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1893-1901 Marriages Charleston District I

Tallahatchie County


1893-1901 Marriages, District I, Charleston, Tallahatchie County Mississippi

? -Could not read
*-Could be spelled more than one way
**-Under Age
*2-Listed twice on different pages
Col'd- We think they meant Colored-but not sure.. In those years the marriages were placed in separate books, I have head that in those years if a person was Native American they would list themselves as Colored to keep from being sent to a reservation. How much of this is true We do not know.

If you are from the family that is listed as Col'd, or if there is an ? or an * by a name we would appreciate it if you would help us correct these files.

Every effort has been made to preserve these marriages just as they were written. The date listed is either the date of application or date of marriage--In all cases if the date of the marriage was avaliable it is the date we used. In many cases there was only one date.

Our many thanks to Nick Denley, Clerk of Chancery Court for these files, he has worked many, many hours writing these so they will be avaliable to those doing research. Nick is attempting to get all of these records indexed. Many of them were not indexed. For many years the records were not taken care of as they should have been, but if Nick has anything to do with it all records will be as up to date as he can possibly make them.

These files are done by Bride, in alphabetical order. The page number is the first column, the Groom is the second column, the Bride is the third column and the date of application or marriage is the fourth column.

BRIDE LIST-Page number is first column, Groom is second Column, Bride is third Column, and date is the last column.

066Anderson, W.M. Adams, Cora03-18-1894
346McNulty, E.W. Adams, Cora02-15-1899
064Edwards, J.L. Adams, Maggie02-14-1894
344Houston, J.H.
Adams, Maud02-08-1899
279McNulty, J.W. Adams, Minnie02-16-1898
220Stevens, R.G. Alexander, Annie Laura05-16-1897
205Dickerson, M.F. Allbritton, Belle01-15-1897
272Little, D.A. Allison, Annie01-20-1898
275McHann, W.H. Allison, Bettie01-25-1898
215Osborne, JohnAllison, Daisey03-21-1897
088Murphree, E.J. Allison, Lillie12-15-1894
285Peters, G.A. Allison, Mattie02-27-1898
151Hyde, E.D. Annie?04-24-1894
097Williams, W.P. Arbuckle, Mary E.12-31-1894
129Cole, J.LArmstrong, Mamie E. 12-19-1895
302Heflin, TerrellAshley, Lee06-27-1898
218Baldwin, J.J. Atkins, Evie03-31-1897
194Kuykendall, J.C.Bailey, Mattie J. 12-31-1896
312Parks, J.W. Bailey, Nannie10-12-1898
155Townes, B.E.Bailey, Sara Lee06-03-1896
473Bailey, James M. Baker, Mattie12-05-1900
35Arndale, RichardBaldwin, Mamie03-07-189
