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Book 16-1956-1959 Marriages Charleston District I

Tallahatchie County


Book 16-1956-1959 Marriages, District I, Charleston, Tallahatchie County Mississippi
? -Could not read
*-Could be spelled more than one way
**-Under age
*2-listed more than one time, but on different pages.

Col'd- We think they meant Colored-but not sure.. In those years the marriages were placed in separate books, I have been told that, in those years if a person was Native American they would list themselves as Colored to keep from being sent to a reservation. How much of this is true we do not know.
Colored and FreeMen on census and other records did not always mean Black. There were the Mulegeons of East TN that were Portugese and white mixed and there are records to support this. Some of the interracial marriages between American Indians and Whites were listed as "Colored" or FreeMen of Colour". Some of the Spanish were listed the same. If they were of AfroAmerican extraction they will most often be listed as Black or, if interracial, then Mulatto.... You might need to look further for your family origins. Many things can be found in the court minutes and sometimes the deed books....

If you are from the family that is listed as Col'd, or if there is an -? or an- * by a name we would appreciate it if you would help us correct these files.

Our many thanks to Nick Denley, Clerk of Chancery Court for these files, he has worked many, many hours writing these so they will be avaliable to those doing research. Nick is attempting to get all of these records indexed. Many of them were not indexed. For many years the records were not taken care of as they should have been, but if Nick has anything to do with it all records will be as up to date as he can possibly make them.

Every effort has been made to preserve these marriages just as they were written. The date listed is either the date of application or date of marriage--In all cases if the date of the marriage was avaliable it is the date we used. In many cases there was only one date.

These files are done by Groom in alphabetical order. The page number is the first column, the Groom is the second column, the Bride is the third column and the date of application or marriage is the fourth column.

