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This Cemetery is located at Leverett Mississippi. Take Hwy 35 from Charleston, go South to Leverett. Taylor Chapel is located East of Hwy 35 and the Cemetery is Northeast of the Chapel. The Church can be seen from Hwy 35.

This Cemetery Indexed by Nick Denley of Charleston Mississippi-October 1997.


Samuel Foster settled about one-half mile North of the present location prior to 1830. The site was located seven miles south of Charleston. Mr. Foster started a farm and in 1832 made the first crop of record in what is now Tallahatchie County.
Richard Leverett, An Afro-American purchased the land in 1864 and for many years he increased his holdings. He made a deed of gift to Monroe and Warren Leverett in 1871. The parcel of land was located about where the old site of Leverett was located.
Prior to 1891 a voting precinct was and a post office was established, and called Leverett for Monroe Leverett who owned the land at that time. The Leverett post office was abolished in 1910. A new road was built in the 1930's, and the town site was moved a mile
east leaving only a cotton gin and a few houses on the site.

There are as many graves not marked as there are marked ones. Many of the graves are only marked with Funeral Home Markers, and these are so faded they are illegible.

Anderson, Joe Annie/02-06-1883/10-06-1958
Ankram, Ellen/Wife of Francis/no date
Ankram, Fancis/1823/02-05-1893
Aukron, Hattie Mae/died 04-15-1914/age 2
Aukron, Robert/died 07-03-1913/Age 46.
Avant, Della/11-24-1882/06-29-1942
Avant, Francis/1893/1978/Pvt US Army WWI
Avant, Rev. J.M./02-06-1868/xx-xx-1948
Avant, Merniver/04-01-1872/xx-Illegible
Avant, Infant Son of John & Minerva/B&D/08-01-1889

Ballard, A.B./Illegible
Ballard, Elzie Lee/03-07-1914/11-04-1981
Ballard, Lenzie/Pvt US Army WWII/1907/1975
Ballard, Warren G./12-18-1926/06-29-1957
Brett, Ulrich/MS Sgt 318-serv BN QMC/08-11-1940
Brown, Leon/MS Pvt 3 Co 155 Depto Brig WWI/11-19-1893/08-11-1966
Bynum, Annie B./1904/11-02-1968
Bynum, Gerald/No date
Bynum, Tommie/died 1-30-197x/79 Yrs.

Chestnut, Dora/03-17-1886/05-14-1958
Cole, Bennie Wade/06-09-1939/03-xx-1919
Cole, Ceaser/03-05-1905/01-06-1969
Cohn, Jim/03-13-1926/09-26-1971
Cox, Leaaner/10-23-1890/10-11-1969
Crawford, Clarence/06-15-1883/01-08-1968
Crawford, John/08-03-1911/12-xx-1977
Crump, Alma/09-16-1909/08-09-1972

Dean, Beckie B./06-20-1977

Flowers, Calhoun/02-17-1897/11-17-1944
Ford, Lorine/07-28-1916/06-02-1956

Goss, Louise/02-16-1917/12-09-1956

Harbin, Lucinda/10-01-1881/02-11-1964
Haskins, Bennie/03-24-1900/03-11-1965

Jennings, Frances B./01-27-1881/07-25-1973
Jennings, Henry/07-27-1877/10-19-1944
Johnson, Melvin Leon/age 41/died 02-03-2009
Johnson, Sullivan, Jr./Pfc US Army, WWII/1922/1980
Johnson, Willie Lee/05-10-1937/03-21-1982
Jones, Charles William, III/B&D-04-02-1977


Kirk, J.B./05-30-1930/02-05-1954/Miss Sgt 224 Inf.
Kirk, Robert J./08-28-1934/05-07-1954

Lang, Lakisha/11-25/1981? Stillborn
Leverett, Annie P./Dau. M.&.P./11-23-1888/09-24-1990
Leverett, Magie E./Dau. of M.& P./04-23-1883/10-17-1888
Leverett, President/08-26-1882/10-28-1932
Love, Amie/12-01-1883/05-15-1946
Love. Henry/10-04-1854/11-11-1933
Love, Job/07-xx-1882/1959
Love, John/10-28-1878/03-17-1951
Love, Martha Jane Carrie/03-01-1868/02-11-1955
Love, Millie/Wife of Henry /10-20-1868/08-30-1905
Love, Senior Lincoln/11-08-1901/11-22-1977
Love, Willie/09-20-1900/04-18-1947

