1900 Census for Tippah County
of Tippah County, MS

This information was transcribed by the Tippah County Historical and Genealogical Society.
A special thanks goes out to them for allowing us to put it online for your use.


Household Numbers

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Special Notes About This Census:

The 1900 decennial census contains more information than any count taken in prior undertakings.  Their are 28 columns for entering information on person counted. The first columns give the location of the enumerated person, followed by name, then relation to head of household.  Next comes personal description, and this includes color or race, sex, month and year of birth, whether single or married, mother of how many children, number of these children living.  Columns following the proceeding also show state of birth of person and that of mother and father, each in separate columns.  Another column has a blank for indicating citizenship, and another for year of entering the United States, if an immigrant.   Other columns are provided to show a person's education, occupation or profession, and ownership of home.

The County was divided into enumeration districts (a practice still followed) and the census page is headed with a description of this district giving a Supervisor's District number and voting precinct number.  The enumerator signed each page at the top.

In many of the census districts, the handwriting of the enumerator was something less than easy to read.  This problem of deciphering handwriting proved troublesome to the transcriber of this volume in many cases.  Some of these problems have been indicated by a ?.  The enumerators would often fail to dip their pen in ink at the proper time, making some entries so light as to render them illegible.
Probably the less said about the misspelling of names the better.  However, this condition is found on the 1900 census throughout, varying from one enumerator to another in degree.

It was impossible to copy for publication all the 28 entries per person listed above.  These most likely to be of interest to the genealogical researcher have been included.  The task of transcribing the 1900 Tippah census from the microfilm has taken about a year from beginning to completion.

Abbreviations used in this volume and other notes:

Persons are listed alphabetically by surname, followed by given name and initial given.  To the right of the name is the relation of each person in the household.

Column (1) indicates race of person, wh for white and B for black.

Column (2) shows month and year of birth.

Column (3) gives date of person at last birthday.  The census was taken as of June 1, 1900.  A person born in June 1898 would have had only one birthday by Census Day, so age is listed as one.

Column (4) show number of years married (M11, for example), The letters wd. indicate widow or widower.  An S indicated a single person.

Column (5) gives state of birth of persons, followed in Column (6) by state of birth of father of person, and, last state of birth of mother of person (column 7)

Over 400 persons lived in the household of another with a different name, These names have been indexed in another area.

A huge thanks goes to W. Fred Cox, for helping get this census ready to go online.
 Without him and volunteers like him Tippah County MSGenWeb would not be what it is!!

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