412Patterson, Charles J. Bales, Tinie09-21-1899
266Bush, SamBardwell, Jula12-12-1897
257Taylor, H.H. Barton, Hattie01-02-1898
134Nelson, W.P. Barton, Jennie12-24-1895
201Summers, SeymoresBawdwin, Sadie12-30-1896
027Smith, J.W. Bell, Sallie12-07-1893
398Walker, JesseBell, Sallie02-15-1899
250Floyd, AndrewBennett, Della12-14-1897
203Hall, B.F. Bernsdalph?, Bertha01-09-1897
41Hall, Hubert L. Blalack, Georgia01-03-1900
431Bridges, VictorBloodworth, Hester02-12-1900
122Ross, Dave L. Bloodworth, Lelia11-19-1895
092Lay, Eugene L. Bodry, Mamie12-24-1894
100Coleman, J.E.Bonner, L.E.01-07-1895
246Brett, F.J.Bradnax, J.A.12-05-1897
046Womble, Phillip E.BBranscomb, Beck12-27-1893
330Shepard, A.O.Brewer, A.M.12-28-1898
329Armstrong, J.C.Brewer, Ida E.12-28-1898
365Burt, H.E.Brock, A.P.07-01-1899
384Bivens, A.J.Broome, Jessie11-22-1899
037Lake, Edward H.*2Brown, Dovie*2no date
038Lake, Edward H.*2Brown, Dovie*210-15-1893
029Boothe, MonroeBrown, Liddie06-08-1893
049McMath, Geo.Brown, Lou M.01-16-1894
079Thomas, G.W.Brown, Mamie May11-08-1894
005Wallgreen, JohnBrown, P.A.01-31-1893
428Shackelford, J.A.Brunson, D.L.01-27-1900
426Shackelford, C.A.Brunson, Mary A.12-25-1899
381Gross, A.B.Bryant, Cora Lee11-15-1899
207Goodwin, N.O.Burdshaw, Nannie01-20-1897
459Howard, J.M.Burkhalter, Mamie08-12-1900
258Counts, WillieBurt, Zippora01-05-1898
070Denson, GreenButler, Huldia01-25-1894
069Mitchell, JamesButler, Lelia03-11-1894
009Garner, W.R.Byars, Jessie02-25-1893
057Rome, Zack S.Byrum, Mollie02-19-1894
219Bibby, Dr. S.H.Calhoun, Bessie05-05-1897
053Franks, S.R.Carder, Fannie02-10-1894
044Williams, W.T.Carder, H.J.12-17-1893
087Overton, John A.Carmical, R.A.12-13-1894
298Lenard, JohnCarnelials, Louisa08-19-1898
148Cole, J.W.Caroline?03-20-1896
311Milam, R.W.Carpenter, Emma10-16-1898
359Tribble, L.F.Carpenter, Martha03-27-1899
184Carpenter, H.R.Carpenter,Sadie Louella12-20-1896
109May, PleasCarroll, Cinthia03-01-1895
444Leggett, C.W.Carter, Hattie M.05-21-1900
055Fillyaw, WillChapman, Mary02-22-1894
098McFerrin, BillieChapman, Harriet12-31-1894
349Hanna, ArthaChapman, Julia02-22-1899
486Arnold, TommieChapman, Vida12-20-1900
408Franklin, E.A.Clark, Mattie12-27-1899
216W.B.?Clemmemds,? S.C.04-12-1897
413McDaniel, T.M.Clolinger, Donie09-21-1899
137Williams, WinseClolinger, Josie01-03-1896
047Ethridge, LonnieCole, Bell01-04-1894
204Higgins, F.M.Cole, Josie01-17-1897
002Shores, H.R.Cole, Lizzie02-08-1893
255Williamson, E.N.Cole, Mamie12-26-1897
352Green, J.P.Cole, Mary Annie02-26-1899
108Dawson, J.H.Cole, Tee02-28-1895
101Lindley, John H.Coleman, Anna01-07-1895
291Chapman, M.C.Coleman, Cardilia J.04-10-1898
345Staten, Hugh BarneyColeman, Lou Anna02-08-1899
