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Oliver Grove M.B. Church Cem-aka Olvis.

Take Hwy 32 West of Oakland Ms, Go North on Pine Hill Road, Church and Cemetery on the right approx 1/2 miles.
Indexed by Nick Denley, Clerk of Chancery Court Tallahatchie County Mississippi. Every Effort has been made to make this Cemetery as accurate as possible

Adams, Elias-died/09-28-1908/35 Yrs Old

Bowens, Lomar/07-18-1907/06-20-1973
Bowens, Maeola/05-31-1917/10-17-1992
Bradford, Emma/04-22-1906/01-14-1992
Bradford, Mitchell, Jr./01-24-1906/09-02-1985
Brown, Pollie/09-02-1891/10-21-1928

Chambers, Brown,Jr./09-13-1915/05-02-1992
Chambers, Mary/1859/1967

Dean, Francis/1888/1921

Gooch, George/03-03-1866/06-28-1969
Gooch, James/09-14-1917/09-14-1944
Gooch, Maggi A./11-14-1881/07-x-1961
Gooch, Mary-11-14-1881/07-x-1961
Gooch, Ophelia/WYF of John/12-23-1887/03-25-1926
Guest, Malissie/06-15-1905/10-05-1983

Double Marker
Hardiman, Adell/10-13-1912/12-11-1995
Hardiman, Catherine/10-15-1917
Haynes, Cora/08-20-1903/03-27-1980
Herron, Mattie/04-13-1893/12-30-1965
Herron, Robert F./04-15-1889/08-20-1957
Horton, Bonita/12-02-1962/09-10-1994
Houston, Carol Lee/died 02-28-1912/age 30 yrs
Houston, Jerry/1956/1981
Houston, Johnnie/1886/1951
Houston, Johnnie Mae/08-12-1912/08-27-1983
Houston, Roosevelt/1909/1925
Houston, Shed/1910/1975
Houston, Shead/1883/1958
Houston, Tony/1896/1979
Houston, Willie Booster/04-16-1906/04-27-1984

Ingram, Sully/died-08-02-1928/age 62 Yrs

Johnson, Rev. Hyson/Died-06-21-1916/age 73 yrs
Double Marker
Johnson, Etta/07-06-1887/02-25-1944
Johnson, Joe/11-10-1880/05-24-1961
Jones, George/Husb. of Melvina/1843/1904
Jones, George/died-05-31-1907/age 33yrs
Jones, Manerva/d-10-x-1918/age 68 yrs.

Lott, John Henry/Tenn Pvt US Army WWII/03-21-1919/12-18-1971

McCorkle, Billy Lane/Pvt US Army WWII/1914/1982
McCorkle, Joe/06-19-1903/05-05-1983
McCorkle, Walter/Pfc US Army WWII/1913-1981

Martin, Simon/1863/age 60 yrs old

Payne, Elizabeth/died-07-26-1951/age 83 yrs
Payne, Tom/died-07-23-1951/age 89 yrs

Rhodes, Bessie Payne/09-12-1896/09-16-1970

Salley, James/03-03-1918/09-09-1976
Salley, Ned/05-25-1947/06-02-1996
Salley, Willie J./03-30-1949/10-24-1991
Sayle, Bris/05-03-1898/11-06-1953
Shannon, Callie/05-01-1882/08-15-1962
Shannon, Wiley/03-01-1882/06-13-1973
Smith, Hal/Arkansas Pvt 815 Pioneer Inft/12-30-1890/11-10-1920
Stokes, Sam-no dates
Swearengen, Bernice Murphy "MUE"/07-05-1934/11-04-1996

Townes, Easter/04-03-1921/01-13-1976

Woodard, Edward/08-12-1900/01-15-1972
Woodard, Joanna L./07-14-1885/09-04-1980
Woodson, Addie Bell/1885/07-10-1969

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