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Educatable Children Census

Tallahatchie Co., The Second District


Tallahatchie County Ms. Schools

This is a photo of the Charleston Elementary School.

These are actual copies of the Educatable Children Census books located at the Tallahatchie County Office of Mr. David Hargett, Superentendent of the Schools, in Charleston Tallahatchie County, Mississippi.

The first book we did was for the year of 1906. I believe from what I was told that the School Census was taken about every two years. These books are in desperate need of repair, and if these records are not preserved within the next fifty years they will no longer be usable.

These are scanned files, and some are very hard to read. Due to the condition of the book of 1906, it had to be handled very carefully, and no matter how carefully handled some of the edges still broke off and would tear very easily. Due to the fact that I did not have a legal size scanner the pages had to be scanned twice and then when I arrived back home in Texas, edited, copied and pasted to make a whole page. I am afraid that I may not have gotten all of the pages saved, because as most of you know and understand electronics things just do not work out like you want them to sometimes. As time permits I will check these pages when I return to Charleston and try and confirm all are correct. If you find a page that is not numbered correctly, please let me know and I will correct the numbering. For some reason the census taker did not stick to the page numbers, there were pages skipped throughout the book. These pages were numbered when the book was made, and in skipping pages it leaves one who has not seen the books to wonder why there is a skip from page, ie: 88-90, etc.

These files were scanned for use of genealogy researchers, only. We all owe Mr. David Hargett a debt of gratitude for purchasing a legal size scanner so these files could be preserved. He purchased a new legal size scanner on Monday August 11,2003. I started scanning that day and was able to scan 4 books that week. He has hired a young lady to do the scanning. She is a super person and extremely knowledgable when it comes to working with Computers and Hardware. You will be able to see from the scanned picture just what shape these books are in. Mr. Hargett is as passionate about the History of Tallahatchie County Ms. as I am, and that is saying something. My first priority is to try and get all of these scanned, saved to disc, and put on the internet for posterity.

In an attempt to help folks be able to read these files I have transcribed the way I see them. Some of you may see them or know they should read another way. I can not and will not change the way they are spelled in the books or what the information is. This is Illegal, because these some of these books were written over 100 years ago . This 1902 book is 101 years old. I have scanned 1895, 1892,1896, this one 1902. 1906 is already on the internet.


Tallahatchie County Mississippi School History from 1849-1937 -

Part of 1878 Educatable Children Census

1885 Educatable Children Census

1892 Educatable Children Census

East Tallahatchie County Ms.,High School and others Year Books

1896 Educatable Children Census

1902 Educatable Children Census

1906 Educatable Children Census

Photo of Blue Lake School, near Sumner

Photo of 1932 Cascilla School Basket Ball Players

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