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Thanks to Nick Denley, Clerk of Chancery Court for these records-they begin in 1882 and go through 06-23-1954.

If you know any of there Medical folks and know what their titles should be please contact me at [email protected] and let me know. Thanks Helen.


John Southwood Brown. Charleston04-27-1882
A.A. Wheat.Harrison Station04-27-1882
Charles Henry Teasdale. Harrison Station04-27-1882
Joseph P. Hamilton.Harrison Station05-11-1882
Gerald Marshall Green.Sharkley05-12-1882
Milton Pope Burke.Harrison Station05-23-1882
Otey J. Sherman.Harrison Station06-16-1882
Michael F. Holshansen.Graball06-20-1882
James Meek Calhoun.Hardy,Grenada Co.06-20-1882
Robert William Harper.Garner06-20-1882
Elisha Hawkins Bermis.Oakland06-21-1882
Thomas J. New..Swan Lake06-28-1882
Thomas Hill Gordon.Tillatoba06-29-1882
Henry Allen Smith.Swan Lake06-29-1882
Elish Evan Pittman.Charleston07-07-1882
Ulyssus B. Mitchell.Harrison Station07-02-1882
John M. Wade.Swan Lake07-03-1882
Samuel J. Cooke.Slate Springs08-18-1882
Wiliam H. Augustine.Tillatoba04-09-1884
Charles J. Fox Meriweather.. 06-30-1882
Joseph Minnithen.?Oakland10-10-1884
Moses W. White.Charleston04-22-1885
Anthony C. Kuykendall.Harrison Station04-08-1889
A. C. Bramlette.Harrison Station04-10-1886
E. Mortimer Farron.Charleston04-10-1886
Benjamin Franklin.Cascilla04-20-1886
John N. Lindseey.Hernando07-03-1886
William T. Mathews.Crevi04-27-1887
James G. Worley.Harrison Station04-30-1887
William N. Harrison..06-06-1887
Thomas A. Carden.Charleston01-19-1889
T.N. Meriweather.Swan Lake05-08-1890
W.R.B. Best.Teasdale10-24-1890
Thomas Oscar Douglas.. 12-23-1890
Philmon RaineyM.D.Oakland04-24-1891
J. V. Scoggins.Tillatoba04-28-1891
E.E. McLendon.Teasdale09-29-1891
James W. Lipcomb.Shellmound02-13-1892
Clifford H. Trotter.Winona05-07-1892
R. O. Crow.Charleston 03-08-1893
William T. Foster.Chester10-27-1894
W.C. James.Graball05-26-1882
James David BilesSumner& Union Co Ms 1898in early 1900s
J.B. Middleton.Swan Lake05-16-1900
Roy DeWitt Byars..04-19-1916
Hugh W. Priddy.CharlestonHe was a Physician in 1918
Robert Pearson Cooper..05-17-1918
John Edgar Powell M.D..10-16-1909
Shade D. Neely.07-19-1920.
W.S. Bonds.Winona.
B.L. Ramsey.Charleston08-21-1926
Frank Reginald Maskey.Charleston02-25-1927
Edward Fredric..07-31-1928
M.H. Williams Baskins..12-21-1928
Tandy Clinton Rice.Charleston08-07-1931
George Lacey Biles,
Columbia Medical School in New York
Miller Craft Henry.Jackson06-04-1935
Shelley Rice Gaines.Enid07-22-1936
Thomas Harrison Lambert. Charleston.
Paul Rogers Googe M.D.Booneville08-13-1935
Nathaniel Collins House..06-24-1938
James Purnell Ward..03-14-1939
Everett Walter RyanM.D.Tupelo10-16-1939
George Edward Gibbons..09-26-1940
George Foster Fiske..08-01-1945
William Edward SheffieldM.D..02-18-1946
Alexander Wirt Hulett.Charleston07-18-1950
Ferrel Ward Benson.Enid07-18-1950
Walter Gill Gunn.Charleston06-21-1951
Theodore Thomas Lewis.Batesville06-23-1951
Joseph Don Yates..12-20-1972
B. E. Jennings.Enid06-25-1958
Wiley Carter Hutchins..06-22-1960
Richard Edwin Rice..06-20-1962
William Joseph Burnett.Charleston06-16-1965
Bobby Earl McKee.Greenwood06-24-1959
Stuart G. Denman, Jr.D.M.V. .Charleston
Raymond Hawkins, Jr...06-15-1956
Daniel Brown Knight,Jr....
James Ronald Staten M.D.Jackson06-11-1971
Willaim Brown Hulett..08-09-1973
Claude Earl Fox,III..06-07-1972
William Weber Anderson..01-07-1954
Willie Lee Garner..06-23-1954
Gary Lee StatenR.P.HOle Ms, OxfordNot Known

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