124 Allbritton, Paul Googe Kendall, Ethel Ida Mae 06-16-1958
144 Allison, Anthony C. Ray, Berry Ann 08-31-1958
104 Allison, McHenry Hartley, Winnie Sue Morgan 01-08-1958
109 Ashmore, James B. Hopper, Maude Irene 03-07-1958
86 Ashmore, James Buford Thomas, Mildred Maxine 11-09-1957
97 Aven, Henry Earl Denley, Earlene 12-18-1957
191 Aven, Travis Ernest Denley, Libby Fay 04-04-1959
145 Bailey, George W. Derrick, Ollie Mae 07-26-1958
8 Bailey, John Lewis Avery, Charlotte Ann 01-07-1957
47 Baldwin, Arthur Roy Manning, Betty Elizabeth 06-12-1957
15 Bates, George Clenis Russell, Ann Fortham 01-29-1957
3 Beard, Thomas James Irvine, Alphia Love King 12-22-1956
46 Beardain, I.C., Jr. Hodges, Annie Mae 06-07-1957
98 Beardain, Monroe Keith Tillman, Joyce Lee 12-20-1957
48 Boothe, Willard S. Hulsey, Wada Ray 06-22-1957
37 Bratton, Curtis Ray Turner, Janice Louise 04-27-1957
186 Brown, Harold Eugene Reemes, Billie Fay 05-30-1959
56 Browning, Horace Kennedy, Marilyn Faye 07-26-1957
193 Browning, Lewis Henry, Jr. Springer, Mary Elizabeth 04-23-1959
16 Bunch, Harold Vance Toombs, Betty Jo 03-01-1957
44 Bunderson, Robert C., Jr. Jones, Mary Elizabeth 06-02-1957
71 Burkley, Wm. Russell, Jr. Ward, Nancy Ann 09-14-1957
6 Burns, James Edgar Smith, Marion Eunice 12-24-1956
59 Byars, Nathaniel Jackson Kendall, Myrtle Melton 08-03-1957
65 Byars, Ted Denley, Maxine Foster 08-28-1957
232 Carpenter, Bobby Clanton Smith, Linda Pauline 11-23-1959
118 Carpenter, Carl Lane Aven, Carolyn Sue 05-19-1958
228 Carvan, Willie Lee Doubleday, Catherine Vernice 12-22-1959
68 Chapman, Robert Ralph Aldridge, Ruth Ezell 09-06-1957
216 Coffey, Charles R. Cunningham, Daisey 08-08-1959
195 Cole, George Lambert, Jr. Hargett, Emma Jean 05-23-1959
66 Cole, Gerald Benjamin deMange, Jacqueline Nette 09-08-1957
205 Cook, Billy Joe Cole, Annie Dell 06-28-1959
192 Cooper, James A., Jr. Driskell, Mary Frances 04-09-1959
221 Cossar, George Payne, Jr. Pepper, Edna Louanne 09-10-1959
138 Cox, James Gordon Douglas, Eva Nell 08-30-1958
161 Craig, Roger Eugene Russell, Donna Sue 11-07-1958
188 Crocker, Bobbie Z. Melton, Joyce Ann 03-24-1959
147 Crouch, Sidney Alton Lindley, Pauline 08-26-1958
226 Cummings, Odis Kendall, Rachel 09-12-1959
25 Curd, Thomas M. Fillyaw, Mae 03-14-1957
53 Dailey, Robetson, Jr. Mahoney, Frances Minette 07-13-1957
149 Darby, Bobby Gene Boothe, Louise 09-27-1958
128 Davis, Albert Ellis Waymond, Bonnie Lynn 06-20-1958
172 Davis, Buford A. Tate, Ada 01-25-1959
87 Davis, Thomas Marvin Ray, Beverly Avant 11-11-1957
189 Dees, Dillard Guy Lowery, Betty Jean 04-01-1959
40 Deloach, Frank Williams, Jr. Turner, Gloria Jean 05-25-1957
9 Denley, Denman Taylor Chandler, Ruby Howell 01-07-1957
143 Denman, Joseph M. Shook, Allene 07-18-1958
156 Donahue, V. Samuel Worsham, Sherlie Lou 10-18-1958
176 Doubleday, Leslie Marshall Chambers, Joyce Fay 02-20-1959
105 Edwards, Roy Virgle Harlow, Mararet Ann 01-18-1958
24 Elenburg, Thomas H. Irwin, Eva Mae 03-10-1957