123Peters, Ben A.Coleman, Mary11-20-1895
186Fish, JackCollins, Venia12-16-1896
120Wagner, D. LoganCompton, Susie09-28-1895
405Harris, J.M.Cormick, Lula01-18-1898
017Turner, JohnCox, Ada03-30-1893
033Romedy, J.W.Crenshaw, Helen09-17-1893
342Patterson, F. WadeCrow, Lucie02-01-1899
084Polk, S.L.Crow, Mary F.11-28-1894
332Woolfolk, W.R.Cunningham, E.P.12-29-1898
105Shive, LonnieCuran, Rabie02-05-1895
387Harris, W.R.Curry, Appie? L.12-06-1899
404Clolinger, J.H.Danly, Addie01-17-1898
276Burkhalter, I.C.Dave,? Belle01-31-1898
111Bryant, W.K.Davis, Annie04-13-1895
004Buntin, R.R.Davis, Julia01-10-1893
331Hall, J.F.Davis, Mahalia12-28-1898
391Pollan, J.W.Davis, Matilda12-20-1899
393Holland, G.W.Davis, Mollie12-24-1899
307Wilcox, SamDavis, Naoma09-03-1898
458Keelin, D.E.Davis, Viola07-29-1900
022Ramsey, A.G.Davison, DMA05-21-1893
173Ward, R.J.Dean, Martha11-01-1896
319Doss, A.J.Deas, M.M.11-06-1898
401Wolf, SamDenley, Lula03-22-1899
018Harris, HarmonDenley, Bettie04-14-1893
283Moorman, W.T.*2Denley, Dovie A.*210-05-1894
074Moorman,W. T.*2Denley, Dovie A.*210-05-1894
333Huffman, J.W.Denley, Ellen12-29-1898
318Arbuckle, JoeDenley, Etta12-02-1898
452Huffman, ErveyDenley, Gus06-20-1900
118Rogers, JohnDenley, Ida08-14-1895
170Denham, A.E.Denley, Lou10-21-1896
476Atkinson, J.E.Denley, Sue12-03-1900
061Stevens, John D.Denley, Viola04-24-1894
335Milam, J.R.Denman, Lizzie01-08-1899
242Mullen, J.H.Denman, Bettie11-14-1897
392Gammon, Harry R.Denman, Carie M.12-20-1899
374Fedric, D.R.Denman, Vollie10-18-1899
449Stone, D.C.Denton, Ella02-28-1900
385Barnes, S.C.Dogan, Lizzie11-22-1899
035Calhoun, J.C.Dogan, Sallie10-11-1893
389Henley, W.H.Dossett, P.E.12-17-1899
414Tyson, PerryDouglas,Erna06-22-1899
337Johnson, W.P.Driskell, L.J.01-11-1899
023Slaughter, J.R.Driskell,Liddie06-14-1893
099Fowler, Geo. M.DuBois, Mary02-26-1895
168Calloway, G.E.Duke,Belle10-21-1896
243Farley, Chas HenryDuke, Samuella Blanch11-14-1897
104Hutchinson, L.A.Dunn,Anie01-24-1895
071Parker, S.M.Echols, E.B.07-17-1894
422Carter, R.D Ellett, M,P.01-03-1900
085Kibler, B.H.Erwin, Mary C.12-15-1894
072Fillaw, James H.Evane, Mollie08-31-1894
190Sherrill, Ethan AllenFedric, Ada12-24-1896
081Trusty, ElamFedrick, India11-19-1894
063Dubois, Sam A.Ferguson, Mamie05-16-1894
297Bryant, Charles C.Ferguson, Susie M.07-15-1898
463Parker, J.C.Fields, Emma09-05-1900
262Denman, RichardFinley, E.M.01-05-1898
234Harbin, JoeFisk, Rosa09-28-1897
236Tapley, J.E.Ford, Katie10-25-1897
024Osborn, W.H.Ford, Maggie06-26-1893
140Tart, H.W.Ford, Mary F.02-05-1896
282Ross, John A.Ford, Maud02-27-1898
373Goodson, J.C.Fowler, Rebecca10-18-1899
077Clements, Gabe C.Franklin, Emma11-03-1894
301Denton, ColumbusFrierson, Mary07-06-1898
