs. Dollie Anderson / buried at Pine Grove / leaves two children.

ANDERSON, MRS. SALLIE, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Feb. 10, 1910) died at Tupelo last week / aunt of Dr. J. D. Burns of Ripley

ANDERSON, ORBREY DENNIE (11820) died on Nov. 3, age 9 months, 3 days / burial in County Line Cemetery / Son of Arthur Anderson / leaves parents, 3 brothers and 3 sisters.

ANDERSON, REV. J.G. (100516) died July 21 at Memphis / born near Old Mt. Vernon Church in Tennessee on November 9, 1850 / a sister lives in Texas / leaves wife and two sons / was formerly a preacher at Mt. Zion.

ANDERSON, REV. JEFFERSON DAVIS (110420) died at Mobile on Nov. 1, age 70 / was a son of James and Mary Jane Anderson Of Dumas / married Maggie, daughter, of Gen. M.P. Lowrey / children: Florence, Marie, Janie, Agnes / living siblings: G.G. Anderson, A.B. Anderson, T.E. Anderson (Calif.), Mrs. S.F. McKinstry.

ANDERSON, THOMAS E. (111826) died Wed., age 70 / was a son of James and Mary Jane Anderson / was an uncle of A.C. Anderson / never married / formerly of Memphis and California / Siblings: G.C. Anderson, A.B. Anderson, Mrs. Sallie McKinstry / deceased brothers are Jesse Of New Albany, Frank of Texas, Rev. Jeff D. of Mobile, and W.W. Anderson.

ANDERSON, WILLIAM WALTER (091918) died September 18, with burial in Dumas cemetery / C.S.A. veteran / his parents, grandfather McGill, and two children are also buried at Dumas / born October 30, 1845, son of James Anderson and Mary Jane McGill / his father died in 1863, leaving a wife and eight children / his mother died June 20, 1907 / he married Mary Elizabeth Shackelford on September 20, 1871 / has had 12 children, including a girl who died at the age of 8 days; Jimmie, who died August 30, 1884 at age two; Walter G. Anderson, Dr. William H. Anderson of Booneville, Albert C. Anderson, J. Joseph Anderson, Robert Lee Anderson, Frank Anderson, Tom Anderson, Mrs. W.E. Wallace, Mrs. Elias B. Smith, and Mrs. William O'Kelly / brothers: George G. Anderson, A.B. Anderson, Thomas E. Anderson of California, and Rev. Jeff Davis Anderson of Mobile, Alabama.

ANGLIN, JOHN W., deceased (PR 1847-1856),Mary Ann Ross, petitioner for Dower(1856)/ John D. Barker, admin. (1847).

ARCHER, THOMAS, deceased (admin. bond March 19, 1866); Bondsmen: P. Archer, W. R. Archer, W. M. Kerr / P. Archer, admin.

ARCHER, THOMAS, deceased (admin. bond Oct. 23, 1872); Daniel Hunt, admin.

ARMOR, DAVIS WILEY, deceased (Will recorded Sept. 3, 1870)wife Sarah / admin.: Marshall B. Armor.

ARMOR, ELIZABETH, deceased (Obit. ADVERTISER March 3, 1858) died recently, age 64 years, 2 months; at the home of D. W. Armor / born Pendleton Dist., S. C., one of the five children of William and Polly Lively / when young she was orphaned and bound to Alexander Barton / in 1806 moved to Giles Co. Tenn. / married D. W. Armor on Aug. 10, 1815.

ARMOUR, NEWTON M., deceased (PR 1848) D. W. Armour, Admin.

ARMSTRONG, J.T. (052224) died Jan. 27 / born Jan. 14, 1921, son of Rubie.

ARMSTRONG, PRESTON (013129) died Jan. 11, 1929 / buried at Pleasant Ridge / born Feb. 28, 1912.

ARNETT, AMANDA J., minor (PR 1852) J. E. Woods, guardian.

ARNETT, HANSFORD, deceased (Admin. bond April 16, 1866) Bondsmen: R.C. Arnett, J. W. Arnett / Admin. R. C. Arnett.

ARNETT, JAMES W., minor (PR 1852) J. E. Woods, guardian.

ARNETT, JOHN M., minor (PR 1852) J. E. Woods, guardian

ARNETT, R. C., deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Aug. 28, 1902) mentioned as one of C.S.A. veterans who died in the previous year.

ARNETT, RICHARD C., deceased (PR 1852-53) Martha A. Arnett and William R. Arnett, minor heirs / Charles F. Woods, guardian.

ARNOLD, CYNTHIA, deceased (1860 Mort.) died Dec. 1859, age 78 years, born Virginia.

ASBERRY, WILLIAM M., dec. (PR717), Cite Samuel L. Asberry of Missouri, April 1871.

ASBERRY, WILLIAM M., deceased (Admin. bond Dec. 18, 1865) Bondmen: Samuel L. Asberry, William Thorn, J. M. McDonald / Samuel L. Asberry, Admin.

