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1860-1880 Marriages Charleston District I

Tallahatchie County


1860-1880 Marriages, District I, Charleston, Tallahatchie County Mississippi

? -Could not read
*-Could be spelled more than one way
**-Under age
*2-Listed twice on different pages

Col'd- We think they meant Colored-but not sure.. In those years the marriages were placed in separate books, I have been told that in those years if a person was Native American they would list themselves as Colored to keep from being sent to a reservation. How much of this is true I do not know.
Colored and FreeMen on census and other records did not always mean Black. There were the Mulegeons of East TN that were Portugese and white mixed and there are records to support this. Some of the interracial marriages between American Indians and Whites were listed as "Colored" or FreeMen of Colour". Some of the Spanish were listed the same. If they were of AfroAmerican extraction they will most often be listed as Black or, if interracial, then Mulatto.... You might need to look further for your family origins. Many things can be found in the court minutes and sometimes the deed books....

If you are from the family that is listed as Col'd, or if there is an ? or an * by a name we would appreciate it if you would help us correct these files.

Our many thanks to Nick Denley, Clerk of Chancery Court for these files, he has worked many, many hours writing these so they will be avaliable to those doing research. Nick is attempting to get all of these records indexed. Many of them were not indexed. For many years the records were not taken care of as they should have been, but if Nick has anything to do with it all records will be as up to date as he can possibly make them.

Every effort has been made to preserve these marriages just as they were written. The date listed is either the date of application or date of marriage--In all cases if the date of the marriage was avaliable it is the date we used. In many cases there was only one date.

These files are done by Groom in alphabetical order. The page number is the first column, the Groom is the second column, the Bride is the third column and the date of application or marriage is the fourth column.

311??Moore, Mary12-27-1886
319?? Potts, Roxana03-29-1877
309???Thomas, Fannie 12-18-1876
304????Flynn, Hattie E.11-16-1876
305????Hamilton, E.11-17-1876
330????Harris, Emmer10-31-1877
278????? Cooper, Eliza C.12-31-1875
303?????Davis, Sallie11-09-1876
296???????Denman, Olive08-08-1876
327Acker, A.A.Bridges, M.P.08-30-1877
366Adams, J.J. Harrison, Rosa C.02-20-1879
73Adams, J.O.Laughlin, H.E.05-27-1867
345Adams, John B.McLendon, Katie L.07-07-1878
277Adams, Thomas N.Smith, S.C.12-27-1875
91Adams, W.L.King, M.E.02-20-1868
156Adams, William A.Williams, Mary12-11-1871
291Adcox, W.G. Lain, Elviria06-14-1876
302Adkins, M.Howard, Sophrona11-06-1876
9Alexander, R.M.Toole, M.A.12-04-1860
21Allen, A.J.Smith, Fannie L.04-13-1862
365Allen, W.S.Patterson, S.B.02-12-1879
93Allison, J.A.Ward,or Word, Martha?01-16-1868
163Allison, JosephWord, Viola A. 02-01-1872
49Alvis, A.S.Laughlin, Bettie04-17-1866
3Arbuckle, JamesOwen, Malinda09-13-1860
104Arbuckle, JohnWagner, Martha07-02-1868
199Arbuckle, John Milam, Mattie04-13-1873
180Arbuckle, LafayetteLittle, Sarah Elizabeth11-16-1862
37Arendale, D.G.Nixon, Martha03-23-2864
9Arendale, John T.Benton, Rebecca A.12-20-1860
359Armstron, D.B.Armstrong, S.A.01-08-1879
274Armstrong, D.B.Lock, Sarah A.12-18-1875
10Ashcroft, J.L.Williams, Mary J.12-27-1860
304Ashley, Alex?????11-13-1876
393Ashley, E.J.Jaynes?, J.V.01-13-1880
272Ashley, S.F.Gattis, Susan P.11-29-1875
149Ashley, S.F.Heedricks, Louisa07-18-1871
23Ashley, William H.Lamkin, Coila B.01-14-1863
205Ashley, Wilson Oswald, ?07-29-1873
17Ashmore, W.H.Mullen, Mary R.09-22-1861
47Ashmore, E.DAllen, Louisa04-24-1866
298Ashmore, J. RobertSherrill, Clementine09-20-1876
380Bailey, J.L.Smith, M.E.08-13-1879
49Bailey, James M.Stevens, M.J.10-26-1865
186Bailey, Pryor B. Bradford, Mattie01-02-1873