465Dickerson, M.D.Fryerson, Lillian08-20-1900
012Atkinson, W.S.Fulford, Mamie02-16-1893
138Martin, CharlesGarland, Lizzie01-06-1896
149Williams, G.M.Gentry, Vera02-29-1896
341Shook, N.M.Goodson, Emma02-31-1899
309White, L.T.Goodwin, Maggie09-20-1898
407Rollins, W.F.Gore, Julia12-29-1899
015Birdsong, James E.Grammer, Lucy04-09-1893
467Walters, J.T.Grammer, Susie09-26-1900
288Carin, J.W.Gray, Katie03-16-1898
487Porter, J.J.Green, M.T.12-20-1900
066Spencer, EligeGreen, Nannie12-30-1893
494Heflin, J.A.Green, Rosa D.12-21-1900
306Dubois, MartinGross, Sallie08-04-1898
343Robertson, M.L.Hall, Dallas02-05-1899
418Hankins, C.H.Hall, Doshia01-03-1900
472Sanders, J.S.Hall, Elizabeth11-07-1900
495Brown, C.T.Hall, Minnie12-28-1900
278Cole, FitzHall, Minnie02-15-1898
253Coleman, F.G.Hall, Ola12-26-1897
423Bradley, SilvesterHall, Sarah01-08-1900
158Harris, W.E.Hally, Ruth04-26-1896
221Majors, J.A.Hamlet, Ida06-23-1897
292Parker, W.H.Hanks, Kate 04-20-1898
410Dean, E.H.*2Hanson, Katie V.*211-02-1899
377Dean, E.H.*2Hanson, Katie V.*211-02-1899
036Gentry, JakeHarbin, Mollie10-15-1893
176Parks, A.B.Hardy, Ada08-16-1896
093Youngblood, JamesHarris, Annie S.12-25-1894
353Denton, ZackHarris, Evie02-22-1899
313Denley, R.L.Harris, M.E.10-16-1898
041Gross, J.M.Harris, Maggie11-14-1893
327Lowery, T.L.Harris, Nuna12-25-1898
112Musgrove, W.R.Havens, H.A.05-08-1895
213Mitchell, J.W.Heath, Annie 02-28-1897
059Patterson, CharlieHeflin, Ella04-23-1894
162Dillard, C.W.Helms, Ada06-30-1896
150Womble, W.E.Helms, Annie May04-09-1896
283Houston, Henry*2Helms, Kate*202-23-1898
284Houston, Henry*2Helms, Kate*202-23-1898
249Burnes, G.H.Henson, Mattie12-08-1897
443Cole, TomHenson, Rosa04-25-1900
469Kirk, J.W.Henson, Sallie Lee10-30-1900
267Epps, WillHerndon, Nettie01-16-1898
371Hanks, A.B.Herndon, Olie08-20-1899
300Harrison, W.R.Herron, W.E.03-02-1898
490Curry, Andrew J.Hey, Maggie12-26-1900
436Pressgrove, A.B.Hey, Minnie02-25-1900
360Gordon, JohnHill, J.I.04-09-1899
180Yarborough, J.D.Hinson, Emma11-30-1896
174Winter, W.W.Hobson, Kathleen11-12-1896
303Carpenter, C.A.Holland, Dora A.07-21-1898
126Allison, J.R.Holland, Minnie12-10-1895
462Brown, Wm. H.Holland, Nannie G.08-29-1900
068Walker, JohnHoop, Lou04-08-1894
209Parker, W.N.Hoop, M.R.12-28-1897
420Simmons, J.C.Hoop, Nettie12-30-1899
230Harbin, TomHopson, Bettie08-04-1897
308Thomas, H.S.Hopson, Ollie10-11-1898
188Cox, C.J., Jr.Hopson, S.S.12-23-1896
265Hill, H.S.Howard, Edna12-07-1897
416Mullen, W.S.Howard, Edna08-21-1899
013Lewis, C.F.Huffman, Sallie12-25-1892
376Arbuckle, HenryHufmond, Ivey11-06-1899
016Pitts*2 Minor*2 12-28-1892
386Cannon, MackJackson, Mattie11-28-1899
082Curry, HenryJames, Minnie11-20-1894
454Jenkins, JohnJenkins, Henretta06-10-1900
