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Dear Mrs. Arnold, I am writing you because I was told in interviews that some of our folks were buried in the Tillatoba Cemetery. I was unable at the time to get to Charleston, and therefore paid my cousin (Mrs. Mary P. Williams)'s gardner, Mr. Frank Diltz, to survey this black cemetery and write down all the names and all infomation on all headstones. This was done in April of 1990. I have Mr. Diltz's typed 2-page list. Even though there is no sign on it, he said the cemetery was also called "Tillatoba Cemetery," but is 100% black.
This cemetery does not appear on your list, but it should. I talked to Mr. Diltz today to get directions so that in the event you or Mr. Denley wanted to actually see it, this might help: it is 3 blocks from Highway 55 on Tillatoba Road, but far back from the road, he said it is in the middle of a cow pasture -- and that it is also 2 blocks down from the truck
stop to your right.
This cemetery is in Yalobusha county. Donated by Sandra Craighead. Signed: Sandra Carighead.

Anderson, Armested/07-05-1869/08-18-1955
Anderson, Bearlie/01-01-1932/12-20-1981
Anderson, Earles/12-18-1914/12-11-1989
Anderson, Green/07-10-1903/01-23-1983
Anderson, Hezkiah/03-10-1894/11-10-1967
Anderson, L.Q./07-10-1932/03-26-1972
Anderson, Mary/07-16-1871/02-05-1961
Anderson, Mary Adle/86 Yrs/01-15-1988
Anderson, Nancy/11-16-1900/03-15-1988
Ash, Annie L./01-09-1909/12-01-1978

Barbee, Mell/01-02-1904/08-25-1982
Bland, Silver T./03-28-1927/07-15-1966
Booker, Monroe /11-30-1908/04-30-1989
Booker, Silas/no dates
Braxton, Rachel/09-11-1896/11-20-1964
Brown, Flora/09-08-1908/10-10-1974
Brown, Margaret/07-10-1858/03-12-1907/Wife of George
Brown, Rosie/02-26-1907/10-13-1979

Coon, Cassie Lee/09-03-1900/04-23-1972

Daniel, Zenia/11-07-1877/12-04-1947

Eggleston, Cleo G./03-12-1905/12-31-1968
Eggleston, Columbus/11-18-1904/05-31-1987
Eli /no dates
Elloitt, Anthony W., Jr./05-17-1961/01-12-1962

Fox, Kattie Fox/no dates

Garner, George/08-13-1880/04-20-1959
Garner, Leora/12-8-1922/06-23-1989
Garner, Mary E./01-22-1886/08-02-1960

James E./1889/1946
James, Kenneth LLoyd/03-16-1976/infant
Johnson, A. Seline/05-02-1938/10-10-1967
Jones, E.P. H.F. Rom/04-19-1889/12-19-1956
Jones, Lenease/07-18-1912/04-02-1924
Jones, Luvenna/12-10-1933/09-02-1983


Kendrick, Wyoda/05-03-1911/03-02-1983


Lee, Delia/03-24-1879/09-23-1981
Lee, Liza/01-04-1880/03-15-1950
Leigh, Clara/age 59/09-05-1917
Leigh, Clevland/10-15-1918/03-23-1983/Pvt.U.S.A
Leigh, Jasper/1862/09-01-1717
Leigh, Jossie/03-07-1896/05-14-1953
Leigh, Lela/02-07-1889/11-23-1931/Wife of Arthur
Leigh, Linnie L./10-10-1899/08-08-1979
Leigh, Lucille/11-05-1912/11-12-1969
Leigh, Malachi/12-31-1906/12-29-1965
Leigh, Manie Way/03-26-1907/03-05-1986
Leigh, Mattie Jasper/03-20-1862/03-11-1886
Leigh, Monroe/12-25-1849/01-01-1953
Leigh, Mrs. Virginia/09-10-1910/03-14-1986
Leigh, Newton /05-15-1863/12-15-1894
Leigh, Normon/09-06-1883/09-14-1972
Leigh, Otto/08-10-1860/01-11-1963
Leigh, Role Na/12-02-1883/01-14-1911
Leigh, Sophia/05-06-1862/03-06-1936
LLoyd, OV Garner/08-28-1910/08-22-1973
Lownes, Arthur/10-14-1987/03-17-1990

Matthews, Sherman/1906/1979
Mayhue, Claudia/1891/1969
Mead, Emma Mead/05-12-1889/04-19-1972
Mead, Rev. E.,Sr./05-09-1885/01-19-1966
Murry, Marshall/08-1883/08-26-1935

Potor, Lettie/09-10-1876/09-12-1941


Ray, Cardine/04-14-1928/11-18-1965
Reed, Sadonia Leigh/07-28-1906/07-22-1978
Ruby R./1901/1968

Simpson, Hattie/08-12-1889/03-28-1969
Sweranger, Gussie/95 Yrs./1889

Tennin, Charlie/Wife Mary/no dates
Tinnon, Vernon/03-15-1897/06-01-1986
Townes, George/10-01-1917/09-25-1989
Towns, M. E./02-02-1888/02-06-1911
Turner, Alex/05-10-1888/01-21-1966
Turner, Della/07-01-1882/03-03-1974
Turner, Levi/05-06-1895/07-23-1976
Turner, Rev. Wm. H./09-18-1903/11-18-1965

Visor, Rachel/07-14-1884/06-28-1988
Visor, Tom/10-17-1880/12-24-1968

White, Delia/03-15-1880/04-24-1948
White, Felix Frank/1894/1940
White, Frank F./02-22-1873/06-26-1955
White, Monroe/1904/1938
Wilson/son of Mat A./no dates
Wilson, Dora/08-10-1907/08-10-1940
Wilson, Eugene/Pvt U. S. Military
Wilson, Lucille/04-22-1920/03-1987
Wilson, Mary Collins/04-10-1892/03-16-1971
Wilson, Tom/1906/1962
Woodard, Anthony B./12-25-1902/03-04-1989
Woodard, Matilda/1869/08-29-1943
Woodard, Oliva/09-21-1905/09-11-1957
Woodard, Pattie/10-15-1870/10-01-1962
Woodard, Pattion/05-1821/06-1936
Woodard, Wilson/06-17-1896/10-18-1966

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