136 Ellett, Robert Hudson Odom, Roxie 07-05-1958
5 Embry, John Allison Logan, Doris Jean 12-24-1956
95 Estridge, Charles T. Lewellen, Betty Sue 12-03-1957
84 Estridge, Donnie Earl Hall, Vera Mae 11-02-1957
233 Finch, Ted E. Haynes, Avis V. 12-22-1959
158 Fly, Jessie Renfro Tedford, Elizabeth Farris 11-08-1958
81 Foggard, Guy Calhoun Bullock, Evelyn Elizabeth 10-31-1957
197 Ford, John Ed Rye, Vivian C. 05-23-1959
55 Fortenberry, Mike Dunn McCrary, Mary Virginia 07-16-1957
17 Forthman, William Richard Jones, Bessie Geraldine 02-01-1957
116 Franklin, Arthur L. Staten, Barbara Ann 05-13-1958
1 Garrett, Jimmy E., Jr. Bailey, Dolly Emogene 12-19-1956
160 Gentry, Willie Thomas Clolinger, Evelyn 11-05-1958
57 Goad, James Fred Nerren, Shirley Anne 07-25-1957
50 Goad, James L. Goad, Alice Jean McGee 07-03-1957
162 Goad, Leland F. Burkhalter, Alice Rebecca 11-24-1958
106 Goldsly, Gene Lewis Gibson, Mary Nadelle 01-24-1958
208 Goodwin, Therlow Bell, Mattie L. 07-03-1959
92 Grammer, Leland Beach, Carrie Mae 11-23-1957
94 Gray, Morris Melton, Mary Laura 12-02-1957
119 Greer, Donald J. Robinson, Barney Sue 05-29-1958
154 Griffin, John William Smart, Faye 10-11-1958
184 Griffith, John Dixon Stevenson, Frances Gene 03-28-1959
181 Hamblin, Virgil Eugene Dunnavant, Fabaria Ann 02-28-1959
76 Hardy, Carl Ray Owens, Catherine 09-25-1957
69 Hardy, Jessie Ray Champion, Betty Louise 09-07-1957
62 Hardy, Richard Peters, Carrie Ann 08-11-1957
38 Hargett, Claude T. Putman, Carolyn 05-06-1957
41 Harper, John Lewis Allbritton, Eula Janelle 05-25-1957
218 Hart, David, III Hollingsworth, Jerri Joyce 08-25-1959
79 Havens, Fred Bonner Latham, Melline Harville 10-30-1957
234 Hockett, W.N. Smith, Carlie 12-02-1959
67 Hoop, Mack, Jr. Sanderson, Ollie Virginia 09-04-1957
112 Horne, Lattie Lige Duncan, Nancy Carol 03-30-1958
115 Howellowell, Bill Pipkin, Barbara Jean 04-29-1958
131 Hudgins, Charles Henry Vrooman, Mary Ann 06-21-1958
223 Hughes, Johnnie Eugene Sheley, Norma Jean 09-08-1959
23 Jackson, DeWitt Leroy, Jr. Melton, Ruby Beatrice 02-23-1957
222 Jackson, Jimmy D. Poe, Mary Gladys 09-12-1959
107 Johnson, James Lee Davis, Georgia Mae 01-24-1958
187 Johnson, Luther C., Jr. Kendall, Evelyn Russell 03-20-1959
203 Jones, Avery Morgan Cole, Vernie Mae 07-07-1959
225 Keelin, Lawrence Edwin Hicks, Kathleen 09-11-1959
151 Kendall, Almer Lee Harris, Mary Frances 09-27-1958
14 Kendall, Fred Lewellen, Mary Louise 01-27-1957
35 Kendall, Thomas Earl Morgan, Ocean Elizabeth 04-27-1957
229 Kendall, Tom Henry McDaniel, Mattie Sue 09-26-1959
157 Kiihnl, Enoch Irwin Mills, Verlie Louise 11-28-1958
120 Kirby, James E. Gray, Nelda 05-30-1958
180 Kuykendall, Wm. D. Dorris, Floy Burnett 02-28-1959
164 Lance, Gerald Arthur Powell, Beverly Ann 12-20-1958
32 Lane, Perry Joe Mary Yvonne 04-04-1957
212 Laster, Walter Thomas Tutor, Katherine Jane 07-29-1959
91 Laurendine, Patrick Henry, Jr. Dyess, Gladys 11-22-1957
28 Livingston, James D. Battles, Linda Fay 03-23-1957