199Burlton, M.J.Jenkins, Maggie12-23-1896
031Ashmore, W.A.Johnson, Bettie07-30-1893
008Early, J.S.Johnson, Chessie02-22-1893
080Mitchell, T.A.Johnson, Nancy E.11-10-1894
274Goodson, J.B.Jones, M.R.01-30-1898
441Allen, J.S.Jones, Rubie04-01-1900
132Blalack, T.E.Keebler, Mayon12-21-1895
232Newman, T.J.Keelin, C.A.09-08-1897
163Albritton, H.F.Kendall, Lillie07-16-1896
114Kendall, J.F.Kendall, Nancy07-06-1895
372Scallions, W.N.Kendall, Sallie09-14-1899
110Murphey, Geo M.Kendrick, Emma03-19-1895
273Brett, S.H.Kendrick, Florence01-25-1898
478Brock, J.M.Kendrick, Mollie12-04-1900
181Bammett, J.C.Kinds. Lula 12-01-1896
160Self, W.T.King, Etta05-17-1896
290Davis, J.P.King, Mary04-03-1898
159Cranilies, Z.A.King, Sula04-27-1896
399Clay, EdKnell, Bessie02-14-1899
334 Brown, P.H.Kuykendall, Iva01-06-1899
492Ashmore, William E.Lance, Bell12-27-1900
280Wilcox, W.E.Laughlin, Bettie Lou02-17-1898
102Kuykendall, C.D.Laughlin, Lilla01-08-1895
177McClarty, CharlesLaws, ?Bettie07-30-1896
468Myers, A.A.Lawson, Nannie E.10-31-1900
491Hall, S.T.Lindley, Josie01-07-1901
135Sheley, ThomasLindley, Mary12-28-1895
417Dakin, R.M.Lipscomb, Maggie10-11-1899
007Newton, JamesLittle , Allice02-16-1893
103Bonner, J.T.Little,N.T.01-14-1895
006Havens, R.E.Logan, Lou02-04-1893
116Scallions, J.H.Logan, Mamie07-22-1895
325Johnson, CarlLong, Maud12-22-1898
277Bodry, J.H.Lowery, Stella02-09-1898
090Heflin, J.A.Ludora, ?12-20-1894
314Brown, JacksonMalone, Alice10-16-1898
227Fosehand, J.E.Marshall, Ida07-15-1897
375Chambers, R.L.Martin, L.M.10-29-1899
299Williams, CharlesMartin, Lillie08-17-1898
488Gowen, EmeryMartin, Minnie12-25-1900
233De?O.H.Massey, Sela E.09-08-1897
396Holland, J.A.Maxey, Emma12-27-1899
271Ross, D.S.McCain, Josie01-16-1898
196Grace, G.W.McCain, Sesie12-30-1896
439Noel, J.E.McFerrin, Ellen03-08-1900
270Allison, T.M.McHann, Clara01-14-1898
430Crosthwait, EdMcHavn, Effa01-31-1900
048Dunn, RansomMcKan,S.J.01-14-1894
323Farris, G.A.McLard, N.V.11-24-1898
062Harbin, J.L.Medlin, Ellen04-30-1894
379Shook, Noah Sr.Medlin, Ellen11-19-1899
260Womble, A.B.Melton, Mamie01-05-1898
146Kendall, RobMelton, R.03-04-1896
421Woods, JohnMelton, Susan01-05-1900
457Rusk, J.W.Meyers, Ida07-07-1900
124Whitten, Will S.Milam, Addie Mae12-03-1895
287Brooks, W.B.Milam, Bettie Lou03-13-1898
479Cook, Eugene WinstonMilam, Ida12-16-1900
152Williams, T.A.Miller, Clara04-25-1896
171Trussell, H.B.Minnie, ?10-25-1896
014Pitts, JohnMinor, Willie12-28-1892
191Burdeshaw, W.T.Minyard, Callie12-23-1897
496Tribble, StanleyMitchell, Addie01-02-1901
094Clarkston, JosephMitchell, Dora12-25-1894
382Durham, SamLewis, Mittie11-20-1899
448Wade, Robert T.Mize, Mary Etta04-28-1900
115lbritton, J.A.Mock, Sue07-18-1895
239Davis, HenryMollie?11-07-1897
