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Book 27-1995-1998 Marriages Charleston District I

Tallahatchie County


Book 27-1995-1998 Marriages, District I, Charleston, Tallahatchie County Mississippi
? -Could not read
*-Could be spelled more than one way
**-Under age
*2-listed more than one time, but on different pages.

Col'd- We think they meant Colored-but not sure.. In those years the marriages were placed in separate books, I have been told that, in those years if a person was Native American they would list themselves as Colored to keep from being sent to a reservation. How much of this is true we do not know.
Colored and FreeMen on census and other records did not always mean Black. There were the Mulegeons of East TN that were Portugese and white mixed and there are records to support this. Some of the interracial marriages between American Indians and Whites were listed as "Colored" or FreeMen of Colour". Some of the Spanish were listed the same. If they were of AfroAmerican extraction they will most often be listed as Black or, if interracial, then Mulatto.... You might need to look further for your family origins. Many things can be found in the court minutes and sometimes the deed books....

If you are from the family that is listed as Col'd, or if there is an -? or an- * by a name we would appreciate it if you would help us correct these files.

Our many thanks to Nick Denley, Clerk of Chancery Court for these files, he has worked many, many hours writing these so they will be avaliable to those doing research. Nick is attempting to get all of these records indexed. Many of them were not indexed. For many years the records were not taken care of as they should have been, but if Nick has anything to do with it all records will be as up to date as he can possibly make them.

Every effort has been made to preserve these marriages just as they were written. The date listed is either the date of application or date of marriage--In all cases if the date of the marriage was avaliable it is the date we used. In many cases there was only one date.

These files are done by Groom in alphabetical order. The page number is the first column, the Groom is the second column, the Bride is the third column and the date of application or marriage is the fourth column.