77 Logan, William Henry Flemmons, Mary Elizabeth 09-30-1957
194 Long, Glenn Aaron English, Ruth Virginia 05-31-1959
169 Mabus, Leslie C. Sturgis, Nina Bell 01-01-1959
171 Malone, Billy Jack Peters, Betty Lou 01-18-1959
61 Marchbank, James Olon Nichols, Jeanette 08-09-1957
72 Martin, Walter Eugene Lindley, Ruby Irene 09-14-1957
103 Mason, Jack H. Durham, Margie Alice 12-21-1957
78 McCan, Irvin Ray Jackson, Annie Lee 10-03-1957
199 McClure, Charles Edward Vance, Clydine 06-06-1959
182 McClure, Joe Alton Lester, Patsy Ann 03-15-1959
114 McCoy, Bart Wiley Dickson, Doris Elaine 06-01-1958
33 McCullar, Dewey Lee White, Marg Agnes 04-06-1957
52 McGee, Curtis Mund, Carol Fay 07-05-1957
34 McRoberts, Charles Eugene, Jr. Dunklin, Nan Louise 04-20-1957
168 Meade, James Horace, Jr. Rice, Marion Nell 12-30-1958
88 Melton, Charlie Howard Winters, Della Alice 11-13-1957
213 Melton, Luther Ralph Jackson, Lillie Pearl 07-31-1959
49 Melton, Paul D. Williams,Marie Agne 06-22-1957
60 Middleton, Garyland Dean Kirk, Carol Meade 08-13-1957
174 Miller, Roy Ted Wyatt, Ruth Myree 01-26-1959
19 Mitchell, Marvin L. Bruister, Myrna Keys 02-17-1957
45 Moisa, Alex Williams, Helen 06-02-1957
58 Monia, Robert Lewis Hogenmiller, Patricia Ann 07-29-1957
219 Moorman, David Hey, Marsha 09-05-1959
75 Moorman, Harvey Louis Winters, Annie Bell 09-21-1957
101 Morgan, Carson Erie Murphree, June Rose 12-21-1957
102 Morgan, Charles N. Holland, Bonnie Mae 12-21-1957
125 Morgan, James Powell Finke, Connie Lynette 07-05-1958
235 Mounce, Paul A. Jennings, Joanne H. 12-09-1959
83 Mullally, Earuin Shaw, Ruby Jean 11-02-1957
166 Mullen, Bill J. Boggs, Helen Williams 12-20-1958
63 Mullen, Clayton B. Taylor, Virginia Dell 08-15-1957
90 Mullen, Lester B. Price, Josephine 11-19-1957
227 Murphey, Julian Ryan, Betty Jane 09-16-1959
146 Murphree, Thomas Rae Howard, Carol Louis 08-12-1958
122 Murphree, Wayne Chandler, Mary 06-11-1958
148 Neal, Gene Ryan Hargett, Barbara Ann 09-22-1958
111 Newman, Clyde Boyce Tillman, Gloria Ann 03-15-1958
202 Newton, Jimmy Ward Hardin, Martha Louise 06-20-1959
2 Newton, John Davis Steele, Sara Anice 12-19-1956
207 Newton, Robertis Hughes, Bessie Sullivan 07-03-1959
89 Nix, Charlie Shipp Wright, Lydia Mae Coston 11-14-1957
121 Norris, Pleas Miller, Jr. Sprouse, Grace Laverne 06-08-1958
4 O'Bryant, Watt B. Thomas, Catherine 12-22-1956
70 Ousley, Dewey James Little, Eva Jane Ogles 09-10-1957
51 Owens, Nathan Joe Smith, Peggy Anne 07-05-1957
170 Perry, Clyde Orr, Golden 02-14-1959
150 Pettie, Graham Bonner Lone, Thelma Bernice 09-11-1958
26 Porter, Sam Everett Clolinger, Bonnie Jane 03-16-1957
142 Potts, Charles Corty Russell, Dorothy Ellen 07-15-1958
93 Pullen, Harvey O. Logan, Alice 11-26-1957
31 Ramsey, L.G. Furr, Virginia Montine 03-30-1957
80 Randell, Milton A. Hood, Norma Joyce 10-18-1957
196 Raney, Phillip Allen Mounce, Opal Mae 05-22-1959
36 Rice, Richard Edwin Googe, Barbara Joan 05-30-1957
82 Robason?, Gene Austin Patterson, Agnes Marie 10-29-1957