92Baker, J.B.Denman, M.L.02-24-1868
121Baker, L.D.Dogan, L.D.01-17-1870
371Ball, Has W.Carr, Jennifer04-07-1879
222Barnes, Robert M.Calhoun, B.M.02-12-1874
100Barr, F.R.Elen, Mary Charlotte11-07-1867
163Beauchamp, A.M.McCorkle, Sally R.07-24-1871
363Bell, AllenPierce, Manda02-04-1879
119Bell, B.R.Williams, S.S.11-19-1869
389Bell, W.H.Orr. Willie G.12-24-1879
16Belsha, D.A.McBroom, E.C.07-04-1861
8Benton, C.W.Arendale, Mary A.01-03-1861
34Benton, ThosBoyce, Pamlee01-13-1864
314Best, L.O. Hearndon, ?02-03-1877
64Birdsong, HenryBettenton, M.E.12-30-1866
121Blacklock, William?Trible, Mary E.01-18-1870
373Blalack, D.M.Ashley, M.A.07-02-1879
377Blalack, Hed R.Youngblood, Parmelia A.09-25-1879
337Blalack, J.P.Wilkins, Birtha01-09-1878
141Blaylock, J.P. Tribble, Nancy Jane02-21-1871
283Bloodworth, ? Pressgrove, Sallie02-16-1876
137Bloodworth, C.C.Ellett, Susan01-04-1871
33Bloodworth, James M. Rice, Mary L.03-10-1863
270Bloodworth, N.B.Ellett, Mary H.11-09-1875
102Bloodworth, T.H.Ellett, Fannie A.03-03-1868
336Bodry, Wm. H. Priddy, J.12-23-1877
27Bone, B.F.Orr, Frances M.08-16-1863
316Bonner, H.B.Champion, D.R.02-16-1877
174Bonner, J.T.Rhodes, Elizabeth L.09-17-1872
179Bowden, Henry A.Crosswaite, Martha11-05-1872
310Boyd, A.F.Coopwood, A.P.12-19-1876
188Bradford, J.S.Ross, Marilyn 01-12-1873
25Brady, B.S.Davis, Martha L.09-03-1862
10Braidy, J.C.Pickle, Susan12-xx-1860
368Bramlett, A.C.Killobrew, Eller S.03-19-1879
324Brewer, LewisCooper, Marilla07-02-1877
185Bridges, Franklin H. Epps, Sallie12-17-1872
108Bright, W.D.Kelly, B.G.J.08-23-1868
242Brodnax, T.Branscome, Elizabeth12-03-1874
67Brooks, T.J.Pickett, Sallie05-07-1867
51Brown, GeorgeBenton, Mary08-28-1866
41Brown, HenryCox, Sallie09-06-1864
294Brown, J.D.Bunton, Eliza07-13-1876
336Brown, WilliamLoftin, Sarah Jane12-27-1877
317Bruce, W.F.Pinson, S.A.02-24-1877
168Bruce, W.J.Arendale, Rebecca02-26-1872
135Brunson, WilliamFord, Lucy12-22-1870
394Brunson, Wm. MMcKnight, Theodocia01-29-1880
280Brunson, Wm. M.Cunningham, A.R.01-19-1876
291Bryant, B.F.Pots?, Nannie06-14-1876
295Bryant, Jas Gibson, Annie07-24-1876
369Bryant, R.C.Robinson, Mary J.03-09-1879
345Buckhalter, JimmieTurner, S.E.05-30-1878
275Buckley, J.C.White, M.J.12-21-1875
154Buckley, James W.Murphey, Mary E.11-13-1871
242Buckley, WilliamKendall, M.E.12-03-1874
11 Buckley, WilsonMatthews, Fanny01-22-1861
130Buckley, Wilson?Draper, Emma03-08-1870
207Buntin, William Ann J.?09-05-1873
24 Burkhalter, C.T.Craig, Mary Ann10-29-1862
219Burkhalter, M. McCorkle, S.M.12-11-1873
313Burnett, ?Adams, ?01-25-1877
398Burnett, JohnMayfield, Emily02-19-1880
332Burnson, R.E.Mary?11-22-1877
135Burnson, T.J.Adams, M.A.12-16-1870
357Burt, John W. Jr.Harris, Jennie D.01-08-1879
1Busby, PhilipTraweek, Ednis 10-18-1860
146Caldwell, James B.Fannie B.?03-16-1871
341Camp, N.B.Thomas, Ida A.03-20-1878
108Camp, N.B.?Alford, S.J.09-02-1868
328Campbell, B.Carpenter, Mary09-10-1877
316Campbell, F.Duke, Mollie02-22-1877
251Campbell, W.?Elenden,?02-18-1875
98 Carlock, J.M.?Ming, E.A.?12-17-1867/68
197Carothers, CleverBoothe, Lucy02-21-1873
114Carothers, S.T.Buntin, H.E.08-18-1869
235Carothers, Samuel T.White, A.B.09-11-1874
302Carpenter, J.M.Brandon, Frances11-08-1876
190Carpenter, John Bellen, Annah 01-19-1873
390Carpenter, M. J.Carpenter, Mary E.12-24-1879
145Carter, AlfredBenson, Nannie J.07-22-1871
362Carter, H.D.Parker, Dallas01-30-1879
283Carter, J.W.Nile, Fannie02-10-1876
117Carter, WyattHarris, Alice10-18-1869
61 Chadwell, A.H.Benjamin, Alice 02-04-1867
159Champion, M.P.Wells, D.R.12-18-1871
355Chapman, Jas H.Draper, E.12-11-1878
60 Chapman, R.G.Roberson, Alabama02-11-1867
244Clark, B.F.Bagwell, Lucy A.12-15-1874
349Clark, J.A. Berry, A.M.09-29-1878
239Clark, Richard R.Nause, Mary Jane11-21-1874
118Clayton, W.P.Buntin, Annie11-06-1869
117Coates, S.T.Roebush, Emma Ophelia10-29-1868
384Cole, A.M.Rogers, Jula11-20-1879
213Cole, Benjamin F.Williams, Amanda A.10-29-1874
31Cole, T.J.Porch, Elizabeth11-17-1863
22Cole, W.H.Oden, Ann Eliza04-10-1862
371Coleman, G.W.Wilson, L.J.04-09-1879
