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Police Board Minuits of Tallahatchie County Mississippi

I have attempted to type this just as it was on the original doccuments. Some of the words are spelled incorrectly, but I left them just as they were done originally. Some of the words I had difficulty trying to figure them out-and hopefully I got as close as can be gotten to what they said.


Return of Election Where as on the 4th of May 1838 an order was made directing the Sheriff of Tallahatchie County to hold an election on the 1st day in June. Inst for the purpose of taking the vote of the said Citizens of said County for the purpose of locating the County Cite in said County. Where upon G.B.Goodwin by his deputy Minor W. Watkins returns unto the Court the following list of votes what is to say.
Tillatoba Beat----67 Votes for Charleston
Marshes Beat------51 Votes for Charleston
McDaniels Beat----26 Votes for Charleston
Sculmore Beat-----01 Votes for Charleston Tuscahoma Beat----03 Votes for Charleston
Total Votes------148
Tillatoba Beat----10 Votes for Gesautt
Marshes Beat------04 Votes for Gesautt
McDaniels Beat----07 Votes for Gesautt
Sculmore Beat-----60 Votes for Gesautt
Tuscahoma Beat----23 Votes for Gesautt
Total Votes-----104
Tillatoba Beat---05 Votes for Dogwood Flats
Marshes Beat-----03 Votes for Dogwood Flats
McDaniels Beat---00 Votes for Dogwood Flats
Sculmore Beat----00 Votes for Dogwood Flats
Tuscahoma Beat---00 Votes for Dogwood Flats
Total Votes-----08
Tillatoba Beat---00 Votes) The most eligible point nearest the countie
Marshes Beat-----00 Votes) North, South, East & West
McDaniels Beat---02-Votes) " " " "
Sculmore Beat----01 Votes) " " " "
Tuscahoma Beat---03 Votes) " " " "
Total Votes------06-------------------------------------
This 4th June 1838 Signed
Minor W. Watkins, DSheiff & Witnessing Officer or G.B. Goodwin, Sheriff
Minutes of Police Court of Tallahatchie County June Term
the Honorable Police Court according to adjournment President Thomas Peite, Jonothan Davis, James Steel, John W. Montgomery and Harvey Staton Esq.

Jury of Review Ordered by the Court that the following men be and they are hereby appointed to a Jury of View to mark and layout a road from the Yellobusha line West of Oakland to Charleston to intersect a breaker from Charleston to Calodoina near oa a little West of Col. Goodwin to meet at Isaace Dohenelgs on 13 of August.
01.-Harrison P. Womble----05-Alford Small--------09.-A. Herron 02.-W.D. Roan-----------06.-Moses Peterson-----10.-Wm Roan 03.-Isaac Doherty-------07.-Jones R. Orr-------11.-Wm. Womble 04.-Burwell Settleton---08.-Saul Gattis--------12.-Redding Womble 13.-T.B. McDaniel County Seat Confirmation Be it remembered that at a special term of the Board of Police began and held on the 23rd and 24th day of July AD 1838 according to previous notice given. Came up to be considered the question in relation to the permenant location of the County Cite in and for the County of Tallahatchie in the State of Mississippi, and it having appeared to the Court here that at an Elecion held on the 1st & 2nd day of June last in pursuance of an order previously taken by our body for the purpose of taking voice of the people of the County in relation to the location of a permnent County Site for said County of Tallahatchie. That the Town of Charleston received a majority of the people of the County. Thirty votes over all the other places in nomination showing that a majority of the people of the County to be in favor of said town Charleston. It is therefore considered by the Board that the location of a seat of Justice at the Town of Charleston. Made by our predicessors in office on 14th day of March AD 1837, be and the same is hereby notified, approved and confirmed. That the said Town of Charleston according to the plan as here tofore exhibited by the profrection thereof is and the same is hereby declared to be the premanent seat of Justice in and for the County of Tallahatchie State of Mississippi. It is further ordered by the board that from and after the present time, the Circit Court, The Probate and Police Court in and said for County of Tallahatchie be and the same are hereby required to be begun and held in said town of Charleston and in full satisfaction and in lieu of the donation of sixteen thousand dollars heretofore funded by the propeutors of said town of Charleston. And received and accepted by our predcepors in office. The Board accepts and receives eight acres of land being principally East of the public square of said town acording to the plan thereof and more ---described in a deed of conveyance of said parcel of eighty acres of land to the president of the board of Police of Tallahatchie County and his successors in office in last for the use and benefit of Tallahatchie County.

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