214 Robinson, Malcom Lee Mooneyham, Vannie Sue 08-01-1959
85 Rodeout, Julius Warren, Jr. Winters, Lucy Faye 11-09-1957
43 Ross, Morris Edward Hamblin, Doothy Ann 05-26-1957
20 Ross, William C., Jr. Steele, Edna Kathryn 07-15-1957
74 Russell, Howard Kelly Carithers, Peggy Irene 10-05-1957
178 Sanders, Hayden Virgil Priddy, Martha Jane 02-14-1959
126 Sanders, Thomas Freeman BRIDE, NONE LISTED 07-xx-1958
175 Sanford, Louis Edward Marasco, Edna Hamblin 01-31-1959
54 Sapp, James Edward Avant, Mary Jane 07-13-1957
39 Scallions, William Ransom, Louise Pullman 05-11-1957
21 Schade, Gilbert Glen Pressgrove, Dorothy Louise 02-16-1957
99 Selby, William Morris Fulks, Alice Marion 12-20-1957
29 Sellers, Charles Edward Ellis, Marifred 03-23-1957
230 Sheley, Thomas Clyde Clolinger, Nita Ma 11-14-1959
217 Shely, Eugene Dewitt Wilson, Annie May Buford 08-24-1959
27 Smallwood, Paul Raney Hood, Nellie Joyce 03-22-1957
110 Simmons, Hubert Ross Edwards, Mable Evelyn 03-04-1958
224 Smith, Cecil Floyd Kendall, Dorothy Lee 09-14-1959
173 Smith, Gerald Ray Dungan, Mamie Mae 02-03-1959
165 Spencer, Carl Dewitt Morgan, Zilla Rose 12-06-1958
140 Staten, Ray Staten, Eloise Price 06-30-1958
108 Stewart, James Hugh Squires, Melba Ruth 01-25-1958
129 Still, Jesse R. Moorman, Mary 06-21-1958
13 Stogner, H.G. Hall, Audie Lee 01-26-1957
18 Stroud, Gilbert Ray Carney, Vera Ann 02-04-1957
163 Stumpt, Kenneth Lord Johnson, Billie Jo Hamblen 11-28-1958
133 Sullivan, Thomas Pascal Churchwell, Elise 06-27-1958
215 Tackett, Raymond M. McHann, Annette 07-29-1959
96 Taylor, John Winford Vaughan, Shelly Jean 12-07-1957
210 Taylor, Mahlon Pipkin Hassell, Eddie Sue 08-14-1959
42 Thomas, John Harper Pyron, Dorothy Sue 05-20-1957
153 Thorn, Leroy Quitman McGarrity, Dorothy Jean 09-25-1958
123 Toole, James I. Biggers, Helen Christine 08-03-1958
73 Vaughan, Wm. Sidney Estridge, Mable Epps 09-14-1957
209 Waller, Eugene Leon Rouse, Shirley Swilley 07-06-1959
10 Whitley, Donald Audean Watts, Marion Lee 01-09-1957
100 Whitten, James Perry Goodson, Mary Belle 12-21-1957
11 Whitten, Tandy Bartow Stevens, Gladys Marie 01-12-1957
231 Williams, Lionel Logan Collett, Mary Alice 11-14-1959
201 Williams, Orris Eugene Richardson, Peggy Jean 06-06-1959
134 Williams, William Albert Cox, Mary Frances 08-31-1958
237 Willis, Jimmie Dell Shaw, Brenda J. 12-12-1959
220 Wilson, Henry G., III McGarrity, Rosie Lee 09-04-1959
7 Winters, Charles Albert Gentry, Thelma Louise 12-25-1956
127 Winters, Mack Haven Savant, Barbara Ann 06-20-1958
200 Wolfe, Robert Anderson Cole, Phyllis Dale 06-14-1959
167 Wolfe, Silas Afton Ellett, Alice H. Williams 12-24-1958
64 Woods, Clayborn Melton, Leona Austin 08-24-1957
204 Woods, James S. Martin, Jessie Pugh 06-14-1959
211 Worley, Charles O. Holder, Catherine Rigby 08-01-1959
139 Yelton, James A. Williams, Margaret P. 07-06-1958
113 Young, George C. Newsom, Shirlene W. 04-06-1958

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