338Collier, ?James, Mary01-29-1878
275Collins, J.R.Pearson, Sarah C.12-18-1875
52Constable, W.C.Fowler, Nancy M.03-19-1866
8Cook, G.R.Duke, Mary12-27-1860
53Cook, JohnHicks, Eliza12-21-1865
322Cooper, J.H.Matingly, Annie05-24-1877
250Cooper, Pennen?Brewer, Della02-12-1875
38Coopwood, William L. Davis, Anna 07-20-1864
33Cossar, C.G.Lee, Sue M.11-28-1860
383Covington, Wm. H.Johnson, Mary E.11-19-1879
57Cox, C.J.Rice, M.J.12-10-1865
279Cox, Jno H.Hall, Esther E.01-10-1876
360Cox, M.F.Hall, Mollie01-15-1879
256Cox, Marion M.Sherrell, Mary Jane05-25-1875
26Craig, A.B.Boyle, A.E.10-09-1863
164Craig, A.B.Greenhough, H.J.02-09-1872
173Craig, James W.Whitworth, Frances Ellen09-03-1872
96Craig, R.B.Ming, M.M.01-07-1868
123Criswell, FrankMary Shannon02-23-1870
50Criswell, GeorgeSullivant, Eliza08-29-1866
27 Criswell, JasHolland, Lucy A.05-24-1863
313Crofford, ThomasMcCracken, Maria A.01-09-1877
139Crow, A.S.Betts, Mary01-19-1871
95Cummins, James Eliza, -?12-26-1867
329Cunningham, G.P.Ellett, S.E.10-24-1877
230Cunningham, Martin W. Terice, Mary R.07-15-1874
36Daghkin, SammieStaton, Elizabeth04-13-1864
350Dare, HenryNichols, Mary11-11-1878
321David A.?Moore, Alvera05-03-1877
110Davis, F.H.Duke, E.O.10-04-1868
48 Davis, J.A.Booth, Mary04-04-1866
109Deaton, Geo. W.Boothe, M.H.12-22-1868
270Deaton, W.B.Ming, M.J.R.11-08-1875
12Dees, CharlesPennington, Sucinda04-09-1861
126Dees, W.H.Bruce, Susan J.06-21-1870
157Denham, AlexanderPesinger, Fanny12-15-1871
228Denman, A.S. Mann, Mary E.04-02-1874
320Denman, R.Turnipseed, Rebecca F.04-02-1877
382Denman, RichardHerron, Mary E.09-17-1879
31 Denson, Bunyan P.Ables, M.J.12-29-1863
157Dixon, SamuelPetcock, Sarah12-14-1871
55 Dogan, CadePowers, Elizabeth12-06-1865
264Dogan, JohnPressgrove, Jane09-01-1875
99 Dougherty, HenryMalona, Lizzie?05-02-1867
25 Doughton, B.F.Rop, Elizabeth Jane02-08-1863
152Draper, G.W.Houston, M.E.10-19-1871
132Draper, H.E. Buckley, M.L.12-01-1870
215Driskell, F.A. Word, Mary L.11-20-1873
61 Duggins, F.L.Bentley, M.S.02-12-1867
24 Duke, A.R.Caruthers, Naomi07-23-1863
239Duke, D.A.Eastridge, Sarah F.11-25-1874
45 Duke, F.M.Wynne, M.A.09-07-1865
178Duke, Joseph M.Bowden, Ann Eliza10-15-1872
260Duke, W.H.Hendricks, Mary L.J.07-31-1875
30 Dunlap, John C.Travick, Lidia11-17-1863
174Dunn, A.J.Langford, Nancy07-25-1872
221Dunn, Isaac P. Harrington, Lou02-01-1874
381Dunn, PlesJones, Sarah L.09-11-1879
46Edwards, R.E.Renfro, U.J.04-08-1866
37 Eggleston, T.E.Foster, Mary10-11-1860
307Eldridge, Wm. A.??12-07-1876
198Elgin, Charles Manuel, Fannie 03-19-1873
376Ellis, J.M.Houston, Elizabeth08-03-1879
328Elmer, Harry T.Wolfe, M.E.10-18-1877
103Elmore, A.R.Taylor, A.J.06-16-1868
254Elrod, LeviMcMullen, S.A.04-19-1875
64 Emerson, E.J.Dees, M.C.01-30-1867
234Epps, Burrell P.Orr, S.E.09-07-1874
16 Epps, GilbertCox, Susannah08-04-1861
48 Erwin, W.R.Holt, V.A.12-24-1865
146Eskridge, S.M.?Buckley, S.F.07-19-1871
250Evans, James T.Simmons, M.A.02-17-1875
289Evans, C.Gable, L.M.?06-05-1876
247Evans, EugeneHarvey, Judith B.02-04-1875
125Evans, JamesArendale, S.J.02-24-1870
378Ezell, J.B.Land, Gerogia05-25-1879
14 Falkner, WilliamJackson, Mary A.06-27-1861
86 Farned, J.W.McDonald, V.E.12-17-1867
184Fedrick, DavidDenman, Larina? 12-24-1872
200Fillyaw, Sampson White, Nanny 05-08-1873
87 Finley, H.H.Riddick, E.M. 12-31-1867
131Fleming, JamesRop. Sarah Jane11-29-1870
83 Floyd, G. H.Lawson, Eliza A.10-01-1867
299Fonda, Chaley?H.Branscome, Julia10-01-1876
331Ford, J.W.Smith, Fannie11-09-1877
32 Ford, Prince G.?11-25-1864
43 Fox, MichaelWilliams, Angeline03-08-1865
322Frank, Michael New, Madorn06-07-1877
42 Franklin, M.Fowler, Astemitisa01-20-1865
361French, S.J.Lantrip, R.C.01-23-1879
387French, J.C.Landtrip, Eliz12-11-1879
193French, John R. Acken, R.L.V.02-31-1873
339Frierson, ErwinJenkins, E.L.01-29-1878
14 Funston, JohnElizabeth Beard06-09-1861
114G.W.?Henson, Mary E.09-20-1869
170Gabel, John M. Pruett, Frances F.03-31-1872
97 Gacy, J.D.?Barton, A.A.01-22-1868
189Gamble, Samuel S. Gibson, Sarah L.01-17-1873
227Gates, William Bolton, Susan03-31-1874