294Alvis, J.N.Moore, Lena M.05-19-1898
406Bell, B.F.Moore, Venie03-21-1899
425Brown, L.A.Moore, Vinnie01-18-1900
075Branon, W.B.Moorman, Martha10-05-1894
424Draper, J.R.Morgan, A.B.01-11-1900
366Harris, H.S.Mullen, Anna L.07-23-1899
133Shook, Geo.Mullen, Clemmie12-23-1895
051James, W.W.Mullen, Ida01-24-1894
058Neal, J.R.Mullen, Lavada03-29-1894
125Rice, L.I.Mullen, Lucy12-03-1895
316Sanders, C.Murphey, Bertha10-30-1898
113Havens, Sam T.Musgrove, Della06-14-1895
461Hurt, John H.Neal, Lula May09-04-1900
032Jaynes, S.T.Neal, Sallie08-06-1893
156Harden, S.U.Nelson, Eliza03-03-1896
211Buckley, D.J.Nelson, Eva S.02-23-1897
268Lowery, J.H.Nelson, Lizzie01-14-1898
355Barton, George Nelson, Maud03-15-1899
358Coleman, W.C.Nelson, Ora 03-22-1899
304Newton, DavisNewman, S.L.07-25-1898
326Staten,Andrew ReddellNewton, Annie12-21-1898
161Little, J.M. Newton, M.E.06-27-1896
237Young, JoeNewton, Mary10-31-1897
489Martin, Wm. H.Nichalson, Grace C.12-24-1900
043Duke, G.D.Nicholas, Della12-12-1893
056Nelson, Geo. D.Noel, Lizzie02-18-1894
263Simpson, J.J.H.Norris, Ada 10-05-1897
264Page, H.R.O'Bryant, Lizzie B.10-10-1897
240King, JuliusO'Neal, R.C.11-09-1897
460Willis, Oscar Osborn, Annie08-14-1900
437Lavender, R.D.Parker, Susie03-04-1900
475Patterson, D.D.Patterson, Mamie R.11-28-1900
252Wilcox, R.S.Patterson, S.G.12-20-1897
089McFerrin, JohnniePatterson,Lacey12-15-1894
165King, ArthurPendergrass, E.H.08-05-1896
179Summers, V.D.Pennington, Lula09-09-1896
315Smith, F.N.Peterson, Aggie10-18-1898
485Edwards, John R.Phillips, Mattie12-19-1900
470Clugston?, C.E.Pickle, Willie11-04-1900
157Heflin, W.T.Pitman, Bettie04-05-1896
096Marshall, W.T. Polk, G.12-26-1894
217Kines, W.E.Porch, Maggie03-23-1897
429Bailey, W.R.Powell, Emma01-24-1900
143Mullen, FrankPowell, Ida02-16-1896
195Mc?, HenryPowell, Sallie R.10-30-1896
348Holland, E.L.Pressgrove, Willie02-22-1899
222Slaughter, J.R.Price, Mimmie07-03-1897
130Minyard, H.F.Priddy, Effie12-20-1895
481Burnett, L.C.Priddy, Irim12-13-1900
432Bell, J.A.Pritchard, Lillie01-31-1900
136Clarkson, MillardPritchard, Lucie12-30-1895
328Sewell, S.F.Rainey, Erna12-28-1898
310Oakes, J.R.Rainey, Mabel C.10-05-1898
281Crosthwait, J.J.Raney, Desta02-14-1898
295Woods, N.H.Raney, Etta05-28-1898
145Steele, James A.Rayburn, Kattie02-23-1896
011Layne, CharlesRedit,Mary01-26-1893
347Mosier, LonieRoberson, "Addie 02-15-1899
361Willshire, WillardRoberson, Sallie04-20-1899
078Burress, P.J.Robertson, Tennie11-07-1894
259Little, CliftonRome, Carrie Lou01-05-1898
433Baker, G.W.Ross, C.02-11-1900
446Kerr. W.A.Ross, Lillian05-07-1900
445Moorman, JamesRoss, Martha Anna05-09-1900
338Jenkins, J.M.Rough, Anna01-19-1899
400Berryhill, JamesRowe, Allie2-19-1898