ASBERRY, WILLIAM M.,deceased (PR 1869) No information.

ASBURY, RICHARD ALLEN (SOUTHERN ADVOCATE, Sept. 8, 1800) died May 30 / born Alexander Co., N.C., July 1, 1851 / to Benton, July 1, 1871 / back to N.C. in 1880 / father died in Battle of Cold Harbor, 1862.

ASHCRAFT, MRS. PURDY (020426) died at Ingomar on Jan. 12 / was a granddaughter of Gen. Robert Purdy, who fought in the French and Indian War.

ASHLEY, NANCY, deceased (1880 Mort.) Family No. 241, 3rd Supervisers Dist. Tippah Co. / died Sept. 1879, age 72 years / a widow / born S.C. / parents born in Maryland.

ASTON, W.D. (082416) died Tuesday of last week, age 81 / buried at Shady Grove.

ATKINSON, WILLIAM G., deceased (PR 1853) no information.

AUBURN, GLENNIE, deceased (1850 Mort.) died Oct. 1, 1849, age 5 months / born Mississippi.

AUTRY, JACOB B., deceased (PR 1857) Samuel Autry Admin.

AUTRY, JOHN A., deceased (1860 Mort.) died Feb. 1860, age 15 years / born Mississippi.

AUTRY, REV. J. ARTHUR (032019-032719) died Wednesday, age about 45 / buried at Pine Grove Cemetery, Benton County / was a brother to J.M. Autry of Hickory Flat / wife is nee Mary Hudspeth / leaves 3 sons, 2 daughters, and parents.

AVEN, WILLIAM MONROE, deceased (Obit. ADVERTISER July 27, 1844) died July 22, age 1 year 5 months, son of William Aven.

AYCOCK, LOUISE, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL Jan. 26, 1905) No information.

AYCOCK, LUCILLE, deceased (Obit. SENTINEL, Aug. 18, 1904) died at Tuscumbia, Ala., Aug. 7, age 9 months 22 days / dau. of T. M. Ayeock.

AYERS, ALLEN, deceased (Obit. ADVERTISER Oct. 10, 1885) died recently in Union Co., age 80 years / formerly of Tippah Co.

AYERS, ANNA, deceased (Obit, SENTINEL Sept. 9, 1885) died recently at Falkner.

AYERS, F. G., deceased (Admin. Bond, April 16, 1866) Bondsmen: William Ayers, Samuel Scott, A. M. Ayers / William Ayers, Admin.

AYERS, JOHN B., deceased (PR 1852) A. M. Ayers and Henry L. Machem, Admin.

AYERS, MARY, deceased (1860 Mort.) Family No. 1404, So. Div. Tippah County / died Sept. 1859, age 80 years / a widow / born in South Carolina.

AYERS, MINNIE, deceased (Obit SENTINEL May 5, 1904) died April 12, age 22 years / wife of Fred Ayers / buried Pleasant Hill Cemetery / leaves Father, Mother, two sisters, two brothers, Husband, one child.

AYERS, MISS FRANK, deceased (Obit. ADVERTISER May 25, 1882) died Dec. 5, 1880 / born Nov. 15, 1863.

AYERS, MRS., deceased (Obit. ADVERTISER May 30, 1889) died recently / mother of Sam Ayers.

AYERS, S. G., deceased (Obit. SENTINEL June 4, 1896) died May 27, age 80 years / married first Louisa Meadden / in 1870 married Harriett Hays / 20 children / buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery.

AYERS, WILLIAM R., deceased (Obit. SENTINEL March 1, 1906) died Friday / buried at Wiers Chapel Cemetery.

AYRES, EDD (083028) died Friday, age 60 / buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery.

AYRES, F.G., dec. (unnumbered PR) 1. Petition for dower by widow, Mary E. Ayres filed Feb. 18, 1868 / Ayres died 186_ / their children, Hugh D., and Caroline, live with the mother in Marshall Co., Ms.

AYRES, MRS. S.N. SR. (102236) died at Hickory Flat Monday, age 81 / her husband died in 1923 / was born in Buckingham Co., Virginia / children: S.N. Ayres and Walter Ayres (Hickory Flat)

AYRES, OLIVER (032928) died at Tupelo, Texas, on March 10 / was born at Falkner, September, 1870 / moved to Texas in the 1890s / was a son of Oliver Clayton Ayres of Tupelo, Tx. / leaves wife, 4 sons, and 2 daughters.

AYRES, SAM NATHAN (090623) died at Hickory Flat, July 30 / was born at Holly Springs, May 27, 1850 / lived in Tippah / leaves wife and his children: Walter, James, Sam N., the latter of Ripley.

AYRES, THOMAS J., deceased (PR 1847) William Ayres, Admin. / William Ayres minor heir / Jane J. Scott, guardian / Sureties: Jane J. Scott, Samuel Scott, John B. Ayres.

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