312Gattis, E.Thompson, M.G.01-06-1877
2Gentry, AllenArbuckle, Sarah09-20-1860
381Gentry, W.B Tribble, S.E.09-07-1879
5Gentry, W.C. Owen, Rilla Malissa09-13-1860
395Gibbs, Walter P.Patterson,Sallie J.01-20-1880
113Gibson, B.F.Reid, M.M.F.09-24-1868
76 Glenn, J.M.Bazne, Jennie06-28-1867
153Gooch, Samuel O.Hill, Sally J.10-16-1871
268Goodson, D.M.Miller, Mary E.10-14-1875
216Goodwin, John Smith, Mollie00-03-1873
388Goodwin, W.H.Fillyaw, F.G.12-18-1879
375Gordon, George Boan?, Young05-18-1879
273Graham, Charles C.Mary,?12-07-1875
340Granberry, G.E.Barbar, L.E.02-28-1878
372Green, BobSkinner, Eliza06-27-1879
6Green, ElishaOrr, Sarah08-26-1860
127Griffin, RutledgePowell, Emelie V.07-30-1870
396Groce, S.S.Febrick, Maggie02-04-1880
158Guest, William M.Bond, Mary E.12-16-1871
395Gurley, JohnCarpenter, Ann 01-19-1880
52 Gurley, Isham Barnes, M.E.01-00-1866
188Gurley, Willis Teague, Sallie12-24-1872
89 Guy, C.W.?Thomas, Jane12-19-1867
326Hagler, S.J.Mounce, S.F. 08-30-1877
112Halcombe, D.L.Turner, Mollie11-22-1868
148Hall, JosephAshey, Setha 06-29-1871
369Hall, George W.Hale, A.M.C.03-20-1879
391Hall, J.F.Best, Mary12-31-1879
165Hall, James G. Jr.Thornton, Isabella B.02-13-1872
203Hall, John AJohnson, Sarah06-09-1873
356Hall, S.H.Fonda, A.J.12-28-1878
306Hamby, M.KcKee, Mandy11-25-1876
262Hanks, John B. Cunningham, Mary A.08-12-1875
235Hanks, W.G.Peten, S.Z.09-19-1874
374Hanna, John W.Bruce, Rebecca A.04-20-1879
45 Haralson, I.A. Harris, E.L.10-21-1866
13 Harper, James N.Fisher, Eusebia N.07-13-1861
375Harrington, W.V.Akens, M.A.05-01-1879
285Harris, B.L.Houston, Bettie02-23-1876
168Harris, Benjamin L.Robinson, Matilda02-27-1872
82Harris, J.A.Cauley, D.C.10-20-1867
382Harris, J.A.Holloway, N.E.10-08-1879
53Harris, N.Lee, Margaret12-12-1865
389Harris, S.M.Ross, Louisa12-23-1879
191Harris, Walter C. Sullivant, Emily01-21-1873
166Harris, WilliamHarris, Margaret02-18-1872
91Havens, JesseGoodwin, Laura01-16-1868
87Havens, MilesArendale, C.12-20-1867
362Havens, TurnerEastridge, Abergil L. 01-28-1879
206Havens,? Harden, Mary08-23-1873
268Hawkins, T.Syles, Bettie10-11-1875
162Hays, William F.Susan E.?01-02-1872
94 Heath, D.F.Hinson, Jenetta01-23-1868
334Helmer, StephenOrrell, A.12-13-1877
245Helms, J.W.McCorkle, S.C.12-29-1874
7Henson, J.G.Sullivant, Caroline11-26-1860
326Henson, J.J.H. Staten, Nancy08-09-1877
286Henson, W.B.Robbinson, Susan E.03-14-1876
84 Herron, John Henderson, Mary A.11-27-1867
192Hey, MichaelHarris, Lucy A.01-30-1873
397Hill, D.W.Neloms?, Becky Ann02-12-1880
160Hill, J.W.Martin, Cally 12-28-1871
276Hill, Thomas F.Harper, Katie12-22-1875
311Hines, B.Ashley?12-28-1876
195Hines, R.C.Chandler, Frances R.02-13-1873
335Hinson, HuseShannon, Adeline12-13-1877
260Holt, John T.Porter, Josephine08-10-1875
351Hoop, John W.Sharon, Martha R.11-27-1878
202Houston, A.C.Williams, R.E.05-01-1873
390Houston, J.H.Darida?, Luiga12-25-1879
280Houston, J.H.Gibson, Sue01-24-1876
83 Houston, J.J.Brown, Helen A.11-20-1867
85 Houston, P.H.Moore, E.A.11-21-1867
223Howard, I.M. Duke, Julia M00-00-1873
77 Howard, James A.Orr, M.E.?01-30-1867
278Howard, L.B.Covington, Katie F.01-08-1876
318Howard, WilliamOrr, Bealie I. 03-27-1877
261Howell, DavidMooney, Jane08-05-1875
248Hubbard, JohnHeritage, Adeline02-08-1875
385Hubbard, John C.Bell, Lavina M.12-03-1879
348Hubert, JohnSchmity, S.J.09-02-1878
367Hughes, L.Turner, Annie03-03-1879
139Hunt, JohnMartha Jane?02-24-1871
54 Hunts, J.C.Culpepper, S.L.10-24-1865
15 Hurd, C.M.Saunders, N.J.07-23-1861
70 Hutchinson, S.T.Akins, Lizzie02-14-1867
385Ingram, HernandoBailey, Zilla11-28-1879
169Jack, JohnGoodwin, Elizabeth01-23-1872
7Jackson, AndrewH.S. Robertson11-13-1860
129Jackson, C.C.Buntin, Frances L.11-10-1870
145Jackson, C.C.?Buntin, Fannie11-12-1871
62Jackson, JohnCole, Bettie02-26-1867
71Jeffora, DanielAkins, Mary04-11-1867
228Jenkins, H.R. Cooper, Mary E.04-14-1874
360Jenkins, K.J.Flynn, Sue01-20-1879
277JJ?Bailey, Winnie 12-28-1875
110Johnson, J.J.Polk, M.E.11-12-1868
307Johnson, Jas P.Sherman, Mary12-18-1876
207Johnson, John R. Dillingham Eldora08-30-1873