086Turner, EdRowe, Nannie12-10-1894
144Bonner, J.F.Rushing, Lizzie02-18-1996
128Ford, E.W.Rushon, Ida12-18-1895
223Hanks, J.B.Russell, M.A.07-01-1897
166Dixon, W.R.S.E.?08-30-1896
231Kendall, ElishaSanders, Belle08-18-1897
172Sheley, W.W.Sanders, Belle10-29-1896
225Mays, Dr. S.M.Sanders, Kate06-30-1897
380Roberson, J.W.Saunders, Daisey L. 11-15-1899
040Hudson, T.M.Sayle, Dinah10-29-1893
324Turner, C.P.Selby, Callie12-15-1898
480Clolinger, CharleyShannon, Etta12-26-1900
483Dickson, T.E.Shaw, Mattie12-14-1900
241F.S.?Sheley, Ella11-10-1897
164Darby, WalterSheley, Eula07-15-1896
073Roberson, ElliottSheley, Helen E.10-04-1894
395Kuykendall, T.D.Sheley, Nannie L.12-24-1899
254Lawson, J.W.Sheley, Rosa Lee12-26-1897
224Clolinger, J.L.Sherman,E.G.04-29-1897
095Young, D.L.Shive, Alice12-25-1894
244Brewer, W.W.Shive, May11-20-1897
235Jones, Jacob M.Shook, Mary R.10-05-1897
256Walker, W.B.Shook, Mattie12-29-1897
003Henson, MatthewSigler, Elma01-05-1893
484Henson, R.A.Simmons, Annie12-19-1900
247Fly, Jo DavidSimpson, Cara11-21-1897
451Sullivan, W.S.Simpson, Mary05-28-1900
202Summers, FrankSimpson, Sarah Estelle21-31-1896
050Ellett, J.M.Slaughter, Fannie01-24-1894
178Pennington, R.E.Smith, Ada10-18-1896
453Lewis, CharlesSmith, Adell06-27-1900
229Clarkson, T.J.Smith, Emma08-04-1897
305Clarkson, Charles Smith, Lizzie07-26-1898
447Smith, H.M.Smith, M.F.06-21-1900
169Smith, G.S.Smith, M.J.11-03-1896
293Willshire, W.T.Smith, Mary04-27-1898
153Young, W.S.Sparkman, Emma05-09-1896
054McCorkle, Jas. L.Spence, Pearl02-15-1894
026Humphrey, C.E.Spruill, J.B.12-28-1893
390Turner, S.B.Staten, Lena12-20-1899
369McGarity, S.E.Staten, O.B.08-16-1899
269Sheley, S.A.Stauffer, Hattie May01-14-1898
039Lay, A.J.Steele, Eunice12-20-1893
045Crow, Geo. W.Steele, Katie12-24-1893
296Bridges, W.H.Steele, Maggie06-15-1898
477Garrett, S.B.Steele, Mary12-05-1900
028Azlin, R.D.Stephens, Ella12-10-1893
020JS?Stephens, Mary12-24-1893
456Bonner, CliftonStewart, Minnie07-06-1900
200Tabb, B.F.Stewart, S.J.12-30-1896
442Brooks, T.A.Stewart, Susie04-11-1900
119Dunn, MorrisonStone, Ellen09-07-1895
142Scallions, W.R.Stone, Georgia02-06-1896
083Oswald, L.J.Stovall, M.A.11-24-1894
106Lipscomb, Dr. J.W.-2*Sturdivant, Anna Bell-2*no date
107Lipscomb, Dr. J.W.-2*Sturdivant, Anna Bell-2*02-26-1895
493Williamson, G.I.Sturkey, Lula12-26-1900
434White, J.J.Sturkie, Cora02-21-1900
226Saunders, A.B.Sturkie, Melvy06-30-1897
403Cook, J.A.Sullivan, Alma08-09-1899
402King, R.L.Sullivan, Dixie08-09-1898
364Riddick, T.M.Sullivan, Mamie V.06-14-1899
210McGarity, S.M.Sullivan, W.E.07-14-1897
021Mitchell, C.B.Summer, Sallie07-24-1893
438Herron, L.W.Summers, Emily03-07-1900
322Tucker, W.E.Sumner, S.M.11-27-1898
