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Book 27-1998-1999 Marriages Charleston District I

Tallahatchie County


These marriages were sent to us by Nick Denley. The ones that have no book or page number were taken from the Sun Sentinal of Charleston Ms.

The first Column is the Groom, The second Column is the Bride, the Third Column is the Date, and the fourth Column is the Book and Page where the license are recorded.

Abbey, Randal MorrisOutlaw, Rita McDaniel09-18-1999Married in Tn.
Adams, Clyde R. Houston, Barbara Shook09-19-199827--209
Adams, GregoryThomas, Chaka Shonta09-04-1999000
Adams, William R.Brewer, Ramona Mae 06-06-199827--180
Allbriton, Billy Joe, Jr.Hargett, Jennifer Leah 06-19-199927-260
Allbritton, KennethHolland, Rachel05-15-1999 27-255
Allen, Marshall Melton, Crystal Gail 10-18-1998 27--213
Bachelor, Jonathan L.
Young, Donna J. "Jody"
Bailey, Jason DavidEwing, Elizabeth Kittredge10-30-1999 000
Barefoot, James ThomasKing, Melissa Leigh07-25-1998 27--
Beardian, Irvin Derek Flowers, Minnie Margaret06-06-199827--181
Beedle, Jonathan B.Wolfe, Joy07-31-1999000
Beeler, Billy Warren
Breland, Julia Elizabeth
Bell, Sammie E., Jr.Smith, Mary Elizabeth "Beth"10-29-1999SunSent
Bennett, Marion, Jr.Anthony, Wanda L.06-05-199927-257
Bland, Billy RayLocke, Shelia Ann 11-29-199827--226
Bowman, AlvinCosby, Carolyn 04-16-199927-250
Box, Robert D.Hudspeth, Virginia D.11-21-1998 27--223
Brown, David W.Howell, Tanya M.07-20-199827--200
Bryant, Kenneth C. Wolfe, April R.02-19-1999 27--237
Buckley, Ryan O'NealTellis, Valerie Denise02-24-2001SunSent
Burns, Joey D.Melton, Bobbi Michelle 08-22-199827--204
Byars, JessieHisle, Genita 11-06-199827--219
Carpenter, MichaelMiller, Angela03-22-1999 27--244
Champion, Larry W.Todd, Roxie D.06-19-1998 27--189
Cook, KristianMcKinney, Amanda M.06-09-199927-261
Cook, Ricky T., Jr.Radcliff, Jennifer E.12-10-1999SunSent
Denman, Joe CokerWilliamson, Saundra Dee08-15-199827--193
Evans, Randy W.Duncan, Kaye P.08-01-199827--202
Evans, William JayTrusty, Jacqueline Paige 10-24-199827--214
Flair, Charles Michael
May, Alesha May
Flowers, TimothyNorwood, Janet 03-15-199927--239
Fly, Joe, Jr.Sanders, Grace 04-11-1999 27--248
Ford, William Dale arver, Audrey Angeline 07-10-199927-271
Fox, Jay DedrickMelton, Lauren Beth09-25-1999000
Franklin, Johnathan D.Grantham, Tiffany K.06-26-199927-268
Gilbert, David Murry Charles
Cossar, Mary Payne
Goliday, EarnestRichardson, Annie J.11-17-1999SunSent
Golliday, GenePulley, Regina09-05-1999000
Goodnite, SamuelWilder, Lucy10-01-199927-288
Greenwood, Jason K.Pollan, Kelley A.06-06-1999000
Grissom, Harold JWinters, Amanda Lynn08-01-1998000
Greer, DonnieGreer, Connie 03-05-1999 27--241
Hollis, Robert Earl, Jr. Kendall, Christy Michelle08-15-199827--205
Hughes, Timothy Williams, Amanda06-16-199927-263
Hulsey, Timothy AlanSumner, Cathy Leann06-19-1999000
James, Thomas L.,IIISeymore, Manda Gay05-22-1999000
Jaco, James Edward, Jr. Sanders, Jada Alexia 07-01-199927-269
Jeffords, Jimmy Ray, Jr. Bloodworth, Shannon Lashea 08-08-199827--203
Kendall, David Norris O'Dell, Peggy Sue 12-18-199827--229
Kendall, John R.McFall, Alma08-17-199827--207
Kiihnl, Enoch I.Ford, Misty Dawn03-20-1999 27--245
Kimzey, Michael Allen Pinkston, Nancy Rae11-28-199827--224
Lacy, William BrettBynum, Nancy Brooks05-15-1998Fayette, Al.
Little, Gregory W. McBraye, Ginger Rower09-25-199927-284
Martin, ChristopherNail, Kimberly 05-01-199927-252
Melton, Paul Rushing, Sharon 12-12-1998 27--231
Miller, William Walton IV Rowland, Alyssa Lynn 06-20-1999 27-266
Moore, Edwin W. Tallant, Joyce W. 06-11-1998 27--187
Morgan, Kenneth Powell Carlisle, Crystal Michelle 07-23-199927-273
Parker, Charles ChuckMcKinney, Wanda 07-11-199827--196
Parker, RandyByerly, Peggy Janice 11-15-199827--225
Parks, Jonatham AshleyVenable, Candice R.10-24-199827--216
Persinger, DavidPowell, April01-09-1999 27--234
Radcliff, RobertRadcliff, Tina 02-26-199927--240
Robb, Chad EllisTodd, Stacy Michelle 08-14-199927-277
Rodgers, William HenryBailey, Barbara Jo08-22-199927-279
Rowsey, Thomas B. Bailey, Angela A. 09-01-1999SunSent
Ross, Philip A.Beard, Regina A.05-23-199827--184
Rowland, Benjamin Thomas,IIIMabus, Jamie Clare07-10-1999000
Rowland, Charles David, Jr.Jacks, Jennifer Nicole08-08-199827--201
Sheets, William Clark, Brandy05-15-199927-256
Shook, JeffMelton, Paula 12-05-199827--227
Steed, Clifton DewittFennell, Kimberly Jayne06-05-1999000
Summers, Robert "Bobby" C.Varner, Valerie Jean06-19-1999000
Sills, EarlShepherd, Stephanie R. 04-19-1999*
Smith, Phillip BrandonToole, Jere Prigmore 12-07-199827--230
Steed, FloydSmith, Candy L.11-16-199827--217
Stockton, Stephen Clark, Shelly Marie Dungan 09-11-1999 27-282
Sykes, John MichaelSims, Amy Rene' 08-07-199927-274
Taylor, Robert LoydRoss, Donnie J. 04-22-1999 27-251
Tedford, Bradley NealMullen, Catherine Virginia12-18-1999SunSent
Trusty, Bobby J.Thorn, Rachel H.09-11-1999000
Van de Poel, Joey A.Brown, Erica L.03-06-1999 27--242
Vance, William Calvin Chaney, Elizabeth D. 02-06-199927--235
Wade, Bryan OrmsbyRushing, Lisa Ann08-28-1999000
Whalen, Dr.Richard KennethLisa Eubank10-Memphis Tn.000
Whitten, ChrisKing, Martha Suzanne06-26-1999000
Wilkinson, Samuel Custer Terry, Donna J.06-23-199827--190
Williams, NicholasGratham, Kasey I.11-07-1998 27--218
Wright, Richard Alln Cochenour, Danyell11-06-1999Charleston Ms
Yates, Terry JoeCobb, Cynthia 08-21-199827--208
Young, Kerry WilsonCriswell, Kelli Leah06-27-199927-265

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