22Johnson, L.W.Williams, M.C.05-15-1862
338Johnson, Thomas J.Camron, Margaret01-20-1878
182Jones, Edward Brunson, Mary E.12-04-1873
74Jones, G.W.McCorkle, Mary Jane05-26-1867
377Jones, G.W.Wilcox, Susanna E.10-19-1879
386Jones, J.S.Burnett, Mary12-10-1879
40Jones, T.L.Priddy, Sallie02-02-1865
30Jones, ThomasAnderson, Mary11-26-1863
300Jordan, Thomas??????? 10-12-1876
63Julian, JohnBallard, Eva03-12-1867
71Kelly, F.Hinson, Mary E.03-07-1867
262Kelly, H.B.White, Mattie08-19-1875
175Kelly, Samuel B.Wynn, Sarah09-18-1872
392Kennedy, P. Sanders, Emmer01-04-1880
170Kerr, J.D.Gattis, M.A.04-02-1872
122Kerr, John D.Cowan, M.G.02-01-1870
120Kerr, L.D.Taylor, C.01-10-1870
195Killibrew, Joseph Troutman, Ellen S.02-13-1873
59 King, AnthonyTatum, Mary E.12-20-1866
28 King, R.J.Hendricks, Louisia C.11-07-1863
140King, ScottDunn, Margaret02-02-1871
4 Kirk, J.W.Mitchell, Lucy07-31-1860
98 Knight, J.W.Boyd, Nancy05-19-1868
169Knox, J.W.Johnson, M.J. 03-07-1872
180Ladd, James A. McCain, Jennie S.11-19-1862
21 Lamkin, George G.Thomas, Matilda01-28-1862
266Lance, GeorgeChristwell, Ann09-15-1875
132Langford, W.S. Spinks, E.O.11-21-1870
368Lantrip, Jas H.Turner, Nancy L.03-06-1879
285Larkin, JamesCustis, M.02-26-1876
315Lashley, GeorgeCameron, Fannie02-14-1877
317Laughlin, JosephWhite, Fannie J.03-01-1877
136 Laughlin, William H. Cowan, Susan12-21-1870
99Lawrence, WesleyCannon, Caroline09-03-1867
Lay, C.C.King, Elizabeth02-06-1880
387Lee, Thomas A.Trewalla, Madie 12-17-1879
72 Leigh, A. MaconBridges, Willie05-14-1867
47 Leigh, J. LaneLeigh, Jose01-23-1866
78 Lilly, B.F.A.Kirk, Lucy 08-22-1867
347Little, FarrerTrumel, Lillie08-11-1878
337Little, Jas Burkhalter, Mary01-10-1878
329Little, Jas H.Evens, ?10-27-1877
284Little, W.R.Heilson, Annie02-26-1874
271Livingston, A.PMedlin, E.A.11-24-1875
248Loftin, R.Gray, Ella A.02-11-1875
5Lofton, T.D.Powell, E.P.09-03-1860
185Logan, Henry F.Gooden, Hanniel?01-01-1873
164Loomis, W.D.Porter, Nannie A. 02-11-1872
90 Loper, P.F.Johnson, Susan02-02-1868
162Lowry, H.J.Hutson, Eolia?01-29-1872
282Lyon, R.J.Curry, Fannie 01-26-1876
323Mann, W.B.Williams, N.A.06-10-1877
54 Marchbank, C.W.Lillybridge, Susan12-14-1865
66 Marshall, J.W. McBroom, Christenia03-17-1867
212Marshall, JamesDenman, Sevenia10-09-1873
34 Marshall, T.M. Cox, Elizabeth 04-11-1861
90 Marshall, William B. Manley, Ida 01-21-1868
386Martin, David M.Bell, Anna12-03-1879
335Martin, Harry M.Harper, Mary E.12-20-1877
364Martin, JohnHanna, Heneretta A.02-09-1879
231Martin, John A.Balldin, Mary J.08-08-1874
237Martin, M.F.Philips. Sarah Ann10-22-1874
66 Martin, T.J.Julian, Mattie01-29-1867
312Martin, WilliamCovington, Cora01-06-1877
80 Martin, William G.Ealam, Nancy10-02-1867
246Mason, A. MasonAlice G. Harvey01-21-1875
104May, W.C.Kitchen, Delila08-09-1868
203May, William Tatum, Sallie L.02-25-1873
249May. S.D.Rayney, Katie E.02-11-1875
261McArthur, S.M. Hall, L.G.08-08-1875
243McBride, Peter F.Willingham, Frances M.12-10-1874
4McBroom, G.W.Oneal, Christeany10-05-1860
187McCain, Robert L. Williams, Elizabeth12-18-1872
116McCalobe, S.M. Sehbright, M.B.?10-07-1869
343McCartney, W.A.S.E. Byars02-27-1878
366McCarty, DanWomble, Nellie02-20-1879
138McCarty, DavidMurphey, Mollie01-18-1871
74 McCluney, T.S.Kilpatrick, M.M.06-19-1867
67 McClung, S.T.Pevahouse, Mary E.?05-08-1867
122McCorkle, J.T.McParker, Melanda A.01-19-1870
279McCormick, E.B.Byars, E.R.01-15-1876
75 McCrary, S.S.Hanson, M.C.12-27-1866
13 McCrary, W.E.Hornback, Ann01-09-1862
17 McDonald, E.J.Orr, V.E. 11-25-1860
81 McDow, Thomas W.Finley, A.C.09-26-1867
141McFaran, S.M.Burnett, Susan02-15-1871
118McGaugh, W.C.?Saugare, Clementine? 11-03-1869
237McGrew, SamuelPeden, Mary M.10-21-1874
308McKiney, J.?12-16-1876
364McKinney, BenjaminLand, A.A.02-13-1879
142McMullen, A.A.Hunter, Sally06-30-1871
20 McMullen, J.M.Powers, Annie06-09-1861
293McMullen, WilliamSearight, Alice06-28-1876
80 McNight, Henry R.Kelly, Anna E.08-25-1867
198McNulty, George Allen, Mary Ann03-13-1873
39 McQater, EliasMiller, Amanda12-27-1864
128Meek, J.W.?Watson, Sarah Jane08-06-1870