251Hallinger, S.W.Sutton, Parilee12-12-1897
010Harris, J.T.Sykes, Lourinda02-29-1893
175Rush, Thos. J.Tarrance, A.J.11-12-1896
228Havens, ?Tarrance, Rilla07-26-1897
482Milam, J.F.Tatum, Lelia12-13-1900
362Curry, R.A.Tatum, O.A.04-26-1899
025Hill, E.H.Taylor, Janie12-20-1893
427Havens, AllenTaylor, Maggie01-22-1900
317Levy, Alford LincolnTaylove, Eunice Alma10-31-1898
440Massey, S.M.Tholerus?, Josie03-13-1900
208McKnight, C.F.Thomas, Addie01-23-1897
367Carroll, HoldesThomas, Jennie08-13-1899
320Cox, N.B.Thomas, Kittie11-16-1898
187Patterson, A.Y.Thomas, Susie12-23-1896
019Hodges, Dr. W.A. Thompson, Daisey11-29-1893
197Arbuckle, J.Thompson, Nancy Jane01-05-1897
212Cossar, J.H.Thompson, Sattie03-17-1897
192Robuck, BedfordThrifty, Annie12-20-1896
321Marshall, Dr. B.Todd, Mary11-16-1898
450Havens, ArchieTorrence, Ida05-24-1900
198Halman, SamTribble,Bettie Elizabeth01-06-1897
411Blalack, D.M.Tribble, Dora04-05-1899
030Blalack, F.R.Tribble, M.E.07-21-1893
286Wilbourn, R.H.Tribble, Mary03-16-1898
214Denham, W.E.Tribble, N.E.03-03-1897
127Rounsaville, G.W.Trummel,? Mary12-11-1895
206Worsham, CaryTrummell, Beckie01-19-1897
076Wood, TommieTucker, Willie10-26-1894
185Fish, JamesTurner, Martha12-16-1896
368Smith, W.A.Waldrup, Pearl08-04-1899
471Bell, JackWalker, Martha11-04-1900
397Gardner, H.A.Walker, T.L.12-25-1899
336Willingham, J.J.Walton, Ella D.01-11-1899
245Pickle, JimWalton, Stella11-25-1897
065Bryant, W.O.Weaver, Bell03-11-1894
117Boothe, C.L.Weaver, Louella08-10-1895
154Murphey, SmithWebb, Bettie Evan05-19-1896
248O'Leary S.L.Webb, Mollie12-10-1897
193Humphrey, C.E.Webster, Daisey A.01-06-1897
455Brown, James AWheat, Inez D.06-29-1900
363Durley?, W.L.Wheat, Lucile05-12-1899
415West, J.H.White, Birdie09-13-1899
131Roberts, Geo.White, Jane12-20-1895
091Little, J.M.White, Louella12-20-1894
394Tatum, H.P.White, Nellie12-27-1899
147Jones, W.S.Whitten, A.E.03-04-1896
182Rounsaville, I.G.Whitten, Lelia12-26-1896
351Williams, W.H.Whitten, Mattie M.02-25-1899
383Burt, EdWhitten, Nettie12-17-1899
238Bobo, L.S.Whtie, Laura11-07-1897
409Hause, T.P.Wilburn, M.L.06-26-1899
464Doran, F.B.Wilks, Effie08-17-1900
435Denman, J.O.Williams, Lura02-18-1900
339Miller, JamesWilliams, Mamie01-18-1899
388Cooper, J.S.Williamson, Mary12-06-1899
261Strider, J.HWilliamson, Mattie Lou01-05-1898
167Fowler, W.C.Williamson, Senie09-02-1896
357Craig, FrankWillshire, Genia03-19-1899
340Staten, AllenWilson, Rosa Lee01-25-1899
141Keelin, W.C.Wolfe, SuElla02-03-1896
034Milam, ButlerWomble, Jennie09-27-1893
378Neely, A.P.Womble, Tyna11-08-1899
370Kiihne?, J.R.Wooten, M.H.08-16-1899
289Mitchell, S.E.Worsham, Ada03-23-1898
474Sanders, J.O.S.Wynn, Judith11-21-1900

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