76 Allbritton, Leslie Paul Cunningham, Tara N. 06-04-1996
156 Allbritton, Randy D. Wortham, Cathy P. 10-31-1997
51 Allison, Jon K. Cross, Belenda 12-30-1995
154 Anderson, Billy Wayne, Jr. Rideout, Amanda Lynn 10-11-1997
147 Archey, Jeremy Trent Sinke, Edith J. 08-30-1997
25 Aven, John Robert Aven, Sue Evelyn 12-01-1995
70 Beck, Richard Keith Johnson, Diane 05-11-1996
34 Blaylock, Walter Jay Sherman, Sara Jean 09-30-1995
37 Blomberg, Carl Carpenter, Dorothy A. 11-20-1995
116 Boothe, Glenn R. Owen, Bernice 02-20-1997
176 Booth, Kevin Melton, Christie04-24-1998
162 Brasher, M. Shea Lott, Natanya Ann 12-27-1997
6 Bratton, Kenneth R. Taylor, Gerald S. 05-27-1995
24 Brown, Bradley Kent Worsham, Chrystalyn Amanda 08-26-1995
18 Brunson, Bobby J., Jr. Carpenter, Jennifer J. 08-12-1995
163 Bullion, Steven Lee Ford, Katherine Grace Noel 12-20-1997
103 Burt, Travis L. Selby, Serena Ann 10-18-1996
75 Carpenter, Michael Wayne Harbison, Lynda Ann 06-07-1996
113 Clough, Allen Stewart Williams, Rita Renee 12-19-1996
138 Coates, Joel Forrest Hamitlon, Jennifer Elaine 07-12-1997
158 Coker, Boyd Bonner Kendall, Kristi Marie 12-06-1997
134 Cox, Joseph W. Meek, Katrina M. 06-06-1997
125 Cox, Marcus E. Dungan, Courtney L. 05-03-1997
8 Crocker, Leon McClure, Mary A 05-27-1995
29 Crocker, Timmy E. Martin, Tanya Lenesse 09-02-1995
110 Dogan, Eddie Bowles, Pamela 11-26-1996
81 Dorris, Claude D., Jr. McCammon, Tricia Marie 06-29-1996
136 Dorris, Michael Sanders Hayes, Sherry J. 06-23-1997
130 Doubleday, Barry Lee, Jr. Hill, Chastidy Marie Hyland 06-14-1997
30 Douglas, Bryan K. Burke, Ronda L. 09-02-1995
52 Drott, Jerry J. Smith, Caroline L. 01-07-1996
15 Ellett, Doyle Wayne Brown, Linda Dianne 07-29-1995
166 Epps, James F. Epps, Damaris Taylor 01-30-1997
73 Fedric, Dan L. Staten, Rae Hall 05-26-1996
82 Fillyaw, James Lewis Shivers, Robin Lynn 07-06-1996
53 Ford, Henry Larry, Jr. Carpenter, Misty Dawn 12-31-1995
144 Franklin, Terry Lee Kendall, Brenda J. 07-25-1997
160 Gazaway, Charles Earl Riggenbach, Amanda Jade 12-04-1997
65 Goad, David Hall, April 04-04-1996
109 Grant, James Forrest Sims, Heather Lynn 11-23-1996
10 Haile, Michael Pearson, Trina 06-09-1995
12 Havens, Tommy W. Roshong, Lisa M. 07-01-1995
164 Heafner, Bryan Keith McCord, Haley Coke 01-17-1998
169 Hentz, Larry ShaneWhatley, Emily Rebecca
153 Hill, Shawn Darren Rodgers, Shannon Grace 10-04-1997
98 Hollis, Daniel J. Miller, Margaret 09-28-1996
58 Holmes, Billy Wayne Burt, Martha 02-14-1996
33 Houston, Erwin Waldo, Lucy L. Gentry 09-16-1995
27 Howell, Jack A. Stevens, Barbara C. 09-01-1995
105 Hughes, Paul,Jr. Kimsey, Patricia Ann 10-18-1996
49 James, Jerry Lee Jamison, Katari L. 12-15-1995
9 Jeffords, Jimmy, Jr. Jones, Theresa 05-31-1995
118 Jennings, George Hodges, Jr. Alford, Christie 03-01-1997
83 Johnson, Michael Doubleday, Scottie Michelle 07-27-1996
174 Kendall, Charlie JoeTruman, Belinda Antoinette04-04-1998
100 Kendall, Jimmy Dean, Jr. Whitworth, Alisa J. 10-05-1996
46 Kendall, Michael W. Lee, Amanda Lee 12-23-1995
43 Kendall, Norris T. Kendall, Brenda 11-07-1995
77 King, Robert Fred, Jr. Havens, Vickie Michelle 06-15-1996
119 Lee, Mickey G. Roberts, Brenda C. 03-08-1997
79 Logan, Kevin D. Bain, Jennifer R. 06-12-1996
107 Lott, Andy Smith, Heather Denise 11-23-1996
120 Lowell, Richard H. Lane, Erin B. 06-07-1997
62 Mannings, Jeffery S. Frenck, Amy Lee 03-12-1996
142 Marbery, Benny Dwayne Sturgis, Jessica Carolyn 08-16-1997
36 McCord, Jerry L. Smith, Kathryn L. 10-07-1995
23 McCullough, William Andrew Kendall, April Leanne 08-19-1995
117 McKinney, Benjamin Curtis McCoun, Amanda 02-15-1997
150 Meriwether, William A., Jr. Smith, Ginger Caroline 08-30-1997
111 Miller, Wendell Charles Kendall, Amanda Hope 12-14-1996
66 Moore, Jason Wayne Ashcraft, Tracy L. 04-09-1996
108 Morgan, Billy Clyde Barefoot, Vikkie Lee 11-13-1996
171 Morrow, Doyle Michael Reece, Melanie Paige03-08-1998
48 Nelson, William J. Keranen, Mary Jane 01-02-1996
145 Nenwsom, Jeffrey Henry, Misty Michelle 08-02-1997
47 Newton, William Davis, III Newcomb, Patricia Ellen 12-16-1995
93 Nichols, Travis Earl Ellingburg, Johnnie Faye 09-23-1996
72 Pipkin, Donnie Gayle Melton, Elaine Johnson 05-25-1996
152 Pressgrove, William B., Jr. Byars, Crystal L. 09-30-1997
78 Radcliff, Timothy Holloway, Tina A. 06-15-1996
151 Ramage, Robert H. Starnes, Marenda 09-23-1997
137 Respess, Tommy W. Ray, Dovie Vane 07-03-1997
14 Robertson, John Eric Brown, Sheila Faye Click 08-26-1995
41 Robinson, John David Grantham, Mindy 11-04-1995
61 Ross, Anthony Kevin Ellard, Annie Marie 03-09-1996
128 Rowland, Robert Avery, III Taylor, Kelli Karmin 06-14-1997
165 Rutherford, David Bardo, Bobbi 02-02-1998
126 Selby, Benjamin E. Stark, Shannon E. 06-07-1997
170 Shook, Phillip Ramos, Helen02-14-1998
133 Sims, Michael Brandon Doubleday, Stephanie Lynn 06-14-1997
106 Smallwood, Harvey P. Timmons, Danielle L. 11-23-1996
11 Smith, Dennis E. Fisk, Rebecca A. 07-27-1995
84 Smith, Kevin DeWayne Jacobs, Constance Michelle 07-13-1996
157 Smith, Olan M. Smith, Elizabeth 11-09-1997
132 Smith, Shane Young, Rebecca J. 06-28-1997
90 Spier, Geoerge A. McCarley, Deborah M. 08-07-1996
148 Stanford, Richard H., Jr. Wolfe, Shanna D. 09-13-1997
159 Starnes, Gregg Darrell Little, Debbie Shook 11-25-1997
167 Stokes, George, Jr.Ruby, Patricia Ann03-07-1998
89 Sturgis, William G. Harris, Melissa J. 08-03-1996
50 Sumner, Jeremy Leon Little, Rhonda Lynn 12-30-1995
168 Tallant, Patrick Corey Little, Megan Ruby03-07-1998
54 Taylor, Donnie J. Inman, Minnie M, 12-29-1995
175 Timbs, Joseph Alan Outz, Nancy Darlene04-18-1998
99 Trusty, James Allbritton, Helen 09-20-1996
67 Waford, William S. Ramage, Rosa 04-13-1996
88 Williamson, Joseph Shaw, Tamala R. 08-10-1996
38 Williamson, Joseph Eugene Granados, Heather Marie 10-20-1995
16 Wirt, James Ronald Shields, Angela C. 07-24-1995
63 Wolfe, Jason McPhail, Debbie 04-04-1996
129 Wolfe, Jerry L., Sr. Wolfe, Cynthia J. 05-31-1997

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