219Meriweather, C.S.Thornton, Elenia12-17-1873
159Milam, Daniel T.Denman, Sarah A.12-24-1872
348Milam, David B.Bryan, Adelia E.11-15-1878
136Milam, J.T.?Denman, A.S.12-25-1870
41 Miller, Daniel E.Hunt, Frances S.07-07-1864
73 Miller, J.B.Squires, J.A.01-03-1867
299Miller, M.Wooten, Emiley09-27-1876
178Miller, Matthew H.Jones, Virginia10-06-1872
19 Miller, RichardAmyett, E.F.10-10-1861
20 Milton, John B.Howard, Margaret05-01-1861
330Minarck, WilliamScott, ?10-30-1877
97 Mitchell, W.C. Wilson, Josie12-25-1867
342Monday, J.Quarles, Allie01-30-1878
215Montgomery, H.C.Payne, J.S.11-20-1873
196Moore, John W. Blunt, Mary S. 02-13-1873
186Moore, Thomas H.Haywood, Lou12-19-1873
321Moore, W.T. Sullivan, M.J.05-03-1877
354Morgan, B.C.Adams, Mary J.03-19-1879
339Morgan, J.A.Nelson, M.J.01-24-1878
171Morgan, Wesley D.Logan, Tabatha C.05-16-1872
55 Morris, WilliamWilliams, Mary 06-06-1865
319Mullen, A.A.Ross, Rebecca03-22-1877
256Mullen, H.J.Fuller, Harriett05-20-1875
76 Mullen, James H.Rops, Anneliza01-20-1867
363Mullen, M.M.Nile, Ida?02-04-1879
40 Murphey, SmithThompson, Nannie F. 01-26-1865
79 Murphey, A.G. McNamara, Annie E.08-22-1867
181Murphree, Roland David Denman, Martha?11-21-1872
131Murry, JamesBirdsong, Jane05-10-1870
217Neely, A.G.Davis, A.E.08-05-1873
142Neilson, Charles B. Keith, Hattie E.02-23-1871
160Nelms, W.J.Nancy?01-03-1872
152Nelson, John T.Cornick, Sarah T.09-28-1871
75 Newton, Geo. W.Nations, N.W.01-08-1867
247Newton, M.V.B. Truessell, Margaret A.02-12-1875
84 Nickles, L.D.Stricklin, Mary F.09-08-1867
36 Noel, T.E.Quarles, Sarah E.05-03-1864
88 Norris, V.M.Guy?, N.A.12-04-1867
301Oats, Q.A.Collier, Ida10-24-1876
194O'Brian, CharlesWhite, M.A.02-05-1873
253O'Briant, S.S. Sherrel, Kittie04-09-1875
351Odam, JohnathanBrooks, Frances11-14-1878
6O'Neal, T.Y.McBroom, M.J.10-05-1860
315Orrell, L.J.Curry, Ione02-14-1877
374Oswald, Jas. F.Mann?, Lucy04-20-1879
154Owen, A.H.Best, A.E.11-30-1871
223Parker, Samuel /td>Blunt, Martha E.02-21-1874
352Patterson, D.P.Hamilton, Falba11-27-1878
227Patterson, J.R.Dees, Martha R.04-01-1874
183Payne, W.H.Montgomery, Sarah A.12-11-1872
115Payne, W.H.Williams, Allelon09-17-1869
133Pegram, P.F.Jones, Mollie J.12-08-1870
12 Pennington, EvanClark, Manurvia04-09-1861
327Perkins, ?Burgess, Anna J.09-19-1877
309Perry, A.W.Worsley, Salla A.12-19-1876
44 Peters, TefeeNelms, Jane03-30-1865
370Peterson, Clarence L.Stone, Bettie04-05-1879
233Peterson, HendrickWillingham, Sarah Jane 09-03-1874
155Peterson, Starling B.?Holloway, Nancy12-09-1871
144Petway, F.S.Talbert, W.A.08-16-1871
323Phillips, AustonTaylor, Jane06-19-1877
388Pickett, Wm.Moore, Susan12-18-1879
155Pitcock, Stephen D.?Nancy Jane?12-09-1871
96Pittenger, BengisNewton, Fannie03-24-1868
35 Pittman, IasiahTribble, Lavimia P.03-17-1864
23 Platner, W.F.Lott, Mollie E.06-11-1862
202Polk, Minus W.?Brown, Bettie03-25-1873
50 Pollock, W.A.Peterson, M.J.09-09-1866
353Porter, Charles A.Helson, L.E.11-28-1878
161Porter, JeremiahHenderson, Mary01-08-1872
177Porter, Leroy R.Harris, Georgia08-28-1872
70 Porter, S.M.McCrary, Catherine04-07-1867
324Potts, J.W.Wilkins, P.07-12-1877
28 Powell, Charles W.Gibson, Emily09-01-1863
236Powell, DavidWardlaw, F.E.09-24-1874
282Powell, George Kencaid, Mattie02-05-1876
3Powell, John W.Newsome, Emeline A.08-23-1860
113Powell, M.L.Tatum, Virginia07-21-1869
308Powell, N.B.Mollie?12-09-1876
244Powell, Z.B.Wardlaw, J.A.12-16-1874
134Pratt, WilliamMatthews, Jennie12-15-1870
120Pregram, G.W.Helm,?01-08-1870
165Pressgrove, A.M.Sherrill, F.M.02-13-1872
138Pressgrove, Anderson Rice, I.M.01-09-1871
373Pressgrove, W.N.Ross, Mary D. 06-25-1879
39 Prewitt, WilliamDees, Sarah09-18-1864
361Prince, Henry M.Neely, Sallie E.01-29-1879
107Pritchard, James B.Pickle, Margaret S.12-30-1868
252Quarles, WilliamWard, Josephine03-07-1875
265Quinn, A.J.Williams, Lucy A.09-08-1875
298Quinn, J.M.Davis, J.09-13-1876
332Rainey, P.Laughlin, S.E.11-20-1877
378Raney, Jas. K. Dilingham, Fannie05-15-1879
255Ray, G.Pruett, A.V.05-17-1875
116Ray, G.G.Dupree, N.M.A. 09-29-1869
293Ray?Wilson, ?07-08-1876
