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Chancery Clerk, Circuit Clerk, Tax Assessor/Collector, Sheriff, are all elected for a four year term, in the counties of the State of Mississippi.
The duties of the Chancery Clerk are: Clerk of the Chancery Court, (Divorce, Probate, Juvenile, Lunacy, Child Support, Civil-Contest Will and Last Testament, Land Line Disputes), Bookkeeper, Treasurer, County Recorder,(Land Deeds, Deeds of Trust-Liens of Real Property, Liens on Personal Property, Federal Tax Liens, ) .
Comptroller, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, Collector of Delinquent Taxes, any other positions held are appointed by the Board of Supervisors, and or, Chancellor for the Chancery Court District.


B.B. Wilson 1834-1836

L. Watkins 1836-1838

Elijah Wilmore 1838-1842

E.E. Armstrong 1842-1846

J.I. Kendrick 1846-1852

Henry Trewolla 1852-1853

W.G Sheley 1853-1859

A.P. Sutton 1859-1863

L. H. Russell 1863-1866

H. S. White 1866-1868

John Thomas Neely 1868-1872

G.A. Nicholetts 1872-1876

R.O. Riddick 1876-1879

Hiram A. Summers 1879-1880

John Thomas Neely 1880-1884

Hiram A. Summers 1884-1888

T.J. Manley 1888-1892

T. J. Manley 1892-1896

D.W. Patterson 1896-1900

John Thomas Neely 1900-1904

T.J. Manley 1904-1904

A.L. Whitten 1904-1908

T. Ward Patterson 1908-1909

John Thomas Neely 1909-1912

W.D. Brown 1912-1916

David S. Henderson 1916-1929

Clyde Harvey Henderson 1929-1932
wife of David S. Henderson

Lillie Neely Henry 1932-1948
Dau. of John Thomas Neely
C. C. Association Secretary 1935-1940

Sam Jones Cox, Jr. 1948-1956

B.B. Rice 1956-1959

Frances Rice 1959-1962
wife of B.B. Rice

Frances Rice Short 1962-1964
Comptroller 1962-1964
Treasurer 1962-1964
Clerk for the Board 1962-1964

J.W. Turman 1964-1976
Purchase Clerk 1972-1976
Comptroller 1964-1976
Treasurer 1964-1976
Clerk for the Board 1964-1976

Nick Denley 1976-2000
Comptroller 1976-2000
County Treasurer 1976-2000
Administrator 1992-2000
Clerk for the Board 1976-2000
Purchase Clerk 1992-2000
Juvenile Court Judge 1981-1994
Road Manager 1992-1992

Index of County Offices of Tallahatchie County Mississippi

We are once again indebted to Nick Denley, Clerk of Chancery Court, Tallahatchie County Mississippi for this information.

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