McCaskill, Edgar/12-28-1917/12-29-1972
Double Marker
McCaskill, Cornelious/1919/1971
McCaskill, Viola/1945/1968
McClinton, Sam/1842/1906

Martin, Pearl M./10-08-1888/06-02-1870
Meeks, Clarence/07-27-1953/10-07-1972
Meeks, Jeff/12-04-1914/03-10-1973
Mosley, Rolena/10-28-1910/07-26-1947
Murphy, Dorothy/09-21-1929/06-12-1963
Murry, Albert Lee/09-03-1942/05-13-1866
Myers, Dimon/xx-xx-xx/03-22-1982

Nunaley, Josie B./10-29-1929/07-28-1989
Nuneley, Jack/10-15-1903/06-25-1963

Perkins, Curtis/01-06-1899/06-17-1972
Perry, Matt/01-12-1885/
Pittmon, Eva/07-27-1918/04-18-1979

Rice, Beckie D./08-09-1890/06-21-1976
Ross, Pearley/02-28-1919/10-03-1967

Scott, Hattie M./07-18-1918/10-01-1956
Smith, Leola/07-04-1908-08/02-1944/age 36
Smith, Raymond, Jr./03-22-1944/03-24-1844
Steen, Richard/Ill Pfc 4575 QM Ser Co WWII/03-02-1926/12-23-1953

Taylor, Abel/02-09-1890/04-11-1915
Taylor, Agnes/07-11-1878/12-25-1961
Taylor, Andrew/07-06-1890/09-24-1967
Taylor, Arkie/1874/05-04-1975
Taylor, CarrieL/1892/1970
Taylor, Douglas "Dug"/age 62/husb of Bessie Lee Taylor/01-10-1943/11-15-2005
Taylor, Emma M./Wife of James A./1899/1949
Taylor, Dick/01-23-1911/05-24-1969
Taylor, Erbie, Jr./07-03-1951/01-28-1976
Taylor, Fannie R./09-09-1911/11-05-1978
Taylor, Francis/Pvt US Army WWI/1893/1978
Taylor, Fred/10-27-1944/12-24-1977
Taylor, Fred/05-10-1867/10-31-1937
Taylor, George W./1888/1971
Taylor, J.T./02-11-1858/04-20-1914
Taylor, J.Y./02-03-1884/10-29-1966
Taylor, James Abel/died 06-22-1952
Taylor, Jennie Lue/07-15-1925/12-18-1990
Taylor, Jimmie A./11-11-1873/03-11-1946
Taylor, Joe Annie/03-01-1867/11-09-1949
Taylor, Johnnie/12-28-1945/12-25-1977
Taylor, Lucy/Died 06-07-1890/age about 70 yrs.
Taylor, Lyon/02-xx-1882/10-30-1956
Taylor, Lula/09-16-1905/11-25-1981
Taylor, Mary Ann/12-15-1890/10-05-1937
Taylor, Prella/07-04-1886/08-10-1961
Taylor, Richard/07-25-1916/06-08-1959
Taylor, Richard/Son of J.& G. Taylor/12-04-1864/10-25-1887
Taylor, Richard/MS Pvt. Co A 806 Pioneer Inf.WWI/10-10-1892/05-20-1965
Taylor, Rosie Lee/05-01-1905/05-16-1955
Taylor, Warren/10-15-1888/03-09-1950
Taylor, Roger-08-01-1944-02-26-2008
Double Marker
Taylor, Alfonza/06-20-1931/08-05-1950
Taylor, Andrew W./12-27-1928/08-05-1950
Tenner, George W./07-13-1928/12-26-1968
Thomas, Edward Earl, Jr./08-11-1960/12-09-1964
Thomas, L.C., Jr./03-22-1940/08-26-1967
Thompson, Richard, Sr./12-04-1907/04-23-1971
Trotter, Frank/11-28-1902/05-30-1971

Walls, Inez "ChrisAnn" Campbell/age 52/died 07-17-2009/interred 07-25-2009
Watson, Mrs Very Lee/age 68/12-28-1937/07-25-2006/interned 07-29-2006
Williams, Lottie/Died 08-08-1988/Age 78 Yrs.

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