127Rayburn, R.S.Ball, Florence C.07-14-1870
32 Rayburn, T.N.Womble, Martha A.11-31-1861
69 Reams, A.C.Garner, Ella M.05-16-1867
288Reddick, T.J. Stone, Elen06-03-1876
18 Redding, J.E.Aiken, Emerintha H.11-28-1861
349Reese, R.C.Robbins, W.E.10-16-1878
305Rhew, J.P.I.E.?11-21-1876
342Rice, ? Goodwin, M.B. 02-27-1878
38 Rice, George W.Sherman, Lizzie W.04-24-1864
56 Rice, J.D.Mullen, T.A.07-10-1866
394Rice, Lent I.Pressgrove, Anne E.01-06-1880
303Richardson, ?Kerr, Ida11-28-1876
89 Riddick, RobertBoisclais?, M.S.01-08-1868
272Riddick, ThomasStone, Ellen11-27-1875
245Riles, A.G.Orrell, Belle01-08-1875
29 Roberson, George B. Davis, Mary Jane11-19-1863
218Roberson, M.H. Roland, E.M.12-09-1873
150Roberson, M.J. Martin, S.J.08-10-1871
392Robertson, H.R.Wooten, Sarah E.01-01-1880
143Robertson, W.F.Epps, H.C.03-03-1871
150Robins, AndersonSullivant, Winnie08-10-1871
318Robison, JerryPatterson, Lizzie R. 03-14-1877
211Robuck. S.B. Tatum, Mary E.09-28-1873
258Rogers, A.R.Goodwin, Florence 07-11-1875
257Rogers, ThosWalker, Florence E.06-04-1875
107Ross, M.T.Ashley, M.J.12-19-1868
325Ross, T.J.Mullen, S.A.08-07-1877
189Ross, William Thomas Rice, A.M.P.01-15-1873
100Rounsville, W.R.Ross, Mary Frances09-12-1867
383Rowe, Jas H.Hernedon, J.C.11-12-1879
353Rowland, B.Fonda, Avis11-27-1878
156Rowland, Robert H.Roberson, Nancy J.12-14-1871
370Russell, H.C.Gable, Georgia A.04-08-1879
214Russell, J.A.Lane, Carolline11-11-1873
301Russell, WilliamThompson, Mansona11-05-1876
115Russell, Wm.Annie?09-16-1869
357Russell, Wm. R.Mann, Annie12-21-1878
344Ryles, A.Stephens, Lydia A.04-30-1878
161Sadly, AlexanderSmith,?01-04-1872
249Sandefer, F.M. Page, Ann02-11-1875
288Savage, RichardGoodwin, Mary05-06-1876
281Scallions, J.M.Rideout, Lizzie01-24-1876
81 Scallions, WilliamLawson, Fannie10-03-1867
352Scott, HughFortner, Avis11-27-1878
294Searight, A.P. Mitchell, Minnie07-13-1876
325Sentclair, R.H.King, S.A.07-23-1877
346Sewell, SamuelCloninger, M.J.07-27-1878
68 Shagn, DanielParks, Minerva04-07-1867
255Shankle, John A.Nannie E.? 11-27-1875
295Sharkey, JamesEastridge,?, Elizabeth07-26-1876
281Shaw, J.A.Shook, ? A.01-24-1876
72Shaw, J.M.Dobbs, L.A. 12-20-1866
85Shaw, J.N.Wall, L.D.12-26-1867
208Sheley, Frank P.Armstrong, Eudoriah 09-04-1873
147Sheley, J.M.Edwards, Fannie02-10-1870
123Sheley, James MadisonEdwards, Frances02-09-1870
314Sheley, JasHouston, M.J.01-30-1877
119Sheley, R.B.Lavender, Nannie11-11-1869
258Sheley, W.W.Armstrong, Josie 07-15-1875
94 Sheley, W.W.Johnson, Mary02-06-1868
205Sheley, W.W. Armstrong, M.N.07-03-1873
380Shelton, P.G.Walker, M.J.06-18-1879
44Shelton, WilliamRiddick, Annie M.10-07-1864
292Sheppard, J.C. Hurst, Fannie A.06-17-1876
384Sherrill, A.T. Byers, Susan11-25-1879
183Sherrill, Frank P.Langford, Ruth12-10-1872
287Sherron, Jas F.Blythe, M.R.4-24-1876
287Shook, ?A.Janie Moore04-26-1876
112Shores, B.F. Kirkland, Helen O. 11-03-1868
111Shores, H.R. Turner, E.J.09-22-1868
253Shores, John M.Ashmore, S.A.E.03-31-1875
65 Shumate, T.L.Gates, G.A.01-01-1867
35 Simmons, R.E.McAfee, Susan06-21-1860
365Sims, Frank C.Boothe, Ever W.02-19-1879
310Sims, J. Patterson, M.12-25-1876
290Skinner, ThomasIsabella?06-13-1876
42 Smith, AlfredCrabb, Nancy02-27-1865
251Smith, C.S.Dollahit, Sallie03-02-2875
46 Smith, ClarkBerry, Nancy02-13-1866
398Smith, G.H.Poe, Mary C.03-10-1880
11 Smith, J. TiptonHarvey, Betty01-29-1861
153Smith, J.A.Saughfovn, Sarah C.?11-02-1871
297Smith, J.M.Philips, N.C.08-23-1876
274Smith, J.W.Pamplin, Alice12-14-1875
130Smith, Johnson Harris, E.C.05-22-1870
220Smith, MeridethScallions, Levina01-25-1874
252Smith, R.P.Mittie E.?03-25-2875
206Smith, S.P. Gattis, E.T.08-11-1873
57 Smith, StanfordHanks, M. A.06-07-1866
176Smith, Stephen F. Orrell, Louella09-29-1872
19 Smith, T.J.Lafoon, Rachael09-15-1861
396Smith, Thos J. Newton, Margaret E. 01-28-1880
77 Smith, W.C.Carson, Nannie J.*06-01-1867
77 Smith, W.C.Hanson, Nannie J.*06-01-1867
391Smith, Wm. Jr. Tribble, Cary A.12-31-1879
344Stark, W.W.McCuller, H.Y.05-19-1878
379Starks, N.P.Stovall, Emily E.05-28-1879
197Staton, Henry C.McCan, Betty ?02-19-1873
103Staton, Thomas J.Minga, Rosalena05-31-1868
26 Steel, J.D.Gibson, Adeline11-20-1862
284Steele, J.Laughlin, Martha02-18-1876
166Stevens, John F.Harris, Maggie02-20-1872
269Stevens, S.H.Blackburn, V.A.11-05-1875
218Stewart, W. Sarah?12-11-1873
124Stewart, W.H.Marshall, S.C.02-24-1870
86 Stogner, J.M.Epps, E.J.12-24-1867
376Stone, JacobPoe, Nancy Catherine07-22-1879
124Stone, JohnCriswell, Sarah02-23-1870
93 Stovall, W.B.Miller, Mary02-27-1868
129Strider, M.A.Fortenburger, M.E.*11-24-1870
129Strider, M.A.Fortanburger, M.E.*11-24-1870
79 Stuart, John Houston, O.E.09-01-1867
140Sullivant, Harvey M. Pickle, P.L.02-02-1871
167Sullivant, JessiePatterson, Sarah B.02-21-1872
184Summers, Hiram A.Riddick, Mary E.12-11-1872
267Taliaferro, H.B.Buckley, Mollie09-25-1875
18 Tapley, James J.Aiken, Elizabeth 09-22-1861
209Tatum, William S. Sheley, Lucy B.09-18-1873
343Tatum J.L.Tribble, F.04-27-1878
347Taylor, JohnSheppard, Fannie 08-13-1878
259Taylor, N.C.Harris, Jackie S.07-14-1875
320Taylor, RichardLittle, Vinnie Ellen 03-29-1877
1Thatch, W.T.Girautt, Catherine10-30-1860
234Thayer, R.B.Collies, Lilla09-07-1884
149Thomas, HenryOrr, Sarah07-27-1871
51Thomas, J.W.Stovall, S.M.02-14-1866
56Thompson, John M.Bridges, A.G.02-15-1865
177Thompson, JosephSusan A.?10-01-1872
167Thompson, Richard J.Bunch, Leonora O.02-22-1872
222Toole, James Sullivant, S.V.02-25-1874
158Traylor, R.B.Denham, Sophronia12-25-1871
340Tribble, F.P.Ross, L.J. 02-06-1878
69Tribble, James M.Ross, L.B.12-26-1866
68Tribble, N.J.Ward, V.A.05-02-1867
82Trotman, LeeMcDaniel, Margaret A.10-29-1867
209Trusty, Geo Harris, M.F.09-16-1873
147Tucker, R.J.Orr, C.G.05-23-1871
211Turner, David Goodwin, S.A.09-23-1873
257Turner, JosephRogers, Mary06-24-1875
43 Turner, Thomas W.Metcalf, Elizabeth E.12-25-1864
254Turner, Thomas W.Patterson, Maggie04-14-1875
15 Turner, W.H.Gibson, M.W.07-11-1861
350Turnipseed, DanielMartin, Emily A.11-14-1878
372Turnipseed, Benjamin W.Hill, Callie 06-13-1879
137Vickers, John S.Turner, Lucy S.01-08-1871
286W.E.?Bennett, Julia01-27-1876
354Wade, J.W.Carter, L.V.12-05-1878
88 Waldrup, W.T.Ward, F.R. 12-17-1867
359Wallace, J.M.McCorkle, Annie01-09-1879
187Walton, Harris P.Hicks, Lina01-15-1873
125Walton, T.P.?Pitcock, Elizie06-04-1870
151Walton, ThomasGroce, Louisa09-23-1871
214Wardlaw, C.N. Bloodworth, S.E.11-06-1873
144Wardlow, A.S.Rayburn, M.A.03-30-1871
29 Wardlow, MiltonWomble, Elizabeth02-17-1864
101Watkins, E.H.Jones, M.A.12-25-1867
297Watkins, J.B.J.Webb.,Mollie E.08-30-1876
143Watt, A.S.Terrill, Miniam03-21-1871
273Watts, A.B.Smith, Martha12-14-1875
292Webb, A.F.Watkins, A.06-15-1876
238Webb, G.S.Ackers, M.S.V.11-09-1874
148Webb, John ThomasHall, Susan Ella06-22-1871
95 Wegncan, E. Lay, Nancy A.03-13-1868
356Wells, L.D.Robertson, A.C.01-13-1879
289Wetherly, J.J. White, ?F.06-03-1876
341White, J.F.Baldon, Fannie03-27-1878
334White, J.R.Turner, M.F. 12-13-1877
126White, LukeJarsis?, Elizabeth 06-26-1870
78 Whitehead, W.D.Brown, Helen C.07-04-1867
379Whitten, Geo L.Ellett, Sadie V.05-28-1879
355Whitten, J.B.Cox, Mattie A.12-19-1878
102Whitten, John M.Taylor, Frances E.04-08-1868
263Wiley, JohnElrod, Sarah A.08-22-1875
367Wilkens, SamuelManda?03-05-1879
134William A.?Lee, Annie A.12-15-1870
276William? Barton, Molly 12-25-1875
296Williams, B.F. Covington, J? 08-15-1876
92 Williams, J.A. Rabjohn?, Sallie12-02-1867
151Williams, J.H. Matthews, S.J. 09-24-1871
333Williams, Marton J. Byles, Harvelia12-03-1877
259Williams, S.B. Brown, Mary E. 07-17-1875
264Williams, T.E. Marchbank, E.R.09-10-1875
333Williams, W.J. Mann, M.A.11-20-1877
62 Wilshsire, W.T.Hogan, L.A.03-12-1867
393Wilson, J.W.Johnson, M.J.01-07-1880
101Womble, E.M.Bird, Matha S.01-22-1868
109Womble, H.A.Reane, A.A. 12-15-1868
133Womble, Henry W.Rome, S.A.12-04-1870
2Woodall, A.Stark, C.J.08-02-1860
175Worley, JohnSpears, Mary08-13-1872
111Wrenn, J.H.Sullivant, S.E.10-01-1868
65 Wynn, B.L.Leigh, Fannie E.03-27-1867
346Young, JasPorter, Bell07-05-1878
243Youngblood, T.J.Ross, Permelia Ann12-11-1874

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